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July 2011
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of May 22, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, will You please help me?

Jesus:  I am here, little one.

Ruth Ann:  My mind is in such turmoil and I feel such sadness.  I just wish I could be a tiny child and someone else could care for me and take all this pain away.  I want to help You and Your Mother but this is so difficult for me.  I've been trying to tell myself I'm only sharing those things that have been given to me by God.  All the many blessings and miracles You've brought into our lives as a family are special and should be shared with others.  I know I need to witness and give testimony because those same kinds of things helped build my faith.  Why then is it so difficult for me?

Jesus:  Little one, there are many reasons.  You don't like being singled out.  You don't like being in front of the crowd.  You don't like the feeling of being more important and more special than those around you.  You wish to remain as one of the crowd, and it is difficult for this to be, when you have been given special graces and miracles to share with others.  That automatically puts you in the center of focus.  Those who are not hearing My words, those who are not hearing the words of My Mother, wish to know what We are saying.  Little one, how else can they know unless those who are being spoken to share what they are hearing?  You are humble and will remain so.  God wishes this of you.  He has chosen you for this purpose because He knows your heart and knows whatever He says to you, and does for you, will not change your childlike faith or the way you receive what He is doing for you, and what He is using you for.  If for one moment He thought it would change you, then you would not be of such importance to Him.  God is your Creator, little one.  He has formed you since the beginning of time.  He knows your heart because He has made you in this way for His purpose.  He also knew you would say 'yes' to His will, even though it is extremely difficult for you to do, you continue on.  This is a difficult cross for you to bear.  For others who would want to be in the center of focus, or in the limelight, as you would say, He does not ask such of these.  This would not be good for their spiritual welfare.  God wishes His chosen ones to be humble.  You child, are humble.  You also feel the pain of others.  This is as Christ felt on the earth.  This makes it difficult to turn back or away.

You have been told that if you witness and pray with others, they will receive special graces, healings and many miracles of all kinds.  It makes it extremely difficult for you not to witness, for you wish to serve your Maker and bring others closer to Him.  You wish those who come for prayer to receive whatever God is wanting them to receive through you.  This puts you in turmoil child, because this makes it very difficult.  But remember this, God does not ask His children to do anything, or give up anything, that He will not give back to you a hundredfold.   Anything you do for others in witnessing, and in ministering to His people through prayer, will be given back to you and your loved ones one hundredfold.  God is not to be outdone.  You do realize that, child.  God will not be outdone in gifts, rewards, and special graces.  Does this not help ease your pain, little one?  I am your Jesus.  I understand all you are saying.  I too, found it difficult to minister to My people here on the earth, not for the same reasons you are experiencing.  My concern was, they were not listening to Me.  Those you will be speaking to, will be listening to you, because they will be sent to you by special invitation from Me and My Mother.  They have been tapped on the shoulder and told, "Go, hear My little one witness that God is alive!  He is alive and He is working miracles in the lives of all those who believe!"  So little one, you are at an advantage.  I am bringing these children to you, as is the love of My most precious Mother.  All those who come and hear, all those for whom you pray, will receive special graces, healings of all kinds.  Each life will be touched in some way.  Does this not ease the pain and the burden that is put before you?  It is indeed a heavy cross for you.  For others it would be considered a blessing.  God works in mysterious ways in order to perform His mighty wonder.

Now child, I know you are feeling peace. It is nothing to the peace and joy you will feel at this time tomorrow.  Not only because of the burden being removed temporarily, until your next talk, but because you have done the will of My Father.  You will have done again what you were put on this earth to do; to witness to My children that He is here, He is alive, He wishes to give you, His children, love and peace.  Now child, you have things to do.  Do them in prayer.  Know I am with you and will not desert you in your hours of need.  What you will say this night has already been prepared by God.  All you need do is be there and speak His words to His people.  Die of self, so He can use you in the fullest capacity possible.  Let the words flow from your lips and mouth child, for they are straight from the One Who created you.  Be not afraid, this burden is lifted from you.  Trust, little one, trust and be obedient.  God's children are wanting to be touched and blessed by His words and His blessings.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord.


Message of Sept. 21, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, Child.

Ruth Ann:  Do You wish to speak with me? 

Jesus:  I wish to speak with you at all times.  It is you who must find the time to listen.

Ruth Ann:  I thought it would be much easier to find the time to listen and write once I was not teaching any longer.  But I'm finding I am just as busy, but in other ways.

Jesus:  Those who try to do the will of God will always find themselves busy, but you must also set aside time for Me to speak with you, so you can share what I have to say to you, with the rest of My children.

Ruth Ann:  I will try harder, Lord.  I speak with You and Your Mother frequently during each day.

Jesus:  This pleases Me, little one, and I have told you before that it is extremely important to keep your peace.  But you also must find time to listen and record what is being said to you.

Ruth Ann:  I wish to thank You and Your Mother for the miracles on Sunday.  It was beautiful, and most of the people present reported that they saw the miracle.  It touched many hearts.  It couldn't have come at a better time.

I was praying with a lady who told me she was a skeptic, and was only here because her children had wanted her to come.  It was while I prayed with her, and I had just said to her, "Heavenly Father, this lady has come as a skeptic.  Let her leave as a believer."  It was at that time that someone announced over the PA system about the miracle of the sun.  I want to thank You, Lord.  I don't know why I felt it was important for her.  I fully realize that no one has to believe that this place is special to go to Heaven.  I have always been taught that it is not necessary to believe in apparitions, locutions, and visions, in order to go to Heaven.

Jesus:  This is true, child, but there is a reason for such as these.  These are special graces and blessings sent from the Almighty God of the Most High.  It is not necessary to believe, but if there is a special place available for extra help along this road which is so difficult to travel, why not believe?  Why not accept these blessings and graces made available to lighten the burdens of all My little ones?  This place, blessed by God and being visited by My Mother to minister to Her children, is special.  This has been told to you many times before.  The graces and blessings being made available through you and this farm are to help God's children.  My Mother is calling all to prayer.  She is calling all away from darkness.  Some listen, some continue to flounder about, seeking peace.  There is no peace except from God.  Many will find the peace they seek in this world of darkness, here on your farm.  Others will seek it out and find it elsewhere.  All are searching for God.  As they continue to seek, God will find them and draw them into His light.  "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will come unto you."

Again I am telling you, put Me first, and I will see to all your needs, physical, mental, and spiritual.  That is what I have been saying since the beginning of time, and these words will never change.  Society continues to distort all that is sacred, but those who seek out the face of God shall see it.  My Mother is being sent to Her children, to help those who are seeking the goodness of God's mercy.  She is calling all back to Her Son.  She wishes to remind them of what I have gone through to bring them the opportunity for salvation.  She is asking them to pick up their daily crosses of living, and follow Me. 

Accept the burdens that are put before you, and offer them up for the salvation of all those who as yet are not seeking out My face.  Pray for all those who are troubled but have not yet realized that I am the source of peace.  This world has so much darkness.  There is so much sin.  My Agony in the Garden was one of knowledge of this sin.  My children, why do you not listen?  Why do you continue to struggle on your own against the evil one?  I have triumphed over darkness.  I have triumphed over all that is evil.  Children, seek Me, and you shall find peace.  These refuges of peace are being made available to My children all over the world.  It is up to them to seek them out for the special graces made available through prayer.

My Mother will continue to call and manifest Herself in many ways, until She will no longer be able to do so.  God is allowing Her to do these things to call Her children back on the path of light.  Man has a free will, and can listen and pray, or he can choose not to listen and turn his back on Her and continue to struggle on his own.  These places are made available as special places of prayer, to make this struggle much easier.  It is a help and grace, and the pathway to salvation.  As you said, you have been taught it is not necessary to believe in places such as these to be saved.  But child, think how much easier life can be made by believing!  Faith is a beautiful gift, child.  Faith can bring about miracles.  There are not many of My children who do not need a miracle in their life.

You do the will of God, and My Mother will continue to call Her children.  We will supply the graces and miracles.  You continue to be the instrument used by God to draw the children under the protective mantle of My Mother.  You continue to pray for, and minister to My children, through sharing the many miracles in your life.  Share My words, little one, so all will know how much I love them and want them to be able to share in the redemptive power of salvation.  Eternal life of bliss and happiness are at stake.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I continue to share and pray.

Jesus:  That is as it should be.  You continue to do the will of God.  There are times when you find this extremely difficult, but child, know that your God is watching over you.  He has and will continue to have those pray for you and your mission.  Many have come forth to do so, that you will be able to have the strength for all that lies ahead.  You continue on, not knowing what God has in store.  This is faith.  You have that faith and trust in God.  You have the support of your husband and children.  These are very important to you.  But most of all, you have the support of God Himself.

Continue on, child, sharing God's words, your life, your farm, and your peace.  The rewards will far outweigh the grief it will cause you along the way.  God will make it as light as possible by sending those to minister to you along the way, but My cross is not an easy one.  Know that I am with you.  My Mother is here to assist and guide you and all Her children along the way.  Go in My peace.


Message of April 14, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, what do You wish to tell me?

Jesus:  Little one, you are in turmoil.  You are allowing your peace to be disturbed.  Relax, little one, take a deep breath, and put all earthly concerns aside.  Close your eyes, focus on My name, Jesus.  Repeat it over and over until you feel the peace you need and I desire for you, at this moment.

(After doing this, Ruth Ann continued:)

Ruth Ann:  Amazing, Lord.  Thank You.

Jesus:  This is something anyone can do at any time, little one.  That is what I have been telling My children over and over.  You need only take a few moments to focus on Me.  It is important not to lose one's peace.  The evil one loves confusion and turmoil.  That gives him a foothold to cause small fears, doubts, and hurts to become huge ones.  It allows for temptations that are very subtle to enter your subconscious mind and cause confusion and anger.  Come to Me.  I am peace.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know what You are saying, but when I have so many things on my mind, and seem pulled in all directions, it is difficult to remember.  I am at peace, and it is as though none of those things that were bothering me are that important any more.

Jesus:  They never were, child.  Man must learn to prioritize his life, if need be, on a daily basis.  I am to come first, and then all other things will fall into place.

Ruth Ann:  I have a prayer routine, Lord.  When it gets disturbed, I become frustrated.

Jesus:  Frustration is not of Me, little one.  The two cannot go together.  If your prayer routine is interrupted, as you say, so be it.  Hopefully, you can get to it later.  If not, then as soon as you are able.  I know what you are referring to, little one.  You spent a great deal of time with My people yesterday.  That is prayer, little one.  You have asked Me, "What do You want of me, Lord?"  I have told you, "Minister to My people."  This you have done.  I would have preferred you do that, than prayed many prayers, or even listened to Me and recorded.  My children are hurting, little one.  Minister to them.  Give them the strength and courage to go on in a world that is difficult to live in.  Evil is everywhere.  My children need to hear someone who is willing to say, "God is alive.  He is working miracles.  He has worked miracles in my life, and He will do the same for you.  You need only ask and have the faith to believe.  God will take care of all the rest."

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You are right.  There is much evil, but there is also much suffering.  There are times when I just sit and cry for all those people who come seeking healings, especially those seeking physical healings from diseases that are considered incurable, Lord.  I want them all healed.  It pains me a great deal, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, God hears you.  He also sees your tears.  Do you not know that My heart aches for My children as does the heart of My Mother?  All prayers are heard, little one, and all are answered.  Remem-ber, you are only an instrument and can do nothing except those things that God wishes for you to do.  You pray for His children.  The healings that God wishes them to have will be provided.  Sometimes it will be a physical healing, sometimes a spiritual healing, or a mental healing.  Know that God touches all those whom you touch in some way.  It is not your will be done, but 'God's will be done'.

Ruth Ann:  I guess I need continuous reminders, Lord, because I'm put in situations that are heartbreaking.  I want all things for everyone.

Jesus:  That is why you have been chosen, little one.  You have taken all of My children to your heart.  Even those who persecute you find their way into your prayers.

Ruth Ann:  Only because I figured they must be hurting in some way to want to make me and my family feel badly.  I've been accused of being of Satan, and I know that can't be.  Satan would not want people praying, and he would not be wanting people to return to their churches and confession and the other sacraments.  So obviously, those who say those things need prayer.  You say to me, "Love your enemies, and those who would do you harm."

Jesus:  That is exactly what I say, little one.  Thank you for listening and taking all My words to your heart.

Ruth Ann:  It's no big deal, Lord.  That's what we're all supposed to do, forgive and love each other.  Sometimes it's more difficult to do, but it has to be done if we want to follow Your example.  I don't always succeed right away, so I'm not all that good, Lord.

Jesus:  You continue to try, little one, that is all I ask of you.  That in itself is a blessing to Me.

Ruth Ann:  You are being too kind, Lord.  You know all my faults and those things that irritate me along the way.

Jesus:  Yes child, I do, and I love you still.

Ruth Ann:  Now You are teasing me.

Jesus:  Yes, child, I am, because you do not wish credit for the good things you do for Me.  You wish to focus on your faults.  I wish to focus on your heart, and the love you have for Me, My Mother, and My children.

Ruth Ann:  Let's change the subject, Lord.

Jesus:  As you wish, little one.

Ruth Ann:  There were many here yesterday to work and to improve the grounds for prayer.  Thank You and Your Mother for sending these very special people into our lives.  These things could never happen without Your help, and the help of Your Mother.  I know that to be true.

Jesus:  We will continue to touch the hearts of all those who are to be a part of your ministry and this farm in any way.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  My husband and I mean this from the bottom of our hearts.  The miracles are wonderful, Lord.

Jesus:  They will not cease, child.  I have much for you to do.  You will need many, many helping hands along the way.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  I love you, child.  Go in My peace.


Message of July 6, 1994, 
from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, some days the messages are very difficult for me to hear.

Our Lady:  You know the reason for this, child.  The evil one realizes the need for these words for My children, and wishes to cause as much confusion and distraction as possible.  It is necessary for you to pray before asking for this message.  This will give you the peace you need in order to listen.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother, I'm finding that to be extremely important.  Is there anything else You wish to add?  You know I have a talk today.  Please be with me.

Our Lady:  Not only will I be with you, little child, but I will provide the words I would have you say.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, that is a great blessing for me that provides me with a peace that I really didn't expect today.

Our Lady:  Child, you are helping Me with God's plan for the salvation of His children.  How could I not be with you?

Ruth Ann:  I know You are always with me at my talks.  I've never doubted that.  It's just that there is no peace before a talk.  The struggle goes on and on, dear Mother.

Our Lady:  Child, the peace you need to give your talk today will be provided.  Be not afraid.  I am with you, as is your Jesus.  You have many praying for you at all times.  This has been placed upon the hearts of all who realize the difficulties you and your family face as a result of speaking out and witnessing to the love of God in your life.  Many experience graces, blessings, true conversions, and yet do not share this great grace with anyone.  Their light is hidden under a bushel. 

You have experienced many miracles in your life, and have shared these from the very begin-ning.  As a result, the graces and miracles will continue to grow.  You reach out to those of My children in need of the knowledge that God is working miracles, now.  He is speaking to His children, now.  He is giving graces and blessings to His children to provide them with a true conversion, now.  It takes those of you who have said 'yes', to provide them with this knowledge, so they too, can experience the greatness of His goodness and mercy, while it is still available.

Had you not responded to this call, God would have chosen another to do this which you are doing.  But you have responded to His call, and you are providing a lifeline to many of His children who are struggling in a pool of darkness.  Through your gift, you are providing many with the strength and knowledge that God will work in their lives if they only have the faith and trust to believe in miracles. 

So many of My children have become so worldly, they do not realize or believe that God cares enough to work in the daily lives of each of His children.  He cares about your day, your life, your concerns are His.  Nothing is too big or too trivial to bring to your God.  He wishes to tend to the tiniest detail of your life.  You need only turn your life over to Him, so He can do for you many, many things you could not believe possible.  It is in turning your life over to Him that you receive it.  It is in dying of self that you are born again.  Peace will reign in your heart you have never thought possible, once you have learned to let go, and let God do the work that is needed in your life. 

Many of these things I am saying to you have been said before, but they must be repeated over and over, until your hearts are truly broken open to receive these words and accept them with all of your heart.  Then, and only then, can God truly do the work in your life that is needed.  All of My children, listen and heed these words. 

Now, you have a busy day ahead of you.  Go in God's peace.  Know I am with you, as is My Son.
Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.


Message of July 17, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for the message for those praying at the farm today.  You know I'm still struggling with what I'm doing.

Our Lady:  Yes child, and it need not be so.  Live each day as though it will be your last, and you will find joy and peace in all you are doing.  As your Mother, I am here to guide you along this difficult path, but I cannot be of help to you, if you will not listen.

Ruth Ann:  I realize that, Mother, but it is all very difficult for me.  I'm given these messages, then told to share.  I have been told I have the gift of healing.  I am to pray with those who choose to have individual prayer, and yet I don't feel we are making any headway.  There is so much pain and suffering in the world, and I know I only see the tip of the iceberg.  Please, can't we do more to relieve the pain that so many suffer?  Is God truly working in the lives of Your children through me?

Our Lady:  Child, you must not continue to question.  All things are done for a reason.  In doing God's will, it is never easy, but there is joy and peace to be had in knowing that through you, lives are being touched that otherwise would never have seen the true light.  Many who have felt they were living a life that was neither good nor bad, have come to realize God wishes much more for His children.  You are your brother's keeper.  You are expected to love one another and pray for one another.  How else can hearts be changed, and peace come to your world? 

If you will remember your message of Medjugorje, you were told what God expects of you.  He wishes you to spread love and peace to all His children.  This is brought about through following His will for you.  As God touches your life through these gifts, you share these gifts with others.  They in turn share with their family and friends.  Peace begets peace.  Love begets love, and faith brings about many miracles, great and small.  You continue to struggle, when you should be at peace.  Remember child, you can do nothing without your God.  You are only an instrument.  God is responsible for all the miracles physically, spirit-ually, and mentally, that all His children are experiencing. 

Realize your nothingness, child, and you need not look for any 'feedback' as you call it.  You do the will of the Father in Heaven, and let Him tend to the rest.  Your rewards are not to be in this life, but in the next.  Therefore, little child, be at peace with what I am telling you.  Do not struggle so.  Do not let the evil one upset your peace.  He wishes to distract and discourage you.  He can do so by many methods, little doubts, hurtful words said to you by others, and lack of love for those who would do harm to you and those around you.  The devil is subtle, child.  You must continually be aware that he wishes to destroy your peace.  In destroying your peace, he would destroy the peace of many.  This will not be, child, because God will not allow it, but you must continually be aware of his evil tactics.  Be at peace with all God is calling you to do, child.  Let His will be done.  His plan is perfect.  Let it unfold in His time, and in His way.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Be with me to help me in all I am called to do.

Our Lady:  I am here with you.  Give all to the One Who has created you.  Allow Him to use you as He wishes.  His will be done.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.

Our Lady:  Now you have a busy day ahead of you.  You will need much rest.  Be at peace.  Know you are not alone.  God is watching over you.  I am praying with you this day and all days.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for this encouragement.

Our Lady:  Peace, child.  Peace.


Message of August 21, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to add anything?

Our Lady:  Child, these messages are extremely important.  The time is drawing near for My children when these words will be the very fabric to sustain many of My children who have found themselves without a place to pray.  God has placed a great cross upon your shoulders, little one, but one that you carry with love and peace.  My children must have calm in the midst of all this confusion and evil that surrounds them.  That peace can be found here on this farm, and within you.  God has given you a heavy cross that will grow even heavier, but He has also blessed you with many special gifts.  He is allowing you the grace to pass on the peace you have been given, that lives within you, that radiates from you, and you are allowed to share it with others.  You are not only allowed to do so, it is His Will that this be done.

When I spoke to you of this love and peace in the prophecy which was given to you in Medjugorje, you did not understand.  Now, you are beginning to accept and understand the importance of what was being said to you.  I thank you for listening and sharing this peace through My messages, praying with others, and witnessing to My child-ren.  You have been given special gifts, child, and they are to be shared.  More is to come, and many more of My children will be sent here to you to share in this peace and love which is here for that purpose.  Thank you for being an instrument that is willing to be used for the greater honor and glory of God.  Thank you for listening and responding to My call. 

The meaning of the words, 'You have finally come', that were said to you on the bus as you entered Medjugorje are finally becoming clear to you.  The evil you saw and felt there was for a reason, child.  I wished for you to know the evil one was trying very hard to wreck My plans, and much prayer was needed to stop him.  Much prayer is still needed, and I am depending on the help of prayer groups such as yours to help Me crush the head of the evil one.  Be not afraid, child, great graces abound for those who love God and are willing to give of themselves for the sake of others. 

You are your brother's keeper.  Love God and your neighbor as yourself, for the love of God.  This is the greatest of all commandments.  In praying for the salvation of your fellow man, you are following the commandment of God.  In doing this, you can bring about peace for yourself, your family, and the world around you.  As all else crumbles, seek God's peace, pray, and know I am praying with you.  Go in the peace of My Son.  Love one another.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for taking the time to speak with me.

Our Lady:  Thank you for being
obedient, and opening your mind and
heart to My Son.