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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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July 2007
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of May 20, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, would You please speak with me?

Jesus: I am here, little one, just waiting for you to finally give in and come to Me. Why have you waited so long?

Ruth Ann: I'm angry, Lord. Why do You bother to ask?

Jesus: Little one, little one, and where do you suppose the anger is coming from? You know it is not of Me.

Ruth Ann: Lord, of course I know this, I'm just really frustrated. I'll get over it, I always do. In the mean-time, I need Your words of encouragement. I'm scared and insecure, as well as angry. I'm not even sure anger is the right word Lord, but maybe it is. I am at least to the point where I know You are the only One, You or Your Mother, that can bring me out of this feeling. It's not even that I won't do whatever it is that You want me to do Lord, for I know that all of this is needed; and I also know the praying on the third Sundays and now every Saturday that, that is also needed Lord, but I just don't feel right for the job. You know I never wanted to be a speaker, I just wanted to quietly help You and Your Mother in prayer. I'd have been happy going to someone else's farm to pray once a week and on the third Sundays. I'd have been happy to help them in any way possible.

Jesus: Little one, little one, that is not to be, now is it? But that should help you to understand the feelings of My other children, those who wish to come to your farm to pray. Remember you have consecrated your farm to Me and to My Mother. It has been given special blessings and will continue to be the source of many blessings and many miracles to come.

Ruth Ann: Lord, why can't You remove all this fear and doubt, so that I'm not in so much turmoil the week before I'm to give a talk?

Jesus: Why don't you come to Me daily for My words, or as frequently as you need, instead of pulling away?

Ruth Ann: I guess it's part of not wanting to be controlled. I guess I'm continually fighting Your will, Lord. I always feel like, 'why do I have to do this?' Others have gifts and walk away and don't share their exper-iences. Why should I have to? It's more of the temper tantrum sort. I can't seem to get to the point in my life where I can say 'yes' and be joyful about it. I feel like I am being led to my death each time I do this; give a talk or share my experiences, whatever.

Jesus: Little one, you are being led to your death. You are dying of self. Each time you go before My children to share your experiences of how God has worked in your life, and tell what He is doing and will continue to do, you are baring your soul, and what a beautiful sight it is. You do not realize the impact of your words, voice, and tears, child. You do not realize the impact among those who hear My words through you. Even if some do not believe, they are touched and blessed with special graces while they are in your presence. This makes it possible for them to be converted. To receive a conversion, little one, is the ultimate gift from God. That is what all of this is about. Your Mother is here to bring about conversions for as many as will receive those graces. You have been chosen to help Her accomplish this task. You and many others have a special and immense task before you. You have said 'yes' to Her call, and now you are assisting in this mission that for Her will be coming to a close. You, and others like you, will be left to continue on with testimony and prayer. She, your heavenly Mother and My Mother, has brought you to Me. She will continue to assist you in words and She will always be here for you, but the time of Her apparitions will be coming to an end. You, my child, will continue to hear Her voice. This, She has already told you. Now, aren't you relieved that you do not receive apparitions from Her?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, it would have been very difficult for me to have given up. I get attached very easily. I would have felt lost. It will be sad to know She is not appearing anywhere, but I am grateful She will continue to speak with those who receive locutions.

Jesus: Child, there is much for you to be grateful for. "You cannot see the forest for the trees," as some say. You have been chosen to hear the Heavenlies speak to you. You are given special graces because of your faith and trust in Me, your God.

Ruth Ann: My faith and trust do not seem very strong before a talk, Lord.

Jesus: It is because you have much to say to touch the hearts of those who will listen, little one. The evil one comes up against those of you who continue to witness and do My will. Your testimony will bring about the healing of many; that means souls lost to the fires of hell. The evil one is not pleased to have even one snatched away from his grasp. Think how he feels when he knows there are many to be snatched away from his grasp. You must learn, little one, that instead of pulling away and trying to ignore Me before a talk, you must pull closer and closer to Me in prayer. I will help and strengthen you as you approach each talk. Think of the talk as a time of sharing what God has done in your life, not as a talk. You are right, you would never have chosen to be a speaker. God has chosen this special task for you. He too, is responsible for all those wonderful graces and blessings that have been given to you to share. So child, think in terms of sharing and you will not feel overwhelmed. Remember, I am there with you and I will put the words into your mouth I would have you say. Also, My Mother will be there with you. How can you miss touching the hearts with whom you speak, when you have the two most important people in the entire universe with you? That should help you to put everything in proper perspective. Know little one, you are not doing this on your own. You are being asked to do this by God Himself. You are assisting your heavenly Mother in Her task to draw Her children to Her Son. What a very special person you are. Do you not believe that all you do and say will bring with it special blessings from the very Ones who have asked you to do this task? In your act of obedience to the Father, in your saying 'yes', many hard hearts will be broken open. Many healings of body, mind, and soul will take place. Those who hear your talks, those who are in your presence, those who ask for your prayer, and this farm has been touched and blessed in a special way, so it too is a source of grace and healings for those who will come here. Does any of what I am saying help you?

Ruth Ann: You know it does, Lord.

Jesus: Obedience is the key child, you have been chosen. You have listened and now you must be obedient and share all God is doing in your life, and He still is doing, and will continue to do so, until you no longer have need of Him; that means you have His assistance forever. Forever is a mighty long time. You do not comprehend eternity child, but that is what you have to look forward to; God's love and assistance for all eternity, sharing what He has done, is doing, and will do, is a small price to pay for the gift of eternal life. When one thinks in these terms, it may help you with what appears to be a monumental task to you at the present time. I am not only saying this to you, but to all My children who are asked to help My Mother bring God's children under Her protective care and into the light of salvation. Does this help you, little one?

Ruth Ann: You have succeeded in making me feel like a 'twirp' for being such a big baby.

Jesus: That was not My intent, little one, but in telling you of the importance of what you are doing for Me, hopefully it will help you to look forward to sharing, instead of wanting to run away.

Ruth Ann: You have succeeded Lord. I love You so much. Thank You for being patient with me.

Jesus: Do not wait so long to come to Me for help and guidance. I am here for you always. I am only a heartbeat away. I can talk with you all day and all night, if you need Me. I am not only here for you, but I am here for all My children. I want to love and heal all My children of their hurts. Tell them, come to Me, I will always be there to listen. They can share their hopes, dreams, desires, pains, sufferings. I am here for all My children and waiting to hear their needs. All they need do is ask. Graces are available and in abun-dance for all those who ask. Pray with My children, little one. I wish to give them many miracles.

Ruth Ann: This I will do Lord, now I must go. I'm already going to cause Jim to be late for a meeting with one of his supervisors.

Jesus: You will not be late, child. You have taken the time to listen and be obedient. Write My words, "You will not be late." Now go in My peace, know that I am with you and your dear ones. I love you.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord. Thank You.

Message of Feb. 17, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, I had an early appointment yesterday and did not get to speak with You. Will You speak with me now?

Our Lady: Child, I am here. Anything and everything I will say to you has been repeated over and over.

My children have gotten caught up in the messages, and not what the messages are revealing to them. Many have gotten caught up in the messengers and places where the messages are being delivered. If only My children would pursue their prayer life as fervently as they pursue all of these places, seeking signs and miracles. Many are missing the point, child. The point is, to gather in prayer. Allow your hearts to be changed so you can set an example for all those who do not understand that they, too, should change their heart. The signs and wonders are rewards and results of the prayer, child, but the prayers are needed, whether or not there are signs and wonders to behold. Pray for an understanding of all that is going on around you. Then, your heart will be changed, and you will find God's peace.

Ruth Ann: Mother, why do You give these miracles, if You don't want people seeking them?

Our Lady: Child, the miracles are given to change hearts, for those who are seeking to repent of their sins and change their lives. It is for those who have spent much time in prayer and are in need of a 'pick-me-up'. There are many reasons for God allowing these things to happen, child, but the most important is to call all My children to conversion. Time is running out, child. I continue to repeat this to My children over and over. The important thing is, that once you have had a change of heart, you can evangelize and help others to receive a change of heart. If you are seeking God, you will find Him. If you are seeking Me, you will find Me. We are just waiting for Our children to wish to have a conversion. Children, pray for conversions. Once man has a true conversion, he will continue to pray and grow closer and closer to My Son and to Me. In doing so, others too, will be drawn toward this peace that will radiate from you. By example, you can draw many others to My Son.

Many continue to seek signs and wonders, just for the sake of doing so. Do they not realize what these signs and wonders mean? That is an important question. In a time of peace and good Christian morality, there is no need for signs and wonders. The world has no peace, and the morals have fallen into darkness. Many say, it is time for the pendulum to swing, but that is all that is done about it. Much talk is taking place, but more than talk is needed, child. God is needed. He is needed in your hearts, minds and souls. He is needed in your homes, and in your country. He is needed in your world.

Good is going to triumph over evil, child, but not before man has experienced much more suffering. This suffering has been brought on by the need to satisfy all man's desires, and ignore the desires of God. My heart weeps for the innocent, but I am doing all I can to prepare you. Man must change his heart and pray. He must repent of his sins, and turn back to My Jesus. You know not the day or the hour, so prepare, children. Seek instead of signs and wonders, a change of your heart. Then, no matter what befalls you or your country, you will have the faith to stand firm and live or die for your Jesus.
My protective mantle surrounds you and yours, child. Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus. Know that what My Son has spoken of to you in a personal message is truth and prophecy, and will come to pass. My Son and I give you Our blessing. Continue to love and serve your God.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, and thank You for the smell of roses during this message.

Our Lady: You do not seek these blessings. That is why it was given to you.

Message of March 2, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to speak with me today?

Our Lady: Child, yes I do. You must realize that I am concerned for My children who are more and more taken in by the evil ways of the world. I ask for My children to pray for peace and many are not doing so. Everywhere there is disunity, strife, and suffering. These things are not caused by God. These are things man is doing to himself through lack of love for God the Father in Heaven. Man will not find peace if he does not heed the messages and warnings being sent to him by God through many of His chosen instruments. It is too bad that man continues to turn his back on God; for God wishes all of His children to be saved from the eternal fires of damnation.

As your Mother, little children, I continue to ask for you to consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart. It will triumph. The time is drawing near for this to come about. But there is to be much suffering before this will come about. Little children, you must pray. Turn your lives over to your Mother who loves you, and wishes to protect you. Join with others in prayer for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart. Only then can peace reign in your hearts and in your land.

Ruth Ann: It all seems so futile, Mother. Many ignore, and not only ignore, do not want to hear any of this.

Our Lady: Child, you cannot force someone to change their heart. That is why it is important that My children pray for the conversion of others. Pray that God will touch their hearts in a mighty way, then their eyes will be opened and their ears will be able to hear. Man has adopted a way of life that has excluded God. Man has become steeped in the importance of himself. He goes about his day making important decisions, making lots of money, and ignoring his family, his friends, and most importantly, his soul. Man has made money, and all it can buy, his god. He has placed God away from himself by being drawn further and further into the muck and mire of the world. In some cases, it is going to take drastic measures to awaken God's children and bring them out of the darkness and into the light. God will do what He must do to get the attention of His children.

You, My children, are already aware of the need for change in your life. You have been called out of darkness. As you pray, remember all those who still are wandering around like lost sheep. God wishes them to be brought back into the fold. You are at an advantage, little ones. You are aware of the times. Many are not. Continue to pray and do all that God would have you do as His children. Spread love and peace by your example in doing His will. Be obedient children. Listen to God's word in My messages. I love you. God loves you. Go in His peace to love and do good for your neighbor.


Message of June 29, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, thank You for that beautiful message. It is a good reminder to help us realize that we are our brother's keeper.

Our Lady: Child, it is through those of you who are listening and are continually petitioning God for others, that many are being saved. You who are praying for loved ones, and those who are your enemies, will be instrumental in saving their souls.

Over the years I have said, "Pray for conversions." In doing this, many are being brought out of darkness into the light. You may not see it happening as quickly as you would like, but it is happening. When the time is right, each one you are praying for will have the conversion you seek for them. Your prayers do not go unnoticed. Each prayer is heard, and each prayer will be answered. God has a divine plan, His plan is perfect. Each one of you is a part of this plan. As all things fall into place, prayers are answered and light is brought into the lives of those living in darkness. Peace is brought into the lives of those who have been unable to find peace. See how important prayer is, not only for yourself but for everyone around you.

Pray, dear children, pray. I'm praying with you, but I cannot do it all. I must have the help of those who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules and tend to the lost sheep. God is listening, little ones. It pleases Him to know that you care enough for your brothers and sisters to want to save their souls. What love you have for one another when you pray for the conversion of those who do you harm, or those around you! This is what God means when you are to follow the example of His Son. He too, prayed for those who hated and persecuted Him, even unto His death on the cross. When you are told to take up your cross and follow in the footsteps of your Jesus, this is exactly what this means.

Love those who hate you. Do good to those who would do you harm. These are not easy requests, little children, but they are God's way. Be at peace with what you are called to do in this life, so that you can enjoy an eternity of love, joy, and peace in the hereafter. Your prayers bring Me much joy and happiness. Thank you for responding to My call.

Message of August 2, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, is there anything You wish to say to me today?

Jesus: Only this, child; it is extremely important that the world listen to what My Mother is saying. She has been chosen to herald in My Second Coming.

Ruth Ann: Lord, when people hear these words 'second coming', they all start thinking this is tomorrow, or the year 2000.

Jesus: God's and man's time are not the same, little one. You must realize that many things are hap-pening, and will continue to happen. You will not know the day or the hour. Only My Father in Heaven knows. Speculating does not change anything. Prayer does, and can, change much. When My Mother asks for Her children to pray and change their hearts, She means every word. Man has not been taking the signs and wonders put before him seriously. Many more are in need of conversion. She calls Her children to peace, and asks them to love one another. They are not listening. The wars continue, and so do the disasters that continue to plague the entire world. Man is destroying himself with hatred, lust, and greed. My Mother is bringing love, peace, and hope. All man need do is pray, trust, and change his heart.

Those who are listening have a grave responsibility to help in this process. Conversion, true conversion, works like a chain reaction. When your heart is touched and changed, you wish for those around you to experience this peace and love. You in turn, pray for the conversions of those around you. Their lives, too, are touched, and they touch others. It is true that some fall by the wayside, for they do not choose to live and listen for long. They prefer to return to the life they had before their hearts were touched. That is their loss. What is important, is that all God's children have the opportunity to hear God's word and make that choice. They can then live for God, or live for the world. Living for the world will bring about destruction of their soul, but again, that is their choice. Man has a free will.

God wishes all His children saved. All of His children do not wish to make the sacrifice necessary in order to achieve salvation. A life of sin is much easier to face here on the earth, because that life is all around you. It's much more difficult to change your heart to live for God. Living for God is contrary to all that man has come to believe is important. My Mother continues to call Her children back to a life of love and peace. They continue to ignore Her. She will continue to do so as long as She is allowed by God, and then it will be too late for many.

Be at peace with what I am saying to you, little one. It is time for My children to take heed of the messages. You are only an instrument, and only do as you are asked. Be obedient, and you will know you have done all that you can do for God's children. Share, pray, and live the words being shared. Be that beacon of light in a world of darkness that My Mother has called you to be at this time. Let the light, love, peace, and hope that is yours, touch the lives of those seeking these blessings and graces for themselves, and their loved ones. Let God's love work through you to allow many lives, hearts, and minds to be touched. Grow in His love, and let it overflow to all whose lives you touch. Love and peace, child. My children are seeking these qualities that have been given to you, to share with those who come to you for prayer. They are in need, little one, and their hearts cry out for this peace, so difficult to find in a world filled with turmoil. That is why it is so important for you to keep your peace at all cost.

Ruth Ann: You have been my lifeline, and so has Your Mother, in helping me keep my peace. Even when it leaves me for a little while, it never interferes with what You would have me do for You. I credit You Both for that. I know I can do nothing on my own. All things are done because this is Your wish and will for me. I'm not smart enough, or good enough, to do or say any of these things You would have me do or say. Please continue to hang in there with me, Lord. I cannot do any of these things alone.

Jesus: Child, that is all it takes, the desire to do God's will above all else. 'Thy will be done'. Those words changed the entire world, they can do so again. I need to hear that from all My children.

Ruth Ann: Lord, those of us who are listening will continue to do all we can. We need lots of help though.

Jesus: The help is there, little one. As God touches minds and hearts, the help is there. You continue to be an instrument, and God will do the rest.

Message of Sept. 26, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: Share the words I have spoken to you, and the words My Mother has spoken with you. Share the way God works in your life, and continues to work in your life. This place is a special place of prayer. My Mother wishes others to be drawn here for the graces available on this land. It is through your sharing and witnessing that this can come about. Be at peace with all you do.

Ruth Ann: Lord, many wish to go to places where Your Mother is appearing.

Jesus: Those who listen, and live My words in the messages being given to you, will find the love and peace here that is needed in the days ahead. Little one, I have told you many times before, My Mother is drawing the children here She wishes. Those who are serious about prayer will continue to be drawn here. They will be those children God wishes to gather in prayer. Those of My children who love Me and My Mother, and wish to help Her gather together the remnant few that will be instrumental in the salvation of souls, will continue to be called to this place. There is strength in numbers, and power in prayer. Put the strength and power, together with faith and trust in God, and you have a powerful group of people, serious about ushering in My Second Coming.

Of course, there will always be those who say you and this place are not of God, but if what you are doing is producing good fruit, that is proof enough. Those who wish to love and serve Me are needed to gather together in prayer, to be of assistance in saving the souls of those who do not believe in the power of prayer. There are still many souls lost to Me, and consumed in the ways of the world. Those, little one, are the ones who are most in need of prayer.

Conversions are needed for My children. Most do not even know they are lost to Me. They continue through each day, caught up in the ways of the world, thinking that all is well in their life. All is not well in their life, and the world in general. The peace is gone. Living your life for the purpose of pleasing Me is gone. What sorrow I feel in My Heart. What pain My Mother feels for Her lost children. Be patient and be obedient, child. You have more to do for Me, but it will be in God's time. Love Me, and continue to do all that is asked of you. Be patient, and I will tend to the 'how' and the 'when'. I love you. Be at peace. Go about your day in love and service to My children.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of October 12, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, You seem very sad.

Our Lady: Child, the condition of the world, and the condition of the souls of My children, these continue to bring sadness to My Heart. My Son awaits His children with open arms. He is ready and willing to take them back at the first sign of repentance, but they choose to ignore all that is being done and shown at this time. People must open their eyes and hearts. They must listen. The signs are all around you. Soon I will no longer be allowed to minister to you in the ways I have been doing. You will be on your own to survive the difficult times that are upon you.

Many of My children continue to hide their heads in the sand. Do you not see the time is now, to turn back to God, and leave the ways of the world behind? What more can I do and say, as your Mother? I have continued to bring you words of love, hope, and encouragement. I have continued to guide you away from self-destruction, and back to My Son. Still you choose to walk into the depths of hell, grasping for peace. How can this be? I love you, and wish to save you. You continue to ignore and seek self-gratification, and all those things that draw you further and further away from the truth.

You have said I sound sad, child. My heart is saddened. Not only am I saddened, but I am disappointed in My children. Please listen. Pray, pray, pray! God is still listening. His mercy is great, and so is His love. The hour of justice is at hand, My little ones, and still you do not understand. Pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to understand all that is being said to you. God loves you, and I love you. We wish your souls to be saved. You must choose. We cannot choose for you.

Ruth Ann: Mother, You sound like things are winding down.

Our Lady: Child, you have been listening and hearing what has been said to you. You have been sharing and doing those things that are asked of you, but know, child, many are not. Many still seek to believe they have much time ahead to prepare for the hand of justice. It is upon them, and they still choose to hide from the facts.

I have told you before, that the time is coming soon when the apparitions and words will cease. Then, what of those who have not taken to heart these words being said to you? What of all those children still seeking signs and wonders, and have not tended to their souls? You must pray with, and for them. They will need your strength, love, and trust in God in the times ahead. You will still need to minister to My children, but even more so than before. We will continue to be here for you, but the messages to share will cease.

Ruth Ann: Mother, how can this be? Why would You withdraw the messages to share? This gives hope and strength to Your children.

Our Lady: All that is being said has not been taken to heart, child. Many listen and read the messages, and then do not pray. They wait for the next message, or go seeking signs all over the world. The signs have been there, the wonders have been there, and the words have been there for My Children. These have been allowed to draw My children to a true conversion. These were to bring about a willingness to turn back to God, and away from sin. There has been a purpose for each gift and grace granted to each one of My children. For many, it was granted so they could share these special experiences with others, to bring about more conversions.

It is the changing of the heart, and the changing of your life, that I have been seeking for you. I have asked you to turn back to My Son. Do not continue to hurt Him by turning your back on Him, and choosing evil over good. You must listen to the words being spoken to you! Live the messages by changing your hearts and lives.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for sharing these words with me, Mother.

Our Lady: Child, My children are not listening.

Ruth Ann: Many are, Mother.

Our Lady: For those who are listening, I thank you for doing so. Please pray, and know I am praying with you.