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February 2012
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

February 2012
Message of December 14, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am here waiting for Your words.

Jesus:  Yes, little one.  There is much for Me to say.  I am pleased you are willing to listen.  If only all of My children were so anxious to hear what I have to say.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it is not all positive where I am concerned.  You know how difficult it is for me.  I do want to grow, and I do want to be of help to You and Your Mother.  I am only one person, Lord.  I can't do much, but do give me the grace to do whatever God wants of me, and help me to do it well.

Jesus:  Little one, you are being given sufficient graces to do whatever is asked of you.  You must remember that any doubts or fears you have from time to time, are attacks from the evil one.  He is angry because of your desire to please Me.  He is angry because you continue to say 'yes' to those things that you have been asked to do for your God.  Be confident, little one.  Nothing will be asked of you that you will not be given special graces for.  You will be provided for.  Many are praying for you, little one.  Many realize the great task ahead of you, and realize that it will require much support, and they are ready to pray with, and for, you and your family.  Be not afraid, little one.  Your God will not leave you alone.  He will provide for you so that you will be able to be sustained through all that is to come.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, that always sounds like such an overwhelming responsibility.

Jesus:  You are being prepared, child.  You have grown gradually, as has your mission.  This has not been placed upon you overnight.  You have had years to prepare for this.  God does not work with those who are not willing.  He has had these things planned from the beginning.  If all could only see the big picture.  You would never be sad about anything that happened in your life.  You would always be anxious to get on with each day, so you could hurry into the arms of the One Who awaits you with great rewards. 

Man has become so preoccupied with his physical person.  Your physical life is so short.  This little 'testing ground' has become your whole life.  Man continues to preoccupy himself with all the physical, and then, if he has time, he may remember to talk to his Creator, and thank Him, for some of what has happened in his life.  Little one, it is your spiritual life that is your purpose for existing.  Your soul is all that is truly important, here and in the hereafter.  Man frets and fumes about problems here on the earth.  He lives his life around his physical desires and needs, and ignores his very reason for being given life.  There is only one reason for being given life, little one.  That is so you can make your way back to the One Who has created you and given you this life.

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, when You spoke these words to me, I was given the picture in my mind of a tiny kangaroo being born, and the very difficult time it has making its way to it's mother's pouch for nourishment.

Jesus:  The example is perfect for My children.  Their pathway to the nourishment of eternal life is just as difficult.  Some will survive and receive their eternal nourishment, others will not survive.  Their faith will not be strong enough for them to hold on to what God gives them along the way as tests, so they can reach their destination of life eternal.  Man has his priorities out of order, child, and it becomes more and more apparent in the world covered with moral decay.  When My children fear for their lives and find themselves afraid to go out alone, day or night, there is something drastically wrong, and in many cases it is coming to that in your world.  It is because man has placed God last in his list of priorities, and in some cases He has been crossed off all together. 

The family has become non-functioning.  Mothers do not take responsibility for their children, and place them away from themselves, for others to care for throughout the day.  In many cases it is not because it is necessary.  It is because the mother wishes her 'freedom', or wishes to have things that she otherwise could not afford.  Fathers, in many cases, do not spend time with their families, and when they do, they seek out the television and other means of distractions. 

The family unit has been destroyed by the evil one.  His tactics were very subtle, so much so that some still do not realize what has been the cause of so much crime, confusion, and turmoil in your land.  The family used to be important.  It was a place of peace, comfort, and love.  It was a place of security, and a place to learn about the One Who created you.  It was a place centered around prayer and love of God. 

Much prayer and sacrifice is needed from those such as you in order that others learn just how far man has wandered from the truth.  The path of life is difficult, make no mistake about it, but it has been made easier by My suffering and death.  I have carried the weight of your sins, and all that you must go through to reach your eternal reward.  Salvation is yours.  That right was earned by Me. 

Now, you must take up your cross and follow Me.  The path is not easy, but as I have said before, the rewards are great.  Embrace your cross, children.  I am there with you all the way to Calvary.  I am there with you as you reach out your hand and say, "Thank You for Your help along the way, Lord.  I finally made it."  I am always here for you, ready to help you along the long, difficult path.  I am here to pull you to Myself and hold you up when life gets too difficult for you.  I am here to give you rest and peace along the way, but greatest of all, I am here to greet you when you reach out to Me to receive your final reward.  I am here to say, "Well done, My good and faithful servant." 

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for these beautiful words of encouragement.  If only we could keep them with us twenty-four hours a day and not let life, daily living, that is, get in our way.  It is difficult to stay focused, Lord.  It is difficult when you have to care for your physical needs, to keep focused on the spiritual.

Jesus:  Keep your eyes on Me.  I am the way, the truth, and the light.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Now, child, I know you have to prepare for your day.  You have your mail you must tend to, and other things, so I will let you get on with your day.  I love you, little one.  My peace I leave with you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I will try to stay focused on You.

Jesus:  One day, it will be part of you.  It will not take any effort on your part to do so.  The two will become one.

Ruth Ann:  I don't really understand, Lord, but if You say so, I believe.


Message of February 3, 1994 from Our Lord, Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I keep hearing people talk about horrible things to come, predictions that are for the immediate future, I mean in a few short months.  Why have I not been told these things that others seem to know?

Jesus:  Little one, be at peace.  You have been told those things God would have you know.  He has much for you to do, little one, be not afraid. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it's not that I am afraid, at least not for me.

Jesus:  Child, if more of My children would focus on the main thrust of the messages, they would realize that, yes, the world is in a mess, and yes, it's going to take much prayer and the grace of God to clean up this mess.  Little one, the world is in need of a purification before your Jesus can return to the earth.  My coming is eminent, little one.  All has been set in motion, but there is much to be done before this can come about.  There must be a cleansing.  My children are in need of drastic measures to bring them back on the right path and away from the ways of the world.  Many are being brought back through those such as you, willing to set your life aside in order to save others.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, my life is Yours.  I have no right to usurp Your authority over my life.  You gave me life, and are free to take it as You wish.  You are also free to do with it as You see fit.

Jesus:  Little one, that is because you have turned your will over to Mine.  You have said, "Thy will be done."

Ruth Ann:  Lord, the motives are selfish.  You keep saying over and over You want us to do Your will and not ours.  Who am I to say 'no' to You?  If it is to gain me eternal salvation, and You have said it will, then I am not about to say 'no'.  There are times when I think, 'What have I done?  There is no turning back'.  But that is only temporary.  If I can help You save only one soul, then that is one that will pray for me after that soul reaches heaven.  My motives are probably not completely pure, Lord.  I want to gain heaven.

Jesus:  Little one, you make me smile.  You think you are being 'tough' and you have a heart of gold.  I know you, little one.  Because you have sinned, you have a difficult time seeing past your sins.  You have been forgiven for your sins, and yes, you will sin again and again, because you are not perfect and will never be so until you are with Me, but you have come a long way.  Many who know you, and realize what you have given up, have seen the change in you.  Not many would have made such a commitment on faith alone, child.  You and your husband have given up your jobs, your home, your farm, your lives, for Me.  What faith, little one! You are doing these things because you have been asked to do them by Me and by My Mother. You have trusted that We will care for you, and you have no doubts that We will.  What faith!  How you fill My heart with joy, little one. 

Ruth Ann:  It, my faith that is, has come from You, Lord.  You placed me where I was to grow up and You have molded me.  I take no credit. 

Lord, someone asked me about earning heaven.  I know I am changing the subject, but could You elaborate on that? 

Jesus:  Little one, of course My children earn heaven.  Why do you think there are the Ten Commandments?  The right to heaven has been earned by My death on the cross, but you, too, must participate in gaining your eternal reward.  It is not just handed to you because you have been baptized a Christian, or because you go to church.  There is much more to it than that.  Faith without works does not give you all you would hope for.  You have been told to love your neighbors, but that does not mean just in your heart.  You must take it a step farther.  You must care for the needs of your neighbor and not wish to do them harm.  You are told to love God, but loving is not enough.  You must show your love for Me by being willing to do what is required of you.  So yes, child, the right to heaven has been earned by My death on the cross, but you must pick up your cross, whatever it may be, and follow Me.  In this way you earn, or gain heaven.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for expanding on that particular point.

Jesus:  Little one, live each day at a time.  Do not look to the future.  As I have said, God has much for you to do.  Listen and be obedient to what He would have you do.  Your ministry will continue to grow and reach out to many.  Through your faith and sacrifices, many souls will be healed and brought back to God.  Continue on this journey of faith, little one, knowing full well I am with you until the end.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of February 23, 1994 from Our Lady

Our Lady:  As you work and witness for My Son, great graces will be granted to you in the form of blessings and answers to your prayers.  There is so much unrest in the world that My children must have those such as you to keep a balance in their lives.  God has touched your life in such a way, little child, that the peace and light He has left within you radiates to those around you.  This calm and love comes from God, child.  Only He can give this kind of peace and contentment in a world torn by sin, grief, torment and pain.

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Mother.  I keep hearing these awful things coming from other sources.  I no longer fear anything that is to come.  I am at peace with everything, even for my children and their children.  I feel whatever happens is God's will, and let His will be done.

Our Lady:  Child, you have totally given yourself over to God.  That is why you have achieved this peace.  You know God loves you and is in control.  Whatever He has to do to purify the earth and His children on it, has to be so.  Whatever it takes to make the earth ready for My Son's Second Coming will be done according to God's holy will.  Much suffering is ahead for My children, but as I have said before, pray and turn your lives over to God.  Stay focused on My Son.  Be steeped in light, love, and truth, and there is nothing to fear.  Man has always been told to live each day as if it were to be his last day on the earth.  This is not anything new.  All God's children must live prepared to meet their Maker at any moment.  Not many do so, but that is how one should live.  If God's children follow His Commandments, they cannot go wrong, and will be at peace with each day of their lives.

Ruth Ann:  I understand what You are saying, Mother, and yes, we have been told that over and over.

Our Lady:  Pray and make sacrifices.  Tend to the needs of your neighbor.  Love one another.  Pray for each other.  Life is very difficult for many of My children.  They struggle about in darkness, not realizing that the light they must seek is My Son.  This saddens Me.  I see so many sinking deeper into the muck and mire of sin, death and destruction.  They seek peace in pleasures of the flesh, and it is the spirit that is crying out for nourishment.  They cannot and will not be satisfied until they have a conversion.  That is why I continually ask all of My children to pray for this conversion that is so important to the life of the soul.  It is important for those who have this peace to share it with others, so they, too, can pass it to those around them.

Ruth Ann:  I thank You for enlightening me of what my true mission is, or Whoever is responsible, Our Lord, Holy Spirit, Whoever.

Our Lady:  You were reminded of the prophecy I gave to you in Medjugorje, child.  It is just that you are better understanding what God expects of you. He has said to you, "Minister to My people," and I have told you many years ago, you are to spread love and peace to your family, prayer group, and in time it will grow bigger and bigger.  This peace will spread throughout your country, and into the entire world, little child.  You cannot comprehend this, but it is true.  Much is to come, but you will have the support of your family, your God, and those friends chosen by God to assist you.  Be not afraid.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I truly am not afraid.  I get sad from time to time for losses that have occurred in my life, but I'm truly not afraid, for I know You and Your Son will take care of us.  God is in control.  It is all in His hands.  I am in His hands, and I can think of no better place to be, in a troubled world.  I love You so much, Mother.  I thank You for taking the time to speak with me again this week.

Our Lady:  I love you, little child, and I thank you for listening and sharing.  Now, go in My Son's peace.  Spread this peace to others.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.


Message of June 19, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I thank You for this message for the farm.  It seems there is much turmoil everywhere.

Our Lady:  This is so, child, but remember, where there is turmoil, there is no peace.  God is peace, so who do you suppose is responsible for all the upheaval everywhere?  The evil one continues to wreak havoc on your world, child.  What is so sad is, most of My children do not even realize this.  Many continue to be a part of the very darkness they wish did not exist.  The evil one uses those who are willing, child.  He uses anger, discontent, jealousy, and fear.  He uses anything he can to bring about the destruction he wishes to bring upon man and God's Church.  'Divide and conquer' are his tactics.  You have seen this in your families, your prayer groups, and your churches.  This is not something that is unique to one family or one prayer group.  This is not something that is unique in your life.  This is happening all over the world. 

Where there is discontent, there can be no peace.  Where there is no peace, there is no love.  Pray for that peace that can come only from God.  It is peace that must be embedded deep within your heart, so that you can remain steadfast in your faith and trust in God.  With it, you can withstand any turmoil that surrounds you.  Without it, you too, will be drawn into this darkness.

Dear children, I am here with you, and I wish to help you in any way I can, but know I cannot help you if your heart will not be open to accept the love and peace I wish you to have.  Give all your concerns, hurts, and anger to God, then watch Him work in your life.  He has a divine plan for each one of you, but you must accept His will, so He can work in your life.  You wish to achieve salvation of your soul, then you must accept the will of God and all that it implies.  Pick up your cross, and follow My Jesus.  I will help you in any way I can on this pathway that leads to Heaven.  Thank God for the many gifts you have been given.  He has great things in store for those who accept and follow His will.  Go in God's peace to love and serve Him.  Be at peace with one another.


Message of August  30, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, is there anything You wish to share with me today?

Jesus:  Child, I am here for you and all My children, at all times.  Never feel abandoned.  Even in your most difficult of times, I am here. 

Ruth Ann:  Why do some have greater difficulties than others, Lord?  Why is there so much pain in the world?

Jesus:  Little one, this was not the intent of My Father.  God's intent was that man share in the beauty of the world He had created.  Man sinned and caused this division between him and the Lord God, Creator of all things.  It is through this division that suffering and trials have come, and continue to come.  The farther man chose to get away from God, the greater the trials and suffering.  The innocent suffer right along with the guilty in a Godless society.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I hear You, and I understand we brought all this upon ourselves.

Jesus:  Right, little one.  Man has been warned over and over, and yet he chooses to ignore the signs.  The pain and suffering will not stop, child, it will continue.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm having a difficult time listening, I'm so easily distracted today.

Jesus:  Child, this is a common problem that exists in the minds and hearts of all My children.  You are concerned about all you need to get done today, and all you truly need to remember is; what I would have you do today, is listen.  That should be your number one priority today.  The rest will fall into place.

Ruth Ann:  I'm sorry, Lord.  You are exactly right.

Jesus:  Be at peace, little one, with your day, and your call to do the will of God.  You continue to struggle against all I would have you do.  This makes your life even more difficult than it need be.  Yes, you have given much of yourself, and this will continue to be even more as time goes on.  But child, there comes a peace with doing the will of God that cannot come otherwise.  Do not lose this peace by fighting against that which is best for you and those around you.  Be at peace, and know God's Hand is upon you and all you do.  When your peace is disturbed, know, child, that the evil one is at work.  He can use those who are willing to be used, to cause confusion, doubt, fear, and anger.  Do any of these things just mentioned sound as though they would come from God?

Ruth Ann:  No, Lord.

Jesus:  Then remove all remnants of these from your life.  Love God with your whole being, and live this love in all you do and say.  Be at peace, little one, and know that these struggles you experience are attacks from the evil one.  No matter how difficult the journey you are on, peace should reign in your heart.  Be at peace with your life, little one.  You are missing your teaching, aren't you?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus:  You are also missing your animals, and the structure that was so much a part of your life. 

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, that is true.

Jesus:  You wish to go about your life as though you are in charge, and not God.

Ruth Ann:  You make it sound as though I am being cold.

Jesus:  That is not My intent, child.  I am trying to make a point.

Ruth Ann:  Others get up and go about their lives doing other things, Lord.

Jesus:  They have not been called to do what you are doing.  If they are doing the will of God, no matter what it may be, they should be at peace.  You too, should be at peace.

Ruth Ann:  Most of the time I am, Lord.  It's just that something happened over the weekend that disturbed this peace.  I feel much better after having talked with you about that personal situation this morning.  I also appreciate the friends You have given to us, as well as all the people you have sent into our lives to help with this ministry. 

Lord, if I didn't miss the life I had before, it would not be a sacrifice, would it?

Jesus:  This is true, child, but you must also realize, those who sacrifice much, will be given much.  All the careers, animals, material things, and freedom in this life, cannot compare with the rewards in the next.  So many of My children are so set upon the pleasures of the world, they forget they are to be preparing for their next life while they are on this earth. 

All of these things are good, but they are not to consume you.  For some, material things become an obsession, so do their careers.  Even hobbies can become such an obsession that God is placed in the background.  All these things become gods to My children.  I am the Lord thy God, and thou shalt not have other gods before Me.  Does this sound familiar to you?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, this is one of the Ten Commandments.

Jesus:  It is the first commandment of the ten, and for a reason, child.  It is the most important, and the one most violated today.  In a world of materialism, man has chosen to worship many gods.  Where does  that leave Me?  Barely in the lives of some, and completely out of the lives of others.  You are living in a godless society, and only God can change that which has been brought about by the prince of lies, deceit, and destruction.

My Mother is calling out to Her children to change their ways before it is too late to do so, and yet man chooses, in most cases, not to listen.  What you are doing is of great help to Me and My Mother.  We thank you for listening and responding to this call.  Be at peace with all you are called to do.  The sacrifices are great, but the rewards are even greater.

Ruth Ann:  I do realize this, Lord, but I would not be human if I occasionally did not feel the burden of this cross given to me.

Jesus:  The weight you will always feel, but there is also peace in doing God's will.  That peace must be felt in carrying this cross.  Do not look back, little one.  The cross before you, the world behind you, know I am with you through it all.

Ruth Ann:  Forgive me, Lord, for struggling against those things You would have me do.

Jesus:  Child, it is through your weaknesses and the sharing of your struggles, that many of My children are being saved.  They find hope and peace through your willingness to bare your heart and soul.  All in your life is being used to the greater honor and glory of God, even your weakness, as a strength, when used to help others.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for restoring my peace again, Lord.

Jesus:  Had you not listened, this peace would not have come.  Know all is in God's tender loving care, child.  His plan will not be destroyed.  Good will triumph over evil.

Now go about your day, know I am with you tending to all things.


Message of October 1, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, what a full week and a busy day.

Jesus:  You have much to do today.  Rather than put yourself under so much pressure, why don't you listen tomorrow?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You are correct, but I need Your encouragement today.  We have a wedding today, and we have to leave here early.  I'd rather remain here and pray with Your people, I'll feel guilty for those who come so far seeking prayer, and then Jim and I are not here to pray with them.

Jesus:  Their good intentions will get them many graces.  My children must realize that there are times when you too, must take care of family obligations.  God knows the hearts and minds of all His children.  He will answer all prayers in His own way, and in His own time.  You will be here spiritually, joined with My children in prayer.  I will do the blessings that are needed this day.

Ruth Ann:  You do them anyway, Lord, even when I am here.

Jesus:  You are correct, child.  It is only that I am using you as an instrument through which to work, when you are here to pray with My children.  When you are not here, I tend to them in other ways.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, now I won't feel so guilty for being gone.

Jesus:  You are never to feel guilty when something you have no control over takes you from My children.  If you were here, you would be doing everything you have been asked to do.  You listen and are obedient to the will of God.  That is of the utmost importance in being a true instrument, to spread God's word.  Your example of faith and trust does more for My children than you can possibly realize.  Your courage is needed in a time when My children are floundering and seeking ways in which to be at peace. The world is not at peace, and most of My children are not at peace.  Some who find it, lose it.  I am depending upon those of you who are willing to be of encouragement to those of My children who are most in need.

Ruth Ann:  I can't be of much encouragement if I'm not here, Lord, and I'm sorry for that.

Jesus:  Again I say to you, little one, even when you cannot be here in body, you are here in spirit.  My children are aware of all you are doing and sacrificing for the love of your Jesus and His Mother.  This draws others to make sacrifices that they would otherwise not make.  It is by example that you are doing so much for My children. 

Yes, the prayer is extremely important, but your faith has done much to boost the morale of My children who were struggling and feeling so lost.  They now have a purpose for existing.  They have a reason to awaken in the morning.  God loves them, He truly cares about each and every one.  Through your sharing of the words spoken to you, your testimony of the miracles in your life, and your stepping out in faith to do all that is asked of you, God is working.  You have encouraged many in their faith journey, and you will continue to do so. 

I have said your ministry eventually will be changing, but the result of your ministry will never change.  More and more souls will be brought to Me through you, and the work God has put before you. Be at peace, little one.  Continue to do His will.  Know you are assisted by many of the angels and saints in Heaven.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for the encouraging words for me.

Jesus:  You have earned them, little one, through your love and trust in your Jesus.  Enjoy the day with your family and your extended family.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, please be with us this day.


Message of October 26, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Be not afraid.  There is much you do not understand, but know your Jesus is here with you.  Continue to move forward with hope and trust in God.  God will tend to all things, those of great concern, and those that are not so great.  God's plan is perfect.  Man's plan is not.  Your journey in the footsteps of My Son is difficult.  If it were not so difficult, it would not be a cross.  He has said, those who wish to follow Me, must take up their cross to do so.  The world must be left behind.  Be at peace with what is before you, His cross.  Know His love for you is great.  He will help you with all your burdens.  Pray, dear children, for the strength to pursue the will of God.  I will assist you in this prayer.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.  My Mother's love radiates to each one of you.  Feel this love in your heart.