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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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July 2005
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 17, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: This is your last day in the Holy Land. It is a land of great turmoil, child. It seeks peace and peace will not come. The minds and hearts of men prevent this peace from coming. As a result, many innocent suffer.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, it is obvious to see. There are soldiers everywhere trying to keep peace.

Jesus: My children have still to learn that peace comes from within. It is not something that can be gained through violence and bloodshed. But this is how man continuously works at peace. Man must live My com-mandments to gain peace. Once he has achieved the peace within, the peace in the world will come. Why are My children so blind? My Mother continues to warn Her children. God is warning them and they still do not listen. Renew your efforts in prayer, little one. Renew your resolve to do all My Father asks of you for the sake of this peace. There is so much pain and suffering here and in other places all over the world. Much prayer is needed for this peace that can only come from God.

Be grateful for this time given to you, little one. Be glad God has been so good to you and your country. Go from here with a new commitment and willingness to do the will of God. It is through those of you willing to give your lives so that others may live, that this peace of the heart will come to many. You do not fully understand, little one, but as time goes on, more and more will be made clear to you.
You are feeling the need to get on with your day, are you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, we have a schedule to follow.

Jesus: Be at peace with this. I will be speaking with you again before you leave here. Write what I am saying.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of March 19, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, You said You wished to speak with me, You also asked that I record this and share it.

Jesus: Yes, little one, this is true. There is much I wish to say to My children. You have been given a spiritual healing while you were in the church at the sepulcher. This was a total spiritual healing, and you were told this was to give you the courage to go forth and do all God asks of you. Do you not feel a resolve to do this?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I do. It's as though I'm resigned to do whatever comes. Not like before, because I have to and see no way out, but I feel a need to do these things. I still realize my unworthiness, but I have the knowledge that You are the healer and wish to use me as You see fit to help Your children. And yes, there is a peace with this I didn't have before. Please continue to strengthen me, Lord, so I can be of help to all those You send in my path. It's okay, whatever.

Jesus: Little one, in the Chapel of the Resurrection you felt the power of the Holy Spirit come down upon you in a mighty way. This was the moment I lifted this tremendous burden of fear and doubt from you. This does not mean that you will always be at peace with all you do, and are asked to do. But it does mean you have been given an understanding you did not have before. I have placed a desire for you to go forth in love and peace to minister to My people.

Ruth Ann: I feel it, Lord. This is the third Sunday weekend. The weather is nice and I'm sure there will be many people here. I also have a better understanding of the plight of the people in the Holy Land. Before, I felt so far removed. Our guide brought the feeling of the people alive in my heart.

Jesus: Pray for peace in the hearts of all those in My land of birth, death, and resurrection. They wish peace and continue to live in unrest. I have wept for My children, for I could see all that was to come after My dying on the cross. I still continue to weep for them, as does My Mother. I know you feel in your heart it seems hopeless, but through prayer, God can do anything that would seem impossible to man. You have to work from the inside out, just as a wound must heal in such a way so that it be made truly well again, so too, must My children all over the world experience a healing from deep inside the heart. Once the healing comes, then a lasting peace will come to the earth.

My stubborn children must listen and pray. A surface peace will not heal a deep wound. The healing will only be temporary, and in a matter of time, the wound again will fester and break open and the process will begin anew. Much prayer and sacri-fice is needed from those of My children who are listening and willing to make these great sacrifices.

You My child, have much work to do. You have gone on a pilgrimage to better understand the problems that exist all over the world. You did not realize this, but each time your mind and heart has been opened a little further to help you realize the importance of what you need to do for God's people. Prayer can bring peace, little one, a lasting peace. The kind of peace that is total and complete. Healings from the inside out. This is truly the only kind of peace that is important, God's peace. As man continues to cause more and more unrest in the world for each other, those who have this inner peace and healing will not be affected in a negative way. Those of My children who understand the importance of prayer and peace will be able to continue on in a world filled with unrest and turmoil. Those of My children will be more ready to make sacrifices of all kinds to help this feeling of inner peace come to those who are in need.

Little one, continue on. Share My words. Share My peace. Pray with and for those who are in need. Minister to My people.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am only one person, but I'll do the best I can. Stay with me throughout each day, Your Mother too, and St Joseph. Today is St Joseph's feast day. Wish him a happy feast day for me. I feel he gets so little recognition.

Jesus: I will extend these wishes to him, and you are right. He is a powerful intercessor, and very special to God. He would not have been chosen as protector for Me and My Mother had God not had great love for him. Your husband should look to him for strength in the times ahead. Now, you must get on with your day. You have just returned from the Holy Land and you are not yet rested. You will receive the strength you need to get through this busy weekend. Go in My peace to love and serve your God.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of June 6, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, there are those who come to me seeking advice. Please help me guide those who are asking my help.

Jesus: Little one, the advice you have given is of the utmost importance, that advice being, trust in the Lord, do His will, turn everything over to Him and let Him work in your life. Once My children admit they can do nothing without My help, I can begin to work in their lives in a greater way than ever before.

Ruth Ann: I find it very easy to tell others that, but I know how difficult it really is for one to do. I also know it really shouldn't be difficult.

Jesus: My children are so used to being in complete control, that they find it extremely difficult to survive when they find they do not have control of a situation. Instead of saying, 'Lord, I really don't know what to do. You are going to have to tend to this. I put it in Your hands', they panic and try even harder to try and to some kind of control or order in their lives. My children have a difficult time turning all things over to Me, the great and the small.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I find myself doing the same thing. It is difficult to get up each day, going forth, doing all that You ask, and not knowing exactly where it's all going to end. I thought at one time I pretty well had my life mapped out, and now I realize I have no idea where my life is going. I do know I can do nothing without You, so I say to You, "Work all things out for Your greater honor and glory, it's all Yours."

Jesus: Thank you for your faith and trust, little one. I will tend to your every need, just as I will tend to all those who come to Me in faith and trust. Without complete faith and trust, there can be no peace. My children struggle so, trying too hard to control their lives, and the lives of those around them, and all I ask is for them to submit to My will, and let Me help them with those things that seem to overwhelm them. Nothing can be too difficult if you have My help or the help of My Mother. She, too, wishes to be of help to Her children.

Life could be so much more peaceful for the entire world if all My children would learn to turn their struggles over to Me. I will never allow you to carry too much. When the burden gets too great, share it with Me. Many of you carry very heavy crosses, but you need not carry them alone. Know I am here for you. God loves you, little children. Allow Him to help you carry on with peace and harmony in your midst. Do not let the one of darkness keep you in turmoil. Do not allow him to influence you toward thoughts and deeds that are of an unkind nature. Be at peace, children. Love one another as I have loved you. Put all in God's hands. His plan is perfect. Be patient, love, and trust, and watch God's plan unfold.

You can rest assured that in the end, all things work for the good, even those things done through the work and at the hands of the evil one, will bring about beautiful things for those who continue to love and trust in Me. Do not lose heart, children, I am with you even to the end of the earth. I am here forever and always, throughout eternity. What better friend could any one of My children have, than He Who would send His only Son to the earth to redeem mankind for their sins.

Now He sends the Mother of His Son as co-redemptrix, to bring about an end to the evil, and the salvation of mankind. Make no mistake, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of your Jesus, will triumph over all evil. She Herself has said, "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. Satan will be defeated." These words were, and are prophetic. These words are truth. They will be fulfilled.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of July 13, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God in His infinite wisdom and love, has a plan for each one of you. You must be open to His will in order to be able to participate in this plan. If you do not open your heart to His will, it does not mean that His plan cannot work. It means that you continually struggle and find life difficult because you have not accepted His plan for you. Pray, dear children, for the gift of faith and openness to the will of God, then you will have the peace that each of you seek and desire. My Mother's heart aches for you. Life need not be such a struggle. Love those who do you harm, strive for holiness, forgive your enemies, and that way you know you are doing God's will. I cannot ask you to do less than My Son has done for you. Pray, dear children. Be open to those gifts of the Holy Spirit that God wishes to give to you. Abide in My love. Go in My Son's peace.

Message of July 17, 1994, from Our Lady

(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, thank You for the message for those praying at the farm today. You know I'm still struggling with what I'm doing.

Our Lady: Yes child, and it need not be so. Live each day as though it will be your last, and you will find joy and peace in all you are doing. As your Mother, I am here to guide you along this difficult path, but I cannot be of help to you, if you will not listen.

Ruth Ann: I realize that, Mother, but it is all very difficult for me. I'm given these messages, then told to share. I have been told I have the gift of healing. I am to pray with those who choose to have individual prayer, and yet I don't feel we are making any headway. There is so much pain and suffering in the world, and I know I only see the tip of the iceberg. Please, can't we do more to relieve the pain that so many suffer? Is God truly working in the lives of Your children through me?
Our Lady: Child, you must not continue to question. All things are done for a reason. In doing God's will, it is never easy, but there is joy and peace to be had in knowing that through you, lives are being touched that otherwise would never have seen the true light. Many who have felt they were living a life that was neither good nor bad, have come to realize God wishes much more for His children. You are your brother's keeper. You are expected to love one another and pray for one another. How else can hearts be changed, and peace come to your world?

If you will remember your message of Medjugorje, you were told what God expects of you. He wishes you to spread love and peace to all His children. This is brought about through following His will for you. As God touches your life through these gifts, you share these gifts with others. They in turn share with their family and friends. Peace begets peace. Love begets love, and faith brings about many miracles, great and small. You continue to struggle, when you should be at peace. Remember child, you can do nothing without your God. You are only an instrument. God is responsible for all the miracles physically, spirit-ually, and mentally, that all His children are experiencing.

Realize your nothingness, child, and you need not look for any 'feedback' as you call it. You do the will of the Father in Heaven, and let Him tend to the rest. Your rewards are not to be in this life, but in the next. Therefore, little child, be at peace with what I am telling you. Do not struggle so. Do not let the evil one upset your peace. He wishes to distract and discourage you. He can do so by many methods, little doubts, hurtful words said to you by others, and lack of love for those who would do harm to you and those around you. The devil is subtle, child. You must continually be aware that he wishes to destroy your peace. In destroying your peace, he would destroy the peace of many. This will not be, child, because God will not allow it, but you must continually be aware of his evil tactics. Be at peace with all God is calling you to do, child. Let His will be done. His plan is perfect. Let it unfold in His time, and in His way.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother. Be with me to help me in all I am called to do.

Our Lady: I am here with you. Give all to the One Who has created you. Allow Him to use you as He wishes. His will be done.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother.

Our Lady: Now you have a busy day ahead of you. You will need much rest. Be at peace. Know you are not alone. God is watching over you. I am praying with you this day and all days.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for this encouragement.

Our Lady: Peace, child. Peace.

Message of August 16, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have a talk today. Please be with me.

Jesus: Little one, I will direct all that you do and say. You need only be open to the will of God, and all things will be done for you.

Ruth Ann: That always sounds so much easier than it truly is, Lord.

Jesus: That is because man thinks he is in charge of his life, so he fights against those things that God would have him do. There is no need to fight against the will of God. That only brings with it fear, anger, and unhappiness. Doing God's will brings peace. Accepting His will brings peace. You, little one, have a difficult time with all of these things. Even when you think you have finally accepted all that God would have you do, you still find it difficult.

Ruth Ann: There is so much going on in my life right now, Lord, that I am finding all things difficult. I feel I am given little direction about what is to come in my life, doing your work. Why can't You share with me what is to come? At least I could prepare mentally for those things You would have me do. Be honest with me, Lord.

Jesus: Child, I have never been anything but honest with you. There are just some things that are left unsaid. Take life one day at a time, child. You do have much on your shoulders, and you are experiencing much doubt, but it need not be so. God has His hands upon you. You are to be patient and let Him work as He sees fit. One day at a time child, that is all you need to be concerned about.

Ruth Ann: You say that, Lord, but with the third weekend looming before me, and all the things in between, it is not easy to be at peace. My life seems to have been turned upside down. Don't You realize this? There is no order or organization in my life. I am one who needs order. I never seem to get caught up with all the things I need to do.

Jesus: Little one, you are letting too many things bother you that are not of your concern. Again I say to you, turn all things over to Me. Pray, and do the things you are asked to do, and I will tend to all the rest. Those things I would have you know, you will be told. Those things you need not know, will be kept from you until such time God has a need for you to know. Be at peace with all I am saying to you, little one. Life need not be such a struggle. It need not be difficult. Turn all over to Me, and trust that I know what is best for you and your family. You need not know the future. Trust, little one, trust.

Ruth Ann: You tell me that, Lord. But on the other hand, You have said and told things to me that are to happen, with no explanation as to time. Some of the things have a definite bearing on my life, and those of my children and grandchildren.

Jesus: Little one, when you take up your cross and follow Me, you must be prepared to give up much of your earthly pleasures, but in return, there are great rewards. Do you not feel blessed by those graces and blessings that others receive for having come to your farm to pray? Do you not feel pleased when the Lord works through you to bring healings of body, mind, and soul to His children? Do you not feel pleased when someone has been brought closer to Me, or My Mother, through your prayers or witnessing of God's goodness and mercy?

Ruth Ann: Lord, You know I do.

Jesus: Do not be concerned for the future. Be grateful, little one, that God has given you a part to play in the saving of the souls of His children. Be at peace with each day of your life, and know God is watching over you. You will know all these things you have to know. You will also be given the strength to do all God would have you do. Be at peace, little one, and let God do the work He wishes to do through you.

Ruth Ann: I do feel better, Lord. I guess I was just in need of a sounding board.

Jesus: Now go about your day, and prepare to share with My children the wonderful miracles God has worked in your life, to bring about a better life for others.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of August 21, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to add anything?

Our Lady: Child, these messages are extremely important. The time is drawing near for My children when these words will be the very fabric to sustain many of My children who have found themselves without a place to pray. God has placed a great cross upon your shoulders, little one, but one that you carry with love and peace. My children must have calm in the midst of all this confusion and evil that surrounds them. That peace can be found here on this farm, and within you. God has given you a heavy cross that will grow even heavier, but He has also blessed you with many special gifts. He is allowing you the grace to pass on the peace you have been given, that lives within you, that radiates from you, and you are allowed to share it with others. You are not only allowed to do so, it is His Will that this be done.

When I spoke to you of this love and peace in the prophecy which was given to you in Medjugorje, you did not understand. Now, you are beginning to accept and understand the importance of what was being said to you. I thank you for listening and sharing this peace through My messages, praying with others, and witnessing to My children. You have been given special gifts, child, and they are to be shared. More is to come, and many more of My children will be sent here to you to share in this peace and love which is here for that purpose. Thank you for being an instrument that is willing to be used for the greater honor and glory of God. Thank you for listening and responding to My call.

The meaning of the words, 'You have finally come', that were said to you on the bus as you entered Medjugorje are finally becoming clear to you. The evil you saw and felt there was for a reason, child. I wished for you to know the evil one was trying very hard to wreck My plans, and much prayer was needed to stop him. Much prayer is still needed, and I am depending on the help of prayer groups such as yours to help Me crush the head of the evil one. Be not afraid, child, great graces abound for those who love God and are willing to give of themselves for the sake of others.

You are your brother's keeper. Love God and your neighbor as yourself, for the love of God. This is the greatest of all commandments. In praying for the salvation of your fellow man, you are following the commandment of God. In doing this, you can bring about peace for yourself, your family, and the world around you. As all else crumbles, seek God's peace, pray, and know I am praying with you. Go in the peace of My Son. Love one another.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for taking the time to speak with me.

Our Lady: Thank you for being obedient, and opening your mind and heart to My Son.

Message of August 30, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, is there anything You wish to share with me today?

Jesus: Child, I am here for you and all My children, at all times. Never feel abandoned. Even in your most difficult of times, I am here.

Ruth Ann: Why do some have greater difficulties than others, Lord? Why is there so much pain in the world?
Jesus: Little one, this was not the intent of My Father. God's intent was that man share in the beauty of the world He had created. Man sinned and caused this division between him and the Lord God, Creator of all things. It is through this division that suffering and trials have come, and continue to come. The farther man chose to get away from God, the greater the trials and suffering. The innocent suffer right along with the guilty in a Godless society.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I hear You, and I understand we brought all this upon ourselves.

Jesus: Right, little one. Man has been warned over and over, and yet he chooses to ignore the signs. The pain and suffering will not stop, child, it will continue.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm having a difficult time listening, I'm so easily distracted today.

Jesus: Child, this is a common problem that exists in the minds and hearts of all My children. You are concerned about all you need to get done today, and all you truly need to remember is; what I would have you do today, is listen. That should be your number one priority today. The rest will fall into place.

Ruth Ann: I'm sorry, Lord. You are exactly right.

Jesus: Be at peace, little one, with your day, and your call to do the will of God. You continue to struggle against all I would have you do. This makes your life even more difficult than it need be. Yes, you have given much of yourself, and this will continue to be even more as time goes on. But child, there comes a peace with doing the will of God that cannot come otherwise. Do not lose this peace by fighting against that which is best for you and those around you. Be at peace, and know God's Hand is upon you and all you do. When your peace is disturbed, know, child, that the evil one is at work. He can use those who are willing to be used, to cause con-fusion, doubt, fear, and anger. Do any of these things just mentioned sound as though they would come from God?

Ruth Ann: No, Lord.

Jesus: Then remove all remnants of these from your life. Love God with your whole being, and live this love in all you do and say. Be at peace, little one, and know that these struggles you experience are attacks from the evil one. No matter how difficult the journey you are on, peace should reign in your heart. Be at peace with your life, little one. You are missing your teaching, aren't you?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus: You are also missing your animals, and the structure that was so much a part of your life.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, that is true.

Jesus: You wish to go about your life as though you are in charge, and not God.

Ruth Ann: You make it sound as though I am being cold.

Jesus: That is not My intent, child. I am trying to make a point.

Ruth Ann: Others get up and go about their lives doing other things, Lord.

Jesus: They have not been called to do what you are doing. If they are doing the will of God, no matter what it may be, they should be at peace. You too, should be at peace.

Ruth Ann: Most of the time I am, Lord. It's just that something happened over the weekend that disturbed this peace. I feel much better after having talked with you about that personal situation this morning. I also appreciate the friends You have given to us, as well as all the people you have sent into our lives to help with this ministry.

Lord, if I didn't miss the life I had before, it would not be a sacrifice, would it?

Jesus: This is true, child, but you must also realize, those who sacrifice much, will be given much. All the careers, animals, material things, and freedom in this life, cannot compare with the rewards in the next. So many of My children are so set upon the pleasures of the world, they forget they are to be preparing for their next life while they are on this earth.

All of these things are good, but they are not to consume you. For some, material things become an obsession, so do their careers. Even hobbies can become such an obsession that God is placed in the background. All these things become gods to My children. I am the Lord thy God, and thou shalt not have other gods before Me. Does this sound familiar to you?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, this is one of the Ten Commandments.

Jesus: It is the first commandment of the ten, and for a reason, child. It is the most important, and the one most violated today. In a world of materialism, man has chosen to worship many gods. Where does that leave Me? Barely in the lives of some, and completely out of the lives of others. You are living in a godless society, and only God can change that which has been brought about by the prince of lies, deceit, and destruction.

My Mother is calling out to Her children to change their ways before it is too late to do so, and yet man chooses, in most cases, not to listen. What you are doing is of great help to Me and My Mother. We thank you for listening and responding to this call. Be at peace with all you are called to do. The sacrifices are great, but the rewards are even greater.

Ruth Ann: I do realize this, Lord, but I would not be human if I occasionally did not feel the burden of this cross given to me.

Jesus: The weight you will always feel, but there is also peace in doing God's will. That peace must be felt in carrying this cross. Do not look back, little one. The cross before you, the world behind you, know I am with you through it all.

Ruth Ann: Forgive me, Lord, for struggling against those things You would have me do.

Jesus: Child, it is through your weaknesses and the sharing of your struggles, that many of My children are being saved. They find hope and peace through your willingness to bare your heart and soul. All in your life is being used to the greater honor and glory of God, even your weakness, as a strength, when used to help others.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for restoring my peace again, Lord.

Jesus: Had you not listened, this peace would not have come. Know all is in God's tender loving care, child. His plan will not be destroyed. Good will triumph over evil.

Now go about your day, know I am with you tending to all things.