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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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January 2011
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Dec. 14, 1993,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I seldom speak to You any more except for messages for the prayer groups.

Our Lady:   Child, that is as it is to be.  I have called you to My Son.  That is what I am here for, to call all back to My Son.  I am like the tiny bell that rings at the Consecration of the Mass.  As your priest has said, "They were used to call the attention of the people back, whose minds had wandered away."  I am doing just that, calling out to My children who have wandered away from the true purpose of life.  Just as the most important part of the Mass is the Consecration of the Body and Blood of My Son, Jesus, so too, is preparing for the Second Coming of My Son the most important part of life.  I am here to call all of you back who have wandered away.  God loves you, My children, and I love you.  Please renew your faith and trust in Him.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.

Our Lady:  I wish to say more, child.  I wish for My children to take seriously the messages that are being given.  Time is running out.  There is much work to be done.  Many souls have a need for prayer.  I am calling out and trying to get the attention of many through special graces and miracles granted through the gift of God's mercy.  He has allowed Me to give these graces and blessings in order to draw others away from the world of darkness, and back to Him, Who is light, love, and peace.  Thank Him daily for allowing Me to come to you and give you these graces.  It is you, My children, who must pray and repent of your sins.  It is you who must have a true conversion of the heart and place your trust and faith in God.  Listen to and live My messages.  They are the words of God.  Pray, dear children, pray.


Message of July 13, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for the message this morning.  It was, and is, beautiful.

Our Lady:  It should be more than that.  It is words that should be taken to the heart.  Some will read the message and say, "That is a powerful message," and that will be the end until the next message.  All that I am saying to you, My children, are words that must be taken to your heart and applied to your everyday life.  Live the messages.  This I have said over and over, and still those who do not take what I am saying seriously, have not learned the importance of what I am saying.

Not only are My messages words that should be taken to heart and lived, but these are urgent times.  This is something that must be done now.  I say this, and still there will be those who say, "We've heard that before.  If it were very urgent, something would be happening to let us know how urgent these messages are."  Children, look around you.  Look at all the disasters, the cruelty, the hatred, the love of all that is evil, and the lack of God, and the lack of love in your world.  The signs are everywhere that now is the time to turn to God.  Now is the time to get your spiritual lives in order. 

I love you, little children, I am your Mother.  Please listen.  Please be attentive to the signs.  I know not the day or the hour, but God knows.  He would not be allowing you such graces and blessings through the Mother of His Son, if He was not concerned for your souls.  I am here for you, and will be here as long as I am allowed to do so.  I continue to pray with you and for you.  I continue to bless you with graces and special miracles, in order to draw you closer and closer to My Son. 

I am not here for Me.  I am here for you.  I am here to help you get on the right path, and keep you there.  If you truly listen, and live the messages being given to you, you have a blueprint for eternal salvation put before you.  You need only listen, and be obedient to the will of God.  This should not be so difficult, but it has become so, because so many of you have become so worldly that you are finding it difficult to pray, make sacrifices, and do penance.  You are a land of plenty, and take everything you have for granted.  God has blessed you abundantly because you have shared and helped those who have less than you.  You have been your brothers keeper, as God would have you do. 

You are concerning yourself less and less with the care and love of your neighbor, and you are becoming more and more accepting of the evils that have become a part of the world.  You are becoming a nation caught up in the wants and needs of yourself.  You no longer truly care about life, love, or the pursuit of true happiness.  Peace, children, peace is being lost in your world.  Man, through his selfishness, has opened doors to the evil one that had been shut off in years past.  My heart aches for you, for you know not what you are bringing upon yourselves.  Please, dear children, care for one another.  Be at peace with one another.  Stop the bloodshed, the murdering, the cruelty to one another.  I love you, and wish to guide you from the destruction that awaits those who choose to ignore God and His laws.  I am your Mother.  Please listen to Me.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You seem really upset.

Our Lady:  Child, I continue to warn, I continue to ask for prayer.  There are signs being given everywhere, and yet My children are not taking heed.  Those of you who are listening must pray even harder, and make more sacrifices.  There is not much time, and still, there are many in need of conversions.  It is being left to those of you who are willing to help Me.  Much prayer is needed.  I need your help.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Those who will be reading this will be reminded.

Our Lady:  Thank you, child, for listening and being obedient.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for speaking with me.  I love You.


Message of August 10, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, Your Mother spoke quite seriously this morning after Her Wednesday message.

Jesus:  As any good Mother, She is disappointed that so few are taking heed of the messages being brought to them all over the world.  Some continuously seek to hear Her words and new messages, hoping to find a specific time for the end of the old and the return of that which is holy, the reign of their Redeemer.  Many realize the world cannot continue as it is.  Now there are those who are seeking times and dates for My return.  Man knows neither the day nor the hour, but man is beginning to realize that there must be a change soon.

Yes, I am to return.  But not until the time appointed by My Father, and then peace will reign for a thousand years.  But there are changes to be made in the minds and hearts of man before I can return.  My Mother continues to work at trying to bring these changes about.  She is working with a selfish, self-centered genera-tion of people.  So few are taking heed of the messages being given.  So many choose to get caught up in the messengers.  This saddens My heart, and the heart of My Mother. 

Those being chosen to share the words are of the very least.  They are humble of heart, and in most cases would not choose to do this extremely important task.  But through prayer and the grace of God, they will continue to persevere and share, no matter how difficult it may be.  It is the message that these humble servants bring that man must look to, pray, sacrifice, and change your hearts.  Return to God, and turn your back on all that is not of God.  In a world where materialism and money mean success, man is finding it more and more difficult to live in a God-like manner.  That is what you are called to do.  I, your Jesus, am to be the example.  You are to follow the path that leads to eternal life, or you can turn your back on God and choose to spend eternity in the fires of damnation.  You are to choose.  Satan has taken over your world, and he has done so in such a subtle way, many do not realize it has even been done.

Technology has brought filth into your homes destroying the family, morality, and hope itself.  It is time for man to realize that God will not stand by and watch for very much longer.  His world is being destroyed by man, who has allowed the evil one to take control.  There will come a time for the renewal of the face of the earth, but in this renewal, the old must be destroyed.  It is time for man to take seriously the messages being brought to the earth by My Mother and by Me.

Listen, children!  Listen to My Mother and change your minds and hearts.  Seek all that is holy.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You seem to be upset with us today.

Jesus:  I can not reiterate enough, that time is of the utmost importance.  Man must change his heart and turn back to God.  The time is now!  Share what I am saying to you with My children.

Ruth Ann:  It is done, Lord.

Jesus:  Now, child, do you have a little idea of the importance of your task in the world where so few listen?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I think so.

Jesus:  Your gift is a true blessing for those around you.  It is through you and others like you, who are listening, that lives will be changed.  Many will be brought out of a life of darkness and despair, into a light that will bring peace and hope.  Do not take your gift lightly, little one, it is needed badly in this world corrupted by the evil one and all his noise, filth, and distractions.  Be at peace with your gift, and all it can do to bring hope to so many.  Continue to listen and pray for those seeking prayer.  Continue to share with those needing to hear of the greatness of God's mercy, and the miracles He has performed and wishes to perform in the lives of His children.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Go in My peace to love and serve God to the best of your ability, My little one.

Ruth Ann:  Please be with me, Lord.



Message of August 31, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother for this message, and thank You for all You do to try to draw us back to Your Son.

Our Lady:  Child, many still continue to turn their backs on God.  Many continue to ignore the signs.  No one wants to accept the fact that the end times are upon them.  The Second Coming of My Son is nearer than any of My children wish to accept.  Instead of saying 'I must get my life in order because time is running out', My children seek to find ways to satisfy their hunger for material things.  The hunger they continue to try to satisfy, can never be satisfied because it is not of God.  Their soul is hungry and the needs they continue to try to satisfy, draw them further away from God.  The very thing they seek cannot be found, because it cannot be bought.

Man continues to think money is the answer to all his problems.  Money cannot, and never will, buy happiness.  Be satisfied with what God has given you, little children.  Share His gifts with one another.  Do not be consumed by those things of the world.  They do not last.  Be consumed by the love of God.  Place your love and trust in Him.  He will tend to your needs. 

So much has been said over and over, concerning the importance of saving your immortal souls, and yet My children seem to think this is not important.  Do you not realize that all My efforts to bring forth the coming of My Son will have been in vain if you do not listen.  You must apply what I am saying in My messages, to your daily lives.  Listen, and live the messages being sent to you by a God Who loves you and wishes to save you from the torment of eternal damnation.  The disasters and the hardships will continue, as man continues on his merry way, ignoring what God is trying to tell him.  So much pain and suffering could have been avoided, had you listened to the messages revealed to you at Fatima.

Because you continue to ignore these messages, and seek satisfaction of your earthly desires, many innocent will suffer.  God loves you, and because of this love, you will have much to suffer for your wrongdoing.  As a good parent tries to discipline his children in order to bring them up as a responsible adult, so too, does God wish to do the same.  He is trying to tell you, you must turn away from all those unholy desires that keep you from achieving your eternal reward.  Seek and strive for holiness.  Stay focused on God's gift of holiness and peace, which is His only begotten Son.

As the world and all it's contents continue to crumble around you, you must stay focused on My Son.  Your faith and trust in God will be tested, little children, but I am here for you to help keep you drawn to the light.  Darkness is upon the land. The evil one has brought confusion, unholy desires, and destruction through anger, fear, and hatred.  God must find a way to draw you back to Him.  He has tried through messages, apparitions, and miracles of all kinds.  Many still continue to ignore the signs and wonders given to him, to draw him away from the world and back to God.  Now, through natural disasters, He wishes to draw attention to the fact He is serious about the salvation of your soul.

Be aware, little children, God loves you as any good parent loves his child.  Therefore, little children, be prepared for those things that must come as a result of your lack of obedience to His laws.  I am here for you, and will continue to be here for you so long as God allows this to be so.  Be not afraid.  Stay focused on My Son.  Continue to pray for the conversion of a corrupt world.  In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.  But you must be aware, through your lack of obedience and sinfulness, much suffering is to come. 

Please listen to what I am saying.  Pray, dear children, and know your Mother is here with you in prayer.  Go in the peace of Christ, and seek to please God in all you do.

Ruth Ann:  This message seems rather strong, Mother.  Some will be upset by it.

Our Lady:  Those who seek peace and stay focused on My Son, know in their hearts, the only thing of real importance in life is the salvation of their soul.  Be at peace and stay focused on My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Thank You.


Message of Sept. 22, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I'm not sure hearing these words given to me by Your Mother will be of comfort to many.  There are so many seeking a time for all things to come to a halt.

Jesus:  Many are doing just that, child, and they should be living the messages given many years ago.  The messages of Fatima, had they been lived, would have brought about a peaceful world.  Instead, My children did not listen then, and they are not listening now.  My Mother will continue to call out to the lost sheep wandering in the night, until She will no longer be allowed to do so.  She has been a kind and loving Mother to all God's children.  She has been ignored, and much worse, has been treated with much disrespect from the very ones She is trying to draw back to God.  This is displeasing to Me, and the One Who created Her. Those Who love My Mother are best loved by Me.  You have heard that before.

My Mother has suffered much pain over the centuries in concern for all of you.  She is extremely concerned for your souls at this time, for She knows time is running out.  You, My children, should be aware of this, through the messages and appearances of My Mother all over the world at this time. 

It has become quite evident that the world is in trouble.  You need only listen to the news, or read the newspaper, and you will find the condition of the world is the worst it has ever been.  The moral decay is all around you.  Values have been destroyed that were extremely important to good family life.  Man has turned from God, and has turned to pleasures of the flesh, seeking comfort. 

Yes, you are living in the end times, and it is important that you listen to, and live the messages being spoken to you by My Mother.  Love one another, and pray for God's Mercy to be poured out abundantly on all those who ask for it.  Pray for the conversions of all sinners.  Listen, and be obedient children.  Your souls are in need of grace and mercy that is available to you from God.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for taking the time to speak with me, Lord.  I will share this with others.


Message of October 12, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Do you not realize the importance of the words being spoken to you?  God loves you, but He is also concerned about the world and the condition of the souls of all His children.  Many still do not listen or take to heart the words that God is telling to all of His children at this time.  My Mother's heart aches for all those who choose to ignore all that is being said, because it was My hope that these words would draw many back to My Son.  Too many still choose darkness over light.  Those of you who are listening and taking to heart what I am saying, please continue to pray for all My intentions.  Satan wishes to destroy this world and all those who live in it.  Pray for peace, God's peace.  Know I am joining with you in prayer.


Message of October 29, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, would You please speak with me?

Our Lady:  Yes child, I am pleased to do so.

Ruth Ann:  I just wish to thank You for ministering to me and all Your children these many months.  You have said soon the messages will cease, and I just wanted to let You know how much I have appreciated being allowed to speak with You, and share the words spoken to me.

Our Lady:  Child, you will still be able to speak with Me.  It is just that the messages will cease.

Ruth Ann:  There are those who will truly miss the messages from You, Mother.

Our Lady:  Child, I have said all that has needed to be said.  The words have been of great help to many, but others do not listen.  You must hear the words and live the messages for them to be of any help to you.  Many listen, but do not change their lives.  You must truly take the messages to heart.  My Mother's heart aches for those who refuse to take heed, and turn back to My Son.  The words I have come to share are not new.

God loves you, and wishes you to become concerned about your soul.  He wishes you to turn away from darkness.  Man is destroying himself through greed, lust, and hate.  Darkness is everywhere.  It covers your land.   You have no regard for life in any form, before or after birth.  There is so much hate, anger, and unrest.  Man must learn to take time to listen to God through His word.  He must take time to pray, and in prayer, thank God for His many blessings.  Man has taken so much for granted.  Everything he is, and has, comes from God, and can be removed as easily as it was given to you.  Your family, good health, jobs, all your material things, can be removed in the blink of an eye.  What then? 

If that is all you have lived for, the physical and worldly part of your life, where will you be spiritually?  You must concern yourself with your soul, little children.  You must cultivate a love and trust in God that will survive, no matter what is to come.  I am here to help and guide you back to My Son.  I am here to help you attain the love and peace that is needed in your hearts, and in your world.  All the words have been said that have needed to be said.  Now, My children must read the words and take them to their hearts. 

Your work is far from done, child.  God still has much for you to do, but you have been told months ago that your ministry will change.  This is part of that change.  Share what has been spoken to you many times, over and over.  It is time for all My children to turn back to God.  I have asked that you begin giving your talks on the farm.  I am pleased that you are doing so.  This land is special, and I will provide special graces and blessings for all those who come here in faith to pray.  I will send those to listen to what you have to share.  The numbers will be small in the beginning, but it will grow. 

Be at peace with all that is asked of you.  You do not understand much of what you are being told to do, but God's plan is perfect.  You are to listen and be obedient.  He will tend to the rest.  Now go in My Son's peace.  Minister to His people.  I will be praying with you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, I love You.

Our Lady:  I know you are concerned because you are being told so little, but your faith will sustain you, little one.  It has, up to now, and it will continue to do so.  God has His hands upon you.  He will not leave you for even an instant.  Trust in all that has been spoken to you.  God's love is great.  You are to listen, and do all He has told you to do.  Have faith and trust in Him.  He will do the rest.


Message of Nov. 30, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, is there anything You wish to say to me?

Our Lady:  Child, the time is nearing when I will no longer be allowed to minister to My children in the way I have been doing.  God in His mercy has allowed Me to come to the earth and minister to His children in many ways, through many of those who were receptive to this gift.  My heart is saddened for those who have not chosen to listen and take the messages to heart.  As your Mother, I am concerned for the welfare of your souls.  Many have listened with their ears to what has been said, but have not taken the words to their heart.

Many continue to search for answers that are not there, wanting to know the future.  If My children would only listen to what has been said, and take it to their hearts, much pain and suffering could be avoided.  But man continues to believe that he is in control of his life and his destiny.  He gives God no credit for all that he has, and is.  God does not care how much you have, but He does care what you do with what has been given to you.  When you stand before the Throne of God on judgment day, He will hold you responsible for, and accountable for, the use of all He has allowed you to have in this world.  For those who have been given much, much is expected.  My children must come to realize that money and materialism are not to be the focus of their lives.  There is only one God.  There is only one life that is important, and that is eternal life. 

Man frets over his earthly life, wanting to satisfy his earthly pleasures and desires, and he thinks not of his soul.  Your life can end in the blink of an eye, little children, and all the material possessions you have gathered together, can be removed just as easily as it was given to you.  Imagine yourself with all your material wealth and possessions removed.  What do you have left?  Is your faith strong enough to accept this kind of hardship?  What if your good health was to be removed?  Is your faith strong enough to be tested in such a way? 

Focus on My Son.  Tend to your immortal souls My little ones, and let God tend to all your needs.  Arrange your priorities.  Put God first.  He loves you, and wishes your souls to be saved.  My concern for you is great.  You must choose to live for God, and not for the world.  Your body lasts but an instant.  Your soul lasts forever.  I wish for your soul to be in Heaven for all eternity.  Pray, dear children, and know I am praying with you.  Go in My Son's peace.


Message of January 27, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am listening.

Jesus:  Little one, you seem to be concerned that you have acted too soon, and shared the message that was given to you from My Mother as the last message.  Be not afraid, little one, you have been prepared for this.  If you hadn't been told this, with no preparation, then you would have reason for concern.  It is now time for My children to ponder the messages that have been given over the past few years. 

Remember that the purpose for My Mother being sent to the earth, to minister to so many, through so many, was and is, to point their way back to Me.  You are not to be concerned about tomorrow, and what it will bring.  Your Mother is still available to you.  It has not changed much in your life.  It is just that the messages that you were sharing, have ceased.  The messages are words that have been said over and over.  How many ways can one say to God's children, that it is time for you to have a true conversion, and accept responsibility for your sins, and repent?  How many times must one be told you must pray from the heart, and take the messages seriously, that time is running out? 

Now the messages are no longer available, just as She told you many times before withdrawing them.  My children must take to heart what has been told to them.  They will not have new messages forthcoming.  These are all words spoken by My Mother, and they are words that must be taken seriously.  You are to be at peace, little one.  She has said to you a long time ago, that there would come a time that She would step back.  She has brought you to Me, and has helped establish this farm as a haven of peace and prayer.  All of these things have been done for a reason.  Graces are still to be had here, from the One Who is dispensing graces in great abundance.

Why do you suppose She has asked for you to begin witnessing weekly, here at the farm, instead of going out from here, to speak?  It was, and is, to draw Her children here, to receive the graces She has to give.

Ruth Ann:  What of those who cannot come here, and yet would like to?

Jesus:  God knows the hearts of His children, little one.  He will provide the graces they need, in other ways. 

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for addressing that question, Lord.  I have had people say that they would like to come, but are unable to do so.

Jesus:  Child, this place is holy ground.  It has been told to you early, at the outset of this prayer group.  It is a special place where all of My children can gather to pray.  It does not matter their faith.  The prayer, and sincerity of heart, is all that matters. 

You become concerned that all is coming to an end, because the words from My Mother will no longer be given to My children.  Those who have been touched, and called to prayer, will continue to come, child.  That is because it has been placed upon their heart to do so.  Much prayer is needed to get through the trying times ahead.  The disasters will continue, as an angry and just God tries to get the attention of His children.  Much could have been avoided, had God's children listened to My Mother, and done all that She has called them to do. 

But now, more drastic measures must be taken, to get the attention of those who refuse to take the signs and wonders, provided by God, to their heart.  The evil one continues to try to distract My children through the media.  Murder and violence continues to be brought into the homes, and it is being done so subtly, that My children do not even realize they are being conditioned to accept sin in all forms.  To some, television has become a God.  It is the central focus in their homes, and all things revolve around it, and the evil found there. 

Man has turned away from prayer, and God.  My Mother has tried, and continues to try, to draw others back to what should be the central focus of their lives.  It is time for My children to focus on the reason for their existence, to attain eternal salvation.  For many, the reaching of this goal is going to be a very difficult task.  For those of you who have listened, your conversions have begun.  Be not afraid, your Jesus is here for you.  Stay focused on Me, and I will tend to all things.  Faith and trust, little children.  Faith and trust must be there, in order for you to stay focused on your Jesus.  Do not become complacent.  Be vigilant.

Now, little one, are you feeling more at peace?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Thank You for taking the time to speak with me.

Jesus:  Thank you, for listening.