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Aug 2007
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of July 12, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: Will You please speak to me?

Jesus: Of course, little one. Is there anything you wish to discuss with Me, or would you like to just have Me do the talking?

Ruth Ann: Whatever You wish, Lord.

Jesus: Then I will speak to you about the need to be holy.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: My children continue to search and search for happiness through material things, and the more they try to be happy, the more complicated their lives become. What they are searching for is truth. Their spirits are crying out for light and truth, which is Me, and they have no clue that that is why they are so unhappy. This generation in particular has grown up being satisfied and rewarded with material things. Mothers and fathers are so busy trying to purchase a big house, cars, and all of the things that society considers success that they have forgotten the real purpose for being created. Man has forgotten he was brought on this earth to know, love, and serve God, and then be happy with Him in Heaven for all eternity. No amount of money, homes, cars, and expensive wardrobes will bring man any closer to the supreme goal that his soul cries out for. When someone says they are miserable, and have all the money they need, then they should know something is missing in their lives. They feel it and know it, but do they turn to the One Who waits patiently for them to come? No, they try to buy something else in hopes that that will make them happy.

Ruth Ann: That reminds me of the story of 'The Giving Tree' that I read to my class each year.

Jesus: I am happy to give to My children, especially to those Who love Me and wish to please Me. I continually give to those who do not thank Me, in hopes that someday they will. I want My children to be happy, but material things will not bring happiness. Becoming holy will bring happiness. Many say, "This is an impossible task," but it is something all of My children are called to do. No matter what your walk in life is, you are called to holiness. Each one's path may be different, but you must all stay on the path directed toward God and Heaven. An impossible task? No. That is to be your main goal in life. Holiness can be brought about in whatever career you have chosen. The secret is, put God first and foremost in your life. Love God more than you love yourself, then all the things that must happen to bring you even closer to Him will occur.

The Commandments will be lived by you in a new way. The Mass will become a daily part of your life, as will receiving the Eucharist, as will prayer, and reading God's word in the Bible. Even the way you treat your neighbor will be different. You all will become kinder to one another. Goodness and kindness begets love and holiness. Confession is a big part of this holiness I speak of. My Mother has spoken many times of Confession. This is very important, child. All of My children must return to Confession regularly. This in itself is a grace that leads you to holiness. Confessing and trying to overcome any weaknesses in your life is difficult.

It requires special graces from God. Pray to make a good and holy confession. Cleanse yourselves and receive the grace necessary to go out and face the world full of darkness and temptations.

Life is very difficult during these times when Satan is at his strongest, but My children have My Mother, Her messages, and My word in Holy Scripture to guide them along the way. Many miracles continue to happen, to fortify the faith of My little ones. Prayer groups are being blessed by those who are seeing and hearing from Me and My Mother. The gift of God's Holy Spirit promised in the last days has been poured out upon the earth. Prayer in itself is a gift. Those who are participating in prayer groups are helping others be brought closer and closer to Me. That is what holiness is about little one, helping those who do not know Me as well as you, to know Me better. That is why these talks you give are so important to Me. Your sharing what God has done and continues to do in your life lets My other children know that they too, can receive these miracles. They too, can expect great things in their life and the lives of their families. Prayer, patience, and obedience, My children must know to ask for the grace to be holy. It is not something that is easy and can be done all in one day. It is a continuous struggle, day in and day out. That is why graces are needed and should be prayed for, for all those who truly want to be holy. To be holy, you must be willing to give up your will and do the will of the Father in Heaven. This is no easy task, but then, life in itself is not easy. Better that you work at being holy and reach the peace of God, than live with this world of darkness, striving always to buy bigger and more. Bigger and more do not bring happiness. Working at being holy does eventually bring happiness and peace. Better to work at something you know eventually brings happi-ness, than to work and work for something that has no lasting value. Graces can lead you to holiness and Heaven.

Material things and other idols that replace God can only bring one reward. Material things in themselves are not bad. God wishes His children to have good things, but He wishes for them not to be the reason for existing, for material things will rot, crumble, and be destroyed. Graces built up over time cannot be taken away. These go with you into Heaven. Not only do the special graces help you here on the earth, but they earn for you even greater happiness in Heaven.

So My children must strive for holiness. It is not something that can be done overnight, but each day is an opportunity to become closer to God. Listen to the words of My Mother. Listen to the words of the Holy Father, the Pope in Rome. Read My words and hear what We are saying. Do not only listen, but live My word, which is light, and truth, and peace.

Now, I know you have much to do today. Go in My peace, continue on the road to holiness.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord, for all You shared with me today.

Message of June 15, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Don't you know that to achieve God's peace, you must open your hearts to one another in forgiveness. No one is perfect but God, so you must accept one another as children of God, even those who do harm to you, and to those around you. Pray that God in His divine mercy will touch them and break open their hearts and open their eyes to the beauty of His peace. Love one another. Do not allow the evil one to destroy what God in His love for you would have you achieve. He wishes each one of you to be holy, and be an example for those who do not know Him. My dear children, I love you and wish for all of you to be at peace. Pray and accept His will.

Message of June 15, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, thank You for the message today, and thank You for this peace.

Our Lady: Little one, do not let the darkness around you remove your peace. It is most important that you keep this peace. All things, even bad, can work for good, if God so chooses. So many times, those who are used by the evil one to bring about destruction, turmoil, and unrest, have the tables turned and the result is not always what they wish. Trust in God and pray. Be at peace, and put all your problems, worries, and concerns in His hands. He will see that all, in His time, will work for the good of those under attack.

Those who suffer persecution for His sake will achieve a greater level of perfection. In the end, that is all that is truly important. As one is purified or 'pruned', one becomes more and more what God wishes for His children to become. He wishes each of His children to achieve holiness. Only those who do so can be of great help here on this earth to Him. Those who have learned that peace in your heart, mind, and soul are needed to be accepting of all that comes your way, have learned much. This is God's way. Just as a bush to be healthy must be pruned, watered, and nurtured, so too, must all of God's children. Man must have all those things removed from his life that would prevent him from growing more and more in the light and love of God's wisdom.

All things result in God's greater honor and glory because of those who love and trust in Him. So be at peace, little child. Know all things happen for a reason. Even those things brought about by evil can work for the good of God. Love one another. Be at peace with one another. Do not wish harm to come to those who do harm to you. God will tend to these things in His time, and in His way. In the meantime, He wishes for His chosen ones to be strong, child. It is important for those around you that you do so.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I am only human, and I get angry and say things that I wish later I hadn't said. My patience wears thin when I see someone being attacked unjustly, especially when I know the ones doing the attacking are doing so out of hatred and evil. I want to point the finger at those, and let others know who and why they are being so unjust.

Our Lady: Child, it is not necessary for you to stoop to the level of those bringing about this injustice. Pray, child, and know in your heart, God will tend to the rest. As you have been told many times, go before the Lord, and ask for Him and the Blessed Virgin Mary to help you get back your peace. We are here to help you keep this peace that is so important to man and his salvation. Without peace in your heart, there can be no love. Without love, there can be no forgiveness. All of these must come to have a true love and understanding of God's will for His children.

Unrest, turmoil, and destruction come into the lives and world of those who do not, and will not keep God's peace. The world can crumble around you, but if you have God's peace, you have the most important gift of all. You have everything, with peace in your heart, while those who do not have peace, have nothing. What does a man have if he has riches beyond belief, and has no peace? He has nothing, for he cannot enter the gates of heaven without the gift of love in his heart for God and his neighbor. So see how important God's peace is, child? Do not lose this peace.

Ruth Ann: There are times, Mother, when it slips away from me.

Our Lady: Yes, child, I am aware of this, but it need not be gone for very long. Come to Me, come to My Son. Ask again for peace to reign in your heart. Ask that you be able to forgive those who cause harm and pain to those you love. Forgive them and love them. They too, are God's children. Granted, they are not in His light while they are being destructive, but pray for their hearts to be broken open. Pray for their conversions. Pray that they too, can achieve the peace that God wishes for all of His children to achieve.

Ruth Ann: Mother, thank You for speaking with me. I feel so much better. I love You.

Our Lady: I love you, child. Know in your heart that God's will, will be done. Be strong, be patient, and be obedient. Wait for God's plan to unfold. His plan is perfect.

Message of June 18, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, this has been such a busy time for me. I'll be glad to see things settle down and get back to normal, whatever 'normal' is.

Jesus: Little one, you have had many concerns, and yes, they have kept you very busy, but thank you for not shutting Me out. Thank you for letting Me continue to be a part of all your concerns, hurts, and happiness.

Ruth Ann: Lord, many of the things we have discussed for the past two or three weeks have been of a personal nature, not much I feel I can share with others.

Jesus: Just the fact that you have continued to keep the dialogue with your Jesus and His Mother throughout these difficult times, should be of great assistance to those who will be reading what you have to say today. You have shed many tears, have hurt deeply, and have laughed, also, during this time. The main point is, you have kept the lines of communication open between you and your Jesus. You have continued to come to Me throughout these times. You have not shut Me out. You have continued to pray, make sacrifices, pray with and for others, and attend daily Mass. This is how it should be.

Do not be concerned because most of what we have shared in your writings of our conversations have been of a personal nature. I have said much to you that will be of help to you as well as others when they, too, have much to deal with in their lives. You will be able to encourage them to continue on in prayer even though it may be very difficult. Sometimes it is the last thing you wish to do, but it should be the first. Even if you feel you cannot say another prayer, and feel that God has surely forsaken you, you must bring these feelings to Me so that I can be of help to you. Did you not have times like that?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, I remember at one time I was so exhausted from dealing with so much at one time, I just said, "Lord, I can't pray right now. I give all my concerns and problems to You. I know You are going to tend to those things in Your time, in Your way. Jesus, I love You. Holy Mother Mary, I love You." I felt such love and peace, and fell asleep. I had thought I wouldn't be able to rest at all. I had so many concerns at that particular time.

Jesus: Little one, just sharing with Me that you knew I'd take care of all these things that were bothering you, showed great trust in Me. Telling Me you loved Me and My Mother, even though life was seemingly burdensome at that particular time, was a great gift. You feel you are not growing, and at times have little to offer My children. This is not true, little one. You have such faith and trust in Me.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have to have trust. Who can I turn to? Many of the problems which I encounter can only be solved by You. You have said many times to all of us in many different ways, "When life gets too burdensome, bring these burdens to Me and leave them at the foot of My cross. Share them with Me." I'm only doing what You tell me to do, Lord. Don't make me out to be something I'm not. Lord, I'm so imperfect in so many ways, that I have a difficult time believing You would use me to do anything for You or Your Mother.

Jesus: It is because you feel this way, you are able to be used. You realize your imperfections and know you can do nothing without Me. That is what all of My children should realize. I wish all of My children to become holy, but it is not something they can achieve alone. It can only come through the grace of God. Saints are not made in a day, little one. They have learned through much pain and suffering to accept and do the will of God. Many of the saints felt their unworthiness to be used by Me unto their deaths. Many felt they were unworthy to enter the gates of Heaven, though what joy they brought to Me throughout their sufferings and feelings of unworthiness. The more they humbled themselves before God, the more they stressed their imperfections before Me, the greater love I felt for them. My children have a difficult time understanding these things.

Yes, I want My children to be holy, but I also know that it is a continual struggle from birth until death. The evil one continues to find ways to keep My children from achieving the holiness they desire and I desire for them. It is the struggle that is important. It is the picking oneself up and coming to Me in sorrow because of this faltering that is important to Me, for in doing so, it shows your love for Me and your concern for your immortal soul. I wish for My children to strive for perfection, but know I am here for you, if and when you falter along the way. Trust and have faith that I will always be there for you, no matter what the circumstances. This is true for all of My children.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I thank You for speaking with me this morning. I also appreciate these words of encouragement.

Jesus: These are for you and all of My children, little one. Now go in My peace. You have a busy day ahead of you. Know I am with you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of July 27, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, Your message today of peace says it all. But hearing it and living it is very difficult.

Our Lady: That is because My children continuously lose sight of what is truly important in life. Man forgets because of his humanness, that his real purpose for being here on the earth is to know, love, and serve God, and to be happy with Him in Heaven. If you know this and believe it, all other things will become less and less important to you. All that really matters to you is that you do all you can to keep your peace, and please the One Who created you.

Many of you lose heart daily, because life does not run smoothly for you. Because of this, you wish to give up and go back to your life that you lived before your conversion. Lives without prayer, and without true focus on your God, are empty. If you would only listen and live the messages being brought to you, life would have more meaning for you. Decisions would not be so difficult. Love, peace, and hope would be a continual part of your daily life.

Instead, many of you fight the divine Will of your Maker, and cause unrest to be a part of your existence. You ask for help in order to get through all of your trials and sufferings, and then you don't accept the help being sent to you by God. He has, and continues to send messages to you from Heaven. Messages of love, peace, and hope, for all of you living in a world torn by pain and strife of all kinds.

These messages come to you to bring you encouragement. Those of you who are listening await each one with an open heart. Please listen, and turn toward all that is holy. My Son awaits you and your prayers. Do not lose heart, My little ones. God loves you, and continuously shows you this love by always being there for you. No need is too great or too small. He is always listening, and He answers each and every prayer. I am here to help and guide you through these troubled times. As your Mother, I wish to intercede for you, if you so desire. My intercession is being allowed by a God Who loves you deeply. Pray for the graces you need to get through all of your problems. Stay focused on My Son, and your purpose for being put here on this earth, to gain eternal salvation.

Man continues to strive for material wealth, thinking that is what makes him a success. In the eyes of the world, this is true. In the eyes of God, this should not be mankind's goal. Strive for holiness, and God will provide all other things needed to sustain you. All things come from God, so it is through Him and for Him you should live your earthly lives. Love one another, and there will be peace throughout your world. Pray dear children, that all men will open their hearts to what is most important in their lives, the saving of their immortal soul. What profit a man if he gain the whole world, and yet loses his soul?

Your soul lasts for eternity. It can spend this eternity in the love and rapture of God's love, or without it. This is man's choice to make. Many of My children are blind to this fact. Many of My children have become lost in the darkness of a world steeped in pride, lust, and greed. Man has lost his focus, because the evil one is very subtle, and continuously places money and all it can buy in front of mankind, daily. This has caused man to lose focus of what life is all about. It is up to those of you who have been touched by God to bring His children back to what should be important, and the focus of each one's life, My Son, and their salvation.

Pray, dear children. Listen to what is being said to you. Listen, and live the word of God.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for these words. Please help us stay focused on what we are really all about.

Our Lady: That is why I am here, child. Now My children need only listen and take to heart all that is being told to them. Then, and only then, will they achieve the peace that is of the utmost importance in a world where there is no peace.

You have a busy day ahead of you. Go about your day, in peace and love of My Son, Jesus.

Message of June 29, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

When you pray, know that I am praying with you. You have been called to a very special ministry, little children. You are to tend to the lost sheep. How else will they find their way back to the fold? There are so many lost in the darkness that have no idea they are even lost. It is up to you, My remnant few who are listening, to draw them out of the darkness and into the light. My Son awaits each one with open arms. I do not wish to see Him disappointed. Please help Me guide them back into the light and away from the darkness with your prayers, love, and sacrifices. Overcome any anger or lack of love in your heart for one another. Seek peace among you. Strive for the holiness that will bring you into the warmth of God's light and love.

Message of July 27, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have just talked with Your Mother, but I also feel You have something You wish to say to me.

Jesus: You are right, little one. You continue to have a difficult time keeping your peace, and I just wish you to know I am here for you. It is important for you to realize that this lack of focus comes from the evil one, in an effort to distract you from your true mission. That mission is to help My children become focused, and stay focused, on Me, their God. You have a mission of love and peace, child. Do not lose sight of this mission.

Ruth Ann: There are some days I just wish to pretend I am normal, Lord, and ignore what has happened in my life. But it is never possible. I leave to run an errand, go to church, be with my children, and I always come back to the reality that my life has changed forever.

Jesus: Yes child, it has changed forever, to the good. Many souls are being brought back into the light as a result of your life being changed forever. Never doubt that, little one. Be at peace with this change.

Ruth Ann: I truly try, Lord, but there is always something causing me to have doubts.

Jesus: Yes little one, and that 'something' is not of Me. The doubts, fears, dread of all that is, and is to come, is not of Me.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You remind me over and over, and I know this in my heart, but I am continually fighting to keep my peace. What I am doing is not easy for me, Lord. If you had chosen someone with a different personality, it would have been much easier for You. Lord, I'm making Your work twice as difficult. You are trying to mold me, and work through me, and I continue to fight against what is happening in my life.

Jesus: Child, I have chosen you. That is the important message you continue to ignore. You have not chosen Me, nor the task put before you. Had you chosen Me and the task, it would be much easier for you, that is true. But that is not how God works. You are perfect for what God would have you do, because of your imperfections. How many of My children could relate to you if you were perfect? No one, little one. I have chosen you because you are who you are. I have chosen you because you are of the very least, with many faults, and a mind and heart that is fighting against the will of God for you.

How many of My children can relate to this mentality, little one! All of My children can. All of My children have faults and a sinful nature. All continue to struggle in some way daily, to be at peace and do the will of God. You feel you are not right for what is being asked of you. You feel imperfect, and inadequate, in all ways. It is because of this that you are the best person for the job at this time. All of My children need to realize that to strive for holiness and do the will of God is not easy. Even for those who have been chosen for a special task must struggle. That in itself should help My children who are seeking peace, and to do My will, knowing that you too, struggle as they do, helps them put their life in proper perspective. You struggle, and still continue to do My will, and not your own. When they realize this, and see this happening to you, they say, "If she can do it, then I can do it also."

You are being used as an example, child. You speak of baring your soul, and feel embarrassed by much of what you write and share, but all this is necessary. Your courage and fidelity to Me, even though it is difficult, gives others the courage they need to step out in faith to do My will. It's as simple as that. My children have few earthly models to follow. Not many are willing to give up everything, and speak out for Me and the love I have for My children. Few wish to become involved in anything where they must contin-uously step out in faith to pray with others, share messages, and evangelize.

You would not have chosen this task, but I have chosen it for you. 'Not my will, but Thine be done, Oh Lord'. Remember, this is not easy for you, but that is not important. If it were not a struggle, it would not be doing so much good. I know your love for Me, and you want what I want, at any cost. That is the part that is of utmost value to Me. I know your heart, mind, and soul, little one. Even though you are so imperfect, I still love you. Even in your doubt, anger, and dread, I still love you. This is important for My children to hear, for it applies not only to you, but it applies to all of My children.

Ruth Ann: It is written, Lord. It will be shared.

Jesus: You have much to do today. Do it in My peace. Know I am with you throughout all you do and say this day.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for these words of encouragement. I truly needed them today.

Jesus: Yes, child, I know. That is why I placed it upon your heart to speak with Me this morning.

Message of August 17, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to add anything to what has been said in the weekly message?

Our Lady: Child, there is always room for improvement in the lives of My children. Striving for holiness is an ongoing process, and continues in our life from birth until death. That is why prayer is so important. Man cannot hope to be all that God would have him be, without God's help. There are so many temptations and distractions in your world. You must seek quiet time to talk with My Son. Let Him know you love Him. Let Him know you appreciate all He has done and continues to do for you. I am here to bring you closer to Him. That is why I continue to speak to many, and through many, of His love. I wish to draw you away from the distractions, even if it is only for a little while.

Be not afraid of tomorrow. Focus on My Son, and live each day with love and peace in your heart. Forgive one another the hurts that come from lack of love and understanding of one another. Do not hold grudges. Forgive. Do not seek revenge. 'Revenge is Mine, saith the Lord'. Tend to the needs of your hearts and souls, and God will tend to the rest. You, My children, must seek peace. Without it there is no hope for this world. I am counting on you, those who are listening, to pray and help others obtain this peace so important in this troubled world. Know that I continue to pray with you for all that God wishes to see achieved in the greatness of His divine plan. Much prayer is needed in order to achieve all He has in store.

My Immaculate Heart will triumph. This prophecy was made many years ago. It was true then, and it is true now. It is through your prayers and faithfulness to the God Who has created you, that you will help Me bring about this magnificent day. Again, do not be afraid. God has much in store before all things can come to fruition. Stay focused on the greatness of His love and mercy. Know I am with you, and pray constantly for the conversion of all of God's children.

Go in My Son's peace. Pray, pray, pray!