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December 2015
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of August 5, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know You are wanting to speak to me, what is it You wish to say?

Jesus:  Child, you are in need of encouraging words.  You have a talk this evening, do you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, and You are right, I am in need.  I was not ready to listen because of my own irritation at having to do this.

Jesus:  Little one, you are not hurting Me when you do these things, you are only hurting yourself.  You are denying yourself the peace to get through the day, so you will have the calmness you need in order to give your talk.  I am only trying to help make all you do, and need to do for Me, a little easier.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have come to the conclusion it is never going to become easy for me.

Jesus:  You are right child, but even in the pain and suffering of this knowledge, you can still experience peace.  There can be peace with pain and suffering of all sorts if one knows they have a divine purpose to fulfill.  Even those of My children who suffer severe pain through disease, poor health, loss of a loved one, or any of the pains of life that befall them, can find peace as long as they accept the suffering for My greater honor and glory.  So you, in pain, suffering, and sharing, gain graces for those who are to hear of the mighty deeds I have done in your life.

For many, you bring hope, little one, for some, you bring salvation of their souls, and for others, you bring peace with the suffering and trials of their own lives.  You do not realize the significance of your suffering, but it is extremely important to Me that you have accepted your cross, so that others too, can be at peace with their cross, which they suffer in their life.  You bring healings of all sorts to My children just in your witnessing and prayer.  For many, it is just a great faith boost.  So many of My children have strayed from the teachings of their childhood.  These teachings brought them a faith and trust in God, that over the years has waned.  Now I am sending out new disciples to enkindle in My children the love and faith that is needed to get through the difficult times ahead.  For some, it is just a rebuilding of that love, for others, it is a new love and trust in Me.  When they hear all you have experienced through your love and trust in Me, it gives them hope and peace, for which there is great need.  Be not afraid.  That which you experience is not without the rewards of eternal life for you and others.

Ruth Ann:  I know that what You are saying is true, Lord, and I will be fine tomorrow.  Not only fine, but I'll be on a high.  Then comes the day after that, and I'm usually at an all-time low.

Jesus:  Little one, I have told you there will be peaks and valleys.  Did I not experience these same feelings?  Did not all those who have followed in My footsteps experience the peaks and valleys?  That is true of all My children.  They experience these feelings in their lives through their jobs, relationships, loss of loved ones, just the daily living brings with it these peaks and valleys.  To accept them, and live them for God, brings graces and blessings.  Anything done for the greater honor and glory of God, brings with it great rewards. 

So continue to persevere, child.  Be that hope and light for My children in darkness.  They are in need of encouragement along their difficult path of life.  They need to hear that I am here with you and them.  I am still working miracles, just as I did two thousand years ago.  Through those of you who have listened and accepted the crosses being sent to you to share, others will be saved.  It is as simple as that, little one. 

Be at peace with this day, and all you are called to do.  Know that many are praying for you to help you on your way to Calvary with this very heavy cross that you carry.  I am with you, and so is My Mother.  Great graces will be given out this day through your sacrifice and pain.  I will touch many hearts through your witnessing and prayer.  Miracles will abound as always, little one.

Now go about your day in peace.  I am with you and so is My abundant love.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I'm glad I listened.  I love You so much, Lord.

Jesus:  I know your heart, child.  I know the struggling with what you do has nothing to do with your lack of love for Me.  The struggle comes from your humanness, little one.  You are afraid of making a fool of yourself.  You are embarrassed for emptying your heart and soul in front of others.  If you are too embarrassed, or make a fool of yourself, what better reason to do it than for Me.

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord, as always.


Message of Sept. 29, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, please help me to have the strength and courage to do Your will.  So many of your people are struggling, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, you are right when you say 'so many of My children are struggling'.  But why are many struggling?  It is because the prince of darkness and father of lies has them confused and full of fear for their souls, and the souls of their loved ones.  He has left them with the idea that all hope is gone.  Where there is life, there is hope, and where there is hope, there is the redeeming Lord and Savior waiting with outstretched arms.  He wishes to welcome them back into His Heart, and into the comfort of His tender loving care.  Your Jesus awaits each one, as the father of the prodigal son awaited his return from a life of sin and rejections, and all that was good and holy. 

It matters not what you have done, little children.  Come to Me.  I have died on the Cross for your sins.  They have been forgiven.  Repent and start over, little ones.  Find your peace in Me, the Prince of Peace.  My Mother continues to call out to all, 'Return to My Son.  God loves you'.  This is so, little one.  There is so little time, and yet My children still hesitate and wait for more signs that these things are for real.  Man wishes to wait until the last minute to turn his life over to Me, yet he knows neither the day nor the hour of My coming. 

Man must wake up and face facts.  The world is changing, and it is not for the good.  All the signs that My children continue to receive do not seem to make an impression on them.  Those of you who are listening must continue to listen and pray for hardened hearts to be broken open.  You know and I know, that prayer can move mountains.  As I walked on the earth and per-formed many miracles, I turned to My Father in Heaven in prayer.  You too, must turn to prayer.  Ask God to forgive those who continue to turn their back on Him.  Ask for His mercy on all those who deliberately break all the rules set down for man in the Ten Commandments.

The world is in a sorry state, little one.  It is not through the fault of your Creator.  It is through the grace and mercy of God, however, that man is still alive and the earth has not been destroyed.  Much prayer is needed for your world.  More must listen, and take the messages being sent here from Heaven more seriously.  My Mother is serious about the heavy hand of God.  She is serious about the need for prayer, fasting, and turning away from all that is evil.  She is serious when She says, "Turn back to God, and choose good over evil."  When will My children listen, and take seriously, all that is being said and shown to them? 

Continue to do all that is asked of you, little one.  You will be given the strength to witness to the greatness and goodness of God.  I know it is difficult for you to be visible and walk among My people.  Your personality is such that you prefer to stay hidden from the public.  It is because of this that you are asked to do the things you are to do.  Pick up your cross and follow Me.  You have heard these words before, have you not?  The cross will become heavier, and heavier, little one, but you will have many  'Simon's' to assist you along the way, through prayer, support of family and friends, and the love of your Jesus, your cross will be carried. 

So be not afraid.  Know that I am with you, and will give you all the strength and support you need along your path to Calvary.  Let My children know that if I can work miracles in your life, they too, have hope.  My love is just as real today as it was 2000 years ago, and so is the strength and power of your God.  The Holy Spirit is working in a powerful way in these, the end times.  Be accepting of this gift that is so needed in your world today.  Be at peace, little one, continue to serve your God, and do all that is asked of you.  God's love and strength is there for you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of October 4, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I had such peace yesterday after speaking with Your Mother.  I think I truly felt blessed with this gift, instead of the mixed emotions that I usually feel.  I usually feel my gift has been a mixed blessing because of all the sacrifices and struggles that have come with it. 

Jesus:  My Mother has a way of giving peace to all those whose lives she touches in any way.  I sought this peace during My public life.  When I was rejected, tired, and discouraged, I always sought the refuge and comfort that My Mother could bring to Me.  You have discovered Her warmth and encouragement in hours when you have felt abandoned and alone with your cross.  All of My children can find the same source of strength and encouragement in this special Mother.  She is special in the eyes of God, for She was chosen to be the Mother of His earthly Son.  She is special because She has cared and nurtured His Son unto His death on the cross. 

Now She is tending to all His children on the earth.  She is concerned for all.  She wishes all of God's children to have the peace and feelings of hope that you experienced yesterday.  She wishes you, to keep that feeling of warmth and protection from all that would bring you unrest and the feeling of abandonment.  Stay close to Her in prayer.  She wishes to be your Mother, your strength, and your refuge, not just for you, little one, but for all God's children.

Ruth Ann:  I feel so sorry for Her.  She is so kind, loving, and caring.  I can hear and feel it as She speaks with me.  She is so concerned for all of us, and works so hard continuously, to bring us out of darkness, and closer to You.  Yet so many of us ignore Her.  Many think She is only for Catholics, and refuse to give Her the love and respect She deserves.

Jesus:  You are correct, little one.  She is here for all God's children, as is Her special prayer, the Rosary.  Many need to use this source of strength in this time of darkness.  You are feeling many of the feelings of My children so that you can understand their needs.  You have felt despair, abandonment, hurt, anger, frustration, fear, doubt, and the list could go on and on.  The reason for these feelings being allowed to come upon you, is for the sake of others.  They must know that there is hope for them.  There is a place of refuge for them.  There is a source of strength and peace that many have not tapped, or bothered to seek.  In a time when God's children struggle so, My Mother is a great source of strength and comfort.  She was, and is, there for Me, and continues to be there for all of God's children.  Those who have no earthly Mother, have not realized the source of love beyond earthly limits, if they have not turned to My Mother in their time of sorrow, grief, fear, or a feeling of abandonment.

My Mother is there to help and guide you to the source of all that is holy.  She was, and is, the epitome of holiness and goodness.  She wishes to share this love She has to give to all God's children, and wishes to draw them out of the darkness and back to the source of light.  You were touched by the love and kindness given to you yesterday when you were in need.  This awaits all of God's children.  She truly loves and cares for all, and wishes to see all attain Eternal Salvation.  She knows what awaits those who listen and live God's Word in the Holy Scriptures.  She also knows what awaits those who choose evil over good, and darkness over light. 

As a good and holy Mother, She wishes only good things for Her children, so those who seek the love and solace of My Mother can never go wrong.  She wishes to bring all to Me.  This too, is the will of God, that all His little children come unto Him Who loves them.  Those who love My Mother are best loved by Me.  I have said this before, and I will say it over and over.  She has experienced deep pain and sorrow through the 'fiat' She gave to the will of God.  She has suffered My agony and death, and She continues to suffer for all the children lost to Her Son.  She has suffered My pain of rejection, humiliation, and eventually My death.  She is your Mother, and has earned that right through the greatness of the One Who chose Her for this role.  She has played a great part in the salvation of mankind, and continues to do so.  Listen to the words being spoken to you by Her, and live these words.  They are from Heaven, and are being brought here by One Who loves you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for this message, Lord.

Jesus:  It is to be shared.

Ruth Ann:  It is written, Lord.  It will be shared.


Message of October 5, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Be at peace with one another.  The Lord, God, Yahweh is in your midst.  He brings hope for those who have no hope.  Sing praises to His name!  His love lasts forever.  It is like an eternal flame that burns brightly and can never be extinguished.  Accept this love that is unconditional.  Let Me, your Mother, lead you to this light that burns on in this time of darkness.  Take My hand and let Me assist you during these troubled times.  I am praying with you for all those needs you hold dear to your heart.  Do not lose the hope extended to you by your God.  Desire to please Him Who loves you.  Know He is listening and tending to each prayer.  Go in My Son's peace.


Message of Dec. 7, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Know God in His infinite love and mercy, is providing great graces for you.  Here in this Advent Season, you await the birth of a tiny Babe, just as I did two thousand years ago.  It is through this gift of My Son, that God showed His true love for His people.  Without this gift, man would not be allowed to enter the gates of Heaven.  Think about this, little children.  Hold this in your heart.  The gift of God's only Son, sent to the earth of humble parents, and in humble surround-ings, is an example of what should be important in life.  Your soul, children, that is what is important.  God, through your Mother, is holding out this special gift of Salvation to you.  Will you accept  Him, and take Him in your heart?  Through this accept-ance, you will find peace and hope for a new life.  God loves you.   Accept this gift.


Message of Dec. 7, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, when You said the words, "God, through your Mother, is holding out this special gift of Salvation to you,"  I was given a beautiful image of You holding out the Baby Jesus in both hands, with arms extended in front of You, as though You were giving Him to someone.

Our Lady:  Child, that is what I have been doing, over and over, since His first appearance on the earth.  I have continually offered Him to My children, over and over again, and will continue to do so until I will no longer be allowed.  I wish for all souls to be saved.  I want all souls to know the beauty of God's love.  The gift of His Son as a human sacrifice, for the forgiveness of their sins, was the ultimate Sacrifice from your loving Father.  This supreme Sacrifice has brought you the light and hope needed in a world of darkness.  My Son suffered and died for you, My little children, and I too, suffered His Passion and Death.  As each one of you accepts this cross you must bear, know that at the end of carrying this cross, is the hope of life eternal. 

Yes, I have held out the gift of My tiny Son to you, but wrapped in the beautiful gift of a tiny Babe, is hope for mankind.  Hold onto this hope.  Take My Son, and hold Him to your heart.  This special gift of love awaits you.  You need only reach out your hand, and let Me place Him there for you to hold.  Accept Him, and find the peace, love, and hope He brings to a troubled world.


Message of Dec. 17, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, is there anything in particular You wish to speak to me about today?

Jesus:  You are being over-whelmed by all you have to do today.  Are you sure you wish to listen?

Ruth Ann:  I need Your peace, Lord.

Jesus:  Then listen.  All those things you need to do will be accomplished.  Put Me first, and all things will fall into place.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Many forget that, especially during the holidays when man has filled every minute of his waking hours with tasks that have nothing to do with his spiritual life.

This is a beautiful time of year, but man has turned it into a time of stress and frustration.  There is so much that can be learned by reflecting on this holy season, this time set aside to prepare for the celebration of the birth of the One Who came to save man from his sins and eternal damnation.  The One Who was, is, and is to come, has been shoved aside for commercialism. 

What has happened to My children?  How far man has strayed from the path!  But where there is life, there is hope.  Those of you who pray and realize the true meaning of the Advent Season, continue to pray and reflect on what all your Lord and Savior has done for you.  Meditate on the gift of My Mother and Her 'yes' to the will of God.  You too, can say 'yes' to His will, and help change a world hidden in darkness.  Through prayer and example, you can bring My children into light. 

Witness to the greatness and glory of the One Who has saved you from your sins.  Share with those who have no hope for the gift of salvation.  Help them realize that I came to the earth to save man from His sins.  I came to conquer death, death of a physical nature, and death of a spiritual nature.  That means all My children have the hope of eternal life.  What a special gift that has been given to all those on the earth!  My Father in Heaven has given all of His children the gift of light, life, and peace, both physical and spiritual, and they do not take time to acknowledge that great gift that only He could give.

Some will go to Christmas Mass and say, "Oh, how beautiful,"  but then, that will be the end.  Others will be too busy to even work Mass into their schedules.  Man is concerned he cannot find peace.  He looks for it in material things:  alcohol, sex, the blaring sounds of distractions, and many, many other distractions.  Peace comes from Me.  I am peace.  I am the One Who has brought that gift into the world by My birth.

Reflect on what I have said, children.  Realize that peace is at your fingertips.  Put Me first, and all other things will fall into place.  My Mother, with Her simple 'Fiat', has given a gift to the world never before given.  She gave physical life to God, so He could come to the earth to bring peace, love, joy, and hope of a life eternal, to a world in darkness.  My children need to be awakened to the gift of this great miracle.  They need to realize that it was through the greatness of God's mercy that they are given a chance at rebirth. 

It is time for My children to know this, and keep it in their hearts.  It is not just enough to say, "Oh, I know all about that."  One must take all of these things to their heart.  Take all of these things to your heart throughout this season and the days thereafter.  Keep them in your heart.  Let them change your life so that you, too, will be able to say your 'yes' to the will of My Father.  That is what He is asking of you throughout this season.  His gift to you of the holy family is His example of faith, love, and trust in Him.  Join Mary, My Mother, Joseph, My earthly father, and Myself, your Jesus, in this holy season, this time, an opportunity for renewal, and say 'yes' to your God and Savior, and 'no' to the things of the flesh.  Die of self, repent of your sins.  The Kingdom of God is close at hand.  Make straight the way of the Lord, and bring true conversion into your life.

Ruth Ann:  That sounds easy, Lord, but every year the season gets more and more hectic for everyone.

Jesus:  That is the choice of those who do not put Me first.  Be at peace, little one.  Know I am God, and have come to the earth to save mankind from the world of darkness.  God's will, will be done.

Ruth Ann:  I am at peace, Lord.  I'm glad I took the time this morning to listen. 

Jesus:  I, too, am pleased, little one.  Your day will be blessed with My gift of peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Dec. 25, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Jesus:  Thank you, little one.  Not many will remember to tell Me that.  Not many will remem-ber the real reason for this day and the events in history that My birth brought into play, for without My birth, there could have been no passion and death.  There could have been no resurrection.  Man could and would not have a chance at eternal salvation the he has today.  It took the birth of a tiny baby to bring all these events about.  Now, little one,  it is up to man to realize those truths and accept them so he can have the peace and love of His Creator.  That is the only real peace.  That is the only important peace.

Ruth Ann:  Do You really think that will happen Lord?  Do You really think Your children will ever really realize that all the externals are not important, only the spiritual is truly important?

Jesus:  Little one, this has been a struggle for My children since man was created.  It has only continued to become worse as man has become more and more knowledgeable.  He has looked for easier and better ways of doing things.  This is good, but he must remember where his knowledge to create and make better has come from.  Man seems to think he is so brilliant he can do all things.  Man has forgotten some important facts in all of his pride.  Where did he come from?  Why is he here?  Who created him?  There is so much My children forget, but soon they will be reminded of all these things.  God continues to try to prepare His children for His Son's Second Coming. 

In doing so, He has sent His Mother to minister to His children all over the world.  She is calling all of you back to the right path, and She will continue to do so until She is no longer allowed.  Many of you are listening and taking Her words seriously.  Many of you are sharing the many miracles and graces that have changed your lives.  Through the generosity of your faith and trust in God, and your love for your brothers and sisters, you are ministering to each other to boost each other's faith.  The words, gifts, and messages are to be shared.  That is how My children who struggle in the darkness, looking for a reason to believe in something, will be brought into the light. 

Each seed planted has an opportunity to grow.  If the seed is not planted, it cannot grow.  Seeds must be planted, and it is through those such as you who are responsible for planting many seeds.  Many of My children no longer go to church to listen to the word of God through My priests.  How can they receive the words and Sacraments and graces they need to survive in a world covered with darkness?  They are being touched and brought back by those of My children chosen by My Mother and Me to witness to the goodness of God.  They are being touched by the love and blessings God has shown you, and by your example, being brought back into the churches to receive the word of truth, light, and life.  Places and people are being used all over the world as a means of grace for My children.  Lives are being touched, little one. 

Continue to be obedient.  Continue to listen and share what is being said to you.  God loves His children, even those who have turned their back on Him.  They need only to repent and come back to Him.  He is waiting with open arms to receive them, just as the world waited with open arms for My birth.  If they only knew then, what they know now, much suffering would have been spared for all.  But even then, man turned his back on an event that was to bring about a change for the entire world.  How hard are the hearts of My children?  Pray for them, child.  Pray for the hearts of all those who are in need of a true conversion.  Pray that many be touched throughout this season and be brought back to the true meaning of life, the gift of love which is Jesus Christ, His birth, death, and best of all, His resurrection, your gift of light, love, and peace eternal.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for these words.  Too, thanks to Mary and Joseph for being obedient servants of God so all these events could take place.

Jesus:  They listened and were obedient, little one.  You, too, must do the same.

Ruth Ann:  With Your help, all things are possible, Lord.

Jesus:  Go in My peace.  Enjoy this special day with your family and friends.  Thank you for putting Me first.  Love all My children.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.