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August 2012
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Please speak with me.  I feel so down.

Jesus:  Little one, it is not necessary for you to feel this way.  'Down' is not of Me.

Ruth Ann:  I know, Lord.  Please help me.

Jesus:  I am always here to help all of My children.  You are without My peace.  This is so because you have not taken the time to be with Me in spirit.  You have not taken the time to listen to Me.  You are busy with worldly things.

Ruth Ann:  You are right Lord, but most of them, or all of them, have been things that needed to be done.  I love You Lord, but I find so little time to spend with You, and it is making me very sad.

Jesus:  I know, little one, you lose My peace when other things are put before Me.

Ruth Ann:  There is much sadness in my life right now, the loss of a dear friend and the need to help the family remain, and I have lost two relatives in the past week.  Much of this brings back the death and loss of my parents.  I am sorry Lord, but even though I realize they are with You it still brings back childhood memories, when life was not so complicated.

Jesus:  Not so complicated for whom, though?  Life has always been complicated for My children.  Your parents did not have an easy life.  It is just that they did not complain.  They accepted their crosses because they knew it was God's will.

Ruth Ann:  I am sorry Lord, I do not mean to complain. I truly feel sad.  There is so much pain and suffering in the world, and so many come to me for prayer, for they feel I am closer to You and Your Mother, and You will hear my prayers more clearly, and answer them as though You would grant me a favor that You would not grant them.  That saddens me, Lord.  I know You love all of us the same, and will answer all our prayers.

Jesus:  Little one, you have found favor with God, and it is true that those who find favor with God are granted special graces to pray for others.  These graces are necessary to all God's children, so that their prayers can be heard.  Why do you at times pray to special saints for special favors?  It is because you feel these favors will be taken directly to God with no delay.  It is like having a lawyer plead your case before a judge.  That person has the skill to plead your case. It has been proven so.  In your case, child, it too, has been proven.  Others have seen that you listen and you have heard the word of God and, too, you have found favor with God.  It has been proven through the visions, miracles, and healings you and others have received as a result of your prayer and obedience.  So even though you do not wish to accept this special honor bestowed upon you by God, as such, it is so.  So when someone calls or comes to you for prayer, continue to do as you have done.  Take it to your heart.

You feel others pain and suffering, and it is because you are a very sensitive child.  I would have it no other way.  God sees your tears and feels your pain for others.  He takes it to His heart.  It is precious to Him, little one.  He wishes all His brothers and sisters to love each other as you do.

Child, you feel this to be a terrible burden.  Are not all crosses burdens?  This is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, little one.  Not only will the graces flow from you, for and to others, so that God will grant them special favors, but the crosses and burdens will become heavier and more burdensome, little one.  That is why it is so important to be in constant unity with Me.  With Me, nothing will be too great for you to handle.  I am strength and peace.  I am life.  I am graces.  I am your Jesus.  With My hand in yours, you and I can walk any path, no matter how steep, how narrow, or how rocky.  Together, we can do all things.  Without Me, you can do nothing.

See how important your life with Me is?   See how important your life is to Me?  See how important it is for others to know you and call on you for prayer?

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, You are making me out to be someone of greater importance.

Jesus:  You have been given a special gift.  It is so.  As you pray for others, I am there with you.  So is My Mother.  As you touch others in prayer, I too, touch them.  Is that not a special grace?  So yes child, these truths that have been told to you this day are 'for real.'  You do not wish to feel important, and this is good.  God loves your humility.  That is why He loves you so much.  You continue to be untouched by your importance to Him.

Ruth Ann:  It is because I realize all my faults and how truly worthless as a human being I am.  I feel like a 'low-life', Lord.  I am a 'low-life'.

Jesus:  Little one, without God, all human beings are 'low-life'.  You are growing in leaps and bounds by realizing your unworthiness.  This is what God requires of His chosen ones before they can truly be used.  It is at this point He can begin to work wonders among His people, because you realize that He is the true giver of life, spiritual, physical, emotional, all life.

Little one, even the very learned do not realize truths that you accept as part of your everyday life.  God is the beginning and the end.  Without God, man can do nothing.  Even prayer, without God, is not of help to anyone.  It is prayer from the heart that God listens to, child, so do not hesitate when called on for prayers for others.  Pray, child.  God is listening, and He will answer your prayers.  Sometimes it is not in the way you would wish, so you do not feel that your prayers are any more important than any other person's prayers.  Some prayers are answered in such a way that it brings sadness to you, but maybe in bringing sadness to you, it has brought great joy to God.  Which is more important, your happiness, or God's?

Ruth Ann:  You know what my answer is, Lord.  I can cry many tears and have much pain in my heart for others, but I truly wish to make You happy.  I want to do Your will, however difficult it may be.  As long as You are with me, and continue to love me, what more can I ask for?  Lord, I love You.

Jesus:  Child, I love you.  Have you regained your peace?

Ruth Ann:  You know I have, Lord.
Jesus:  Now you will have a better day because you have taken the time to be with Me and listen.  Little one, this is important for your growth and what is to come.  Others are aware of what is before you.  You continue to be in awe and unaware.  This is good, little one.  This is something else that makes you special to Me.  Go in My peace, little one, I am with you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Nov. 11, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  My child, I am here.

Ruth Ann:  Many thoughts are going through my mind, but I keep remembering what was read at prayer group last night from the book 'God Calling' on November 7.  I felt that particular message was for me.

Jesus:  Little one, that message is for all My children, and yes, you are one of My children, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You realize the dilemma I am put in?  Many come to the farm to pray, but I don't feel I am to walk out and say, "Here I am."  That only encourages a distraction.  At least, that is the way I see it.

Jesus:  Child, you are right about not calling attention to yourself, because the main reason for this farm now, is for those to come to gain peace.  But you have been given a gift, and as I have said before, it is a gift to be shared.  Those who ask for prayer are to receive prayer, but you have set a special time for that, and those who expect prayer must understand this.  You have said you are available most Saturday's after prayer group, and every third Sunday after prayer group.  These times are sufficient for the time being, but you do know that the numbers will grow, and your weekends will be consumed with people in need of prayer.  This is not something you wish to hear child, but it is something that is to be.  You have been told this many months ago by My Mother, and as time goes on, you will see how all will come about. 

This irritates you little one, because you do not feel that your prayers should be important to other people.  They should be able to pray to Me and My Mother here on this farm, without need of you.  They can and do, but it is also true that you are a channel through which the water of life flows through.  You are My instrument.  You are their connection from Heaven to the earth.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, that does not sound right.

Jesus:  In what way, child?

Ruth Ann:  I mean, they can pray straight to You or Your Mother, without me being present.

Jesus:  As I have said, this is true.  But if you had been told that a certain person has a gift from Heaven, and was speaking with our Lord and His Mother, wouldn't you wish prayers of that person?

Ruth Ann:  I don't know as I would wish prayers of that person, but I suppose I would be in awe of their gift.  Maybe even a little envious, but I am more interested in those who get to see You or Your Mother, since I have never been given that gift.

Jesus:  Little one, you have not as yet had an apparition from Me, but the time will come when you will no longer be able to say this.

Ruth Ann:  So why are You waiting so long to do so?

Jesus:  You have been told by Me and My Mother that you will see Her at the time of your death.  She will be there to walk you into the Kingdom of Heaven.  I will come to you after all of your children are settled, and then you will receive a complete healing, but you will be asked to carry a very heavy cross.  The cross is one I have carried, and others after Me, too, have carried this cross. 

You are being prepared, child.  Trust in God.  He knows your limits, your strengths, and weaknesses.  You have growing to do, you have things to do in the meantime.  And you have been given this year with your family, and time to do some of the things you have not been able to do when you were teaching.  Enjoy your respite, little one.  The time is coming when there will be little time for anyone, or anything, but Me.  That is God's will, and His will, will be done.

Ruth Ann:  I know I have been told these things, but it was so long ago, I had forgotten.  I guess I had just put it out of my mind.

Jesus:  Little one, it was set aside because it was something that was not relevant to that particular time in your life.  Now, it is becoming apparent to you that changes are taking place in your life.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I visited school today.  That is, the school where I taught last year.  I was there for a breakfast for a retiring teacher.  Do You think I will ever go back to teaching, in school, that is?

Jesus:  Little one, you have been told you will be teaching, but in a different capacity.  Let's just leave it at that for the time being.  God has much for you to do.  Know that, and be ready and willing to do His will, and not your own.  You were a teacher for many years, and will continue to be so until the day you die.  Once a teacher, always a teacher, but there are different forms of teaching.  God wishes you to be teaching on behalf of His kingdom, so you must wait and see what He has in store.  Patience, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I've sure heard that enough, Lord.

Jesus:  It is true, child.  God will tell you what He wishes for you to do, and when.  You must be attentive to what He wishes for you to do, and also be willing and obedient.  He will take care of all the rest.  You have much to do today, go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Dec, 7, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, the more I come in contact with Your people, the more pain I feel.  You tell me to pray for people and then 'let go', but I can't always.  Sometimes the hurts are too painful and keep coming back to my mind, and hurt over and over.

Jesus:  Little one, give the burdens to Me.  There is nothing you can do for My children in being so burdened.  You are there to pray for them and give encouragement to them, from the words spoken to you by Me and My Mother.  You are not there to be 'weighed down', so that you are unable to function because of the weight of their hurts, fears and sufferings.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I want everyone healed.  You told me You had given me the gift of healing, but sometimes when we pray with people, they are not always healed.  That is a burden in itself, Lord.

Jesus:  You want them healed?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  What about My will?  I have promised you that if you lay hands on My children when they come to you for prayer, I would heal them; but remember, child, I am the One to choose the healing I wish for them to have.  That is not for you to decide.  You are only an instrument doing My bidding, little one.  That is why you must learn to turn loose of the pain and suffering of others.  It is good that you are loving and sensitive to the needs of your brothers and sisters.  That makes you a usable instrument for your God, the healer of all hurts and wounds; but it is important for you to remember that you are to pray for, and share My words with My children, and know that I will take care of the rest.  All will be done in My way, and in My time, little one.  Does this help you?

Ruth Ann:  I  continue to pray, even after I lay on hands, Lord.  I pray for everyone's lives that I or my family have touched in any way, and pray for their conversions, peace, and protection.

Jesus:  That is good, little one.  I'm just saying, don't hang on to their hurts.  Give them to Me.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, and I do feel better.  Thank You, Lord.

Jesus:  I am pleased you have shared these hurts with Me, so I could be of help to you.  Your peace is restored, is it not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Now, enjoy your day.


Message of Dec. 21, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I feel I must take time to speak with You today.

Jesus:  Do you have something that concerns you?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You know there are lots of things that concern me.  I am thinking too far ahead.  Please help me to take one day of my life at a time.  Also, help me to accept Thy will for me concerning each day.

Jesus:  Remember, it will all be done for you.  You have no control over who comes for prayer and why they come.  You also have no control over who receives graces, blessings, and healings.  That, too, has already been decided.  You are only an instrument, child, to be used in order that My children can receive the healings, graces, and blessings I wish to give them.  Take these words to your heart, little one.  This place is being made ready for even greater things that are to come.  Yours is not to be concerned, but to be patient and pray.  You are to grow in the Holy Spirit and become ready for God's special mission that is yours.  Be not afraid.  All will be revealed to you as there is a need.  You are not to concern yourself with the mechanics or the 'how's' and 'why's' and 'when's'.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm still human, and I do become concerned about those things.  I try really hard not to.

Jesus:  Little one, you have given your life to Me and My Mother.  You have said you wish to do the will of God.  You cannot do both.  When you give of self, you must die of self.  Those things that were important to you before, have no place in a life given to God.  God and His will must be your focus.  All other things will be taken care of.  You are not to concern yourself with things of the future.  God is your future.  Your Lord and Savior is your future.  The gift of eternal life is your future.  The present is to be lived preparing for that future.  Live each day for Me and with Me and know that I am in control.  Love Me, trust Me, little one.  You cannot trust when you are concerned about what is to come.  Faith, little one.  You have the faith to do all that God has asked of you.  He will continue to provide you with all the graces and little 'pick-me-ups' you will need to get through each day.  I have told you before, "You will be given a little miracle each day."  These are to provide you with the graces you need to move closer and closer to Me.

Ruth Ann:  I had forgotten You had said that, Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, I know, little one.  But I continue to do as I have said, whether you recognize and thank Me or not.

Ruth Ann:  Now I really feel bad, because I know this is true.  Some days when I am feeling, "What in the world am I doing?  I am a no one, a nothing.  Someone else should be doing this that is better suited, or would really like to do this kind of thing." 

Lord, I want to thank You for being patient with me and allowing me to receive little notes in the mail just when I need them.  Your timing is perfect.  About the time the doubts start creeping in, You always send something or someone to me that reaffirms what it is You are using me for.  I am here for You, not me, and I forget that.  It's difficult to live in two worlds, Lord. 

Jesus:  You will, more and more, move into My world, and less and less be a part of the earthly world.  At the present time you are being given a respite from both, so you can have time with your family, and pray.  But the time will come when you will have little time for either.  Your life will be a prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Now, what does that mean, Lord?

Jesus:  It means, little one, that you will be consumed with your love for Me.  It will become the very center of every moment of every day.  That is what I wish for all My children, you know, that I be the center and focus of their very being.  It seems only right, since they were created by God, that God be their focus, does it not?

Ruth Ann:  Your Mother keeps saying to stay focused on You, I guess we really don't understand or listen.

Jesus:  Your lives should be Christ-centered.  All you say and do should be centered around, "What would Jesus do in this situation?  What would He say?  How would He handle this?  How would He react?"  There would be so few hurts inflicted upon one another if you would begin to live your lives with Me as your example.  Let every waking moment reflect My light and My love.  My patience, too, should be a prime example for My children.  Patience with one another, and patience with your God and what He has in store for each one of His children.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You've given me many reminders today.  I guess I was in need of these.

Jesus:  Not only you, child, remember, the messages are to be shared.  These are for all My children.  Each of My children will find something for them in the words I am asking you to share with others. 

Thank you for listening and sharing, little one.  There is much more to be asked of you, but know that God is with you in all you say and do.  Allow Him to do the difficult part.  Let Him work through you so He can touch the lives and hearts of all His children.  He is God, and can do all things.  You are only an instrument.  I know you have much to do, little one.  Go in My peace and love.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I truly feel I have both.  Thank You.


Message of March 23, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to speak with me?

Our Lady:  Little child, yes.  There is much to be said.

Ruth Ann:  I am listening, Mother. 

Our Lady:  Child, you have had a difficult time praying because of interference from the evil one.  Thank you for not becoming so discouraged that you would walk away.  Continue to seek peace, child, it is most important.

Ruth Ann:  I had a really difficult time yesterday, Mother, but I have remembered that that is always the case after a third Sunday weekend.  It seems that we are always attacked with a vengeance.

Our Lady:  Child, it has taken much time for you, and much heartache, to get you where you are today.  Many do not realize this about your gift.  They do not realize that with this gift, you have had to give up your entire way of life as it existed before.  All things you do now are for the greater honor and glory of God.  You, your family, and all you have done before has had to take a back seat.  Some has been discarded altogether in order to make room for God and all His children.  There is a great price to pay for such a gift as yours, but the rewards in the hereafter will be even greater for having paid this price. 

You have returned from the Holy Land with a new resolve to do all God asked of you.  You are determined to do His will.  Doubts and fears have been removed from you in order that you go forth and share His word.  This does not mean it will be easy for you.  It will continue to be difficult for the evil one will continue to attack you in many ways.  But child, remember, good will triumph over evil.  Those who are My helpers, God's chosen ones, will be instrumental in sharing in this triumph of My Immaculate Heart.  Those who have chosen to say 'yes' to the will of God, and respond to this call to pray, and draw others to prayer, are to play a tremendous part in the drawing of others back to My Son.  This will bring with it grief from those who are of the evil one, but it will also bring with it much joy from your God.  It will bring with it a peace that can only come from God. 

Some go through their entire life living for themselves, not knowing the will of God, and not doing His will.  You child, know what His will is, and now you have been given the graces to go forth with a greater resolve than ever before.  Before you did these things because of obedience.  Now, there is a desire to follow His will.  Not just out of obedience, but a desire to please your God, no matter what the cost.  This will be noticed by those around you, because this desire will also be experienced from those who come into your life.  They too, will have a new resolve. 

These are graces child.  As you receive these graces, they will reach out and touch the hearts of others.   As a tiny flame can start a huge forest fire, so can the tiny flame of desire, begin a huge flame that will grow in great proportion in those who share in your ministry in any way.  Be aware of the importance of what you are doing for God, child.  You are His chosen instrument here on earth, whose lives you touch in any way will be rejuvenated with a new desire to please God.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for these words.

Our Lady:  Be at peace with all I have said to you this day, little child.  This is truly of your Mother, the Mother of Jesus, and I continue to do the will of God, as are all of you who are being called to participate in this great army that will slay the evil one with this great tool of prayer, My rosary.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for not giving up on me.

Our Lady:  This is all part of growing, child.  One must always walk before one can run.  You now have a desire to run, do you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.

Our Lady:  Go in the peace of My Son.  I love you and surround you with My protective mantle.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.  Please care for my family.

Our Lady:  This I continue to do child.


Message of June 24, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, thank You for getting me through another talk.  However, I don't feel particularly good about it.  There were things that I feel I should have said and clarified that somehow I did not say.

Jesus:  You minister to My people.  I will tend to the rest.  You have been obedient.  That is all I ask of you.  Do all I am telling you to do, and I will tend to all things.  You said those things I would have you say.  Hearts have been touched.  You will not know the results of these healings till much later.  It is not necessary that you feel good about your witnessing and sharing of God's work in your life.  It is not important that you experience any good feelings about your sharing or your prayers with others.  What is important is that you be obedient and continue on your walk with Me to Calvary.

Ruth Ann:  So now You are telling me that the good feelings I used to have after my talks are being removed?  Lord, You keep taking away those things that help me get through these difficult tasks that You have me do.

Jesus:  Pick up your cross and follow Me, child.  You are being prepared for something more.  None of what you are asked to do is easy for you.  You are a private person.  You are not someone who wishes to be on display for any reason, not even for Me.  Therefore, it is a great sacrifice for you to do those things that My Mother and I are calling you to do.  We are in need of those who will make great sacrifices on behalf of all those in this world who make little or no sacrifice.  Continue on in faith and trust, little one.  I, your Jesus, will tend to the rest.  Be not afraid.

You and your husband receive many graces you are not aware of, each time you do something on behalf of My children.  Those things you do for the very least of My children, you are doing for Me.  It matters not your feelings.  Know God is in charge.  He is touching hearts.  He is pouring forth His Holy Spirit.  He is giving the healings.  You are only an instrument to be used to pass these graces and blessings on to others.  Be at peace, little one.  God is using you for His greater honor and glory.  He is not using you to give you good feelings.  Your reward is not here.  Yours is to come in the hereafter, little one.  You have much to do for God's children while you are left here on this earth.  Be prepared for great suffering and a much heavier cross as time goes on.  Also know, there can be joy in suffering.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, this seems contradictory.  You have just told me that I need not feel good after ministering to Your people, and now You are saying there can be joy in Your cross.

Jesus:  It is not contradictory, child.  You have said you did not feel good after your talk, like you normally do.  I'm only saying to you that it is not necessary to feel good after you have done something for Me.  I am working whether you feel good about what you have done or not.  The two have nothing to do with one another.  Finding joy in suffering is something altogether different than what we have just spoken.  Many of My children suffer and pray for healings and relief from this suffering.  Those who turn to Me in their sufferings, and do so for My greater honor and glory, receive many blessings in their sufferings.  This brings joy to their hearts to know they are being allowed to participate in the saving of souls that refuse to allow Me to work in their lives in any way. 

So, yes, little one, there can be joy in suffering.  Those who do so for Me and others benefit by gaining graces for themselves and others that would otherwise not be possible.  Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, I do.  Thank You for making this more clear to me.

Jesus:  Now, little one, you still have much to do.  You have a busy day today, and a busy weekend.  Do these things with joy and peace in your heart.  Accept the cross that has been sent to you to carry.  There is much more to be done.  You are being groomed gradually for all those things God would have you do.  Be at peace, little one.  God is in control.  You are only an instrument.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.