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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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June 2009
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of July 3, 1993, .....from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Our Lady, I feel led to speak to You this morning.  I know You speak to me daily, or whenever I need, but I don't always write it down.  Most of it seems to be of a personal nature.

Our Lady:  Yes child, as I have said, "I am here to guide you.  Jesus is to be your teacher."

Ruth Ann:  So many things that have been said to me, by You and by others, seem to be fitting together.  Maybe I am making too much of some things, but that is how it appears.

Our Lady:  Let Me address many of those things that have been of concern to you.  You will see all things will fall into place as time goes by.  You must be patient, pray, listen, and be obedient, for all things to happen that God wishes to come to fruition.

Ruth Ann:  And that is?

Our Lady:  There are some things of a personal nature that I have directed you not to do at this time.  There is a reason, child.  When the fence was removed and placed in a new area, I have told you it will be only temporary.  I want My children to have access to the entire hillside.  You did not understand, but you listened.  I also told you when you decided to find homes for all your animals in the spring, you said, "Apparently God wanted you to be rid of everything that you cared about."  I said to you at that time, "Postpone your decision until fall."

Ruth Ann:  Why have You told me these things?

Our Lady:  Child the answers will come.  Had you given all your animals away, you would not have had company this fall.  Is this not true?  At the time, you had not made a decision to take a leave from your teaching job.  Now, does that make sense to you?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, that particular message does.  But what about the others? 

Our Lady:  I have told you, there will indeed be a retreat house here.  It will be manned by retired priests.  This is so, little child, know this in your heart.  Have not all the other messages that I have given to you proven in time to be prophetic?  This too, will be so.  I have also told you the horses would be moved to another place.  Later, I have told you, you would be moving.  This will be so.  Your peace will need to be restored, and at that time you will need to move from this home.  You have had many saying they have felt that there will be a retreat house here.  Even your priest has said to you, "You have been told you will move from this place.  Why don't you turn it into a retreat house?  I am sure there are plenty of volunteers, so it could be done easily.  All it would take is a little carpentry work, and there are many volunteers good at that skill."

These things are confirmations child, but do not get ahead of yourself.  You still have growing to do, so be patient and listen.  This year is to be a year of growth and peace for you; time for you and your family, and time to pray.  The pressure has been lifted from you.  You have spoken of being too busy to pray, now God has taken care of that, child. 

Ruth Ann:  It was true, Mother.  I was feeling as though I couldn't get caught up.  My weekends were busy with prayer and talks, and Monday through Friday I was trying to teach, run errands, attend Mass, plus trying to do laundry, clean house, etc.  I had no time for my children or grandchild.  The weekends were already full.  I thank You for this respite.  I doubt I will ever get to go back to school, to teach that is.  Is that true, Mother?

Our Lady:  Child, be patient and be obedient.  You wish to know more than it is time for you to know.  Have I not told you all things would be revealed to you as you have a need?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.

Our Lady:  Then all you need to do is be patient, be attentive, and be obedient.  All that has been told you will come about.  It will be in God's time, child.  Only He can make things happen as there is a need.  All things will be placed on other's hearts.  It will all be done for you.  Do these words not sound familiar to you?  Has God not sent children to your prayer group to verify your messages?  This was at a time when you felt much had been taken away from you.  You felt you were being tested and were to go totally on faith with no confirmations.  This was true child, you listened, were obedient, and continued on in faith.  Now the confirmations will be there for you because you have trusted God when others have not.  Other blessings will be forthcoming.  Obedience is the key, child.  You must be obedient to the will of God, not to your will.  That is where many have gone wrong.  They have listened to the will of their own pride and stubborness.  They have allowed their will to interfere with the will of God.  You cannot serve oneself and God.  You must die of self and put God as number one in your life and keep Him there.  This you have done and you will be rewarded for listening and being obedient. 

Ruth Ann:  You make it all sound like it was easy and so cut and dried, Mother.  It is all difficult.  None of what I am doing is easy.

Our Lady:  God did not promise you easy.  What My Son did for men was not easy for Him or for Me.  We both realize that it was the will of the Father that He suffer and die on the cross for man's sins.  It was not easy to watch Him, My beloved Son, be persecuted, hunted down like a criminal, stripped of all of His dignity; through trial, torture, and then nailed to a cross like a common thief.  Look at the rewards for what My Son has done.  Yes, He suffered beyond belief.  But it was worth it, because without it, man could not have entered into the Kingdom.

Remember, no matter what God takes away, He gives back to you a hundredfold.  If not here, then in the life hereafter.  God expects much from you, and you give much, but the rewards will be just as great.  Remember that child, God will continue to bring little miracles into your path. 

Child, be attentive to what He has to say to you, but most of all, be obedient.  The sharing of His word, the sharing of the many miracles, are the important part of your mission at this time.  You do it well.  You do not wish to do it, but you do it well.  It is the will of the Father that you do so.  My children are hungry for these signs and miracles.  They want to know that 'yes,' God does love me.  That is the important part of what you are doing at the present time.  That has brought about all the other, child.

The Haven of Peace and Prayer, the book, the flyer, and all those who have come forth to help with this mission.  God has done it all.  He has made all things possible.  All things come to him who waits.  You have been patient and you must continue to be so.  You have much to do for God, little child, so do not grow weary.  This is only the beginning.  Your respite will bring you much peace and growth.  Thank you for listening, and thank you for being obedient.  God loves you as I love you.  I bless you.  Go forth in My Son's peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.


Message of November 8, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, here we go again.  I have been sitting on a message I received many weeks ago.  Now it is to begin.  All things are being done that have been asked of me.  These things are not easy, Lord.  You continue to ask more and more.

Jesus:  Little one, if you did not do these things, you would not be obedient.  Without obedience, there would be no growth.  You must continue to trust and be obedient; for all things there is a reason.  Many will be able to hear you witness and be brought to the farm.  This is the desire of My Mother.  This place is a special place of peace and prayer.  Know that the graces being dispensed here will be instrumental in the saving of souls.  Many conversions will take place here, little one.  I know you do not truly understand, but this is not important that you understand.  The fact you listened and are obedient, is of great importance.  Without your willing-ness to follow the will of God, these things would not take place.  You must continue to be pliable.  The Lord will continue to mold you to His liking.  You are not to worry.  It will all be done for you.  You need only continue to say 'yes' to all God asks of you.

Ruth Ann:  You know, and I know Lord, each thing I do is difficult for me.

Jesus:  Your sacrifices are earning many graces, not only for you, but for others as well.  If you think of these things you do as graces for others, that should be of help to you.  You wish for My children to receive healings, and what better healing than that of the soul?  Other healings too, are made available to My children here.  But the best of all, is the spiritual healing that takes place for having come here to pray. 
My Mother is here to dispense graces to Her children at all times.  The holy angels and saints are here to also minister to My children.  You do not understand why you were called to be a part of such blessings.  But it is because of your faith, trust, and willingness to be obedient to the will of God, no matter what the cost. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You know I did not wish to have my picture in the paper, nor did my husband.  We do not wish to be the focus.  Your Mother has said to stay focused on You and prayer.  We have tried to do that here, Lord.  The message I was given in September, to begin witnessing at the farm weekly, really bothers me.  I don't mean in my spirit, but I didn't want to be tied to a specific time and place.  Too, I felt people would think that was pretty arrogant, to begin witnessing where I live.

Jesus:  Little one, God has a purpose for each task He puts before you.  As each task is done, more will be expected.  How do you expect to grow, if you are not asked to do these things that are difficult for you?  If you continue along, and are not to do anything beyond what you are already doing, there is no growth.  I have asked you to minister to My people.  How can you minister if you are not made visible, so they can see, hear, and pray with you?  God knows your heart, and knows you do not choose to be visible.  If your wish was to be visible, and receive recognition for all you do, then you would not be used in this way.  God wishes His servants to be humble.  He wishes for His children to realize that all gifts given, are given from Him.  You, child, know you could do nothing without the graces provided you by your Lord God.

Ruth Ann:  Not only that, Lord, I would not have chosen to do these things asked of me.

Jesus:  You have not chosen Me, I have chosen you.  It is because of your faith, humility, and desire to please Me, that you are an effective tool for Me to use, little one.  Your husband is of great support to you, this is also through the grace of God.  You were concerned about your children pulling away from you because of this last article in the paper, since it was local.  But they too, continue to have the strength and faith to support you.  Where do you suppose this strength comes from?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know where it all comes from.  Remember, I have given you my children and grand-children, if You desire to take them away from me.  Everything I have is Yours, Lord.  I have nothing more to give.

Jesus:  That is where you are wrong.  You have everything to give, and it continues to be a blessing to Me, little one.  The gift of self, and all you possess, are everything to Me.  Not many are able to do this child.  Your gift is everything.   Body, mind, soul, and all you hold dear on the earth, are the greatest gifts you can give to Me.  You have come a long way, and you do not realize this.  You are awaiting My arrival, and are being prepared.  Be patient, and know that all must be in My time and in My way.  Nothing you say or do can go unnoticed by your Creator and Redeemer.  You are of great importance to Me, little one.  God loves you and is watching over you.  Be at peace with all you do.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am at peace.  I'm just not looking forward to the witnessing, but then I didn't want the article or the picture in the paper either.  So Thy will be done, Lord.  I love You, and wish to be of help to You in any way I can.  Even if it is doing those things I find difficult.

Jesus:  I know your heart, child.  Be at peace with all that is happening in your life.  It is all part of God's plan.  Remember, His plan is perfect.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of Dec. 15, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm having so many thoughts running through my mind.  Please quiet me now, so I can listen.

Jesus:  It is done, child.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, and thank You for an especially beautiful prayer meeting last night.

Jesus:  Little one, it was time for these words, that were spoken last night in support of the farm, to be spoken.  God is providing many fruits through you, and your gift of time, prayer, and the farm.  Had you not said 'yes', and humbled yourself before the Throne of God, these things could not have happened.  Many hearts have been touched, and will continue to be touched, as a result of your perseverance.  You have stood firm, and have been obedient to all that has been asked of you.  Had you not, these things could not have happened that were so important to the drawing of My children closer to Me, and My Mother.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I really don't understand how things are to unravel.  Your Mother has said She will cease giving me words to share, and eventually the messages will cease.

Jesus:  That does not mean that the graces and blessings will cease to be given here, at the farm, little one.  Only the messages will cease.

Ruth Ann:  But, Lord, many come only because Your Mother is giving me words from Heaven to share.

Jesus:  Little one, you do not, and cannot, see the full picture.  There is more to come.  All you need do is be obedient and listen.  Do all that is asked of you.  God will tend to the rest.  Live each day in My love, and the love of My Mother.  You will not cease being ministered to, as you minister to others.  Be not afraid.  It will all be done for you. 

You have not sought the limelight.  You would have chosen to be in the background, quietly praying for someone else who had been chosen.  That is why you were chosen, little one.  You have so much love in your heart to give, and you wish to see all souls saved.  You have prayed, and continue to pray, for all those who have doubted your gift, and have done and said things to harm you.  Forgive your enemies.  This you have done, and will continue to do.  Love God above all else.  This too, you do, and will continue to do.  And last, but not least, you have been asked to die for your fellowman, your brothers and sisters.  This you are doing, and will continue to do. 

You are ministering to My children, just as I have asked you to do.  This is not something you could have done on your own.  You could not have foreseen this when you said your 'yes' to the will of God.  When I say 'this', I mean all that has happened to you, your family, and the lives of those whom you have touched through the sacrifices you have made. 

You have, and are, suffering through the loss of your priest.  But remember, child, My Mother has need of him.  I will deny Her nothing.  He has grown in His love for Her, and this will continue to be so.  Others will be brought closer to Her, as a result of this love that he was nurtured through you and the farm.  This was all part of the plan.  He will do great things for My Church.  Things he could not have done, had he remained here.  He will continue to grow.  You too, will experience a growth that would not have been possible, had this change not been brought about. 

I wish for you to be totally dependent on Me, little one.  Even My Mother must decrease in the importance of My divine plan for you.  That does not mean She will not be there for you when you have need of Her.  This will always be so.  It only means that I must become your total focus.  You do not understand what I am saying to you, and you need not understand.  You need only be obedient, and continue to listen and share the words God would have you share.  As God's plan unfolds, you will understand the importance of all that is being said and done through you.  You are being emptied of everything that could possibly hold you back from growing closer and closer to Me. 

My Mother was here, and continues to be here, for you.  She has been your guide.  I am, and will continue to be, your teacher.  Much of what you have been taught, you have shared with others.  This was the purpose of the gifts given to you.  They were given to you to share with others, so they too, could grow in My love.  Many have developed a love for My Mother, that otherwise, would never have been possible.  Lives and hearts are being touched, and will continue to be touched, as you continue on in your journey of faith.  Many will not accept the authenticity of what has happened to you.  Many will wish you harm out of envy, or lack of love, for Me and My Mother.  But know in your heart, little one, those who suffer persecution for My sake, shall see the face of God, and live. 

Life eternal awaits all those who take up their cross and follow in My footsteps.  This is a promise.  This is truth.  So no matter how difficult life becomes for you and your loved ones, God has His hand upon you, and those you touch.  Be at peace, little one, and continue to love and share with all those whom My Mother sends to you.  Graces and blessings are to be had here, beyond belief.  These graces and blessings are available to all those whose lives you have touched in any way.  You have asked for this, and it shall not be denied you.  You have grown in leaps and bounds, little one, and the growing will continue.

For those who love God, and are called to His plan, all things work out for His good.  Remember that, little one.  You are only an instrument to be used for God's greater honor and glory.  As you are emptied, you will be filled with God's love.  Be at peace, and know that I am your God.  I love you beyond measure.  Bask in this love.


Message of January 20, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I need to speak with You.  You have said that I should speak with You today.

Jesus:  Little one, you have been extremely busy, and you have done all the other tasks that have been expected of you for others, but you have need of quiet time with Me.  You are in need of My peace.  That is why I have asked that you take the time to listen to Me today.  Even though you have prayed with others, and attended Mass, I need for you to take that quiet time with Me, so you can write those words I wish to share with others.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I understand.

Jesus:  Since this morning is the only time you will have that is not disturbed by the outside world, I wish for you to listen this morning.  I thank you for being obedient to Me.  That is something that is difficult for My children to do, but it is necessary in doing the will of God.  Many times you will be asked to do something that is difficult for you to do.  In doing what is asked of you, and doing it out of love for Me, it gives you the opportunity to grow. 

You have asked, how are you to continue to grow?  There are many ways to experience growth.  This is one.  In doing those things you are asked to do, that you do not especially find comfortable to do, you  are experiencing a 'stretching' that you would otherwise not experience.  If My children only do those things they find enjoyable, or easy to do, they will not be stretched to the outer limits of their potential.  Only God knows the potential of each of His children, and He will not stretch you beyond your endurance. 

You may feel you are being put upon at times, but this is because you think in human terms.  Be patient, little one, and trust in Me.  I will tend to you, and I will tend to all those things that you have on your mind.  The future is not yours to know, little one.  I have told you many times, live for today, take it one day at a time.  Yesterday is past, and tomorrow is unknown to you, but known to Me.  Trust, little one, and know that God will tend to tomorrow.  As you do His will today, and do it out of love, be at peace.  Your day is busy, and God under-stands that many of your days are busy, as is true of many of His children, but that does not mean you cannot take the time to spend with Me. 

In your case, you must find the time to listen, and write the words I am speaking to you, so that many of My children may find comfort in them.  In the case of My other children, they too, must find time to spend with Me, even if it is only to say, 'Jesus, I love You.  Help me get through this busy day of mine'.  My children have need of peace, and in this busy world, this peace can only be found in one place, that is in the love of their Jesus.  'Busy' is sometimes necessary, but so is the love and peace that must be a part of all the lives of all My children.  Even a tiny prayer said out of love, is better than no prayer said at all.  So tend to those things that must be done, but never forget Who is in charge of your life.  Never forget Who has given you all the things that make it possible to exist.  And most of all, do not forget the One Who loves you better than you could ever be loved on this earth.  My love and peace are yours, little one. 

Your life is a busy one at this time.  Spend this day in the knowledge that God loves you, and His peace is with you.  Go in this peace, to love and serve Him to the best of your ability.  Thank you, child, for listening.  Thank you for your obedience to Me this day.  All else will go well this day, because you have placed Me first.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of February 2, 1995,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, so much has happened in my life, there has been so much change over the past few months.  It's all been difficult for me.

Jesus:  Little one, there has been much change, and it will continue to be so.  There can be no growth without change.  You have been told this before, and you will be reminded many times.  Those who choose to do the will of God, must accept change as part of their life.  To be a willing instrument, and to be used as such, means not your will, but God's will be done.  You have given up much, child, but you have been given much.  The gifts that you have, have required much of you, this is true, but that is all part of doing the will of God. 

When you say 'yes', you must also realize that with this 'yes' come sacrifices that require great strength.  Humility and obedience are a part of this sacrifice.  The tasks you are required to do are not easy for you, but you continue to do them out of love for Me and My Mother.

Ruth Ann:  Lord,  I want the conver-sions of all those who are in need.  You have placed this upon my heart.  You know as well as I do, that I could have cared less about the conversions of sinners, years ago.  It was not until You began working in my life in a very dramatic way, that I became concerned for others.  I know You have always been working in my life, but before, it was taken for granted.  Now, I realize so many of the things You do for me, and others, is because of Your love for us.

Jesus:  Little one, you are right.  The love I have for all is extremely important.  That love sent Me to My death.  It caused Me and My Mother great suffering, but it is something that was necessary in order to bring about the salvation of mankind.  God asked the ultimate sacrifice of His only Son, and My Mother had to stand by and watch, as this great sacrifice was made.  She had to see Her Son humiliated, mistreated, tortured, and murdered, even though He was innocent.  But She knew, and I knew, it was the will of God.  With My death on the cross, came a Resurrection.  It is the Resurrected Christ that you must focus on.  I am Light, I am Peace, but I am also the Resurrection.  Those who believe in Me, and stay focused on Me, shall never die.  That is such a beautiful gift that My Father has given unto mankind, the process of life after death, and that life after death, lasts for all eternity.  Eternity is a long time, little one.  Eternity is forever. 

As a child of God each one of you is given the opportunity to have this gift of eternity with God in Heaven.  It was granted to you through My suffering and death on the cross.  So child, you have given up much, and so has My Mother, but it was all for the great gift of Salvation desired by God the Father in Heaven, for all of you.  Our sacrifice was worth all the torture and pain We endured for those of you who have had their hearts, minds, and souls touched by the gift of God's love.  In your being receptive to this love, and realizing what God has done for you, sometimes in spite of you and your humanness, you are touching the lives and hearts of others. 

Be at peace, little one, your life will continue to change, but know that God is in control every waking minute.  He is watching over you even as you sleep.  There is much more to be done, little one.  Con-tinue to be obedient and receptive to the changes in your life.  Continue to be open to the will of God.  Be receptive to His plan for you, and all those whose lives you touch.  Your life is not your own.  It has been given to God, to be used in the saving of souls.  That is all part of the plan, little one.  Be patient, and watch this plan unfold. 

Now, I know you have much to do today.  Minister to My people.  They are in need.  Be at peace.  God is watching over you, and all you do.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of February 8, 1995,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, the words spoken to me by Your Mother were very powerful this morning.

Jesus:  Child, you are in need of being reassured of the coming of your Jesus, are you not?  She has reminded you of words spoken weeks, and even months and years ago.  Words that were given to you to prepare you for those things to come.  The time is drawing near, little one.  Be not afraid, but with all the changes that are taking place, be aware that as gifts are removed, they will be replaced by even greater things.  Your burden will not become lighter by the removal of these gifts.  It will become greater.  You need only be obedient, and trust that God can do all things.  His time is not your time, so you have to be at peace with all that continues to take place in your life.  God loves you.  That is what is important, and through this love, He intends to bring more and more souls into the shelter of His Kingdom.

Yes, it is true I will come to you, and ask you to carry My cross, but you must be prepared for the burden that will become greater, as a result of this special gift.  Many have felt your gift was not one that was of great importance, but it is a greater burden to carry, to 'hear and not see', than to 'hear and see', those of Heaven.  Even with so great a burden, you have been faithful.  You have carried this burden for years, sharing these messages that you were asked to share.  In many cases, with those who did not believe in your gift.  But because My Mother has asked that you do so, you have been obedient.

As you have humbled yourself and shared these messages, your God has watched from above and said, "This is one whom I will give the ultimate gift to, for she has proven herself worthy."  Those who have proven themselves in the little things, will be given even greater things to tend to.  You cringe when you hear, 'you are worthy', for you continue to feel unworthy.  It is through these feelings of unworthiness that God is able to work in your life, in the way He sees fit.  God is the 'potter', you are the 'clay', to be molded and shaped into whatever He would have you be.  You continue to be shaped, molded, and stretched. 

You have been told this was to be a time of spiritual growth, and you did not understand.  You have been told this was to be a time of change.  You are experiencing all things that have been told unto you.  None of what is happening to you has been easy, but I have not promised those who follow Me, 'easy'.  As a matter of fact, those who follow in My footsteps experience much pain and suffering.  Sometimes the pain is felt through humiliation and persecution.  Other times it is a physical pain, or through the loss of someone, or something.  But it is never easy to follow in the footsteps of your Jesus.  The life here on earth for My followers is never easy, but the rewards they receive, as a result of this abandonment to the will of God, are immeasurable in the next life.

So be at peace, you who are heavy laden.  Know that your God sees and hears all.  He knows your suffering and your needs.  He will tend to all things in His time, and in His way.  You, little one, must be patient, and await those things God has planned for you in peace and love.  Tend to My sheep.  Minister to My people.  All things will be made clear to you, when the time is right.  Be at peace, and know that your Jesus loves you, and is with you at all times.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for these words of encouragement.

Jesus:  Doubts and fears are not of Me, little one.  Peace and love are of Me, and these gifts I wish for all My children to feel.