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December 2013
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 11, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus
 (Morning after arrival in Israel)

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You wish to speak with me?

Jesus:  I am here, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I am really tired, Lord, that was a very long flight, and it was difficult for me to get any rest.

Jesus:  You are pleased to be in My land, are you not? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, I am.  As You have said before, it is a gift to me from You.  I believe it. 

Jesus:  Enjoy your stay here, little one, and do not feel pressured to listen to Me or record what I have to say.  This is your time to relax and enjoy My land.  The land of My birth. 

Ruth Ann:  I certainly will take it all in, Lord.  It is special to me.  Thank You.  Is there anything You would like to have me write down before I get on with this day?

Jesus:  Child, be at peace with what is to come.  Live one day at a time.  Sufficient graces await you each day just for the asking.  Don't hesitate to call on Me for anything and everything.  You have much to do for Me in the days ahead.  So child, know I am with you, and do not become overwhelmed.  God does not ask of His children anything that is beyond their endurance.  Be not afraid.  These things that have been told to you in previous messages will be fulfilled, little one.  God has His hands upon you.  You will begin to realize the magnitude of your mission very soon.  But until then, be content to do all that is asked of you.  Continue to be obedient and share all that is being told to you.  Pray with those who seek your prayers.  I am with you and will give healings and blessings to all My children through you. 

As I have said to you before, the healings will be of My choosing, just as are the graces and blessings that are to be given to My children through you.  There is much work to be done.  The laborers are few.  Many of My children still choose to deny the importance of the times.  Many refuse to realize the signs being given are warnings to prepare them to open their hearts and receive the true gift of My Spirit.  My Mother prays without ceasing.  She works tirelessly, calling Her children to repentance.  Pray for all the souls who will be lost if they do not come to the foot of My cross and ask for forgiveness of their sins. 

You, child, have much to do, and you are being prepared for this difficult journey you must take in order to help Me save souls.  You have done much, and yet it is only a tiny bit of what is to be asked of you in the very near future.  Pray and prepare, little one.  Your Jesus is coming, and when I do, your whole life will change.  You will receive a complete healing, physically.  But child, your cross will become heavier than it has ever been before.  I am not telling this to you to alarm you.

Ruth Ann:  I am not alarmed, Lord, or frightened.  It's just that I am not worthy of such a gift. 

Jesus:  Little one, it is a special gift, and it is not without grave consequences.  It will be a blessing, but a mixed blessing, because it will cause your work to become more and more intense.  You say you are not worthy.  Many of My chosen ones have felt this, but remember, this gift is not of your choosing.  It is of God's choosing.  So be vigilant and prepare, little one.  Prepare to do the will of My Father as I have done before you. 

Now go in My peace, little one.  Know that I am God.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of April 7, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  Know that man cannot stop the will of God.  Sometimes the evil one, through man, can cause detours and changes, but know God will have His way no matter what man does or doesn't do.  My Mother has declared this special piece of land a holy place where Her children can gather to pray and receive special graces and blessings.  That cannot be changed by anyone or anything.  Those who come in faith to pray can attest to the peace and graces being given here in abundance.  You are being spoken to by My Mother and your Jesus.  No one and nothing can change that.  That, too, is the will of God. 

You have been asked to share what is being said to you.  This you are doing through 'helping hands' who are spreading the word of God through your messages and books.  You have been asked to pray for and with those who come seeking prayer.  This you do.  These things you have been asked to do, and you have been obedient.  This will not be stopped by man.  If God so chooses, that is another thing, but at the present time, this is God's wish that you do these things. 

Know that God has much more in store for you, little one.  Be at peace, little one.  When I come to you bearing My cross, your life as you know it today will completely change.  There will be no turning back.  Those who have had doubts as to what you are about and what God has been preparing you for will no longer misunderstand you, or your purpose in God's plan.  Be patient, little one, all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

Pray, fast, and be obedient.  Follow the instructions of your priest.  God will take care of the rest.  Now, be at peace, little one, and know all is in God's hands.  I love you, little one.  Receive My blessing and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon you in abundance this day.  Strength and energy are yours, little one, along with God's peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of May 23, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  Prayer brings about change, little one.  My Mother continues to touch the hearts of many and draw them to this special place of peace and prayer.  She is here, just waiting to bestow graces and blessings in abundance.  The Holy Spirit is making Himself known also in this special place.  This is holy ground, little one.  It is holy because God has chosen it to be so.  Know all who come here are being brought here for a special reason.  This is not just a random call.  Each person who comes has been picked by My Mother. 

She is calling together Her army of prayer warriors to fight a great spiritual battle.  The time is now for Her children to fight this battle of good against evil.  You can see the need in your families, your churches, your schools, your country, and the entire world.  The evil one continues to draw the weak away from God and into the abyss of Hell.  Pray, dear child, and encourage others to pray.  This is an important battle and one that can be won by those truly driven to do the will of God. 

Be not afraid, little one.  Your ministry is to grow.  God has a plan, a perfect plan.  All things will fall into place when the time is right.  Through your gifts, many hearts and lives are being touched.  You continue to be amazed at the people being brought here and their kindness to you.  Child, accept their kindness.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, I'm basically a simple country girl.  We barely had the essentials when I was growing up.  I never really realized I was poor until I went to school and saw that others had much more than I had.  Even that doesn't really matter.

Jesus:  Do not allow your pride to keep you from letting others experience the joy of giving.

Ruth Ann:  I just don't want my reward here, Lord.  I prefer it in the next life, and as difficult as all this is for me, I'm afraid I'm not heaping up a whole lot of graces for the great beyond.  My will continues to fight against your will.  I am so sorry that this is true, but You know this already, so I'm not revealing anything that's a surprise.  All those who read my messages are aware of my sins.  My soul is laid bare.  I'm ashamed so many people know these horrible faults that I have.  I should be grateful for everything You have asked me to do, and I continue to fight every inch of the way.

Jesus:  Little one, you feel inadequate and lowly.  You do not feel I have picked the right person for the job that has been prepared just for you.  Little one, you are not the first nor will you be the last who feels this way.  It is in your inadequacy that you do so much good.  It is in your humbleness that you continue to touch lives and hearts.  It is in your unwillingness that hearts are broken open.  Why?  Because My children who are made aware of the messages and hear your talks see the purity of heart.  They do not see arrogance, pride, nor haughtiness.  They see a genuine person struggling to do what is good and right, what is just, what is the will of God.  They, too, see a part of themselves in you.  You love Me, you love My Mother, and now, you love all of God's children.

Ruth Ann:  For someone who preferred animals over people, You've brought me a long way, Lord.  I would never have thought that possible.

Jesus:  All things are possible with God.  All you have to do, little one, is say 'yes', and keep yourself open to all God has in store for you to do.  You are being prepared gradually for what is to come.  You know in your heart all the things you have been told are to come about.  Continue to receive the Eucharist daily, little one.  This will provide you with strength to face what lies ahead.  All things will fall into place when the time is right.  I will come to you and ask you to carry My cross.  This can mean many things.  You know in your heart, you will accept any cross that God wishes to rest upon your shoulders.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  I'd just like to be as normal as possible, for as long as possible; 'normal' in the sense of not being sinful, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, all of My children are sinners.  If they weren't, there would have been no need for My death on the cross.  There would be no need for the prayers and sacrifices of others today to bring about the end of evil.  Just know, little one, God loves you.  My Mother loves you.  Continue to do all you can to help bring about the end to the spiritual battle of good against evil.  Continue to pray and touch the lives and hearts of those who are brought to you to be touched and in turn go out and touch others. Continue to be accepting of all those who seek to be of help to you in any way.  It will bless them in great abundance and will teach you to be accepting and more humble.

Ruth Ann:  I would rather give than receive, Lord.  Receiving is embarrassing for me.

Jesus:  You must learn to accept the love and generosity of others so they, too, can feel this special warmth and joy of giving.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Know I am with you throughout the entire day.  I love you, little one.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I love You.


Message of Nov. 11, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, will I ever experience joy and peace in serving You?

Jesus:  Little one, it will come.  There are changes coming about in your life that could not have come even weeks, or months ago.  You continue to grow and accept the cross put before you.  You wish to please Me, and you wish to do My will.  You wish to be of help to My children.  Your heart is full of love for Me.  With all of these things in place, the rest will come.  Of course, you have struggled.  This is to be expected.  You have been attached to many of the things of the world, but gradually you have been pulled away from each of those things that might keep you from giving all to Me.  You have finally been able to say to Me, "Everything I have and possess are Yours:  my family, my home, my job, my animals, my life, all are Yours."   When one of My children can say this to Me and truly mean it, I can truly use them to benefit the souls of many.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am no one special, and I still have moments when I struggle with what You want for me.  It's just as one person said to one of my daughters, 'Who does she think she is, your mother, that God would pick her out of millions of people to talk to?  Does she really believe that He is speaking with her?'

Jesus:  How sad, little one.  I would speak to that person if she would only take the time to listen.  I know these words being spoken by others hurt you, and hurt your family, but those who suffer for My sake, will be rewarded accordingly.  For the many who laugh and criticize you behind your back, and to your face, there will be those who believe and truly understand that God can work in the lives of His children in any way He chooses.  Know in your heart, little one, that yours is the Kingdom of God, because you have said 'yes'. 

Ruth Ann:  I keep waiting to become one who works for you in joy, Lord.  I said earlier that I don't feel peace in what I am doing; that really isn't so, when I think about it.  When I am praying for Your people, I do feel peace and joy.  I even find myself looking forward to praying with those who come seeking prayer.  I never thought I'd be able to say that, Lord.  I really don't even mind sharing and witnessing anymore.  It's just that I don't like being the focal point of anything.  I've never liked being in front of a group, but the more I give of myself, the more I find I want to give.

Jesus:  As you continue to be molded and prepared for what I would have you do, the joy will come.  Right now, you are feeling acceptance with these things you have struggled with for so many months.  You have come a long way, child.  Joy and the burning desire to serve Me were felt in the beginning of your conversion.  As your burdens became heavier and heavier, you experienced dread, fear, and frustration.  Doubts continue to plague and eat at you.  Now you are accepting those things I would have you do.  You don't really understand why you have been chosen, because you know your sinfulness.  As you grow in your love for Me, you will even feel less worthy.  But those who are truly caring and humble, can be used in mighty ways.  So these are important qualities that God wishes to see come about in those who serve Him. 

You are concerned about the article and picture in your local paper, about the farm and the prayer group that has developed, as a desire of My Mother.  You have been told God would take care of everything.  Your children have handled everything well, have they not?  I have provided them with the graces to do so.  All are proud of your stepping out in faith to answer God's call.  They too, have been brought along.  This did not happen overnight.  Each one has had crosses to bear, in order to prepare you for the ultimate cross.  My coming to you will be the ultimate cross.  But know, that God in His way, has prepared each one of you.  Be not afraid.  God's will be done.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know You will tend to all things.


Message of Jan. 28, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You have anything You wish to share today?

Jesus:  Little one, if you mean a message for your prayer group, that is not to be.

Ruth Ann:  I guess I'm just in the habit of having something to share.  I'm like everyone else, Lord.  I have taken it for granted that the messages would continue for a long, long time.

Jesus:  Little one, you have been told for many weeks now, the messages for prayer groups would cease.  Now that they have, you are concerned about whether it is a trick from Satan to cause you pain or embarrassment.  Also, you feel that it is because you have not been as cooperative as you think you should have been.  Little one, the messages have ceased through no fault of yours.  Be at peace with these words.  I am telling you, you were prepared gradually, just as all those who were listening, were prepared.  My Mother has said all She needs to say.  Now it is time for the messages already received, to be taken to heart.

You are not to worry or fret, little one, you have been told that the word 'change' would play a big part in your life.  The changes have begun.  The messages have ceased.  And there will be more.  Do not be discouraged, or dismayed.  All is in the Divine Plan.  You do not see the big picture, but if you could, you would be at peace, and pleased with all God has in store.  Your 'yes' little one, has brought with it many sacrifices, and much pain, but none of it has been in vain.  Think of the lives that have been touched, and the hearts that have been changed through the sacrifices made by you and your family. 

Never feel that anything you have done for God, no matter how great or small, has gone unnoticed.  The words you have shared, the testimony you have given, over and over, continues to touch the lives and hearts of those brought here to listen.  All of your gifts have been given to you to share.  It is up to God to decide if the gifts you have been given, are to be removed, and when.  It was time for the messages to cease.  They have been removed.  The timing was perfect.  Remember child, God's time, and not your own.  There will be other things removed as time goes on.  Giving your testimony will cease, little one, and you will begin to witness in a new way.  That too, is part of the plan.

When I come to you, and ask you to carry My cross, the witnessing will be evident without words.  You still have a difficult time believing I will come to you.  But, child, it is to be so.  Have I not told you that before I would come to you, you would begin receiving visions of Me?  This has been done through the special picture that you used to keep close to you in your bedroom.  Now, it is in the shelter for others to share.  You miss it, but you know the person who gave it, meant it for the farm, and not just for you.  Again, you have overcome a selfish desire, and have placed the picture in the shelter for others to see.

Ruth Ann:  You are correct, Lord.  I do miss it.  Even though it is still here on the property, it is not the same as having it near me at all times.  I still go out and pray before it when I have the time, and I do thank You for the visions that are so evident when I pray before it.  That is truly special, Lord.

Jesus:  I am only reminding you of that, child, for one reason, and that is because it is a forerunner for what is to come.  I have said I will come to you, and I want you to know I will keep My word.  My word is Truth, little one, so know in your heart, this too, is to be.  Not the day, or the hour, child, but it will be soon.

Ruth Ann:  Your 'soon', and my 'soon', are not the same, Lord.

Jesus:  It does not matter, little one.  It will be in God's time.  Now be at peace, little one.  You must give witness to the special way God has worked in your life, and continues to do so.  Know that My Mother and I are with you, through all that you say and do.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You again, Lord, for taking the time to speak with me.  I am always so concerned I am going to lose contact with You Both.

Jesus:  We will always be here for you, little one.  Even when We cease giving you words to share, We will continue to be here for you.  You have given up much for many.  This will not be removed from you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, and thank You.

Jesus:  Thank you for listening, and saying 'yes', little one.


Message of Feb. 4, 1995,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You have said You wish for me to listen.  I am here.

Jesus:  Little one, be not discouraged or disheartened over the loss of the messages from My Mother.  The purpose for which they were given has been tended to.  Those who were to listen, have listened, and those who have not, were given the opportunity to do so.  Now it is up to those who truly believe, to take the messages to their heart.  You seem to think that because the messages from My Mother have stopped, it was through some fault of yours.  This is not so.  The gift of the messages was for others.  They have been copied, and have been made available to others through the process.  Those who read these words will know that it is the messages that must be taken to heart.

The messengers have been chosen carefully, in order that they not place themselves, as what is important.  The words spoken to them from Heaven in special messages, are of the utmost importance.  Again, it is the words spoken that are important.  These words have been given to you, and you have listened and shared.  Now it is time for My children to take them to their heart. 

Be not afraid, little one, you have been obedient.  You have done what has been asked of you.  Continue to listen and pray, little one.  My children are in need of much prayer.  There is much suffering that is to come.  Be not afraid.  My Mother and I are with you, and will continue to be with you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I will always have need of You Both.

Jesus:  This is your gift, and you shall not have it removed from you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  That has been a concern.  I thank You for addressing that concern.  I was afraid because of my reluctance in doing Your will, that You were going to remove these gifts.

Jesus:  The 'gifts to share' will be removed in God's time, but We will continue to minister to you, for you have been faithful.  It is not your reluctance that God sees.  He sees you heart.  He sees your efforts.  God cannot multiply 'nothing' in the work of My children, but He can multiply each effort made to do His will.  You are thinking these words are not coming from God, because He can make anything from nothing.  This is true, child, but I am talking about the works of My children.  They must put forth an effort to do those things that please Me, before I can multiply those efforts.

Ruth Ann:  I understand, Lord.

Jesus:  I wish to give My children back a hundredfold, but I am unable to do so if they do nothing to warrant this gift.  I have told you that eventually all messages will cease, so this is to be so.  You are not to take any of this personally, little one.  God has a plan, and His plan is perfect.  That does not change anything that has been told to you.  It has all been recorded.  Now it is time for My children to reread and ponder those things that have been spoken to them by My Mother.  Soon, they will need to do the same with the messages that come from Me. 

You are going to witness in a new way, child.  When I come to you, and ask you to carry My cross, the messages will cease, and so too, will the testimony, or the 'talks' as you call them.  You will witness in a new way.  Be at peace, and know the time is drawing near.  God loves you, My Mother loves you, and know that you have much to do to spread the light, love, and peace of your Jesus, to many who have not yet received this gift. 

You are not through, child.  There is still much to come.  Be patient, and know I am with you, as you continue on this difficult journey.  The burden is heavy, and will continue to grow even heavier, but you are to be at peace.  Know it is all part of God's plan.  Your 'yes' has brought with it sacrifices, but it has also brought with it great rewards.  These are not to be of this life, or on this earth, but of life eternal.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  You are to go in My peace and love.  Be about My Father's business.


Message of Feb. 22, 1995,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it seems so many things have been happening in the past few weeks.  So many changes and many others now telling of even more changes.

Jesus:  Little one, that is exactly what is happening.  Are you not at peace with this?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, but normally You have waited for one change to take place, and for me to adjust, before something else is expected.

Jesus:  Just because you have been told of these changes, does not mean you do not have time to adjust between each one.  A certain peace will be given to you, as you accept each new change that is put before you.  You have been told many things, little one.  These revelations have been given to you so that you can write them down, reflect, and prepare.  None of what has been revealed to you is to cause you worry, doubt, or concern.  These are revelations to prepare you, and that is all.  You are to continue to live each day as you have done, and will continue to do. 

Be not afraid, little one.  Your Jesus is to come to you and ask you to carry His cross, and the gates of hell will not prevail against you.  The cross will be heavy, but it is not impossible to carry, little one.  It has been carried by others who have been willing to suffer for the sins of others.

Ruth Ann:  This always sounds so ominous, Lord.

Jesus:  It is not meant to sound that way, child.  Your Jesus wishes you to be preparing for this great gift.  If you do not know a special guest is coming to your house, you do not know to clean and prepare for this guest.  I am coming to you, and I wish you to prepare your heart for My coming.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, how can I ever prepare for such a gift?  I am unworthy, and can never be holy enough to accept such a blessing.

Jesus:  I am not asking you to become holy in order to receive such a gift, but I do wish for you to accept, and do not doubt, that this special grace is to be allowed to you.  Remember, it has been told to you before, God is the giver of gifts.  He chooses those gifts for those whom He desires.  It is His desire you receive this special blessing, and it will be so.

Ruth Ann:  It is not that I doubt God, for He can do all things, Lord, but why me?  I am nothing.

Jesus:  And again I say to you, little one, why not you?  You have heard His words, and you have listened.  You have heard the call of My Mother, and you have denied Her nothing.  No matter how difficult the task set before you, you continued to humble yourself as She has asked you to do, over and over.  You have asked Her to teach you to be humble, and She has done so.  She will continue to minister to you through the difficult times ahead, for this special gift that is to be will require many graces.  It will require the assistance of many.  Your burden will become heavier and heavier, little one, but know there will be many 'Simon's' willing to help carry this cross.  'Help carry'.  Notice the words I have chosen, for the ultimate burden will be yours.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, that is no different than before.  No matter how many You have sent to pray, and assist in other ways, the ultimate burden was mine.  I have accepted the sacrifice You have asked me to make, and You know no matter how difficult the cross, there is no turning back. 

My husband and I have tried to prepare the girls for a drastic change in our lives, and yet, we do not even know what it is You truly expect of us, or when it is to be.  They are truly concerned for my welfare, Lord, because they know just as I do, that You are a hard Taskmaster.  Those things that I have been asked to do so far, have been difficult for my family, as well as for me, so they are concerned since they know it is to be even more difficult than before.

Jesus:  I understand, child.  The family does suffer with, and for, the ones who are expected to do much for Me.  This cannot be helped.  The graces will be sufficient to sustain them.  Do not worry, little one.  You have given all to Me, and I will tend to all things.

Ruth Ann:  I am at peace with what You are saying, Lord, and I truly am not concerned for me.  If You say You will tend to all of my family, then I believe.  I love You, and I have said, "Thy will be done."  So know, Lord, whatever the cross, no regrets.  Let's get on with it, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, in My time, and in My way.   You must continue to be patient a little while longer.  There are still other things that must be tended to before all things fall into place.  Be at peace with all that is being told to you, and know God has His hand upon you.  Great graces continue to be poured out upon you and this land, in preparation for what is to come.  Be not afraid, all is in God's hands, and He is tending to all things.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.