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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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February 2008
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of May 22, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, will You please help me?

Jesus: I am here, little one.

Ruth Ann: My mind is in such turmoil and I feel such sadness. I just wish I could be a tiny child and someone else could care for me and take all this pain away. I want to help You and Your Mother but this is so difficult for me. I've been trying to tell myself I'm only sharing those things that have been given to me by God. All the many blessings and miracles You've brought into our lives as a family are special and should be shared with others. I know I need to witness and give testimony because those same kinds of things helped build my faith. Why then is it so difficult for me?

Jesus: Little one, there are many reasons. You don't like being singled out. You don't like being in front of the crowd. You don't like the feeling of being more important and more special than those around you. You wish to remain as one of the crowd, and it is difficult for this to be, when you have been given special graces and miracles to share with others. That automatically puts you in the center of focus. Those who are not hearing My words, those who are not hearing the words of My Mother, wish to know what We are saying. Little one, how else can they know unless those who are being spoken to share what they are hearing? You are humble and will remain so. God wishes this of you. He has chosen you for this purpose because He knows your heart and knows whatever He says to you, and does for you, will not change your childlike faith or the way you receive what He is doing for you, and what He is using you for. If for one moment He thought it would change you, then you would not be of such importance to Him. God is your Creator, little one. He has formed you since the beginning of time. He knows your heart because He has made you in this way for His purpose. He also knew you would say 'yes' to His will, even though it is extremely difficult for you to do, you continue on. This is a difficult cross for you to bear. For others who would want to be in the center of focus, or in the limelight, as you would say, He does not ask such of these. This would not be good for their spiritual welfare. God wishes His chosen ones to be humble. You child, are humble. You also feel the pain of others. This is as Christ felt on the earth. This makes it difficult to turn back or away.

You have been told that if you witness and pray with others, they will receive special graces, healings and many miracles of all kinds. It makes it extremely difficult for you not to witness, for you wish to serve your Maker and bring others closer to Him. You wish those who come for prayer to receive whatever God is wanting them to receive through you. This puts you in turmoil child, because this makes it very difficult. But remember this, God does not ask His children to do anything, or give up anything, that He will not give back to you a hundredfold. Anything you do for others in witnessing, and in ministering to His people through prayer, will be given back to you and your loved ones one hundredfold. God is not to be outdone. You do realize that, child. God will not be outdone in gifts, rewards, and special graces. Does this not help ease your pain, little one? I am your Jesus. I understand all you are saying. I too, found it difficult to minister to My people here on the earth, not for the same reasons you are experiencing. My concern was, they were not listening to Me. Those you will be speaking to, will be listening to you, because they will be sent to you by special invitation from Me and My Mother. They have been tapped on the shoulder and told, "Go, hear My little one witness that God is alive! He is alive and He is working miracles in the lives of all those who believe!" So little one, you are at an advantage. I am bringing these children to you, as is the love of My most precious Mother. All those who come and hear, all those for whom you pray, will receive special graces, healings of all kinds. Each life will be touched in some way. Does this not ease the pain and the burden that is put before you? It is indeed a heavy cross for you. For others it would be considered a blessing. God works in mysterious ways in order to perform His mighty wonder.

Now child, I know you are feeling peace. It is nothing to the peace and joy you will feel at this time tomorrow. Not only because of the burden being removed temporarily, until your next talk, but because you have done the will of My Father. You will have done again what you were put on this earth to do; to witness to My children that He is here, He is alive, He wishes to give you, His children, love and peace. Now child, you have things to do. Do them in prayer. Know I am with you and will not desert you in your hours of need. What you will say this night has already been prepared by God. All you need do is be there and speak His words to His people. Die of self, so He can use you in the fullest capacity possible. Let the words flow from your lips and mouth child, for they are straight from the One Who created you. Be not afraid, this burden is lifted from you. Trust, little one, trust and be obedient. God's children are wanting to be touched and blessed by His words and His blessings.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord.

Message of Nov. 10, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

My Son has lived and died for you. I am asking you to do the same in return for this love He has given to you. I am asking you to live and die for Him. How is this possible? Follow the example that has been put before you by the One Who has created you. God in His loving generosity gave you His Son so there could be no doubt as to how you should live your lives. Be humble, loving, obedient children. Just as My Son was all of these things before God, so you too, should follow His example. Do the will of the Father. Die of self. Die to those things of the world that hold you back on your climb to Calvary. Love one another as He has loved you. Pray for one another. My children, I am blessing you, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Go in God's peace. Pray, dear children, pray!

Message of Nov. 27, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord.

Jesus: Yes, little one. I am here waiting.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for a good day with our children and grandchildren. We have so much to be thankful for, Lord. Help me never to take any of what we have for granted. Sometimes when I watch the news I think, how can one country be blessed with so much, and other countries with so little?

Jesus: Your country has been blessed, child, with more than most. Your country was so blessed because it shared what it was given to help others. There was concern for your brothers and sisters of other nations. Now, there is more concern for materialism and what you want, than the needs of others even, to the point of killing the unborn if the child interferes with what is going on in that person's life. What has happened to My children? Why do they have such disregard for life? It has not happened overnight, it has been a gradual process. Man has been deceived by the evil one through the media. When you are bombarded, over and over, with things that corrupt and break down the very fiber of your country on a daily basis, how can one stand alone and fight back? It is very difficult. That is why My Mother has been sent here to you. She has been visible to many in other countries for many years.

Yours is a very young country, but you have very quickly destroyed much of the good that your nation was founded upon. To think, one reason why many came to this country was to establish a place to worship and love their God without persecutions. What a beautiful reason to want to found and build a country! Man has quickly forgotten the desires and purpose for which he came. It quickly became a place to become rich. It's interesting how money, riches, greed, quickly entered the picture. Where do you suppose that came from? It is not from Me, little one. I have taught My children to live simply, by My example.

God could have chosen anyone to have, and raise, His Child. He chose someone who had very little. He chose good, humble people in very poor surroundings, with much love to tend and raise His Child. By an example, He has shown you the importance of materialism and where it fits in the big picture as far as He is concerned. God does not place a very high priority on 'things'. Money and wealth are made available to some, but it is to see what they will do with it. It is given, not to hoard and accumulate more, but to share with others what has been given.

Make no mistake about it, everything you have, and are, comes from God. You have done nothing on your own. God allows certain things to happen in your lives, and you either learn and grow from these experiences, or you do not. Hopefully, even the bad that happens in your life will be used for good. But this depends upon you and your faith and trust in God, your Creator. It depends upon how deep the roots of your faith have been able to take hold and grow. Is your faith a deep, lasting faith that can withstand the storms of life without the roots being pulled out from the soil and washed away by the flood of moral decay?

I'm afraid that is what has happened in your country. 'Things' have become more important than life, not only the life of each other, and your own life, but those who have no voice to speak out, the lives of the unborn have been totally dis-regarded. Man forgets Who has given you life. God gives life, and only He has the right to remove you from the earth, whenever He is ready. It is not your choice to make, for you, or for anyone else. Only God can make that decision. Again, money, inconvenience, disregard for the rights of others comes into play. Why? Because, little one, values have been destroyed in your country. Good, wholesome, healthy values have been stepped on and thrown into the sewer.

God is watching what man is doing, and continues to do, with what He has given him. As a good Father, He will not stand by and watch much longer. Already man is experiencing His indignation at a nation who is deliberately turning away from God.

Little one, much prayer and sacrifice is needed for your country. My Mother is here to call to Her children while there is still time to do so. She is here to draw Her children away from the ways and evils of the world, and back to prayer. Focus on the light and peace of Her Son. She keeps telling Her children, "Come back to Him, before it is to late. God loves you. God loves you, but hates your sins." I have died for you, to save you from your sins and the corruption of the world. Heed the words of My Mother while there is still time.

Ruth Ann: Lord, the entire world is a mess.

Jesus: It is not the world, child, it is the people in the world who have turned their backs on God, who have created this deplorable situation. Listen to the voice of One crying out in this desert without peace, love, and joy. Listen and heed, children, My Mother is calling to you, calling you away from the ways of the world and back to the grace of eternal salvation. Listen, and heed Her messages. Take them to your heart before it is too late. God loves you. One Who loves must also discipline. Listen to what is being said to you children by so many, in so many ways. Listen and pray. God's peace be with you.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. Thank You.

Message of January 14, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, back to the part about, 'it would not run smoothly'. I don't remember hearing these words. I remember being told, 'it will all be done for you', but I don't remember the other part.

Our Lady: Child, when you take up the cross and follow My Son, do you expect all to be easy? You were told you were not to concern yourself with the mechanics, and yet, you are finding yourself involved. Give it all to God. He is the solver of problems. Your main thrust for My people is to come from witnessing, prayer, and sharing the goodness of My Son. You are living in a time that is most difficult. Some have been so busy with their life, they have shut out the world around them and are not aware that it is full of darkness. Some are just now becoming aware of the need to turn back to God. It is through those of you willing to pray and witness that many more will be brought back to the flock. Little child, you have been in so much turmoil the past couple of days. You must learn to realize these feelings are attacks from the evil one. Do not be too proud to ask for prayer.

Ruth Ann: But everyone expects me to have all the answers, Mother, they seek answers for those who are in need of healings, both physical and spiritual. They seek answers about the many messages circulating about the end times and the chastisement.

Our Lady: What is your answer for them, child?

Ruth Ann: For those who are concerned about the end times and chastisement, I have told them to focus on Your Son and follow the things You have told us. We are to clean up our lives, and live each day as if it were our last.

Our Lady: That is exactly what I would have you tell them. What have you told those seeking physical healings and spiritual healings?

Ruth Ann: I have told them that You and Your Son have told me to pray with those who ask for prayer, and they will be given the healing that God wishes them to have. No one will be slighted who asks in faith for prayer.

Our Lady: You have been told that as you lay hands on those who come for prayer, it is the same as having been touched by God. He has asked you to be His hands and feet here on the earth. He has asked you to listen and share. These are all important things for you to remember. You cringe to have to repeat this, because you feel this is something that is nearly blasphemous. You feel unworthy to do this work that God has asked of you, but He has said to you, "If not you, then who?" You are not a prideful person. You are most humble. Humility is very important in doing the work of My Son. My Son Jesus was most humble, and so was I. It was not always easy following the will of God, but again, we have not been promised easy. We have been promised the rewards of eternal life for doing the will of the Father. That is the most important promise to His children. It has been earned through the suffering and death of His Son, My most humble and perfect of children, Jesus.

My children know that the purification of the earth is eminent, for this is to be, before My Son can come to the earth. Pray, fast, and do penance, but do not be consumed with the doom and gloom. A mother expecting her child knows that the pains of childbirth are most difficult and traumatic, but she does not focus on the labor. She focuses on the result of this painful ordeal. Otherwise, she would not be able to enjoy each day of the pregnancy. She would not anticipate the beautiful gift of life and birth. So too, it is with My children, concerning the purification of your land. Do not focus on the pains and suffering of the cleansing of your earth. Concentrate on the rebirth of your earth. Focus on the result of this cleansing, the return of My Son to a land purified by the blood of martyrs for the greater honor and glory of God. Focus on a purified earth, and the gift of My Son's Second Coming and peace that will reign for a thousand years. These are the things that My children must focus on.

The evil one would have you so afraid for what is to come, that you will despair and not be able to pray and do all that is asked of you. Children, pray for peace that can come only from God. Once you have peace in your heart, nothing else matters, bodies and things of the world are only temporary. It is the soul that matters. Keep that in mind, My children. Focus on that. That is most important, the gift of eternal salvation, the saving of your soul, to spend an eternity in praise and thanksgiving to your Creator. Be not afraid, little children. Focus on My Son who is light, love and peace. Do all that is asked of you. God will do the rest.

Now, child, go in the peace of My Son. Continue to witness to My children of His goodness and love. Bring them back to the fold, so that their lives will be changed and they will be prepared for the Second Coming of My Son.

Message of April 13, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, the message You gave this morning was very profound. I guess that should not be surprising considering where it came from. Maybe the word 'different' is really what I should have said.

Our Lady: No, child, your first inclination was an accurate one. It was not the usual statement that I have been making in the messages to My children. I want My children to reflect on the goodness of God and the link between the God-Man and the God of Heaven. It is through the Father that all has come about or will ever come about. Do not underestimate the power of God. He has brought you the gift of salvation in the form of a tiny, humble Creature sent to the earth as an example for all of mankind. He was and is the Savior for all. I am speaking of the gift of My Son. His life was to be an example for all those who were to come after. He was brought to this earth in very humble surroundings. He lived very humbly. He was a kind, loving, peaceful child, and never changed as an adult. He died in the same way He was brought into this world, filled with peace and love. Even though there were those in the cruel world around Him seeking to do Him harm from birth till death, He lived a life of love. My children could learn much from such a Teacher. He was the perfect example for all of God's children. They need only look to His life and death, and His complete resignation to do the will of the Father no matter what, to see how they, too, should live their lives. Total giving of self, this is not an easy task.

Ruth Ann: No Mother, it isn't. It is extremely difficult. I'm not so sure many of us will ever achieve this kind of abandonment. I struggle daily.

Our Lady: To become aware that you need to change your way of living, and focus more on God is only the beginning of conversion. It is an ongoing process from birth to death. As long as there is evil in the world, the struggle will always be there. But you have with you One Who has conquered evil, My Son. Turn to Him and focus all you say and do on Him.

I am here to help by interceding in any way I can. You need only ask. I am the Mother of all God's children. I desire nothing more than to bring all of His children back to Him. That is why I am here. I can think of nothing greater than being able to give such a beautiful gift of souls to the Father Who has given Me everything. If man could only see what Heaven is like. If he could only see the great gifts God has in store for those who love Him enough to strive for holiness, man would not give in to so many temptations set before him as traps by the evil one.

You speak of life being a struggle, child, and yes, for many it is so. The cross on the way to Calvary was carried by My Son, that too, was a struggle. Your life is not expected to be free of difficulties and struggles. Of course there will be pain and suffering along the way. My Son has given you the way to live your life. Turn to Him in times of need. He is always there for you. The struggle will be there, but so will My Son. Seek His peace, children. Know that He will always be there for you.

Message of Nov. 22, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to speak to me?

Our Lady: Child, as I have said to you before, I am always here for you. You are quite busy at this time of year, and I understand, but do not shut Me out. I wish to continue to be of help to you for as long as you have need of Me. I have brought you to My Son. That was My intent. That is always My intent. Anything I say and do on behalf of your God and Mine, is to draw His children closer and closer to Him. The fact that I have been allowed to minister to His children for so long, has been a special grace. I can do only that which God allows Me to do. Through My simple 'Fiat', great things have been accomplished through Me. It was not My doing, but through God's infinite wisdom and design, that all things have been done.

You, child, must listen and be obedient to the will of your Jesus, so that those things He wishes to do through you, too, can be accom-plished. You have referred to the fact that all God needs is a 'warm body'. This is true to a certain extent, child, but the most important ingredient that you have not added is missing, unless you add 'willing'. If you had refused to be an empty vessel, or that 'warm body', as you have referred to yourself, God's work could not have been accom-plished through you. You continue to sell yourself short, little one, but it is through your humility that God can do great things. Continue to be humble and obedient, and God can accomplish miracles beyond belief through you. That is His intent, child. You have heard these words spoken to you before. You have shared them with others, and they are written in the Holy Bible. You will do even greater things.

You still do not realize the intent of God's use for you, but be patient, and God's divine plan will unfold. Be at peace, and know that the heavens are available to you, as you have a need. May God bless and keep you in His care, as I watch you tend to His children.

Ruth Ann: That makes it sound as though You will be far away, as I do whatever it is God is going to have me do.

Our Lady: Little one, do not read more into what is being said to you. You are not to interpret what is being told to you. You are only to listen and be obedient to the will of God. He will tend to the rest. I have told you, I will be with you so long as you have need of Me. I have meant what I have said. My love is with you. Go in His peace. Continue to love and serve God to the best of your ability.

Message of January 21, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, this is Saturday. Please be with me, as we witness to your greatness and goodness.

Jesus: You have asked, and it shall be so.

Ruth Ann: We have been extremely busy the past couple of months. Thank You for being here for us, because during this time, Jim and I have both had bronchitis, as well as the rest of the family.

Jesus: I have tended to your every need, have I not?

Ruth Ann: Lord, you have always said the energy and strength would be provided to do Your work, and it has always been exactly as You have said. Thank You.

In one of the books I am reading, Lord, it speaks of the 'voices' being used, having a tremendous respon-sibility, and the tremendous responsibility is three-fold: the responsibility not to add to what is being said, to share what is being said, and to give all the credit to God. I hope, Lord, that I am doing all those things You would have me do, for Your greater honor and glory. Could you elaborate on what I have just said? I am especially touched by this gift being called 'a supernatural gift of hearing', and the visions being allowed as 'supernatural gift of sight'. I have never thought of these gifts as such. It truly has touched my heart.

Jesus: Little one, these gifts are just that. Certain revelations are given to those of My chosen ones to share with the rest of My children, so their eyes and ears too, can be opened. As your priest has always said to you, God wishes to speak to all of His people, and He does so in many ways. Some acknowledge this as coming from God, and others attribute it to 'luck', or 'having a good day'. It is true that God is careful in choosing those to listen and share, because it is a heavy cross that My children carry. Those who take this responsibility to their heart, have much to sacrifice. You have discovered this over time, have you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, I have, Lord.

Jesus: The blessing has been mixed, as you have said, but it need not be so. Those who have been given such a gift, must accept it with a humble heart, and realize that it is just that, a gift. It is one that is given by God, and can be removed by God, and one must accept it as such, realizing that God can remove it at any time.

Ruth Ann: Lord, somehow I feel this is all relevant.

Jesus: Little one, you have been reading those things that I would have you read, to explain some things I would have you know. This information is for confirmation, so necessary to My children. In a time when Satan is at his strongest, it is important for those of you who are trying to do God's will, to have the support and confirmations so necessary to continue to carry such a heavy burden. I am providing the confirmations and affirmations that are needed at this time.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. I can't help feeling that this has some connection with me, and the removal of such gifts.

Jesus: Little one, you have been told weeks ago that My Mother's messages will cease, those that are to be shared. You began to feel it had something to do with your unworthiness. Now you have been given to know in your heart, that the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. These gifts are for His needs and His purpose. When these needs and purposes have been fulfilled, then the need is no longer there for the sharing of this particular gift.

Ruth Ann: But I was told that Your Mother would always be here for me, and would continue to speak with me as I have need of Her.

Jesus: This is true, little one, but the messages to share will soon cease. When that time comes, you must not be saddened. You will know it is the will of God, and it is for a reason.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for the comforting words. And thank You for consoling me before it ever happens.

Jesus: Little one, God wishes you to always be prepared for what is to come. It is true, only those things that He wishes you to know are revealed to you, in His time, and in His way, because He does not wish you to be overburdened. Your gift does not allow you to know the future, for yourself, or others. But your gift does allow you to be prepared for those things that God wishes you to have access to. You are not to worry about tomorrow. You are to tend to the work that God has made available to you to do today. You have accepted the gifts that God has given to you, and you have used them wisely and responsibly. You have given God all the credit, and you have not accepted any of the credit for yourself. You have not abused the gifts, and you have shared those things that you have been asked to share. That is why you have been chosen to receive such a gift as this. You have been, and will continue to remain humble, realizing you are nothing without the grace of God.

Ruth Ann: Lord, not only must I remain humble, and I do pray that I remain so, I have a difficult time sharing my gift. Please help others realize I am not important, that it is your gift that is important, and the words You and Your Mother share. I do not wish to be made out to be more than I am. Just like everyone else, each of us has a special gift of some kind. Some of us are just expected to be more visible than others, with their gifts.

Jesus: Little one, continue to feel this way. This, too, is a gift. The gift of humility is just that, a gift. God wishes you to be humble, so that others may see that humility in you. Child, you are needed in these times. So many of My children feel that power and strength are of importance in this age of materialism. It is important that my children see that there are still those who seek not to be important, but only to do the will of the Father, just as I and My Mother have done. You do not seek to be known, nor do you seek monetary rewards. God will tend to all your needs, and will see that those who need to hear the words being spoken to you by Him and His Mother, will hear them. You need not do anything. It will all be done for you.

Continue to listen and share those words being spoken to you. 'Obedience' and 'trust' are the words that are extremely important in doing the will of God. Be at peace with your gifts, knowing God can remove them at any time as He so chooses. You will not be saddened. As a door is closed, another will be opened. Go in My peace, and know I am with you today, as I am at all times.