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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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August 2006
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, child.

Ruth Ann: Please speak with me. I feel so down.

Jesus: Little one, it is not necessary for you to feel this way. 'Down' is not of Me.

Ruth Ann: I know, Lord. Please help me.

Jesus: I am always here to help all of My children. You are without My peace. This is so because you have not taken the time to be with Me in spirit. You have not taken the time to listen to Me. You are busy with worldly things.

Ruth Ann: You are right Lord, but most of them, or all of them, have been things that needed to be done. I love You Lord, but I find so little time to spend with You, and it is making me very sad.

Jesus: I know, little one, you lose My peace when other things are put before Me.

Ruth Ann: There is much sadness in my life right now, the loss of a dear friend and the need to help the family remain, and I have lost two relatives in the past week. Much of this brings back the death and loss of my parents. I am sorry Lord, but even though I realize they are with You it still brings back childhood memories, when life was not so complicated.

Jesus: Not so complicated for whom, though? Life has always been complicated for My children. Your parents did not have an easy life. It is just that they did not complain. They accepted their crosses because they knew it was God's will.

Ruth Ann: I am sorry Lord, I do not mean to complain. I truly feel sad. There is so much pain and suffering in the world, and so many come to me for prayer, for they feel I am closer to You and Your Mother, and You will hear my prayers more clearly, and answer them as though You would grant me a favor that You would not grant them. That saddens me, Lord. I know You love all of us the same, and will answer all our prayers.

Jesus: Little one, you have found favor with God, and it is true that those who find favor with God are granted special graces to pray for others. These graces are necessary to all God's children, so that their prayers can be heard. Why do you at times pray to special saints for special favors? It is because you feel these favors will be taken directly to God with no delay. It is like having a lawyer plead your case before a judge. That person has the skill to plead your case. It has been proven so. In your case, child, it too, has been proven. Others have seen that you listen and you have heard the word of God and, too, you have found favor with God. It has been proven through the visions, miracles, and healings you and others have received as a result of your prayer and obedience. So even though you do not wish to accept this special honor bestowed upon you by God, as such, it is so. So when someone calls or comes to you for prayer, continue to do as you have done. Take it to your heart.

You feel others pain and suffering, and it is because you are a very sensitive child. I would have it no other way. God sees your tears and feels your pain for others. He takes it to His heart. It is precious to Him, little one. He wishes all His brothers and sisters to love each other as you do.

Child, you feel this to be a terrible burden. Are not all crosses burdens? This is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, little one. Not only will the graces flow from you, for and to others, so that God will grant them special favors, but the crosses and burdens will become heavier and more burdensome, little one. That is why it is so important to be in constant unity with Me. With Me, nothing will be too great for you to handle. I am strength and peace. I am life. I am graces. I am your Jesus. With My hand in yours, you and I can walk any path, no matter how steep, how narrow, or how rocky. Together, we can do all things. Without Me, you can do nothing.

See how important your life with Me is? See how important your life is to Me? See how important it is for others to know you and call on you for prayer?

Ruth Ann: But Lord, You are making me out to be someone of greater importance.

Jesus: You have been given a special gift. It is so. As you pray for others, I am there with you. So is My Mother. As you touch others in prayer, I too, touch them. Is that not a special grace? So yes child, these truths that have been told to you this day are "for real". You do not wish to feel important, and this is good. God loves your humility. That is why He loves you so much. You continue to be untouched by your importance to Him.

Ruth Ann: It is because I realize all my faults and how truly worthless as a human being I am. I feel like a "low-life", Lord. I am a "low-life".

Jesus: Little one, without God, all human beings are "low-life". You are growing in leaps and bounds by realizing your unworthiness. This is what God requires of His chosen ones before they can truly be used. It is at this point He can begin to work wonders among His people, because you realize that He is the true giver of life, spiritual, physical, emotional, all life.

Little one, even the very learned do not realize truths that you accept as part of your everyday life. God is the beginning and the end. Without God, man can do nothing. Even prayer, without God, is not of help to anyone. It is prayer from the heart that God listens to, child, so do not hesitate when called on for prayers for others. Pray, child. God is listening, and He will answer your prayers. Sometimes it is not in the way you would wish, so you do not feel that your prayers are any more important than any other person's prayers. Some prayers are answered in such a way that it brings sadness to you, but maybe in bringing sadness to you, it has brought great joy to God. Which is more important, your happiness, or God's?

Ruth Ann: You know what my answer is, Lord. I can cry many tears and have much pain in my heart for others, but I truly wish to make You happy. I want to do Your will, however difficult it may be. As long as You are with me, and continue to love me, what more can I ask for? Lord, I love You.

Jesus: Child, I love you. Have you regained your peace?

Ruth Ann: You know I have, Lord.

Jesus: Now you will have a better day because you have taken the time to be with Me and listen. Little one, this is important for your growth and what is to come. Others are aware of what is before you. You continue to be in awe and unaware. This is good, little one. This is something else that makes you special to Me. Go in My peace, little one, I am with you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of May 22, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, will You please help me?

Jesus: I am here, little one.

Ruth Ann: My mind is in such turmoil and I feel such sadness. I just wish I could be a tiny child and someone else could care for me and take all this pain away. I want to help You and Your Mother but this is so difficult for me. I've been trying to tell myself I'm only sharing those things that have been given to me by God. All the many blessings and miracles You've brought into our lives as a family are special and should be shared with others. I know I need to witness and give testimony because those same kinds of things helped build my faith. Why then is it so difficult for me?

Jesus: Little one, there are many reasons. You don't like being singled out. You don't like being in front of the crowd. You don't like the feeling of being more important and more special than those around you. You wish to remain as one of the crowd, and it is difficult for this to be, when you have been given special graces and miracles to share with others. That automatically puts you in the center of focus. Those who are not hearing My words, those who are not hearing the words of My Mother, wish to know what We are saying. Little one, how else can they know unless those who are being spoken to share what they are hearing? You are humble and will remain so. God wishes this of you. He has chosen you for this purpose because He knows your heart and knows what-ever He says to you, and does for you, will not change your childlike faith or the way you receive what He is doing for you, and what He is using you for. If for one moment He thought it would change you, then you would not be of such importance to Him. God is your Creator, little one. He has formed you since the beginning of time. He knows your heart because He has made you in this way for His purpose. He also knew you would say 'yes' to His will, even though it is extremely difficult for you to do, you continue on. This is a difficult cross for you to bear. For others who would want to be in the center of focus, or in the limelight, as you would say, He does not ask such of these. This would not be good for their spiritual welfare. God wishes His chosen ones to be humble. You child, are humble. You also feel the pain of others. This is as Christ felt on the earth. This makes it difficult to turn back or away.

You have been told that if you witness and pray with others, they will receive special graces, healings and many miracles of all kinds. It makes it extremely difficult for you not to witness, for you wish to serve your Maker and bring others closer to Him. You wish those who come for prayer to receive whatever God is wanting them to receive through you. This puts you in turmoil child, because this makes it very difficult. But remember this, God does not ask His children to do anything, or give up anything, that He will not give back to you a hundredfold. Anything you do for others in witnessing, and in ministering to His people through prayer, will be given back to you and your loved ones one hundredfold. God is not to be outdone. You do realize that, child. God will not be outdone in gifts, rewards, and special graces. Does this not help ease your pain, little one? I am your Jesus. I understand all you are saying. I too, found it difficult to minister to My people here on the earth, not for the same reasons you are experiencing. My concern was, they were not listening to Me. Those you will be speaking to, will be listening to you, because they will be sent to you by special invitation from Me and My Mother. They have been tapped on the shoulder and told, "Go, hear My little one witness that God is alive! He is alive and He is working miracles in the lives of all those who believe!" So little one, you are at an advantage. I am bringing these children to you, as is the love of My most precious Mother. All those who come and hear, all those for whom you pray, will receive special graces, healings of all kinds. Each life will be touched in some way. Does this not ease the pain and the burden that is put before you? It is indeed a heavy cross for you. For others it would be considered a blessing. God works in mysterious ways in order to perform His mighty wonder.

Now child, I know you are feeling peace. It is nothing to the peace and joy you will feel at this time tomorrow. Not only because of the burden being removed temporarily, until your next talk, but because you have done the will of My Father. You will have done again what you were put on this earth to do; to witness to My children that He is here, He is alive, He wishes to give you, His children, love and peace. Now child, you have things to do. Do them in prayer. Know I am with you and will not desert you in your hours of need. What you will say this night has already been prepared by God. All you need do is be there and speak His words to His people. Die of self, so He can use you in the fullest capacity possible. Let the words flow from your lips and mouth child, for they are straight from the One Who created you. Be not afraid, this burden is lifted from you. Trust, little one, trust and be obedient. God's children are wanting to be touched and blessed by His words and His blessings.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord.

Message of June 17, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, again I come to You to ask for Your forgiveness. You know, I really don't know why God just doesn't take my life away from me. Why in the world He puts up with my anger, distrust, all the negative feelings that overpower me at times. I'm really not worthy of anything He wants me to do, Lord.

Jesus: Child, do you really believe anyone is? No one is worthy, not on their own merits. God makes them worthy. You were so concerned about so many things, little one. Your Jesus has been here waiting and longing for you to give yourself over to Him. You are fighting the will of God, little one, instead of taking it all one day at a time as I have asked of you. You continue to look ahead and try to outguess God. You will be told only that which you need to know, and even that will be only when you need to know it. Child, you don't need to think for one minute that because you have spoken My words, that you have brought about the statue, the building, and the prayer, that is being said here. You child, are nothing without Me. All of My children are nothing without Me. No one can do anything without My assistance. Those who are wealthy, healthy, important, it was not given to them because they have earned it. It was given to them because I have desired it to be so. Some will use My gifts wisely and some will misuse these gifts of Mine. It is like a test. Life is not fair on the earth. It is not meant to be. Those who have little, I love for what they do with what they have, just as those who are wealthy will be judged accordingly.

Little one, you are having a difficult time adjusting to all that is happening around you, but it need not be so. Think of this respite as a time to become better acquainted with Me, your Jesus. Teaching has become an extremely stressful job. The demands are overwhelming at times. Society as a whole has forfeited the position of a parent and primary caregiver of soul and mind away to anyone who will care for the child. The parents of today are too busy earning money for things. They care not for their children. They expect teachers to teach, police, love, feed, and nurture the little ones. At the same time, they are saying, "Don't discipline my child. Don't teach my child values." What an impossible task for those who love Me and wish to be of help to those little ones placed in their care. Now, you will be free of this burden, at least in the classroom, but you will not be free of the knowledge that much prayer and sacrifice are needed for the families of today. The family is no longer a strong center of stability and faith as it once was. It is broken and destroyed by greed and selfishness. Now man is reaping the benefits of his many mistakes. Look at the crime rate. Watch the news. Read the newspaper. Not a day passes without some horrible atrocity happening somewhere. It is getting closer and closer to home, little one. Much prayer is needed by all of My children who have been made aware of the need.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know much prayer is needed, but the little I can do cannot be so important that You would take so much time with me.

Jesus: I love all My children. I am patient, loving, and kind. I in turn expect the same of My children for one another. Be all of these things to each other. Be patient, loving, and kind. Follow My example in all you do, little one. You still don't understand, do you? The importance of what you are doing for Me still has not fully become a part of you. In time it will. You wish to deny the importance of your mission, because you know yourself as you are. You feel unworthy and wretched. All this is so, little one, but God can do all things. Is this not so? He can take your brokenness and make of it whatever He desires. He desires to use you for much, little one. Your continued admittance to your brokenness only makes you more usable.

Ruth Ann: Why do You even fool with me, Lord? There are those who would desire to do all that You would have me do, and do it joyfully and without reservation. There are those who would gladly travel, and pray, and speak on Your behalf, and pray with and ask for healings for all those who need them. I know this for a fact, Lord.

Jesus: But you don't know God's plan. That is the difference. You don't know the hearts and minds of others. That too, is a hindrance to the individuals you are thinking of. The children God chooses to do His work have to be of the heart and mind of Jesus. They have to be bent, molded, and broken, in some cases, and rebuilt from the bottom up, and from the inside out. This can only be done with those children who recognize their unworthiness. Great humility and love for God and for My Mother is needed. You have both, child. You have the great love and the humility.

Ruth Ann: If You say so, Lord. My anger is gone, and so are all the other feelings I had yesterday.

Jesus: Yes, it is because you have given Me all those feelings you could no longer deal with. When you gave these things to Me, did you not feel peace?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Then You gave me an anointing of the Holy Spirit. I felt cleansed. Prayer group was extra special too. Thank You for all the confirmations for the message from Your Mother. Everything fit together just as though we had all sat down together and planned the readings, sharings, and messages.

Jesus: See what God can do when His children listen. You are like a stubborn little child who says, "No I'm not doing that," and yet you love God so much that you can not walk away. I know your heart. Do you not realize that this only endears you to Me even more? Which child would you prefer, little one, one who tells you 'yes' and then walks away and does what he wishes or would you prefer the one who says 'no, I can't' and walks forward and continues to do My will, even though the cost is great?

Ruth Ann: I see what You mean Lord, but You are the One that made me. I am not in control of my heart. You are right in saying all these things, Lord, but I can't walk away because I know I am needed and there would be much guilt.

Jesus: Child, this is true, but I am God. I could choose another if you chose to walk away. You say you cannot but you have a free will. Others have been called but few are chosen. It is because God knows the hearts, minds, and souls of all those He has chosen. You say you continue on out of guilt, some yes, but child I know your heart. Remember, I am God. I know how much love you have for Me, My Mother, and your fellowman. You can say as you wish, little one, but I know your heart. I thank you for this love, little one. It fans the flame of My heart when others would have the flame smothered, or even worse, ignored.

Ruth Ann: Again, Lord, You give me too much credit.

Jesus: None more than you deserve, little one. Again, I love you, little one.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord. Forgive me for being such a pain. I am so sorry.

Jesus: You have forgotten I know your heart. All is forgiven and forgotten.


Message of July 24, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, something bothers me.

Our Lady: Yes, child.

Ruth Ann: I speak less and less to You, and more and more to Your Son. I feel guilty for not taking more time with You.

Our Lady: Child, My whole purpose for being allowed to come to you, and others like you, is to draw you closer and closer to My Son. I, like you, am an instrument used by God to do His will and bring all of His children back to the fold. Many who would have been lost forever in the abyss of hell, are now in Heaven because they have responded to My call. Had I not been allowed to come, many would have been lost in this time of darkness. Many still are being lost child, but I continue to call and ask all of My children to listen to the words of My messages. Do not, little children, get caught up in the messengers but concentrate on the messages. That is why God has picked humble children to receive these special words from Heaven. You, the receivers of these messages, realize the importance of the words but do not wish any attention for yourselves. That is as it should be. Without these words, you are nothing, child.

Ruth Ann: Yes Mother, I realize this. That is why it is so embarrassing for me when people ask me to bless them. I am not a priest.

Our Lady: Child, you have been given the gift of healing. It is a special gift. God has placed His hand upon you and has told you that, as you touch His children, He is touching them. Is that not a special gift? Is that a gift you can deny His children who are in such need? Remember child, you can do nothing without God. He is the healer of all wounds, the divine healer, and comes to His children in whatever way they will receive Him. You are an instrument being used by your divine Creator, so child, do not hesitate to pray for those who ask. God will do the rest. He will tend to the healing. God heals in many ways, and He will choose the way in which He wishes to touch His children. You are only to be obedient and do the bidding of the One Who has given you this special gift.

Ruth Ann: Mother, they are putting up the Stations of the Cross here on the farm today.

Our Lady: Yes child, I know. It has been placed upon the heart of one who loves Me and My Son very much, but there was a need here. Did I not tell you, you will not have to do anything, it will all be done for you? It will continue to be so, child. You have listened and have been obedient. You have not walked away as many would have done. Your steadfast love and faith have caused you to persevere when others would have fallen by the wayside.

Ruth Ann: Do you realize how many times I have wished You would have chosen someone else? I'm ashamed to admit it, but it is true. This is a heavy burden I have accepted. My family especially, is having to pay a heavy price. It becomes more and more difficult to get together as a family. We are busy daily praying with people.

Our Lady: Child, why do you think I have asked you to take a leave from your job? As I have said before to you, this is to give you a respite before your time becomes in greater and greater demand. God has much for you to do, but He is giving you time to catch your breath. You will have time with your grand-children, children, and husband.

Your husband too, will not have the pressure he has had this summer. He is a faithful, true, devoted partner. God has chosen and molded your family well. Your children grumble from time to time, as all children will who must share their parents with others, but they love and support you and your work. That is because of your faith, child. You have instilled this in the minds and hearts of your little ones, and as they have grown, the faith has grown. You are amazed at their faith child, but you are responsible for this faith. You have planted the seeds and prayed with them when they were very small.

Your love, faith, and patience throughout all your trials has been apparent to your family, as it has been for others. You know your thoughts, so you do not see the good you have done. You are aware of your sins, that you do not wish to be given these compliments from Heaven, but child, all children are sinners. He could not have chosen someone perfect to help in this mission, because only God is perfect. He has chosen one who is humble, obedient, and loves Him very much. He has chosen one who will persevere to the very end. You do not wish to give yourself credit, because you have said you would like to turn away. Child, My Son's apostles did turn away, and still they were used in such a mighty way. God would still find a way to use you. It is in our weakness that we are made strong, little child. God has not chosen you because you are perfect. He has chosen you because you are willing to listen and do His will. He blesses you for that. He will continue to bless you and your precious family. You have responded to His call, now He will use you to call others to Him. That is how the plan works. Watch it unfold. It is a plan to behold, child, a truly beautiful plan to behold. I am aware of this plan as are the saints and angels in Heaven, so do not hesitate to call on any of the Heavenlies. They are all aware and are praying for you. You have doubts and fears, and these are because the evil one wants you to become discouraged. He would have you dead, if it were possible. God has His warring angels around you and your loved ones. Evil will continue to come against you, but God is stronger than all evil. Prayer is powerful. God has placed it upon the hearts of many to pray for you, child.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for telling me this, because I am in need of much prayer.

Our Lady: Child, God would not place such a burden as has been placed upon you, without providing the proper amount of graces to help with this burden. He has taken care of your monetary needs, and He will provide for your spiritual needs as well. The monetary is the easy part. This is the one that fascinates you most, though, child. It is because it is something that is tangible and can be seen. The spiritual is different only because you are the one who must receive and accept the graces and put them to use.

God cannot force graces upon His children. They must be receptive. You must ask for these graces, and they too, will be provided. Ask for specific graces. Ask for the grace to listen. Ask for the graces to do His will. Ask for the graces to forgive and love your neighbor. He makes all of these things possible. The graces and miracles are available in abundance. All you have to do is ask. This is true of all God's children. When in His Bible, His Holy Word, He says, "Ask, and you shall receive." This is exactly what God means. Then too, you should thank God for these graces and miracles when they are made available to you. God loves to give, but He likes to be recognized for the gifts He has given His children. Too many ask, receive, and then go about their lives until they are in need again. Do not ignore God or what He has done for you.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I realize God has done so much more for all of us than we can ever realize, or even know to ask for. I too, am guilty. There is so much I take for granted. I just always trust that God will take care of everything.

Our Lady: That is faith child, but even that is a gift, and one should thank God for this gift of faith. Many would wish to have this kind of faith, and it is not available to them because they have not asked for this gift.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother. I love You and thank You for taking the time to talk with me this morning. I'm sorry I have not spent more time with You.

Our Lady: It is best that you spend more time with My Son. I love you and will always be here with you.

Ruth Ann: I wish to thank You for the smell of roses throughout the time we were talking together, Mother. That was very special to me.

Our Lady: It is My pleasure to give this gift to you. Now go in God's peace.


Message of January 11, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, I have need of your peace.

Jesus: I am here, little one. It is time for you to move on. This is a period of growth for you. You can accept this, or you can reject it. I know your heart. You will accept it. The peace and love of your Jesus will continue to burst forth from you, like a blossom on a tree that bursts into full bloom in the spring. You too, will continue this growth, until you no longer have need of growing. That, child, will be when you have done all you are to do here on the earth, and are with Me for all eternity. This is what I wish for all My children, not just you.

Some are not so receptive, and continue to fight against My will for them. Those are the ones you must continue to pray for. I want all souls saved. Even though I know this will not be the case, that is what I desire. But man has a free will. This free will has caused him much difficulty. The need to always feel in control, in itself, causes one not to be able to truly give of self. Many of My children are not humble, and those who are not, suffer from pride. Man must continue to humble himself before his Creator, in order to be able to do the will of God.

I continually humbled Myself while on the earth. I was an example for all of My children. I was of service to all who were in need of Me. That is what is expected of those who are chosen to be an instrument of God, a constant humbling, and acceptance of all that comes. But, also, in that humility and acceptance, there must be trust, trust that God's will, will be done in all things.

Be at peace, little one. Know I am watching over you. Rest in Me, and grow during this respite granted unto you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.