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April 2012
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Nov. 24, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Blessed are they who do not see and still believe.  It is beautiful to see the faith and trust of My children who continue to pray for all those in need because I have asked them to do so.  My many messages that continue to call you to trust and have faith, have been taken to heart by all of you here.  I bless you for this, dear children, and will continue to send graces and blessings to all My children who have responded to My call.  Your faith, trust, and love, acts as a catalyst to all those with whom you come in contact.  The love you have for My Son is evident in all that you say and do.  Let it continue to be so, little children, so that those who are in great need of prayer and faith will be strengthened by your example.  My protective mantle surrounds you.  My love and prayers I join with you.  Go in God's peace.


Message of March 29, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, please send me your peace.

Jesus:  Be not afraid little one, My peace I give to you.  You have been upset by something that was given to you by someone.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Remember, child, that man sometimes means well, and yet can interfere in that which he should not.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Put all in proper prospective, child.  Did you not get good news yesterday concerning someone you had prayed for who was very ill? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, I did.

Jesus:  Then would it not follow that you would be attacked in a mighty way as a result?  The evil one is angry, little one.  You continue to do My will and draw others closer and closer to Me and My Mother.  You are continually witnessing to those around you by standing up and speaking out for Me and My Mother.  You have stepped out in faith, little one.  You will continue to be attacked.  The more you do for Me, the more difficult the cross, the heavier it will be to bear.  You are sensitive and have your feelings hurt easily.  This is understandable.  This too, can be offered up for others as a great sacrifice for their souls.  Any pain, any persecution suffered for My sake reaps tremendous rewards, child, so carry your burdens and be brave.  Trust in Me. Your burdens will never be too heavy, for I will always be with you as you follow My road to Calvary. 

Not many understand the cross you must bear.  If they did, they would do more.  More to help and less to upset or hinder the process that has been set in motion.  As time goes on much will be revealed to you that will help you understand better your part in God's great plan for the salvation of many souls.  I have spoken of this to you before, little one.  More is to come.  You know this in your heart but do not wish to admit to this.  This is fine.  One day at a time is how I would have you live your life.  Do not look back and do not look ahead.  Know God is in control even though you are told much more is to come in doing the will of God, you must be patient and wait for God's plan to unfold. 

You are not to know the future.  That is not part of your gift.  You are not to receive messages of doom and gloom for this is not your gift.  You cannot change the plans that God has set in motion.  You can lessen the pain and suffering through prayer, but you cannot change the future.  That is where your gift comes in, little one, in stepping out in faith and sharing all God has done in your life, you are drawing others back to their faith.  You are pulling many from the clutches of the evil one.  You are a ray of light in a world full of darkness.  You are light, love, and peace in a world that knows very little of these things.  You are a reflection of Me, little one.  This is what I expect of all My children. 

When I have said you must look for Jesus in all My children, I mean you must look for the good in that person.  I am in each one of My children.  In some it is easier to see than in others.  But I exist in all of My children in some degree.  The evil one wishes to take away all of the good and leave the world in darkness.  He continues to wreak havoc in a world that prefers evil over good.  You, child, continue to stand firm and do all that is asked of you, even though at times, all seems so futile.  Do not let the evil one discourage or bring you down, little one.  The miracles will continue, and they will continue to grow.  Your faith is deserving of such miracles. 

As an apostle of Mine, you are expected to go forth and perform many miracles.  Those of the body, mind, and soul.  Draw My children back to Me.  Those that would otherwise be lost to darkness forever, bring them to Me.  Do whatever is asked of you, little one, and I will tend to the doubters and those who would do you harm.  Come to Me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I feel the need for rest from everything right now, even prayer, Lord.

Jesus:  I understand your feelings, child, but you are in need of Me.  Your daily prayers sometimes need to be put aside, and you need only quiet time to rest in Me.  Read My word in the New Testament.  Take a walk with Me in the quiet of the day.  Remove the pressure of your routine and rest in Me today.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I needed to hear that.  I get so caught up in all I need to do, or feel I need to do. 

Jesus:  There are all kinds of prayer, little one.  Enjoy a quiet walk and all the things that God has put here for man's pleasure can also be prayer.  Now go in My peace.  It has been restored, has it not? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord.  Thank You for Your divine patience and comfort.


Message of March 31, 1994,
from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am ready to listen.  It has been a very interesting week so far.

Jesus:  Little one, you are right.  Soon you will learn to keep your peace no matter what comes your way.  Trust Me, little one.  Know that no matter what others say or do to cause disruption, confusion, and irritation, God's plan will not be destroyed.  So do not concern yourself when something happens over which you have no control.  Your Jesus and His Mother are with you. 

Man cannot control God.  He can cause God to use other channels and means to accomplish His end result, but he cannot stop what God has set in motion.  Your life is such as that, child.  You have said 'yes' to Me and My Mother.  You have chosen to do the will of God.  His work will not be destroyed or stopped.  So con-tinue on in prayer, little one.  You have been given an anointing to help you persevere in all you do.  Know that God is with you, or this could not have been done.  You will know them by their fruits, little one.  What more is needed.  All you have done thus far is the will of God.  That you will continue to do, will also be His will.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I become so overwhelmed sometimes and totally afraid that You have chosen the wrong person.  You say You know my heart, and I know that is true, but why do I have to experience such pain?  And I don't mean physical, I mean spiritually.

Jesus:  You are dying of self, little one.  After the time of great pain and anguish, are you not given many graces and blessings as confirma-tions that what you are doing is Christ centered?

Ruth Ann:  You know this is true, Lord.  But why do You do this for me when I have such periods of doubt and irritation at having been chosen to do these things for You and Your Mother.  I would have given up on me a long time ago.  And yet, You and Your Mother continue to be patient with me.

Jesus:  That is where you are wrong, little one.  You would not have given up on me, as you say.  You have had times when your children have been difficult, and even disobedient, but did you give up on them? 

Ruth Ann:  No, Lord.  I think the more problems they caused, the more I loved them, because I knew they were hurting themselves more than we were being hurt.

Jesus:  You have your own answer, little one.  You struggle and suffer much, and you need not struggle at all.  I love you.  I will tend to your needs.  You need only be patient.  How can I not be patient with you, when no matter what, you continue to struggle on each time, with an even greater resolve to do the will of the Father.  Remember, God knows your heart.  That is truly what matters.  Of course the evil one will continue to come up against you, and you will continue to struggle.  But you are strengthened and purified during each one of these attacks for you do not give up.  You then emerge with an even greater peace than you had before.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, this is certainly true.  For example, right now I feel so full of love for You and Your Mother, it truly is amazing.

Jesus:  Trust in Me, child.  I will always be here for you.  Do not hesitate to bring all fears, doubts, and concerns to Me.  I will reassure you and hold you in My arms as a parent would do for a child who is in need of being consoled.

Ruth Ann:  It is easy for me now to say, "Okay, Lord."  But at the time of confusion and anger, that is not easy to do.

Jesus:  You still have growing to do, child.  You will learn that these attacks you receive are only temporary because the evil one cannot stop God's plans.  Place all in My hands and the hands of My Mother.  Know that Our love will sustain you through any and all things.  This is true for all My children.  Share these words so My children know that We are always there for them, no matter what their concerns may be.  No matter how great or small, if it is a concern, then We wish to tend to this need.

Ruth Ann:  It will be shared, Lord.

Jesus:  You have things you must do.  I will not keep you.  Go in My love, little one.  Bask in it all day.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, that is my intent.  I love You so much.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of June 21, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I need encourag-ing words.  I always feel so foolish and humiliated after giving a talk or praying with lots of people.  You know I really don't like having to do this.  Since I feel this way about this, is this really something You want me to do?

Jesus:  Little one, why do you suppose you feel this way?  Even if I hadn't asked you to do these things, can you find it said anywhere that it is wrong to witness of God's good works to those around you?  So, is it wrong to pray with those in need of prayer?  You know both things are good, both are of Me, so if you are feeling to the contrary, you must realize that the evil one is trying to make you feel foolish and humiliated, because what you are doing is of Me.  He would have you feel this way in hopes it will discourage you from continuing what I want you to do.  Realize, little one, that it will get more and more difficult as your ministry grows, because Satan and all his cohorts wishes to stop you. 

It is difficult for My children to stand steadfast and witness.  It is difficult to pray with others when you feel you are so unworthy to be standing in for Me.  Know, child, this is what I am calling you to do.  Be at peace with this, little one.  You are only an instrument.  You need not be concerned about the 'why' or 'how'.  Only be concerned about being obedient.  You want so much for each person that you touch, that you forget it is My will, not your will that this be done.  You have no control over what I choose for each person who walks in faith to receive the prayer and touch that comes from Me through you.  You need only be obedient and do what I ask of you, little one.

My children need those of you who will listen and witness to the goodness and greatness of God's love and mercy, to be available to do His will.  Please, little one, do so with love and faith.  Trust in Me, little one.  I would not have you do such as this, if there was not such a need in this day and age of darkness.  The faith and trust of My children is waning, little one.  So many wish to be in control, that they have for-gotten God is the giver of all gifts, including their lives, that they waste so foolishly on frivolity. 

Little one, I know you have these feelings of unworthiness, and wish that someone else would do this, but child, it is you whom I have chosen for this task.  Your cross is feeling very heavy for you today.  I see and feel it in your heart.  Therefore I'm telling you, give it to Me, and I will carry this burden for you until you have the strength to again pick it up and follow in My footsteps.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You have enough to carry.  I am so sorry I am putting this burden before You today, but I really don't know what else to do.

Jesus:  Little one, have I not said this to all My children, "When life gets too burdensome, come to the foot of the cross and place these burdens there.  Come to Me, and I will give you rest."  I do not wish for My children to carry more than they are able, so therefore, until you feel stronger and more at peace with what I am calling you to do, let Me help you with this burden.

Ruth Ann:  You know this is making me feel guilty, Lord.  You do so much for me, why is it so difficult for me to do these things for You?

Jesus:  There are many reasons, little one.  This is not commonplace in your world today.  Witnessing and laying on of the hands is something done in the times of My coming and ministering to God's people.  Now it is being revived in preparation for My Second Coming.  God is ministering to His people through those whom He has chosen.  Those who are listening and being obedient are being used to pour forth His Holy Spirit.  Be grateful you are being called to be of help to those who are in need of God's peace.  Be pleased that lives are being touched because you have been given this grace.  Do not allow the evil one to degrade and bring you down. 

Be at peace, little one.  Know that because you have said 'yes', and continue to say 'yes', others are having burdens lifted from their hearts, minds, and souls.  Their burdens become lighter as yours becomes heavier.  You do not understand the importance of all you are doing.  You do not choose to, and you do not wish to.  This is to your credit.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, no, it is because I do not wish to deal with it.  I do these things because this is what You ask of me.  I wish to be obedient.  I wish no credit.  If I could, I would run away, just as the apostles did at the time of Your passion and death on the cross.  It's that I feel I have no choice, I would feel so guilty if I walked away.  On the other hand, I feel so stupid and unworthy because I don't walk away.  I feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place, as the saying goes.

Jesus:  Little one, you have a free will.  Many choose to walk away.  Many are called, and few are chosen. You have been tested through time. God knows your heart. Need I say more?

Ruth Ann:  No, Lord, I do feel better.  Thank You for helping me with this cross, and thank You for sending so many people into our lives to help us with all that needs to be done here on the farm.
Jesus:  God has chosen you and your family to help with the needs of His children through prayer, the farm, and your witnessing.  He will not leave you to tend to the mechanics of all that is needed to be done in order to accomplish His good works through you.  Be at peace, little one.  God loves you.  He will tend to all of your needs.  You need only be obedient and share all these gifts He has given you with others.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, I hear You.  Please help me to be strong, help me to do Your will and not let my humanness get in the way of Your desire for me and Your people.

Jesus:  Continue to listen and be obedient.  I will tend to all of the rest.


Message of October 24, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, much is hap-pening over which I have no control.  I am at Your mercy.

Jesus:  Little one, that is what 'trust' is all about.  You must approach each new day with complete abandonment to My will.  That is what faith and trust in your God is all about.

Ruth Ann:  I truly realize that, Lord, I know it in my heart.  But it is difficult to achieve this level of trust, and still live in the real world.  I find my life is like a roller-coaster, lots of ups and downs.

Jesus:  One day you will achieve this constant trust.  Life is a struggle for most of My children.  It is filled with those things that pull and tug at the peace you wish to maintain.  When you are able to say to Me, 'I don't understand, but Thy will be done', and truly mean it, those pulls and tugs will not be so great.  The hills and valleys will become less and less, and you will find yourself in a world filled with very few valleys and more and more hills.  The hills will be more like mountains.  The day will come when, no matter what happens, you will be able to say, 'It's God's will, and I trust in His plan'.

Ruth Ann:  You have such faith in me, Lord.

Jesus:  I know you, child.  I know there is much happening in your life to cause you great sorrow and pain.  I also know you are having to completely trust in Me because you are not sure of what is to come next.  Each day is begun in faith, child.  Trust in your God to tend to all that is coming about to change your life.  Change is not bad.  It brings about growth.  That growth will bring you even closer to Me than before. 

Know that I am in control, little one.  You have been told and prepared in many ways for this change.  Even though you did not understand My plan, I have told you of a change in your ministry.  I have told you many of the things that are coming to pass.  I have also told you to trust in a God who loves you.  You are to do much for Me and My children.  I will not leave you without support.  Know this in your heart, and trust that all will be done for the good of your soul, and that of My good.  With that in mind, how can you be concerned?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it is my humanness.  I am concerned about an injustice being done to someone whom I love very much.

Jesus:  I was accused unjustly of great wrongs, child.  You too, are accused of being 'not of Me' by those who do not understand what is truly happening in your life.  That is the way of the world, child.  Much good will come from all the evil that is being done to the person you are concerned about.  You do not see the whole picture.  'Vengeance is Mine', sayeth the Lord.  Those who wish to do harm to those who are of Me, will have much to suffer.  My children see the splinter in the eye of their brother, but they do not see the plank in their own eye.  This is true of most of My children.  It is easy to find fault with those around you, but it is difficult to notice one's own faults. 

Be at peace, little one.  God is watching over all that is being said and done.  You need not be concerned.  All will be tended to in God's time, and in God's way.
Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I do know that, but that does not change the sadness in my heart for this person.

Jesus:  All will be for the good, God's plan is perfect.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord.  Help me to accept all things, even those I don't understand.

Jesus:  The graces are there, and so are the prayers of many who truly understand your task.


Message of October 26, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for the words of comfort in this week's prayer group message.

Our Lady:  Child, so many of My children are heavily burdened.  Many have heavy crosses to bear.  I only wish for them to know that they are not alone.  God is watching over all His children, no matter how difficult the cross.  He will provide the graces, strength, and courage to continue on.  Many times My children lose hope.  This need not be the case.  Have faith, little children.  Trust in God.  Know He does not send you more than He knows you can carry. 

Little one, you have referred to the 'peaks and valleys' in your life.  You have even referred to your life as being like a roller-coaster ride.  These are good comparisons.  It is through faith and trust that the peaks and valleys can become less dramatic, and so can the ride on the roller-coaster.  God is always there for you, and so is His love and mercy.  I too, am here for you.  Let God work in your life, and know He is in control of all things.  Remember, He can use even the bad in your life for your good, and the good of others.  If you keep that in mind, and place your hurts, concerns, and disappointments before Him, He will help you.  Sometimes there must be pain in your life, to bring about growth and change.

Realize that God is concerned with your soul and the souls of all His children.  God loves you.  He wishes good things for you, but He does not want you to become so attached to those things of the earth that it would prevent you from growing in your spiritual life.  He has said those things that would keep you from achieving eternal salvation must be put aside, in some cases removed from your life, in order for you to find the strength and courage to follow His will and not your own. 

Children, be at peace with God's plan for you.  Follow in the footsteps of My Jesus, and you too, will be able to be resurrected in His love and glory.  I love you, and as your Mother, I want only those things for you that will bring you the gift of eternal life.  Pray, dear children, to stand steadfast in your faith, no matter how heavy your cross.  I am praying with you, for all those things you voice and hold in your heart.  God is listening to each one of you, and your needs.  Know that each prayer will be answered.  Be at peace with these burdens you carry.  Know God's love provides strength and courage to those willing to do His will.  My mantle surrounds you, as does My love.  You must pray!


Message of Nov. 2, 1994,
from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Know God's peace in your heart.  You do not have to carry your hurts and concerns alone.  Give them to My Son.  I am your Mother here to help you.  Listen and live the words being spoken to you.  They are not just words.  They are truth.  So many of you struggle through each day trying to solve your own problems.  Let God do this for you.  Put all things in His hands.  He has made you, and will not abandon you in your hours of need.  Love Him with all your heart, as He loves you.  Trust, little children.  God's plan is perfect.  It is not for you to understand His methods in solving your concerns.  It is important, however, for you to trust that all He will do for you, will bring you peace. 

I am here praying with you, so you have not been abandoned in your hours of need.  God tends to those who love and trust in Him.  Put Him first in your life and He will tend to the rest.  Even though your burdens are heavy, you will not be expected to carry more than you can bear.  My mantle surrounds you.  Give honor, love, and praise to My Son, Prince of Peace.


Message of November 2, 1994,
from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You continue to talk about keeping our peace and trust in God to help with our burdens.

Our Lady:  Child, these seem to be of the most concern to My children at this time.  So many of you get bogged down with daily decisions, irritations, and concerns of all kinds.  Some small, and others not so small.  You must realize that God can do all things.  Put Him first in your life.  Put your life in order and the burdens will automatically feel lightener to you.  Many of your problems cannot be solved by you.  You must turn these hurts and concerns over to Him Who can do something with, and about, these things. 

I am your Mother, here to remind you that God loves you.  He does not wish to see you hurting and feeling abandoned.  He has sent His Mother to you to guide you and pray with you.  He has sent Me here to be of help to you.  But most of all, He has sent Me here to let you know He, and His love for you, do exist.  Count on this love, with all of your heart.  A Father Who loves you wants only good things for His children.  That is why it is so important that you prioritize your lives.  Put God first, and all things will fall into place. 

You cannot know God's plan, but know that it is perfect.  He can use all things to His greater honor and glory, those that are good, and those not so good.  It is not for you to understand.  It is for you to trust.  He is the Potter, you are the clay.  He wishes to mold you into His likeness.  You cannot be molded without pain and suffering.  You await growth, but do not wish to experience pain in this growth.  When you have decided to follow Jesus, you have automatically accepted the pain of His Passion and Death.  This comes in many forms.  You are asked to pick up your cross and follow Him.  If you are a true believer in the ways of God, you know this will not be an easy task. 

God has not promised you an easy life.  He has promised you great rewards for following in the footsteps of His Son.  Be at peace with your cross.  These are signs of God's love for you.  Without these crosses, you could not continue to grow in the love that is eternal.  I love you, and wish to assist you on your way to Calvary, My children.  I walked with My Son, and I wish to do the same for you.  Be comforted in your hours of need.  Accept God's plan.  Great rewards await all who trust and do the will of the Father, just as I and My Son have done before you.  Be at peace.  God is watching over you.


Message of Nov. 16, 1994,  from Our Lady  
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You have anything You wish to add?

Our Lady:  Child, My children cannot see the forest for the trees.  God is a God of love and mercy.  He continues to seek ways to bring all of His children closer to Him.  Sometimes it takes pain and suffering, beyond belief, to do just that.  My children cannot see the big picture, so therefore cannot see any merit in the suffering that is being allowed at this time, in your parish.  Many times it takes this kind of pain to cause growth in the love and trust of your Jesus.  You are at a loss as to the reasons for such a burden, but God does not have to give you reasons. 

Yes, there has been a grave injustice done to your priest, but this can cause growth in those who are experiencing the pain of the cross, or it can cause a separation from your God.  Choose for the pain to draw you ever closer to your God, for He is in control of all things.  Remember, He can do all things, even use an injustice, to His greater honor and glory.  He can use the pain, suffering, and persecution of your priest, to bring about growth of faith and trust of Him, Who is in control.  Believe this, little children, God loves you and wishes each one of you to find peace.  He will not leave you alone.  He is with you.  Turn to Him in these times of doubt and concern for what is to come.  Trust, little ones, that all things will work for the good of the One Who created you.  You are not to be concerned about the ways of God.  You are only to trust that He will tend to all things in His time and in His way.  You must pray.


Message of January 11, 1995,from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God in His infinite love and mercy, wishes you to know that He is working in each one of your lives.  Much you do not understand, but it is not necessary that you understand.  Trust, little children, trust.  God's plans are perfect.  Be patient, and know that He knows all your needs before you even voice them.  He will not leave you orphaned.  He will not leave you without hope.  All prayers will be answered in His way, and in His time.  Know, I, as your Mother, am praying with you as you continue this journey of faith and trust in God.