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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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December 2006
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of October 9, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm feeling better, but I am still very tired.

Jesus: Little one, you are recovering from an illness. Your strength will return soon.

Ruth Ann: It's interesting to hear You use this word 'soon', in this case, Lord. I'm hoping soon means in a couple of days, not Your 'soon'. If that is the case, it could mean months or years in Your language.

Jesus: You can assume 'soon' means days, in your language.

Ruth Ann: There were words spoken to me yesterday, while resting, that I would like for You to elaborate on, Lord.

Jesus: These are?

Ruth Ann: You know what I'm speaking of, if they came from You.

Jesus: Little one, you were told long ago, that you would begin receiving visions before I am to come to you. Why wouldn't you believe that an angel too, will come to you before My appearance?

Ruth Ann: Because this all sounds so much like everything I read, and have read since a child, and the angels came. It all seems so theatrical. Can't we just get on with it, Lord? I'm really tired of waiting. You told me too, that all things had been removed from me so that I would need to proceed in faith. I've done that, Lord. How much more testing?

Jesus: You are irritated and angry.

Ruth Ann: Frustrated, Lord. You are placing the desire in my heart to do more for You, and yet there are roadblocks to prevent me from doing so.

Jesus: All in good time, child. All those things that have been asked of you by Me and My Mother, will come to pass, as all things fall into place. Those of My children, aware of My blessings upon you, will desire to be in your presence. Your place is not to be a place where thousands and thousands come at one time, but indeed, thousands will come. There will be great numbers who will come, because of the special gift I am to leave with you. You are having a difficult time believing this, but it is true. You are not imagining the things I am telling you. I am your Jesus, Son of the Living God. I am telling you these things because you too, have been doing the will of God just as I have done, and others before you.

You do not feel worthy because you are not a nun. You do not have to be of a religious order to truly serve your God with your total body, mind, and soul. You have loved your Jesus as a small child, and conversed with Me in your darkest hours. You always came to Me when you were hurt or unjustly accused. I was always there for you.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, You always listened, but You never allowed me to hear You.

Jesus: I have answered all your prayers, child, maybe not in your time or your way, but each prayer petitioned was heard and answered. That is something My children still do not understand. My will be done. God's will is the perfect way. God's plans are perfect. Know this in your heart, little one. I will continue to use you as an instrument. I will continue to mold and perfect you in all ways. Be at peace, little one, just as My Mother wishes this place to be a haven of peace and prayer, so too, do I wish for you to radiate this peace. I wish it to touch the minds, hearts, and souls of those whom you touch. I wish all those who come into your presence to sense this peace, because it is a sign, little one, that you are of Me.

Now be at peace with all I am saying. This is truth. I love you, and need you as a true servant to do the will of God. Continue to be patient, and know the testing has come to an end.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. For some reason I had sensed that.

Jesus: That was from Me, child. I have placed it upon your heart.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Mesage of November 2, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, You continue to talk about keeping our peace and trust in God to help with our burdens.

Our Lady: Child, these seem to be of the most concern to My children at this time. So many of you get bogged down with daily decisions, irritations, and concerns of all kinds. Some small, and others not so small. You must realize that God can do all things. Put Him first in your life. Put your life in order and the burdens will automatically feel lighter to you. Many of your problems cannot be solved by you. You must turn these hurts and concerns over to Him Who can do something with, and about, these things.

I am your Mother, here to remind you that God loves you. He does not wish to see you hurting and feeling abandoned. He has sent His Mother to you to guide you and pray with you. He has sent Me here to be of help to you. But most of all, He has sent Me here to let you know He, and His love for you, do exist. Count on this love, with all of your heart. A Father Who loves you wants only good things for His children. That is why it is so important that you prioritize your lives. Put God first, and all things will fall into place.

You cannot know God's plan, but know that it is perfect. He can use all things to His greater honor and glory, those that are good, and those not so good. It is not for you to understand. It is for you to trust. He is the Potter, you are the clay. He wishes to mold you into His likeness. You cannot be molded without pain and suffering. You await growth, but do not wish to experience pain in this growth. When you have decided to follow Jesus, you have automatically accepted the pain of His Passion and Death. This comes in many forms. You are asked to pick up your cross and follow Him. If you are a true believer in the ways of God, you know this will not be an easy task.

God has not promised you an easy life. He has promised you great rewards for following in the footsteps of His Son. Be at peace with your cross. These are signs of God's love for you. Without these crosses, you could not continue to grow in the love that is eternal. I love you, and wish to assist you on your way to Calvary, My children. I walked with My Son, and I wish to do the same for you. Be comforted in your hours of need. Accept God's plan. Great rewards await all who trust and do the will of the Father, just as I and My Son have done before you. Be at peace. God is watching over you.

Message of Nov. 11, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, will I ever experience joy and peace in serving You?

Jesus: Little one, it will come. There are changes coming about in your life that could not have come even weeks, or months ago. You continue to grow and accept the cross put before you. You wish to please Me, and you wish to do My will. You wish to be of help to My children. Your heart is full of love for Me. With all of these things in place, the rest will come. Of course, you have struggled. This is to be expected. You have been attached to many of the things of the world, but gradually you have been pulled away from each of those things that might keep you from giving all to Me. You have finally been able to say to Me, "Everything I have and possess are Yours: my family, my home, my job, my animals, my life, all are Yours." When one of My children can say this to Me and truly mean it, I can truly use them to benefit the souls of many.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am no one special, and I still have moments when I struggle with what You want for me. It's just as one person said to one of my daughters, 'Who does she think she is, your mother, that God would pick her out of millions of people to talk to? Does she really believe that He is speaking with her?'

Jesus: How sad, little one. I would speak to that person if she would only take the time to listen. I know these words being spoken by others hurt you, and hurt your family, but those who suffer for My sake, will be rewarded accordingly. For the many who laugh and criticize you behind your back, and to your face, there will be those who believe and truly understand that God can work in the lives of His children in any way He chooses. Know in your heart, little one, that yours is the Kingdom of God, because you have said 'yes'.

Ruth Ann: I keep waiting to become one who works for you in joy, Lord. I said earlier that I don't feel peace in what I am doing; that really isn't so, when I think about it. When I am praying for Your people, I do feel peace and joy. I even find myself looking forward to praying with those who come seeking prayer. I never thought I'd be able to say that, Lord. I really don't even mind sharing and witnessing anymore. It's just that I don't like being the focal point of anything. I've never liked being in front of a group, but the more I give of myself, the more I find I want to give.

Jesus: As you continue to be molded and prepared for what I would have you do, the joy will come. Right now, you are feeling acceptance with these things you have struggled with for so many months. You have come a long way, child. Joy and the burning desire to serve Me were felt in the beginning of your conversion. As your burdens became heavier and heavier, you experienced dread, fear, and frustration. Doubts continue to plague and eat at you. Now you are accepting those things I would have you do. You don't really understand why you have been chosen, because you know your sinfulness. As you grow in your love for Me, you will even feel less worthy. But those who are truly caring and humble, can be used in mighty ways. So these are important qualities that God wishes to see come about in those who serve Him.

You are concerned about the article and picture in your local paper, about the farm and the prayer group that has developed, as a desire of My Mother. You have been told God would take care of everything. Your children have handled everything well, have they not? I have provided them with the graces to do so. All are proud of your stepping out in faith to answer God's call. They too, have been brought along. This did not happen overnight. Each one has had crosses to bear, in order to prepare you for the ultimate cross. My coming to you will be the ultimate cross. But know, that God in His way, has prepared each one of you. Be not afraid. God's will be done.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know You will tend to all things.

Message of Nov. 15, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: You need only listen, and do the will of the Father. I will tend to the rest. It is through your willingness to be molded, that all will take place that needs to be done. You can do nothing on your own, little one. You have discovered that. Now you must be at peace, and do the will of the Father. Do not let things overwhelm you. Let them be a guide and a help to you, but do not let anything overwhelm you. That is not the point of having material put into your hands that will be of help to you. That is exactly what it is for, to be of help to you, not to hinder or overwhelm you in any way. There is no harm in knowing you have much to learn. That should only help to humble you before Me. It should show you that all you have, and have become, little though you are, is through the grace of God.

Ruth Ann: It truly shows me what a 'nothing' I am.

Jesus: In your acknowledgment of this to Me, it is a means of drawing you closer to Me. You realize that I am your only means of truly growing, and being able to do anything. I am your only means of Salvation. Little one, this acknowledgment should not frighten, or cause you to be overwhelmed. It should only cause you to become more and more dependent upon Me, and less dependent on those things of the world.

Ruth Ann: I thought I was, Lord.

Jesus: You have voiced this, you have believed it, but you have not lived it. Sometimes it is necessary for you to be awakened to the fact that you cannot be in control of your life, and still give it to Me. You cannot live in two worlds. This knowledge is the part that is making you feel frustrated. I am to be your world, every waking moment. You will come to realize the importance of this statement more and more, as you grow in Me, and your love for Me.

Right now you are obedient in doing those things asked of you, and being molded gradually to prepare you for even greater things that I would have you do. Be patient, and await each task being put before you. Each one will be a learning experience that will help you grow in your love for Me. Be accepting of the crosses continually being place upon your shoulders. Each one will become heavier and more burdensome, but you will also be given the graces and strength to deal with each one as it comes.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for Your words of encouragement. At least I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did.

Jesus: You are not to feel overwhelmed at all, child. Take each day as it comes. Live each day with the trust in Me, that I will sift through all of the unnecessary and excess baggage in your life, and help you retain what I want for you to retain, and discard anything I would have you discard. Have faith and trust in Me, little one. I will tend to all things.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Now be at peace with what I have said. Go about your day in the service of others. You are 'your brother's keeper'.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I feel at peace. Thank You.

Message of Nov. 22, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to speak to me?

Our Lady: Child, as I have said to you before, I am always here for you. You are quite busy at this time of year, and I understand, but do not shut Me out. I wish to continue to be of help to you for as long as you have need of Me. I have brought you to My Son. That was My intent. That is always My intent. Anything I say and do on behalf of your God and Mine, is to draw His children closer and closer to Him. The fact that I have been allowed to minister to His children for so long, has been a special grace. I can do only that which God allows Me to do. Through My simple 'Fiat', great things have been accomplished through Me. It was not My doing, but through God's infinite wisdom and design, that all things have been done.

You, child, must listen and be obedient to the will of your Jesus, so that those things He wishes to do through you, too, can be accomplished. You have referred to the fact that all God needs is a 'warm body'. This is true to a certain extent, child, but the most important ingredient that you have not added is missing, unless you add 'willing'. If you had refused to be an empty vessel, or that 'warm body', as you have referred to yourself, God's work could not have been accomplished through you. You continue to sell yourself short, little one, but it is through your humility that God can do great things. Continue to be humble and obedient, and God can accomplish miracles beyond belief through you. That is His intent, child. You have heard these words spoken to you before. You have shared them with others, and they are written in the Holy Bible. You will do even greater things.

You still do not realize the intent of God's use for you, but be patient, and God's divine plan will unfold. Be at peace, and know that the heavens are available to you, as you have a need. May God bless and keep you in His care, as I watch you tend to His children.

Ruth Ann: That makes it sound as though You will be far away, as I do whatever it is God is going to have me do.

Our Lady: Little one, do not read more into what is being said to you. You are not to interpret what is being told to you. You are only to listen and be obedient to the will of God. He will tend to the rest. I have told you, I will be with you so long as you have need of Me. I have meant what I have said. My love is with you. Go in His peace. Continue to love and serve God to the best of your ability.

Message of Dec. 14, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, we are living in such troubled times, that it is difficult to find peace, and keep it for very long. I am finding it extremely difficult.

Our Lady: Little child, you must stay focused on My Son, and turn loose of all those things in the world that keep you from this peace. Open your heart to the gift of love that awaits you. You have become attached to your priest, have you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother. He has been a source of strength to me, my family, and the prayer here at the farm.

Our Lady: Now it is time for a change, child. Man cannot grow without change. You are continually stretched and emptied, once you have accepted to do the will of God. The more you do, the more is expected of you. This is called being molded. Remember, it is God Who does this molding, child. You are not in control. 'Your will be done, Lord'. These words give God the right to do all He can to bring you into the light and love that awaits you.

It is not easy to follow the will of God, and turn away from the world. You must learn to accept all the crosses put before you, and know that He is in control, and all things are done for a reason. Trust, little children, trust that God's plan is perfect. No matter how many, and how heavy your crosses. They need not be carried alone. God is with you. I too, am here to assist you with graces and blessings in abundance. I, who am your Mother, wish to assist you in any way you need. Know I am praying with you, for all those things you voice, and those you hold in your heart.

Go in My Son's peace.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother.

Message of January 26, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, I'm listening.

Jesus: Little one, I am here.

Ruth Ann: After yesterday, I was afraid You too, might not be talking to me, at least not words to write down to share.

Jesus: Little one, don't feel abandoned. Your Mother has not left you. She has not abandoned those who truly love Her. She has told you She is here at the farm to welcome each one who comes, with open arms, and you are to do the same. She has also said She is here to give graces and blessings, and this will continue. She is here to pray with all who come to pray. It is only the messages to share that have ceased.

Now, My children must take to their hearts the words that have been spoken to them. She has laid down a blueprint, in simple language, for the salvation of their souls. It is up to those who are listening, to apply the words that have been shared, to their daily lives. That is the purpose for which these words were spoken. You are not to take this removal, the gift of the messages, as something personal. It was God's gift to give to you, and it was His gift to remove, when He saw fit. All is part of God's plan, little one. All things are falling into place as God wills.

Be not afraid, and walk in the peace of Christ this day, and the days to come. One door has been closed, but many will be opened unto you. God has much for you to do, little one. So do not feel that all is over, just because one part of your life has changed. You must continue to grow and be stretched. You were told you were to expect much spiritual growth in this period of time, and you were not aware of how this was to be. Growth is important in the life of My chosen ones. With growth comes strength to tend to the tasks that God has put before you. You must be patient, and watch God's plan unfold before you.

You have been experiencing the pain of the loss of your priest. You are beginning to realize that forgiveness is an important part of moving on to the next plateau that God has in store for you. You do not have to like what has happened, or how it has come about. But you do have to find the love, peace, and forgiveness in your heart, for all involved in this difficult time. Through your forgiveness of others, peace will come to you. That is how God works. Embrace the cross, and truly be a child of God.

You need not be concerned about the days ahead. God is in charge, little one, and He will tend to all things. Your Jesus forgave all who harmed Him, and brought about His death. You, to be Christ-like, must follow in My footsteps. All My children who wish to follow in My footsteps, must accept the crosses that are placed on their shoulders to carry. You will not carry these crosses alone. I will always provide the strength and grace needed to carry these burdens. As one challenge is accepted and conquered, then God will provide another. This is growth, little one. This is how My children grow. It is in the acceptance of each cross that is given to them. In order to grow, change must be accepted. Change is difficult for many of you, but change is necessary in order that you be prepared for greater works. Be at peace with this change. Know that God has His Hand upon you, and all that you do.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for these words, Lord.

Jesus: My peace be with you today, and all the days to come.

Message of February 7, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I feel like something is missing, and have felt that way for the past couple of weeks.

Jesus: Child, this will continue to be so, but you will adjust. It was an adjustment for you when the messages from My Mother began, was it not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. It was overwhelming to think She would have chosen me to speak to, in order to give messages and words of encouragement to others.

Jesus: It was, and is, a blessing and a gift, a gift that was bestowed upon you by God. Now it is time for that particular gift to be removed.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have to ask this. Did Your Mother mean just the messages were to cease, or did She mean everything She says to me was to cease?

Jesus: She has said She would continue to speak with you, and talk to you, as you have need of Her. The 'words to share' are no longer available to Her children.

Ruth Ann: She had said to me for several weeks that the messages would cease, but I really didn't expect it so soon, nor did I think She meant 'all words.'

Jesus: Little one, be patient, and do not fret. Your God has a plan. All things will fall into place. I realize you are feeling lost and empty, but know, We are with you. I have told you over and over, be not afraid. We will not leave you orphaned. That means, little one, even though Our words will cease that you are to share, you will still be able to speak with Us.

Ruth Ann: So You too, intend to stop giving me words to share?

Jesus: That is not the first time you have heard this, little one. As all things fall into place, you will understand God's plan.

Ruth Ann: I am trying very hard to be patient, Lord, but I seem to be having a lot to deal with, all at once.

Jesus: Child, you have a mission to fulfill on this earth. You have been told 'minister to My people'. Continue to do just that, and do not look back, nor are you to anticipate the future. God will reveal those things to you He wishes you to know. You are not to try to guess the 'whats', 'whens', and 'hows'. God will tend to all things. It will all be done for you. Do these words not sound familiar?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, they do. These are the words Your Mother spoke to me in Medjugorje.

Jesus: She meant every word, child. She also spoke of your healing, and that you would be asked to carry a cross, after this healing. You are doing so at this time, but that is not the cross She was referring to. The burden She was referring to, is much heavier. Through the gifts of God's love, you will witness in a new way to His people. You will bring peace, light, and love, to more and more that would otherwise not be reached.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I realize there is no use to ask You when, or how, so I guess I just need You to reassure me that I will be able to do whatever You have planned for me.

Jesus: Little one, if you were not able to do so, you would not have been asked. You feel unworthy, and think you are not strong enough to do that which is expected of you, but you continue to move forward and accept each change, even though the changes are extremely difficult for you. You are being emptied, and you will be filled. You are being molded and prepared for the next stage in this great plan of God, which is about to unfold. Your humanness gets in the way, child, and this causes you fear and doubt. Neither of these come from Me. Little one, be patient, and know that God will tend to all things, as He has always done.

Much change has come about in your life, and the changes will continue. Growth cannot come without it. You have been told this was to be a time of growth and change. Accept the will of God, little one. Only He knows all the answers, and He will reveal those things you need to hear, when you need to hear them. Know that you are loved, little one. Know that God is pleased with your efforts. Do not continue to try to find some reason for the messages being removed. It is all part of God's plan. He gives gifts, and He removes gifts. Do not fret. The new gifts, that will replace the old, are even greater. Reflect upon these words.

Now be at peace. I know you are wanting to speak with My Mother, and I wish this for you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord for putting my thoughts and fears at rest.


Message of Feb. 18, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, this is Saturday, and I am in need of encouraging words.

Jesus: They are here for you, little one. Why do you fret so? You have been ministering to My children on a weekly basis, as My Mother has asked of you. She has sent those to the farm, She has wished to hear what you have to say. The words you have shared have strengthened the faith of others. As you share your struggle to do the will of the Father, so too, do many of My children. They too, are in need of the same encouragement that you seek. That is the reason for your special gift, little one. It is not for you, but for those of My children in need of being ministered to.

Many are struggling in this world of darkness, and have difficulty getting through each day. As you tell of your struggles, and the work God has done in your life, they find a parallel between their life and yours. The words I give you to help you, help those who are listening. That is why you have been asked to share.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I really am sorry I have fought so hard against each task You have asked of me.

Jesus: Little one, you are no different from most of My children, chosen to do those things of a special nature. God knows your heart, little one. He knows all things that have been asked of you, have been difficult for you. You have been asked to humble yourself many times, before many. You have been obedient, even though you would not have chosen these tasks for yourself. It is difficult to have all things removed from you that might have kept you comfortable. Most of My children prefer to do those things that bring them comfort. When they are asked to step outside their 'comfort zone', then it becomes a real struggle. You have had to step outside your comfort zone many times. Those things you have been asked to do have caused you great pain, because you have had to die of self to do them. This is how those of My children who wish to grow spiritually, do so.

You continue to be stretched, little one. With each task you do that is difficult for you, you experience this growth. You will be granted a brief respite, little one, and then you again, will experience new growth. I have said that soon the words from Me are to cease. You will continue to hear My voice, but you will not share those things I am saying to you. Your testimony on the farm will cease, but as I have said, you will witness in a new way. Your cross will become heavier, little one. The removal of these gifts will not bring with them the quiet time you desire, for you will be asked to do even more.

You have been faithful in all the little things that have been asked of you. Now you will do even greater things. Be not afraid, little one. God's plan is perfect. There is still more to come. You will continue to minister to My children, but it will be done in a new way.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You know I love You, and will do whatever it is You would have me do.

Jesus: Little one, as I have said before, God knows your heart. No matter how difficult the task, He knows you will continue on this difficult path. Faith and trust in your Jesus will sustain you, little one. One day at a time. That is all that is asked of you, and that is all that is asked of all My children. Tend to each day, knowing I am with you through each task. You need only ask Me to assist you.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am asking You to assist me through this entire weekend.

Jesus: Be at peace, little one. I am with you this day and all days.