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July 2015
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Sept. 5, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, would You please speak with me?

Jesus:  Yes, little one, I am here for you.

Ruth Ann:  I just felt this need, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, I am pleased.  I thought you were tired, and wanted to rest.

Ruth Ann:  This is true Lord, but what better way to rest than to listen to You?

Jesus:  What would you have Me say?

Ruth Ann:  Whatever You wish to say to me, Lord.  Speak, and I will listen.

Jesus:  Then you shall have your wish, child.  I am your Jesus, Son of the Living God, and I am always here for you and all of My children.  If only they would take the time to listen.  Too many take their quiet time, away from work, or duties of all kinds, and turn to the television and radio to block out the sound of My voice.  How can My children hear Me, little one, when they choose to occupy their minds with noise of all kinds?  I know you are particularly receptive of this message, because you find many of those around you wanting to watch TV and listen to junk.  You have just spoken to your husband of this.  Whatever happened to people just wanting to listen to the sounds of nature, the sound of the birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees, a gentle rain?  These are My way of speaking to My children who cannot hear My voice.  Many shut out the most beautiful parts of life and fill them with junk and distractions of all kinds.  It says though, man cannot stand the silence.  Is it because man does not want to hear from Me?  In most cases, this is true, child.  Man does not want to hear from Me because he knows he has much he should hear and attend to.  It is much easier to search for distractions.  Then, there is no need to listen.  This is sad, child, but it is true.  Many wish they had the gifts that you have, but would not want to pay the price of these gifts.

Man is always wanting something for nothing.  I do not ask for much from My children, little one, and I get even less than I ask.  My children come to Me and ask for help all the time.  When there is a need, they know where to find me.  What ungrateful children.  I ask so little from My children.  I have asked over and over, just take a few minutes a day and speak to Me.  Pray from the heart.  It need not be in a church.  It can be done anywhere.  Take just a few minutes to thank Me for all the graces and blessings I have bestowed upon you.  It is rare for My children to thank Me for some wonderful favor that I have  seen fit to grant them, but it is not rare for My children to blame Me when things in their lives have gone wrong.  When they have not listened to My will, and instead have done the will of the one who rules the earth, they give Me the credit.  I am given credit for the bad choices they make, and the consequences of their bad choices.  This is the way of the world, and this is the way of My children.  This would not seem so bad, little one, but they do not give Me credit then, for the good in their lives.  They say, "I was really lucky today."  No children, it is not luck that gets you through the tough times.  It is your Lord and Creator that gets you through these times.  I am the One Who saves you from death, a close call, or an accident.  I am the One Who stretches your money when you are in financial stress.  I am the One Who sends little blessings and 'pick-me-ups' into your lives when you are feeling low.  Is it not fair for My children to do the same for Me?  I too, wish to have My children give Me little 'pick-me-ups.'  These are special blessings to Me.  That is what it means to be childlike, to have faith that all is in My hands no matter what, and still trust and have the faith and love to say, "Lord, I don't understand, but I love You and want to do Your will." 

Know children, that God has a perfect plan.  Know too, that God is your Creator.  He creates life and He takes life, when it is time, when it is beneficial to the plan.  No one knows better than your Creator what is best for you.  Man continues to think in human terms.  Man forgets his reason for being put on the earth.  That is, to know, love, and serve God, and return to Him in the reward of eternal happiness.  It is not to be happy here on the earth.  This is only a testing ground, children.  Here you are allowed to make choices, good and bad.  Here you are allowed the opportunity to earn Heaven or lose it.  It is man's choice.  I have done, and continue to do, everything I can to make it easy for My children to want to earn Heaven and be happy with Me for all eternity.  But man continues to follow darkness, and all that is not of Me.  That is man's choice.  I continue to send reminders to man that I am in control, not man, but he continues to turn a deaf ear.  He really does not wish to listen to what I have to say.  I will continue to call to My children in many ways, and so too, will My Mother.  Those who choose to listen will receive the graces and blessings they ask for at this time.  Those who hear and walk away, that is their choice.

Know child, that many are being called through you and this place of prayer.  This will continue to be so.  Continue to listen, little one, for all those who do not hear My voice.  Pray for the conversions of those who are most in need, those who continually shut Me out to the distractions of the world.  I bless you for listening, and I bless you for thanking Me at all times of the day and night, for all I have done for you and your family. 

I am especially pleased for all the times you just say, "Jesus, I love You so much."  These are the prayers that are so very special to Me.  If all My children would only take a few minutes every day to say such as this to Me, how pleased I would be.  Being the loving Father that I am, I will continue to minister to My children even without the thanks.  How much more pleasant it would be, though, if all My children could be grateful for all I have done for them and their loved ones. 

Now child, I know you were wanting to rest.  You have had a busy day.  Go in My peace.  I love you and I wish only your happiness.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, for these words.  I love You.


Message of Sept. 12, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm here to listen.  Is there anything You wish to say to me to share with others?

Jesus:  Little one, you know that when you are ready to listen, I am here to speak to you.  This is so for all My children.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know I can't be the only one listening.  Many people who come here to pray, too, are listening to You and Your Mother, but say they can't hear You in their heart or mind.

Jesus:  Child, that is because I do not speak to all My children in the same way I speak to you.  It is as your priest has said many times.  God speaks to us in many ways.  Sometimes it is through Scripture, the words of others, or a gentle breeze.  There are many ways in which I communicate with My children.  They need only be aware and alert for the answers to their questions and the desires of their heart. 

Man makes it very difficult to hear Me.  He has created on his own, many distractions.  He has come a long way from the quiet life, close to nature and tilling the earth to survive.  He has gone from depending on God to survive, and trusting that He would provide no matter what, to ignoring God totally.  Now, man actually believes he is the one who is in control.  He is the one who provides for his family.  He has forgotten that it is God Who has allowed him to walk, breathe, and earn a living for his family.  He alone has made it possible for man to become successful.  Does man take the time to thank Him for this success?  No child, the majority of My children are like ungrateful, spoiled children.  They not only forget to thank Me for what they have, they continue to want more and more.  The time they could spend in prayer, in thanksgiving to the Lord God, their Creator, and giver of all gifts, they spend rewarding them-selves.  My children always find the time to spoil and pamper themselves in some way, but they seldom find time to share their happiness with Me.  It's ironic, isn't it?  The One Who is capable of allowing them to live or die is given little notice, while man is content and happy.

I'm always spoken to, and sometimes very harshly, when man is upset that things are not going in their lives the way they want them to go.  I am always told what I am doing wrong, and how My plan for them and their loved ones is a mistake, but how many times do My children come to Me and just say "Thank You, Lord," when things go the way that they would have them go. 

So child, I am waiting on all of My children to truly listen to Me.  I am waiting for them to truly listen and respond to the call of My Mother.  Pray from the heart!  Pray in thanksgiving and love, and also pray that the will of God be done in your life, and in the lives of your loved ones.  I am listening.  I am speaking to each one of you in a way that you can hear.  For many it is through the messages such as you are receiving at this very moment, little one.  For others, it is through a happening in their lives that they consider luck.  Luck is not part of My plan.  There is no such thing as luck.  Know, children, as I say it to you, luck is not part of God's plan.  Divine Providence does not exist by luck.  God's plan is perfect.  Man's plans are never so.  Sometimes God's plan seems all wrong to man, and sometimes hurtful or harsh, but know, dear children, that all things are done for the good of His children.  God's plan for each one is perfect.  Be not afraid.  Trust in Me, children.  Know that no matter what happens in your life, there is a reason.  You are not in control.  God is the ultimate controller.  It is through His love that each of you exist.  It is through His love and mercy that all of you live, or are called home.  That is why, little one, it is so important for My children to know these things.  It is so they can break away from the darkness that has spread over their life. 

It is time for My children to listen, and hear the words My Mother is speaking to all God's children.  As I have said over and over, God does not wish to lose a single soul, but He is losing many.  Man is caught up in darkness.  The evil one has been so subtle that man has been ruled by the evil one in so many ways, without man realizing it.  The media has become the focus of the lives of so many.  It is they who have corrupted the moral fiber of the family.  They are responsible for setting the moral standards of the entire world.  Sad, isn't it, little one?  The more knowledge man has, the more he ignores God and His Command-ments, and looks to the ways of self-gratification.  The very One Who is responsible for giving man the knowledge to be able to do good in all men's lives, the more this knowledge has been used to corrupt and destroy the values that this nation was founded upon. 

Darkness covers the earth, little one, but there are those of you who will continue to be a lantern, calling all My lost children to My light, which is their salvation.  Continue to listen, little one, and share what I am telling you.  Man must realize the error of his ways.  Time is drawing nearer when the mercy of God will no longer be available to all those to whom He is calling.  You are obedient, child.  Continue to be so.  Let these words go out to all My children.  Pray that they listen while there is still time.  

God has a plan.  He loves His children more than you can ever imagine.  As a result of this love, He must find ways in which all will be drawn to Him.  That is His real reason for creating man, to know, love, and serve God, and be happy with God in Heaven.  You have said these words in your religion classes as children.  To you, they were just words.  They are not just words, little one.  They are truth.  God wants all of His children to believe this truth.  If he believes this truth, he will listen, and change his way of living.  He will have a true conversion of the heart.  If he does not, then he will be lost.  There will come a time when man will wish he had listened, not only to Me, but to My Mother.  Then it will be too late.  God is giving every opportunity to come to the foot of the cross and ask for forgiveness.  He is giving man many graces through miracles and signs.  He has sent the Mother of His Son, Jesus, to minister to His people.  He continues to send those, such as you, among His children to share His word and love.  But still, some turn a deaf ear to His words.  Some are listening, some are not. 

You are not to worry, little one.  God in His love will care for those who have responded to His call.  He will also take care of those who continue to ignore Him.  He will find ways to get the attention of all His children.  You continue to be obedient, and leave the rest to God. 

Go about your day with Me, and remember these words that are truth.  Share them with others.  God made you to know, love, and serve Him, and be happy with Him in Heaven.  God loves you.  Go in His peace.


Message of Jan. 10, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, give me the graces to be able to get through the next couple of weeks.

Jesus:  Little one, again I am saying to you, live one day at a time, and live that day, each day, for Me and with Me.

Ruth Ann:  I try Lord, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.

Jesus:  As I would tell all My children, I am saying to you, arrange your life in such a way that I am put first, and I will take care of all the graces and strength you need to do all that needs to be done.  Trust in Me, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, that sounds so easy, but it isn't.  The physical needs get in the way, Lord, and all of my good intentions go by the wayside.

Jesus:  Child, you are too hard on yourself.  You do much for Me.  You pray daily.  You read the Scriptures.  You attend Mass daily, and receive the Eucharist.  You pray the rosary, My Mother's prayer, and tend to the needs of others.  You also offer up all your prayers, works, joys and sufferings for the poor souls daily.  So do not feel you have not put Me first.  I am part of every waking moment, just as I have told you I would be.

Ruth Ann:  That is true, Lord, even if I awaken in the night, my soul sings Your praises, and I find myself praying for the needs of others constantly, night and day.  You have told me these things many times before, but I never really could imagine all of my spare time spent in prayer, but I still continue to feel I am not doing enough.

Jesus:  As I have said before, if My children would tend to what I ask them to do, I could change them in such a way that they could be of great use to Me in saving other's souls.  You are to witness to others tomorrow night and again before the end of this month.  In doing so, many hearts and minds will be touched.  Who do you think has arranged these things?  Child, it is through your God that all these things are done.  I have not asked that you go out and knock on doors or shout it from the rooftops.  My Mother and I are tapping those on the shoulder at exactly the right time.  Those We wish to have touched will receive and answer.  No matter how big or small the group is to whom you speak, know that those who are there have been asked to be there by Me and by My Mother.  This should be of great consolation to you, little one. 

You struggle so before each talk, each prayer meeting, your third Sunday.  Know that I am God and I am in control.  Even those who come out of curiousity will not leave without being touched in some way.  To think that through the many blessings and miracles in your life shared with others, lives will be changed, and hearts will be changed.  This should bring you peace.  It is the evil one who torments you with these feelings of doubts, fear, and your lowliness. 

You are right in realizing that you are nothing with Me, little one, but you also must realize that in your nothingness you are being used for the greater honor and glory of your God.  When My Mother began speaking to you, it was to draw you to Me.  That is why She is here.  She is trying to prepare the way for Her Son.  You have listened to Her call and have done exacetly as She has asked.  Now, you must continue on, sharing what She has done in your life and continues to do with the help of God.  You must share your love and concern for others through prayer, My messages, and your talks.  Later, much more will be expected of you, but We will address those things as the need arises. 

Live each day to the fullest, loving Me with your whole heart, little one.  Let others see that love.  Minister to My people.  That is what I have spoken to you from your picture of Me in your bedroom.  You have asked for a blueprint, child, and that is not to be.  Minister to My people.  These words are words that tell you all you need to know.  Do it with love in your heart.  See Me in all you meet.  Let Me radiate to others through you.  Touch them, pray with them, be My hands, My feet, My heart and My voice, so that others know My goodness.  Do the will of My Father, as you have been chosen to do.  Much more is in store for you, little one.  Be patient and know that God is molding, strengthening, and preparing you for what is to come.

God's plans are perfect, so do not be concerned that you are unworthy, or will not measure up.  God will see to it that you are worthy and ready for all He will have you do.  Trust, child, but most of all, be patient.  Do not concern yourself with tomorrow.  Live with Me today.  Walk with Me in all you do and say.  I am here with you.  Be at peace, little one, as you go about your day.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, for Your grace and reassurance.  I love You.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of Feb. 28, 1994, from Our Lord, Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, is there anything in particular You would like to speak with me about today?

Jesus:  Little one, I would like to speak about the importance of the Eucharist.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I think most people realize the importance of the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord and Savior, and how important it really is.

Jesus:  Some do not.  It is for them that I speak.

Ruth Ann:  Then, Lord, I am listening.

Jesus:  Many still do not believe that I am there, in the Tabernacle of their churches, and a certain amount of respect and quiet should be shown to Me.  Many walk by Me and totally ignore Me.  Some turn their backs on Me, and speak with friends, and do not even notice I am there.  I wish to thank those who do acknowledge Me and show Me respect by quiet prayer or a quick visit to just say, "Hello, Jesus, I love you."  I especially am pleased at those of My children who come to spend time with Me, whether it be to just quietly be with me, or tell Me about their difficult day.  I need to be acknowledged by My children.  Many things have changed in My churches, but I want My children to know, I am still there for them.  I am still there for them in the reception of Holy Communion at daily Mass.  Nothing has changed in that respect.  It is My people who have changed.  The importance of the reception of the Sacraments and the sacramentals, all of these are still a part of your faith as Catholic Christians.  These things that are a part of your faith are a part of Me, and a part of you.  Do not lose them. 

My Mother asked for the rosary to become a part of your daily lives.  That, too, was taken away for a time.  Now, through My most Holy Mother, it is returning.  Through this prayer, and people like you who are listening and sharing these words, Satan will be defeated.  Many do not realize the importance of My Mother in the fight and the renewal of My people.  She has been allowed by God to come and minister to His children and give out blessings and graces in abundance.  She is calling Her children back to God.  Many continue to turn a deaf ear to Her and all She is saying, but She will continue to do all She can to bring back the lost sheep, until God says, 'that is enough'. 

That is why it is so important for those of you who are listening, to listen carefully, and share what is being said to you.  Spreading the word of God is of the utmost importance.  All other things will fall into place, once the lives and hearts have been touched by God. 

You, little one, have been told many times about the importance of receiving Me in the Eucharist as often as possible.  There is a strengthening in the spiritual life of those who make a practice of attending daily Mass.  There is a strengthening of those who make a practice of confessing their sins on a regular basis.  I do not get the respect I deserve, in many cases.  Many receive Me in the Eucharist with grave sins on their souls.  The importance of confessing of sins has been downplayed.  That is part of the tearing down of My Church.  Those who make a practice of receiving the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession, try harder to be the person they should be.  My people must return to the Sacraments, and their lives will change.  That is a promise I am making, and have made down through the ages.  Receive My Body, receive My Blood.  Confess your sins.  Obey My commandments.  Listen to My words, and the words of My Mother, in the messages being given to Her children.  She is a good Mother.  She wants only what is best for you.  She calls to you with this purpose in mind, "Come back to My Son."  What better way to do so than through the reception of the Sacraments?  What better way to be closer to Me, than to have Me be a part of you, in the Eucharist?

I am with you always, but what better way to be strengthened than to receive My Flesh and Blood, and be a part of the greatest miracle ever performed on the face of the earth, the miracle of the changing of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, at the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass?  My children should be in awe of this great miracle, and wish to be present for this great miracle as often as possible.  But many are distracted to the point of ignoring what is going on at the Mass.  Some come just long enough to receive Me and leave irritated if My servant, the priest, takes too long to speak of My great love and mercy. 

It is sad, little one, that My children have strayed so far, but with help from those who really care and love Me with all of their hearts, I will find a way back into some of My children's hearts.  As I have said before, My Mother, through Her unceasing effort, continues to draw My children back through these places of peace and prayer being set up all over the world, where Her children can gather for prayer.  It matters not, your faith.  You are one body, gathering in faith to pray.  Remember, that faith begets miracles, and there is strength in numbers who come together in prayer to share My word, and let My children know the importance of gathering for prayer.  Most of all the reception of the Sacraments by My children is most important.  The faith you had as a child will be your salvation.  Return to this faith, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord, and I will share this message.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.  I know this will be done.  I bless you for this.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.

Jesus:  Now, go about your day in peace.

Message of Aug. 13, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am here to listen if You wish to speak to me.

Jesus:  You have a busy day ahead of you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I do.  But I also know that You are to come first, and the rest of my day will be tended to by You.

Jesus:  You are right, little one, with all you have going on, are you sure you are ready to focus on Me totally?

Ruth Ann:  You know me so well.  My mind is going in so many directions; I need to stop and pray and get focused on You.  (Ruth Ann did this, stopped and prayed)

Jesus:  (after a while) Now, you are ready.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus:  So many of My children never take the time to relax and just think of Me.  Just saying My name over and over, can be like a gentle soothing rain to a parched soul.  Too many of My children still seek distractions from the quiet.  Quiet time with Me has become non-existent in the lives of most of My children.  All of My children need some quiet time, even if it is before the dawn of a new day.  Each of My children must seek the love and peace of their Jesus.  Life on this earth can become so burdensome with too much activity, and too many distractions.  Each of My children must realize that in seeking noise and distractions at all times of the day and night, they are shutting Me out.

My Mother tells Her children over and over, "Pray, dear children, pray."  Your lives have become so cluttered with the things of the world, you have no time for prayer, but I am telling you to make time for prayer.  Begin with just a few moments a day.  As you find the peace that is so necessary to exist in your troubled world, you will discover more and more time to spend with Me.  In this world of darkness, orchestrated by the greatest distractor of all, the evil one, My children have a difficult time pulling themselves out into the light.  Even you, at times, little one, find many distractions that keep you from sitting quietly with Me.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You are right.  My world has become very full and very busy with Your work.

Jesus:  Yes, this is true, child, and that is even more reason for you to find the time to be with Me.  You need this time for renewal of your peace.  If you choose to ignore quiet time with Me, then you will lose your peace, which is extremely important in the work you do.  Seek peace always, and the rest I will tend to.  Seek Me, and all other things you will need will follow.  The strength and energy you need to get through each day, no matter how full, will be here for you.  I will provide.

You are thinking, 'How can this be?  Some days I am so busy I can't find any quiet time'.  Walk away from the busyness of your day and find a quiet room, even if it is only for a few moments.  You will see a difference.  This is not only for you, it is for all My children.

Ruth Ann:  My priest was telling me again how important it is to find time away.

Jesus:  Yes, he understands that continually being at the beck and call of God's children can take much energy and sacrifice of one's peace.  He has informed you, you should find time on a regular basis to renew yourself.  That is why My priests go on retreats from time to time.  The word 'retreat' gives you some idea as to what is necessary in a world where you are constantly available to others.  Retreats are a healthy way of renewing one's body, mind, and soul.  All must work together perfectly in order to do God's work well.  So, yes, it is important to seek out the time away, so you can return rested of body, mind, and spirit, and be better able to do My work.  The busier you become, the more you will need to find time to renew yourself.

Ruth Ann:  I'll take it one day at a time, Lord, as You have told me so many times. 

Jesus:  It is so, little one, it is so.  One day at a time.  Now, you have much to do today.  Be at peace with all you do and say.