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January 2008
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of October 17, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

When you gather together in such great numbers to pay homage to Me and My Son, how it touches the One Who created you. There is strength in numbers, children, that is why so many of you are here. You have not come on your own. Each one of you has been brought here by special invitation. I am calling to all of My children to tell them how much God loves them. They need only to listen with their ears, and see with their eyes, to know that times are very difficult in your land. The world is covered with darkness, but do not lose heart. Focus on My Jesus, He is light, life, and love. He has, and is, the peace that should reign in the hearts and minds of all those created by God.

Dear children, I continue to call all of you to pray. Those of you who are listening have a grave responsibility to all those stumbling around blindly in darkness. God has called you to love your neighbor. What greater love can you show for your neighbor, than the concern for his salvation. Therefore, dear child-ren, I am calling you to pray for the conversion of all those who are not aware of God's love. Pray that God will break open the hearts of even the most hardened criminal, allowing all the putrid stench of the evil to be emptied, only to be replaced by the burning desire to love and know My Son. I am here with you, and I join My heart to yours in this prayer. Praise be the name of My Son, Jesus, Who awaits those beautiful prayers for the souls of others. My Motherly blessing I give you as I spread My protective mantle around you and your loved ones. Love My Son.

Message of Nov. 23, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: Child, I know you don't have a lot of time, but I also know you wish to speak to Me.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, this is true. But since I was called away early this morning, I was afraid there would be too many interruptions and therefore, not possible to speak with You.

Jesus: I will make all quiet, child.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Jesus: I wish to share with you just how much God loves you.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know there is much more than this to share.

Jesus: You are right, little one, there is much to add. God loves you so much, He sent His only Son to live and die for you, so that you could gain the reward of Heaven.

Ruth Ann: This sounds like a review of my catechism, Lord.

Jesus: Yes it does, little one, those were the days when My children had no doubts as to why they were put here on the earth. Those were the days when My children knew exactly what their purpose was in life. Now My children continually question what they are doing. So many are trying to find themselves. What they are really looking for is God in their lives, and they don't even realize that is the burning desire that is in their heart. They complain about hating their jobs, their life, the people they work with. They complain of dissatisfaction of all kinds. What they need, they are not finding, because they are not looking in the right places.

Dissatisfactions, irritations, bore-dom, depression, these are not of Me, little one. And the minute one complains of such, you know right away the evil one is working in their life trying to disrupt, cause grief and turmoil, and bring them down on his plane. They must turn to God in prayer in order to find peace and a calmness in their life. This can only come from God. They must learn to use the Sacraments and sacra-mentals available to them to deal with the darkness that tries to disrupt and cause hate and anger in the lives of many of My children. The prayer, 'I bind and rebuke the evil one in the name of Jesus', must be used at times.

There is much My little ones can do to combat the evil one. The best thing is prayer, the rosary given to My children by My Mother will break the stronghold one day that the evil one seems to have upon the world. The Woman Clothed in the Sun will shine Her light on all of Her children and draw them out of darkness. Goodness and light will triumph over evil. My Mother's Immaculate Heart will see to it. But My children must listen and live the messages being given to them, in order to be able to know what it is they are being called to do. Many continue to ignore this fact, and use the excuse that the messages haven't been approved. My Mother, and anything She would say, would not cause harm to anyone. These are Her children She is calling out to at this time. What Mother would do anything to cause Her children harm, especially One Who is from Heaven? In the meantime, these children who wish to ignore are denying themselves, and their loved ones, many graces that they could otherwise be getting, graces that would combat fear, hate, confusion, and depression. That is as it will be.

During the time of My teaching on the earth, before My death on the cross, many ignored what I had to say. As a result, they were among those who were responsible for My death. It is important for My children to listen and pray for one another so all My children's eyes will have the blinders removed. Love one another as I have loved you. There is no room for hate, anger, or envy in a world that is steeped in My divine love. Peace, children, strive for peace. Peace in your hearts, homes, and the whole world. Much of this can be done through prayer.

Ruth Ann: I continue to pray, Lord. There is so much pain, and suffering, and unrest in the world. Will there ever be peace?

Jesus: Peace will come when the minds and hearts of My children focus on God instead of the world around them.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for the quiet time, Lord. I love You.

Jesus: I love you, little one, go in My peace.

Message of Dec. 28, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm wondering what today will bring. I've had my prayers answered each day. You continue to bless and reassure me. Why?

Jesus: Little one, you have done and continue to do much for Me. Have I not told you, you would receive a little miracle each day?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, You have. But some of these are not such 'little miracles', and some I've only thought about for an instant. I haven't really spent much time in prayer asking for these things. I have a kind of wish or desire that comes into my mind, and the next thing I know, whatever it is I have thought about, has been done.

Jesus: Little one, many would say these are just 'coincidences'. You have realized that God is at the root of all that man can say and do. I am a part of man's most inner being. I know all your thoughts, desires, hopes, and dreams. I know your heart.

Ruth Ann: I just want You to know, I have noticed all You have been doing, and I wish to thank You. Your kindness overwhelms me.

Jesus: Little one, I appreciate your taking the time to thank and acknowledge these little gifts to you. I do these things for all of My children, but they don't always take the time to thank Me. Most don't even acknowledge that I have been a part in those special blessings. They consider them to be coincidences.

Ruth Ann: I have learned there is so much of our lives that could only come about through Your provid-ential care, Lord.

Jesus: Little one, you have learned much. You have learned that all things can and will be done for the greater honor and glory of God when you give your life, problems, and concerns over to Me. No problem is too great or too small for Me to attend to, if it is important to you, it is important to Me. Remember, I am the caregiver to all My children. I wish what is best for all My children. Sometimes the 'something best' does not coincide with what My children desire. Then, it is to be accepted as God's will. This is difficult for man to accept, especially in a society that is brought up to believe that their wants and needs are more important than the wants and needs of others.

Many of My children have strayed from the commandment of God, 'to love God and thy neighbor as thyself for the love of God'. That is the greatest commandment, but it is difficult for My children to follow. Man puts himself and his selfish desires first, and tends to ignore the needs of others. God has no place in these kinds of lives. I have been shut out and ignored, but I continually stand at the door, knocking, waiting for man to answer. By little 'signs' and blessings I continue to say to My children, "I am here, ready and waiting for you to answer." That is why those who seek Me, find Me. I am patiently waiting for that first little sign of acknowledgment by My children, so I can come into their lives in a mighty way. God loves you. Have you not heard these words over and over, spoken by My Mother?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I have, and I know others have also.

Jesus: These words are extremely important words. These are not just for My children who are 'good'. It is for all My children; the good, bad, and the indifferent. You are all loved by God. I did not come to the earth for the 'good'. I came to the earth to save the sinner. I came to die on the cross so all would have the gift of eternal life at their fingertips. All they have to do is claim the gift I have already given to them. I cannot do that for them, the claiming. It must be done by each individual in God's time. Those of you who await answers to prayers for those family members and friends who have not claimed this gift, have faith. God works in His time, for the good of all His children. Be patient and continue to pray. God is listening.

Ruth Ann: I do realize that, Lord. I am writing these words so others, too, will realize.

Jesus: I thank you for taking the time to do so little one. It is not for your good that you do this, and all in Heaven realize this. Many graces are being poured out upon you and those who read these words and take them to their heart. You could be resting at this time of the morning. Instead, you are listening and writing what I am saying to you, so that others can share in the goodness and greatness of God's love.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for talking to me, Lord. I couldn't write if You had not given me the gift of Your words. If you were not speaking with me, I could have nothing to say, so it is my gift, Lord.

Jesus: And you are Mine, little one. I thank you for caring about your brothers and sisters. I thank you for living the commandment, 'Love God, and thy neighbor as thyself for the love of God'. I know it is not easy for you to give up so much of yourself to others, and I thank and bless you for your unselfishness. Now, I will leave you to the rest of your day. Know that I am with you, as is My blessing.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of January 25, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know You are with me. Please give me the graces to do all You would have me do.

Jesus: Little one, this is something about which you need not be concerned. All those who choose to do the will of God have sufficient graces and strength to do so. You, child, have chosen to take a firm stand concerning your faith and trust in God. As a result of this, the graces will be yours in abundance. This does not mean that all will go easily, or there will not be suffering and persecution for you and your family. But child, it means as you walk this long, difficult path, there will be help along the way. There will be help in the way of little miracles, 'helping hands', and special blessings granted to you. These are rewards for doing the will of God and has always been a means of sustaining those who witness to the goodness and love of their Creator.

Ruth Ann: Why is this so difficult for some to accept, Lord? The things I am telling are actual facts. I would not tell them if they were not. It's not easy for me to do, but I do it because I wish to be obedient. If it touches only one heart, it is worth the anguish I am put through before each talk.

Jesus: Child, many do not wish to hear what you have to say because it means once they believe and their hearts are touched, they must change their way of living. A life full of materialism, noise, and the import-ance of self-worth will need to be changed. Their whole world will be turned upside down. I will have to come first, and all else will have to be prioritized accordingly. To a people steeped in darkness, where true value of one's worth is based on how much one has accumulated, this is going to be quite a shock. It isn't how much one has accumulated, but how one uses what I have allowed them to accumulate. Those who are wealthy have an obligation to share what they have with those who have nothing. Those who have much, have much to share. Those who have little, have little to share.

'Love one another', does not only mean love from the heart. It means show your love, do good works for your neighbor. Man has shut himself off from his neighbor. There are many reasons for this. Man has become so busy in his own little world, he ignores those around him and doesn't even realize there are others that need tending to. He has only time for himself, and his wants, and his needs. If you love My children, you will see to their needs. No one need be hungry, cold, or without clothing or shelter in a land of plenty such as yours.

Sadness fills My heart for the truly poor of this world, to see them so downtrodden and without hope. These are those I love most, the very least of My children. When I came to the earth, I did not come to a family of wealth. I came to live among the humble and poor of the world. It is true, the poor you will always have with you, but it is a reminder to all of those who have more, that what they have is to be shared.

When I speak of My children sharing what they have with their brothers and sisters, it can also be faith. It can be witnessing to the good God does in your life. There are many ways to show love for one another. It is not always through money or monetary gifts. It can be through a kindness, such as a kind word to someone who is in need of such. It can be talking with someone who is lonely. Man is not saved through faith alone. Good works are truly a part of this journey of faith. You cannot ignore the needs of those around you, and still consider yourself doing the will of God. God wills that we love Him and our neighbor as ourself for the love of Him.

Loving is caring and sharing, children. All of you have something to share, whether it be time, money, faith, love, or a talent given to you by God. Many are in need. They hunger and thirst, many for those things that keep the body alive, but even more importantly, for those things that keep the soul alive. You, child, in sharing these words with others, open hearts and eyes that are closed to the needs of others.

Continue to share in word and deed all I am telling you. In this way, you are tending to all of the needs of My children, and most importantly, hearts are being touched, and lives are being changed. That should please you, little one. It surely pleases Me.

Ruth Ann: That is what counts, Lord.

Jesus: Continue to witness, little one. I will supply the graces needed as you continue on this important journey put before you by your God.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. Be with me and my family throughout the day and week.

Jesus: Yes, child. Go in My peace.

Message of February 9, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, You seemed frustrated in Your message today to the prayer groups.

Our Lady: Child, I continue to tell My children to pray and make sacrifices, and they continue to turn their backs on God. Many think they do not need to pray, and those who pray do not feel they need to do more. What is wrong with your world? No one seems to take the messages seriously, and those who do spend so much time speculating on when 'the end' is coming that they miss the point of the message. The reason for the messages is one of calling for change of the heart. Pray, dear children, and ask for the peace of God to permeate your hearts. Seek Jesus in your neighbor. He is there. Love one another. Do not fight your neighbor. Love your neighbor. Child, the peace of your world is being destroyed, little by little, and no one seems to really care enough to do anything about it.

Ruth Ann: Mother, many are praying and many prayer groups have sprung up all over the world, many shrines to You and Your Son are being revisited. So why do You say, no one seems to really care?

Our Lady: Child, I am your Mother, sent here to help you prepare for the coming of My Son. My Jesus is hurting, and I am hurting with Him. He looks at those of you who continually ignore all that is being said and shown to you, and again feels the agony He felt in the Garden at Gethsemane. Why do God's children have to be so stubborn and so blind? Why can't you see that you are destroying not only others in your hatred, but yourselves and your world as well?

Peace is needed in your world, and it must begin in your hearts. Seek this peace, this peace is a lasting peace, and no matter what goes on around you, it will continue to remain in your heart. 'Seek ye first the King-dom of God, and all other things will come unto you'. Put God first in your lives, little children, and He will tend to your other needs. Love God with all your hearts, minds, and souls, and your neighbor as yourself, and you will have the peace you seek. Times are difficult, and this has been brought about through lack of prayer and trust in God.

Man, in turning his back on God and removing Him from every aspect of his life, has brought about darkness. The evil one continues to wreak havoc upon the earth, and God's people have been deceived into believing that God is not needed. Dear children, look around you as God has been removed little by little from your world, more and more hate and destruction comes about. Man is destroying one another. Put God back into your world, children, and you will see a change. Do not allow Satan to continue to have the upper hand. Pray, dear children, and turn toward God in these hours of need. He is listening and waiting to hear from you.

Ruth Ann: Mother, many of us are trying to do better.

Our Lady: I appreciate all each of My children do, but it is not enough. Put God first in your lives, then, and only then, can you know you are doing what is asked of you. Pray, dear children, that you understand the urgency of the messages being sent to you from Heaven. Do not seek signs and wonders. Seek peace. Seek to please God through prayers and sacrifices. Then the graces and blessings will be given to you that God wishes you to have to strengthen your faith and help you keep His peace.

Ruth Ann: You seem so sad, Mother.

Our Lady: Only because My children do not take what I am saying seriously enough. I wish for them to be at peace in their hearts, and peace cannot come unless there is much prayer. The prayer must come from the heart. It cannot just be words said. It must be words said from the heart. Share what I have said to you.

Ruth Ann: It is done, Mother.

Our Lady: I thank you for your continued effort, child. Go in the peace of Jesus Christ, My Son.

Message of March 16, 1994, from Our Lady (In Jerusalem)

Ruth Ann: Mother, I am truly touched by this pilgrimage, but I have had little time to listen and write.

Our Lady: Child, My Son and I have both said to you to go and enjoy the trip to the land of My Son's birth, death and resurrection. This is always a busy time for you, but you will have much to reflect upon as you return to your home and family. God has been so good to you, child. He has given you many gifts since your first gift of 'yes' to His holy will.

There is much more to come child, and you will be fortified with the graces to help you in these difficult days that are ahead of you. You need not be concerned. God loves you and is watching over you with a mighty gift of love. You are being told of the personal cross that will make it possible for others to come to a true and deeper conversion of the heart. Be attentive to the words being spoken to you. Take them into your heart, little child. You are being prepared for great graces. Your mission has only begun, child. As what God wishes for you continues to grow, many other gifts will be given to you. God does not take from His children without replacing what is taken with greater and better gifts in return.

You, My child, must be receptive to all that God wishes for you. The graces are available in abundance. Your gift of receiving His words is a special gift that is to be shared with others. It would do no good to only receive without sharing. God's light must not be hidden under a bushel. There it would burn out and die. In sharing what is being said to you, you are fanning the flames of love and causing a great fire to burn in the hearts of those who choose to listen.

Gifts are given to all of My children. It is up to them to discover their special gift and use it to the greater honor and glory of God. He wishes all His children to agree to do His will so He can work great wonders in their lives and hearts, and the lives and hearts of their loved ones. All wish for their loved ones to be saved. God wishes this too. He does not wish to lose even a single soul. This would be possible if only My children would take to heart all that is being said with great serious-ness.

Prayer can change many things. Prayer can bring about the conver-sion of your dear ones, and those who are your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. You are all to be one, little child. One in the spirit of love and peace. But it takes much prayer and love. Do not be so critical of one another. Look for My Son Jesus in each and every one you meet. Then it will be difficult for you to find fault with those around you. Many of you can see the splinter in your brother and sister's eye, but cannot see the boulder in your own. You must guard against this. It is not of God.

The evil one has a way of finding little irritants to place before you. These little irritants then grow into big ones. Do not allow him to use you in this way. Be kind to those around you. Seek forgiveness from those whom you have hurt in any way. That is the way to gain peace in your hearts and in the world. God has continued to wait for His children to come to an under-standing of peace with one another, but this peace has not come. Man has so much animosity in his heart for his neighbor, that his peace is not being achieved. Seek peace in your hearts, dear children, so this peace with your neighbor will come.

God's patience has come to an end. He is telling you through many signs and words that the time is now for His children to stop this anger and hatred toward one another. He has sent His only Son to the earth as an example of what He chooses for you to be and do. Live with your neighbor with love and patience in your heart, then peace can be achieved where there is no peace.

I will continue to help all of you for as long as I am allowed. Seek this help from Me. I am your heavenly Mother full of love and compassion for you. Bring your heart to Me. Join with My heart to touch the lives and hearts of all God's children. Seek peace, little children, seek it in your heart, in your daily lives, and in the world around you. Be the light to achieve this peace. Share it with others.

Now, I know you have another busy day ahead. I thank you for listening. Go in My Son's peace.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for these words, Mother, I love You.

Our Lady: I love you, child.

Message of August 21, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to add anything?

Our Lady: Child, these messages are extremely important. The time is drawing near for My children when these words will be the very fabric to sustain many of My children who have found themselves without a place to pray. God has placed a great cross upon your shoulders, little one, but one that you carry with love and peace. My children must have calm in the midst of all this confusion and evil that surrounds them. That peace can be found here on this farm, and within you. God has given you a heavy cross that will grow even heavier, but He has also blessed you with many special gifts. He is allowing you the grace to pass on the peace you have been given, that lives within you, that radiates from you, and you are allowed to share it with others. You are not only allowed to do so, it is His Will that this be done.

When I spoke to you of this love and peace in the prophecy which was given to you in Medjugorje, you did not understand. Now, you are beginning to accept and understand the importance of what was being said to you. I thank you for listening and sharing this peace through My messages, praying with others, and witnessing to My children. You have been given special gifts, child, and they are to be shared. More is to come, and many more of My children will be sent here to you to share in this peace and love which is here for that purpose. Thank you for being an instrument that is willing to be used for the greater honor and glory of God. Thank you for listen-ing and responding to My call.

The meaning of the words, 'You have finally come', that were said to you on the bus as you entered Medjugorje are finally becoming clear to you. The evil you saw and felt there was for a reason, child. I wished for you to know the evil one was trying very hard to wreck My plans, and much prayer was needed to stop him. Much prayer is still needed, and I am depending on the help of prayer groups such as yours to help Me crush the head of the evil one. Be not afraid, child, great graces abound for those who love God and are willing to give of themselves for the sake of others.

You are your brother's keeper. Love God and your neighbor as yourself, for the love of God. This is the greatest of all commandments. In praying for the salvation of your fellow man, you are following the commandment of God. In doing this, you can bring about peace for yourself, your family, and the world around you. As all else crumbles, seek God's peace, pray, and know I am praying with you. Go in the peace of My Son. Love one another.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for taking the time to speak with me.

Our Lady: Thank you for being obedient, and opening your mind and heart to My Son.

Message of January 18, 1995, from Our Lady
(after Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You have anything You wish to add?

Our Lady: Child, the messages that I continue to give to all My children, are not being taken to heart. The peace that you seek is not being found in your world. My children continue to look in all the wrong places for this peace. They are trying to find peace in the pleasures of the world, and it can only come from God. The peace and love from Him is the true peace that all must seek and find, in order to exist in such a troubled world.

Pray, dear children, pray from the heart. Many of you still do not understand what these words mean. It means you must find time to speak with God. Speak to Him from your heart. Tell Him how much you love Him, and how much you appreciate all He has done for you. Read His Word in the New Testament. Let Him speak to you through these words. These words I have been giving to you through so many, are nothing new. Realize, little children, these words were spoken to you two thousand years ago, and were recorded for you to have access to.

Many of you do not read God's Word, so therefore, I have come to share these words with you in a simple way. Love God as you love yourself, and you cannot go wrong. Love your neighbor, and forgive the hurts that he imposes upon you. Be forgiving, as your Jesus would forgive. Trust, little children. Pray for your enemies, so they too, can experience the love and peace that you have experienced.

I am praying with you for those who have wandered from the fold. Pray, little children, and trust that God will tend to all things. My blessing I give to you. Go in My Son's peace.