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June 2014
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of August 6, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  I am here, little one.  Little one, bless you for listening.  You have been having a difficult time.  This need not be the case.  Your Jesus is here for you.  You feel overwhelmed by the demands placed upon you.  This need not be the case.  Little one, remember how you need encouragement in this, your mission, and this will help you in being patient with those around you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it's just that so many people continue to ask me for advice about their personal lives.

Jesus:  Little one, you will be told only those things that God wishes you to know.  They too, can hear the voice of God and My Mother in their prayer.  God answers all prayer.  It is their responsibility to listen and be patient.  There will be much demand for these answers placed upon you, your gift, and your time.  You need only decline, child.  You cannot be all things to all people.  This is only possible with God.  He can do all things and be all things to His people.  Your priest has told you, you must keep your peace, so have I.  God's people will completely take over each hour of your life if you allow them;  not because they wish to harm you, but they wish to be close to someone who is bringing the light of God into their lives.  So you must be patient little one, but you must be firm.  You must let them know that My Mother is not to be bothered with mundane things.  They too, can pray and get answers.  You are not a fortune teller.  You are a child of God, blessed with a special gift.  You have been told this gift has been given to you because God knows you will not abuse it.  You do not ask mundane questions for yourself or your family.  Why should you do it for others?   And too, you feel burdened concerning the mechanics of all that is being done on your farm.  Child, you are not to be concerned about these things.  That is why you have been sent helping hands along the way.  They are to make the decisions that are to beautify your farm for Me and for My Mother.  Child, remember, in all you do and say, you must focus on Me.  This will help to lighten your burden.  Others will come to know that God only speaks those things to you that He wishes you to hear.  Sometimes it is through My Mother, sometimes the Holy Spirit, sometimes it is through your priest.  But God makes sure you hear what He wishes you to hear. 

You do not have to ask questions for others.  This is not your gift, and you are not to abuse your gift in this way.  When someone asks you to ask My Mother a question, tell them, "She only tells me those things She wishes me to hear."  Be kind and be gentle, and tell them you will join them in prayer for their answers.  They need only listen, and they too, will be spoken to.  Sometimes it is through others they will receive their answers, or some special sign, but all God's children must listen and be attentive to the answers given them.  They are not to depend upon those such as you to have their questions answered. 

You are to listen to Me and My Mother.  You are to share the words and blessings that have been given to you.  You are to pray and prepare for My coming.  That is all you are responsible for at this time.  Listen to the instructions given to you and share all with your priest.  He has been given much wisdom, and will do great things for Me and My Mother.  Know this is true, child.  Be not afraid, and do not be overwhelmed.  The graces are here for you, and so is the peace needed to get through the trying times ahead.  I am that peace.  You are not to feel pressured to listen to Me. 

God knows you have a family and that you have much to do.  That is why He has provided this year for you to grow and be with your family, without the daily pressure of your job.  He does not wish to take anything from you, and He realizes you will miss teaching, but the graces you will earn as a result of doing His will, the will of God, will earn you much peace.  Your weekends are full, so you must have time through the week for prayer and family.  That time is to be for you.  Speak with Me child, even when you do not have the time to write down what I am saying to you.  It is most important that you do this.  It is easy to lose sight of the peace given to you child, in a world filled with noise and things that are not of Me.  That is why it is so important to receive the Eucharist on a daily basis.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is extremely important.  The priest is 'Me' in confession.  He can return peace when your peace has been disturbed.  There are all kinds of helps along the way.  Prayer partners are available when you feel you are in need of extra prayer.  All of these things are available to all My children.  I have given man so much to help him walk the way of his cross, but he forgets, and tries to do all these things alone.  I did not put man on the earth to be alone in his journey or his sufferings.  I did not die on the cross for Me, or My Father.  I  did it for you, My children.  I did the will of My Father, but it was for you, My little ones, that My life was given up on the earth, and renewed in the Resurrection.  All of these things I have done for My children, so they can have Me to carry them through the difficulties of life.  My Mother is here during these times too, that are difficult.  She is sharing graces and signs to help them through their journey of faith.

That is what life is all about, child.  It is not success, money, big homes, cars, etc.  It is being sustained through your way of the cross, so that you too, can be resurrected in the last days, and spend eternity with Him Who has made you.  Your life here is short, but the road is long and difficult.  God sends as many helps to you along the way, that it takes to get you where He would like for you to be.  He wants you to see His will in all He does.  He wants you to call out to Him for the graces needed to complete your journey here on the earth.  His graces are there for you.   He knows your needs, but He likes for you to ask for these graces.  He also wishes to be thanked when you have been blessed with the answers to your prayers.  This is no more and no less than you would expect from one another.

Now child, I know you are busy.  These things I have told you should help you and others understand the will of God.  You are here to share what God has told you through the Heavenlies.  You are here to listen and pray for others.  You are not here to answer questions that My children would have you ask of Me or My Mother.  That is not your gift, child.  If it were, you would have no time for peace.  And it is important child, that you keep your peace, in order that you be able to pray for others and share this peace with others.  Go in My peace, little one.  You have another busy day ahead of you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of October 6, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother Mary.

Our Lady:  Yes child, I am here to speak with you.

Ruth Ann:  I am sorry I took so long, but I've had so many phone calls.  I wanted to speak with You before things got so busy.

Our Lady:  Child, we will have time to talk without interruption.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.

Our Lady:  You were pleased to attend the Marian Conference.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, I was.  It was something that I certainly needed for my spirit, and apparently my body, too.  I'm feeling much better, after having been sick and cranky for a couple of weeks.

Our Lady:  I am pleased you enjoyed your weekend.  You had a concern about the conference.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, I did, the lack of confessors.  There were thousands of people there for the conference, and only two priests hearing confession.  You keep telling us in Your messages, and so does Your Son, how important it is to confess our sins; and yet, confession is not being made available as it should be, or at least this is how I feel.

Our Lady:  Yes child, this saddens My heart.  It is through the desire and prayers of My children that these things will be corrected.  My children must let their priests know how important confession is to the peace of mind.  There must be time set aside monthly for My children.  I would prefer it more frequently.  One must have the Sacrament of Reconciliation so they can receive My Son in Holy Communion free from sin. 

My children have gotten so far away from the faith they had as children; this very special time when you knew Jesus was in the Eucharist, you knew the priest took the place of Jesus in the confessional, you knew that the consecration of the Eucharist was the re-enactment of the death of My Son, Jesus.  What has happened to all of My children?  Where is their faith? 

Much prayer is needed, children.  Pray for My priests to help them realize that they have one of the greatest gifts that God can bestow on a human being, the gift of the priesthood.  They continue to wish to be worldly, and that is not what God wishes for them to be.  God wishes for them to minister to His people, just as My Son has asked you to do.

Ruth Ann:  Our Lady, if I had had the gift of absolving sins, I would have given up the conference to hear confessions.  So many people were being touched by the messages, and then there was no place to go to receive forgiveness.

Our Lady:  Child, I know your concern.  I too, have the same concern.  Why do you think I continually call on all of My children for prayer?  There are special graces to be had in both the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Both are necessary, the two go together.  There are many graces needed during these times when the evil one is so strong.  These graces are available through the Sacraments.  My children should attend Mass and Communion as often as possible, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation too, must be received on a regular basis.  If they are not available to you, you must ask for them.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother Mary.

Our Lady:  Child, there are many things that you are discovering about the condition of the world.  Much more will be revealed to you as time goes on.  It will help you to realize the importance of what you are doing.  It will help you to be aware of how important it is, having a special place to gather, blessed by Me and My Son, a place where all can pray for the needs of the world corrupted by sin.  A place of peace and prayer to receive the graces and blessings of miracles that God has to offer in abundance is greatly needed at this time. 

Thank you for having responded to My call to house the Medjugorje Prayer Group on your farm.  Had you not accepted My call, it, this place of peace and prayer, would not be available for My children.  There would be no refuge for My children to come to, to remove themselves from the world and place themselves in the presence of Me and My Son.  Here they can find peace and love they could not find in other places.  Here they can find a little piece of Heaven.  We are grateful you have listened, little child.

Ruth Ann:  There is much work to be done here, Our Lady.

Our Lady:  But much has been done already.  It will all be done, child.  All will fall into place.  You have listened and shared My messages with those who can do the things that need to be done.

Ruth Ann:  We have a weekend of prayer coming up, the third weekend of this month.  Please be here, Mother, to pray with us.

Our Lady:  Child, it is a weekend given in My honor.  How can I not be here?  I will be here, as will be many of the angels and saints in Heaven as well.  Feel blessed child, because this will be a very special weekend.  Those who come will feel My presence.  Many will come.  Child, I am your Mother, but I am also the Mother of all the children on the earth.  I wish to draw all My children to My Son.  If it takes miracles to do this, then the miracles shall be done.

Ruth Ann:  I thank You, Mother, for the miracles, because I know how much they are needed, and how much each miracle strengthens and renews my faith and trust in God.  I must go now.

Our Lady:  Go in the peace of Jesus Christ, child.  Know that My love is with you at all times.  My mantle surrounds you, as do many angels.


Message of October 16, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, this is a very busy weekend, but I wanted to touch base with You today.

Jesus:  Yes little one, I know you have much ahead of you today, but all will go well.  Your Jesus will see to that.

Ruth Ann:  You'll have to Lord, it all depends upon You.

Jesus:  Know this in your heart child, all those who need to be here will be brought here.  It is just as My Mother had said, "Each one brought here is being brought here by special invitation."  This grace to be had here in this place of prayer is in abundance.  This is not something that you can do anything about, little one.  This is a gift given to My children, to help them through the trying times ahead.

Ruth Ann:  I keep hearing about 'the trying times ahead', Lord.  Could You be more specific?

Jesus:  Little one, it is not necessary for Me to do so.  It is enough for you to know that it is to be so.  Times will become more and more difficult for My children, but it is important that all continue to focus on God.  He is the One in control of the master plan.  Satan is having his day, but in the end he will be crushed.  Even he is aware of this, and that is why he is in such a frenzy, destroying anyone and anything in his path that he can.  My children must be strong, and not give in to the temptations and the turmoil put before them.  God loves His children, and He wishes them to turn to Him in this time of great strife.  I too, am aware that no matter where you turn, there is evil.  There are horrors and cruelties done against My children in all forms. 

So much prayer is needed, little one.  That is the reason for places such as this.  This is a special place set aside for prayer, so that all denominations from all walks of life can gather here.  Many could not go to their individual churches together in such great numbers, but in a neutral territory, many will come.  Not just Catholics, but many who love Me and My Mother will be called here.  Now do you understand the importance of a place such as this?  It is a gathering place where all of My children can come together as one, one family in Christ Jesus, with God as the focal point. 

My Mother is calling to Her children to do just those things of which I am speaking.  She is calling Her child-ren to prayer, and not only prayer, but prayer from the heart.  Mean what you are saying, make sacrifices, do penance, love one another.  All of these things She keeps telling Her children.  To all She is saying, "Pray the rosary.  It is the chain that is to strangle the grip of Satan."  To Her Catholic children She is saying, "Go to Confession at least monthly, and receive the Eucharist as frequently as possible."  There are special graces in these Sacraments.  These Sacraments are beautiful gifts given to you by God.  These gifts are special graces that help keep you on the right path.  It is like a little fence that is put up to keep one from falling into a dangerous area.  Without the fence, one might fall into a dangerous pit and harm oneself.  These Sacraments are provided for My children to provide the protection from danger.  The more you receive them, the stronger the fence, the more you will have what it takes to fight against the evil one who continues to want to harm all of God's children.  Stay on the right path.  Keep inside the fence, and you will be protected from the harm that can be caused by the evil one. 

Many slip and fall off the path and fall through the fence.  They have not taken advantage of the graces that have been provided for them.  I am telling you, no, reminding you, these graces are available in abundance.  Take advantage of them while they are still being provided.  Graces are being given in places such as this all over the world.  Many more will continue to come as the time of My Second Coming draws nearer and nearer.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, when You speak of a Second Coming, You talk as though it is just around the corner, but in the Bible, Your Apostles too, spoke of Your Second Coming as though it would be soon, and look how long it has been.

Jesus:  Little one, no one knows the day or the hour, but you have been given signs to help you become aware that it will be soon.  Those who are listening and hearing with their ears, watching and seeing with their eyes, become more and more aware of the signs.  Even My Mother has told many She is here to announce My Second Coming, just as John the Baptist announced My First Coming.  Many do not listen, but many are being told.  Do not be afraid, little one, I am here to provide you with the graces and help along the way.  The road will not be easy, but the road has great rewards at the end.  So even though the path is difficult, narrow, and rocky, the rewards will far outweigh any of the hardships which one must endure. 

Now I know you have a busy weekend.  Go, and enjoy this weekend of prayer.  Know that I will be here with you as will My Mother.  She is pleased to be given such special attention, and I too, am pleased.  The angels and saints in Heaven will be praying and rejoicing with you this weekend.  Know that all is in God's hands.  My blessings are given to you and this special group gathered here in prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Dec. 16, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  When My Mother came to you with the daily messages for the world, she began by saying, "Return to the faith you had as a small child when you trusted in My Son and I completely."  There was much meaning in those words hidden from those who did not understand.  Those simple words spoken to you by My Mother have a much deeper meaning than just what they say.  Those who are learned in the ways of God, and the teachings of the Church, will understand what My Mother is trying to say over and over through your lack of theology.  My priests who have read, and will read, your books and messages have understood the true meaning of what My Mother is saying through you, and those such as you.

Continue to be an instrument through which We may speak to those who are listening.  Many will return to their beloved Church and to Me.  My Mother will begin to receive the love that was denied Her by those who minimize Her position in the plan of Redemption.  You have spoken of your love for Me and My Mother and the gift of the Sacraments.  Others, through you, will realize that they, too, will find peace through the confessing of their sins.  The clean-sing of the souls of My children are in great need.

Many are ignoring Confession, and still receiving My Body and Blood with grievous sins on their souls.  They do not understand that in doing so, they are even further being disrespectful to Me.  Many do not understand or believe that I am truly present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.  They don't realize they must prepare for My coming to them in Holy Communion, just as they would prepare for a special guest coming into their home.  They would clean and tidy up their houses to receive their special guest.  So, too, My children should tidy up their souls to receive Me, the most special of guests. 

I am not just a casual acquaintance that can be treated in 'any old way'.  I am the One Who has given you the gift of eternal life.  My children have wandered far from the values put before them in the years past.  But through those who are listening and being obedient to the Pope, they will be reminded.  Many will realize that man, in wanting changes, has gone too far.  Many will begin to realize much that was discarded as 'not important' needs to be returned.  Those not listening will continue down the wrong path to destruction.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know.  I continue to have these things placed upon my heart, the importance of the Eucharist and of Confession.

Jesus:  These are extremely important for the graces needed during these times.  Man is about to experience even more upheaval, and he must be prepared for what is to come.  These two Sacraments are needed desperately by My children, but they must be treated with the respect they deserve.  All that you were taught as a young child is true, child.  These teachings have not and cannot ever be changed.

Many wanted change, and wanted a church to keep up with the times.  'The times' have nothing to do with the teachings of God and the Church.  The truths are just as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago.  The truth, God's word, never changes.  Man has changed, and therefore wants a license to sin.  This cannot be.  Pray for the lost sheep, and those that will be led astray by those unwilling to stand firm in their faith.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, this is a very strong message.

Jesus:  Yes little one, it is, but so are you and those who will receive this message and take it to heart.  I have said that much more is to come, little one, and this is true.  Listen and receive what I am saying to you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I love You, and thank You again for the gift of Holy Communion and Confession.  They are of great comfort to me, as is my rosary. 

Jesus:  All are a source of many graces for you and My children, little one.  Share what I have spoken to you as well as My love and concern for all of My children.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of Dec. 31, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have felt so empty, with no desire to pray.  I'd just like to have the time to read a book, not spiritual, and ignore all the other daily rituals.  I look at the world around me and think, "What's the use?"

Jesus:  Child, of course there will be days like this where you feel overwhelmed with your daily routine of prayer.  These times, you must offer up your feeling as a prayer.  Always tell Me exactly how you feel, and I will help restore your peace and desire to pray.  If you let the feelings continue for long periods of time, prayer can become a real problem.  Sometimes you just need a day to pray in another way.  Maybe you just need quiet time with Me, to listen.  If you pull away entirely, then you know it is not something that is of Me that is happening to you. 

Sometimes the evil one wishes to interfere and draw you away from prayer, through selfish motives.  One must analyze their feelings at these times, and decide if the desire is because they have been praying a great deal, and just need a quiet change for a few days, or if the evil one is trying to deceive you into thinking you need a change.  He would like nothing more than to pull you away from those things that provide you with this special grace to continue to do the will of God.  So think about how you really feel.  Do you wish to be away from Me entirely, through selfish desires, or are you just feeling the need to listen, and not feel obliged to do your daily routine?

Ruth Ann:  I don't wish to ignore You completely, Lord, and I feel guilty not attending Mass and Communion, so I guess it's just that the daily prayers begin to wear on me.

Jesus:  I am pleased you do not wish to give up the Eucharist.  That is most important for your peace and the graces you need for what is to come.  My children do not understand that graces can be stored up so they will be available for use at another time.  All things you do in faith and love of God is a prayer.  Even the work you do throughout the day can be offered to God as a prayer.  Any little sacrifice you do for someone is a prayer. 

When My Mother says to you, "Make sacrifices," there are many ways in which one can make a sacrifice.  It can be, not taking dessert, abstaining from complaining about someone or something that is bothering you, doing something for someone without complaining about it, all of these things are sacrifices, and are a form of prayer, if they are done for the right reasons. 

Mothers of small children have a difficult time saying prayers or having a set time to pray, but they can offer up all they do on behalf of their little children, as a prayer.  There are many ways to pray, little one, and sometimes one must take time to decide if what they are doing is out of habit, or the desire to please Me and make a difference in this world that is so full of darkness. 

Prayer is just not for the one doing it, it is for those around you who never take time to pray at all.  Your prayers are needed for all those who are not aware they should be praying.  My Mother continues to tell all of Her children, "Pray for those who are in need of conversion."  Those are the ones who continue on each day, feeling as though they are in charge.  They have no clue that the evil one is in control of their life.  They would have you think there is no God.  These are the ones who need much prayer, and they have no idea there is anything wrong in their life.  They go through each day, filling it with work, television, or some other form of distraction, totally shutting Me out and feeling that they are doing what they should be doing.  Some will attend Mass on Sunday and feel they have done all that is required to make them a good, Christian person.  There is much more than that needed to please Me. 

That is what My Mother is trying to tell all of My children.  Pray from the heart.  Don't do it out of habit.  Don't just 'rattle off' a bunch of prayers.  Think about what you are doing and saying.  It is better to say one prayer from the heart than many out of habit, with no feeling.  God listens to all prayer, but 'quality' is most important, versus 'quantity'. 

Hopefully what I am saying to you is helping you with the feeling you are having.  Just remember, if you are being pulled away from Me, and the desire to be with Me, then the evil one is at work.  If you are only feeling a need to be at prayer in another way, such as just quietly sitting and thinking about Me and all I have done for you, then it is just 'change' you are seeking. 

But please, child, do not deny yourself the Eucharist.  That is most important for the graces needed to do the will of God.  The Eucharist and Sacrament of Reconciliation go hand in hand.  If for any reason you cannot attend Mass, then make a spiritual Communion, but do not deny yourself this most important source of strength.  This daily miracle, celebrated by My chosen servants, is most important for you.  This is true of all My children.  So few take the time to make this sacrifice in order to receive these special graces, but it is most important to do so.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for putting things in proper perspective for me, Lord.  So many prayers have been added over a period of time, that I guess I was just concerned about not being able to do it all every day.  I guess I just need to rest in You and the prayer will come.

Jesus:  This is true, child.  Love and trust in Me, and I will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, I already feel better, and want to pray.

Jesus:  There is such a need, little one, such a need.  If only My children were aware of what awaits them if they do not turn back to Me in prayer, they would not be spending so much time entertaining themselves with mindless tasks and noise.  They would be praying, attending Mass, and reconciling themselves and their souls with their divine Creator.  But man wishes to bury his head in the sand, and ignore all the signs that tell them they are in the 'end times'.  Man wishes to ignore that he has very little time to reconcile his life and prepare his soul.  He wishes to think he is not in need of the One Who created him, or the graces being made available through the Mother of His Son.  These are the ones who are in most need of much prayer, little one.  These are the ones you must take the time to pray for, so they will be converted before it is too late for them.

Ruth Ann:  I understand, Lord.


Message of Sept. 19, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to speak with Me?

Our Lady:  Child, My Son has said it all.  My Heart is saddened for My children, for I have tried so hard to get the attention of all who are on the earth.  Many ignore, and there are those who listen and do not take to heart what is being said.  They continue to seek signs and wonders, and do not choose to pray.  Many are not receiving the Sacraments.  Many are not treating My Son with respect.  Many are receiving Him without first cleansing their soul in the Sacrament of Confession.  What must I do to get the attention of My children?  My appearances, words, and signs brought with Me from a God Who loves His children, have not been working.  Now My children must suffer.

Ruth Ann:  But what of those who are listening?

Our Lady:  They must stay focused on My Son, Jesus, and not lose faith.  That was, and is, the purpose of My visits to mankind, to bring all back to God, and prepare My children for the Second Coming of My Son, just as John ushered in His First Coming, I am here to usher in His Second Coming.  That is why it is so important for My children to turn back to God.  There is not much time left for them to get their lives in order. 

Child, be at peace with all that is being said to you.  God loves you and is pleased with all you have done.  Your 'yes' has been a blessing to you and those around you.  Your world and life have been turned upside down, but you have a divine purpose for existing.  You are to help My children in the days ahead, to stay focused on My Son.  Be obedient to the will of God, and know the graces needed to minister to God's people in the days ahead, will be there for you.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for speaking with me, Mother.