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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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March 2012
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Nov. 17, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother Mary.

Our Lady:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Since You were giving me the message for prayer group, would You mind speaking with me for a few minutes?

Our Lady:  Child, I am here for you as long as you have a need. 

Ruth Ann:  It seems I don't speak to You as much as I'd like.

Our Lady:  As long as you speak with My Son, that is all that is important.  Remember, that is why I am here, to call all of the children back to Him.  How can I criticize one who is doing what I have asked for, over and over?  Child, I am pleased you are spending more and more time with My Son.

Ruth Ann:  It's just that I know You are providing so many graces to so many people who come here to the farm in faith to pray, that I don't want You to think You are not appreciated.  You are loved more than I can ever tell You.

Our Lady:  Child, it is because of the graces of God that I am here to provide these graces for you.  I could not do these things for My children, if it were not allowed by the One Who has created you.  Tell My children they must remember to thank God for allowing Me to come and minister to His children in so many ways.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, those who read this will know.  Most already are aware that it is through the love of God and His mercy that You have been allowed to minister to us.  Especially to those of us in the United States.  Most of us never expected the miracles here.  That was something far away, and not given to those in the United States.

Our Lady:  Child, it is because of the grave situation in the world that I have been sent to you.  Our Lord continues to reach out to His children in hopes of drawing as many back to Him as possible.  I have offered to be the Mother of His children, when I had said 'yes' to His will many, many years ago, as a small child.  Now I have come to ask many of those chosen to say 'yes' to do His will.  All of those who answer My call for prayer and sacrifice are doing much to save many.  There is so much to be done.  The harvest is great and the laborers are few.  Be aware of this when you read My messages.  Take them to your heart, and do all that is asked of you. 

Live My messages for they are the words of Sacred Scripture.  They are the words of God.  They are the words spoken by My Son while He was here among God's children on the earth.  The sorrow He felt in His heart over the loss of many of His children, He continues to feel.  His Agony in the Garden of Gethsemene was not just for one day.  It was for the entire world, and for the life of the world, past, present, and future.  The pain over the sinfulness of His children was extremely difficult for My Son to endure.  But He did it for you and all the other children that were to be born and sin, over and over.  Children it is important that you realize this, so that you will think twice before sinning.  Not only does it cause a stain upon your soul, but it pains My Son deeply.  Dear children, listen and live the messages.  Pray and make sacrifices.  Prayer can, and will, make a difference.  Share this with My children.

Ruth Ann:  It will be done.

Our Lady:  Go in His peace, child, to love and serve Him.


Message of March 5, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, would You speak with me?

Jesus:  I am here, little one.  You are concerned about one of the messages which you have received. 

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  These things I have been told have not upset my spirit, but how can they be real?

Jesus:  Little one, I have told you that I would ask you to carry My cross.  Many times before, I have told you this.  You have had confirmations that you have asked for, and still you doubt.

Ruth Ann:  I do not consider myself worthy, Lord.

Jesus:  It is not for you to decide who is and who is not worthy of these things planned by God.  Only He has that right.  Much of what has happened in your life, you do not understand.  It is not for man to understand.  God is a God of mystery.  If you knew and understood all that God knows, then you would have no need for Him.  Man is totally dependent on God and His love and mercy.  Whenever man truly realizes that, then He can experience true conversion.  In the meantime, be content that God loves you, and is patiently waiting for all His children to turn their lives over to Him so He can do many wonderful things for them. 

You are not to understand all that is going on, child.  You are to listen, share, and be obedient to all that God is asking of you.  Live each day to the fullest, and enjoy this time with your family.  Know there is much more to come, and this time given to you at the present time, has been your respite.  It is soon to come to an end, little one, then you will be much busier than you have ever been before.  I am not saying this to frighten you.  I am telling you these things to prepare you for what is to come.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am not frightened.  Sometimes I get a little frustrated, and wonder how in the world I ever got into all of this.  Whatever did I do to deserve this?  Why can't I be like other people, and go about my days being good, saying my prayers, receiving the Sacraments, being a good wife, mother, grandmother, and teacher?  Why did my life have to become so complicated?  I'm a simple person, Lord.  I really don't, and didn't, want much out of life, except to be a good person and eventually join You in Heaven.

Jesus:  For some this is adequate, child, but for those who have said 'yes' to the will of God, He has other plans.  You are one of these.

Ruth Ann:  Then I should have been a man, so I would have been a priest, Lord.  The people who come to me are hurting.  I don't mean just physically, I mean spiritually.  They need counseling and absolution. 

Jesus:  Little one, have I not told you that as you touch these children of Mine, I have My hand upon you?  You are My hands blessing those who come to you for prayer.  You are My instrument, child.  You cannot do the work of a priest, that is true, and that will never be, but you can give My children peace and healings of all kinds.  This will cause them to seek out their priests.  This will, in some cases, bring My little ones back to the Sacraments.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.  I have told you to minister to My children.  I will tend to their needs.  You be obedient.  I will do the rest. 
Little one, God can do all things.  You are not to limit Him or judge what He is doing by your standards.  He is the One with the divine plan.  It is important that His children know this and give their lives over to Him, so He can work in their lives.  'Thy will be done'.  These words said by My Mother many years ago, brought about a change in the world beyond belief.  That simple gift of faith and trust in God changed the history of mankind.  It brought Me into the world to live and die for the sins of man, so man could merit the rewards of Heaven.  Those down through the years who have said 'yes' to the will of God, have brought about a change in the lives and hearts of others.  You have been chosen to be one of those, child, by your simple 'yes' to God's will for you. 

Now, you must be patient.  Know that I am God and can do all things.  I, too, have done the will of My Father.  Though the road was difficult, I would not change anything that I did.  Because it is through My suffering and death on the cross that I have given God's children the gift of eternal life, if they so choose.  Your 'yes' to the will of God will bring many to the foot of the cross.  Many who would otherwise be lost, will find their way back to Me.  My Mother has brought you to Me, and now you too, will share in what She was sent here to do, care for God's children.  Let them know how much God loves them.  Share the many blessings and miracles He has done, and will continue to do, in your life.  Minister to My people, child.  I will tend to the rest.

Go in My peace, little one.  Know I am with you in all you say and do.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of April 5, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  You have said 'yes' to the will of God.  He will not be stopped by mere mortals, no matter who they are.  He will find a way for you to do all that He expects of you.  You are to be patient.  Trust, little one.  Know that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will tend to you and all your needs.  He will also tend to those who come to the farm to pray. 

It is not necessary for them to hear you witness for them to receive the graces that God wishes them to have.  They can receive those graces needed by coming and praying at this haven of peace and prayer.  God can do all things.  Those who search for Him will find Him.  Those who seek His mercy will also find that.  There is no limit as to what God can do for those who seek Him. 

His Mother is here just waiting to minister graces and blessings in abundance.  You, too, in praying with others are giving peace, blessings, and healings for God's people.  Tend to His children.  Minister to His people.  He will give them all the graces and blessings they need for healings and conversions.  You have only to do the will of God and trust.  God will do the rest.  There is no limit to the power and glory of God.  You need only sit back, pray, and be patient, little one.  Watch the great and mighty One work.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Lord, for Your words and Your help.

Jesus:  Little one, I am always here for you.  Go in My peace.


Message of April 13, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, the message You gave this morning was very profound.  I guess that should not be surprising considering where it came from.  Maybe the word 'different' is really what I should have said.

Our Lady:  No, child, your first inclination was an accurate one. It was not the usual statement that I have been making in the messages to My children.  I want My children to reflect on the goodness of God and the link between the God-Man and the God of Heaven.  It is through the Father that all has come about or will ever come about.  Do not underestimate the power of God.  He has brought you the gift of salvation in the form of a tiny, humble Creature sent to the earth as an example for all of mankind.  He was and is the Savior for all.  I am speaking of the gift of My Son.  His life was to be an example for all those who were to come after.  He was brought to this earth in very humble surroundings.  He lived very humbly.  He was a kind, loving, peaceful child, and never changed as an adult.  He died in the same way He was brought into this world, filled with peace and love.  Even though there were those in the cruel world around Him seeking to do Him harm from birth till death, He lived a life of love.  My children could learn much from such a Teacher.  He was the perfect example for all of God's children.  They need only look to His life and death, and His complete resignation to do the will of the Father no matter what, to see how they, too, should live their lives.  Total giving of self, this is not an easy task.

Ruth Ann:  No Mother, it isn't.  It is extremely difficult.  I'm not so sure many of us will ever achieve this kind of abandonment.  I struggle daily.

Our Lady:  To become aware that you need to change your way of living, and focus more on God is only the beginning of conversion.  It is an ongoing process from birth to death.  As long as there is evil in the world, the struggle will always be there.  But you have with you One Who has conquered evil, My Son.  Turn to Him and focus all you say and do on Him. 

I am here to help by interceding in any way I can.  You need only ask.  I am the Mother of all God's children.  I desire nothing more than to bring all of His children back to Him.  That is why I am here.  I can think of nothing greater than being able to give such a beautiful gift of souls to the Father Who has given Me everything.  If man could only see what Heaven is like.  If he could only see the great gifts God has in store for those who love Him enough to strive for holiness, man would not give in to so many temptations set before him as traps by the evil one. 

You speak of life being a struggle, child, and yes, for many it is so.  The cross on the way to Calvary was carried by My Son, that too, was a struggle.  Your life is not expected to be free of difficulties and struggles.  Of course there will be pain and suffering along the way.  My Son has given you the way to live your life.  Turn to Him in times of need.  He is always there for you.  The struggle will be there, but so will My Son.  Seek His peace, children.  Know that He will always be there for you.


Message of May 8, 1994,
 from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I want to wish You a happy Mother's Day.

Our Lady:  Thank you, child, and I wish the same for you.  As a Child of God, I was given the special gift of becoming the Mother of Jesus.  My simple 'fiat' gave birth to the salvation of mankind. 

How great God is, little child of God!  If everyone could only realize the importance of this special gift.  This tiny Baby born of a humble Mother, in humble surroundings, was given to the entire world as a special light to touch the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of God's children.  This Child brought into the world as the result of the love of a Father for His children, resulted in the gift of eternal life to all those who seek to follow in this Child's footsteps.  

Child, I have heard you speak of concern as you continue to share with God's children the messages you are receiving.  In hearing them read aloud to you, you have felt the power behind these words.  You have expressed a concern about stepping out in faith, and you have said, "You are in over your head," as you put it.  Child, those who choose to follow the will of God are indeed in over their head.  That is because it is not you, but God Who dwells within you who is in control. 

Your simple 'fiat', child, has led you to the foot of the cross.  There you have said, "Lord, I am willing to die for You, but there is only one of me, and I can only die once."  Child, this is not so.  You continue to die over and over for My Son and the graces that flow out from you to others as a result of your 'death' continue to multiply.  Lives and hearts are being touched.  You are making My work easier, child, by sharing in the suffering and death of My Son.  God blesses you for that, and I bless you for that.  What a gift you are to Me, and what a gift you are to My Son!  I thank you from the bottom of My Mother's heart for your love and the tender, loving care you have for My children. 

As you share your faith experiences and pray with others, you grow in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.  This is passed on to those around you.  You are experiencing growth in spirit and growth in your ministry.  This is the result of your simple 'fiat' to Almighty God.  Continue, child, to be obedient and hear and share the word of God.  My children are desperate, and they hunger for these words.  They need someone to help them grow in their strength and faith, so they too, can witness and bring hope to those around them. 

I give you My Motherly blessing.  Rest, child, you have had a busy week, and next week will be even busier.  Know My love and strength are there with you, as is the love of your Jesus and Mine.  Enjoy the time you will spend with your family this day.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for such beautiful words.  I love You so much.  Help me to be all God wants me to be.

Our Lady:  I am here for you.  Allow Me to take your hand as you walk this path.  Let Me help you minister to all God's children.  My strength is yours.  Do not hesitate to ask for My guiding hand.  That is My purpose for ministering to you, little child, to guide all My children back to My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You again for being with me and seeing me through my last two talks.  Be with me this week for my next talk.

Our Lady:  I am with you at each talk you give, child.  Thank you for asking.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Mother.  I don't deserve such blessings, but now I do understand why I suffer so before my talks and my praying with others.

Our Lady:  Child, you have said you feel as though you are a lamb being led to slaughter.  You are being led to your death.  You continue to die of self, but each time as you are resurrected, you bring light, love, and hope to all those around you.  Is that not worth the passion and death you suffer? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Why didn't someone tell me this before?

Our Lady:  You have been told before, child.  You just never fully understood till now.  As your Mother, I am pleased this has touched your heart.  As My Son has said, "Those who love My Mother are best loved by Me."  My blessing and love I give to you.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.


Message of August 10, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Know I am here with you.  My Mother's heart joins with yours as you persevere to do the will of God, the Father.  I continue to bring you a message of love and peace through many messengers, in many ways.  God loves you, My little children, and He chooses to do all He can for you, even though many of you do not choose to live the messages He sends.  Through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, He has given you the right to Eternal Salvation.  It is up to you to choose to accept this gift that has been given to you.  You have a free will, and as your Mother, I wish for you to choose that which can bring peace and happiness.  Pray, dear children, for all those who do not choose to accept this beautiful gift from God.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.


Message of Sept. 14, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Be at peace with all you say and do.  In God's plan there is no room for discontent.  That is not of God.  If you choose to live the messages, God's word, then you can expect life to be difficult.  If you are at peace, the crosses you carry can be carried with love and an inner peace.  One has gone before you whom God chose as an example.  My Son carried His cross with great dignity.  Even though the world around Him had turned on Him, and caused Him much pain, He chose to do the will of God and accept this out of love for you.  You, dear children, could do well to follow His example.  Even though life becomes difficult at times, remember My Son, and all He has done for you.  Continue on, dear children, knowing God's love is with you.  Great rewards await you at the end of your journey.  Travel that journey in peace.


Message of Sept. 16, 1994  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You wish to speak with me?  This has been a very eventful week.  I could use some encouragement.

Jesus:  Little one, I am always here for you.  My children should be aware of this.  No matter how difficult the situation, I am always here for all of My children. 

Much pain and suffering is ahead for My children, because they have not listened and followed the words being shared with them through My Mother.  She has said, "Pray from the heart.  Live the messages."  Very few have taken Her words seriously.  Because of this, mankind is bringing much pain upon the world and the innocent.  The warnings have not been heeded.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am in need of encouragement.  These words are not giving me much comfort.

Jesus:  Child, you are at peace, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I am, but I was expecting You to tell me something positive.

Jesus:  It is difficult to do so when God is extremely unhappy.  My concern for all of My children continues to be of the greatest importance to Me and My Mother.  Why do My children continue to ignore the signs?  Those of your friends and families, who have been called home to their Heavenly Father, are to escape the pain that is to come.  Be grateful to God that He has seen fit to spare those gone before you, from what is to come.

Ruth Ann:  I understand so little, Lord.  You do not tell me very much.

Jesus:  You hear what is necessary for you to hear.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You are expecting an awful lot from me.  I am only one person.

Jesus:  Little one, you under estimate the power of God in the use of 'one person'.  Look at the lowly Handmaid of the Lord, My Mother, and her simple 'fiat'.  She is now, and has been since My death, the Mother and caretaker of all God's children.  Granted, your role is not as Hers, but you too, have a part to play in the salvation of My children.  Through your 'yes' to the will of God, you will experience great suffering, but it will bring about the conversions and healings of many of My children who would otherwise have been lost.  Soon you will understand what it is that God expects of you.  You have been faithful in all He has asked of you, so great things will now be required of you.  You have been tested and purified by the fire of God's love.  The evil one continues to come up against you and your family, but you stand firm and steadfast.

Ruth Ann:  I have no choice, Lord.

Jesus:  You have a free will, and can walk away any time you so choose.  Many of My children have chosen to do so.  You, My child, continue on in faith and trust, not knowing from day to day what will be expected of you.  You have given up everything for the love of God.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I want to go to Heaven, and yes, I do feel a need to be of help to You and Your Mother, so I'll hang in there as long as You have need of me.

Jesus:  Be not afraid, little one, the courage and strength will continue to be there for those who love and trust in God.  Stay focused on Me, and the strength and courage, needed to sustain you in the days ahead, will be there.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord

Jesus:  Now, I know you have much to do today, and your weekend is extremely busy.  Do all you do with love of your Jesus in your heart, and it will shine forth and touch all who are in your presence.  This is God's gift to you for your obedience to His will.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of October 1, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, what a full week and a busy day.

Jesus:  You have much to do today.  Rather than put yourself under so much pressure, why don't you listen tomorrow?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You are correct, but I need Your encouragement today.  We have a wedding today, and we have to leave here early.  I'd rather remain here and pray with Your people, I'll feel guilty for those who come so far seeking prayer, and then Jim and I are not here to pray with them.

Jesus:  Their good intentions will get them many graces.  My children must realize that there are times when you too, must take care of family obligations.  God knows the hearts and minds of all His children.  He will answer all prayers in His own way, and in His own time.  You will be here spiritually, joined with My children in prayer.  I will do the blessings that are needed this day.

Ruth Ann:  You do them anyway, Lord, even when I am here.

Jesus:  You are correct, child.  It is only that I am using you as an instrument through which to work, when you are here to pray with My children.  When you are not here, I tend to them in other ways.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, now I won't feel so guilty for being gone.

Jesus:  You are never to feel guilty when something you have no control over takes you from My children.  If you were here, you would be doing everything you have been asked to do.  You listen and are obedient to the will of God.  That is of the utmost importance in being a true instrument, to spread God's word.  Your example of faith and trust does more for My children than you can possibly realize.  Your courage is needed in a time when My children are floundering and seeking ways in which to be at peace. The world is not at peace, and most of My children are not at peace.  Some who find it, lose it.  I am depending upon those of you who are willing to be of encouragement to those of My children who are most in need.

Ruth Ann:  I can't be of much encouragement if I'm not here, Lord, and I'm sorry for that.

Jesus:  Again I say to you, little one, even when you cannot be here in body, you are here in spirit.  My children are aware of all you are doing and sacrificing for the love of your Jesus and His Mother.  This draws others to make sacrifices that they would otherwise not make.  It is by example that you are doing so much for My children. 

Yes, the prayer is extremely important, but your faith has done much to boost the morale of My children who were struggling and feeling so lost.  They now have a purpose for existing.  They have a reason to awaken in the morning.  God loves them, He truly cares about each and every one.  Through your sharing of the words spoken to you, your testimony of the miracles in your life, and your stepping out in faith to do all that is asked of you, God is working.  You have encouraged many in their faith journey, and you will continue to do so. 

I have said your ministry eventually will be changing, but the result of your ministry will never change.  More and more souls will be brought to Me through you, and the work God has put before you. Be at peace, little one.  Continue to do His will.  Know you are assisted by many of the angels and saints in Heaven.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for the encouraging words for me.

Jesus:  You have earned them, little one, through your love and trust in your Jesus.  Enjoy the day with your family and your extended family.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, please be with us this day.


Message of Nov. 10, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  You are too close to all that is happening.  You cannot see the big picture.  It is like standing too close to a painting.  All you can see is an area, or one aspect of the picture.  As time goes on, you will see many of the revelations brought forth to blossom before your eyes.  Know your God has been planning these things before you were even put here on this earth.  He knows all things.  As I have said before, the evil that brings about many of the changes that are happening in your world, and the world of those you love, are not of Me.  But I can use all things for My greater honor and glory. 

When you say 'yes' to My will, little one, there is no limit as to what I would do for, and through, you.  There are so few willing to give up everything for Me.  When I find someone willing to do so, the burdens become extremely heavy.  There are so few willing workers in My vineyards.  When I find someone willing, they must be stretched beyond belief in love, faith, and obedience.  When they have been tested and purified, then they can be molded to suit My purpose for them on this earth.  You are in the process of being molded.  The process is painful, but God expects much from those who love Him.  Trust, little one, you will not be orphaned.  You will be attended to.  All of your needs will be met, as well as those of the ones you love. 

When My children say 'yes' to Me, that 'yes' brings with it the burden of My cross.  With this burden comes the guarantee that I am with them unto the very end of their earthly existence, and continue to be with them throughout the rewards of the eternal life, promised by My Death and Resurrection.  So be at peace, little one.  The pain of your grief will subside, and you will be able to see the purpose for all things revealed to you in the past.  Go in My peace. 

Your day is full.  Do all for My greater honor and glory.  Know I am with you through all that is, and is to come.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Give me the grace and strength to do all You would have me do.

Jesus:  It is done.