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December 2014
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Nov. 30, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You wish to speak to me?

Jesus:  Little one, do you wish to listen?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Is there something in particular You'd like to tell me?

Jesus:  Only this, little one.  Know that God is pleased that you are taking the task put before you, seriously.  You are learning much by being unselfish with your time and sharing it with God and so many others.  The teachings I am sharing with you are for all of My children, so when you listen, it is as though you were in a giant assembly hall, listening to an important lecture.  The only thing is, you are the only one there taking notes, for all of My children who could not be there.  See how important it is for you to listen not only for Me but for all those who were unable to hear.  Would you have them miss a single word?  No, for you know what I am saying is of great importance.  I wish to thank you for listening little one, and for being obedient.  I am pleased you continue to listen, write, and share what is being said to you, so that those who cannot listen will know what I am saying.

I would like to talk to you about gifts, child.  So many of My children have been given special gifts and talents, and they continue to hold these gifts.  Gifts are to be shared.  They are not given to you for you alone to keep.  There are so many gifts that are going to waste, because My children think that these were given to them alone.  This is not true.  Some continue to say to themselves, "What is God's will for me?  How can I discern what it is He wishes for me to do?"  Be attentive, My children.  If you have a special gift, then know in your heart, I would have you share this gift with those around you.  I was an example for you.  I came from a very humble background, but I shared everything I had, including My life.  I expect no less from My children. 

Many of you say you have no special talent because you are not musically inclined, or artistically inclined.  That does not mean you do not have something to share.  Think of the corporal works of mercy your Jesus has stressed over and over, (visit the sick, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, bury the dead, visit the imprisoned, feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty).  These are but a few of the major concerns that need to be tended to. 

There are causes that need to be fought for, the abortion issue, to name one.  These do not take special talents, but it does take time and effort.  Time and effort that you should take so that the pain and suffering of your neighbor can find some relief.  Sometimes, giving of self is a greater gift than being blessed with a special talent.  We cannot all be gifted singers, artists, speakers, and so forth, but we can all be compassionate people who are willing to help our brothers and sisters.  It is important to know these things.  Anything you do to help the least of My children, you do unto Me.

During this Advent season, preparing for My humble birth, you should realize just how important these words are.  Many will not experience the warmth of a home, family.  These, the least of My children, are in need of the tender loving care and concern that comes from a love for your neighbor.  The greatest of My commandments, 'Love God and your neighbor as yourself for the love of God'.  If man would truly read and listen to what God is calling him to do in that one commandment, there would be no wars, no one without shelter, and no one hungry. 

Share your gifts and talents, children.  In some cases, it could be as simple as visiting the elderly who have no one to look out for them.  How much energy and time does it take to speak with someone lonely or needs the help of someone running an errand?  Put yourself in the place of one who is in need.  Would you not want someone to take the time to tend to your needs, or the needs of a family member?  What would your Jesus do?  If My children would ask themselves this question when they are not sure what they should do, they would never have a difficult time knowing what to do and when to do it.  Follow My example.  That is why My father sent Me to the earth, to teach My children by example what is expected of them.  The road is not easy, but once traveled, the rewards are great.  Love one another, and show this love by sharing what God has given to you.

Ruth Ann:  I will share what You have said, Lord.

Jesus:  Go in My peace, little one.  Thank you for listening and sharing My words.


Message of January 25, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know You are with me.  Please give me the graces to do all You would have me do.

Jesus:  Little one, this is something about which you need not be concerned.  All those who choose to do the will of God have sufficient graces and strength to do so.  You, child, have chosen to take a firm stand concerning your faith and trust in God.  As a result of this, the graces will be yours in abundance.  This does not mean that all will go easily, or there will not be suffering and persecution for you and your family.  But child, it means as you walk this long, difficult path, there will be help along the way.  There will be help in the way of little miracles, 'helping hands', and special blessings granted to you.  These are rewards for doing the will of God and has always been a means of sustaining those who witness to the goodness and love of their Creator.

Ruth Ann:  Why is this so difficult for some to accept, Lord?  The things I am telling are actual facts.  I would not tell them if they were not.  It's not easy for me to do, but I do it because I wish to be obedient.  If it touches only one heart, it is worth the anguish I am put through before each talk.

Jesus:  Child, many do not wish to hear what you have to say because it means once they believe and their hearts are touched, they must change their way of living.  A life full of materialism, noise, and the import-ance of self-worth will need to be changed.  Their whole world will be turned upside down.  I will have to come first, and all else will have to be prioritized accordingly.  To a people steeped in darkness, where true value of one's worth is based on how much one has accumulated, this is going to be quite a shock.  It isn't how much one has accumulated, but how one uses what I have allowed them to accumulate.  Those who are wealthy have an obligation to share what they have with those who have nothing.  Those who have much, have much to share.  Those who have little, have little to share.

'Love one another', does not only mean love from the heart.  It means show your love, do good works for your neighbor.  Man has shut himself off from his neighbor.  There are many reasons for this.  Man has become so busy in his own little world, he ignores those around him and doesn't even realize there are others that need tending to.  He has only time for himself, and his wants, and his needs.  If you love My children, you will see to their needs.  No one need be hungry, cold, or without clothing or shelter in a land of plenty such as yours. 

Sadness fills My heart for the truly poor of this world, to see them so downtrodden and without hope.  These are those I love most, the very least of My children.  When I came to the earth, I did not come to a family of wealth.  I came to live among the humble and poor of the world.  It is true, the poor you will always have with you, but it is a reminder to all of those who have more, that what they have is to be shared. 

When I speak of My children sharing what they have with their brothers and sisters, it can also be faith.  It can be witnessing to the good God does in your life.  There are many ways to show love for one another.  It is not always through money or monetary gifts.  It can be through a kindness, such as a kind word to someone who is in need of such.  It can be talking with someone who is lonely.  Man is not saved through faith alone.  Good works are truly a part of this journey of faith.  You cannot ignore the needs of those around you, and still consider yourself doing the will of God.  God wills that we love Him and our neighbor as ourself for the love of Him. 

Loving is caring and sharing, children.  All of you have something to share, whether it be time, money, faith, love, or a talent given to you by God.  Many are in need.  They hunger and thirst, many for those things that keep the body alive, but even more importantly, for those things that keep the soul alive.  You, child, in sharing these words with others, open hearts and eyes that are closed to the needs of others. 

Continue to share in word and deed all I am telling you.  In this way, you are tending to all of the needs of My children, and most importantly, hearts are being touched, and lives are being changed.  That should please you, little one.  It surely pleases Me.

Ruth Ann:  That is what counts, Lord.

Jesus:  Continue to witness, little one.  I will supply the graces needed as you continue on this important journey put before you by your God.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  Be with me and my family throughout the day and week.

Jesus:  Yes, child.  Go in My peace.


Message of April 28, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  As your ministry grows, so will your faith and trust in Me need to grow.  Much is ahead, little one, but you will be ready.  God does not choose those who are not willing to be molded and used in whatever way He chooses.  All is in His hands, little one.  He is the divine planner.  You need only to listen, do His will, and be patient.  God's plan is perfect.  Whatever He has ahead for you has been in the making for many, many years.  The evil one will continue to come up against you and your family, but know in the end God will win.  My Mother is assisting many in order to prepare them for the work God has in store.  Minister to My people.  That is your task at the present time.  Do so with love and patience, just as I did nearly 2000 years ago. 

Be an example.  Be a role model.  So few of My children have someone to look to for an example as living and doing the will of God.  Too many look to role models of the world of darkness.  They seek out role models in the rich and famous.  There is nothing wrong with wealth.  I, too, was in need of those who have money to help with ministering to the poor and My disciples.  God will not ask you how much you have accumulated in your years on the earth, but He will ask, "What did you do with the wealth I gave you?"  Some I have allowed to have more than others.  Hopefully those who have much will share with those who have little or nothing.  I have tried to be an example to My children so that they would have a role model to emulate.  Those who have paid little attention to My example have not learned to share in love, wealth, time, and talent.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I really am not talented, so all I have is what You have given me.

Jesus:  Little one, all of My children have a special talent.  Yours are many.  You seek to do the Will of God, you pray with My children, and you share your home, your time, and your life with others.

Ruth Ann:  I was thinking in terms of artistic or musical talent, Lord. 

Jesus:  Little one, each one has been blessed in some way.  You need not be blessed with all talents.  Those who have the talents needed to make the farm grow and be fruitful will continue to be sent to you.  They will tend to the farm, the grounds, and the buildings.  All your needs will be tended to because you have sought to do the will of God.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.

Jesus:  I know you have much to do today.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for Your beautiful words, Lord.


Message of November 30, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, is there anything You wish to say to me?

Our Lady:  Child, the time is nearing when I will no longer be allowed to minister to My children in the way I have been doing.  God in His mercy has allowed Me to come to the earth and minister to His children in many ways, through many of those who were receptive to this gift.  My heart is saddened for those who have not chosen to listen and take the messages to heart.  As your Mother, I am concerned for the welfare of your souls.  Many have listened with their ears to what has been said, but have not taken the words to their heart.

Many continue to search for answers that are not there, wanting to know the future.  If My children would only listen to what has been said, and take it to their hearts, much pain and suffering could be avoided.  But man continues to believe that he is in control of his life and his destiny.  He gives God no credit for all that he has, and is.  God does not care how much you have, but He does care what you do with what has been given to you.  When you stand before the Throne of God on judgment day, He will hold you responsible for, and accountable for, the use of all He has allowed you to have in this world.  For those who have been given much, much is expected.  My children must come to realize that money and materialism are not to be the focus of their lives.  There is only one God.  There is only one life that is important, and that is eternal life. 

Man frets over his earthly life, wanting to satisfy his earthly pleasures and desires, and he thinks not of his soul.  Your life can end in the blink of an eye, little children, and all the material possessions you have gathered together, can be removed just as easily as it was given to you.  Imagine yourself with all your material wealth and possessions removed.  What do you have left?  Is your faith strong enough to accept this kind of hardship?  What if your good health was to be removed?  Is your faith strong enough to be tested in such a way? 

Focus on My Son.  Tend to your immortal souls My little ones, and let God tend to all your needs.  Arrange your priorities.  Put God first.  He loves you, and wishes your souls to be saved.  My concern for you is great.  You must choose to live for God, and not for the world.  Your body lasts but an instant.  Your soul lasts forever.  I wish for your soul to be in Heaven for all eternity.  Pray, dear children, and know I am praying with you.  Go in My Son's peace.


Message of Dec. 29, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am listening.

Jesus:  Little one, you seem to be concerned about the future.  Don't you know you are in God's hands?  Live each day to its fullest extent of your love for Me, and I will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it seems like so many things come at once.  My life continues to be a roller coaster ride.  Every time something really good happens, then something goes wrong, or something bad happens, to bring me down.

Jesus:  Little one, it is because you have not yet learned to put all things in God's hands over which you have no control.  Life will continue to be full of ups and downs, until you are able to take all things in stride, knowing full well that I will tend to all your needs and concerns.  Trust, little one, you must trust.  Do not worry about tomorrow.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, how can I not be concerned about tomorrow?  You tell me my ministry is going to change, and I will be doing even more for You, yet right now, I am only doing those things that I was doing before.

Jesus:  Little one, you do not even realize that your ministry has, and is, changing.  You are witnessing at your farm weekly, are you not?  This was something My Mother has asked you to do.  She has said 'numbers' did not matter.  She has said all hearts will be touched in some way.  She has seen to those who need to be here.  You do not have to do a thing.  It will all be done for you.  Either by word of mouth, or other hearts touched, the word will reach those who need to hear what you have to say.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, after giving the talk so much, and hearing the stories that others share, I'm feeling I don't have that much to share.

Jesus:  You are too close to what has, and is, happening in your life to realize all that has, and continues, to happen is a result of your testimony, messages, and praying for others.  You are unable to see all the forest for the trees, little one.  You are drawing My children back to Me.  You are assisting Me and My Mother in the great harvesting of souls.  Through your prayer, you are ministering to My children, and they are receiving healings, gifts of the Holy Spirit, child.  You continue to feel you are not doing much, but remember, anything you do that is of help to Me in the salvation of souls, is important.  You are not important, but the work you do on My behalf, is important.  You need only continue to be patient, obedient, and trust.  You are the instrument through which I am working, and will continue to work, until all I would have you do is complete. 

Each of My children on the earth have been given gifts.  Some use them, and some do not.  Your gift of faith is a gift that is being used to help others.  Faith begets miracles, little one.  Those who have the faith to accept and receive these miracles, can touch the lives and hearts of those ready to receive.  Hearts are broken open, eyes are having the blinders removed, and ears are being able to hear the words that God chooses them to hear.

As My Mother has said, little one, 'numbers' matter not.  It is hearts that are touched, and souls that are being saved, that matter.  Through the rippling effect, more and more will be touched.  You are touching more lives than you can ever imagine.  The messages given to you by Me and My Mother, are in print, and reaching out and touching many.  Many can relate to what has been said to you, and can apply these same words to their lives.  That is why I have said to you, this gift has not been for you alone.  It has been for you to share with others.  Questions are being answered for many, and many are finding strength in these words given to you.

As you struggle, so too, are My children struggling with all kinds of hardships.  My words, given to you, are for them.  They can read these words, and find a light at the end of their dark tunnels.  As you grow and find peace, so too, will those of My children reading what you have written, grow and find peace.  God's plan is perfect, child, and He can use those willing to be of help to Him in many ways.  You touch hearts, and those hearts that have been touched, touch others.  See how God works?  Through the prayer and sacrifice of His humble servants, His work is being done.

You have been chosen to be His hands and feet, here on the earth.  To minister to His people.  This is not through your merit, but through God's love and mercy.  Continue to listen, be obedient, and share.  God's love is with you, as is the strength needed to continue on this journey of faith.  Be at peace, and know I am with you as your life undergoes the growth needed to do all that is asked of you.  Change will continue in your life.  Know that this change will come, and graces and strength needed to do all that is asked of you, will be given to you.


Message of Jan. 10, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You have encouraging words today?

Jesus:  Little one, each of My children is in need of encouraging words from time to time.  You do realize, the more you try to be like Me, the more the evil one will try to convince you of your unworthiness to minister to My children.  The evil one continues to torment those of you trying to do the will of God.  That is because he is the father of lies.  He wishes to cause doubt and turmoil in the lives of all God's children.  It is not just My chosen ones that he continues to harass, but all those who wish to do the will of My Father in Heaven.

Be at peace, little one, you are being granted a respite, and you should be grateful.  Instead, you fret because you are afraid you have offended Me in some way, and that is why you are not busy doing more than I would have you do.  The Lord has work for you to do.  Remember, this is the third weekend of the month, which means you will be very busy this weekend.

Ruth Ann:  But, Lord, the groups are very small.

Jesus:  You expected even fewer, did you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, due to the winter storm that morning, I really expected no one.

Jesus:  I have told you, those whom God wishes to be here, will be here.  It matters not the weather.  You have also been told that numbers mean nothing.  It is who is touched that is important.  Those who are touched, will in turn touch others, through their witnessing.  That is the way God works.  You are only an instrument, child.  You can do nothing without Me.  So, know that the words spoken to you, and the people sent to you, are truly from Me.  I will do all things for those willing to follow in My footsteps.  You continue to be obedient in all things. 

When I walked on the earth, I spoke the Word of the Father.  Those who were to hear, had their ears opened.  Those who were to see the miracles I performed, had their eyes opened.  Those who were to be touched, took what was said to them to their heart.  From that point on, their lives were changed.  All you are asked to do, little one, is to share, and be a beacon of light for those struggling in darkness.  Remember, if life becomes difficult for you, how must it be for many of My children who do not have access to hearing My words. 

You have a special gift.  You can speak to Me whenever you choose.  You have access to the heavenly words of My Mother, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father.  Be not afraid, little one, the words you are asked to share are here to give peace and hope to those of My children in need of this hope.  All of My children struggle in some way, and yet those who love Me, continue to seek ways and means of staying on My path, no matter how difficult.  These words given to you out of love, are there for you, but they are also there for all My children in need. 

You are not to worry about tomorrow.  Live each day in the fullness of God's love.  He wishes you to have peace, and He wishes this peace to radiate to all those who come in contact with you.  Your ministry is far from over, little one.  Do not doubt the goodness and greatness of God's mercy.  He has granted you miracles, and He has given you special gifts.  These miracles and gifts are for you to share. 

My Mother speaks of sharing one's gifts with others, in your message for prayer group this week.  You did not understand the significance at the time, but later you came to know why the gifts that are given, are for you to share.  The feast of the Epiphany, and the homilies surrounding that feast, reinforce the messages given to you by My Mother.  You had doubts as to why such a message was given, but once again, God has shown you, that as long as you listen, and are obedient to His will, He will reinforce all you do, so you know that He is present in the words you share with others.  All of My children are to share their gifts with others.  No matter what the gift, it should be shared.  Those who do acts of kindness to others, are exercising the gift of charity.  The gifts need not be great.  Not all of My children can be musicians, or great listeners, but anything done out of the love of God, or shared out of love for Him, can be a gift to be given to others.  It is not the gift, but what one does with that gift that is important. 

That, child, is why you are asked to share those things that God has done in your life.  That is why you are asked to share the words spoken to you, and that is why you are to pray with those who come to you seeking prayer.  Those gifts have been given to you to share.  Be an example for those of My children who are unable to brave the storm of darkness that surrounds them.  If they see you do those things you find most difficult to do, they will find strength and trust in their God, to have the desire to share with others their gifts. 

You had lost your peace before speaking with Me, had you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, I had.

Jesus:  Now it has been restored.  This is My gift to you, for listening and sharing these words I have spoken to you.
Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for returning my peace.

Jesus:  Child, you need not lose it.  Trust in Me.  Do not let the doubts and fears of tomorrow, darken the light of today.  Be at peace, little one, living this day, and the respite being given to you.  More is to come.


Message of May 29, 1991, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

You must realize that God loves you.  As a result of this love, He has given you many gifts.  These gifts are not for you alone, but are for all those around you.  Share your special gifts.  As a result of this sharing, you will become closer and closer to Our Lord.  Turn your lives over to God.  In so doing, you are doing His will.  You were made to know, love and serve God.  How better can you do this than by doing His will?  These special gifts given to you by the Holy Spirit are not only to help you find salvation, but are there to help you to help others to salvation.  Share your gifts.  Love one another enought to share these gifts.  As you do this, you will know God.  You will become one with Him.


Message of Nov. 17, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

My blessing I give to you for you are in much need of blessings and graces.  The world is full of unrest, and you being a part of the world, are experiencing the turbulence of doubt, fear, and unrest.  Dear children, it is important that you focus your mind and heart on God during these troubled times.  He is your peace and salvation.  His love is a light that radiates throughout the darkness.  My Son was sent to you as an example of light, love, peace.  He lived and died for you so that you would know what God expects of you.  Share your wealth that God has given you.  Your gifts of prayer and praise, compassion and love, are to be shared in helping all those in need.  Gifts from God are not given to keep, dear children, they are given to you to share.  I love you. Go in God's peace.

Message of January 4, 1995, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

As your Mother, I am here to be of help to you in any way you need.  God loves you, and because of this love, He continues to find ways to touch you in a special way.  Each one of you has been given a special gift.  These gifts are not for you to keep, nor hide under a bushel.  They are there for you to share.  Just as a light is extinguished if it is covered, so too, are your gifts.  In sharing your gifts with others, they are not only kept glowing, but they continue to grow and burst into a giant flame, to warm the hearts of all those with whom you share.  Share your gifts so God's love and peace will radiate to those around you.  Pray, little children.  Accept the challenge I am giving to you, so that others may experience God's peace, and the beauty of God's gifts given to you to share.