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January 2010
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of October 16, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, this is a very busy weekend, but I wanted to touch base with You today.

Jesus:  Yes little one, I know you have much ahead of you today, but all will go well.  Your Jesus will see to that.

Ruth Ann:  You'll have to Lord, it all depends upon You.

Jesus:  Know this in your heart child, all those who need to be here will be brought here.  It is just as My Mother had said, "Each one brought here is being brought here by special invitation."  This grace to be had here in this place of prayer is in abundance.  This is not something that you can do anything about, little one.  This is a gift given to My children, to help them through the trying times ahead.

Ruth Ann:  I keep hearing about 'the trying times ahead', Lord.  Could You be more specific?

Jesus:  Little one, it is not necessary for Me to do so.  It is enough for you to know that it is to be so.  Times will become more and more difficult for My children, but it is important that all continue to focus on God.  He is the One in control of the master plan.  Satan is having his day, but in the end he will be crushed.  Even he is aware of this, and that is why he is in such a frenzy, destroying anyone and anything in his path that he can.  My children must be strong, and not give in to the temptations and the turmoil put before them.  God loves His children, and He wishes them to turn to Him in this time of great strife.  I too, am aware that no matter where you turn, there is evil.  There are horrors and cruelties done against My children in all forms. 

So much prayer is needed, little one.  That is the reason for places such as this.  This is a special place set aside for prayer, so that all denominations from all walks of life can gather here.  Many could not go to their individual churches together in such great numbers, but in a neutral territory, many will come.  Not just Catholics, but many who love Me and My Mother will be called here.  Now do you understand the importance of a place such as this?  It is a gathering place where all of My children can come together as one, one family in Christ Jesus, with God as the focal point. 

My Mother is calling to Her children to do just those things of which I am speaking.  She is calling Her children to prayer, and not only prayer, but prayer from the heart.  Mean what you are saying, make sacrifices, do penance, love one another.  All of these things She keeps telling Her children.  To all She is saying, "Pray the rosary.  It is the chain that is to strangle the grip of Satan."  To Her Catholic children She is saying, "Go to Confession at least monthly, and receive the Eucharist as frequently as possible."  There are special graces in these Sacraments.  These Sacraments are beautiful gifts given to you by God.  These gifts are special graces that help keep you on the right path.  It is like a little fence that is put up to keep one from falling into a dangerous area.  Without the fence, one might fall into a dangerous pit and harm oneself.  These Sacraments are provided for My children to provide the protection from danger.  The more you receive them, the stronger the fence, the more you will have what it takes to fight against the evil one who continues to want to harm all of God's children.  Stay on the right path.  Keep inside the fence, and you will be protected from the harm that can be caused by the evil one. 

Many slip and fall off the path and fall through the fence.  They have not taken advantage of the graces that have been provided for them.  I am telling you, no, reminding you, these graces are available in abundance.  Take advantage of them while they are still being provided.  Graces are being given in places such as this all over the world.  Many more will continue to come as the time of My Second Coming draws nearer and nearer.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, when You speak of a Second Coming, You talk as though it is just around the corner, but in the Bible, Your Apostles too, spoke of Your Second Coming as though it would be soon, and look how long it has been.

Jesus:  Little one, no one knows the day or the hour, but you have been given signs to help you become aware that it will be soon.  Those who are listening and hearing with their ears, watching and seeing with their eyes, become more and more aware of the signs.  Even My Mother has told many She is here to announce My Second Coming, just as John the Baptist announced My First Coming.  Many do not listen, but many are being told.  Do not be afraid, little one, I am here to provide you with the graces and help along the way.  The road will not be easy, but the road has great rewards at the end.  So even though the path is difficult, narrow, and rocky, the rewards will far outweigh any of the hardships which one must endure. 

Now I know you have a busy weekend.  Go, and enjoy this weekend of prayer.  Know that I will be here with you as will My Mother.  She is pleased to be given such special attention, and I too, am pleased.  The angels and saints in Heaven will be praying and rejoicing with you this weekend.  Know that all is in God's hands.  My blessings are given to you and this special group gathered here in prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.

Message of Nov. 10, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I feel so sad and overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of Your children.  Many continue to share their burdens with me and ask for prayer.  It is heart-breaking.  Each one who comes, I want a healing for, and especially, peace for them.                                                      

Jesus:  Little one, each one will receive a healing who comes to you for prayer.  Again, I am telling you it may not be the healing you wish for, or the healing the person has come seeking, but I will hear and answer your prayers.  Do not be over-whelmed, child, by this cross placed upon you.  God is in need of those who care enough for their fellowman that they will sacrifice the time, energy, and be humble enough to pray with others.  God knows these are not easy requests.  Most of the work God would have you do is not easy, but neither was the work that was requested of His Son, was it? 

When I, Jesus, say, "Take up your cross and follow Me," that is exactly what I mean.  In some lives, it means living in poverty, doing work that you feel is beneath you, going hungry, living in war-torn areas of pain and persecution.  Sometimes it means just dealing with life on a day-to-day basis, because of burdens you endure for the suffering of loved ones.  There are many kinds of crosses, and some are heavier than others.  Each cross, if carried with God's help, will earn My children many graces that could not be gained otherwise.  In most cases it will mean the difference of eternal peace as their reward, or the loss of their soul in eternal damnation. 

So many of My children wish for life to go smoothly, with no crosses to bear.  This is not realistic.  Why should God have man have life so easy when He required so much of His own Son?   I was used as an example of what living and dying is all about.  When one takes up his cross to follow in My footsteps, there is no easy path.  The road is rocky, narrow, and steep, and in some places so difficult it cannot be traveled alone.  It is in these times that I must help carry your burdens, but I cannot unless they are given to Me to do so. 

That is where so many of My children go wrong.  They take up their crosses and follow for a time, and when the burden gets too heavy, they give up.  You must not give up.  Continue to persevere, My little ones.  Let Me help you with your burdens when they are too difficult for you to carry, saying, "Lord, this is too painful.  I am not capable of dealing with this on my own.   Would you please carry this for me?"  Out of love for you, I will do so. 

Ruth Ann:  I know this is of great help to me, Lord.  I have done this many times.  Sometimes it's grief over the loss of someone or something, or anger that I can't cope with, or just hurt over the pain and suffering of someone else.  The minute I I give it to You, to use for the suffering souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them, I gain a peace that I did not have before.

Jesus:  Child, you are learning that, through offering your pain and suffering for others, you gain God's peace.  This is called 'making a sacrifice'.

Ruth Ann:  I don't understand, Lord.  I'm not giving up something I want or need for someone, so how can it be a sacrifice?

Jesus:  Little one, I have died for the pains, sins, and sufferings for all My children.  You in turn are giving these back to Me; these hurts, pains, and sorrows that I have suffered and died to wipe away from My children.  Anytime you ask Me to accept a part of your cross on behalf of someone else, it gains not only graces for you, but graces for those you have asked graces for, at that time.  In your case, you have had the suffering souls of purgatory taken to your heart to gain graces for.  Others pray, make sacrifices, and offer up their crosses for the conversions of sinners.  Many do these things, not even realizing all they are gaining in the eyes of their Creator.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I just thank You for listening and speaking with me, and giving me such comfort today.  I love You so much, and want to do Your will.  Please continue to strengthen and guide me so I am able to do all that is expected of me.

Jesus:  Little one, you continue to grow, listen, and share what God is saying and doing in your life.  You have shared what He has said and done in the past, and you will continue to do so in the future.  Much more is to come, little one.  You are being prepared for even greater things than you can ever imagine.  You do not wish to hear this, because of your humility, but it is because of this true humbleness that you are being asked to do much more on behalf of God's children.  You and your family continue to be attacked, but such faith you have, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You always give me too much credit.  Please don't.  I am weak, and have become discouraged and felt over-burdened many times.

Jesus:  But where are you, little one?  You are here sitting, speaking with Me, writing My words to share with others.   Many would walk away from the many burdens placed upon them such as you have received.  They would have said, "Forget it, I'm not going to have the world calling me crazy.  I'm not giving up my career, or time, or home, or family for the sake of others.  You've got to be kidding, Lord."  You continue to walk in faith, not knowing what comes next, but knowing in your heart that God will take care of you.  That is faith, little one.  Many can learn from you what it means to be a child of God.  Your child-like faith is such as God wants from all of His children.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, You have sent many into our lives to help us with many of the physical aspects of these burdens.  We have gained so many friends we could never have cultivated on our own, and so many pray for us, Lord.  This means so much to us, but please don't give me more credit than I deserve, Lord.  I love You and trust Your judgment for me.  I'm not good at making decisions anyway.  It's easier to say, "Thy will be done."  Then it all rests on Your shoulders, Lord.  So it is not totally unselfish.

Jesus:  Little one, little one, that is what faith is.  Giving and trusting in God to make all the right decisions.  Only He knows the divine plan, so, by putting all your hopes, dreams, pains, sufferings, and so forth in His hands, you are giving all to Him.  It is called, 'dying of self'.   Doing the holy will of God, praying from the heart, all of these things that My Mother continues to call all of Her children to do, you are doing this, child.  Don't minimize what you are doing.  Great theologians could learn something from you if they would stop analyzing all of My words in the Holy Scripture, and realize that all God really wants from them is the love, trust, and faith of a child.  They too, could find the peace and healing in their lives needed to live in a world of sin and darkness. 

But man continues to try to make life complicated instead of simple.  He allows the evil one to cause utter chaos in his life.  It is as though man prefers turmoil over peace.  Peace can only come from God.  So unless man comes to grips with this fact, and gives it all to the One Who is in charge, there can never be peace.  Continue to pray for peace, child, for God's peace, and peace throughout the whole world.  It is of extreme importance that this be done.

Ruth Ann:  Many will read this Lord, so I am sure it will be taken to heart by those made aware.  I will continue to do all You are asking of me.

Jesus:  Bless you little one, and all those who continue to help you with this mission.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for Your blessing Lord; for me, and my family, and all those 'helping hands' that continue to serve You.

Jesus:  Go about your day in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I love You.


Message of Nov. 16, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I just spoke with You yesterday.  I can't imagine You wanting to bother with me today.

Jesus:  Child, would you not enjoy speaking with your children daily if you and they had the time to do so?

Ruth Ann:  I see what You mean, Lord.  I guess because I really didn't feel the need to speak with You, I didn't really feel it was necessary.  I never really thought about it from Your standpoint.  Sorry, Lord.

Jesus:  You may not feel the need for speaking and writing what I say some days, but do you not feel at peace when you do this, that you do not have otherwise?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, You know that is true.  You don't ever have to ask.

Jesus:  Then isn't that reason enough to speak with Me?

Ruth Ann:  You have made Your point Lord, I will try harder.

Jesus:  That is all I ask, little one, that My children make an effort to please Me.  How it pleases Me and My Mother to see My children making an effort to listen, and do as they are being told.  Sometimes it is not easy for them to do so, and many times there is a great sacrifice to be made.  But remember, there is much work to be done, and those who are willing to make the sacrifice to help Me in this work, are few. 

My Mother calls and calls to Her children.  Some are listening, and others ignore.  Why do some listen, and take to heart what She is saying, and others turn a deaf ear to what is being said?   It is because man is used to getting, and having, what he wants with little sacrifice.  My children in this country have been given so much, that what they have is taken for granted.  The time will come little one, when nothing will be taken for granted.  Many hard-ships face My children.  Some are being experienced and felt at the present time, and others are to come.  The people in your country are not used to the hardships that have been experienced by other nations, but they will experience, and learn what it is to make sacrifices.

Ruth Ann:  Why are You telling me this?

Jesus:  Child, it is because it is time for you to understand the grave situation your country is in.  You have been told in so many ways that there is darkness all around, that the evil one is at the height of his strength, and those who read your messages continue to think all is well.  All is not well.  My children need to take to heart all that is being said. 

My Mother says, over and over, "Pray from the heart.  Make sacrifices and do penance."  These are not messages that would be given if all was well with your country, and the whole world.  My Mother has warned the children in Medjugorje for many years before the terrible wars came.  They were told to pray and make sacrifices.  Now She is here in your country, telling the same things.  How can some people who are truly listening, believe that these messages are not messages of urgency.  That She is appearing and talking to many, should be enough to make one realize the seriousness of the situation.  One does not come from Heaven to warn, if there is not impending danger.  Look, and listen, children!  Be attentive to the words of the Lord.  Pray and be obedient.  Much can be changed and avoided through prayer.

Ruth Ann:  You do realize that this message is going to frighten some people?

Jesus:  Little one, how can they not have heard this before in your messages?  It has been said in so many ways before.  Those who have really listened to the messages have heard this all along.  It is now that I am being totally open with what I wish for you to say.  Time is running out.  Have you not had that repeated to you over and over?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  And what about the daily messages that were given to you by My Mother many, many months ago?  Did She not warn this country that it was time they returned to the faith they had as a small child?  That they were only a step away from the wars and deprivation of other nations?  How can My children be so blind and deaf to believe that all is well.  She has told you over and over, "Listen, and live My mes-sages."  And as in times before, what she is saying - no, pleading - is being ignored by most of My children.  Those of you who are listening, must make up for the lack of attention by others.  Some of you are being called to make great sacrifices. 

You, My child, are one of those who were chosen to do so.  It is so many who would otherwise be cast into the eternal abyss of hell, will be given a chance at the eternal rewards of Heaven.  This is much to ask of you, for the salvation of your fellowman, but you have said 'yes' and the laborers are few.  God is pleased with you and the efforts on behalf of His children.  Much more will be expected as time goes on.  There is great need for prayer, and it is up to those of you who are taking the words of My Mother seriously, to carry the heavy burden placed upon you.  There will be Simon's along the way, but the burden is yours.  The cross is heavy, and it will continue to be heavier, and heavier, but I am here with you to help you carry this cross, that will take you to Calvary.  Be at peace little one, with all that is being said.  Share this message with your priest, and do whatever he tells you.

Ruth Ann:  I will do so, Lord.

Jesus:  Now go in My peace to love and serve the God and Creator of all things great and small.


Message of Dec. 31, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have felt so empty, with no desire to pray.  I'd just like to have the time to read a book, not spiritual, and ignore all the other daily rituals.  I look at the world around me and think, "What's the use?"

Jesus:  Child, of course there will be days like this where you feel overwhelmed with your daily routine of prayer.  These times, you must offer up your feeling as a prayer.  Always tell Me exactly how you feel, and I will help restore your peace and desire to pray.  If you let the feelings continue for long periods of time, prayer can become a real problem.  Sometimes you just need a day to pray in another way.  Maybe you just need quiet time with Me, to listen.  If you pull away entirely, then you know it is not something that is of Me that is happening to you. 

Sometimes the evil one wishes to interfere and draw you away from prayer, through selfish motives.  One must analyze their feelings at these times, and decide if the desire is because they have been praying a great deal, and just need a quiet change for a few days, or if the evil one is trying to deceive you into thinking you need a change.  He would like nothing more than to pull you away from those things that provide you with this special grace to continue to do the will of God.  So think about how you really feel.  Do you wish to be away from Me entirely, through selfish desires, or are you just feeling the need to listen, and not feel obliged to do your daily routine?

Ruth Ann:  I don't wish to ignore You completely, Lord, and I feel guilty not attending Mass and Communion, so I guess it's just that the daily prayers begin to wear on me.

Jesus:  I am pleased you do not wish to give up the Eucharist.  That is most important for your peace and the graces you need for what is to come.  My children do not understand that graces can be stored up so they will be available for use at another time.  All things you do in faith and love of God is a prayer.  Even the work you do throughout the day can be offered to God as a prayer.  Any little sacrifice you do for someone is a prayer. 

When My Mother says to you, "Make sacrifices," there are many ways in which one can make a sacrifice.  It can be, not taking dessert, abstaining from complaining about someone or something that is bothering you, doing something for someone without complaining about it, all of these things are sacrifices, and are a form of prayer, if they are done for the right reasons. 

Mothers of small children have a difficult time saying prayers or having a set time to pray, but they can offer up all they do on behalf of their little children, as a prayer.  There are many ways to pray, little one, and sometimes one must take time to decide if what they are doing is out of habit, or the desire to please Me and make a difference in this world that is so full of darkness. 

Prayer is just not for the one doing it, it is for those around you who never take time to pray at all.  Your prayers are needed for all those who are not aware they should be praying.  My Mother continues to tell all of Her children, "Pray for those who are in need of conversion."  Those are the ones who continue on each day, feeling as though they are in charge.  They have no clue that the evil one is in control of their life.  They would have you think there is no God.  These are the ones who need much prayer, and they have no idea there is anything wrong in their life.  They go through each day, filling it with work, television, or some other form of distraction, totally shutting Me out and feeling that they are doing what they should be doing.  Some will attend Mass on Sunday and feel they have done all that is required to make them a good, Christian person.  There is much more than that needed to please Me. 

That is what My Mother is trying to tell all of My children.  Pray from the heart.  Don't do it out of habit.  Don't just 'rattle off' a bunch of prayers.  Think about what you are doing and saying.  It is better to say one prayer from the heart than many out of habit, with no feeling.  God listens to all prayer, but 'quality' is most important, versus 'quantity'. 

Hopefully what I am saying to you is helping you with the feeling you are having.  Just remember, if you are being pulled away from Me, and the desire to be with Me, then the evil one is at work.  If you are only feeling a need to be at prayer in another way, such as just quietly sitting and thinking about Me and all I have done for you, then it is just 'change' you are seeking. 

But please, child, do not deny yourself the Eucharist.  That is most important for the graces needed to do the will of God.  The Eucharist and Sacrament of Reconciliation go hand in hand.  If for any reason you cannot attend Mass, then make a spiritual Communion, but do not deny yourself this most important source of strength.  This daily miracle, celebrated by My chosen servants, is most important for you.  This is true of all My children.  So few take the time to make this sacrifice in order to receive these special graces, but it is most important to do so.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for putting things in proper perspective for me, Lord.  So many prayers have been added over a period of time, that I guess I was just concerned about not being able to do it all every day.  I guess I just need to rest in You and the prayer will come.

Jesus:  This is true, child.  Love and trust in Me, and I will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, I already feel better, and want to pray.

Jesus:  There is such a need, little one, such a need.  If only My children were aware of what awaits them if they do not turn back to Me in prayer, they would not be spending so much time entertaining themselves with mindless tasks and noise.  They would be praying, attending Mass, and reconciling themselves and their souls with their divine Creator.  But man wishes to bury his head in the sand, and ignore all the signs that tell them they are in the 'end times'.  Man wishes to ignore that he has very little time to reconcile his life and prepare his soul.  He wishes to think he is not in need of the One Who created him, or the graces being made available through the Mother of His Son.  These are the ones who are in most need of much prayer, little one.  These are the ones you must take the time to pray for, so they will be converted before it is too late for them.

Ruth Ann:  I understand, Lord.

Message of July 23, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am listening.

Jesus:  Yes child, and I thank you.  There is much I wish to say.  You become saddened by those things that you are unable to control, and I wish to tell you of the love I have for you.  All My children are called to make sacrifices, pray, fast, and do penance.  So many have forgotten what it is to make a sacrifice; to give up something that you truly desire is almost unheard of in this day and age.  To do penance is something that My children do very little of these days.  Not many choose to do those things they find difficult to do, for the love of God.  Even the prayer life of many leaves something to be desired.  Fasting is rarely done because of the inconvenience or discomfort it brings to those who sometimes try.  Not many of My children are willing to do much, or suffer much, for Me, Who gave everything for them. 

Child, continue to pray for hearts to be changed.  All of these things I am asking you to do for Me, the sacrifices, are for others to see that it is possible.  Man must realize that with all the evil that continues to take over your world, there must be those who are willing to take a stand for the good that only God can bring about.  My Mother continues to call Her children to pray, fast, do penance, and make sacrifices.  Most of what She calls My children to do, falls on deaf ears.  That is why I am pleased that those Who truly are listening, are choosing to come to these places being set aside all over the world, as special places of prayer.

Where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I will be in their midst.  My Mother has said the same thing.  When those She is calling gather together to pray, She is praying with them.  That is a special gift for those who are listening.  Blessings and graces abound for those truly listening, and taking My Mother's messages seriously.  My Mother gave up everything for the love of God, and as a result of this great love and total sacrifice, I will deny Her nothing.  Those who do not understand the importance of My Mother as an intercessor, are missing much in their lives.  It is through Her that the evil one will be destroyed.

She has been calling together a mighty army of 'prayer warriors' to fight a mighty battle.  It is not a physical battle, but one of a spiritual nature.  Good against evil is the war being waged at this time.  From everything you read, hear, and see in the media, evil is being shoved down your throats.  That is the way of the evil one.  He continues to condition those of the world, so after a while those things that used to shock or disgust, become so common that they become accepted.  Man accepts more and more that is evil.  Your world is nearly in total ruins.  The moral decay is shocking to behold to those who truly live by the word of God, which is truth.  How far My children have strayed, little one! 

My Mother is here to draw all back to Me who will listen.  Those who are listening must accept the responsibility, and pray for those who are not listening.  In that way, change can come about.  Good will triumph over evil, but there is to be much pain, suffering, and sacrifice, in order for this to come about.  Man is bringing these things upon himself, due to his lack of love and obedience to the will of God.  Hatred, greed, and envy are commonplace in your world.  Where is love?  Where is the caring and sharing of your gifts with others?  You are your brother's keeper; whether you acknowledge this responsibility or not is up to you.

When you stand before the Throne of God on judgment day, God will not ask, "How much did you accumulate while you were on the earth?"  No, He will ask, "What did you do with what I gave you?"  Many of you will have to answer sadly, "I kept it all to myself."  To some, much is given, and from those, much is expected.  I find that many who have little are the ones who share, because they are used to having little, and appreciate the little that God has given to them.

Child, I have told you before, it takes someone who is willing to make sacrifices of a visible nature, to draw others to also make sacrifices.  Through your giving of self, others will follow your example and be willing to make sacrifices on My behalf.  So do not take your responsibility lightly.  You are being called to help others become Christlike.  Through your love and sacrifice being made for Me, others will wish to follow your example.  Through you and your family sacrificing much, much will be given to you in return.  Eternal Salvation is a great reward.  There is none greater.  Continue to persevere, and know God's love awaits you for all eternity.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I love You.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.