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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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August 2009
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of September 5, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, would You please speak with me?

Jesus:  Yes, little one, I am here for you.

Ruth Ann:  I just felt this need, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, I am pleased.  I thought you were tired, and wanted to rest.

Ruth Ann:  This is true Lord, but what better way to rest than to listen to You?

Jesus:  What would you have Me say?

Ruth Ann:  Whatever You wish to say to me, Lord.  Speak, and I will listen.

Jesus:  Then you shall have your wish, child.  I am your Jesus, Son of the Living God, and I am always here for you and all of My children.  If only they would take the time to listen.  Too many take their quiet time, away from work, or duties of all kinds, and turn to the television and radio to block out the sound of My voice.  How can My children hear Me, little one, when they choose to occupy their minds with noise of all kinds?  I know you are parti-cularly receptive of this message, because you find many of those around you wanting to watch TV and listen to junk.  You have just spoken to your husband of this.  Whatever happened to people just wanting to listen to the sounds of nature, the sound of the birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees, a gentle rain?  These are My way of speaking to My children who cannot hear My voice.  Many shut out the most beautiful parts of life and fill them with junk and distractions of all kinds.  It says though, man cannot stand the silence.  Is it because man does not want to hear from Me?  In most cases, this is true, child.  Man does not want to hear from Me because he knows he has much he should hear and attend to.  It is much easier to search for distractions.  Then, there is no need to listen.  This is sad, child, but it is true.  Many wish they had the gifts that you have, but would not want to pay the price of these gifts.

Man is always wanting something for nothing.  I do not ask for much from My children, little one, and I get even less than I ask.  My children come to Me and ask for help all the time.  When there is a need, they know where to find me.  What ungrateful children.  I ask so little from My children.  I have asked over and over, just take a few minutes a day and speak to Me.  Pray from the heart.  It need not be in a church.  It can be done anywhere.  Take just a few minutes to thank Me for all the graces and blessings I have bestowed upon you.  It is rare for My children to thank Me for some wonderful favor that I have  seen fit to grant them, but it is not rare for My children to blame Me when things in their lives have gone wrong.  When they have not listened to My will, and instead have done the will of the one who rules the earth, they give Me the credit.  I am given credit for the bad choices they make, and the consequences of their bad choices.  This is the way of the world, and this is the way of My children.  This would not seem so bad, little one, but they do not give Me credit then, for the good in their lives.  They say, "I was really lucky today."  No children, it is not luck that gets you through the tough times.  It is your Lord and Creator that gets you through these times.  I am the One Who saves you from death, a close call, or an accident.  I am the One Who stretches your money when you are in financial stress.  I am the One Who sends little blessings and 'pick-me-ups' into your lives when you are feeling low.  Is it not fair for My children to do the same for Me?  I too, wish to have My children give Me little 'pick-me-ups.'  These are special blessings to Me.  That is what it means to be childlike, to have faith that all is in My hands no matter what, and still trust and have the faith and love to say, "Lord, I don't understand, but I love You and want to do Your will." 

Know children, that God has a perfect plan.  Know too, that God is your Creator.  He creates life and He takes life, when it is time, when it is beneficial to the plan.  No one knows better than your Creator what is best for you.  Man continues to think in human terms.  Man forgets his reason for being put on the earth.  That is, to know, love, and serve God, and return to Him in the reward of eternal happiness.  It is not to be happy here on the earth.  This is only a testing ground, children.  Here you are allowed to make choices, good and bad.  Here you are allowed the opportunity to earn Heaven or lose it.  It is man's choice.  I have done, and continue to do, everything I can to make it easy for My children to want to earn Heaven and be happy with Me for all eternity.  But man continues to follow darkness, and all that is not of Me.  That is man's choice.  I continue to send reminders to man that I am in control, not man, but he continues to turn a deaf ear.  He really does not wish to listen to what I have to say.  I will continue to call to My children in many ways, and so too, will My Mother.  Those who choose to listen will receive the graces and blessings they ask for at this time.  Those who hear and walk away, that is their choice.

Know child, that many are being called through you and this place of prayer.  This will continue to be so.  Continue to listen, little one, for all those who do not hear My voice.  Pray for the conversions of those who are most in need, those who continually shut Me out to the distractions of the world.  I bless you for listening, and I bless you for thanking Me at all times of the day and night, for all I have done for you and your family. 

I am especially pleased for all the times you just say, "Jesus, I love You so much."  These are the prayers that are so very special to Me.  If all My children would only take a few minutes every day to say such as this to Me, how pleased I would be.  Being the loving Father that I am, I will continue to minister to My children even without the thanks.  How much more pleasant it would be, though, if all My children could be grateful for all I have done for them and their loved ones. 

Now child, I know you were wanting to rest.  You have had a busy day.  Go in My peace.  I love you and I wish only your happiness.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, for these words.  I love You.


Message of Sept. 21, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, Child.

Ruth Ann:  Do You wish to speak with me? 

Jesus:  I wish to speak with you at all times.  It is you who must find the time to listen.

Ruth Ann:  I thought it would be much easier to find the time to listen and write once I was not teaching any longer.  But I'm finding I am just as busy, but in other ways.

Jesus:  Those who try to do the will of God will always find themselves busy, but you must also set aside time for Me to speak with you, so you can share what I have to say to you, with the rest of My children.

Ruth Ann:  I will try harder, Lord.  I speak with You and Your Mother frequently during each day.

Jesus:  This pleases Me, little one, and I have told you before that it is extremely important to keep your peace.  But you also must find time to listen and record what is being said to you.

Ruth Ann:  I wish to thank You and Your Mother for the miracles on Sunday.  It was beautiful, and most of the people present reported that they saw the miracle.  It touched many hearts.  It couldn't have come at a better time.

I was praying with a lady who told me she was a skeptic, and was only here because her children had wanted her to come.  It was while I prayed with her, and I had just said to her, "Heavenly Father, this lady has come as a skeptic.  Let her leave as a believer."  It was at that time that someone announced over the PA system about the miracle of the sun.  I want to thank You, Lord.  I don't know why I felt it was important for her.  I fully realize that no one has to believe that this place is special to go to Heaven.  I have always been taught that it is not necessary to believe in apparitions, locutions, and visions, in order to go to Heaven.

Jesus:  This is true, child, but there is a reason for such as these.  These are special graces and blessings sent from the Almighty God of the Most High.  It is not necessary to believe, but if there is a special place available for extra help along this road which is so difficult to travel, why not believe?  Why not accept these blessings and graces made available to lighten the burdens of all My little ones?  This place, blessed by God and being visited by My Mother to minister to Her children, is special.  This has been told to you many times before.  The graces and blessings being made available through you and this farm are to help God's children.  My Mother is calling all to prayer.  She is calling all away from darkness.  Some listen, some continue to flounder about, seeking peace.  There is no peace except from God.  Many will find the peace they seek in this world of darkness, here on your farm.  Others will seek it out and find it elsewhere.  All are searching for God.  As they continue to seek, God will find them and draw them into His light.  "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will come unto you."

Again I am telling you, put Me first, and I will see to all your needs, physical, mental, and spiritual.  That is what I have been saying since the beginning of time, and these words will never change.  Society continues to distort all that is sacred, but those who seek out the face of God shall see it.  My Mother is being sent to Her children, to help those who are seeking the goodness of God's mercy.  She is calling all back to Her Son.  She wishes to remind them of what I have gone through to bring them the opportunity for salvation.  She is asking them to pick up their daily crosses of living, and follow Me. 

Accept the burdens that are put before you, and offer them up for the salvation of all those who as yet are not seeking out My face.  Pray for all those who are troubled but have not yet realized that I am the source of peace.  This world has so much darkness.  There is so much sin.  My Agony in the Garden was one of knowledge of this sin.  My children, why do you not listen?  Why do you continue to struggle on your own against the evil one?  I have triumphed over darkness.  I have triumphed over all that is evil.  Children, seek Me, and you shall find peace.  These refuges of peace are being made available to My children all over the world.  It is up to them to seek them out for the special graces made available through prayer.

My Mother will continue to call and manifest Herself in many ways, until She will no longer be able to do so.  God is allowing Her to do these things to call Her children back on the path of light.  Man has a free will, and can listen and pray, or he can choose not to listen and turn his back on Her and continue to struggle on his own.  These places are made available as special places of prayer, to make this struggle much easier.  It is a help and grace, and the pathway to salvation.  As you said, you have been taught it is not necessary to believe in places such as these to be saved.  But child, think how much easier life can be made by believing!  Faith is a beautiful gift, child.  Faith can bring about miracles.  There are not many of My children who do not need a miracle in their life.

You do the will of God, and My Mother will continue to call Her children.  We will supply the graces and miracles.  You continue to be the instrument used by God to draw the children under the protective mantle of My Mother.  You continue to pray for, and minister to My children, through sharing the many miracles in your life.  Share My words, little one, so all will know how much I love them and want them to be able to share in the redemptive power of salvation.  Eternal life of bliss and happiness are at stake.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I continue to share and pray.

Jesus:  That is as it should be.  You continue to do the will of God.  There are times when you find this extremely difficult, but child, know that your God is watching over you.  He has and will continue to have those pray for you and your mission.  Many have come forth to do so, that you will be able to have the strength for all that lies ahead.  You continue on, not knowing what God has in store.  This is faith.  You have that faith and trust in God.  You have the support of your husband and child-ren.  These are very important to you.  But most of all, you have the support of God Himself.

Continue on, child, sharing God's words, your life, your farm, and your peace.  The rewards will far outweigh the grief it will cause you along the way.  God will make it as light as possible by sending those to minister to you along the way, but My cross is not an easy one.  Know that I am with you.  My Mother is here to assist and guide you and all Her children along the way.  Go in My peace.


Message of January 8, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother Mary, again I feel I am slighting You.

Our Lady:  Child, how can you say this, when you are doing exactly what I would have you do?  You have answered My call.  I am calling all My children back to My Son.  That is My reason for coming to the earth.  You are doing the will of the Father, by listening and sharing My words and the words of My Son.

Ruth Ann:  I guess it's because I don't speak with You for long periods of time, like I used to.

Our Lady:  You are speaking with Me through the beautiful prayers of My rosary.  You are speaking to Me in your attendance at prayer groups, Mass, sharing in your talks, sharing your farm, and entire being.  All you do and say speaks to Me, child, of one who has been obedient and listened to what I have said.  You need never feel guilty because you have put My Son first.  That is what I wish, and that is the will of the Father. 

I am here for you, as I am here for all of God's children.  I wish to intercede in prayer, and I wish to call all of My children out of darkness back to My Son, who is light.  This is not an easy task, but as long as there are children such as you who listen and share what is being said, there is still hope. 

I bless you child, for listening.  Continue to be obedient.  Love My Son.  That is all I ask.  Love the One Who has lived and died and earned for you the gift of eternal life.  Love Him who has suffered much.  Love the One Who is love.  These words are for all of My children.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Thank You for Your reassurance and consolation, and thank You for calling us all back to Your Son.

Our Lady:  Thank God for allowing Me to come.  It is His gift to you in this time of need.


Message of February 2, 1994 from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, would You speak with me?

Our Lady:  Yes child, I thank you for taking the time to do so.  Many of My children need to take the time to do so, but are always too busy with things of life.  They don't realize that I would appreciate whatever time they have for Me, but if their time is so limited, they should spend it with My Son instead of Me.  I am here only to help and guide all of God's children back to Him.  I desire nothing for Myself. 

Ruth Ann:  But Mother, the rosaries and devotions to You, are they not important?
Our Lady:  Child, they are greatly loved and appreciated by Me and My Son.  Of course, they are of great importance.  All I am saying is, that if you have limited time, please spend it with My Son, Who has given all for you.  I am calling all of you to prayer, child.  Those who are listening and answering My call are receiving graces and blessings in abundance.  Yes, child, to love Me is to please My Son.  To show respect and devotion to Me, again, brings blessings and graces in abundance to those who do so.  These are not desires of My heart.  I would desire that all love My Son in the way He deserves.  No one upon the earth has done so much for so many, and has been treated so badly in return.  Many have done it merely by neglect.  How many of My children continue to accept the gifts of God's grace and mercy, and still do not thank Him?  My Son is taken for granted and it should not be so.  There will come a time when My children will realize their grave error, and it will be too late to make amends.  If only My children would listen and heed the words of their Mother.  I can free them of this burden before it becomes a great sorrow to them.  Once they realize how they have hurt My Son, they will be overcome by grief.  Some will repent and others will choose not to do so.

I continue to speak to My children, through many, and in many ways, but I have still to get the attention of those who refuse to accept that these are the 'end times'.  I have great love for all of My children, and will continue to help in any way I can to draw them closer to My Son.  Child, I am pleased that you have accepted this cross of spreading God's word among His people.

Ruth Ann:  I am the one who is grateful to You and Your Son for allowing me to be Your instrument, unworthy though I am.  I am sure You will continue to mold and make me what You will.

Our Lady:  Child, it is only because you have chosen to do the will of God that this can be so.  You could have chosen to say 'no' and walked away.

Ruth Ann:  Then I would have disappointed God.  That is not my wish.  I intend to follow through, Mother, no matter what comes.  In my heart I realize that times will become extremely difficult for those of us who have become visible in our love and witnessing for Our Lord.

Our Lady:  This is so, child, but remember, God will provide sufficient graces for all He will have you do.  Much more is to come child, and as your Mother, I have great love and concern for you, and I am also pleased to see you are receptive to God and His will for you.

We have not spoken of the gift of My Son coming to you.  What a glorious day for you!  This is a very special gift child, and will bring with it much joy and many trials.  Yes child, your cross will become heavier as time goes on, but be not afraid.  I am with you and your Jesus will be with you until the very end of your walk to Calvary.  You will suffer the passion and death of your Jesus, child, but not before you have brought thousands upon thousands to the foot of the cross of My Son, Jesus.  You cannot comprehend what I am saying to you, but that is fine for now.  My love is with you, as is the love of My Son.  Please know this child.  You are at peace with all I am saying to you.  It is not disturbing, or a great burden for you.  Your heart is bursting with love for God, that He would choose someone as humble and lowly as you, to be used in such a way.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, this is true, but I also don't really understand all that is coming, so it is difficult to get upset, besides, I have said, "Thy Will be done."  I really have no control as to what is coming.

Our Lady:  Child, you could not, and would not, stop it if you knew.  You have an idea about what is to come.  You have been given many messages, dreams, and visions.  Many of those things revealed to you are beginning to fall into place, so that you are comprehending the 'big picture'.  I said, "Beginning to under-stand."  One day you will understand fully where all this is leading:  the words, the visions, the talks, prayers, and miracles, as well as graces.  All will come together when the time is right and all will know you are of God.  Those who have had doubts before will have none.  Be patient child, love, grow, and be obedient.  Be a willing instrument for God.  He has much for you to do.  God blesses you, as I do.  Continue to do His will.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother, thank You for speaking with me today.

Our Lady:  Thank you, child, for listening.


Message of March 1, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm listening.

Jesus:  Little one, I am here.

Ruth Ann:  It seems to me Lord, that God is truly a tough taskmaster.

Jesus:  He does not ask you to do anything He would not do Himself.  Remember, He has sacrificed His only Son so that mankind can be saved from his own sins.  Not God's sins, man's sins.  God did no wrong, but He was willing to send His Son to the earth to save man from his own evil.  God may be a tough taskmaster as you say, but He is also a caring, loving God.  Otherwise, He would leave His children to their own downward path of destruction of their souls.  Instead, He has sent My Mother to minister to His children, and again, give them another chance.  She cries out to come back to Her Son.  She gives graces and blessings.  God allows Her to minister to His children in many ways, in hopes that many more will be brought back into the fold.  This will continue to be so until God decides that man has had enough chances. 

Be grateful that you play a part in what God is doing.  You must not become overwhelmed or saddened by this ministry.  Know God is with you every step of the way.  Yes, it is true that your Jesus will ask you to carry His cross.  But child, consider the blessings of such a request.  Consider the souls that will be drawn here as a result, and the anxiety and concern you have will be turned to anticipation and joy at being able to help God and your Mother draw back those who have fallen away from the ways of God, and into the grips of the ways of the world.  When you think in those terms, your heart should hold much joy.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, my problem is I just don't feel worthy. 

Jesus:  Little one, do you think any of My children down through the ages felt worthy of the gifts sent to them by God?  No child.  God chooses, little one, and then He molds and gets His children ready for whatever tasks He wishes to set before them.  It is up to those He chooses to listen and follow the instructions given.  You have been listening and doing all that has been asked of you.  Now it is time for you to see the benefits of all you have done.  It is time for you to reap the harvests of His words to you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I don't under-stand.

Jesus:  I am saying that you have been planting the seeds, and tending to those seeds, by talks and prayer.  Now it is time for you to see the benefit of all you have done thus far, for God's children.

Ruth Ann:  I am still not sure I understand what You are saying, Lord.

Jesus:  It has been said, there is strength in numbers, and so there is strength in numbers of those who pray together for a common purpose.  That purpose is the salvation of mankind, little one.  You will begin to see the numbers grow and grow that come to your farm to pray.  Many will learn the importance of this haven of peace and prayer.  Many who seek peace and cannot find it elsewhere, will find it here in this place blessed by Me and My Mother.  Yes, little one, the numbers will grow.  'You will know them by their fruits', remember these words.  You are producing good and plentiful fruits, child.  You are being instrumental in drawing children to prayer.  In doing so, God is touching hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, through you.  Because you are doing exactly what you have been asked to do, no matter how difficult.  Souls are being saved.  Be not afraid, little one, God will sustain you.  The strength and graces you will need to see you through what lies ahead will be provided.

Ruth Ann:  And my family, Lord?

Jesus:  They too, will be provided for.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  Help me to be all You want me to be.  I'm not, You know.

Jesus:  Little one, you struggle so.  It need not be so difficult.  You are learning, but you still have much more to learn.  Give your burdens to Me.  Let Me help you carry all those things that seem to weigh you down.  It is all excess baggage.  You really have no need of it. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am learning to turn my talks over to You, and it really does help.  Ever since I decided to place the burden on You, it's not near as difficult.  I just say to You, "You got me into this, now help me, please.  Help me to do a beautiful job to glorify You.  Please don't allow me to make a fool out of myself, or of You, Lord."  It always seems to help.  Sometimes, I embarrass myself, but I don't ever want to do anything to cause You grief.

Jesus:  Little one, as long as you listen and are obedient, you will not, and cannot, cause Me grief.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.

Jesus:  Do you wish to go?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I have lots to do, but I'll only go if You are finished talking with me.

Jesus:  Child, I am for now.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, I love You so much.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of August 13, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am here to listen if You wish to speak to me.

Jesus:  You have a busy day ahead of you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I do.  But I also know that You are to come first, and the rest of my day will be tended to by You.

Jesus:  You are right, little one, with all you have going on, are you sure you are ready to focus on Me totally?

Ruth Ann:  You know me so well.  My mind is going in so many directions; I need to stop and pray and get focused on You.  (Ruth Ann did this, stopped and prayed)

Jesus:  (after a while) Now, you are ready.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus:  So many of My children never take the time to relax and just think of Me.  Just saying My name over and over, can be like a gentle soothing rain to a parched soul.  Too many of My children still seek distractions from the quiet.  Quiet time with Me has become non-existent in the lives of most of My children.  All of My children need some quiet time, even if it is before the dawn of a new day.  Each of My children must seek the love and peace of their Jesus.  Life on this earth can become so burdensome with too much activity, and too many distractions.  Each of My children must realize that in seeking noise and distractions at all times of the day and night, they are shutting Me out.

My Mother tells Her children over and over, "Pray, dear children, pray."  Your lives have become so cluttered with the things of the world, you have no time for prayer, but I am telling you to make time for prayer.  Begin with just a few moments a day.  As you find the peace that is so necessary to exist in your troubled world, you will discover more and more time to spend with Me.  In this world of darkness, orchestrated by the greatest distractor of all, the evil one, My children have a difficult time pulling themselves out into the light.  Even you, at times, little one, find many distractions that keep you from sitting quietly with Me.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You are right.  My world has become very full and very busy with Your work.

Jesus:  Yes, this is true, child, and that is even more reason for you to find the time to be with Me.  You need this time for renewal of your peace.  If you choose to ignore quiet time with Me, then you will lose your peace, which is extremely important in the work you do.  Seek peace always, and the rest I will tend to.  Seek Me, and all other things you will need will follow.  The strength and energy you need to get through each day, no matter how full, will be here for you.  I will provide.

You are thinking, 'How can this be?  Some days I am so busy I can't find any quiet time'.  Walk away from the busyness of your day and find a quiet room, even if it is only for a few moments.  You will see a difference.  This is not only for you, it is for all My children.

Ruth Ann:  My priest was telling me again how important it is to find time away.

Jesus:  Yes, he understands that continually being at the beck and call of God's children can take much energy and sacrifice of one's peace.  He has informed you, you should find time on a regular basis to renew yourself.  That is why My priests go on retreats from time to time.  The word 'retreat' gives you some idea as to what is necessary in a world where you are constantly available to others.  Retreats are a healthy way of renewing one's body, mind, and soul.  All must work together perfectly in order to do God's work well.  So, yes, it is important to seek out the time away, so you can return rested of body, mind, and spirit, and be better able to do My work.  The busier you become, the more you will need to find time to renew yourself.

Ruth Ann:  I'll take it one day at a time, Lord, as You have told me so many times. 

Jesus:  It is so, little one, it is so.  One day at a time.  Now, you have much to do today.  Be at peace with all you do and say.