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August 2015
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Feb. 17, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,
May the peace of Christ surround you and become the very essence of your life.  I am calling you to prayer and sacrifice, so you can obtain this peace.  The times in which you are living are most difficult.  Darkness is everywhere, and so many of My children are unaware of this darkness.  They feel unrest and dissatisfaction in their lives and do not realize the reason for this.  This unrest is not of God.  God is a God of peace, love, and joy.  Continue to pray and seek this peace.  I want all God's children to have this peace and so does He.  Listen to and live My messages.  My protective mantle surrounds you.

Message of Dec. 11, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have not written what Your Mother has spoken to me for quite a while, but yet I feel I should be speaking with You this morning.

Jesus:  If you have time, speak with both of Us today.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Is there something in particular You wish to say, or is it my desire that has made me feel there is a need?

Jesus:  Little one, you know I would speak to you and any of My children, any time of the day or night.  It is up to you to find the quiet time in order for you to listen without interruptions or distractions.  Even if it is only for a few minutes, it is important to have that contact with Me, the God of peace. 

Man talks of the world being such a 'mess'.  This is not difficult to notice.  Most of My children who pay any attention to the news of any kind are aware of the death and destruction all around them.  The violence that man does to each other has become commonplace.  While My Mother is calling for peace in your hearts and homes, the violence continues on.  How can there be peace in the world, if man does not have that peace in his own heart?  It is important, little one, that My children find this peace that is so necessary.  A true conversion must come within oneself.  There must be a peace and contentment in one's inner self, so that he can help those around him find peace.  Once you have found peace, and share this peace with others, it acts as a chain reaction among My people.  Those who have lost this peace, or in some cases, have never had it, wish to know peace, or have it returned to them. 

During these times of war in so many places, and turmoil of all kinds, it is important for My children to have a place to gather where they can have this peace, even if it is only for a few minutes.  It is good for My children to have this common goal.  Remember, when two or more are gathered in My name, there I will be.  God hears all prayers, but He is especially pleased when My children gather in great numbers to pay homage to all that My Mother is asking Her children to do. 

This is a time of grace, and My Mother is pouring out graces to all those who ask.  Sometimes, it is in the form of little miracles.  Sometimes, it is big miracles.  It depends on what God will allow Her to do.  God is the One Who is in control, but know My Mother will continue to plead for all of Her children, for special graces, until God tells Her it is no longer possible.  That time is drawing near, little one. 

My children continue to ignore the signs, but that does not mean, by ignoring, that it will go away.  As in the time of Noah, man continued on his merry way, ignoring God.  It did not stop God from carrying out the plans He had for the punishment of man, for all the evil he had brought upon himself.  Man will have to answer for all the death, cruelty, and abuses he has afflicted upon himself and his neighbor. 

Man was given a commandment, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself for the love of God'.  How many truly observe this commandment?  How many even know it exists?  Man has become so corrupt and self-serving, he loves self and money.  Even the love he has for 'self' is not a good love.  He does not respect himself as a temple of the Lord God.  He loves 'self' in such a way as not to wish to deny 'self' any pleasure:  whether it is food, drink, material things, sexual pleasure, man does not wish to deny his body anything. 

But what of his soul?  His soul continues to wither and die from lack of care.  His spiritual self is denied in so many ways.  The spirit, too, must be fed.  In doing so, My children will find peace.  It is through prayer and the word of God that the spirit can grow and soar and become one with the divine Creator.  Without tending to the spirit, there can be no peace and no true love of self.  Man must give up his selfish way of living.  He must learn to tend to the needs of his neighbor, both physical and spiritual.  And in doing so, his true inner self will break through this shell he has built around him; 'conversion', this word you hear over and over from My Mother.  Pray for conversion, a true conversion of self and others.  This is what the world needs, and it can only come through prayer and the grace of God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, we all continue to pray for a true conversion, just because Your Mother has asked.  I'm not sure if anyone really knew what we were asking for.  Thank You for explaining it to me.

Jesus:  Soon it will be time for you to go about your busy day, go with My peace, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I love You.

Jesus:  And I love you, little one.


Message of June l, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Again dear children, I call you to peace and love.  How can there be unity in My church unless there is love in your hearts for one another.  Therefore, little children, you must pray for the ability to achieve this peace.  I am your Mother, and I wish to help you, but I cannot help you if you do not listen to what I am saying.  Stay focused on My Son, Prince of Peace, God of Love.  Do not be afraid.  It does not matter if the entire world should crumble around you and fall into darkness.  Pick up your cross and follow in the footsteps of My Son.  He is your example.  Listen to My words.  Be at peace with one another.

Message of June 1,1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, You seem quite concerned about our peace.

Our Lady:  Child, without the peace that comes from within, there can be no peace anywhere.  Peace can only come when you stay focused on My Son.  Love can only come when there is peace.  See how it all fits?  When the peace is disturbed, you can be sure it has come about by the one who is of darkness.  Do not allow him to drag you down.  Complete abandonment to the will of God is of the utmost importance to those who wish to do His will.  This is not easy, but you have not been told that this would be easy.  It is never easy to take up your cross and follow in the footsteps of My Son.  But even though there is much difficulty in doing so, there can be peace attained that can only be of the One Who created you.  That is why I have said to you, "The world can crumble around you and fall into darkness, but the peace of Jesus Christ can still be in you." 

It matters not what others say or think of you.  What matters is what God thinks.  It is difficult for man to realize this, because he lives in the world.  You can live in the world, and not be of the world.  This is what is asked of you during this time when Satan has control of your world.  This is not what man wishes to do.  Man gets caught up in all those things around him which disturb his peace. 

Pray, dear children, that God will touch and break open the hearts of those who need to be aware of their wrongdoing.  You will never convince them of their misguided efforts to harm one another.  They will only disturb your peace.  Prayer is the answer.  Pray for one another.  Know I am praying with you, so that you can achieve all that God wishes of each one of you.  Be at peace with the words I am saying to you.  Seek peace.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, can you achieve peace and still fight against an injustice being done?  What is the answer?

Our Lady:  Child, there are many injustices in your land.  That is why I have been calling so many to prayer.  Of course you must fight against these injustices, but it must be done orderly, and in a peaceful manner.  My Son came into the world to be the perfect example of One Who wished to bring about peace and change in the hearts of those who were not of peace.  It was not an easy task, because those who were full of darkness did not accept either the peace or the change of heart that He brought with Him where ever He went.  But that is not the important part.  He brought the peace.  He exposed them to this peace.  It was their choice to accept it. 

Many chose not to accept it.  This is the case of all who wish to fight against injustice.  You can do what you can to bring about change and justice, but it is up to those who are bringing about these wrong doings to have a change of heart.  Many times this can only come about through the grace of God. 

That is why prayer is of the utmost importance, child.  That is why I call so many to pray together in special places.  There is power in prayer, and the more I can call together, the louder and stronger the voice.  God must be aware there are still those on the earth who love Him and appreciate all He has done for them.  He must be shown this love and appreciation He deserves and desires.  You are thinking, 'But God knows all things, why must He be shown'?  Child, your husband and your children love you, but don't you enjoy from time to time being told and shown this love by special words or gestures?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother, You are right.  I understand what You are saying.

Our Lady:  So, too, does God the Father wish to be thanked and shown this love that is in the hearts of those who wish to do His will.

Ruth Ann:  So what You are saying is, we should fight against injustice, but do so in a peaceful manner?

Our Lady:  Follow the example of My Son, and you cannot go wrong.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for reminding us of the power of prayer, and to thank God for all He does and has done for us.  There are so many things we need to change, and so many people in need of prayer.

Our Lady:  You do your part, leave the rest to God.  Trust, little child.  Trust in the greatness and goodness of your Lord and Savior.  Now go in the peace of My Son, serve Him to the best of your ability.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Please be with me and my family today.  Our granddaughter has medical tests that will be taken today.  We are praying for a healing for her.  Please be with her during this time.

Our Lady:  She will be healed in God's time.


Message of June 15, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Don't you know that to achieve God's peace, you must open your hearts to one another in forgiveness.  No one is perfect but God, so you must accept one another as children of God, even those who do harm to you, and to those around you.  Pray that God in His divine mercy will touch them and break open their hearts and open their eyes to the beauty of His peace.  Love one another.  Do not allow the evil one to destroy what God in His love for you would have you achieve.  He wishes each one of you to be holy, and be an example for those who do not know Him.  My dear children, I love you and wish for all of you to be at peace.  Pray and accept His will.


Message of June 15, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for the message today, and thank You for this peace.

Our Lady:  Little one, do not let the darkness around you remove your peace.  It is most important that you keep this peace.  All things, even bad, can work for good, if God so chooses.  So many times, those who are used by the evil one to bring about destruction, turmoil, and unrest, have the tables turned and the result is not always what they wish.  Trust in God and pray.  Be at peace, and put all your problems, worries, and concerns in His hands.  He will see that all, in His time, will work for the good of those under attack.

Those who suffer persecution for His sake will achieve a greater level of perfection.  In the end, that is all that is truly important.  As one is purified or 'pruned', one becomes more and more what God wishes for His children to become.  He wishes each of His children to achieve holiness.  Only those who do so can be of great help here on this earth to Him.  Those who have learned that peace in your heart, mind, and soul are needed to be accepting of all that comes your way, have learned much.  This is God's way.  Just as a bush to be healthy must be pruned, watered, and nurtured, so too, must all of God's children.  Man must have all those things removed from his life that would prevent him from growing more and more in the light and love of God's wisdom.

All things result in God's greater honor and glory because of those who love and trust in Him.  So be at peace, little child.  Know all things happen for a reason.  Even those things brought about by evil can work for the good of God.  Love one another.  Be at peace with one another.  Do not wish harm to come to those who do harm to you.  God will tend to these things in His time, and in His way.  In the meantime, He wishes for His chosen ones to be strong, child.  It is important for those around you that you do so.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I am only human, and I get angry and say things that I wish later I hadn't said.  My patience wears thin when I see someone being attacked unjustly, especially when I know the ones doing the attacking are doing so out of hatred and evil.  I want to point the finger at those, and let others know who and why they are being so unjust.

Our Lady:  Child, it is not necessary for you to stoop to the level of those bringing about this injustice.  Pray, child, and know in your heart, God will tend to the rest.  As you have been told many times, go before the Lord, and ask for Him and the Blessed Virgin Mary to help you get back your peace.  We are here to help you keep this peace that is so important to man and his salvation.  Without peace in your heart, there can be no love.  Without love, there can be no forgiveness.  All of these must come to have a true love and understanding of God's will for His children. 

Unrest, turmoil, and destruction come into the lives and world of those who do not, and will not keep God's peace.  The world can crumble around you, but if you have God's peace, you have the most important gift of all.  You have everything, with peace in your heart, while those who do not have peace, have nothing.  What does a man have if he has riches beyond belief, and has no peace?  He has nothing, for he cannot enter the gates of heaven without the gift of love in his heart for God and his neighbor.  So see how important God's peace is, child?  Do not lose this peace.

Ruth Ann:  There are times, Mother, when it slips away from me.

Our Lady:  Yes, child, I am aware of this, but it need not be gone for very long.  Come to Me, come to My Son.  Ask again for peace to reign in your heart.  Ask that you be able to forgive those who cause harm and pain to those you love.  Forgive them and love them.  They too, are God's children.  Granted, they are not in His light while they are being destructive, but pray for their hearts to be broken open.  Pray for their conversions.  Pray that they too, can achieve the peace that God wishes for all of His children to achieve.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for speaking with me.  I feel so much better.  I love You.

Our Lady:  I love you, child.  Know in your heart that God's will, will be done.  Be strong, be patient, and be obedient.  Wait for God's plan to unfold.  His plan is perfect.


Message of June 19, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God has great love for you.  If this was not so, He would not have sent His Mother to minister to you.  You are in need of much help.  Your peace is being destroyed, and without that peace, you cannot grow in the love that is needed to nurture your soul.  Dear children, listen to me.  I am your Mother.  I wish to guide you along the right path.  This path will lead you to the peace necessary for your well being.  This peace can be found in My Son, Jesus.  He is light, love, and peace.  Follow His example, dear children.  His life was not an easy one.  You, too, are called to experience His hardships so that you may achieve that for which you were born, eternal life.  Continue to pray and accept the will of God.  Know I am here with you.  I thank you for gathering together on this special day set aside for fathers.  I am blessing you and so is your very special Father in Heaven.


Message of June 19, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I thank You for this message for the farm.  It seems there is much turmoil everywhere.

Our Lady:  This is so, child, but remember, where there is turmoil, there is no peace.  God is peace, so who do you suppose is responsible for all the upheaval everywhere?  The evil one continues to wreak havoc on your world, child.  What is so sad is, most of My children do not even realize this.  Many continue to be a part of the very darkness they wish did not exist.  The evil one uses those who are willing, child.  He uses anger, discontent, jealousy, and fear.  He uses anything he can to bring about the destruction he wishes to bring upon man and God's Church.  'Divide and conquer' are his tactics.  You have seen this in your families, your prayer groups, and your churches.  This is not something that is unique to one family or one prayer group.  This is not something that is unique in your life.  This is happening all over the world. 

Where there is discontent, there can be no peace.  Where there is no peace, there is no love.  Pray for that peace that can come only from God.  It is peace that must be embedded deep within your heart, so that you can remain steadfast in your faith and trust in God.  With it, you can withstand any turmoil that surrounds you.  Without it, you too, will be drawn into this darkness.

Dear children, I am here with you, and I wish to help you in any way I can, but know I cannot help you if your heart will not be open to accept the love and peace I wish you to have.  Give all your concerns, hurts, and anger to God, then watch Him work in your life.  He has a divine plan for each one of you, but you must accept His will, so He can work in your life.  You wish to achieve salvation of your soul, then you must accept the will of God and all that it implies.  Pick up your cross, and follow My Jesus.  I will help you in any way I can on this pathway that leads to Heaven.  Thank God for the many gifts you have been given.  He has great things in store for those who accept and follow His will.  Go in God's peace to love and serve Him.  Be at peace with one another.


Message of Aug. 24, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You seem to be concerned about so many of us keeping our peace.

Our Lady:  Child, many of you are struggling to keep your peace, and it need not be such a struggle if you can stay focused on God.  In many of the messages earlier, I spoke to you of being able to keep this peace when times would become more difficult.  Times are becoming more difficult, and I am seeing My children struggle to stay at peace.  The evil one truly enjoys this.  If he can distract and disturb those who try so hard to do the will of God, then think how easy it is for him to use those who are not focused.  He continues to destroy what peace My children try so hard to obtain and keep.

My heart aches for you, because so many of you are losing your focus.  It does not matter if the whole world should crumble around you, stay focused on My Son.  You were put on this earth to know, love, and serve God, and be happy with Him in heaven.  You need only strive for holiness by picking up your cross and following in the footsteps of My Jesus.  This was not easy for Him, and it will not be easy for you.  Know I love you and am praying with, and for, each one of you.  I am in your midst to keep you focused on My Son, even though life continues to be difficult for you.

Man has caused his world to become so corrupt, and full of unrest and hatred, by allowing the prince of darkness to take over the earth.  There is a war being waged at present time.  This is not of a physical nature.  It is called spiritual warfare.  Good is fighting evil, and evil seems to have the upper hand.  Be at peace, My little children.  Good will eventually triumph over evil.  There will be much suffering, which My children must endure, before this great battle, that is being waged, will be won, but do not doubt the strength of prayer.  That is why I am calling so many to prayer.  Only prayer can stop the evil that is taking over your world, prayer and the power of God.

Do not doubt for one minute that God is not listening to your prayers.  He sees your tears and He feels your pain.  Be at peace little children, and know that God is in your midst.  When the time is right, all evil will be destroyed.  Listen to My messages.  Stay focused on My Son, and do not let the evil one destroy your peace. 

God loves you, and I love you.  Be at peace with one another.  Pray to keep this peace.

Message of Oct. 19, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Our Lady:  The words I am saying to you are not new.  I continue to tell you to be at peace, and still the hatred and unrest in your world continue.  Peace cannot be achieved where darkness is so much a part of your lives.  You have choices to make.  That is the way of God.  That is the way of a free will.  The choices you are making are not of God.  You still wish to be in the world.  You still wish to be of the world. 

Again, I am telling you, you cannot have two gods.  You must make a choice to serve God, and turn away from all those things that hold you back from achieving your salvation.  Be at peace with one another.  You are bringing about so much pain and suffering through your selfish desires.  You must find peace and forgiveness in your heart, for those who hurt you and do you harm.  It is easy to love those who love you, but the test is being able to love those who have no love for you in their heart.  You are your brother's keeper.  You must love one another, and care for one another.  Pray for those who do you harm.  They are in need of conversion, and so are you, if you cannot find forgiveness in your heart. 

My Son has set the supreme example for you.  If you are to follow in the footsteps of My Son, then you must accept the pain and suffering that He endured.  This is not easy, little children, but God has not promised you 'easy'.  He has promised you the rewards of eternal life. 

I am your Mother, and My love for you is great.  I wish to help you, in any way I can, to achieve the peace that you desire in your heart and in your world.  Give all your hurts, pain, and anger to God.  He can change your heart and renew your spirit.  He desires good things for you and your world.  Please listen to what I am saying to you, and live these words.  These words are only a repeat of what My Son has spoken when He was on the earth.  God's children did not listen then, and they are not listening now.  For those of you who are listening, please pray for My intentions to be realized, and pray for peace.  God's peace is necessary before any other peace can be achieved in your world.  My Mother's mantle continues to surround you.  You must pray.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, is there anything else You wish to add?

Our Lady:  It has all been said, child.  There is great sadness in My heart for those who continue to turn their back on God, and refuse to acknowledge the importance of My being here.  Man is so caught up in the ways of the world, he continues to accumulate wealth and satisfy his evil desires.  Therefore, he has a lack of concern for the soul. 

Man does not live on bread alone.  True, man must earn a living, but there is a difference between earning a living, and being obsessed with material things and the pleasures of a selfish heart.  Man must realize  that God is his salvation, and not the things of the world.  Only God, and the love of God, can bring true happiness.  Worldly things can be removed in the blink of an eye.  God's love and your soul last forever.  Is it any wonder that, as your Mother, I am concerned for you?  Accum-ulate much wealth, little child, the wealth of love and mercy that can only come from God.  Then you will achieve the peace that My Son and I desire for you.