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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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March 2011
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 1, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Our Lady, will You speak with me?

Our Lady:  Yes child, I am here.

Ruth Ann:  I have not spoken with You recently, except for messages.  I have been caught up in all that has been going on around me.

Our Lady:  Yes child, I realize this, but you have spoken with My Son.  It is very important that you do so, even if you don't take the time to write down what He is saying to you.  He is your peace.  Without peace, man cannot exist here on the earth.  Do not shut your Jesus out.

Ruth Ann:  I will remember.

Our Lady:  Many things happen that we do not understand, child.  Remember that.  Sometimes when you are spoken to, you will think you understand clearly and distinctly what is being told to you, but it is not always as it seems, so you should have learned something of great importance through the death of your friend.  God's will is not always our will, neither are His ways our ways.  Hopefully, what you have learned from this, is to be more dependent on your priests, and less dependent on yourself.  That is what dying of self is all about.

Ruth Ann:  I have so much to learn.  Will I ever be ready for Your Son to use me as He needs?

Our Lady:  My child, 'yes' is your answer.  He would not have chosen you if you were not to be molded for His use. You are an instrument through which God is to pour many graces out to His children.  An instrument, child, has no will of its own.  God wishes you to totally surrender to Him for His use.  You are not to think for God.  You are not to analyze His messages or deeds.  You are only to be obedient to His will.  Be obedient and listen.  Write down what He shares with you, so all His children will know He is alive, and wishes to give them His mercy.

Dear child, I know all this is difficult for you.  All those who have agreed to do the will of God have had a difficult time, but remember the times are difficult on the earth, but the rewards in the next life are great.  If you could only see, you would have no doubt as to what you must do.

Ruth Ann:  I know I have doubts from time to time.  Help me, Mother, to have the submission and total surrender of Your heart.  Help me to be more like You.  I know God is in need of willing vessels, but why do I have such a difficult time doing what He wants of me?  My life is such a roller-coaster.

Our Lady:  Child, this is true of all those chosen to do His will.  The evil one wishes to confuse you.  He attacks at every turn.  Be aware of this, but also be aware that I am here for you, as are all the angels and saints in Heaven.  We are all at your disposal, and you can call on Us, and your Jesus, as the need arises.  When you are hurt and confused, do not shut Us out.  That is when you need Us most.  I wish to keep you in the folds of My protective mantle.  Do not pull away.  I will help make difficult times easier for you.  Please turn to your Mother.  When you are sad, I will help dry your tears, and I will soften the hurt.  I love you, dear child, you are special to Me and you are special to My Son.  Come to Me in your hours of need.

Ruth Ann:  I will try to remember this.  There is always so much going on, things to do, etc.

Our Lady:  There will come a time when you will have all the time you need for prayer and your Jesus.  In the meantime, find quiet time to speak with My Son and Me.  We can help you grow and become all God wishes you to be.  I love you.  Now go, and know My protective mantle surrounds you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Our Lady, for Your love and guidance.


Message of June 16, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups
Dear Children,

Again your Mother invites you to listen and live the messages.  Again, I ask you to pray.  Be aware, little children, that God is in control of your lives.  You are not the one who is in control.  Let your hearts break open, accept His holy will for you.  Do not fight what God wishes of you.  Each one of you has a special purpose in God's plan of salvation.  Listen to what He tells you.  Be obedient to His will and not your own.  You cannot have peace and fight the will of God.  He loves you and knows what is best.  He knows the whole picture.  Each one of you and your lives are a part of this picture.  Do not hold back, or the picture will not be able to be completed.  See how important you are to God's plan?  Not man's will, but God's will be done.  That is your purpose for being here dear children, it is as you have learned as a small child.  You are put on the earth to know, love and serve God, and then return to Heaven and be happy with Him forever.  Man has forgotten this.  He still thinks his reason for being here is to be happy and serve himself.  Give yourselves over to God.  Let Him know you love Him.  My protective mantle surrounds you.  Seek God's peace.


Message of July 14, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, why is it so difficult to get my weekly messages some days?

Our Lady:  Child, you know the answer before I say it to you.  It becomes more and more difficult because of interference of the evil one.  The more he is aware of the good someone does, the harder he works at trying to stop or destroy the one who is doing the good.  This only makes sense, does it not?  He would not bother someone who is doing nothing, or someone who is doing harm to others.  They are doing the bidding of the prince of darkness, without even realizing they have played into the hands of the one who hates God.  Since he hates God, then it also makes sense that he would hate anyone who is trying to do the work that God would have them do.

Life for those who love God, and try hard to do His will, is not an easy one, child.  You have known this and will continue to experience a life of difficulty, because of the love you have in your heart for others, and the love you have for God.  This love brings with it trials and tribulations, child.  Many heartaches and much suffering comes, but the rewards are so great.  The rewards for the heartaches and pain you will experience here, because of your special gift, will be beyond anything you could imagine.  God is watching over you child, when He asks you to do something, and you are obedient.  Do you think for one minute He will not reward you?  Much has happened to you, much that you have not asked to have happen.  It is all a part of God's plan.

Reflect upon the message you were given at Medjugorje.  Everything I have told you is being unfolded before you, one by one.  That is why it is important for you to share all that God is doing in your life.  It is important because it shows My children that God does care.  He has cared so much, He has sent His only Son to the earth to suffer and die on their behalf.  He cares so much He is sending His Mother, as He sent His beloved prophet, John the Baptist, among His children to tell them to prepare.  It is time, children, it is time to stop and listen to what God is saying to all of His children. 

As your Mother, I continue to plead with My children who are not listening.  Please be good, do as your Father says, be obedient, repent of your sins.  Man is not listening child, because he does not want to believe that the world, as he knows it, cannot last.  Man is destroying himself and his world by greed, lust, and hate.  A world built on sand will crumble.  The evil one is guilty of making man believe he does not need God, and God is the only One who can save you.  He created you, and He can save you, and will do so if you open your heart to Him.  Open your hearts dear children, while there is still time.

That is the reason so many of God's children are receiving apparitions, locutions, and other special gifts.  These are being given to share and help others that have been hiding their heads in the sand.  It is a gift, but it is also a burden.  Those who have gone before you and have tried to awaken the children who are sleeping, have not found it an easy task.

Much persecution will come child, but God will be with you.  He is sending special people into your life to help and pray for you.  There will be many who will laugh at you and call you crazy, but it will be their loss, child.  You are here to present what God is telling you, and if they choose to let it fall on deaf ears, you are to shake the dust from your feet and walk on.  Those who listen and have their hearts touched, will be able to touch the lives and hearts of others.  That is why so many miracles are being granted to My children through you and this farm, in this Haven of Peace and Prayer.  This has been granted as a special grace to My children to gain strength they will need through the trying times ahead.  This is a place to fortify their faith and trust in God.  Many graces and many miracles are being granted here, little child, more than you could ever possibly be aware of.  This is because you and your wonderful family are being obedient and are sharing the blessings that God has bestowed upon you.

The miracles in your life, and those of your family, the farm, your very lives, are becoming the beacon that I have spoken to you about in Medjugorje.  If you have a difficult time with this, it is because you are humble, and those who are humble do not think it possible that they could be so important in God's plan.  Believe it, child.  Know the hand of God is upon you and your dear family.  Know also, that all God has planned will come to fruition.  The evil one will not stop what God has in store for you to help save His children.  Know this in your heart, child.  Your Mother has spoken.

Much is to come, child, but you will not be alone.  You become afraid from time to time, because the evil one chooses to make you feel you are not worthy, and should not be doing any of this.  If not you child, then who?  Not many are willing to give up life, career, home, privacy, family, and follow My Jesus.  Many say 'yes', but when the time comes for the testing, they say 'sorry', and refuse. 

You have said many times, you feel you are caught between a rock and a hard place.  Either way you would turn, you could not experience the peace you would like.  Child, focus on Jesus.  That is your peace in this time of darkness.  He is the stability that all must seek.  He is your port in the storm.  You cannot turn away from your destiny because you have said the quiet would overwhelm you.  You are right, My child, you have been chosen to help God save His children.  This is no small task.  Those who have come to know you, realize more so than you, the magnitude of the task set before you by God.  That is why so many have offered to pray for you.  God will continue to place this upon the hearts of many.  Be not afraid, little child of God.  God is watching over you.  Pray and be obedient.  God will take care of the rest.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for taking the time to speak with me this morning, Mother.  I was in need of Your reassuring words.  I don't necessarily like hearing about the hard times ahead, but I do need to be reminded that what I am doing, has been and will continue to be, watched over by God.  I do not wish to lead anyone astray.  That is my biggest fear.

Our Lady:  Child, that is a fear placed there by the evil one.  How can you lead someone astray when you are telling My children how good God has been to you?  Remember, there are no good fruits produced by someone who is of the evil one; you will know them by their fruits.  Child, you can only produce good fruit, because you are doing the will of God.  The fruit will be in great abundance.  Time and patience will see the plan of God unfold, and the harvest will be great.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You again for reassuring me.

Our Lady:  Child, I am always here for you.  Be not afraid.  God is with you and will see you through all that is ahead.  God blesses you and your family.  Continue to love and serve your Master and Creator of this perfect plan.


Message of Nov. 17, 1993 from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother Mary.

Our Lady:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Since You were giving me the message for prayer group, would You mind speaking with me for a few minutes?

Our Lady:  Child, I am here for you as long as you have a need. 

Ruth Ann:  It seems I don't speak to You as much as I'd like.

Our Lady:  As long as you speak with My Son, that is all that is important.  Remember, that is why I am here, to call all of the children back to Him.  How can I criticize one who is doing what I have asked for, over and over?  Child, I am pleased you are spending more and more time with My Son.

Ruth Ann:  It's just that I know You are providing so many graces to so many people who come here to the farm in faith to pray, that I don't want You to think You are not appreciated.  You are loved more than I can ever tell You.

Our Lady:  Child, it is because of the graces of God that I am here to provide these graces for you.  I could not do these things for My children, if it were not allowed by the One Who has created you.  Tell My children they must remember to thank God for allowing Me to come and minister to His children in so many ways.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, those who read this will know.  Most already are aware that it is through the love of God and His mercy that You have been allowed to minister to us.  Especially to those of us in the United States.  Most of us never expected the miracles here.  That was something far away, and not given to those in the United States.

Our Lady:  Child, it is because of the grave situation in the world that I have been sent to you.  Our Lord continues to reach out to His children in hopes of drawing as many back to Him as possible.  I have offered to be the Mother of His children, when I had said 'yes' to His will many, many years ago, as a small child.  Now I have come to ask many of those chosen to say 'yes' to do His will.  All of those who answer My call for prayer and sacrifice are doing much to save many.  There is so much to be done.  The harvest is great and the laborers are few.  Be aware of this when you read My messages.  Take them to your heart, and do all that is asked of you. 

Live My messages for they are the words of Sacred Scripture.  They are the words of God.  They are the words spoken by My Son while He was here among God's children on the earth.  The sorrow He felt in His heart over the loss of many of His children, He continues to feel.  His Agony in the Garden of Gethsemene was not just for one day.  It was for the entire world, and for the life of the world, past, present, and future.  The pain over the sinfulness of His children was extremely difficult for My Son to endure.  But He did it for you and all the other children that were to be born and sin, over and over.  Children it is important that you realize this, so that you will think twice before sinning.  Not only does it cause a stain upon your soul, but it pains My Son deeply.  Dear children, listen and live the messages.  Pray and make sacrifices.  Prayer can, and will, make a difference.  Share this with My children.

Ruth Ann:  It will be done.

Our Lady:  Go in His peace, child, to love and serve Him.


Message of May 8, 1994,  from Our Lady

Our Lady:  As a Child of God, I was given the special gift of becoming the Mother of Jesus.  My simple 'fiat' gave birth to the salvation of mankind. 

How great God is, little child of God!  If everyone could only realize the importance of this special gift.  This tiny Baby born of a humble Mother, in humble surroundings, was given to the entire world as a special light to touch the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of God's children.  This Child brought into the world as the result of the love of a Father for His children, resulted in the gift of eternal life to all those who seek to follow in this Child's footsteps. 

Child, I have heard you speak of concern as you continue to share with God's children the messages you are receiving.  In hearing them read aloud to you, you have felt the power behind these words.  You have expressed a concern about stepping out in faith, and you have said, "You are in over your head," as you put it.  Child, those who choose to follow the will of God are indeed in over their head.  That is because it is not you, but God Who dwells within you who is in control. 

Your simple 'fiat', child, has led you to the foot of the cross.  There you have said, "Lord, I am willing to die for You, but there is only one of me, and I can only die once."  Child, this is not so.  You continue to die over and over for My Son and the graces that flow out from you to others as a result of your 'death' continue to multiply.  Lives and hearts are being touched.  You are making My work easier, child, by sharing in the suffering and death of My Son.  God blesses you for that, and I bless you for that.  What a gift you are to Me, and what a gift you are to My Son!  I thank you from the bottom of My Mother's heart for your love and the tender, loving care you have for My children. 

As you share your faith experiences and pray with others, you grow in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.  This is passed on to those around you.  You are experiencing growth in spirit and growth in your ministry.  This is the result of your simple 'fiat' to Almighty God.  Continue, child, to be obedient and hear and share the word of God.  My children are desperate, and they hunger for these words.  They need someone to help them grow in their strength and faith, so they too, can witness and bring hope to those around them. 

I give you My Motherly blessing.  Rest, child, you have had a busy week, and next week will be even busier.  Know My love and strength are there with you, as is the love of your Jesus and Mine.  Enjoy the time you will spend with your family this day.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for such beautiful words.  I love You so much.  Help me to be all God wants me to be.

Our Lady:  I am here for you.  Allow Me to take your hand as you walk this path.  Let Me help you minister to all God's children.  My strength is yours.  Do not hesitate to ask for My guiding hand.  That is My purpose for ministering to you, little child, to guide all My children back to My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You again for being with me and seeing me through my last two talks.  Be with me this week for my next talk.

Our Lady:  I am with you at each talk you give, child.  Thank you for asking.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Mother.  I don't deserve such blessings, but now I do understand why I suffer so before my talks and my praying with others.

Our Lady:  Child, you have said you feel as though you are a lamb being led to slaughter.  You are being led to your death.  You continue to die of self, but each time as you are resurrected, you bring light, love, and hope to all those around you.  Is that not worth the passion and death you suffer? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Why didn't someone tell me this before?

Our Lady:  You have been told before, child.  You just never fully understood till now.  As your Mother, I am pleased this has touched your heart.  As My Son has said, "Those who love My Mother are best loved by Me."  My blessing and love I give to you.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.


Message of July 27, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have just talked with Your Mother, but I also feel You have something You wish to say to me.

Jesus:  You are right, little one.  You continue to have a difficult time keeping your peace, and I just wish you to know I am here for you.  It is important for you to realize that this lack of focus comes from the evil one, in an effort to distract you from your true mission.  That mission is to help My children become focused, and stay focused, on Me, their God.  You have a mission of love and peace, child.  Do not lose sight of this mission.

Ruth Ann:  There are some days I just wish to pretend I am normal, Lord, and ignore what has happened in my life. But it is never possible.  I leave to run an errand, go to church, be with my children, and I always come back to the reality that my life has changed forever.

Jesus:  Yes child, it has changed forever, to the good.  Many souls are being brought back into the light as a result of your life being changed forever.  Never doubt that, little one.  Be at peace with this change.

Ruth Ann:  I truly try, Lord, but there is always something causing me to have doubts.

Jesus:  Yes little one, and that 'something' is not of Me.  The doubts, fears, dread of all that is, and is to come, is not of Me.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You remind me over and over, and I know this in my heart, but I am continually fighting to keep my peace.  What I am doing is not easy for me, Lord.  If you had chosen someone with a different personality, it would have been much easier for You.  Lord, I'm making Your work twice as difficult.  You are trying to mold me, and work through me, and I continue to fight against what is happening in my life.

Jesus:  Child, I have chosen you.  That is the important message you continue to ignore.  You have not chosen Me, nor the task put before you.  Had you chosen Me and the task, it would be much easier for you, that is true.  But that is not how God works.  You are perfect for what God would have you do, because of your imperfections.  How many of My children could relate to you if you were perfect?  No one, little one.  I have chosen you because you are who you are.  I have chosen you because you are of the very least, with many faults, and a mind and heart that is fighting against the will of God for you. 

How many of My children can relate to this mentality, little one!  All of My children can.  All of My children have faults and a sinful nature.  All continue to struggle in some way daily, to be at peace and do the will of God.  You feel you are not right for what is being asked of you.  You feel imperfect, and in-adequate, in all ways.  It is because of this that you are the best person for the job at this time.  All of My children need to realize that to strive for holiness and do the will of God is not easy.  Even for those who have been chosen for a special task must struggle.  That in itself should help My children who are seeking peace, and to do My will, knowing that you too, struggle as they do, helps them put their life in proper perspective.  You struggle, and still continue to do My will, and not your own.  When they realize this, and see this happening to you, they say, "If she can do it, then I can do it also."

You are being used as an example, child.  You speak of baring your soul, and feel embarrassed by much of what you write and share, but all this is necessary.  Your courage and fidelity to Me, even though it is difficult, gives others the courage they need to step out in faith to do My will.  It's as simple as that.  My children have few earthly models to follow.  Not many are willing to give up everything, and speak out for Me and the love I have for My children.  Few wish to become involved in anything where they must contin-uously step out in faith to pray with others, share messages, and evangelize. 

You would not have chosen this task, but I have chosen it for you. 'Not my will, but Thine be done, Oh Lord'.  Remember, this is not easy for you, but that is not important.  If it were not a struggle, it would not be doing so much good.  I know your love for Me, and you want what I want, at any cost.  That is the part that is of utmost value to Me.  I know your heart, mind, and soul, little one.  Even though you are so imperfect, I still love you.  Even in your doubt, anger, and dread, I still love you.  This is important for My children to hear, for it applies not only to you, but it applies to all of My children.

Ruth Ann:  It is written, Lord.  It will be shared.

Jesus:  You have much to do today.  Do it in My peace.  Know I am with you throughout all you do and say this day.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for these words of encouragement.  I truly needed them today.

Jesus:  Yes, child, I know.  That is why I placed it upon your heart to speak with Me this morning.


Message of October 25, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, yesterday was a fairly quiet day.  Even though it rained, it was a beautiful fall day.  The colors have been spectacular this year.  Thank You.

Jesus:  Little one, thank you for noticing Me.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for so many prayers answered.  You know the people I'm referring to, Lord.  It makes what I'm doing truly worth it, when I hear about all those things You have done for Your children.  Thank You too, for all the little miracles You send my way.

Jesus:  Little one, I do many things for all My children, but not all take notice.  The good and the bad accept My little miracles and say, 'What luck'.  I get lots of credit for the bad that befalls My children, but barely get so much as a 'grunt' from the many graces and blessings that are bestowed upon My children regularly.  If all goes well, they feel it is through their talent, or just plain luck.  Man does not realize that I tend to even the smallest of his needs.  You have experienced this on a regular basis, child, so you know exactly to what I am referring.

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord, but I'm not so sure I'd have recognized your divine intervention in my life a few years ago.  It's just that my whole life revolves around You now.  We are totally dependent upon You, and Your love and mercy, so even the bad things I give to You, and expect good to come from them.  You always come through, Lord.

Jesus:  All those things that happen in your life have a purpose, little one, even those things that appear to be very hurtful.  The evil one continues to wreak havoc, but remember who is stronger.  I am in control.  I can use even the evil and painful part of your life to the good of your soul, and the good of those around you.

Man wishes to be in control of his life at all times.  He does not realize that God is truly the One Who has the perfect plan.  In giving your life and will over to His, you begin to realize all the wonderful gifts and blessings that have been given to you by your God.  When My children realize this, and acknow-ledge it, that time is truly a blessing for Me.  You, little one, have so many concerns, some little, and some not so little.  You continue to do the will of God through the tears and pain.  How could I not tend to your every need?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have no real physical pain.  It's all through the suffering of others that I feel such pain.

Jesus:  Watch, child.  All things will be for the greater honor and glory of God.  You are not to understand God's ways, little one.  You are only to be obedient and do all that is being asked of you.  Be patient and trust in your God.  He has a perfect plan, and you need only listen and trust in His ways.  I am a God of surprises, am I not?  You have heard this spoken, and these words have truly touched your heart.  You have seen the surprises continue to be revealed to you many times in your life, and the lives of your family and friends.

Ruth Ann:  You do truly amaze me, Lord.  What love and compassion You have for Your children, to tend to even the tiniest of our needs.
Jesus:  I listen to all your prayers and desires, those spoken, and those you hold in your heart.  All prayers are answered, not in man's time necessarily, but in God's time.  Not always in man's ways, but in My way.  Man could do well to say 'not my will, but Thy will be done'.  That is difficult for My children to do.  Again, man wishes to feel in control, and think that he knows what is best for himself and those for whom he is praying.  He really hasn't learned to trust in Me. 

Once the trust has been established, peace comes about.  This peace is the peace that can only come from God.  It is an acceptance of the will of God, no matter how painful and heart-wrenching it may be.  With the pain will come an inner peace that will help you accept whatever comes for you, because you know God is in control and all will work for His greater good.  This is His promise, you do the will of God, and he will tend to the rest. Trust.  This is a show of true love of your God.  Once man can learn to turn loose of this desire to always feel in control of all things, and put this control into the hands of His Creator, life will become less difficult. 

Through the pain you are experiencing now, you are learning these things.  This is all part of your journey of faith, little one.  It is a journey that all My children must travel, if they truly wish to do the will of God.  Be at peace, little one, and know God is in control of all things, the great and the small.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I do know that, but it is good to be reminded.

Jesus:  All of My children are in need of reminders from time to time.  Thank you for listening and sharing what I have said to you.  There are others who are in need of hearing this.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.