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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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June 2005
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of January 22, 1992, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God has a plan. Day by day this plan will unfold. Pray so that each of God's children will understand the meaning of My messages. You, dear children, are like the wise virgins who waited for the bridegroom with their lamps full of oil. Your minds and hearts are lifted up to the Lord, and continually overflow in praise and prayer. Many will be caught unaware. Pray, dear children, for all who are not listening, that they too will hear and know the will of God. Praise be the name of Jesus.

Message of February 6, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: I feel like I have too much on my mind, but I wish to speak with You.

Jesus: I am here.

Ruth Ann: Just talk to me, and I will listen. Alright, Lord?

Jesus: Yes, I will do so. Your mind is not busy, it is cluttered, little one. You must learn what to keep, and what is trash or garbage to be discarded.

Ruth Ann: I know this to be true, Lord. It was the same way with confession last night. I felt I was so full of sin that I really didn't know where to start, so I just ended up saying that my biggest sin was lack of faith and trust in God, and asked for Your forgiveness for all my faults and sins, but now I feel I should have taken time to name each sin.

Jesus: Little one, it is best to convict yourself in front of God, humble yourself, but it is true sometimes there is not enough time to do so. In that case, make a general confession and ask for absolution, but at another time, when there is time, decide, and discuss these faults and concerns with your priest. He will help you put these sins in proper perspective. Sometimes it is just clutter and excess baggage, and not true sins. As you pray and become closer and closer to Me, you will discover that everything you do and say will have special consequences. You will become more and more sensitive to those things that cause Me pain.

Ruth Ann: I am already feeling that, Lord.

Jesus: Man has become so desensitized to sin, because there is so much around him, that he is unaware of the many things that he does do that pierces My heart.

Ruth Ann: When You say 'man', and 'he', I feel you are talking to me.

Jesus: I am talking to all My children.

Ruth Ann: There are so many things going on that I'm not certain about, such as rosary congresses, etc. Are we to become involved in all these things?

Jesus: Little one, you have your mission put before you. You will have your talks to give, and you are to house the Medjugorje prayer group, and pray with those who ask for prayer. If I wish you to do more, I will tell you.

Ruth Ann: I felt a need to go to a wedding, and intended to go, but Jim talked me out of it.

Jesus: Little one, you have a full-time job, My work, and a family. You cannot burn a candle at both ends.

Ruth Ann: But it is something I wanted to do.

Jesus: Time would have been made for this, but other things would not have been done. You must learn, little one, to prioritize the things in your life.

Ruth Ann: Will You address those things You spoke of yesterday, You and Your Mother?

Jesus: You are concerned because we have not spoken of the manifestation of the special miracle by My Mother.

Ruth Ann: Yes.

Jesus: It will come about, child. Are you not already seeing miracles that could only come from God?

Ruth Ann: Yes, I am.

Jesus: Do not doubt for one minute the prophecies that have been given to you by My Mother and by Me. All will come to pass; the manifestations, the visit from Me, all those things you have been told of at an earlier time will happen. It must be in God's time, and you must be ready. You cannot see the big picture, little one. If you could, you would have no doubts. That is where faith and trust in your God must come into play.

Ruth Ann: And what about my children?

Jesus: God will watch over your children. Your Mother's heart aches for your children. You want all to be well and have all their wants and needs met. That is true of all good mothers. My Mother is the perfect example of that. She wants all of Her children to be happy, and be at peace, and how it hurts Her to see them at war and in such turmoil. She does not give up, little one. She continues to pray and trust in God to tend to all their needs. Faith and trust, little one, pray daily for these two graces. God will give them out in abundance, you know. This is a time of grace and mercy, and both can be had for asking.

Little one, I know you begin to feel overwhelmed by what is happening in your life, but you must learn to live one day at a time, and give all to God. You may not realize all that is going on is for the coming of the Son of God, but it is so. You are only a tiny pebble dropped into a pond. You are only an instrument. I do all the work. You have been dropped into the pond. I am the ripple that will continue to work until the end of the pond, or, the end of time. There are many such pebbles, and all could do nothing without Me. That should help you put all you do in proper perspective. It is important, but only in the sense that it is calling all of My children to Me. Listen, be obedient, and pray, I will do the rest. Have I not taken care of your needs so far?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, this is true.

Jesus: Then do not let the darkness muddle your mind or fill you with excess baggage. I am light and love, I am peace. Walk in My light and do My will. My Mother and I will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann: Yes Jesus, thank You for helping me regain my peace.

Jesus: Thank you for listening, little one.

Message of July 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: Do You wish to speak to me?

Jesus: Child, you know I wish to speak to you and all My children at all times. Do not feel pressured or obliged to do so. I wish this to be done of your own free will.
Ruth Ann: Is there anything in particular You would like to address today?

Jesus: Yes, little one, there is. Today I would like to speak with you about the love of God for His children. You know how much you love your own children? I would like to inform My children that all of the love they hold in their heart for their own offspring is nothing in comparison to the love of their Father in Heaven for them.

Ruth Ann: I feel like You've spoken of this before, Lord.

Jesus: Yes child, but it is worth repeating. There is so much sin in the world, and many of My children feel because they are such sinners, they can never go to Heaven. This is an untruth. God loves each child. It is the sin that He hates. He has given every opportunity to His children for them to repent of their sins, and continues to do so. My Mother has been sent among His children to draw as many back as will listen to Her call. This is God's will. She, My Mother, is only doing the will of My Father in Heaven. She can do nothing without the help of God Who created Her. The same is true of you, My little one. All things you are doing and will continue to do on behalf of God is with His permission. He allows you to pray, talk, even breathe. You can do nothing without the help of God. I have done My Father's will by dying on the cross for all of the sins of His children. This was a great sacrifice for Me, and an even greater one for My Mother. But why was it done? To show you just how much love God has for His children. He brought His only Son into the world, born of a Virgin Child, pure of body, mind, and soul, beautiful in every way. He brought Him into the world so He could work miracles, speak His word, and die for the sins of mankind. So no matter how great the sinner, God loves them and wants them to repent and come back to Him.

I, as well as My Mother, was an example of true love and obedience to the will of the Father. Do not mistake why God keeps sending so many miracles to His children. There is a divine plan. He is trying to call as many of His children back to Him as possible before the time of chastisement. He wants as many saved as possible, and brought into His kingdom where they will reign with Him forever and ever. Time is running out, little one. My Mother keeps telling this to all of Her children to no avail. I keep telling My children this. It is as you have said little one, Our Lady and Her Son would not be speaking and appearing to so many if things were not winding down for the world as we know it. God is speaking to many, through many. He is allowing so many graces through miracles daily. Time is running out, and still people continue to hide their heads in the sand, choosing to ignore all that God is doing in their lives. Material things still seem to have the number one priority in children's lives. This is causing sins to be committed beyond belief; murders, abortion, abuse of My children is getting to be as common as telling lies and using God's name in vain. The prince of darkness has indeed taken over your world. The time of darkness has totally covered the land.

But, there is hope. There is hope for all those who are listening. My Mother calls to Her children and says, "Repent of your sins. Come to the Foot of My Son's cross. He has died for you and has risen from the dead. You too, can do the same. You can repent of your sins, die of self, and rise from the dead, be born again in the fullness and goodness of grace and mercy." All man must do is listen. God is a God of love. He wants good things for all His children. He is giving man every chance, little one. Prayer groups are springing up all over the world. Why? Because God in His mercy is giving them time to prepare for His Second Coming. They wish to take advantage of His goodness and mercy. Children who are aware of what God is about, wish to use this time to pray for others who have not heard the cry of My Mother, "The storm is here. Get under My protective mantle so you will not be harmed." It is as a mother hen does for her tiny chicks, as a storm approaches or harm of any kind comes near her little babies. So too, is My Mother gathering Her little ones under Her mantle, so they will be protected from the storm caused by the hate and destruction of the prince of darkness and all his cohorts.

Listen to My Mother. She would not be calling with such desperation if She were not genuinely concerned for Her little children who have been entrusted to Her care over the centuries. She knows the love of God, but She also knows that God is a God of justice. So while the love of God is still available in the graces pouring out to His children who are listening and praying, She continues to call to her children, "Come in out of the rain. Come in out of the darkness. Find the love and forgive-ness that comes from God. Come to peace and light. Share in the eternal rewards prepared for you by the Creator of the universe, the giver of life, the Creator of all things. Know that God in His infinite wisdom, and mercy, and love wants each one of you saved and brought home to His heavenly kingdom." Such love God has for you, My children. My Mother is calling all of Her children back to God, just as John the Baptist did in the time of My arrival. Now My Mother is calling all of Her children back to God for the preparation of My Second Coming. Please listen to My Mother. She loves you as God loves you. She will continue to call until God Himself says, "That is enough, now I must act on behalf of justice."

Pray for conversions. Continue to witness of the goodness and love of God and His mercy. Let others know how God has worked in your life through My Mother or Me, your Jesus, or God Himself. All My children need to hear of the love of God and His greatness.

Ruth Ann: It is written Lord, so all who read this will know that this is Your wish.

Jesus: I thank you for your help, little one. Many will read, but not all will listen. Many will say, "This is not real," but that will be their loss, little one. You will have done the will of My Father, just as I and My Mother have done. There will be those who will respond to the call, and others will choose to turn deaf ears. It will be their loss child, but you will be at peace because you are doing all you are called to do, and more. God will do the rest. Now, little one, go in My peace. You have much to do today. Do it with love and patience. God loves you, little one.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord, for these words.

Message of Nov. 29, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother Mary, it's been quite a while since I've recorded what You have spoken to me. I really would like to speak with You.

Our Lady: Child, I am here.

Ruth Ann: So much has been going on. The interview I was concerned about has taken place, and the article was in the paper yesterday.

Our Lady: Did I not tell you all would be done well, for the greater honor and glory of God?

Ruth Ann: Yes, You did, but when I first read the article, I looked for negative things in it, though when I realized I was looking only at the negative and not the positive, I felt better.

Our Lady: Child, it is time for it to reach the media, and I have chosen the one who was to write the article so it would be done with compassion for those involved. Now, those who are interested in a place to pray when others gather, will be touched and called to this place of peace. You really need not be concerned, child. You have been told that God has His hand upon you and all those involved. He will try to make all that you do, go as easily as possible. It does not mean, however, that the evil one will not come up against you constantly, but you have many prayer warriors sending up your name, and the intentions of you and your family. God is being bombarded with your name, and those who are concerned for you, and all you are trying to do on His behalf. These prayers do not go unnoticed, child.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for reassurance, Mother.

Our Lady: It will all be done for you. Remember these words? Let them be imprinted upon your heart. God has great plans for you. You cannot see this, because you cannot believe you are worthy of these plans. Child, you have said 'yes', you are listening, you are obedient, and share all God has said to you. This is all that is required for you at the present time. Satan continues to come up against you and your family in all ways, but your faith is strong, child, and beautiful to behold. You continue to tell your family, "We just have to give it to God and let Him handle it. He does a better job that we can ever do." That is called surrendering to the will of the Father.

Ruth Ann: Isn't that what we're all called to do?

Our Lady: Yes, child, that is what we are all called to do, but when times are difficult, and you see no way out, most become frustrated and angry with God, and begin feeling sorry for themselves and those around them experiencing the difficulty.

Ruth Ann: I've done my share of that, Mother. I'm certainly a far cry from being the patient person You would make me out to be. I've had my share of 'temper tantrums'.

Our Lady: You have come so far, little one of God, and you don't even realize it. What time of the morning is it?

Ruth Ann: 3:15 AM.

Our Lady: And why are you not sleeping, like most of My children?

Ruth Ann: Because I was awakened, and wanted to speak with You before I start My day, without any interruptions.

Our Lady: Does that not tell you something, child?

Ruth Ann: Only what I have just said to You, Mother.

Our Lady: This is a quiet, special time I am spending here with you, when you could be sleeping.

Ruth Ann: I have been feeling called to do this for quite some time, Mother. It's just that I have difficulty getting up in the morning, and always have had, well, at least since the children have been grown. It was much easier to get up at all hours when I had little ones depending on me.

Our Lady: My little ones are depending on Me, child. That is why I am here. I have given up My peaceful time with God to go forth and minister to His children. I am going forth to call all My children back to God. It is through you, and many others such as you, that more and more are being called away from darkness and into the light. Many are just beginning to recognize the importance of My role in the salvation of mankind. I was a willing instrument through which God sent His only Son to the earth in the beginning, and now He's sending Me out to prepare His children for His Son's Second Coming. Those who are listening and sharing what He is saying through the Mother of His Only-Begotten Son, are gaining many graces. The graces are for what is to come before the arrival of My Son, and your Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Do not place so little importance on your role, child. You are being obedient, and you are listening. Many blessings and graces will come through you and this place of prayer blessed by God. Make no mistake about it. There are so few 'willing workers', instruments that are willing to totally die of self, so that others may live. You and your family are sacrificing much, but you continue on each day, not knowing what is to come but already saying, "Whatever, Lord."

Ruth Ann: I want to go to Heaven, Mother. How can I turn my back on God and say, "Sorry, You'll have to get someone else who loves You more than I do to do this?" That would be pretty selfish on my part.

Our Lady: You cannot imagine how many of God's children have done just that, turned their backs on Him Who gave them life, and said, "Not me, Lord. You'll have to get someone else to do Your work." Their faith is not there when it is needed most.

Ruth Ann: Let's talk of something else. I really don't want You to speak about me. You are giving me more than I deserve. There are so many who are helping me, people You and God have sent into my life, Mary's Children, all the helping hands along the way, being provided by You and God. These are the ones making all this possible. I could never do this alone. My family, children, and their spouses, and future spouses, have all been wonderful. I know the graces have come from God for them to be able to handle all that is happening. Their lives, too, are being affected by all this.

Our Lady: Child, it will continue to be so.

Ruth Ann: I am aware of that, Mother, but I also know we'll make it through whatever comes. I believe and trust in God. He would not send me more than I can handle. I feel the same is true for my family, so I am confident that whatever comes next, the graces will be there.

Our Lady: He has promised this to you. It has been promised to all of His children who try to do His will, no matter what. Your faith and trust in God strengthens that faith and trust in others. See how God works?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother.

Our Lady: Now you must get some rest before the beginning of another busy day. Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother. I love You.

Message of February 2, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, would You speak with me?

Our Lady: Yes child, I thank you for taking the time to do so. Many of My children need to take the time to do so, but are always too busy with things of life. They don't realize that I would appreciate whatever time they have for Me, but if their time is so limited, they should spend it with My Son instead of Me. I am here only to help and guide all of God's children back to Him. I desire nothing for Myself.

Ruth Ann: But Mother, the rosaries and devotions to You, are they not important?

Our Lady: Child, they are greatly loved and appreciated by Me and My Son. Of course, they are of great importance. All I am saying is, that if you have limited time, please spend it with My Son, Who has given all for you. I am calling all of you to prayer, child. Those who are listening and answering My call are receiving graces and blessings in abundance. Yes, child, to love Me is to please My Son. To show respect and devotion to Me, again, brings blessings and graces in abundance to those who do so. These are not desires of My heart. I would desire that all love My Son in the way He deserves. No one upon the earth has done so much for so many, and has been treated so badly in return. Many have done it merely by neglect. How many of My children continue to accept the gifts of God's grace and mercy, and still do not thank Him? My Son is taken for granted and it should not be so. There will come a time when My children will realize their grave error, and it will be too late to make amends. If only My children would listen and heed the words of their Mother. I can free them of this burden before it becomes a great sorrow to them. Once they realize how they have hurt My Son, they will be overcome by grief. Some will repent and others will choose not to do so.

I continue to speak to My children, through many, and in many ways, but I have still to get the attention of those who refuse to accept that these are the 'end times'. I have great love for all of My children, and will continue to help in any way I can to draw them closer to My Son. Child, I am pleased that you have accepted this cross of spreading God's word among His people.

Ruth Ann: I am the one who is grateful to You and Your Son for allowing me to be Your instrument, unworthy though I am. I am sure You will continue to mold and make me what You will.

Our Lady: Child, it is only because you have chosen to do the will of God that this can be so. You could have chosen to say 'no' and walked away.

Ruth Ann: Then I would have disappointed God. That is not my wish. I intend to follow through, Mother, no matter what comes. In my heart I realize that times will become extremely difficult for those of us who have become visible in our love and witnessing for Our Lord.

Our Lady: This is so, child, but remember, God will provide sufficient graces for all He will have you do. Much more is to come child, and as your Mother, I have great love and concern for you, and I am also pleased to see you are receptive to God and His will for you.

We have not spoken of the gift of My Son coming to you. What a glorious day for you! This is a very special gift child, and will bring with it much joy and many trials. Yes child, your cross will become heavier as time goes on, but be not afraid. I am with you and your Jesus will be with you until the very end of your walk to Calvary. You will suffer the passion and death of your Jesus, child, but not before you have brought thousands upon thousands to the foot of the cross of My Son, Jesus. You cannot comprehend what I am saying to you, but that is fine for now. My love is with you, as is the love of My Son. Please know this child. You are at peace with all I am saying to you. It is not disturbing, or a great burden for you. Your heart is bursting with love for God, that He would choose someone as humble and lowly as you, to be used in such a way.

Ruth Ann: Mother, this is true, but I also don't really understand all that is coming, so it is difficult to get upset, besides, I have said, "Thy Will be done." I really have no control as to what is coming.

Our Lady: Child, you could not, and would not, stop it if you knew. You have an idea about what is to come. You have been given many messages, dreams, and visions. Many of those things revealed to you are beginning to fall into place, so that you are comprehending the 'big picture'. I said, "Beginning to under-stand." One day you will understand fully where all this is leading: the words, the visions, the talks, prayers, and miracles, as well as graces. All will come together when the time is right and all will know you are of God. Those who have had doubts before will have none. Be patient child, love, grow, and be obedient. Be a willing instrument for God. He has much for you to do. God blesses you, as I do. Continue to do His will.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, thank You for speaking with me today.

Our Lady: Thank you, child, for listening.

Message of March 11, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, do You wish to speak with me?

Jesus: I am here, little one.

Ruth Ann: I am really tired, Lord, that was a very long flight, and it was difficult for me to get any rest.

Jesus: You are pleased to be in My land, are you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, I am. As You have said before, it is a gift to me from You. I believe it.

Jesus: Enjoy your stay here, little one, and do not feel pressured to listen to Me or record what I have to say. This is your time to relax and enjoy My land. The land of My birth.

Ruth Ann: I certainly will take it all in, Lord. It is special to me. Thank You. Is there anything You would like to have me write down before I get on with this day?

Jesus: Child, be at peace with what is to come. Live one day at a time. Sufficient graces await you each day just for the asking. Don't hesitate to call on Me for anything and everything. You have much to do for Me in the days ahead. So child, know I am with you, and do not become overwhelmed. God does not ask of His children anything that is beyond their endurance. Be not afraid. These things that have been told to you in previous messages will be fulfilled, little one. God has His hands upon you. You will begin to realize the magnitude of your mission very soon. But until then, be content to do all that is asked of you. Continue to be obedient and share all that is being told to you. Pray with those who seek your prayers. I am with you and will give healings and blessings to all My children through you.

As I have said to you before, the healings will be of My choosing, just as are the graces and blessings that are to be given to My children through you. There is much work to be done. The laborers are few. Many of My children still choose to deny the importance of the times. Many refuse to realize the signs being given are warnings to prepare them to open their hearts and receive the true gift of My Spirit. My Mother prays without ceasing. She works tirelessly, calling Her children to repentance. Pray for all the souls who will be lost if they do not come to the foot of My cross and ask for forgiveness of their sins.

You, child, have much to do, and you are being prepared for this difficult journey you must take in order to help Me save souls. You have done much, and yet it is only a tiny bit of what is to be asked of you in the very near future. Pray and prepare, little one. Your Jesus is coming, and when I do, your whole life will change. You will receive a complete healing, physically. But child, your cross will become heavier than it has ever been before. I am not telling this to you to alarm you.

Ruth Ann: I am not alarmed, Lord, or frightened. It's just that I am not worthy of such a gift.

Jesus: Little one, it is a special gift, and it is not without grave conse-quences. It will be a blessing, but a mixed blessing, because it will cause your work to become more and more intense. You say you are not worthy. Many of My chosen ones have felt this, but remember, this gift is not of your choosing. It is of God's choosing. So be vigilant and prepare, little one. Prepare to do the will of My Father as I have done before you.

Now go in My peace, little one. Know that I am God.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord.

Jesus: I love you, little one.