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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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June 2013
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Nov. 11, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  My child, I am here.

Ruth Ann:  Many thoughts are going through my mind, but I keep remembering what was read at prayer group last night from the book 'God Calling' on November 7.  I felt that particular message was for me.

Jesus:  Little one, that message is for all My children, and yes, you are one of My children, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You realize the dilemma I am put in?  Many come to the farm to pray, but I don't feel I am to walk out and say, "Here I am."  That only encourages a distraction.  At least, that is the way I see it.

Jesus:  Child, you are right about not calling attention to yourself, because the main reason for this farm now, is for those to come to gain peace.  But you have been given a gift, and as I have said before, it is a gift to be shared.  Those who ask for prayer are to receive prayer, but you have set a special time for that, and those who expect prayer must understand this.  You have said you are available most Saturday's after prayer group, and every third Sunday after prayer group.  These times are sufficient for the time being, but you do know that the numbers will grow, and your weekends will be consumed with people in need of prayer.  This is not something you wish to hear child, but it is something that is to be.  You have been told this many months ago by My Mother, and as time goes on, you will see how all will come about. 

This irritates you little one, because you do not feel that your prayers should be important to other people.  They should be able to pray to Me and My Mother here on this farm, without need of you.  They can and do, but it is also true that you are a channel through which the water of life flows through.  You are My instrument.  You are their connection from Heaven to the earth.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, that does not sound right.

Jesus:  In what way, child?

Ruth Ann:  I mean, they can pray straight to You or Your Mother, without me being present.

Jesus:  As I have said, this is true.  But if you had been told that a certain person has a gift from Heaven, and was speaking with our Lord and His Mother, wouldn't you wish prayers of that person?

Ruth Ann:  I don't know as I would wish prayers of that person, but I suppose I would be in awe of their gift.  Maybe even a little envious, but I am more interested in those who get to see You or Your Mother, since I have never been given that gift.

Jesus:  Little one, you have not as yet had an apparition from Me, but the time will come when you will no longer be able to say this.

Ruth Ann:  So why are You waiting so long to do so?

Jesus:  You have been told by Me and My Mother that you will see Her at the time of your death.  She will be there to walk you into the Kingdom of Heaven.  I will come to you after all of your children are settled, and then you will receive a complete healing, but you will be asked to carry a very heavy cross.  The cross is one I have carried, and others after Me, too, have carried this cross. 

You are being prepared, child.  Trust in God.  He knows your limits, your strengths, and weak-nesses.  You have growing to do, you have things to do in the meantime.  And you have been given this year with your family, and time to do some of the things you have not been able to do when you were teaching.  Enjoy your respite, little one.  The time is coming when there will be little time for anyone, or anything, but Me.  That is God's will, and His will, will be done.

Ruth Ann:  I know I have been told these things, but it was so long ago, I had forgotten.  I guess I had just put it out of my mind.

Jesus:  Little one, it was set aside because it was something that was not relevant to that particular time in your life.  Now, it is becoming apparent to you that changes are taking place in your life.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I visited school today.  That is, the school where I taught last year.  I was there for a breakfast for a retiring teacher.  Do You think I will ever go back to teaching, in school, that is?
Jesus:  Little one, you have been told you will be teaching, but in a different capacity.  Let's just leave it at that for the time being.  God has much for you to do.  Know that, and be ready and willing to do His will, and not your own.  You were a teacher for many years, and will continue to be so until the day you die.  Once a teacher, always a teacher, but there are different forms of teaching.  God wishes you to be teaching on behalf of His kingdom, so you must wait and see what He has in store.  Patience, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I've sure heard that enough, Lord.

Jesus:  It is true, child.  God will tell you what He wishes for you to do, and when.  You must be attentive to what He wishes for you to do, and also be willing and obedient.  He will take care of all the rest.  You have much to do today, go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Feb. 8, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, do You wish to talk to me today?

Jesus:  Yes, I would like to speak to you about what is to come.

Ruth Ann:  You mean personally to me, or to others, Lord? 

Jesus:  Little one, I am speaking now of both.  You realize that there is more to come in your prayer life, child, because when I come to you, your life will undergo a rapid change.  There will be many come to your farm who have never been here before, and there will be many seeking you out for prayer, interviews, private audiences, and others just to be in your presence.  For these things you must prepare yourself.  I have tried to prepare you on a gradual basis, but it is difficult to prepare you completely.  Just know, little one, that I will be here for you.  You will not be left alone.  Anything I will have you do will be with My help and support.  You will also have the help and support of your Mother and Mine.  The fairly simple life that you have led up till now will cease to exist.  Are you prepared for this?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have done everything You have asked me to do.  Also the things Your Mother has asked of me.  Should that help?

Jesus:  Yes, little one, and I thank you for being obedient and following all those things you have been asked to do.  Your prayer life has improved greatly.  You are attending Mass daily, receiving the Eucharist, going to Confession on a regular schedule, and you are reading My word, praying the rosary and many other prayers that you have been led to pray.  Your prayer groups and the prayer groups at the farm, these have all been part of preparing you for what is to come, little one.  The groups will continue to grow, little one.  The fruits that are being produced here at this place of prayer are good fruits.  Rest assured, your Jesus and your Mother are pleased with all you are doing.  God blesses those in great abundance who live their life for Him. 

I am telling you again, child, so that when the time comes you will not be overwhelmed.  Your ministry will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.  I know you do not wish to take these words seriously, and you are saying to yourself, 'We'll just have to wait and see', but your Jesus loves you and wishes for you not to be caught off guard.  Those who work with you know this already.  They see God at work in your life. 

You are living one day at a time and not looking at the 'big picture'.  Many can already see what is to come for you, and are spending much time in prayer for you.  This I have placed upon their hearts.  As you continue each day and listen to My voice and the voice of My Mother, realize that this is not the norm.  Most people do not hear Us speak.  You are, and have been, chosen to hear what We are saying because We knew you would be obedient and share, and We knew you would remain humble.  You still cannot believe that I am going to come to you and ask you to carry My cross.  This appears to be beyond your wildest dreams.  You continue to listen and write these words, but you have reservations about this particular revelation.  Why would I tell you something such as this if it were not to be so?  Why would God have put you to the test all these many years?  Why would My Mother have asked for a prayer group to be started at this particular location? 

Little one, do you not see what is coming for you and all those who know you and have been of help to you?  They know the work load is going to increase.  They, your helping hands, realize that the closeness they share with you now, will be difficult in the days to come.  The crowd will continue to grow, and so will the prayer and the time spent ministering to My people. 

It is good you have your priest.  He will keep a tight rein on all that is to happen.  He will not let your farm be turned into an unholy place.  This is an important ministry, and it must be kept with a single focus, prayer.  Along with this prayer will come peace, and graces and miracles in abundance.  But the single focus is prayer.  Praise God, praise Me, and thank all, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for the many graces and blessings being poured out upon those who come here by My Mother. 

Without the help of My Mother, many would not be brought ever closer to Me.  She is preparing Her little ones for the Second Coming, and She is being very diligent in Her effort.  Many do not realize Her importance as My Second Coming is being ushered in, but they will come to know this very special person of My Mother.  She has loved and cared and prayed for all of Her children down through the ages, and She continues to do so even today.  Her concern and love is touching to behold, little one.  You write and you listen, and you continue to share, but you doubt the importance that you are to play in the salvation of many of My children.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I cannot take myself too seriously.  I know me, and I do know I am a sinner.  It's difficult for me to think that You would spend any kind of time with just a 'regular person' like me.

Jesus:  You are not just a regular person.  Yes, you are a sinner, but you have been given a special gift.  Gifts are to share. This you have done.  Now, you will be given something even more beautiful, the gift of My presence and My cross. You have been entrusted with small things, and these small things have grown and produced great fruits.  Now, you shall be entrusted with even greater things.

Ruth Ann:  Whatever You say, Lord, but I am sorry it is so difficult for me to take all of this very seriously.  I love You, and I will do whatever You ask, You know that, so that isn't a problem.  It's just difficult for me to imagine You will actually come to me.  I want it to be so, but I will wait and see just what You have in mind, and You know I will do anything You ask of me, just as I've tried to do in the past.

Jesus:  That is why you have been chosen, little one, for all that is to come.  Go in My peace.  I love you.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.


Message of July 5, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  I'm allowed to speak with You any time I wish.  I don't understand why this is true.

Jesus:  You are achieving the ultimate goal of all My children.  In the Garden of Eden, before sin, this was to be My means of communication with all My children.  Through sin, mankind has turned his back on Me, and shut Me out.  He no longer listened to what I had to say.  If there had not been sin, all of My children would be communicating with Me in this manner.  You have been blessed with a very special gift.  This gift was given to you because I have chosen to do so.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, I'm a sinner.  I still don't understand.

Jesus:  This is so of all My children.  I have chosen this gift for you, so you may share it with others.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, this has touched me very deeply.  I can't imagine being allowed to have access to You in such a way.

Jesus:  It is because I know you will use the gift properly and with responsibility.  You will not abuse, and have never abused, this special blessing.

Ruth Ann:  Again I thank You, Lord, for this special blessing, unworthy though I am.


Message of July 7, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus and
Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I made it through another talk.  I truly felt You and Your Mother were with me all day.  She gave me peace early in the morning and it stayed with me throughout the talk and prayer.  It was a very powerful evening.  The Holy Spirit was definitely at work.  Thank You again, and also I would like to thank Your Mother.

Our Lady:  Child, you have been frightened of what God has chosen for you to do, that it was extremely important for Me, as your Mother, to let you know I am truly here for you.  You have spoken of being alone.  Don't ever feel you are alone.  I am your Mother and I will never leave you.  Much is expected of you, child, and it will all be done for the greater honor and glory of God.  Since it is for His honor and glory, We will be there to help you with all you do, and all you are called to do.  We will not leave you orphaned. 

You feel because you cannot see Me that I am not there.  That is not so.  This was not to be your gift, child.  You have been given a very special gift.  You have access to your Mother and Jesus, and yes, other Heavenlies when you so desire.  You have had this explained to you.  Each child is different.  Each gift is different.  Be at peace with your gift.  In time, you will see My Son.  What greater gift!  Realize, this will be a mixed blessing.  The more you receive, the more will be required of you, but also realize, child, We are here for you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, and again, thank You for getting me off to the right foot yesterday, and helping me be at peace throughout the day.

Our Lady:  You are welcome, child.  I thank you for being obedient.  Go about your day surrounded in the peace of your Jesus, knowing once again you have done the will of the Father in Heaven.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I really expected to talk with You, so speaking with Your Mother was a special surprise this morning.

Jesus:  She wished to thank you for all you are doing on My behalf, little one.  That is the way of My Mother.  She is working continuously to bring Her children to Me, and present them in such a way that I will take pity on them.  She wishes all God's children to be saved.  God's children are Her children.  She feels responsible for each soul, since She is the Mother of all.  Therefore, She is especially touched by those of you willing to witness and pray with others.  Anything you do to draw God's children closer to Me, is especially touching to My Mother.  She calls out for help over and over.  Not many are listening.  Those who do, and truly take what She is saying to heart, are pleasing to Her and to Me.

Ruth Ann:  I thank You both for assisting me last evening.  I know I had nothing to do with it, so I thank You for all that You and Your Mother did last evening.

Jesus:  Much can be done when those who are witnessing for Me are being humble, obedient, and giving of self.  Blessings are yours, child, for being of the heart and mind of your Jesus. 

You have a busy day ahead of you.  Know what you do is greatly appreciated and pleasing to Me.  Go in My peace.  Trust with all your heart in the greatness and goodness of your God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I will, and I also thank You for these beautiful words.

Jesus:  These are words to be shared, child, so all will be aware of how much everything you do for the greater honor and glory of God is truly pleasing in His sight.  It will encourage others to work harder at prayer and acceptance of their plight in life.  It will also help them to realize if they ask for the help of Me or My Mother for anything, We will be there for them, just as We are there for you.  My Mother has many graces available to all Her children.  Her children need only ask for these graces.  Remember, ask and you shall receive.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for the reminder, Lord.


Message of Jan. 21, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, this is Saturday.  Please be with me, as we witness to your greatness and goodness. 

Jesus:  You have asked, and it shall be so. 

Ruth Ann:  We have been extremely busy the past couple of months.  Thank You for being here for us, because during this time, Jim and I have both had bronchitis, as well as the rest of the family.

Jesus:  I have tended to your every need, have I not?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, you have always said the energy and strength would be provided to do Your work, and it has always been exactly as You have said.  Thank You.

In one of the books I am reading, Lord, it speaks of the 'voices' being used, having a tremendous responsibility, and the tremendous responsibility is three-fold:  the responsibility not to add to what is being said, to share what is being said, and to give all the credit to God.  I hope, Lord, that I am doing all those things You would have me do, for Your greater honor and glory.  Could you elaborate on what I have just said?  I am especially touched by this gift being called 'a super-natural gift of hearing', and the visions being allowed as 'super-natural gift of sight'.  I have never thought of these gifts as such.  It truly has touched my heart.

Jesus:  Little one, these gifts are just that.  Certain revelations are given to those of My chosen ones to share with the rest of My children, so their eyes and ears too, can be opened.  As your priest has always said to you, God wishes to speak to all of His people, and He does so in many ways.  Some acknowledge this as coming from God, and others attribute it to 'luck', or 'having a good day'.  It is true that God is careful in choosing those to listen and share, because it is a heavy cross that My children carry.  Those who take this responsibility to their heart, have much to sacrifice.  You have discovered this over time, have you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, I have, Lord.

Jesus:  The blessing has been mixed, as you have said, but it need not be so.  Those who have been given such a gift, must accept it with a humble heart, and realize that it is just that, a gift.  It is one that is given by God, and can be removed by God, and one must accept it as such, realizing that God can remove it at any time.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, somehow I feel this is all relevant.

Jesus:  Little one, you have been reading those things that I would have you read, to explain some things I would have you know.  This information is for confirmation, so necessary to My children.  In a time when Satan is at his strongest, it is important for those of you who are trying to do God's will, to have the support and confirmations so necessary to continue to carry such a heavy burden.  I am providing the confirmations and affirmations that are needed at this time.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I can't help feeling that this has some connection with me, and the removal of such gifts.

Jesus:  Little one, you have been told weeks ago that My Mother's messages will cease, those that are to be shared.  You began to feel it had something to do with your unworthiness.  Now you have been given to know in your heart, that the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.  These gifts are for His needs and His purpose.  When these needs and purposes have been fulfilled, then the need is no longer there for the sharing of this particular gift.

Ruth Ann:  But I was told that Your Mother would always be here for me, and would continue to speak with me as I have need of Her.

Jesus:  This is true, little one, but the messages to share will soon cease.  When that time comes, you must not be saddened.  You will know it is the will of God, and it is for a reason.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for the comforting words.  And thank You for consoling me before it ever happens.

Jesus:  Little one, God wishes you to always be prepared for what is to come.  It is true, only those things that He wishes you to know are revealed to you, in His time, and in His way, because He does not wish you to be overburdened.  Your gift does not allow you to know the future, for yourself, or others.  But your gift does allow you to be prepared for those things that God wishes you to have access to.  You are not to worry about tomorrow.  You are to tend to the work that God has made available to you to do today.  You have accepted the gifts that God has given to you, and you have used them wisely and responsibly.  You have given God all the credit, and you have not accepted any of the credit for yourself.  You have not abused the gifts, and you have shared those things that you have been asked to share.  That is why you have been chosen to receive such a gift as this.  You have been, and will continue to remain humble, realizing you are nothing without the grace of God.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, not only must I remain humble, and I do pray that I remain so, I have a difficult time sharing my gift.  Please help others realize I am not important, that it is your gift that is important, and the words You and Your Mother share.  I do not wish to be made out to be more than I am.  Just like everyone else, each of us has a special gift of some kind.  Some of us are just expected to be more visible than others, with their gifts.

Jesus:  Little one, continue to feel this way.  This, too, is a gift.  The gift of humility is just that, a gift.  God wishes you to be humble, so that others may see that humility in you.  Child, you are needed in these times.  So many of My children feel that power and strength are of importance in this age of materialism.  It is important that my children see that there are still those who seek not to be important, but only to do the will of the Father, just as I and My Mother have done.  You do not seek to be known, nor do you seek monetary rewards.  God will tend to all your needs, and will see that those who need to hear the words being spoken to you by Him and His Mother, will hear them.  You need not do anything.  It will all be done for you. 

Continue to listen and share those words being spoken to you.  'Obedience' and 'trust' are the words that are extremely important in doing the will of God.  Be at peace with your gifts, knowing God can remove them at any time as He so chooses.  You will not be saddened.  As a door is closed, another will be opened.  Go in My peace, and know I am with you today, as I am at all times.


Message of Feb. 23, 1995,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  Little one, you are concerned that the messages have ceased.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Be not afraid, I am here.  You are tired and in need of your rest.  I will speak with you another time.

Ruth Ann:  Are You putting me off, Lord?  Because I am feeling that You are finished sharing.

Jesus:  Little one, the time of My sharing has ceased.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, how can this be?  Everything is happening so fast.  Your Mother has quit sharing, and now You.  What does this mean?

Jesus:  Little one, it means that the time for My 'words to share', has come to an end.  That is all that it means.  Remember, God gives gifts, and He also removes them.  It is for a reason, little one, and in time it will all be made clear to you.  You will begin witnessing to My children in a new way, and it will be soon.  The words that have been spoken are no longer being given to you to share.  You are feeling like you are being deserted, little one, and that is not the case.  Be at peace with what I am saying to you this day.  You have been prepared for this in many ways, and so have those who have been listening. 

Again, be not afraid.  I am with you.  Prepare for what is to come.  Great blessings are in store.