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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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June 2007
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of April 7, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother Mary, I am really feeling down.

Our Lady: Child, you must not be discouraged.

Ruth Ann: But I do feel discouraged. Everywhere I turn there is something to depress me.

Our Lady: Do not lose heart. That is from the evil one. Keep your mind and heart on God. Good can come from evil. Remember, God can do all things. Other children who are seeing the evil in the world too, are turning to prayer, because they know God is the only one that can inter-vene at this point. Man continues to sin and destroy every law that was created by God. He continues to deliberately shun the laws of nature. Man wishes to be in complete control, and as he does so, more and more destruction and death are being heaped out upon the earth.

Man is not in charge. God created man to know, love, and serve Him. Since when does man think he knows more than God? It is a re-enactment of the creation of the angels. The good and the bad will have a need to separate. The good will stand alone. Child, you are to be of help to Me and to God. You must continue to stand firm. Plant your feet upon God's earth. You know the difference between good and evil, and so do the other children of God. He will continue to give encouragement to His children through His chosen ones on the earth. You are to be a beacon of light in this time of darkness. God will continue to bless you and those chosen by Him by sending little miracles your way, so that you will not be discouraged.

Ruth Ann: The miracles help, Mother Mary, but there is sadness in my heart that will not go away. Please help me.

Our Lady: Child, that sadness is being felt by all those who wish to be of help to Me and My Son. Your Mother in Heaven feels this sadness too, for Her children. I continue to manifest Myself in so many ways to My children, to give encouragement, and yet so many still turn their backs on God. They receive the miracles but do not let it change their lives. The miracles are there for a reason. They are there as a sign of the times. The Book of Revelations is being fulfilled, and man is turning a deaf ear and blind eyes, because he does not want to feel that he must answer for all his wrong doing. Man wishes to feel he has all the time in the world to get his life in order. This is not so. I am not telling you this to discourage or alarm you. I am telling you this because it is so.

God loves you. He loves all His children, just as I do. But how long can a parent stand by and watch a disobedient child continue to harm himself and others around him? The innocent are suffering because of man's inhumanity to man. God does not wish to let the innocent suffer. As the Mother of God's children, I have been sent with graces in abundance for miracles to be poured out through God on God's children. His chosen ones are being used as instruments of grace to others. What more can a Mother do to help Her disobedient children turn back to God?

Man is bringing much destruction upon himself, and he must listen while there is still time. God is a loving and merciful God, but just as a good parent has a breaking point, so too, does God have a breaking point. He is allowing Me to minister to His children. He has sent Me to prepare for the Second Coming of His Son. Man must be aware of the signs. He must not continue to hide his head in the sand. The miracles that he is being given are not for man's pleasure. They are to turn souls and hearts back to My Son before it is too late.

I will continue to do all I can to call My children back to God. The graces that are being allowed to pour forth through Me and God's chosen ones will continue to be showered upon the earth. Pray, dear children. Prayer is all that can change the minds and hearts of those who have turned their back on God. Remember, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Little child, the evil one is having his day to destroy all that he touches. He knows his time is running out, and so he has renewed his efforts to destroy and claim as many souls as he can. I weep for all those lost souls. I weep for all those souls that continue to ignore the signs. Be ready, little child of God. Fill your lamps with the light of God's love, so that in this time of darkness others will be able to see God's love and mercy.

I know times are difficult. Why do you think I am showing Myself in black all over the world? It is so others will realize this is a time of mourning for all the sins on the earth. Your Mother suffers just as My Son suffers, over and over, for all these sins. Do not be caught up in the world. The world is destructible, and, so too, are the things in the world. Keep your eyes on God. He is life. He is the creator of life. Only He has the right to create or take away a life. Man is not in control and will never be in control. The more man feels he is in control, the more destruction he will bring upon himself. This is man's own doing. Man has a free will. Man has chosen to sin rather than follow the path of righteousness. "Vengeance is Mine," saith the Lord. Man will have to pay for all his sins. He will not be allowed to cause so much pain and suffering for so many, and still go unpunished.

Ruth Ann: This is depressing to hear. I was needing encouragement.

Our Lady: Child, you have been given much encouragement. You have been given the grace to speak with Me. You forget this is a special gift given to you by God Himself. Be encouraged because you are being allowed to help others turn back to God. It is through you and others like you, allowing yourself to be used, that many will be saved. Those that would otherwise be condemned to an eternity of hell fire will be spared because of graces received through you, and this Haven of Peace and Prayer. That should be all the encouragement you need, My little child.

Ruth Ann: You are right, Mother. I take so much for granted.

Our Lady: Child, it is true of all My children. Now, be at peace with all I have told you. God be with you, as is My love and blessings.

Message of Dec. 14, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, I seldom speak to You any more except for messages for the prayer groups.

Our Lady: Child, that is as it is to be. I have called you to My Son. That is what I am here for, to call all back to My Son. I am like the tiny bell that rings at the Consecration of the Mass. As your priest has said, "They were used to call the attention of the people back, whose minds had wandered away." I am doing just that, calling out to My children who have wandered away from the true purpose of life. Just as the most important part of the Mass is the Consecration of the Body and Blood of My Son, Jesus, so too, is preparing for the Second Coming of My Son the most important part of life. I am here to call all of you back who have wandered away. God loves you, My children, and I love you. Please renew your faith and trust in Him.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother.

Our Lady: I wish to say more, child. I wish for My children to take seriously the messages that are being given. Time is running out. There is much work to be done. Many souls have a need for prayer. I am calling out and trying to get the attention of many through special graces and miracles granted through the gift of God's mercy. He has allowed Me to give these graces and blessings in order to draw others away from the world of darkness, and back to Him, Who is light, love, and peace. Thank Him daily for allowing Me to come to you and give you these graces. It is you, My children, who must pray and repent of your sins. It is you who must have a true conversion of the heart and place your trust and faith in God. Listen to and live My messages. They are the words of God. Pray, dear children, pray.

Message of December 31, 1993 from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, I feel badly because I speak with You so little any more, or at least that's the way it seems.

Our Lady: Child, I am here for you at all times. I am here on your farm at all times, just waiting to give special graces to all those who come here in faith to pray. Do not feel guilty about not writing what I am saying to you. I want you to spend the time with My Son. He is the One I wish to draw all My children to, through their prayers and devotion to Me. I am here to guide My children back to My Son and away from the ways of the world. Do not apologize for doing exactly what I have been sent here to do for all of My children, bring them to My Son.

So many are living in darkness, child, they are so far away that it seems almost impossible for this task to ever be accomplished. Some of My children continue to ignore Me and all the signs made available to them through special graces granted by God. They are the ones that need much prayer, child. They are the ones that continue to bury their head in the sand and will continue to do so until it is too late. I will continue to do all I can to bring all of My children back. I will continue to do all God will allow Me to do in order to draw all those back to Him that are most in need of His mercy and love.

The time will come, however, when I will no longer be allowed to do so, and then, what will they do? There is to be much suffering for those who continue to ignore the signs, not only for those, but for the innocent as well. Man has brought so much evil upon himself by ignoring My Son, and deliberately twisting all that He stands for. God will not allow this world to go unpunished. God loves you, this is true, but He also demands respect and love in return. He would prefer man respect Him out of love, but if man will not, then man will respect Him out of fear. That time will be the time of justice. God is a loving God, but He is also a just God. Man will not go unpunished for his evil ways.

I have been sent among you to turn all of you back to God before it is too late. The time is fast approaching when God's hand of justice will strike the earth. When this time comes, it will be too late for many of My children. That is why it is so important to listen, pray, and make sacrifices. Many graces are going to be needed for all of My children in the times that are ahead. They need to be listening and taking advantage of every grace available to them. Instead, they ignore.

Pray, all of you who are listening, that minds and hearts will be touched and conversions be made for all those in need, before it is too late. I am your Mother, here to love, warn, and guide you; love you, for you are My children; warn you, because of what is to come; and guide you, back to My Son and away from the darkness that covers your world. Listen and be obedient to the word of God. Live the messages that have been and are still being given to you by many of My children. You, child, continue to be obedient to My Son. That is most pleasing to Me. Go in the peace of My Son.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, thank You for Your graces and words.

Message of April 6, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God is a God of light and peace. Why do you not seek this peace in a world full of turmoil and darkness? There is much need for this peace. Be grateful, little children, for all God has given you. You have not had to deal with the wars and destructions that other nations have had, and are still experiencing. This does not mean it will not come to your land. Little children, please listen and live My messages. I love you and God loves you. You are little by little destroying yourselves by not following God's laws. Love one another. Pray, dear children, pray. My protective mantle surrounds you, and My Mother's heart aches for all those who are not listening.

Message of April 6, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, Your message this morning was quite strong.

Our Lady: Child, how else am I to get the attention of My children? I have given them many messages and yet they continue to seek more. If they would only live the simple messages of love and peace they have been given from the start, no other messages would be necessary. Prayer is the answer to all the problems and turmoil of your world. Why do My children not see that? My Son has lived and died for you. He has set the supreme example of sacrifice and love for all of His children to follow. Many ignore what has been done for them. Through My Son's passion and death on the cross, man's sins have been forgiven. All man need do is repent of his sins and come to the foot of the cross.

I continue to call out to all of My children through those who will listen. I ask them to please pray, fast, and do penance. I ask them to return to their churches and receive the sacraments. Through signs and wonders, in special places chosen by God, I continue to give blessings and graces to those who gather to pray. You, My child, have been asked to lay hands on those who wish to have prayer. This you do, out of obedience to the will of God. Many hearts have been touched by this. Through your talks and sharing of these words said to you by Me and My Son, many more have been touched.

There is still so much to do. Many are being called to pray and some are listening, while some do not. It will be their loss, child. I can only do so much. I can plead, warn, and give graces and signs, but I cannot save those who are not willing to be saved. That is where your prayers come in. You must pray for the conversions of those who do not seek a true conversion. Ask God to touch and break open even the hardest of hearts, so all of His children can experience His peace through a deeper love and peace for Him Who is the Creator of all things.

Pray for these conversions. Time is running out, and still so many of My children have not experienced a true conversion. Man must mend his ways. He cannot continue to harm, hurt, maim, and take lives of the innocent. This country is no longer an example of good moral and Christian values as it once was. It has turned to the one of darkness. It has sold its soul to the one who is in charge of moral decay. Through all of the warnings down through the years, My children have turned a deaf ear. Man has continued to think that these warnings are for others. In times past, this might have been so, but man does not have to be a genius to know that this country has become a pit of disgust! The disregard for human life in itself is enough to cause the anger of God to wish to destroy this nation, and that is not all that has brought on the darkness that covers your land. Pornography destroys the innocence of My children. Through this, and abuse of all kinds, the morals have become less than that of animals. At least animals stay with their own kind and reproduce according to the laws of nature.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I have never heard You speak this way.

Our Lady: Child, the world continues on its merry way destroying all the good that God has put forth. How long, as a parent, would you stand by and watch your own children do these things to each other, and those around them, before you as a parent would step in and do something drastic to stop them from harming themselves and others?

Ruth Ann: I understand, Mother.

Our Lady: Do you? Do you really understand what I am saying? Will anyone really understand the import-ance of this message? They will look to other messages for times or some specific sign when God is going to strike with a heavy hand all those who deliberately turn their back on Him. My children have become lax. They no longer find My messages enough to draw them to devout and daily prayer. Their prayers are like everything else in their lives, superficial.

Ruth Ann: Mother, that is not true of all Your children. There are many prayerful people.

Our Lady: I need many who will take My messages seriously. I need many who will willingly turn their lives over to God so that His anger with the human race can be appeased. I have been allowed to minister to His children in a mighty way, and have been able to draw others such as you to Him, so that you, too, can minister to His people. The time is short, child, and the laborers are few. Pray, dear child, that more and more will be converted and brought closer and closer to My Son before it is too late. Many disasters await your country. My heart aches for the innocent. Pray, dear children, pray that God's mercy will not be denied to those who ask. Man has literally destroyed himself and all that is sacred by turning to the ways of the world and away from God. Pray for conversions!

Ruth Ann: Mother, are You sure this message is from You? I have never heard You speak with such concern before.

Our Lady: Child, I am the Mother of Jesus, the Daughter of the Father, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. I have done the will of the Father and continue to bow down to Him Who has created the universe. You must also do His will and draw others to prayer and away from the world.

Ruth Ann: I can only do this with Your help and the help of God.

Our Lady: The help you will need to bring about many conversions is to come soon. Your cross will become extremely heavy, My little child, but God will see that you have many 'Simon's' to help you along your path to Calvary. Listen, be obedient, and pray. Go in My Son's peace. My love is with you.

Message of July 13, 1994, from Our Lady
(after the Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, thank You for the message this morning. It was, and is, beautiful.

Our Lady: It should be more than that. It is words that should be taken to the heart. Some will read the message and say, "That is a powerful message," and that will be the end until the next message. All that I am saying to you, My children, are words that must be taken to your heart and applied to your everyday life. Live the messages. This I have said over and over, and still those who do not take what I am saying seriously, have not learned the importance of what I am saying.

Not only are My messages words that should be taken to heart and lived, but these are urgent times. This is something that must be done now. I say this, and still there will be those who say, "We've heard that before. If it were very urgent, something would be happening to let us know how urgent these messages are." Children, look around you. Look at all the disasters, the cruelty, the hatred, the love of all that is evil, and the lack of God, and the lack of love in your world. The signs are everywhere that now is the time to turn to God. Now is the time to get your spiritual lives in order.

I love you, little children, I am your Mother. Please listen. Please be attentive to the signs. I know not the day or the hour, but God knows. He would not be allowing you such graces and blessings through the Mother of His Son, if He was not concerned for your souls. I am here for you, and will be here as long as I am allowed to do so. I continue to pray with you and for you. I continue to bless you with graces and special miracles, in order to draw you closer and closer to My Son.

I am not here for Me. I am here for you. I am here to help you get on the right path, and keep you there. If you truly listen, and live the messages being given to you, you have a blueprint for eternal salvation put before you. You need only listen, and be obedient to the will of God. This should not be so difficult, but it has become so, because so many of you have become so worldly that you are finding it difficult to pray, make sacrifices, and do penance. You are a land of plenty, and take everything you have for granted. God has blessed you abundantly because you have shared and helped those who have less than you. You have been your brothers keeper, as God would have you do.

You are concerning yourself less and less with the care and love of your neighbor, and you are becoming more and more accepting of the evils that have become a part of the world. You are becoming a nation caught up in the wants and needs of yourself. You no longer truly care about life, love, or the pursuit of true happiness. Peace, children, peace is being lost in your world. Man, through his selfishness, has opened doors to the evil one that had been shut off in years past. My heart aches for you, for you know not what you are bringing upon yourselves. Please, dear children, care for one another. Be at peace with one another. Stop the bloodshed, the murdering, the cruelty to one another. I love you, and wish to guide you from the destruction that awaits those who choose to ignore God and His laws. I am your Mother. Please listen to Me.

Ruth Ann: Mother, You seem really upset.

Our Lady: Child, I continue to warn, I continue to ask for prayer. There are signs being given everywhere, and yet My children are not taking heed. Those of you who are listening must pray even harder, and make more sacrifices. There is not much time, and still, there are many in need of conversions. It is being left to those of you who are willing to help Me. Much prayer is needed. I need your help.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother. Those who will be reading this will be reminded.

Our Lady: Thank you, child, for listening and being obedient.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for speaking with me. I love You.

Message of August 10, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, Your Mother spoke quite seriously this morning after Her Wednesday message.

Jesus: As any good Mother, She is disappointed that so few are taking heed of the messages being brought to them all over the world. Some continuously seek to hear Her words and new messages, hoping to find a specific time for the end of the old and the return of that which is holy, the reign of their Redeemer. Many realize the world cannot continue as it is. Now there are those who are seeking times and dates for My return. Man knows neither the day nor the hour, but man is beginning to realize that there must be a change soon.

Yes, I am to return. But not until the time appointed by My Father, and then peace will reign for a thousand years. But there are changes to be made in the minds and hearts of man before I can return. My Mother continues to work at trying to bring these changes about. She is working with a selfish, self-centered generation of people. So few are taking heed of the messages being given. So many choose to get caught up in the messengers. This saddens My heart, and the heart of My Mother.

Those being chosen to share the words are of the very least. They are humble of heart, and in most cases would not choose to do this extremely important task. But through prayer and the grace of God, they will continue to persevere and share, no matter how difficult it may be. It is the message that these humble servants bring that man must look to, pray, sacrifice, and change your hearts. Return to God, and turn your back on all that is not of God. In a world where materialism and money mean success, man is finding it more and more difficult to live in a God-like manner. That is what you are called to do. I, your Jesus, am to be the example. You are to follow the path that leads to eternal life, or you can turn your back on God and choose to spend eternity in the fires of damnation. You are to choose. Satan has taken over your world, and he has done so in such a subtle way, many do not realize it has even been done.

Technology has brought filth into your homes destroying the family, morality, and hope itself. It is time for man to realize that God will not stand by and watch for very much longer. His world is being destroyed by man, who has allowed the evil one to take control. There will come a time for the renewal of the face of the earth, but in this renewal, the old must be destroyed. It is time for man to take seriously the messages being brought to the earth by My Mother and by Me.

Listen, children! Listen to My Mother and change your minds and hearts. Seek all that is holy.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You seem to be upset with us today.

Jesus: I can not reiterate enough, that time is of the utmost importance. Man must change his heart and turn back to God. The time is now! Share what I am saying to you with My children.

Ruth Ann: It is done, Lord.

Jesus: Now, child, do you have a little idea of the importance of your task in the world where so few listen?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I think so.

Jesus: Your gift is a true blessing for those around you. It is through you and others like you, who are listening, that lives will be changed. Many will be brought out of a life of darkness and despair, into a light that will bring peace and hope. Do not take your gift lightly, little one, it is needed badly in this world corrupted by the evil one and all his noise, filth, and distractions. Be at peace with your gift, and all it can do to bring hope to so many. Continue to listen and pray for those seeking prayer. Continue to share with those needing to hear of the greatness of God's mercy, and the miracles He has performed and wishes to perform in the lives of His children.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Go in My peace to love and serve God to the best of your ability, My little one.

Ruth Ann: Please be with me, Lord.

Message of January 30, 1995 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, any encouraging words for me to share today?

Jesus: Little one, you are still feeling bad about not getting messages from My Mother for prayer group. As time goes on, you will understand the significance of this. Be not afraid. Your Jesus is still giving you words to share.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I've had so many calls asking, "Does that mean there is no longer prayer at the farm?"

Jesus: That just goes to prove, little one, exactly what My Mother has been saying. Her children are looking for new messages, and are not living the ones that have been given. What they are really looking for, is someone to tell them the future. Instead of living the messages that have already been given, and taking them to their hearts, they continue to seek those things that might indicate what is to come. The 'what is to come' is already happening all around them. They should not be seeking signs. The signs are already here. They must turn their minds and hearts to God.

In My Mother's last message, She has said, "God loves you, and I have placed My protective mantle around you. You must pray." What more needs to be said than that? What more needs to be said, to let Her children know that the work is not done? The prayer is needed even more than ever before. Conversions are needed. As more and more disasters plague the earth, the prayer is needed more, not less. Just because the messages have stopped here at the farm, does not mean the prayer, or the graces that are available here, have ceased. She has said, there is still to be those who will see Her here. The graces and blessings are still here, and so are the gifts of the Holy Spirit available here. This will tell you who is truly serious about helping My Mother with the salvation of other souls. This will separate the ones, who are here only to seek a new message, from those genuinely interested in seeking to pray for the sorry state of mankind.

This is no concern of yours, little one. You have been told, there will be a great harvesting of souls on this holy ground. This is to be so. Do not be concerned about the 'how', or the 'when'. God's plan is perfect, and He knows all things. Be not afraid, and be at peace with yet another change in your life.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. You know how difficult change is for me. Please continue to be patient with me. I am really trying to accept each and every change that You continue to send my way.

Jesus: Little one, I know your heart. My Mother is still here to speak with you. You have not been abandoned, and neither have those who have been listening. The messages have been made available for them to ponder and turn over in their hearts. She is only saying, through no longer giving more messages, "Time has run out." It is time for you to live what has been told to you.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Now, you have another busy day ahead of you. Begin it with love in your heart for all God's children. I will be there to assist you throughout this day.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.