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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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July 2010
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 10, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

You must know the importance of what you are doing.  Prayer is of the utmost importance in this war of good against evil, and make no mistake about it, good will triumph over evil!  In this time of darkness, when it is so difficult to see or hear of much good happening, you are the beacons of light shining through this blanket of disgrace!  Do not lose hope!  Despair is not of My Son or of Me.  We bring hope, love, and peace.  The graces are here in abundance for you and all those you pray for.  Listen to God's word in My messages, dear children.  Your Mother is here to help you.  My protective mantle surrounds you and your dear ones.  God's mercy is so great, and so is His love for all those who are listening and responding to My call.  Many will be saved through your obedience and sacrifices.  Souls will be snatched from the hands of the evil one through your prayers.  Continue to be of help to Me.  I need the prayers of each one of My special children of God.  Go in the peace of My Son.  I give you My Motherly blessing.


Message of August 22, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Could You please speak with me?

Jesus:  Of course, child.  I'm always here waiting.

Ruth Ann:  There is much on my mind this morning Lord, especially with all that is happening.  There is so much I don't understand.

Jesus:  Child, you need not understand anything that is happening to you.  You need only love God, and be willing to serve Him.  He will do the rest.

Ruth Ann:  It would be nice to be able to know what is coming, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, God knows that you have given up much for Him.  He knows that you continue to make sacrifices daily for His children.  All you are doing is not going unnoticed.  God is watching over you.  His hand is upon you and your family.  Remember, I have told you this many times.  Be not afraid.  Do not look to the future.  Look to the here and now.  God will tend to the rest.  Live one day at a time.  You need not know the future.  I will tell you all you need to know.  God reveals to you, through My Mother, only those things He wishes you to know.  You are not to be concerned about what lies ahead.  Whatever it is, you can rest assured that the graces will be there for you.  All the graces you need to see you through what God has planned for you will be made available for you.  No crosses will be too heavy for you.  How can this be, little one?  God is the master planner.  He has your life planned from beginning to end before you are even placed on the earth.  God has taken much care to make His plans perfect.  Granted, man has a free will, but God knows the choices man will make, and why, before you even make these choices.  Why do you suppose He sent His Son to the earth to die for your sins?  He knew it would be desperately needed.  It was not just for the sins committed until His death, it was for all sin, for all time.  My burden was great, little one, and yet I was determined to do the will of My Father.  His plan is perfect, little one. 

Man need not be concerned about the 'why's' and 'how's.'  He need only be patient, good, and follow the will of God.  Sufficient are the burdens of today, little one, and too, are the graces.  Know that whatever I have planned for you, I will be there to minister to you.  The graces will be in abundance for you and all those who are of help to you in what lies ahead.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, many who are being supportive and of help to me seem to be experiencing difficulties.

Jesus:  Child, the evil one does not wish to see those things unfold that would cause more souls to be won over to light.  He wishes to keep children in darkness.  So many souls live in darkness little one, and it has become such a part of their lives that they don't even realize it.  Yes, it is true, the evil one strikes out at those who wish to do good, but remember Who is in control.  The evil one can wreak havoc on the earth, but he cannot win.  He is going to lose, and the time for his losing is drawing nearer.  That should be of comfort to those who are weary of the evil in the world.

Prayer is stronger than those things caused by darkness.  Nothing is stronger than prayer.  Why do you think My Mother continually asks for prayer?  Why do you think She is so pleased with prayer groups that are springing up all over the world?  She knows in the wisdom given to Her that that is how this war of light against darkness is to be won.  How can all this come about?  By those such as you who are willing to witness to the goodness and kindness of the One Who created you, God Himself.  He has allowed many miracles in your life child, so you can share those many miracles with others.  Now, He is making your farm a special place, where the graces and miracles that others need will be available to those to whom you have witnessed. 

Those who are helping you may be attacked by the evil one, but remember, God is in control.  Nothing and no one is stronger than God.  Prayer can overcome anything brought on by the prince of darkness.  You have seen him.  You have experienced his anger and contempt.  You know he would have you or anyone brave enough to witness to the love of God, stopped from doing God's work.  This will not be done, child.  God is a God of love, light, and peace.  That is what He wishes for His children.  They must pray, and trust that God's plan is perfect.  The evil one will be destroyed.  So there is hope child, in all the darkness there is hope. 

Those of you who are working and doing the will of My Father are like a light in the time of darkness.  Think about the feelings you have in a time of a dreadful storm and all the lights go out.  What a relief you feel when someone lights a candle or a lamp, and brings some light into this darkness.  You are like that light or candle, child.  My children in darkness are the ones who feel the relief when you witness to them through your talks, and now through your book.  You have been told you will be a beacon of light in a time of darkness, and it is so,  little one.  The time has come.  You were also told your witnessing would be far-reaching.  This too, is, and has come to pass.  This is only the tip of the iceberg little one, but I will not burden you with tomorrow. 

Know that God is with you in His children who pray for you and assist you in all the ways you need.  Your burden is great, and will continue to grow, but so will the graces that will be needed.  Never underestimate the power and greatness of God.

Ruth Ann:  There is something I wish You would address, Lord.  I've never been given the grace of an apparition of You or Your Mother, but I've seen Satan many times in many forms.  Why?

Jesus:  Child, it is so you will know the ways of the evil one.  It is so you know that he is here walking on the earth, angry, and snatching, and growling at souls, that have no clue they are being used by him.  It is by allowing you to see the evil one that others will be made aware that he is indeed 'for real.'  He is not something that was made up to make God's children be good.  There is a Heaven little one, but there is also a Hell.  It is a horrible, terrible abyss that is ready and waiting for those who turn their back on God, and choose evil over good.  That is a truth, child.  It is not a pleasant truth, but it is so, and believe Me when I say, there are many who choose evil over good. 

Man is consumed by worldliness.  He is consumed by goods, money, and success.  If only man would be as preoccupied with prayer and doing good as he is in doing all the things that give pleasure to the flesh.  The flesh will soon rot, as will the goods and money, and what will be left, what of man's immortal soul?  It will go on forever.  Is it not better for a soul to last forever in the goodness and kindness of God's love and mercy in Heaven, a place of total bliss and euphoria?  Can you imagine being totally consumed by hap-piness?  That is only a fraction of what Heaven is like, child.  On the other hand, can you imagine total darkness, anger, rage, despair, and suffering forever? 

My concerns for My children are real, little one.  So many have slipped into the ways of the world without even realizing it.  Satan is evil and sometimes direct.  But he is also the prince of lies.  He is subtle and uses others to draw you into sin; through anger, temptation of the flesh, the desire for bigger things and more things.  He can draw you into a web that is difficult to pull away from.  Deny yourself, children.  Give up the ways of the world.  Do not let the ways of darkness consume you.  Look to the light, which is God and His word.  In doing so, you will leave a world that will lead only one way, to the abyss.  God in His goodness will bring eternal rewards attained only by those who are willing to put the world behind them.  Take up your cross and follow Me.  You will not be alone child, and the rewards are beyond your imagi-nation.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for addressing the reason for me being allowed to see Satan.  It seemed a little 'sick' to me, I'd much rather see You or Your Mother.

Jesus:  Child, this too, has been addressed.  My Mother you will see when you reach your eternal reward, Heaven.  You are to see Me, before.  Know this in your heart little one, and keep it there to ponder.  I love you, and appreciate all you and your dear family are going through on My behalf.  I will continue to send those to minister to you and your family through prayer, and in any other way there is a need.  Know this to be true.  I give you My blessing.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Nov. 12, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother.

Our Lady:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  It seems I have been so busy, again I haven't taken time to speak with You for awhile.

Our Lady:  You have spoken with My Son.  That is much more important.  You have also been praying the rosary and attending Mass and receiving the Body and Blood of My Son, Jesus.  These things are of great importance.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, I have been doing those things, but I get to feeling bad when I haven't written down our conversations.

Our Lady:  You speak to Me throughout the day, and you have been told you do not have to record all that I am saying to you.  Personal conversations are for you, child.
Ruth Ann:  Thank You Mother, it's just that sometimes I get to feeling like I am not writing enough.

Our Lady:  It is those times, then, that you should speak to Me and write what I say, then you will not have those feelings.

Ruth Ann:  I understand.

Our Lady:  Many of My children speak to Me and ask for certain favors, and I continue to intercede for them to My Son.  Sometimes He does not answer their prayers in the way they would have them answered, but He is listening, and He is answering all prayers.  Their prayers are being answered and they give Him very little credit, if any.  They are very quick to criticize My Son when they think their prayers are not being answered, or if they have not had their prayers answered quickly enough, or in the way they want.  Only God knows the big plan, so only He knows how and when a prayer is to be answered.  God's time is not your time, child.  This is something all of God's children have difficulty with.  This is the way of the world.  Each one wants instant answers, instant healings, a 'quick fix' to all their hurts, worries, and concerns. 

Again, I am telling you, My Son suffered and died for man.  He has done much in order to guarantee eternal salvation for all of God's children.  Man then, cannot expect everything handed to him without some sacrifice on his own.  You have the right to eternal salvation, but it is not being handed to you, it must be earned.  It is through prayer and sacrifice that this great reward will be given to you. 

When Jesus said, "You must pick up your cross and follow Me,"  that is exactly what He meant.  Sometimes some crosses are heavier than others, and this too, has a purpose, but all men have a cross to bear.  You can ask for help, and it will be given to you.  You will not have to carry your cross alone or without help, but you are expected to carry it.  Patience, love, prayer, and a willingness to do the will of God is needed as you journey through life.  It is true that times are more difficult, and the crosses become more difficult to bear, but keep your eyes focused on My Son.  He is the way, the light, and the truth. 

The world has become a place of darkness, fear, and confusion.  It is run by the one who loves for man to experience anxiety and to lose hope.  Then, you look around you and hear all the evils of the world.  It is difficult to bear.  Do not lose hope, My children.  Continue to pray for light and peace.  Continue to pray for those in high places who continue to make wrong decisions that are not for the good of this nation, or other nations.  Darkness covers the world.  Your country is beginning to suffer the pains that have been experienced by other countries, and this will continue.  It is because My children have turned their back on God.  He has had enough.  Now, He is letting them know Who is truly in charge. 

It is too bad that My warnings have been in vain in many cases.  I will continue to warn My children, and draw as many to Me and My Son as I can possibly do.  It is up to My children to listen, and follow what I am saying.  I am only repeating to My children what God would have Me say.  I am only giving graces for those whom He would have Me give graces to at this time.  It is up to My children to listen and be willing to accept the crosses and blessings that God sees fit to deliver through Me.  I am here to help God's children.  This I am willing to do, and have been allowed to do down through the ages. 

The time is coming, though, when this will not be the case.  I am telling My children, now is the time for conversions and sacrifices.  Now is the time to live the messages, pray from the heart, and know that your prayers are being answered in God's way and in God's time.  Share what I have said with My children, child.  Remind them of the importance of My messages.

Ruth Ann:  It is written, so it will be shared. 

Our Lady:  Tell them, too, that it is important that they thank God when a prayer has been answered.  They must not ignore His generosity and kindness.  They must not take His love for granted.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.

Our Lady:  I love all My children so much.  If only they would listen to what I am saying, and be obedient children.  Many choose to ignore what is being said by those who are given gifts such as you have.  It is easier to say, "That person isn't really receiving messages from Heaven," and in that way, man can ignore and walk away.  It is as Pilate has done to My Son, Jesus.  Pilate washed his hands to free himself from guilt, but it was only an action.  Pilate still had to answer to God for what he had done.  So too, will My children have to do, who have heard the word of God, and ignored what He is saying, and has said.  They have been told.  It is up to those who have been told, to receive the words and take them to heart, or ignore and walk away.  The responsibility of one's actions rests on each individual, and each individual will be judged accordingly. 

Thank you for listening and sharing, child.  You are doing your part.  It is up to those who hear to do their part.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for Your love and concern, Mother.


Message of Sept. 29, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, please help me to have the strength and courage to do Your will.  So many of your people are struggling, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, you are right when you say 'so many of My children are struggling'.  But why are many struggling?  It is because the prince of darkness and father of lies has them confused and full of fear for their souls, and the souls of their loved ones.  He has left them with the idea that all hope is gone.  Where there is life, there is hope, and where there is hope, there is the redeeming Lord and Savior waiting with outstretched arms.  He wishes to welcome them back into His Heart, and into the comfort of His tender loving care.  Your Jesus awaits each one, as the father of the prodigal son awaited his return from a life of sin and rejections, and all that was good and holy. 

It matters not what you have done, little children.  Come to Me.  I have died on the Cross for your sins.  They have been forgiven.  Repent and start over, little ones.  Find your peace in Me, the Prince of Peace.  My Mother continues to call out to all, 'Return to My Son.  God loves you'.  This is so, little one.  There is so little time, and yet My children still hesitate and wait for more signs that these things are for real.  Man wishes to wait until the last minute to turn his life over to Me, yet he knows neither the day nor the hour of My coming. 

Man must wake up and face facts.  The world is changing, and it is not for the good.  All the signs that My children continue to receive do not seem to make an impression on them.  Those of you who are listening must continue to listen and pray for hardened hearts to be broken open.  You know and I know, that prayer can move mountains.  As I walked on the earth and performed many miracles, I turned to My Father in Heaven in prayer.  You too, must turn to prayer.  Ask God to forgive those who continue to turn their back on Him.  Ask for His mercy on all those who deliberately break all the rules set down for man in the Ten Commandments.

The world is in a sorry state, little one.  It is not through the fault of your Creator.  It is through the grace and mercy of God, however, that man is still alive and the earth has not been destroyed.  Much prayer is needed for your world.  More must listen, and take the messages being sent here from Heaven more seriously.  My Mother is serious about the heavy hand of God.  She is serious about the need for prayer, fasting, and turning away from all that is evil.  She is serious when She says, "Turn back to God, and choose good over evil."  When will My children listen, and take seriously, all that is being said and shown to them? 

Continue to do all that is asked of you, little one.  You will be given the strength to witness to the greatness and goodness of God.  I know it is difficult for you to be visible and walk among My people.  Your personality is such that you prefer to stay hidden from the public.  It is because of this that you are asked to do the things you are to do.  Pick up your cross and follow Me.  You have heard these words before, have you not?  The cross will become heavier, and heavier, little one, but you will have many  'Simon's' to assist you along the way, through prayer, support of family and friends, and the love of your Jesus, your cross will be carried. 

So be not afraid.  Know that I am with you, and will give you all the strength and support you need along your path to Calvary.  Let My children know that if I can work miracles in your life, they too, have hope.  My love is just as real today as it was 2000 years ago, and so is the strength and power of your God.  The Holy Spirit is working in a powerful way in these, the end times.  Be accepting of this gift that is so needed in your world today.  Be at peace, little one, continue to serve your God, and do all that is asked of you.  God's love and strength is there for you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of October 4, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I had such peace yesterday after speaking with Your Mother.  I think I truly felt blessed with this gift, instead of the mixed emotions that I usually feel.  I usually feel my gift has been a mixed blessing because of all the sacrifices and struggles that have come with it. 

Jesus:  My Mother has a way of giving peace to all those whose lives she touches in any way.  I sought this peace during My public life.  When I was rejected, tired, and discouraged, I always sought the refuge and comfort that My Mother could bring to Me.  You have discovered Her warmth and encouragement in hours when you have felt abandoned and alone with your cross.  All of My children can find the same source of strength and encouragement in this special Mother.  She is special in the eyes of God, for She was chosen to be the Mother of His earthly Son.  She is special because She has cared and nurtured His Son unto His death on the cross. 

Now She is tending to all His children on the earth.  She is concerned for all.  She wishes all of God's children to have the peace and feelings of hope that you experienced yesterday.  She wishes you, to keep that feeling of warmth and protection from all that would bring you unrest and the feeling of abandonment.  Stay close to Her in prayer.  She wishes to be your Mother, your strength, and your refuge, not just for you, little one, but for all God's children.

Ruth Ann:  I feel so sorry for Her.  She is so kind, loving, and caring.  I can hear and feel it as She speaks with me.  She is so concerned for all of us, and works so hard continuously, to bring us out of darkness, and closer to You.  Yet so many of us ignore Her.  Many think She is only for Catholics, and refuse to give Her the love and respect She deserves.

Jesus:  You are correct, little one.  She is here for all God's children, as is Her special prayer, the Rosary.  Many need to use this source of strength in this time of darkness.  You are feeling many of the feelings of My children so that you can understand their needs.  You have felt despair, abandonment, hurt, anger, frustration, fear, doubt, and the list could go on and on.  The reason for these feelings being allowed to come upon you, is for the sake of others.  They must know that there is hope for them.  There is a place of refuge for them.  There is a source of strength and peace that many have not tapped, or bothered to seek.  In a time when God's children struggle so, My Mother is a great source of strength and comfort.  She was, and is, there for Me, and continues to be there for all of God's children.  Those who have no earthly Mother, have not realized the source of love beyond earthly limits, if they have not turned to My Mother in their time of sorrow, grief, fear, or a feeling of abandon-ment.

My Mother is there to help and guide you to the source of all that is holy.  She was, and is, the epitome of holiness and goodness.  She wishes to share this love She has to give to all God's children, and wishes to draw them out of the darkness and back to the source of light.  You were touched by the love and kindness given to you yesterday when you were in need.  This awaits all of God's children.  She truly loves and cares for all, and wishes to see all attain Eternal Salvation.  She knows what awaits those who listen and live God's Word in the Holy Scriptures.  She also knows what awaits those who choose evil over good, and darkness over light. 

As a good and holy Mother, She wishes only good things for Her children, so those who seek the love and solace of My Mother can never go wrong.  She wishes to bring all to Me.  This too, is the will of God, that all His little children come unto Him Who loves them.  Those who love My Mother are best loved by Me.  I have said this before, and I will say it over and over.  She has experienced deep pain and sorrow through the 'fiat' She gave to the will of God.  She has suffered My agony and death, and She continues to suffer for all the children lost to Her Son.  She has suffered My pain of rejection, humiliation, and eventually My death.  She is your Mother, and has earned that right through the greatness of the One Who chose Her for this role.  She has played a great part in the salvation of mankind, and continues to do so.  Listen to the words being spoken to you by Her, and live these words.  They are from Heaven, and are being brought here by One Who loves you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for this message, Lord.

Jesus:  It is to be shared.

Ruth Ann:  It is written, Lord.  It will be shared.


Message of October 5, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Be at peace with one another.  The Lord, God, Yahweh is in your midst.  He brings hope for those who have no hope.  Sing praises to His name!  His love lasts forever.  It is like an eternal flame that burns brightly and can never be extinguished.  Accept this love that is unconditional.  Let Me, your Mother, lead you to this light that burns on in this time of darkness.  Take My hand and let Me assist you during these troubled times.  I am praying with you for all those needs you hold dear to your heart.  Do not lose the hope extended to you by your God.  Desire to please Him Who loves you.  Know He is listening and tending to each prayer.  Go in My Son's peace.


Message of October 5, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to add anything concerning the messages?  Or anything else, for that matter?

Our Lady:  Child, I will speak with you, if that is your desire.

Ruth Ann:  It is, Mother.

Our Lady:  You are concerned for your youngest child.  She is due to have her child, and is ill.  Know that all will be well.  She will be over her illness before her time has come to deliver her little one.  Be at peace with this.  God is to tend to your children, just as He has said.  There will be little bumps, but no hills or mountains along this journey.  As long as you are obedient, how can He not tend to your needs?  He has said He would tend to all your needs.  Is this not a need?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, it is a great need.  My husband, children, and grandchildren are all I really have.

Our Lady:  Child, this is an exaggeration, but you have made your point.  However, My Son has said to you, "Who are your brothers, sisters, and Mother?  It is those who have heard the word of God and live it."  You have many brothers, sisters, and Mothers.  Those who come to the farm with the same desire to please and serve God, are your family.  Those who pray with you and for you, these are your family.  So you have been given a huge family that continues to grow.  Be at peace with this, child.

The messages given to you for My children are to encourage them as they live in these difficult times.  They are your brothers and sisters, and yes, each one of you is your brother's keeper.  This means you cannot turn your back on those who are in need.  God's children are in need, both physically, and spirit-ually.  I am counting on those of you who truly care, to be of assistance to Me, to help pray for all the needs of My children.  There are many who still have not realized the importance of prayer.  There are those who are grasping in the darkness, searching for meaning to their very existence, that becomes more and more difficult.  There are those searching for a reason to live, and wanting to believe there is something more after death.

You must help Me help them who are without hope.  By your prayers and example, and by assisting those who are in need, you can light a fire of hope and trust that did not exist.  My children are in grave danger of losing their immortal souls, and it is imperative, as their brothers and sisters, that you help them rekindle this faith lost to many of them.  Show them God does care.  His love and mercy awaits each one.  Be at peace with one another, encourage one another, assist one another.  God desires this of each one of you.


Message of December 7, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, when You said the words, "God, through your Mother, is holding out this special gift of Salvation to you,"  I was given a beautiful image of You holding out the Baby Jesus in both hands, with arms extended in front of You, as though You were giving Him to someone.

Our Lady:  Child, that is what I have been doing, over and over, since His first appearance on the earth.  I have continually offered Him to My children, over and over again, and will continue to do so until I will no longer be allowed.  I wish for all souls to be saved.  I want all souls to know the beauty of God's love.  The gift of His Son as a human sacrifice, for the forgiveness of their sins, was the ultimate Sacrifice from your loving Father.  This supreme Sacrifice has brought you the light and hope needed in a world of darkness.  My Son suffered and died for you, My little children, and I too, suffered His Passion and Death.  As each one of you accepts this cross you must bear, know that at the end of carrying this cross, is the hope of life eternal. 

Yes, I have held out the gift of My tiny Son to you, but wrapped in the beautiful gift of a tiny Babe, is hope for mankind.  Hold onto this hope.  Take My Son, and hold Him to your heart.  This special gift of love awaits you.  You need only reach out your hand, and let Me place Him there for you to hold.  Accept Him, and find the peace, love, and hope He brings to a troubled world.