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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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April 2007
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of July 18, 1990, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Thank you for praying, fasting, doing penance and making sacrifices. Thank you for bringing so many souls to Our Lord. Your work has not gone unnoticed. How it pleases My Son. My heart burns with a special love for those helping to save others. My blessing I give to you.

Message of February 20, 1991, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

I have come to prepare you for My Son's second coming. Many have questioned this, but this is so. You have much work to do. Many need prayer. We do not wish to lose any of Our children. Pray for all I have asked you to pray for. This is a time for graces and God's mercy. Time is running out. do penance for all those in need. Your Heavenly Father has sent Me here to guide you back to His light.

Today is a time of prayer and sacrifice. Without these prayers and sacrifices souls will be lost. We do not wish to lose any souls. My children, help Me in this time of need. Time is running out! God wants to supply you with special graces. He wishes to grant His mercy to all who ask for it. Do not let this time slip away from you. Ask for favors now, while you can.

Message of July 31, 1991, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

There are so many hopes and dreams to be fulfilled. This can only be done through prayer. Prayer can move mountains. Prayer can heal bodies. Prayer can heal hearts, minds, and especially souls. Many of you hear My messages, but do not accept the responsibility to pray. Your Heavenly Father watches all that you do. Therefore, My Children, I am asking you to take My messages seriously. Those who do not pray for others daily, begin by saying one decade of the rosary. Place these prayers as a gift at My feet. I, in turn, will place them at the foot of My Son's cross and ask for God's mercy on all those in need of prayer. Those who already pray much, God is rewarding you a hundred-fold. Little sacrifices and mortifications (such as denying yourself something you want very much, or doing something you do not want to do) bring many graces. You have so much, and some have so little. God's blessings be upon you.

Message of Nov. 10, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, I feel so sad and overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of Your children. Many continue to share their burdens with me and ask for prayer. It is heartbreaking. Each one who comes, I want a healing for, and especially, peace for them.

Jesus: Little one, each one will receive a healing who comes to you for prayer. Again, I am telling you it may not be the healing you wish for, or the healing the person has come seeking, but I will hear and answer your prayers. Do not be overwhelmed, child, by this cross placed upon you. God is in need of those who care enough for their fellowman that they will sacrifice the time, energy, and be humble enough to pray with others. God knows these are not easy requests. Most of the work God would have you do is not easy, but neither was the work that was requested of His Son, was it?

When I, Jesus, say, "Take up your cross and follow Me," that is exactly what I mean. In some lives, it means living in poverty, doing work that you feel is beneath you, going hungry, living in war-torn areas of pain and persecution. Sometimes it means just dealing with life on a day-to-day basis, because of burdens you endure for the suffering of loved ones. There are many kinds of crosses, and some are heavier than others. Each cross, if carried with God's help, will earn My children many graces that could not be gained otherwise. In most cases it will mean the difference of eternal peace as their reward, or the loss of their soul in eternal damnation.

So many of My children wish for life to go smoothly, with no crosses to bear. This is not realistic. Why should God have man have life so easy when He required so much of His own Son? I was used as an example of what living and dying is all about. When one takes up his cross to follow in My footsteps, there is no easy path. The road is rocky, narrow, and steep, and in some places so difficult it cannot be traveled alone. It is in these times that I must help carry your burdens, but I cannot unless they are given to Me to do so.

That is where so many of My children go wrong. They take up their crosses and follow for a time, and when the burden gets too heavy, they give up. You must not give up. Continue to persevere, My little ones. Let Me help you with your burdens when they are too difficult for you to carry, saying, "Lord, this is too painful. I am not capable of dealing with this on my own. Would you please carry this for me?" Out of love for you, I will do so.

Ruth Ann: I know this is of great help to me, Lord. I have done this many times. Sometimes it's grief over the loss of someone or something, or anger that I can't cope with, or just hurt over the pain and suffering of someone else. The minute I give it to You, to use for the suffering souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them, I gain a peace that I did not have before.

Jesus: Child, you are learning that, through offering your pain and suffering for others, you gain God's peace. This is called 'making a sacrifice'.

Ruth Ann: I don't understand, Lord. I'm not giving up something I want or need for someone, so how can it be a sacrifice?

Jesus: Little one, I have died for the pains, sins, and sufferings for all My children. You in turn are giving these back to Me; these hurts, pains, and sorrows that I have suffered and died to wipe away from My children. Anytime you ask Me to accept a part of your cross on behalf of someone else, it gains not only graces for you, but graces for those you have asked graces for, at that time. In your case, you have had the suffering souls of purgatory taken to your heart to gain graces for. Others pray, make sacrifices, and offer up their crosses for the conversions of sinners. Many do these things, not even realizing all they are gaining in the eyes of their Creator.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I just thank You for listening and speaking with me, and giving me such comfort today. I love You so much, and want to do Your will. Please continue to strengthen and guide me so I am able to do all that is expected of me.

Jesus: Little one, you continue to grow, listen, and share what God is saying and doing in your life. You have shared what He has said and done in the past, and you will continue to do so in the future. Much more is to come, little one. You are being prepared for even greater things than you can ever imagine. You do not wish to hear this, because of your humility, but it is because of this true humbleness that you are being asked to do much more on behalf of God's children. You and your family continue to be attacked, but such faith you have, little one.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You always give me too much credit. Please don't. I am weak, and have become discouraged and felt over-burdened many times.

Jesus: But where are you, little one? You are here sitting, speaking with Me, writing My words to share with others. Many would walk away from the many burdens placed upon them such as you have received. They would have said, "Forget it, I'm not going to have the world calling me crazy. I'm not giving up my career, or time, or home, or family for the sake of others. You've got to be kidding, Lord." You continue to walk in faith, not knowing what comes next, but knowing in your heart that God will take care of you. That is faith, little one. Many can learn from you what it means to be a child of God. Your childlike faith is such as God wants from all of His children.

Ruth Ann: But Lord, You have sent many into our lives to help us with many of the physical aspects of these burdens. We have gained so many friends we could never have cultivated on our own, and so many pray for us, Lord. This means so much to us, but please don't give me more credit than I deserve, Lord. I love You and trust Your judgment for me. I'm not good at making decisions anyway. It's easier to say, "Thy will be done." Then it all rests on Your shoulders, Lord. So it is not totally unselfish.

Jesus: Little one, little one, that is what faith is. Giving and trusting in God to make all the right decisions. Only He knows the divine plan, so, by putting all your hopes, dreams, pains, sufferings, and so forth in His hands, you are giving all to Him. It is called, 'dying of self'. Doing the holy will of God, praying from the heart, all of these things that My Mother continues to call all of Her children to do, you are doing this, child. Don't minimize what you are doing. Great theologians could learn something from you if they would stop analyzing all of My words in the Holy Scripture, and realize that all God really wants from them is the love, trust, and faith of a child. They too, could find the peace and healing in their lives needed to live in a world of sin and darkness.

But man continues to try to make life complicated instead of simple. He allows the evil one to cause utter chaos in his life. It is as though man prefers turmoil over peace. Peace can only come from God. So unless man comes to grips with this fact, and gives it all to the One Who is in charge, there can never be peace. Continue to pray for peace, child, for God's peace, and peace throughout the whole world. It is of extreme importance that this be done.

Ruth Ann: Many will read this Lord, so I am sure it will be taken to heart by those made aware. I will continue to do all You are asking of me.

Jesus: Bless you little one, and all those who continue to help you with this mission.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for Your blessing Lord; for me, and my family, and all those 'helping hands' that continue to serve You.

Jesus: Go about your day in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I love You.

Message of Nov. 12, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother.

Our Lady: Yes, child.

Ruth Ann: It seems I have been so busy, again I haven't taken time to speak with You for awhile.

Our Lady: You have spoken with My Son. That is much more important. You have also been praying the rosary and attending Mass and receiving the Body and Blood of My Son, Jesus. These things are of great importance.

Ruth Ann: Yes, I have been doing those things, but I get to feeling bad when I haven't written down our conversations.

Our Lady: You speak to Me throughout the day, and you have been told you do not have to record all that I am saying to you. Personal conversations are for you, child.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Mother, it's just that sometimes I get to feeling like I am not writing enough.

Our Lady: It is those times, then, that you should speak to Me and write what I say, then you will not have those feelings.

Ruth Ann: I understand.

Our Lady: Many of My children speak to Me and ask for certain favors, and I continue to intercede for them to My Son. Sometimes He does not answer their prayers in the way they would have them answered, but He is listening, and He is answering all prayers. Their prayers are being answered and they give Him very little credit, if any. They are very quick to criticize My Son when they think their prayers are not being answered, or if they have not had their prayers answered quickly enough, or in the way they want. Only God knows the big plan, so only He knows how and when a prayer is to be answered. God's time is not your time, child. This is something all of God's children have difficulty with. This is the way of the world. Each one wants instant answers, instant healings, a 'quick fix' to all their hurts, worries, and concerns.

Again, I am telling you, My Son suffered and died for man. He has done much in order to guarantee eternal salvation for all of God's children. Man then, cannot expect everything handed to him without some sacrifice on his own. You have the right to eternal salvation, but it is not being handed to you, it must be earned. It is through prayer and sacrifice that this great reward will be given to you.

When Jesus said, "You must pick up your cross and follow Me," that is exactly what He meant. Sometimes some crosses are heavier than others, and this too, has a purpose, but all men have a cross to bear. You can ask for help, and it will be given to you. You will not have to carry your cross alone or without help, but you are expected to carry it. Patience, love, prayer, and a willingness to do the will of God is needed as you journey through life. It is true that times are more difficult, and the crosses become more difficult to bear, but keep your eyes focused on My Son. He is the way, the light, and the truth.

The world has become a place of darkness, fear, and confusion. It is run by the one who loves for man to experience anxiety and to lose hope. Then, you look around you and hear all the evils of the world. It is difficult to bear. Do not lose hope, My children. Continue to pray for light and peace. Continue to pray for those in high places who continue to make wrong decisions that are not for the good of this nation, or other nations. Darkness covers the world. Your country is beginning to suffer the pains that have been experienced by other countries, and this will continue. It is because My children have turned their back on God. He has had enough. Now, He is letting them know Who is truly in charge.

It is too bad that My warnings have been in vain in many cases. I will continue to warn My children, and draw as many to Me and My Son as I can possibly do. It is up to My children to listen, and follow what I am saying. I am only repeating to My children what God would have Me say. I am only giving graces for those whom He would have Me give graces to at this time. It is up to My children to listen and be willing to accept the crosses and blessings that God sees fit to deliver through Me. I am here to help God's children. This I am willing to do, and have been allowed to do down through the ages.

The time is coming, though, when this will not be the case. I am telling My children, now is the time for conversions and sacrifices. Now is the time to live the messages, pray from the heart, and know that your prayers are being answered in God's way and in God's time. Share what I have said with My children, child. Remind them of the importance of My messages.

Ruth Ann: It is written, so it will be shared.

Our Lady: Tell them, too, that it is important that they thank God when a prayer has been answered. They must not ignore His generosity and kindness. They must not take His love for granted.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother.

Our Lady: I love all My children so much. If only they would listen to what I am saying, and be obedient children. Many choose to ignore what is being said by those who are given gifts such as you have. It is easier to say, "That person isn't really receiving messages from Heaven," and in that way, man can ignore and walk away. It is as Pilate has done to My Son, Jesus. Pilate washed his hands to free himself from guilt, but it was only an action. Pilate still had to answer to God for what he had done. So too, will My children have to do, who have heard the word of God, and ignored what He is saying, and has said. They have been told. It is up to those who have been told, to receive the words and take them to heart, or ignore and walk away. The responsibility of one's actions rests on each individual, and each individual will be judged accordingly.

Thank you for listening and sharing, child. You are doing your part. It is up to those who hear to do their part.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for Your love and concern, Mother.

Message of Nov. 17, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am trying very hard to talk to you and record each day.

Jesus: Little one, I appreciate your effort. I know it is difficult and there will be days when it is not possible, but that is what I would have you do.

Ruth Ann: I guess I can't imagine what You would want to say to me. I am so unimportant in the scheme of things.

Jesus: None of My children are unimportant, little one. You have expressed the feelings of many of My children. They think because they are not someone important in the church, such as a priest or nun, their work or prayers cannot be important. Anything done on behalf of God is important. The action is important, and therefore, so is the one doing the action. The tiniest prayer said in faith for those in need is just as important as a day full of prayer from someone doing it because they feel they have to. A kindness done for a neighbor for the right reasons, merits more graces than many works done out of habit, or lack of love.

Ruth Ann: Are You saying we should be offering up all we do for the love of God as we were told as children?

Jesus: Yes, child, I am telling you that works and prayers done out of love, and offered up for God to use for the benefit of saving souls, is something that merits much grace. These are called sacrifices. These are called penances. Words that you hear very little of today in this world. My children of today do not wish to give up or sacrifice anything. What a shame it is, too. They have so much, and God would have them share what they have for the benefit of others. God has given much to many, and it is up to those who have much to share with those who have little. There would be fewer and fewer of My children hungry and cold if man would follow the example set before him by their Jesus. Many of My children hoard all they have for themselves. 'Love thy neighbor as thyself for the love of God'. How many of My children follow this? If you love someone, do you not wish them to be happy, comfortable, and cared for, all of the time? That is how you should feel toward one another. If that was done, there would be no poverty, no wars, and there would be peace throughout the world. The remedy for all the problems of the world is contained in the golden rule. 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

Ruth Ann: That is the rule I used in my classroom throughout my years of teaching.

Jesus: That was very important in the lives of your children. It is too bad so much is being taken away from teachers. There is a need for good wholesome values to be taught in schools. This nation was founded upon a love for God and a love for one's fellow man, and much has been removed that could reflect this was ever the case. There are still those who try by example to stress what is right and good, but many are afraid of the repercussions from parents who do not wish their children taught values or disciplined in any way. This is sad but true. Even though they are in the minority, they are the ones listened to and catered to by society.

Ruth Ann: I see that more and more, Lord.

Jesus: Once God is removed from your life, there is nothing left but an empty shell. The same is true of society. God has been removed from society, leaving an empty shell that has been filled by one just waiting on the sidelines for man to do his bidding. Man has gone so far away from Me, he continues to turn his back on Me, and in some cases, he spits in My face. He uses My name only as profanity in many cases. It is through those who love Me that much will be forgotten. It is through the prayers of My children who continue to be faithful, no matter what, that many who do not love Me now, will eventually come to the foot of the cross and ask for forgiveness. I thank My faithful and holy ones that continue to strive for the good of man and do the will of God.

All prayers are heard, but those in great numbers rise and make a mighty sound in the heavens above. That is why it is so important to have many praying at one time. There is strength in numbers, whether it be prayer or holy action. Each person's prayers are important, as is each person, but put all these prayers together, and it cannot go unnoticed by the One Who created you.

You say you are not important. You are important, and so is the work you do. Each person put on the earth has a job to do for the greater honor and glory of God. One either follows the will of God, or having a free will, chooses to follow his own will. That is man's choice. I force none of My children to do My will.

Ruth Ann: But You make it difficult to say 'no' to You, Lord, when the reward for doing Your will is eternal happiness. How can one not follow what You wish for us to do?

Jesus: Many don't, little one, many don't.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I must do my morning prayers, and I also have chores to do today.

Jesus: Yes, little one, I know you have things that need to be tended to. I thank you for spending this time with Me.

Ruth Ann: I am the one who should be doing the thanking.

Jesus: You have, little one, in doing My will, you have pleased Me.

Message of March 30, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

My Son wishes Me to convey to you, the importance of caring for His children who have gone astray. It is through your many prayers and sacrifices that their salvation will be brought about. Peace cannot be found in your world, but it can be found in the hearts and minds of those who seek God's peace. Continue to pray for all those in need, dear children, so they, those who are in most need, can find God's peace. During this Holy Week, when My Son has suffered much, follow His example. Pick up your crosses and follow Him on the way to Calvary, then you can die to all those things that hold you to the earth, and experience the resur-rection of eternal life. Seek peace, little children, pray.

Message of July 23, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am listening.

Jesus: Yes child, and I thank you. There is much I wish to say. You become saddened by those things that you are unable to control, and I wish to tell you of the love I have for you. All My children are called to make sacrifices, pray, fast, and do penance. So many have forgotten what it is to make a sacrifice; to give up something that you truly desire is almost unheard of in this day and age. To do penance is something that My children do very little of these days. Not many choose to do those things they find difficult to do, for the love of God. Even the prayer life of many leaves something to be desired. Fasting is rarely done because of the inconvenience or discomfort it brings to those who sometimes try. Not many of My children are willing to do much, or suffer much, for Me, Who gave everything for them.

Child, continue to pray for hearts to be changed. All of these things I am asking you to do for Me, the sacrifices, are for others to see that it is possible. Man must realize that with all the evil that continues to take over your world, there must be those who are willing to take a stand for the good that only God can bring about. My Mother continues to call Her children to pray, fast, do penance, and make sacrifices. Most of what She calls My children to do, falls on deaf ears. That is why I am pleased that those Who truly are listening, are choosing to come to these places being set aside all over the world, as special places of prayer.

Where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I will be in their midst. My Mother has said the same thing. When those She is calling gather together to pray, She is praying with them. That is a special gift for those who are listening. Blessings and graces abound for those truly listening, and taking My Mother's messages seriously. My Mother gave up everything for the love of God, and as a result of this great love and total sacrifice, I will deny Her nothing. Those who do not understand the importance of My Mother as an intercessor, are missing much in their lives. It is through Her that the evil one will be destroyed.

She has been calling together a mighty army of 'prayer warriors' to fight a mighty battle. It is not a physical battle, but one of a spiritual nature. Good against evil is the war being waged at this time. From everything you read, hear, and see in the media, evil is being shoved down your throats. That is the way of the evil one. He continues to condition those of the world, so after a while those things that used to shock or disgust, become so common that they become accepted. Man accepts more and more that is evil. Your world is nearly in total ruins. The moral decay is shocking to behold to those who truly live by the word of God, which is truth. How far My children have strayed, little one!

My Mother is here to draw all back to Me who will listen. Those who are listening must accept the responsibility, and pray for those who are not listening. In that way, change can come about. Good will triumph over evil, but there is to be much pain, suffering, and sacrifice, in order for this to come about. Man is bringing these things upon himself, due to his lack of love and obedience to the will of God. Hatred, greed, and envy are commonplace in your world. Where is love? Where is the caring and sharing of your gifts with others? You are your brother's keeper; whether you acknowledge this responsibility or not is up to you.

When you stand before the Throne of God on judgment day, God will not ask, "How much did you accumulate while you were on the earth?" No, He will ask, "What did you do with what I gave you?" Many of you will have to answer sadly, "I kept it all to myself." To some, much is given, and from those, much is expected. I find that many who have little are the ones who share, because they are used to having little, and appreciate the little that God has given to them.

Child, I have told you before, it takes someone who is willing to make sacrifices of a visible nature, to draw others to also make sacrifices. Through your giving of self, others will follow your example and be willing to make sacrifices on My behalf. So do not take your responsibility lightly. You are being called to help others become Christlike. Through your love and sacrifice being made for Me, others will wish to follow your example. Through you and your family sacrificing much, much will be given to you in return. Eternal Salvation is a great reward. There is none greater. Continue to persevere, and know God's love awaits you for all eternity.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. I love You.

Jesus: I love you, little one. Go in My peace.

Message of Dec. 13, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, are You there?

Our Lady: Child, of course I am here.

Ruth Ann: Help me to be more like You. Right now I am not doing so well. God wishes me to have the same love and trust as You had, and I'm not doing a very good job at the moment.

I am struggling with all that is happening concerning the removal of my priest, friend, and spiritual director, for me and the farm.

Our Lady: Child, you have said 'yes' to God. He has not promised you 'easy', or 'pain-free'. I too, have suffered much, before you, through My 'fiat'. Those who give up their will to do the will of God, do not do it for themselves, but for others. Think of all the many people who have come to you for prayer, and you have asked for these prayers to be answered. You have offered to suffer for those people in order that they be freed from their burdens. It is called 'making sacrifices'. Dying, so that others might live. Granted, the dying is not the death of your physical body, it is only symbolic. The dying of self, and all that ties one to the earth, is even more painful. You must remain here, while your soul and heart yearn to be with Me and My Son.

Ruth Ann: Mother, please be with me, and help me through this.

Our Lady: I am here, little child. You must trust in God, and know that all things will work for His greater honor and glory. Be not afraid. I am with you, as is the love and support of your Rock, My Son.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for sharing this time with me, Mother. I love You, and wish You to help me be what God wants me to be.

Our Lady: I will do so. Trust, child, trust.