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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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May 2006
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of July 3, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, thank You for helping with yesterday. Again, it was busy, but You have sustained us.

Jesus: Little one, trust. Have I not told you graces would be provided so you could do all that is asked of you? God is with you. You do not understand the full extent of what is happening here, and in your life, but that is as it should be. You are not to be overwhelmed. Your ministry is one of peace and love. If you were overwhelmed, you would not have the peace that is so desirable for all of My children. God is blessing all of you, so do not be afraid when something is asked of you, to extend you in any way.

Ruth Ann: Lord, what does that mean?

Jesus: I'm only saying to you that I am the Potter. I will mold and shape you into what I want. You need only be accepting and obedient to My will. You think in small terms, little one. You do not know the big picture. You do not know the plan of God for you and this haven of peace and prayer. As more and more people become aware of the graces to be had here, you will become more and more occupied with My children. You will be asked to go places to share your experiences, that you had not dreamed of going.

You must remember what My Mother has told you, 'I will bring those people here whom I desire to be here. I will give a special invitation. It will be as though I have tapped them on the shoulder and said, "It is time." ' These things She has told you are coming to pass. Many are not aware of this special place of prayer and graces, because it is not time for them to know. 'It will all be done for you. You will not have to do anything'. This was told to you by My Mother. The same is true of the talks you give. You do not have to advertise those talks. My Mother has said she will place it upon the hearts of those who would have you speak, so when you are asked, you can be sure it is something She desires you to do.

Ruth Ann: Lord, there are many wanting to do different things on this land.

Jesus: Child, these are not to be your concerns. All things are to go through Mary's Children for approval or disapproval. You are not to be concerned. That is why all things have been removed from your hands. You are not to be concerned about the mechanics of what is being done here. Your concern is one of obedience to the will of God. Do all that is asked of you by God, and you will have plenty to keep you occupied.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. Thank You for speaking to me through the Gospel yesterday. The part about a prophet not being accepted in his own area, and not by those who know him, it especially touched my heart. This was especially true because I had just been told a few days ago that there were people in the area who knew us, who felt what we were doing at the farm was wrong.

Jesus: Those who do not understand prayer, or who have never been here, have judged you. I too, was judged to be doing something wrong, when I came to the earth to bring God's word among My people. Those who have been chosen as apostles and prophets of these times will be treated by many as I was treated, but graces abound to those who love Me, and continue to stand firm in all that is being required of them.

There will be those who will disagree with what you are doing and saying. There will be those who will feel you are not sane. But be not afraid. Pray for them. Pray for their conversions, for they do not understand the graces being provided for them in these end times. They continue to hide their head in the sand, to be protected from anything that would cause them to change their life. They wish their life to run smoothly. They wish to be in total control. They do not want to hear the voice of those who would tell them they need to change the way of their life and repent of their sins. They need to leave their material world of comfort behind, and begin to put Me ahead of all their material concerns and pleasures.

Little one, what you are being called to do is not going to be accepted by all, but remember, I was not accepted by all, either. Hold your head up, pick up My cross, and follow in My footsteps. Think of the rewards in the hereafter, and not the ridicule and criticism you will have to accept in this world. Who is your Judge? Who is your Creator? Who will provide for you a happiness for all eternity? These are important questions to be answered. You know the answers, and have already given your 'fiat'. You have said 'yes' to the will of God, knowing full well the cross God would provide for you would be a heavy one. Know too, the heavier the cross, the greater the graces, and the greater the rewards.

Ruth Ann: Lord, all I need is the strength to continue on, no matter what the consequences.

Jesus: It will and is, being provided.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. I will try to remember all You are saying.

Jesus: You will be reminded in days to come. All you need to know at the present time is this, God loves you and appreciates all you are doing on His behalf. What more could one of His children ask for than this consolation?

Message of Sept. 5, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, thank You for yesterday, and thank You for the beautiful rain this morning. So much has happened, and is happening, all around us. We feel truly unworthy.

Jesus: Little one, this pleases Me. You are thanking Me, even though I know your heart is heavy.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, but my heavy heart has nothing to do with the greatness and goodness of the many blessings You have given to me.

Jesus: Someone you have been praying for, for quite sometime, is not receiving the healing you desire. This is the reason for your heavy heart, is it not?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, but this isn't the first time. If I received the healings I desired for Your children, they'd get it all, not just spiritual healings. 'Thy Will be done, not mine.' This isn't the first time I have felt hurt and frustration at Your decision for the healing You desire. My heart continues to ache for those who come for a physical healing and do not receive it. You know, Lord, who I am referring to without saying the names.

I continue to be obedient and do all You ask, and yet I feel You have let me down, as well as those seeking the healing. Lord, why did You bring this up? I wanted to stay positive today, even though my heart aches for some very special people.

Jesus: Little one, you needed to discuss this with Me so you could be at peace.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I thought I was at peace. At least as much as I could be with this concern on my mind.

Jesus: Remember, child, you are only an instrument. You cannot see the big picture. Yes, you are obedient. This pleases Me. You continue to be obedient, even though your heart aches for My people. Do not be discouraged, little one. Healings come to My children in many ways. I give them what I wish for them to have. Even though you do not understand, be at peace with My will.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I have no choice. I accept whatever You do because I am not in control, and You do whatever You feel is best.

Jesus: Many times what I choose to do doesn't make any sense to you. Again, little one, you cannot see the big picture.

Ruth Ann: Lord, it's all right, I'll deal with it just as I dealt with others who have not received what they have asked.

Jesus: You have come a long way, little one. I can remember a time when you would have said, "I am not praying for any more people. You aren't going to give them the healings they seek."

Ruth Ann: Lord, these things were said out of grief and anger. As I have said before, I felt You were letting those people down.

Jesus: All My people coming seeking the healing they wish, and they leave with what I choose to give them. For some it is a physical healing, but only if it will be for My greater honor and glory. All are touched in some way, little one. Always remember that. My Mother continues to draw those children here whom She wishes. There are special blessings and graces to be had here on this farm. You are beginning to realize just how important this haven of peace and prayer truly is. This is a refuge for all the lost souls in need of a place to call home. It is a place for all those who wish to seek peace in a world filled with turmoil, and no peace.

You did not realize the importance of drawing people here to this special place, but you are beginning to know, My child. There will be many more confirmations about the importance of this place. Remember, it was chosen by God as a place for His Mother to draw Her children. She is calling them here to bring them closer to Her Son. This will become clearer and clearer to those who are listening, as time goes by.

Blessed are those who do not see and still believe. Only those being called by My Mother are to come at this time. The numbers will grow. The blessings will grow. The gift of My Holy Spirit abides in this place, as does the presence of My Mother. Be at peace with all that is happening around you. Many miracles are in store for My children in this special place.

When the time is right, the numbers will multiply. God's mercy will abound here. Conversions will take place beyond belief. Know that what I am saying to you is truth and light. God's grace and mercy is to be sought in this place, and received by all those who come to repent of their sins.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Go about your day in peace. Know that God is blessing all you do on behalf of My children. Thank you for tending to My lost sheep. You have been obedient in this. Now you will be asked to do more.

Message of Sept. 12, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, there is so much going on today. Please help me get everything done that needs to be done today.

Jesus: Little one, it will be so. However, that is not your real reason for wishing to speak with Me, little one. I have already told you, I will be with you. I am always with you. You need only ask for My guidance and assistance. I am there always for all of My children. They need only to seek and they will find Me. Again I say, blessed are those who do not see and still believe. Your rewards will be great in Heaven.

You have been told My Mother is here on this land. This is holy ground, blessed by God. All things are being done according to God's choosing. You have been chosen for this special gift that requires great faith. You have been given a healing because of this faith. Now those who come here to pray and receive the graces provided by My Mother too, are chosen. I have said, and so has My Mother, that only those who My Mother has invited, come here to pray. She is choosing those who are serious about helping Her achieve the end of the reign of the evil one on the earth. Many hearts are being touched, and those who are faithful are given great graces to sustain them through the difficult times to come.

You have been told your ministry is to change soon. Much more is needed to get the attention of My children. There is much suffering ahead for a stubborn world that continues to turn its back on God. Your faith has been of great help to Me, child. It has been of great help to those who continue to watch you for direction. You are to be a model for My children to imitate.

Ruth Ann: Lord, this can't be. I'm a sinner. You don't want Your children to follow My example. Please don't say this to me.

Jesus: Little one, it is your faith and trust in God that continues to sustain you through all you do. The messages you share, the talks you give, the prayers you pray for others, all that you do and say, has been done in faith. You were asked to give up your career, your home, your very life, to share with others. You have given all to Me. You have said, "Your Will be done, Lord." Your simple 'yes' to the will of God will bring about the salvation of many. Yes, it has cost you much. Your privacy is gone, but in giving much, much will be returned to you.

You must not feel slighted because you are not having apparitions of My Mother. That was not to be your gift. You will see Me though, child, when the time is right. I will come to you, and ask you to carry My Cross. All will know you are of Me, and that I have been here. Because you have been true and faithful in little things, much more is to be required of you.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am not sure of what You are saying. I wish You would speak clearly, so I knew exactly what it is You are saying to me.

Jesus: Little one, have I not always given you clear direction when it has been needed?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: The direction you need in your life will continue to be given to you. I will continue to speak to you when there is a need. My Mother will do the same.

Message of Sept. 26, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: Share the words I have spoken to you, and the words My Mother has spoken with you. Share the way God works in your life, and continues to work in your life. This place is a special place of prayer. My Mother wishes others to be drawn here for the graces available on this land. It is through your sharing and witnessing that this can come about. Be at peace with all you do.

Ruth Ann: Lord, many wish to go to places where Your Mother is appearing.

Jesus: Those who listen, and live My words in the messages being given to you, will find the love and peace here that is needed in the days ahead. Little one, I have told you many times before, My Mother is drawing the children here She wishes. Those who are serious about prayer will continue to be drawn here. They will be those children God wishes to gather in prayer. Those of My children who love Me and My Mother, and wish to help Her gather together the remnant few that will be instrumental in the salvation of souls, will continue to be called to this place. There is strength in numbers, and power in prayer. Put the strength and power, together with faith and trust in God, and you have a powerful group of people, serious about ushering in My Second Coming.

Of course, there will always be those who say you and this place are not of God, but if what you are doing is producing good fruit, that is proof enough. Those who wish to love and serve Me are needed to gather together in prayer, to be of assistance in saving the souls of those who do not believe in the power of prayer. There are still many souls lost to Me, and consumed in the ways of the world. Those, little one, are the ones who are most in need of prayer.

Conversions are needed for My children. Most do not even know they are lost to Me. They continue through each day, caught up in the ways of the world, thinking that all is well in their life. All is not well in their life, and the world in general. The peace is gone. Living your life for the purpose of pleasing Me is gone. What sorrow I feel in My Heart. What pain My Mother feels for Her lost children. Be patient and be obedient, child. You have more to do for Me, but it will be in God's time. Love Me, and continue to do all that is asked of you. Be patient, and I will tend to the 'how' and the 'when'. I love you. Be at peace. Go about your day in love and service to My children.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of November 6, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I feel You wish to speak to me. It's rather early, but there must be a reason.

Jesus: Right now it is quiet, and you are ready for prayer, are you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus: Then what better time to spend with Me. You will not be hurried. Later you will have other obligations.

You are concerned about an article that is coming out in your local paper. You have tried to ignore this and say it is no big deal, but I know you, and I know your concerns about the impact this will have upon your children and their families. Have I not told you, you and your family will be given the strength to deal with what is to come? The article will enlighten many who are not aware of your gift, or this prayer group. There will be non-believers, this is always true, but those who believe will be drawn here by God to pray. Those who are searching for a quiet place to regain their peace, those who are in need of a true conversion, those who are in need of special graces, all those who are called here through the article, will be grateful for it having been in print.

You have dealt with non-believers before, and you will continue to do so. Your children will deal with those who approach them. Those who are of Me will be truly interested and wish to find out more, so they, too, can join in prayer. Those who are of the world will be curious, but not so curious as to join in prayer. It would mean accepting the words spoken to you as truth. If those words spoken to you are indeed truth, then they would need to change their lives. It is best not to believe, then they can go on about their lives in darkness, concerned only for their physical well-being, and ignoring the state of their soul. Those who My Mother wishes to have touched at this particular time, will be touched through sacrifice and honesty.

Your openness in allowing God to use you, your life, and your farm, is truly an example of living the word of God. That is what all are called to do, and many refuse. You continue to listen and do all God is asking of you. My Mother has said, "It will all be done for you." Again, in this instance, more are being called to participate in the beauty of this special place. The peace that is found here, child, comes from heaven. It is God's peace that is available here.

You do not understand the importance of what you are doing. If you did, the talk would not be such a sacrifice to you. You continue to walk in faith and trust in your Jesus in all you are called to do. So do not be concerned about this article. It will be done well. Those who believe will be touched, and brought here to share in the grace and prayer, that are the focus of this prayer group. There will be the non-believers, but again, that is true in all things. Do not concern yourself with the negative. Be blessed that you will have been willing to accept this cross, so that others may too, know of this peace, and come to join you in prayer. That is your purpose, to help draw My children away from darkness into the light.

That is why My Mother has been allowed to spend so much time here on the earth with Her children, to call Her children out of the darkness into the light. She has been allowed to speak to special people that have been called to help Her with this mission. The time will come soon when She will no longer be allowed to do these things. Her mission will cease. Just as things have a beginning, so too, things must end. You have been told of these things before, so this is not new.

Be not afraid, child. Listen to the words being spoken to you and continue to share. Your mission is about to change, but in the process, you must be patient and do all that is being asked of you. You are making great sacrifices, but know that through these sacrifices, others will benefit. Through your example, and the example of your family, others too, will grow in faith. So yes, just as a coin has two sides, so too will the article that will appear in your paper bring about the two sides of man's personality. Man has a dark side and a light side. Pray for those who do not believe, and accept those who do believe, and come seeking prayer and peace that they have not found elsewhere in their lives.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I hear what You are saying. You make it sound so easy.

Jesus: Nothing you do for the love of God is easy. Great sacrifices are needed now. You have chosen to follow your Jesus, and in doing so, have also accepted burdens that come with this cross. You will not be alone. Much prayer continues to come your way. Many seek to give you comfort for the cross that you bear. God is hearing from many who wish to support you in your efforts. Their prayers are being heard, and graces and strength continue to be poured forth upon you through this prayer.

Do not concern yourself with how you are to do these things that are asked of you. You are only to listen and be obedient. God will provide the know-how, through the guidance and graces brought forth to help you carry these burdens. Be at peace, little one, God is watching over all you say and do. Tend to My sheep.

Message of Nov. 13, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, thank You for some truly dear friends that have been brought into our lives through You and Your Mother. There are times I feel so alone with what I am doing, and yet when Saturday rolls around, and the same familiar faces are here, it brings such comfort. Thank You for blessing us with their presence.

Jesus: You only see the surface, little one. There are those who cannot come, who love and support you through prayer. Your name, the name of your husband and your family, are constantly brought to Me. Did I not tell you I would provide for you and your family? The Lord does not take away without giving back a hundredfold. Your life has been changed, or turned upside down and inside out, as you call it. But I will always provide a new life for those who love Me. Those who pray for, and assist you in any way, are given blessings. They are given blessings for you, and for themselves, for their concern for you and your family. Hot coals will be heaped upon those who wish to harm you, or destroy what you are doing for Me and My Mother.

Ruth Ann: Hot coals? Lord, that sounds terribly strong.

Jesus: Little one, there is a battle being waged. You do not realize the extent of this battle. Many would like to see the farm and you, put out of commission. Those are not friends of yours, nor are they friends of Mine. They are friends of the evil one. I have said, you cannot have two Gods. Those who do not choose to follow Me, have chosen other gods to follow. For some, it is money, for others it is power, lust of the flesh, or preoccupation for acquiring material things.

Ruth Ann: So what is Your point, Lord?

Jesus: My point is this, God has a plan. He is using this place, and you, for a special purpose. The land is holy ground. My Mother is here to dispense graces and blessings for all those who come here in faith to pray. Many seek peace in a world where there is no peace. This peace has been provided for those who are in need of a special place to regain the peace lost in their world. Because you have been quiet and have listened, you have been asked to share the many blessings heaped upon you by One Who rewards those who listen, and try to do His will.

Of course I am pleased with what you are doing. I am pleased that you listen, and share those things I would have you share. It would only follow that I would be pleased with those who assist you in any way, and displeased with those wanting to harm you in any way.

My Mother is waiting with outstretched arms, ready to greet those who come here to pray. She is calling many here to pray, to receive the special graces provided here for those of Her children who choose to come.

Ruth Ann: What about those who cannot come, Lord?

Jesus: They too, in their prayers for you, your family, and this place, are connected. God knows their hearts. They too, are being blessed.

You have been told their will be a great harvesting of souls on this land. Believe this, child. You do not understand the meaning of this, but it is to be so. My Mother has told you many times, you will be a beacon of light, and provide peace and love for your family, prayer group, and it will grow bigger. You have been told you are to participate in the salvation of mankind. Many souls will be saved through your simple 'yes'. Be patient and watch God's plan unfold. Be obedient, and do all God continues to ask of you. All things will be provided in God's way, and in His time. Be at peace with all you are doing. God is watching over you, and He is pleased. Go in His peace, to love and serve Him. Follow in the footsteps of your Jesus.

Message of Jan. 25, 1995, from Our Lady
(after Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, I am listening. Do You have anything else to say?

Our Lady: Child, I have told you for weeks now, the messages were going to cease. You have received your last message for prayer group from your Mother.

Ruth Ann: Why now? I thought You would at least wait until we go to Israel.

Our Lady: Child, you must not feel abandoned, nor must you feel you are being punished. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. It is time for the messages being given to you for prayer groups, to cease. Be not afraid, child. I have told you, it is time for Me, your Mother, to decrease, and My Son, to increase. Therefore, little child, the messages are no longer to be given to your prayer group. I will continue to speak with you, when you have need of Me, but you must trust, and turn to My Son.

Ruth Ann: Mother, this is causing me to be very sad. Why are You doing this?

Our Lady: I have said all I need to say, child. The messages have not been taken to heart. And now, you will no longer be obligated to attend the Wednesday prayer group.

Ruth Ann: But Mother, I thought it was important to do so. What about the Saturday prayer group? They look forward to the messages.

Our Lady: Child, the messages have all been shared. All the things I have wished to say to those who were listening, have been said. You may tell them My protective mantle surrounds them. They must pray!

Ruth Ann: And?

Our Lady: Child, you are feeling deserted, and that those attending the Saturday prayer group will not come if you have no message from Me to share. I am calling them to the farm to hear you witness of My Son's love for them. The witnessing will not cease, and neither will the miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit that are to be found here. It is just as I have said, "The messages are to cease that have been given to you to share. But I will always be here for you, as you have need of Me." I wish for you to focus totally on My Son from now on. Know that I love you, and all those who have been listening have My love and blessing.

Graces will still be given in great abundance to those who come to the farm to pray. If you wish to share anything at all with God's children, that is something you must share. This farm has been chosen by God to be a haven of peace and prayer. It is to be a refuge for My children. I have come here to witness of the greatness and goodness of your God. I have come to call My children here to receive the blessings, miracles, and graces available in great abundance. You must continue on in faith and trust in your Jesus, little one. Be not afraid.

Ruth Ann: Mother, everything is being taken away from me, little by little. I am frightened. My priest has been removed, and now You are deserting me.

Our Lady: Child, you have been prepared for this. I love you and will never desert those of you who have given up so much, for so many. Be not afraid, little child. God's love will sustain you. You are stronger than you could ever imagine, and that strength has come from your faith and trust in God. You are right, much has been removed from you. But as you have said before, God never closes a door, but what He opens another. Prepare for that door to be opened. Now go in My love and My Son's peace. My mantle surrounds you, and so does My love.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother. And Mother, what about the messages for Third Sunday prayer group?

Our Lady: Those too, have ceased, child. You are truly feeling that all is over, child, and it has only just begun. Stay focused on My Son. He is the purpose for which I have been sent to the earth to assist so many through the gift of the messages, blessings, and miracles. Stay focused, child, your strength is needed by those who have not been listening. Others are being provided with the graces that are needed in other ways. This farm is a source of great graces. This must be shared so those of My children who have been listening will have the strength and courage to be sustained in the trying times to come. You are not alone. Turn to My Son. Continue to pray and stay focused on His light, love, and peace. I am your Mother, and My love is here for you, as is the love of My Son. Be at peace and know God loves you. Pray, dear children, pray!