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April 2015
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Sept. 25, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, there are some things bothering me.

Jesus:  And these are?

Ruth Ann:  I guess You already know, Lord.  The business with the chapel.  Will You speak to me of this again?  

Jesus:  Little one, you are concerned about things that should not be of concern to you.  The design in the chapel is being placed upon another's heart.  What is being done is being watched over by your priest.  He has the wisdom and knowledge to see it done correctly.  He has been told by My Mother, it is to be the Fifteenth Station, and it has already been named, with Her approval.  What is your concern?

Ruth Ann:  Others keep saying things like, "The Blessed Mother is going to tell exactly how to build it, and what should be the focus."

Jesus:  Little one, you know this is not so.  So why do you let it bother you?

Ruth Ann:  I don't know.

Jesus:  Remember, you are only to listen and be obedient.  Share My word, and the words of My Mother.  But you need not be concerned with the mechanics.  You have shared your land, so that all the things My Mother wishes to have done here will be accomplished.  Others will see to it that they are done.  There is no need for you to concern yourself with things of that nature.  That is why man was given intelligence, and different gifts.  My Mother will tap those on the shoulder and call them to share the gifts that God has given them, to bring all of this to fruition.  For some, it will be their personal talents, and others it will be professional talent, for some, it will be prayer.  Many will send contributions.  But all those who are to be of help will be sent as needed.  Some will choose not to listen, and walk away.  But others will be sent to replace those who do not choose to be a part of all that is happening here. 

Again I am saying to you, do not be concerned about the chapel.  My Mother will see to it that it is done well.  She has told you where the chapel is to be, and that is all that is to be of concern to you.  She has sent one forth to do the design, and your priest will see that it is tastefully done.  You should not be concerned with what others expect.  Others did not expect a chapel on the hill, did they?

Ruth Ann:  No, Lord.  I kept hearing from others that there was supposed to be a crucifix at the top of the hill, and I kept saying, all She, Your Mother, has said to me is, "There will be a memorial to My Son at the top of the hill."  I didn't know what was to be there, and so I waited for Her to tell me.

Jesus:  You were patient and listened, child.  Some would not have done so.  You waited, listened, and were obedient.  Now, what is to be done will be done correctly.  My Mother has said She wished to have a chapel at the top of the hill.  She has said that your priest has spoken of a Fifteenth Station, and that this is to be the Fifteenth Station.  Your priest has named it.  It will fall into place, child.  Do not be concerned.  Right now, your biggest concern is to regain your strength. 

Your illness has been an aggravation to you, but remember to offer it up for the poor souls in purgatory, or for the conversion of sinners, and it will seem a worthwhile time instead of a time of irritation.  One must rest while they are ill, so why not give it a purpose?  Your illness could be the source of grace someone else needs for conversion.  There are so many things that My children could offer up for those who are in need of conversion; a job that is especially distasteful, an errand that they really don't want to do, a kindness done for someone that you'd rather ignore.  These and many more are things that could be done to help others save their souls.  No one enjoys being ill, but it is a fact of life.  However, the inconvenience and irritation of being unable to do the things one wishes to do, could be offered up as a sacrifice for others.  My Mother is calling My children to make sacrifices.  These are just a few examples of the kinds of things that could be done as sacrifices to help others.

There are many ways to make sacrifices, just as there are many ways to fast.  Fasting does not always have to mean food.  There are other ways to fast.  You can give up something that you enjoy doing.  Fast from a movie, a particular television show, or some activity you enjoy.  For some, it could mean not smoking.  Again, child, these are just some examples of what one can do to help with the salvation of the souls of others. 

You are concerned that you have received an incorrect message about My Mother speaking to you after all apparitions have ceased.  Do not concern yourself with this.  You have asked My Mother again and again, and She has said She will be here as long as you have need of Her.  What more can you ask for, little one?  Be not afraid, little one.  God is going to tend to all of your needs.  You are being obedient, listening, and sharing.  He will tend to the rest.  You will be told those things you need to know, and things that do not need to be told to you, will be placed upon the hearts of others.  Those who have other gifts to share will be touched when it is time to do all that needs to be done. 

Now, little one, be at peace with what I am telling you.  The mechanics of what is being done is not to concern you.  All will be done for you, and you can rest assured, it will be done well.  My Mother deserves nothing less than the best.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, for Your reassurance.  I really needed to hear that, with my backyard and side yard and so forth being in such a mess from the water lines for the building and restrooms.  I feel much better now that You have reminded me that You are in control of all that is going on.

Jesus:  Know this in your heart, little one.  God has a plan, and His plan is always perfect.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Thank You for taking the time to reassure me and put my mind at ease.

Jesus:  If only all My children would bring their concerns to Me.  I could put their mind and soul at rest.  But they continue to fret and try to solve their problems on their own, without My help, making wrong decisions and causing more and more problems for themselves.  If they would only listen, and let Me help them in their time of need.  I would be happy to do so. 

Now, little one, I know you must get on with your day.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  It is the first peace of mind I have had all week.  Thank You, thank You, Lord.

Jesus:  Bless you, little one.


Message of Nov. 3, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, little one.  All is well.  Do not be concerned about tomorrow.  Sufficient are the problems of today.  Trust, little one, trust.  God is with you.

Ruth Ann:  I know this, Lord.  I have my good days and bad, but I know You will always be here for me.  I have been offering up my sadness over losing my little friend, my dog, for the poor souls in purgatory.  That seems to help, Lord.

Jesus:  I thank you for the gift of your sorrow as a sacrifice, child.  Does it not lighten your burden?

Ruth Ann:  Yes it does, Lord.  I need to learn to turn things over to You sooner, Lord.  Instead, I find myself having a 'pity party', which I know is just what the evil one likes for me to do.  It is so easy to play into his hands.

Jesus:  Child, that is because you live in a world of darkness.  The evil one is everywhere, and is continually discouraging, attacking, causing doubts, and dragging you down in whatever way he can.  Put your feet firmly on the path of goodness and light, and know that no matter what is being sent your way, that God is there to help and comfort you and your family in all that you say and do. 

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by all that is going on in your life.  You must always remember to offer up all of your sorrows for the conversions of those souls in need.  What a beautiful sacrifice that is.  Be at peace, child.  God is in control.  No matter what difficulties arise, you will be given sufficient graces to deal with all that lies ahead of you.  Go in My peace, little one, love and trust in Me.  All is well.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Nov. 17, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother Mary.

Our Lady:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Since You were giving me the message for prayer group, would You mind speaking with me for a few minutes?

Our Lady:  Child, I am here for you as long as you have a need. 

Ruth Ann:  It seems I don't speak to You as much as I'd like.

Our Lady:  As long as you speak with My Son, that is all that is important.  Remember, that is why I am here, to call all of the children back to Him.  How can I criticize one who is doing what I have asked for, over and over?  Child, I am pleased you are spending more and more time with My Son.

Ruth Ann:  It's just that I know You are providing so many graces to so many people who come here to the farm in faith to pray, that I don't want You to think You are not appreciated.  You are loved more than I can ever tell You.

Our Lady:  Child, it is because of the graces of God that I am here to provide these graces for you.  I could not do these things for My children, if it were not allowed by the One Who has created you.  Tell My children they must remember to thank God for allowing Me to come and minister to His children in so many ways.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, those who read this will know.  Most already are aware that it is through the love of God and His mercy that You have been allowed to minister to us.  Especially to those of us in the United States.  Most of us never expected the miracles here.  That was something far away, and not given to those in the United States.

Our Lady:  Child, it is because of the grave situation in the world that I have been sent to you.  Our Lord continues to reach out to His children in hopes of drawing as many back to Him as possible.  I have offered to be the Mother of His children, when I had said 'yes' to His will many, many years ago, as a small child.  Now I have come to ask many of those chosen to say 'yes' to do His will.  All of those who answer My call for prayer and sacrifice are doing much to save many.  There is so much to be done.  The harvest is great and the laborers are few.  Be aware of this when you read My messages.  Take them to your heart, and do all that is asked of you. 

Live My messages for they are the words of Sacred Scripture.  They are the words of God.  They are the words spoken by My Son while He was here among God's children on the earth.  The sorrow He felt in His heart over the loss of many of His children, He continues to feel.  His Agony in the Garden of Gethsemene was not just for one day.  It was for the entire world, and for the life of the world, past, present, and future.  The pain over the sinfulness of His children was extremely difficult for My Son to endure.  But He did it for you and all the other children that were to be born and sin, over and over.  Children it is important that you realize this, so that you will think twice before sinning.  Not only does it cause a stain upon your soul, but it pains My Son deeply.  Dear children, listen and live the messages.  Pray and make sacri-fices.  Prayer can, and will, make a difference.  Share this with My children.

Ruth Ann:  It will be done.

Our Lady:  Go in His peace, child, to love and serve Him.


Message of July 20, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, don't You feel it is unfair to remove all my animals from me?  Doesn't it bother You at all to know that it causes me much pain?

Jesus:  Child, remember when the rich man asked what he must do to follow Me?  My answer to him was, to sell all he had, and come follow Me.  He was a very wealthy man, with much money and many possessions.  It does not necessarily mean money or wealth.  It can be anything that prevents man from totally giving of self to Me.  Sometimes it can be a job, an obsession with sports, or an obsession with a hobby.  In your case, you love your animals very much.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, I have put all these things in proper perspective.  I hardly spend any time with any of my animals any more, because You have told me before, I was not to love them more than your children.  I don't, Lord.

Jesus:  You have come a long way, child.

Ruth Ann:  You have nearly ripped my heart out, Lord.

Jesus:  I will not underestimate all you have given up, child, but remember to keep all in proper perspective.  All the sacrifices you make are for the greater honor and glory of God.  As you empty yourself for Him, He Who loves you much, can fill you up.

Ruth Ann:  I'm not so sure I understand, Lord, but then that really isn't important, as You tell me over and over.  I need not understand.  I need only do Your will.  I try, Lord.

Jesus:  That is all I wish, child.  It would not be a sacrifice if it were done without pain, and you will continue to be at peace with all that is asked of you, as you do My will, and not your own.  Now go forth in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of July 23, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am listening.

Jesus:  Yes child, and I thank you.  There is much I wish to say.  You become saddened by those things that you are unable to control, and I wish to tell you of the love I have for you.  All My children are called to make sacrifices, pray, fast, and do penance.  So many have forgotten what it is to make a sacrifice; to give up something that you truly desire is almost unheard of in this day and age.  To do penance is something that My children do very little of these days.  Not many choose to do those things they find difficult to do, for the love of God.  Even the prayer life of many leaves something to be desired.  Fasting is rarely done because of the inconvenience or discomfort it brings to those who sometimes try.  Not many of My children are willing to do much, or suffer much, for Me, Who gave everything for them. 

Child, continue to pray for hearts to be changed.  All of these things I am asking you to do for Me, the sacrifices, are for others to see that it is possible.  Man must realize that with all the evil that continues to take over your world, there must be those who are willing to take a stand for the good that only God can bring about.  My Mother continues to call Her children to pray, fast, do penance, and make sacrifices.  Most of what She calls My children to do, falls on deaf ears.  That is why I am pleased that those Who truly are listening, are choosing to come to these places being set aside all over the world, as special places of prayer.

Where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I will be in their midst.  My Mother has said the same thing.  When those She is calling gather together to pray, She is praying with them.  That is a special gift for those who are listening.  Blessings and graces abound for those truly listening, and taking My Mother's messages seriously.  My Mother gave up everything for the love of God, and as a result of this great love and total sacrifice, I will deny Her nothing.  Those who do not understand the importance of My Mother as an intercessor, are missing much in their lives.  It is through Her that the evil one will be destroyed.

She has been calling together a mighty army of 'prayer warriors' to fight a mighty battle.  It is not a physical battle, but one of a spiritual nature.  Good against evil is the war being waged at this time.  From everything you read, hear, and see in the media, evil is being shoved down your throats.  That is the way of the evil one.  He continues to condition those of the world, so after a while those things that used to shock or disgust, become so common that they become accepted.  Man accepts more and more that is evil.  Your world is nearly in total ruins.  The moral decay is shocking to behold to those who truly live by the word of God, which is truth.  How far My children have strayed, little one! 

My Mother is here to draw all back to Me who will listen.  Those who are listening must accept the responsibility, and pray for those who are not listening.  In that way, change can come about.  Good will triumph over evil, but there is to be much pain, suffering, and sacrifice, in order for this to come about.  Man is bringing these things upon himself, due to his lack of love and obedience to the will of God.  Hatred, greed, and envy are commonplace in your world.  Where is love?  Where is the caring and sharing of your gifts with others?  You are your brother's keeper; whether you acknowledge this responsibility or not is up to you.

When you stand before the Throne of God on judgment day, God will not ask, "How much did you accumulate while you were on the earth?"  No, He will ask, "What did you do with what I gave you?"  Many of you will have to answer sadly, "I kept it all to myself."  To some, much is given, and from those, much is expected.  I find that many who have little are the ones who share, because they are used to having little, and appreciate the little that God has given to them.

Child, I have told you before, it takes someone who is willing to make sacrifices of a visible nature, to draw others to also make sacrifices.  Through your giving of self, others will follow your example and be willing to make sacrifices on My behalf.  So do not take your responsibility lightly.  You are being called to help others become Christlike.  Through your love and sacrifice being made for Me, others will wish to follow your example.  Through you and your family sacrificing much, much will be given to you in return.  Eternal Salvation is a great reward.  There is none greater.  Continue to persevere, and know God's love awaits you for all eternity.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I love You.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.  Go in My peace.


Message of October 3, 1994,  from Our Lady

Our Lady:  Child, why are you so sad?

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You know why.  Why are You bothering to ask?

Our Lady:  Child, you are in need of encouraging words.  You are overwhelmed, and you feel God is expecting too much of you.

Ruth Ann:  I am sorry, Mother, that sounds pretty selfish and self-centered, hearing it come from You.

Our Lady:  Child, I understand your feeling of unworthiness.  I also understand your feelings of fear and doubt, your feelings of being overwhelmed are understandable also.  But you must remember, God is in need of those who are willing to give up everything for Him.  He is in need of those willing to make great sacrifices in order that His children be tended to, in the way that is His desire.  You have been tested and have been proven worthy.  You have been strong in your faith and trust in God.  In doing so, you have shown a strength and perseverance needed to be of help to those who are lacking those qualities. 

This place has been chosen as a place of peace and prayer.  You and your husband have been placed here through a series of events only maneuverable by God Himself.  The forces of evil have tried to drive you from this place, but you have stood firm.  After you had consecrated this land to Me and My Son, all things began to fall into place.  Am I not right?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, that is correct.

Our Lady:  Then all these things and events began to happen.  All things were, and did fall into place.  As your hearts were opened to share this land with others, then God was able to begin to unfold His plan for you, and this haven of peace and prayer.  Do not be overwhelmed.  All things have been tended to by God, and will continue to be watched over and orchestrated by Him.  He will send those people into your lives that are needed, to see that all things fall into place.  The chapel, the retreat center, all of these things will be tended to by those capable of doing all that is required.  You do not have to do anything.  You, your husband, and family, have made a great sacrifice for the good of others.  This will not go unrewarded.

Through your sacrifices and trust in God, others too, are being drawn to make sacrifices in a world where few of My children even know what a sacrifice is.  This is beautiful to behold, child.  It is by the example of those willing to make such great sacrifices, that others hearts are being touched.  You are seeing the good fruits of your labor in those who are willing to share with you, how their lives have been changed through your willingness to give of self in a selfish world.  When I speak of 'you', I mean you, your spouse, and your family.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for including my husband.

Our Lady:  He is not only your caretaker, but he has become a caretaker of this special place.  Tell him I will continue to make all things as easy as possible for him.  It is My desire this place be all that God wishes it to be.  It shall be so.  My Son is going to come to this special place.  You know this in your heart.  It too, is being prepared just as you are being prepared, child.  You are not to worry.  All things will be done for you.  You are to be patient, and do all those things that have been asked of you.  Do not be concerned or overwhelmed by anything that God would have you do.  Sufficient graces are being sent to you to help you with all things.  You wish to know more than God would have you know.  This is only normal and natural, but God wishes you to be able to travel your journey of faith, trusting in Him to tend to all things.

Ruth Ann:  Do You realize how absurd this all appears to me some days?

Our Lady:  In doing for God and His children, you have been helping Me draw souls to My Son.  The special gifts given to you are little in comparison to what you have done, and will do, on behalf of your God and His children.  But know, too, the rewards in the life hereafter will be unimaginable.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for taking the time to encourage me.  I feel much better.  I have a lot to do this week in order to get ready for our next grandchild.  Please tend to our daughter throughout the birthing process.  As a mother, I am wishing I could do it all for her.  I hate to see her suffer this great pain.

Our Lady:  The reward is to be a beautiful, healthy child, though.  Keep that in your mind and heart.  I will be there with her.  You have been told the child is to find favor with God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Again, I do not understand, but it sounds beautiful.  Thank You, and thank God.  Now I must get on with my day.  Thank You, Mother, for encouraging me.

Our Lady:  Child, I am always here for you.  Be not afraid.  Have faith and trust in God.  Live each day in His love.  Be at peace, little one, as you tend to those in need.  Know I am here with you.  I will not leave you orphaned.  I am your Heavenly Mother.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You again for being here for me, Mother.


Message of July 21, 1993,from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

Dear Children,

You have been given so many blessings, and these blessings will continue.  These are graces, dear children, and they are being poured out on all My children who have been willing to listen and respond to My call.  Much is being asked of you, My little ones, because much is needed at this time.  The world is surrounded by so much darkness, and so few are aware that the evil one continues to control so many lives.  Your prayers and sacrifices continue to save many.  Your faith and trust in God is helping many of My children who would otherwise be lost.  How God loves you.  How I love you.  Know I am here with you to intercede on behalf of all your wants and needs.  My blessing I give to you and your dear family, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Go in God's peace.

Message of Sept. 15, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children, 

I am here to tell you that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy has a plan that is unfolding, and will continue to unfold, until the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.  Listen, dear children, to the words I am telling you.  Never before in the history of mankind has God allowed the Mother of His Son, Jesus, to manifest Herself in so many ways.  Never before has He allowed the graces and blessings to be so visible to His children.  There is a reason.  God knows His children.  He knows their needs.  He knows they must see to believe.  Blessed are those who do not see, and still believe.  You who pray and make sacrifices for My children are twice blessed; blessed because of your faithfulness, and blessed because of your love for those in need.  Continue on, doing this very special task.  The graces and blessings will continue pouring down upon you and all those you pray for.  My love and Motherly blessing I give to you.  Go in God's peace.