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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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July 2006
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 24, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am here to listen.

Jesus: You have just prayed with a young child, and you feel responsible for whether he is healed or not. Remember, child, you do the praying, I do the healing. I choose what is needed for My children at that particular time. Not only for the one being prayed for, but for those around the one accepting prayer. You are not to concern yourself with the why's and wherefore's. You are to be obedient to the will of God. You have given much peace to the family, and to the child, for having done this. Be at peace little one. Know that I am God and am responsible for all My children. You are only an instrument. Some of those you pray for and with will be healed physically. Others will be given other healings. It is all according to the will of God.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I guess I'm just not in the mood to listen. I am so sad. It brings back too many other sad memories of others who have come seeking physical healings and some have not received them.

Jesus: You choose to think that the most important healing is physical. That is where you and I differ.

Ruth Ann: No, Lord, that's not really so.

Jesus: Then why do you become so sad when someone you have sought a physical healing for does not receive it?

Ruth Ann: Well, maybe I do then, I don't know. I do know in my heart that the most important thing is the salvation of our souls. But when the person is young, or a parent with young children, I really have a difficult time with wishing only for a spiritual healing, or just a gift of peace. Why can't You do both? That would make all of us happy.

Jesus: Little one, little one. You do not understand the ways of God. All things happen for a reason. God has a perfect plan. Your plan is not God's. Child, you will be praying with many who are seriously ill, and some will live to witness to others and some will not. But God will give them whatever they need to sustain them through their trials. You must learn to pray and let go. Let God do His work through you in whatever way He chooses. That is doing His will.

Ruth Ann: I know that, Lord. But that doesn't help when I have just been with friends and family of one who desires a physical healing desperately.

Jesus: It is very painful for you, little one, I know. But this is all part of God's plan for you. You pray, and let Him do the difficult part. Remember, 'Thy will be done'.

Ruth Ann: That really isn't helping, Lord.

Jesus: Does this help? You have given that family peace because you have taken the time you did not have to go pray with them. That was a special gift you gave to them. The unselfish gift of self. They were touched by your concern and love for their child and friend. That should be of some consolation to you. Now you continue to pray for the family, and let God tend to the rest. Be at peace with all God has you do, little one. His ways are not yours. I love you and I am touched by your love and concern for My children.

Ruth Ann: You have placed this upon my heart, Lord, this is not of my doing. You made me, remember?

Jesus: You have a free will.

Ruth Ann: Not really, Lord. If you wish to be good, there really is no free will.

Jesus: That is your choice. You choose to do good and avoid evil. That is exercising a free will.

Ruth Ann: I'm sorry, Lord. I really don't wish to argue. I'm just hurting for the family and the child. Please forgive me.

Jesus: Child, you have done your part. I will do the rest. Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

(At the conclusion of this message, Ruth Ann went back to reading a spiritual book which she had been reading, and she came to the following part and she said to the Lord again:)

Ruth Ann: Lord, it's interesting what I just read after our conversation.

(And this is a quote from that book: 'In all our actions to please God we shall find these marks that we may know whether they have been truly for God alone. First, if when your task has not been successful, you are not disturbed, but remain as tranquil as if you had attained your goal'. )

Ruth Ann: You have made Your point Lord, I will continue to pray for the child and the family.

Message of April 14, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, what do You wish to tell me?

Jesus: Little one, you are in turmoil. You are allowing your peace to be disturbed. Relax, little one, take a deep breath, and put all earthly concerns aside. Close your eyes, focus on My name, Jesus. Repeat it over and over until you feel the peace you need and I desire for you, at this moment.

(After doing this, Ruth Ann continued:)

Ruth Ann: Amazing, Lord. Thank You.

Jesus: This is something anyone can do at any time, little one. That is what I have been telling My children over and over. You need only take a few moments to focus on Me. It is important not to lose one's peace. The evil one loves confusion and turmoil. That gives him a foothold to cause small fears, doubts, and hurts to become huge ones. It allows for temptations that are very subtle to enter your subconscious mind and cause confusion and anger. Come to Me. I am peace.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know what You are saying, but when I have so many things on my mind, and seem pulled in all directions, it is difficult to remember. I am at peace, and it is as though none of those things that were bothering me are that important any more.

Jesus: They never were, child. Man must learn to prioritize his life, if need be, on a daily basis. I am to come first, and then all other things will fall into place.

Ruth Ann: I have a prayer routine, Lord. When it gets disturbed, I become frustrated.

Jesus: Frustration is not of Me, little one. The two cannot go together. If your prayer routine is interrupted, as you say, so be it. Hopefully, you can get to it later. If not, then as soon as you are able. I know what you are referring to, little one. You spent a great deal of time with My people yesterday. That is prayer, little one. You have asked Me, "What do You want of me, Lord?" I have told you, "Minister to My people." This you have done. I would have preferred you do that, than prayed many prayers, or even listened to Me and recorded. My children are hurting, little one. Minister to them. Give them the strength and courage to go on in a world that is difficult to live in. Evil is everywhere. My children need to hear someone who is willing to say, "God is alive. He is working miracles. He has worked miracles in my life, and He will do the same for you. You need only ask and have the faith to believe. God will take care of all the rest."

Ruth Ann: Lord, You are right. There is much evil, but there is also much suffering. There are times when I just sit and cry for all those people who come seeking healings, especially those seeking physical healings from diseases that are considered incurable, Lord. I want them all healed. It pains me a great deal, Lord.

Jesus: Little one, God hears you. He also sees your tears. Do you not know that My heart aches for My children as does the heart of My Mother? All prayers are heard, little one, and all are answered. Remember, you are only an instrument and can do nothing except those things that God wishes for you to do. You pray for His children. The healings that God wishes them to have will be provided. Sometimes it will be a physical healing, sometimes a spiritual healing, or a mental healing. Know that God touches all those whom you touch in some way. It is not your will be done, but 'God's will be done'.

Ruth Ann: I guess I need continuous reminders, Lord, because I'm put in situations that are heartbreaking. I want all things for everyone.

Jesus: That is why you have been chosen, little one. You have taken all of My children to your heart. Even those who persecute you find their way into your prayers.

Ruth Ann: Only because I figured they must be hurting in some way to want to make me and my family feel badly. I've been accused of being of Satan, and I know that can't be. Satan would not want people praying, and he would not be wanting people to return to their churches and confession and the other sacraments. So obviously, those who say those things need prayer. You say to me, "Love your enemies, and those who would do you harm."

Jesus: That is exactly what I say, little one. Thank you for listening and taking all My words to your heart.

Ruth Ann: It's no big deal, Lord. That's what we're all supposed to do, forgive and love each other. Sometimes it's more difficult to do, but it has to be done if we want to follow Your example. I don't always succeed right away, so I'm not all that good, Lord.

Jesus: You continue to try, little one, that is all I ask of you. That in itself is a blessing to Me.

Ruth Ann: You are being too kind, Lord. You know all my faults and those things that irritate me along the way.

Jesus: Yes child, I do, and I love you still.

Ruth Ann: Now You are teasing me.

Jesus: Yes, child, I am, because you do not wish credit for the good things you do for Me. You wish to focus on your faults. I wish to focus on your heart, and the love you have for Me, My Mother, and My children.

Ruth Ann: Let's change the subject, Lord.

Jesus: As you wish, little one.

Ruth Ann: There were many here yesterday to work and to improve the grounds for prayer. Thank You and Your Mother for sending these very special people into our lives. These things could never happen without Your help, and the help of Your Mother. I know that to be true.

Jesus: We will continue to touch the hearts of all those who are to be a part of your ministry and this farm in any way.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. My husband and I mean this from the bottom of our hearts. The miracles are wonderful, Lord.

Jesus: They will not cease, child. I have much for you to do. You will need many, many helping hands along the way.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord.

Jesus: I love you, child. Go in My peace.

Message of Nov. 11, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: My child, I am here.

Ruth Ann: Many thoughts are going through my mind, but I keep remembering what was read at prayer group last night from the book 'God Calling' on November 7. I felt that particular message was for me.

Jesus: Little one, that message is for all My children, and yes, you are one of My children, are you not?

Ruth Ann: Lord, do You realize the dilemma I am put in? Many come to the farm to pray, but I don't feel I am to walk out and say, "Here I am." That only encourages a distraction. At least, that is the way I see it.

Jesus: Child, you are right about not calling attention to yourself, because the main reason for this farm now, is for those to come to gain peace. But you have been given a gift, and as I have said before, it is a gift to be shared. Those who ask for prayer are to receive prayer, but you have set a special time for that, and those who expect prayer must understand this. You have said you are available most Saturday's after prayer group, and every third Sunday after prayer group. These times are sufficient for the time being, but you do know that the numbers will grow, and your weekends will be consumed with people in need of prayer. This is not something you wish to hear child, but it is something that is to be. You have been told this many months ago by My Mother, and as time goes on, you will see how all will come about.

This irritates you little one, because you do not feel that your prayers should be important to other people. They should be able to pray to Me and My Mother here on this farm, without need of you. They can and do, but it is also true that you are a channel through which the water of life flows through. You are My instrument. You are their connection from Heaven to the earth.

Ruth Ann: But Lord, that does not sound right.

Jesus: In what way, child?

Ruth Ann: I mean, they can pray straight to You or Your Mother, without me being present.

Jesus: As I have said, this is true. But if you had been told that a certain person has a gift from Heaven, and was speaking with our Lord and His Mother, wouldn't you wish prayers of that person?

Ruth Ann: I don't know as I would wish prayers of that person, but I suppose I would be in awe of their gift. Maybe even a little envious, but I am more interested in those who get to see You or Your Mother, since I have never been given that gift.

Jesus: Little one, you have not as yet had an apparition from Me, but the time will come when you will no longer be able to say this.

Ruth Ann: So why are You waiting so long to do so?

Jesus: You have been told by Me and My Mother that you will see Her at the time of your death. She will be there to walk you into the Kingdom of Heaven. I will come to you after all of your children are settled, and then you will receive a complete healing, but you will be asked to carry a very heavy cross. The cross is one I have carried, and others after Me, too, have carried this cross.

You are being prepared, child. Trust in God. He knows your limits, your strengths, and weaknesses. You have growing to do, you have things to do in the meantime. And you have been given this year with your family, and time to do some of the things you have not been able to do when you were teaching. Enjoy your respite, little one. The time is coming when there will be little time for anyone, or anything, but Me. That is God's will, and His will, will be done.

Ruth Ann: I know I have been told these things, but it was so long ago, I had forgotten. I guess I had just put it out of my mind.

Jesus: Little one, it was set aside because it was something that was not relevant to that particular time in your life. Now, it is becoming apparent to you that changes are taking place in your life.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I visited school today. That is, the school where I taught last year. I was there for a breakfast for a retiring teacher. Do You think I will ever go back to teaching, in school, that is?

Jesus: Little one, you have been told you will be teaching, but in a different capacity. Let's just leave it at that for the time being. God has much for you to do. Know that, and be ready and willing to do His will, and not your own. You were a teacher for many years, and will continue to be so until the day you die. Once a teacher, always a teacher, but there are different forms of teaching. God wishes you to be teaching on behalf of His kingdom, so you must wait and see what He has in store. Patience, little one.

Ruth Ann: I've sure heard that enough, Lord.

Jesus: It is true, child. God will tell you what He wishes for you to do, and when. You must be attentive to what He wishes for you to do, and also be willing and obedient. He will take care of all the rest. You have much to do today, go in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of July 18, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: Thank you for praying with, and witnessing to My people. Continue to tend to the needs of My children, little one. It is through your willingness to be an instrument used by Me, that I am able to transform lives. Healings continue to take place as you lay hands, witness, and share with My children. Thank you for being here for those who are hungry for My love and the love of My Mother. As you share and minister to My children, it is as though I am there with them, speaking with them in word and in action. Continue to be used by Me, little one. This is much needed in these difficult times.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Remember, I have told you, as you touch My children, I have My hands upon you. It is as though I am touching them Myself.

Ruth Ann: Lord, there is a powerful blessing for me as well as those who wish prayer.

Jesus: Yes, little one, I intend for it to be so. Accept it with humility and love. Your faith is strong, and is constantly being rewarded through the many miracles worked in the lives of those who surround you. Continue to be a willing vessel to be used by Me.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Now I know you have many things you must do today. Do it with love and trust in your Jesus. Trust in your Jesus to see you through this day. Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of July 19, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, what do You wish to say to me today?

Jesus: Little one, you have much on your mind. Are you sure you wish to take the time to listen?

Ruth Ann: You're right, Lord, I keep thinking about all the things I need to do today, and I'm not really in a prayerful state of mind.

Jesus: You will have all day to do those things you need to do, child. Granted, you will be interrupted many times, but you will get everything done you need to do. You must put other things aside for a few moments, and listen to what I have to say to you. If you do not, you will have nothing today to share with My children.

Ruth Ann: You have made Your point, Lord. I am truly sorry. It seems I have been scolded by You and Your Mother in the past few days.

Jesus: These are gentle reminders, child. You do not realize the importance of your mission, and therefore do not feel this need to continually be open to My words. You become concerned with the world around you, and all of your needs. Do not forget the needs of your brothers and sisters. They are many.

(There was an interruption in this particular message, and Ruth Ann had to stop and she picked it back up by saying...)

Ruth Ann: Lord, things are quiet now. I'm ready to listen again.

Jesus: Thank you, child. I realize your days continue to become busier and busier, but it is important to set aside time to record what I am saying. I know there will be days you will be unable to do so, but when you have the time, you must do so. This is not for your sake, but for all those who need to listen to what I am saying.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I do wish to thank You for an extremely prayerful third Sunday. The Holy Spirit was quite strong.

Jesus: You had had a difficult week, had you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. You know I had. I was called on to do some very difficult tasks for You, Lord, very difficult and very humbling for me.

Jesus: You also gave a powerful witness for Me on Sunday before the prayer meeting. That praise and witness was instrumental in strengthening the power of the Holy Spirit in your midst. You were rewarded for all you had done for Me, by watching the Holy Spirit at work through you.

Ruth Ann: Whatever caused it, thank You Lord, because many hearts were touched. Also, many came through telling me of physical healings received. Thank You, Lord. I needed to hear that. I'm only human, Lord. I hate to admit it, but I need an occasional 'pick-me-up'. My faith and trust in You should sustain me, I know that, but in my humanness, I need more.

Jesus: Little one, I have promised you little miracles along the way as 'pick-me-ups' for you and rewards for all you do. When you have an occasional dry spell, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Each prayer you pray is answered. Just because you are not God and do not know His plan, does not mean that nothing is happening. Some prayers are answered gradually, some right away, but all prayers are answered. You must continue your trust, and have faith, whether those who experience a healing tell you of this blessing from God or not.

Some will never admit they have received any kind of healing, not even to Me. So you are not to feel discouraged if you are not told of healings that are taking place. Continue to be at peace. Do the will of God, and let Him do the difficult part. He will continue to bless and heal all those who come to you in faith, seeking these healings. You are only My instrument, little one. I love you very much for your help and your obedience. I have chosen you for this mission because I know you will continue to go forth, no matter what the task or the cost.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I guess I just want to get on with it. If there is more to come, as you say, then let's get on with it.

Jesus: Patience, little one, in God's time, not yours.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Now go in My peace, little one.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. I am at peace.

Message of December 4, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, please calm my spirit. I am not able to sleep, because of my concern about sharing my testimony. I've done this so many times before, you'd think it should be easy by now.

Jesus: It could be, child, but you do not turn loose of those things over which you have no control. Remember, you are only an instrument to be used by God. You do not have to do anything. It will all be done for you. Think about these words, and take them to your heart.

Ruth Ann: I know what You are saying, Lord, but I still have to get up in front of people and speak.

Jesus: Is that so difficult? Think of what I have done for you.

Ruth Ann: I realize all of these things, Lord, but yet that is why it is such a struggle. I am torn between knowing what I am doing is so little in comparison to what You have done for me, and still not wanting to be on display. Why can't I just be a regular person? I don't want to sin. I mean, just be a good, regular person.

Jesus: Little one, we have been through this many times before. Many more hearts can be touched through your witnessing about the love and goodness of God's mercy, than by just being a 'regular person', as you put it. This is difficult for you. It is both a struggle and a sacrifice. If it were not, it would not be as important as it is. You have come so far, child, but you continue to fight against all those things that God wants you to do. If only you would realize that God loves you, and wishes to take care of you. You continue to divorce yourself from that fact. It, His love and mercy, is not just for the ones for whom you minister, it is also for you. You first, little one, then all that you say or do on behalf of those whom you touch, reap the benefits of this love and mercy.

You have said 'yes'. You have accepted the healings given to, and through you. You have listened, shared, and been obedient to all things that have been asked of you. Now, My Mother has asked you to share weekly, the gift God has given to you through His love and mercy. You are finding this difficult. You have been told your ministry would change. You have been told your cross would become heavier. With each new burden placed upon your shoulders, this has been so. But you must remember, not only those you speak to, who will be sent here by Me and My Mother, will receive a blessing, and in some cases, a true conversion, but you too, share in the graces and blessings of this journey.

Put your fears aside, little one. Put the doubts aside. This testimony has been made available on a regular basis, through the prodding of My Mother, for a reason. She has brought you to Me, little one. She has said, "This soul is ready to be molded by You, My Son, to be of great help for the salvation of many. She is reluctant, but wishes to be of help to You." You have been told not to look back, but move forward with your eyes on Me, your Jesus. In your sharing and witnessing, you are able to see how far you have come from the time of your true conversion, until now. That is all God is asking you to do, little one. Share with others how God has worked in your life, so they too, can realize the potential of what awaits them, if they will say 'yes' to the will of God, and turn away from the ways of the world. Many do not even realize they are caught up in their own selfish desires. Many do not realize they are so much of the world, until they are forced to compare themselves to one who has been touched deeply, and has given up their all for their Jesus.

Be patient, and wait for God to work through you, little one. Be not afraid. The holy angels and saints are at your disposal, and wish to assist you. My Mother and I are with you. Does this not fill you with peace?

Ruth Ann: Lord, I hear You, and know what You are saying, but I still have to stand up and witness. This is truly a humiliating experience for me, as well as laying on of the hands. As I have told You before, Lord, I am not an exhibitionist. I am only a person, unworthy, not holy, just a sinful person, struggling to be what You want me to do and be.

Jesus: This would not be such a burden to you, if it were not a cross, child. And it must be worthwhile, or it would not be such a struggle for you. You fight against the demons of hell, and your own humanness, continually. But know, child, that you will continue to win. This is through God's grace and mercy. You have seen your ministry undergo another change. The more you do for Me, the more will be asked of you. You have been through much, and this will not cease.

But know in your heart, that this cross that you bear, is not carried alone. You have other 'Simon's' sent to minister to you, just as I had the help and love of those who had not deserted Me. Granted, they were few, but I was not totally deserted. Neither will you be abandoned, little one. There will always be those to assist you in your hours of need. Have you not seen this come about? Have I not prepared you in advance, by always telling you just enough, so that you are never caught unaware? My goodness and mercy will continue to abound. It was, and is, always there for those who love Me, and wish to do the will of the Father, just as I, and My Mother have done.

Be at peace, little one, and know that I am God, and will be with you through your journey to Calvary each week. Your dying of self is so that others may live, little one. Your sacrifices are so that others' hearts may be touched, and started on the road to their Salvation. What better thing to do for your fellow man, than to give your life to save his soul? In dying of self, you are helping others to see the need for change in their lives. Maybe their change will not need to be as drastic as yours has been, but they too, will experience this dying of self, and living for their Jesus. Love and trust in your God. I am with you through all things. Trust, little one, trust.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for holding my hand, and walking me through this, Lord. I need these words.

Jesus: Others too, need to hear them, child. That is why it is so important for you to continue to share.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. I love You, and thank You for Your love and mercy. Please continue to walk with me. Thank You for Your patience.

Jesus: I am always here for you. So is My love and mercy. It is also there for others. Share, little one. This is of great importance to My children. They are in need. Minister to them.