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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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February 2006
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of November 14, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am feeling guilty. I feel I am not writing as much as I should, the messages that You are giving me. I am feeling that I should spend more time in dialogue with You.

Jesus: That will be your choice, little one. I will encourage, but I will not demand that you write every day.

Ruth Ann: You know now that I will try, even if it is only for a few minutes, Lord. How did my life get so full? I don't see how I managed to teach, give talks, attend Mass daily, and all the other things, and have time to write what You were telling me.

Jesus: You found the time because you realized how important it was to share what I am saying with you. You attended Mass and prayed because these are all things you have been told to do. The Sacraments strengthen, and so does prayer, not only the one who prays, but the one being prayed for. Reading My words in the Sacred Scripture, the New Testament, is extremely important, so that you can grow. You must learn to attend retreats when it is possible, because that is also a source of growth. You need strengthening, little one, for what lies ahead. You have many praying for you, and this is of importance. Many realize in their hearts that much more is in store for you, that your cross is not an ordinary one. Your priest, too, is aware of this, as are many of the members of your prayer group.

Ruth Ann: I am blessed, Lord, to have so many who are concerned about my welfare. I have friends that truly care about me.

Jesus: Child, that is because they see more than you see. They look at you and say, "I would like to have her gift, but I would not like to give up my life for others." The two are one. They cannot be separated. So too, are the trials and tribulations that go with all you are doing. The pressure is great, but it will continue to grow, little one. That is the reason for your respite. Enjoy the time you have. The time will come when you will have time for little else except what I would have you do.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I will surely have time for my grandchildren. You won't take everything away from me, will you? I love my family. They are all a part of me.

Jesus: I will not, and do not, expect to take you from your family. I know how much they mean to you, and that is as it should be. I am only telling you that what I will have you do for Me will require more and more of your time. It will be more and more difficult to find time for your family. You will have to carve out time for them, just as you are doing for Me and prayer at this time in your life.

Ruth Ann: Lord, many are asking me where I was moving to, because they had read in a message that this place will become a retreat house, manned by retired priests.

Jesus: My Mother has spoken of this to you, and this is to be so. All of this will come to pass.

Ruth Ann: Other people are saying, "How can this be, since Jesus tells you the end is near?"

Jesus: I have not said the end is near. You have been told that time is running out and that I will be coming soon. These things are true. I have also said I will come to you and ask you to carry My cross, and that too, will be soon. Be not afraid, little one. You will be told all you need to know when the time is right.

You will need to move from where you live for more than one reason. Not only because you will not have peace, but the house will be used by those who wish to find peace. The two sound contradictory, but they are not. You will need quiet and solitude in order to pray, and it will not be available to you in your present location. That does not mean you will be moving far away. You will remain there when you are needed.

You are a beacon of light for My children, and you will continue to be so. As you grow, your light will grow, many will be strengthened by what is happening to you. Many will be strengthened because they see your faith and trust in God. They see you continue on your journey of faith, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, and that gives them the faith and strength to carry on in their daily lives. Your faith strengthens the faith of those around you. That is why it is so important to share what is going on in your life, with others, the good as well as the bad.

Many think that because you hear the words of your Jesus, and My Mother, that you do not have to contend with the bad. That is not so. The stronger your faith, the more you continue to be tested. The evil one wishes to bend and break those who are helping win souls to Jesus Christ. So it would make sense that he would come against you in a mighty way. Doubts, fears, and confusion in your life, such as you have experienced in the past few weeks, are all part of his ways. You continue to listen to Me, pray, and be obedient to the will of God, even though you have been living in the middle of construction and mess for several months. You get irritated from time to time, because you are one who wishes things to be neat and tidy, but you offer it up and say, "Truly this must be God's will for me," and you continue on.

Ruth Ann: You are being too kind, Lord. Jim hears my complaints.

Jesus: He hears your complaints, but it has not stopped you praying or working for Me, has it? That is what I am saying, you and your husband continue on.

Ruth Ann: Yes, we do, sometimes it even amazes me, Lord. I'm really only joking.

Jesus: (Smilingly) I know that, little one. I know your heart, remember? I know what you do, and how much you can take, and how much you love Me. I am at an advantage. You would die for Me.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I don't think that is unusual. I think most Christians would die for You. That's what it means to be a Christian. Besides, if you die for Jesus, I have been told by the good nuns, that you are a martyr, and if I'm not mistaken, martyrs for the Lord go to Heaven. So it's purely selfish on the part of those of us who would do that. We all want to go to Heaven.

Jesus: You are very naive, little one. Not all of My children would die for Me, and not all care whether or not they go to Heaven. Some don't even believe in Me or Heaven.

Ruth Ann: But Christians do, Lord. They believe in You and Heaven.

Jesus: But not all would be willing to die for Me. That is where you are wrong.

Ruth Ann: I'm sorry, Lord. I guess I am naive, as You say.

Jesus: You have much to learn, but that is what I am here for. Now go about your day. Know how much I love you, little one. My peace is with you.

Message of Nov. 18, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord.

Jesus: Yes, little one, why are you so sad?

Ruth Ann: Lord, it's just a passing sadness. I was just thinking of some of the priests I have known, and was just hoping that when they find out what is happening to me, they won't think I am doing this for notoriety, or that I have flipped out.

Jesus: Little one, where is your trust? Remember, you have been told from the very beginning in your message of Medjugorje, that all those who truly know you will believe, and those who choose not to, wouldn't believe if My Mother or I, Jesus, were to appear to them, so you are not to concern yourself with such.

Ruth Ann: It's okay, Lord, even if they don't believe. Its just that it would be such a comfort to know that they do. I know, Lord, there is no turning back. Thy will be done.

Sometimes I feel like Job, but then again, I wouldn't change back to the life before You and Your Mother began working in my life in such a mighty way. I would be less than honest, though, if I didn't say some days I wish I could forget everything and just be me. But that is alright too, because I know You will never send me more than I can bear.

Jesus: This is true, child, and you do have much ahead, but there will be physical help and support in prayer by those who know you. They have been, and are being sent into your life by One Who loves you very much. Continue to witness to My children and witness to the good that God is doing in your life and in the lives of those who know you.

Miracles continue to happen to those who come to you for prayer. You do not hear of those miracles because most do not take time to let you know the good that has come through My touching their lives through you. I thank you for allow-ing Me to use you as a willing vessel, child. A vessel that lets the power of My healing touch the lives and hearts of those for whom you pray. The things you are doing are greatly appreciated by Me and by My Mother. The rewards are great for all those who are witnessing to the love and generosity of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Much has been done, and much will continue to be done through those such as you.

Your cross will become more and more difficult, but know your Jesus is here, and He will not leave you at the mercy of those who would do you harm. That is the reason for My choice of a husband for you, and the priest who has been chosen as your spiritual advisor. These are gifts to you from Me and My Mother. My Mother and I continue to mold your priest, as well as those around you. You too, are being molded, as is your husband and family. Graces and blessings continue to be poured out upon you and all those whose lives you touch in any way. It is not your doing, but is the doing of the One Who created you.

Ruth Ann: I take no credit, Lord. I wouldn't have given my name through all of this, but I was told to do so. Your Mother said, "How else will they know who you are?"

Jesus: That is because She knew it was important for what was to come. There are those who receive words and are asked not to share. There are those who have been given special gifts to be shared with certain people. Yours is given to you to be shared with all those called to listen. The numbers will grow in leaps and bounds, little one, but you are not to fear. All is in God's hands and has been since the beginning of time.

Now, has your sadness disappeared?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. I know You'll take care of everything. Everything has moved gradually and grown gradually, just as You said. Thank You and Your Mother for this and for Father Ron. He has taught me to be patient and wait to be told without asking.

Jesus: Yes, you have been told to rely on the wisdom of your priest.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for Your many blessings. I love You so very much.

Jesus: And I love you, little one.

Message of December 7, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, the more I come in contact with Your people, the more pain I feel. You tell me to pray for people and then 'let go', but I can't always. Sometimes the hurts are too painful and keep coming back to my mind, and hurt over and over.

Jesus: Little one, give the burdens to Me. There is nothing you can do for My children in being so burdened. You are there to pray for them and give encouragement to them, from the words spoken to you by Me and My Mother. You are not there to be 'weighed down', so that you are unable to function because of the weight of their hurts, fears and sufferings.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I want everyone healed. You told me You had given me the gift of healing, but some-times when we pray with people, they are not always healed. That is a burden in itself, Lord.

Jesus: You want them healed?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: What about My will? I have promised you that if you lay hands on My children when they come to you for prayer, I would heal them; but remember, child, I am the One to choose the healing I wish for them to have. That is not for you to decide. You are only an instrument doing My bidding, little one. That is why you must learn to turn loose of the pain and suffering of others. It is good that you are loving and sensitive to the needs of your brothers and sisters. That makes you a usable instrument for your God, the healer of all hurts and wounds; but it is important for you to remember that you are to pray for, and share My words with My children, and know that I will take care of the rest. All will be done in My way, and in My time, little one. Does this help you?

Ruth Ann: I continue to pray, even after I lay on hands, Lord. I pray for everyone's lives that I or my family have touched in any way, and pray for their conversions, peace, and protection.

Jesus: That is good, little one. I'm just saying, don't hang on to their hurts. Give them to Me.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, and I do feel better. Thank You, Lord.

Jesus: I am pleased you have shared these hurts with Me, so I could be of help to you. Your peace is restored, is it not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Now, enjoy your day.

Message of February 1, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I love You. I was just thinking about some people who came seeking a healing for a little child last Saturday. It was a very emotional time for me. I want healings for children, Lord, more than anything else in the whole world, Lord, and it hurt so much to see the pain of the families. Why does all this have to be so heart rendering? Lord, You know You've succeeded in completely changing me and my way of thinking and feelings, Lord.

Jesus: Yes little one, and I am pleased you have recognized the change. You have been hurt by others, and therefore had put up a shield around yourself to protect you from feeling the hurts of others. You chose not to get close to others and preferred giving that love to animals instead of people.

Ruth Ann: You are right, Lord. But I had a reason.

Jesus: Yes child, I know you felt you had a reason. But no matter how many times you have been hurt by others, you must forgive and see Jesus in them. Even the most cruel person must be loved, because all of My children are loved by Me. You chose the safe way to live. Don't get too close to others and they can't hurt you. Transfer that love to animals. Animals are loving, and their love is unconditional. They would never do anything to deliberately hurt you. That is safe, child, but it is not realistic.

Now with doing the Father's will and ministering to His people, you are finding yourself getting close to others, and so much so that you feel their pain. This is what it is like to become like Me. I too, felt the pain and suffering of others. I too, took on the mental anguish of the suffering. My agony in the garden was not so much for Me as it was for all of you and your sins. You must not become overwhelmed by these feelings, little one, but it is all part of the cross. You have been told your cross will be heavy, and this is to be so. Courage, little one, I am with you. And it is good that you have such love and compassion for all those who come here for prayer. God hears those prayers best that are said out of true love and compassion for those in need.

God knows what He is doing, little one. Have no doubt. He is doing the molding, and in such a way that you do not recognize it until it is very obvious. You would not hesitate to pray for others for hours on end. Whether you had other things you need to do, or even if you were not feeling well, you continually put yourself last when you feel there are those who are in need of prayer.

Ruth Ann: But Lord, You have said to pray for those who ask for prayer. How could I possibly turn down even one person? You know I couldn't. You have asked that I be obedient, and You have asked that I pray for those willing to have prayer. You have told me that I am only an instrument being used by You. How could I not try to reach out to those who are willing to be touched by You?

Jesus: Little one, do you hear yourself? You are a blessing to Me and all My people that I ask you to minister to. I have said to you, "Minister to My people," and you have said, "I wish You would be more specific, Lord." Child, in following the will of God, and by listening to the voice of My Mother and Myself, and sharing and praying with others, you are ministering to My people in a mighty way.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for choosing me as an instrument.

Jesus: Know this, little one, everyone you have touched and prayed for will receive something from Me. That should fortify you as you pray for those you wish to have a complete healing. You be the instrument, and I will give the graces, blessings, and healings I wish to give to the person. Remember, it is not your will or theirs, but My will be done.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. I know that is to be true. But couldn't You make allowances in some cases?

Jesus: This will be so. Be patient little one, this will be so. Now, little one, you have much to do and I wish you to know that I will be with you throughout this entire day. Do not hesitate to call upon Me. I love and bless you for your obedience and your special love you have for My children.

Ruth Ann: You have brought that about, Lord.

Jesus: Only in one so caring and loving could this have been done.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am only trying to be obedient. Don't give me more credit than I deserve. I am so imperfect. I have so much growing to do and have so many faults.

Jesus: No one is perfect but God, little one. You are striving for perfection by following the will of the One Who created you. That is what all of My children are called to do. Be at peace, little one.

Ruth Ann: I am, Lord. Thank You for these beautiful words today.

Message of February 7, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, I'm getting a little nervous about my talk coming up on Thursday.

Jesus: Take a deep breath, little one, and rest in Me. Remember, I will bring you the peace you need to see you through each and every task I set before you. All you need do is come to Me with your concern and your fears. I will turn them into the joy and peace that you need.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. I feel better already.

Jesus: If only all of My children would bring their concerns to Me, I could relieve them of their burdens and they, too, could have peace. I am the ultimate controller of My children's lives. They have a free will, but if they would turn all over to Me, so that My will would be done and not their own, peace could be theirs. See how simple it is, but how many can truly do this? Not many. It takes faith and trust in God, a faith that not many of My children have.

Ruth Ann: You are right, Lord. We all want to be in complete control of our life and no one wants to give You credit for taking care of us. I'm just as guilty, Lord.

Jesus: You are learning, child. You sometimes slip, and need to be reminded, but you have come a long, long way. As you grow in My Holy Spirit and accept more and more responsibility for caring for My children, you will slip less and less. You will live My presence, and continually be in prayer, in all you say and do.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm already noticing this. Even when I wake up during the night I immediately begin praying. Any time I have free or quiet time, it is spent in prayer.

Jesus: That is as it should be.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I also want to thank You for the time You've given me with my family this year. I've spent many wonderful days with my grandchildren and my children.

Jesus: There is a reason for this, little one. You do so much for Me, this is a reward for doing so. You are obedient, and are following God's will. How could I not let you have some little 'perks' along the way? And too, little one, you will become so busy, you will have less and less time with your family. This will be soon, so I wish for you to enjoy the time being given to you now.

Ruth Ann: Lord, it's difficult for me to take all that You say seriously. I can't imagine being too busy for my family. This year has been a great respite for me, Lord. I am busy, but I am not overwhelmed like I was while I was still teaching.

Jesus: Little one, it is not My wish that you ever feel overwhelmed, but it is My wish that you do more and more for Me. In ministering to My people and accepting My will, this will come about. I don't tell you this to concern you, I tell you this only as a preparation. When I come to you, child, and ask you to carry My cross, others will become aware that I have been here. That will bring many to this place of peace and prayer, that were never interested in coming before. They, too, will wish to see Me and the many miracles that will result in My coming to you.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You said I would begin receiving visions again, and this will be before You come to me, so are You coming soon, I mean like in this next year?

Jesus: Little one, I have said I would come to you after all of your children were settled. That is to be soon, is it not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Then it is for you to be patient, little one. God has His own plan and His own time. You need only be receptive to the will of the Father. He will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann: Thy will be done, Lord. I love You.

Jesus: I love you, little one. Continue to listen and share My words. All other things will fall into place in God's time. Go about your day in My peace, child. Know I am with you in all you say and do.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for Your love and comfort, Lord.

Message of March 1, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm listening.

Jesus: Little one, I am here.

Ruth Ann: It seems to me Lord, that God is truly a tough taskmaster.

Jesus: He does not ask you to do anything He would not do Himself. Remember, He has sacrificed His only Son so that mankind can be saved from his own sins. Not God's sins, man's sins. God did no wrong, but He was willing to send His Son to the earth to save man from his own evil. God may be a tough taskmaster as you say, but He is also a caring, loving God. Otherwise, He would leave His children to their own downward path of destruction of their souls. Instead, He has sent My Mother to minister to His children, and again, give them another chance. She cries out to come back to Her Son. She gives graces and blessings. God allows Her to minister to His children in many ways, in hopes that many more will be brought back into the fold. This will continue to be so until God decides that man has had enough chances.

Be grateful that you play a part in what God is doing. You must not become overwhelmed or saddened by this ministry. Know God is with you every step of the way. Yes, it is true that your Jesus will ask you to carry His cross. But child, consider the blessings of such a request. Consider the souls that will be drawn here as a result, and the anxiety and concern you have will be turned to anticipation and joy at being able to help God and your Mother draw back those who have fallen away from the ways of God, and into the grips of the ways of the world. When you think in those terms, your heart should hold much joy.

Ruth Ann: Lord, my problem is I just don't feel worthy.

Jesus: Little one, do you think any of My children down through the ages felt worthy of the gifts sent to them by God? No child. God chooses, little one, and then He molds and gets His children ready for whatever tasks He wishes to set before them. It is up to those He chooses to listen and follow the instructions given. You have been listening and doing all that has been asked of you. Now it is time for you to see the benefits of all you have done. It is time for you to reap the harvests of His words to you.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I don't understand.

Jesus: I am saying that you have been planting the seeds, and tending to those seeds, by talks and prayer. Now it is time for you to see the benefit of all you have done thus far, for God's children.

Ruth Ann: I am still not sure I understand what You are saying, Lord.

Jesus: It has been said, there is strength in numbers, and so there is strength in numbers of those who pray together for a common purpose. That purpose is the salvation of mankind, little one. You will begin to see the numbers grow and grow that come to your farm to pray. Many will learn the importance of this haven of peace and prayer. Many who seek peace and cannot find it elsewhere, will find it here in this place blessed by Me and My Mother. Yes, little one, the numbers will grow. 'You will know them by their fruits', remember these words. You are producing good and plentiful fruits, child. You are being instrumental in drawing children to prayer. In doing so, God is touching hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, through you. Because you are doing exactly what you have been asked to do, no matter how difficult. Souls are being saved. Be not afraid, little one, God will sustain you. The strength and graces you will need to see you through what lies ahead will be provided.

Ruth Ann: And my family, Lord?

Jesus: They too, will be provided for.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. Help me to be all You want me to be. I'm not, You know.

Jesus: Little one, you struggle so. It need not be so difficult. You are learning, but you still have much more to learn. Give your burdens to Me. Let Me help you carry all those things that seem to weigh you down. It is all excess baggage. You really have no need of it.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am learning to turn my talks over to You, and it really does help. Ever since I decided to place the burden on You, it's not near as difficult. I just say to You, "You got me into this, now help me, please. Help me to do a beautiful job to glorify You. Please don't allow me to make a fool out of myself, or of You, Lord." It always seems to help. Sometimes, I embarrass myself, but I don't ever want to do anything to cause You grief.

Jesus: Little one, as long as you listen and are obedient, you will not, and cannot, cause Me grief.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Jesus: Do you wish to go?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I have lots to do, but I'll only go if You are finished talking with me.
Jesus: Child, I am for now. Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord, I love You so much.

Jesus: I love you, little one.

Message of April 5, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: You have said 'yes' to the will of God. He will not be stopped by mere mortals, no matter who they are. He will find a way for you to do all that He expects of you. You are to be patient. Trust, little one. Know that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will tend to you and all your needs. He will also tend to those who come to the farm to pray.

It is not necessary for them to hear you witness for them to receive the graces that God wishes them to have. They can receive those graces needed by coming and praying at this haven of peace and prayer. God can do all things. Those who search for Him will find Him. Those who seek His mercy will also find that. There is no limit as to what God can do for those who seek Him.

His Mother is here just waiting to minister graces and blessings in abundance. You, too, in praying with others are giving peace, blessings, and healings for God's people. Tend to His children. Minister to His people. He will give them all the graces and blessings they need for healings and conversions. You have only to do the will of God and trust. God will do the rest. There is no limit to the power and glory of God. You need only sit back, pray, and be patient, little one. Watch the great and mighty One work.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord, for Your words and Your help.

Jesus: Little one, I am always here for you. Go in My peace.