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December 2009
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of October 9, 1993,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, so many things are running through my mind.  I really need some quiet time with You.

Jesus:  I am here, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, I am always here to listen.  This is not just true for you, but for all My children.  It is My children who must make time for Me.  I am always ready to listen, as well as answer My children.  They need only pray and listen.  For some, this is extremely difficult.  Most of My children are so caught up in the world around them, they have no quiet time.  No quiet time to speak to Me, and no quiet time to listen.  The more material things they accumulate in their lives to make living easier in this world, the more time they have to scurry around doing more things.  Man in his desire to have life more convenient has nearly blocked out all quiet times he had in his life.  Many of the hours he had working the land, or baking his daily bread, is now spent in pushing buttons and running here and there to take care of business.  Many of the hours that he had spent in communion with God in nature, is spent on things of less importance.  My children have nearly wiped Me from their lives completely.  So much so, that many believe I do not exist.  They actually feel I am not responsible for what goes on in their daily existence.  They forget Who has put them here, and for what purpose.

Ruth Ann:  I am guilty of the 'busy' part, Lord.  I really thought I'd have all kinds of time to listen, once I was no longer teaching, but it is not so.  I have filled my day with other things, and much is filled with telephone calls and people wishing to speak with me.  If I stay at home, I have very little quiet time.  I am feeling my quiet time becoming infringed upon.  If I don't speak with You in the early hours of the day, I find there is no time throughout the day for sharing with You, at least no time to write what You are saying to me.

Jesus:  But child, you still speak with Me and listen when you need.  That is most important.  Some do nothing.  Some continue to flounder about their day, filling it with work, play, and other distractions.  Many are addicted to noise of any kind, to distract them from thinking about what is going on around them.  Many find distractions in order not to speak to each other.

What has happened to My beautiful world, and all that has been created for man to enjoy?  What has happened to My children?  Their peace has been lost.  Much of the disease man now suffers is brought on by losing this peace.  In trying to make life easier for man, man has harmed his body, mind, and soul.  He has brought stress upon himself.  He continually wants and needs to cram more and more into his day, and complains that the days are not long enough.  See what he does to himself and to others?  God knows that man must work for a living, but man is not to work 24 hours a day.  Man must also have time to play.  This is needed to stay healthy.  He must also have time to rest and pray.  There must be a balance in one's life to truly be at peace with himself and with God.  Many find time for work, and some find time for work and play, but few find time for all.  Those who do, find life less hectic.

Those who keep a healthy balance in their lives, and come to Me with all their wants and needs, have a peace that others do not have.  Those who are able to turn their lives over to Me, and do the will of the Father, are at peace with themselves, others, and the world around them.  Even the horror of what is going on around them does not shake their faith, because they know that what is of the utmost importance is the peace they have in their hearts.  The peace they have with God Himself is their ultimate goal.  Once that is achieved, man knows his place in the scheme of things.  He knows he, and all he stands for, is but a tiny grain of sand on a giant beach.  He realizes he is put here to fill in a piece in a giant puzzle, a puzzle that, when completed, is the will of God.  How can My children know what their part of this giant puzzle is, if they continue to flounder about, finding 'things' to fill every corner of their life? 

My Mother is calling to all of Her children to pray.  Pray from the heart.  She tells everyone, "When you love someone, do you find it difficult to talk to that person, and share with them all that is going on?  You also find yourself wanting to be in the presence of that person.  You want to share time with them, even quiet time.  You want to listen to what they have to say.  You want to please them."  Child, that is all I am asking from My children.  All I am asking of them is to show they love the One Who created them and Who is responsible for their very existence on the earth.  I want to share with them the love I have for them.  I want to hear what they have to say.  I want to lift their heavy burdens and share the desires, hopes, and dreams of their hearts.  When two people love each other, these things are important.  For many, this still is not possible.  My Mother will continue to call out to all of Her children, though, until it can be no more.  You have a saying in your world, 'stop and smell the roses'.  Don't you think that it is most appropriate that My Mother is calling to many of Her children through this beautiful fragrance?

Ruth Ann:  I was just thinking of that yesterday Lord, and it was like a great revelation to me.

Jesus:  Yes little one, I know.  I wonder how many others have made the connection.  In stopping to smell the roses, so to speak, you can see all that God is doing in your life.  Many must experience a great tragedy before they can be stopped long enough to contemplate the gifts of God...the air man breathes, the ground man walks on, the birds that sing.  How many take the time to hear the birds singing?  Or is that an irritation rather than a blessing to some?  Man has so much to be grateful for.  He has a God Who loves him, a God Who has sent His Son to die for him, and a God Who now sends the Mother of His Son among man to awaken him from a world asleep to the goodness of God.  "All is not lost," She says, "There is still hope, God loves you.  Pray."  My Mother is doing all She can to bring God's children back to Him.  Man must learn to listen and do his part in prayer.  You continue to share what is being said to you, little one.  This too, is extremely important.  Many are being called to do this.  I thank you for taking the time to listen and share.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm the one who thanks You for giving me such a beautiful gift.  I'm just sorry that it brings with it more than I would want for myself and family.  I only wish I could listen and share without being known.

Jesus:  You must think of others, little one.  Think of all the blessings and graces My children would be missing had you not shared.  Think of the conversions that could not have been brought about, and the miracles in others' lives that have happened as a result of your sharing My words and those of My Mother.

Ruth Ann:  I know Lord, but did You have to use our farm to bring the graces and miracles?  This is where we live.

Jesus:  It is only temporary, child.  You know you will be moving from here.  You have been told this many times before by My Mother, and by Me, and now you are hearing it from the lips of others.  Be patient, child.  God's plan continues to unfold, and you continue to listen and be obedient.  For this, I am grateful.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I love You.  I only wish I could be all You want me to be, and You continue to be so patient with me, even though You know I am reluctant in all I say and do.

Jesus:  Child, it is because I know your heart.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I do so much want to please You, but I find that things You ask me to do very difficult.

Jesus:  When you take up the cross and follow Me, the road is never easy.  Just continue to do the will of My Father.  He will provide all that is necessary for this journey to be completed.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Thank You for being here for me.

Jesus:  I am always here for you.  Now I know you must go.  Know that My love and peace are with you.


Message of December 11, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have not written what Your Mother has spoken to me for quite a while, but yet I feel I should be speaking with You this morning.

Jesus:  If you have time, speak with both of Us today.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Is there something in particular You wish to say, or is it my desire that has made me feel there is a need?

Jesus:  Little one, you know I would speak to you and any of My children, any time of the day or night.  It is up to you to find the quiet time in order for you to listen without interruptions or distractions.  Even if it is only for a few minutes, it is important to have that contact with Me, the God of peace. 
Man talks of the world being such a 'mess'.  This is not difficult to notice.  Most of My children who pay any attention to the news of any kind are aware of the death and destruction all around them.  The violence that man does to each other has become commonplace.  While My Mother is calling for peace in your hearts and homes, the violence continues on.  How can there be peace in the world, if man does not have that peace in his own heart?  It is important, little one, that My children find this peace that is so necessary.  A true conversion must come within oneself.  There must be a peace and contentment in one's inner self, so that he can help those around him find peace.  Once you have found peace, and share this peace with others, it acts as a chain reaction among My people.  Those who have lost this peace, or in some cases, have never had it, wish to know peace, or have it returned to them. 

During these times of war in so many places, and turmoil of all kinds, it is important for My children to have a place to gather where they can have this peace, even if it is only for a few minutes.  It is good for My children to have this common goal.  Remember, when two or more are gathered in My name, there I will be.  God hears all prayers, but He is especially pleased when My children gather in great numbers to pay homage to all that My Mother is asking Her children to do. 

This is a time of grace, and My Mother is pouring out graces to all those who ask.  Sometimes, it is in the form of little miracles.  Sometimes, it is big miracles.  It depends on what God will allow Her to do.  God is the One Who is in control, but know My Mother will continue to plead for all of Her children, for special graces, until God tells Her it is no longer possible.  That time is drawing near, little one.

My children continue to ignore the signs, but that does not mean, by ignoring, that it will go away.  As in the time of Noah, man continued on his merry way, ignoring God.  It did not stop God from carrying out the plans He had for the punishment of man, for all the evil he had brought upon himself.  Man will have to answer for all the death, cruelty, and abuses he has afflicted upon himself and his neighbor. 

Man was given a commandment, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself for the love of God'.  How many truly observe this commandment?  How many even know it exists?  Man has become so corrupt and self-serving, he loves self and money.  Even the love he has for 'self' is not a good love.  He does not respect himself as a temple of the Lord God.  He loves 'self' in such a way as not to wish to deny 'self' any pleasure:  whether it is food, drink, material things, sexual pleasure, man does not wish to deny his body anything. 

But what of his soul?  His soul continues to wither and die from lack of care.  His spiritual self is denied in so many ways.  The spirit, too, must be fed.  In doing so, My children will find peace.  It is through prayer and the word of God that the spirit can grow and soar and become one with the divine Creator.  Without tending to the spirit, there can be no peace and no true love of self.  Man must give up his selfish way of living.  He must learn to tend to the needs of his neighbor, both physical and spiritual.  And in doing so, his true inner self will break through this shell he has built around him; 'conversion', this word you hear over and over from My Mother.  Pray for conversion, a true conversion of self and others.  This is what the world needs, and it can only come through prayer and the grace of God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, we all continue to pray for a true conversion, just because Your Mother has asked.  I'm not sure if anyone really knew what we were asking for.  Thank You for explaining it to me.

Jesus:  Soon it will be time for you to go about your busy day, go with My peace, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I love You.

Jesus:  And I love you, little one.


Message of December 25, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Jesus:  Thank you, little one.  Not many will remember to tell Me that.  Not many will remember the real reason for this day and the events in history that My birth brought into play, for without My birth, there could have been no passion and death.  There could have been no resurrection.  Man could and would not have a chance at eternal salvation the he has today.  It took the birth of a tiny baby to bring all these events about.  Now, little one,  it is up to man to realize those truths and accept them so he can have the peace and love of His Creator.  That is the only real peace.  That is the only important peace.

Ruth Ann:  Do You really think that will happen Lord?  Do You really think Your children will ever really realize that all the externals are not important, only the spiritual is truly important?

Jesus:  Little one, this has been a struggle for My children since man was created.  It has only continued to become worse as man has become more and more knowledgeable.  He has looked for easier and better ways of doing things.  This is good, but he must remember where his knowledge to create and make better has come from.  Man seems to think he is so brilliant he can do all things.  Man has forgotten some important facts in all of his pride.  Where did he come from?  Why is he here?  Who created him?  There is so much My children forget, but soon they will be reminded of all these things.  God continues to try to prepare His children for His Son's Second Coming. 

In doing so, He has sent His Mother to minister to His children all over the world.  She is calling all of you back to the right path, and She will continue to do so until She is no longer allowed.  Many of you are listening and taking Her words seriously.  Many of you are sharing the many miracles and graces that have changed your lives.  Through the generosity of your faith and trust in God, and your love for your brothers and sisters, you are ministering to each other to boost each other's faith.  The words, gifts, and messages are to be shared.  That is how My children who struggle in the darkness, looking for a reason to believe in something, will be brought into the light. 

Each seed planted has an opportunity to grow.  If the seed is not planted, it cannot grow.  Seeds must be planted, and it is through those such as you who are responsible for planting many seeds.  Many of My children no longer go to church to listen to the word of God through My priests.  How can they receive the words and Sacraments and graces they need to survive in a world covered with darkness?  They are being touched and brought back by those of My children chosen by My Mother and Me to witness to the goodness of God.  They are being touched by the love and blessings God has shown you, and by your example, being brought back into the churches to receive the word of truth, light, and life.  Places and people are being used all over the world as a means of grace for My children.  Lives are being touched, little one. 

Continue to be obedient.  Continue to listen and share what is being said to you.  God loves His children, even those who have turned their back on Him.  They need only to repent and come back to Him.  He is waiting with open arms to receive them, just as the world waited with open arms for My birth.  If they only knew then, what they know now, much suffering would have been spared for all.  But even then, man turned his back on an event that was to bring about a change for the entire world.  How hard are the hearts of My children?  Pray for them, child.  Pray for the hearts of all those who are in need of a true conversion.  Pray that many be touched throughout this season and be brought back to the true meaning of life, the gift of love which is Jesus Christ, His birth, death, and best of all, His resurrection, your gift of light, love, and peace eternal.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for these words.  Too, thanks to Mary and Joseph for being obedient servants of God so all these events could take place.

Jesus:  They listened and were obedient, little one.  You, too, must do the same.

Ruth Ann:  With Your help, all things are possible, Lord.

Jesus:  Go in My peace.  Enjoy this special day with your family and friends.  Thank you for putting Me first.  Love all My children.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of July 17, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for the message for those praying at the farm today.  You know I'm still struggling with what I'm doing.

Our Lady:  Yes child, and it need not be so.  Live each day as though it will be your last, and you will find joy and peace in all you are doing.  As your Mother, I am here to guide you along this difficult path, but I cannot be of help to you, if you will not listen.

Ruth Ann:  I realize that, Mother, but it is all very difficult for me.  I'm given these messages, then told to share.  I have been told I have the gift of healing.  I am to pray with those who choose to have individual prayer, and yet I don't feel we are making any headway.  There is so much pain and suffering in the world, and I know I only see the tip of the iceberg.  Please, can't we do more to relieve the pain that so many suffer?  Is God truly working in the lives of Your children through me?

Our Lady:  Child, you must not continue to question.  All things are done for a reason.  In doing God's will, it is never easy, but there is joy and peace to be had in knowing that through you, lives are being touched that otherwise would never have seen the true light.  Many who have felt they were living a life that was neither good nor bad, have come to realize God wishes much more for His children.  You are your brother's keeper.  You are expected to love one another and pray for one another.  How else can hearts be changed, and peace come to your world? 

If you will remember your message of Medjugorje, you were told what God expects of you.  He wishes you to spread love and peace to all His children.  This is brought about through following His will for you.  As God touches your life through these gifts, you share these gifts with others.  They in turn share with their family and friends.  Peace begets peace.  Love begets love, and faith brings about many miracles, great and small.  You continue to struggle, when you should be at peace.  Remember child, you can do nothing without your God.  You are only an instrument.  God is responsible for all the miracles physically, spirit-ually, and mentally, that all His children are experiencing. 

Realize your nothingness, child, and you need not look for any 'feedback' as you call it.  You do the will of the Father in Heaven, and let Him tend to the rest.  Your rewards are not to be in this life, but in the next.  Therefore, little child, be at peace with what I am telling you.  Do not struggle so.  Do not let the evil one upset your peace.  He wishes to distract and discourage you.  He can do so by many methods, little doubts, hurtful words said to you by others, and lack of love for those who would do harm to you and those around you.  The devil is subtle, child.  You must continually be aware that he wishes to destroy your peace.  In destroying your peace, he would destroy the peace of many.  This will not be, child, because God will not allow it, but you must continually be aware of his evil tactics.  Be at peace with all God is calling you to do, child.  Let His will be done.  His plan is perfect.  Let it unfold in His time, and in His way.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Be with me to help me in all I am called to do.

Our Lady:  I am here with you.  Give all to the One Who has created you.  Allow Him to use you as He wishes.  His will be done.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.

Our Lady:  Now you have a busy day ahead of you.  You will need much rest.  Be at peace.  Know you are not alone.  God is watching over you.  I am praying with you this day and all days.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for this encouragement.

Our Lady:  Peace, child.  Peace.


Message of August 24, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You seem to be concerned about so many of us keeping our peace.

Our Lady:  Child, many of you are struggling to keep your peace, and it need not be such a struggle if you can stay focused on God.  In many of the messages earlier, I spoke to you of being able to keep this peace when times would become more difficult.  Times are becoming more difficult, and I am seeing My children struggle to stay at peace.  The evil one truly enjoys this.  If he can distract and disturb those who try so hard to do the will of God, then think how easy it is for him to use those who are not focused.  He continues to destroy what peace My children try so hard to obtain and keep.

My heart aches for you, because so many of you are losing your focus.  It does not matter if the whole world should crumble around you, stay focused on My Son.  You were put on this earth to know, love, and serve God, and be happy with Him in heaven.  You need only strive for holiness by picking up your cross and following in the footsteps of My Jesus.  This was not easy for Him, and it will not be easy for you.  Know I love you and am praying with, and for, each one of you.  I am in your midst to keep you focused on My Son, even though life continues to be difficult for you.

Man has caused his world to become so corrupt, and full of unrest and hatred, by allowing the prince of darkness to take over the earth.  There is a war being waged at present time.  This is not of a physical nature.  It is called spiritual warfare.  Good is fighting evil, and evil seems to have the upper hand.  Be at peace, My little children.  Good will eventually triumph over evil.  There will be much suffering, which My children must endure, before this great battle, that is being waged, will be won, but do not doubt the strength of prayer.  That is why I am calling so many to prayer.  Only prayer can stop the evil that is taking over your world, prayer and the power of God.

Do not doubt for one minute that God is not listening to your prayers.  He sees your tears and He feels your pain.  Be at peace little children, and know that God is in your midst.  When the time is right, all evil will be destroyed.  Listen to My messages.  Stay focused on My Son, and do not let the evil one destroy your peace. 

God loves you, and I love you.  Be at peace with one another.  Pray to keep this peace.


Message of Dec. 21, 1994,  from Our Lady 

Ruth Ann:  Mother, is there anything You wish to add?

Our Lady:  Child, during this Advent season, many draw away from My Son through their 'busyness'.  They have forgotten the true meaning of the Christmas season.  This should be a time of letting go of the things that take them away from the central focus of their life, and instead, they are accumulating more and more, of the very distractions they need to discard.  That is because My children have become 'worldly'.  They do not choose to accumulate what is most important.  Love and peace have become nearly non-existent in your world. 

Many speak of being stressed out, or confused.  My Son comes bringing peace.  There is no room in your life for those things that are not of Him.  All things in moderation.  God recognizes the fact you must work.  And He knows you have needs that must be tended to.  He also realizes you must find time to rest.  There must be a balance in your life.  In your quiet time set aside each day, even if it is only a brief moment, let Him know you love Him.  He gets so little attention in a busy world caught up in all those things that distract, and detract from His love and goodness.  The more man accumulates, the more man wants.  It is like an addiction. 

Seek first God's love and peace, and all other things will become less important to you.  Prioritize your lives, little children, and in doing so you will find this peace you seek.  God loves you, and I love you.  Go in His peace.


Message of January 18, 1995, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You have anything You wish to add?

Our Lady: Child, the messages that I continue to give to all My children, are not being taken to heart.  The peace that you seek is not being found in your world.  My children continue to look in all the wrong places for this peace.  They are trying to find peace in the pleasures of the world, and it can only come from God.  The peace and love from Him is the true peace that all must seek and find, in order to exist in such a troubled world. 

Pray, dear children, pray from the heart.  Many of you still do not understand what these words mean.  It means you must find time to speak with God.  Speak to Him from your heart.  Tell Him how much you love Him, and how much you appreciate all He has done for you.  Read His Word in the New Testament.  Let Him speak to you through these words.  These words I have been giving to you through so many, are nothing new.  Realize, little children, these words were spoken to you two thousand years ago, and were recorded for you to have access to. 

Many of you do not read God's Word, so therefore, I have come to share these words with you in a simple way.  Love God as you love yourself, and you cannot go wrong.  Love your neighbor, and forgive the hurts that he imposes upon you.  Be forgiving, as your Jesus would forgive.  Trust, little children.  Pray for your enemies, so they too, can experience the love and peace that you have experienced. 

I am praying with you for those who have wandered from the fold.  Pray, little children, and trust that God will tend to all things.  My blessing I give to you.  Go in My Son's peace.


Message of January 18, 1995,
from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You have anything You wish to share?

Jesus:  Little one, My children have so much to learn, and so little time in which to learn it.  You cannot serve two gods.  Man continues to be caught up in the things of the world, and soon he will realize that he has made a terrible mistake.  He must turn to God, and lean upon Him for all the strength he seeks through power, and wealth.  Material things are not permanent, little children.  And because of the feeling that things are more important than God, many of you cannot find the peace you seek.  'Things' can be removed from you in the blink of an eye.  Your good health too, can be removed.  Then, little children, where is your faith? 

Many are experiencing loss through all the disasters falling upon your world.  Do those still have the faith to trust in God?  Only if their faith is such that they realize that all things come from God, and all things can be removed by Him, if He so chooses.  Can they be sustained?  How much easier it would be for My children, if they could realize this, before these things are removed.  My children, you must learn to remove yourself from all things that distract you from the true love, that must be given to God.  He is your Creator and Lord, and Master of the universe.  All things come through Him, and all love and respect are due Him. 

Peace does not come from those things of this world.  It does not come from money, power, or pleasures of the flesh.  'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His love, and all things will fall into place.'  Man must learn to prioritize his life.  Place God first, and your needs will be tended to.  Trust in God's love and mercy.  The world is experiencing great upheaval, as the Hand of Justice continues to move from place to place.  Man must open his eyes and heart to the way in which God is speaking to Him.  He is wanting to get the attention of His children, so that they will seek out His love and mercy, but many still do not understand the signs. 

Pray for those who still do not understand that God wishes for them to turn away from the world, and back to Him.  Pray for true conversions for all His children, so that they too, can realize that the peace they seek can only come from God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Now, go in My peace.  You have much to do today.  Do it with love and peace in your heart.