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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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May 2009
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of September 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, You have said if I would come up to the hill, You would see that I was alone so that You could speak with me.  Is there any particular reason?

Jesus:  Child, you had spoken of losing your peace, and not having quiet time.  I am wanting to return it to you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, I am always with you.  Why do you fret so, when you have a few minutes when your peace is destroyed or interrupted?  All you need do, is take the time to speak with Me, and your peace will be returned.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm just human enough to look at all my confusion, busy schedule, and forget that You will come to my aid.  I must learn to put You first at all times.  I know and hear that Lord, but I don't always remember to do so.  Forgive me, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, you are forgiven.  It is something that all of My children do.  When something happens to upset them, they feel the need to solve the problem in their way.  It would be so much easier if they would give the problem to Me and let Me take care of it, especially if it is a problem disruptive to their peace. 

Child, I know this life is not easy.  This is a time of darkness.  The evil one is everywhere.  He is at the height of his destructiveness.  He will continue to maim, kill, and confuse My children.  He will continue to tempt them with promises of success and riches, but none of these will bring peace to My children.  That is because God is peace.  He is not things.  Until man realizes that God comes first, then all other things will fall into place.  Family, friends, jobs, and so forth, will fall into the proper order. 

My children continue to measure success by 'how big,' or 'how many.'  These only cause more concern.  The less you have, the less you are concerned about what you will lose.  And children, the material things will be lost.  In the end, nothing truly matters except your eternal soul.  That is all there is, and should be, for you to be concerned about. 

God loves you so much, little child, and He wants you to receive and keep the peace that is only of Him.  That can only come from putting Him first and doing His will.  That really should not be so difficult, but it is, for so many.  Love of this earthly life and all its comforts far outweigh love of God.  Sad, isn't it?  The very One Who is responsible for all man has, has been forgotten and ignored.  Society and the media have surely done a good job at destroying the values that used to be the center of each home in America.  God first.  Prayer.  Now, these are something to be ashamed of or mocked.  Satan has surely done the job he has set out to do.  He has destroyed the very backbone of your country.  Without a backbone, it makes it very difficult to stand.  Child, what I am saying, not many are standing.  Not many have a backbone that will allow them to take a stand for anything of moral or spiritual value.  Isn't that sad?  I am depending more and more on those of My children who are listening, to carry the cross of conviction. 

It is important for those of My children who have been touched by God in some way, to share and make known that He is working in your life.  My Mother comes to many, and continues to cry out to come back to Her Son.  Leave the world behind and all of its corruption.  Many hear the call, and ignore it, little one.  No one really wants to be considered different.  No one wants to acknowledge to others the wonders and mercy of God's love.  Many are called.  Many are given miracles, signs, and wonders.  Many are healed in so many ways, and they are grateful for a time, but after a while they too, take My love and miracles for granted.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm guilty of what You are saying.  I don't find it easy, exclaiming Your greatness.  I some-times forget to thank You for all the wonderful things You have done in my life.  Please continue to help me be whatever You want me to be, and do whatever You want me to do.  I sometimes forget to focus on You, Lord.  I forget to live one day at a time.  The whole picture begins to worry me.  I begin to be concerned about some of the messages I have received about carrying Your cross.

Jesus:  Child, you are not to look to the future, and worry is not of Me.  Look to your Jesus and continue to follow the will of My Father.  In doing so, you will not lose your peace.  Many prayers are being said for you and your family, so that when all begins to unfold, sufficient graces will be available for all that God is to have you do.  You are not to concern yourself about things you have no control over.  God will continue to shower you with graces.  Many miracles will be evident in your life daily, through those sent to you and those sent to this holy place of peace and prayer.  Be not afraid, little one.  God is with you.  You will do much for Him, but you will be given much in return.  Now, go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Thank You for restoring my peace. I love You.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of January 6, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You have anything You wish to share with me today?

Our Lady:  Child, I am your Mother.  I have said before, I am here if and when you need Me.

Ruth Ann:  It's not that I have a need this morning, but I was awakened early, and felt I should use this time in prayer with You or Your Son.  I am at peace, which is a miracle.  With two talks coming up in the next two or three weeks, third Sunday, and many things in the offing, I truly am grateful to God for this.

Yesterday was a difficult day for me, but my peace was returned last evening before prayer group.  I had about a half hour alone in the chapel, to just be quiet, and it was during that time that my peace was restored.

Our Lady:  So many children do not realize the importance of quiet time with God.  Most wish to have their day spent with distractions of all kinds.

Ruth Ann:  I have never had a difficult time with quiet, Mother.  I prefer it.  Maybe having come from a large family, and raising a family, and teaching, has made me appreciate quiet time.

Our Lady:  Yes child, all of these things have contributed to your need and desire for quiet time.  But it is your God that you are drawn to at these times.  That is the importance of quiet time.  I have been asking My children over and over to pray from the heart, talk to My Son as a friend and confidant.  He is truly your best friend.  He has only your best interest at heart, and that is your soul.  If man could only find five minutes a day to set aside for My Son, he would discover the beauty of this time and the time would continue to grow.  Reading God's word in the New Testament is a special gift.  It not only provides quiet time, but you'll find that God speaks to you through the scriptures, in a way you had never realized before.  God's words will come alive to you if you truly read, and listen to what He is saying. 

The messages that I have given to My children are words that come straight from God.  I am being given this great gift in order to share it with you.  God is allowing Me the privilege to minister to His children.  Listen, and hear what God is saying to you My children, through the messages given to you by those being blessed with this gift to share.  I continue to repeat over and over those things necessary to get your life in order.  Some are listening, and some continue to ignore.  It is becoming more and more difficult for My children to listen and follow those rules set down by God necessary for eternal life. 

Live the messages.  Love of God and neighbor continues to be stressed.  Man has too many gods, and totally lacks concern for his neighbor.  These are important in order to live the life to which you are called.  A life of peace, light, and love is available to all God's children, even in these times of horrendous crimes against body, mind, and especially the soul.  Focus on Jesus.  The prince of peace can give you all you need to sustain you through these difficult times in a world steeped in darkness.  Be not afraid.  The evil one is strong, but his strength will be overcome by the graces provided through the sacraments, sacramentals, and prayer.

My Immaculate Heart will triumph, but much grief will be realized before this can be so.  Man has brought so much pain upon himself by his greed and selfish ways, how this saddens My heart.   How it pains My heart!  How it causes My Son to suffer, over and over.  If man could only see what he is doing by turning his back on God, he would wake up and get his life in order.  The sadness is that man can no longer see.  He is blinded by all the things and distractions of the world:  greed, envy, selfishness, and anger.  All of these things fill his day.  Someone or something upsets him at every turn.  It is because he has lost his focus, and his peace.  He has turned away from God and has focused on what will give him temporary pleasure. 

All of My children are guilty of this in one form or another.  That is why I continue to call out to them and ask them to pray and make sacrifices.  It is for the good of their immortal souls.  That is My reason for coming among so many of My children who are listening.  Listen to what I am saying and live My messages.  Then you will gain the peace, no matter what is going on around you. 

Now child, I thank you for spending this time with Me.  God loves you and I love you.  Continue to be attentive to the words of My Son.  Go in His peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Mother, for taking this time with me.  This was a special blessing today.  I had thought I would be speaking with Your Son this morning.

Our Lady:  You will be, child.  It is just that what He has to say need not be recorded today.  It will be of a personal nature.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Mother, for making me aware of this. 


Message of January 31, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Is there anything else You wish to speak with me about today, Lord?

Jesus:  Yes.  Too many of you are getting caught up in the negative aspect of My Second Coming.  Yes, it is true that I am to come, and you are to prepare, but so many are becoming afraid.  Children, you must focus on the positive.  First of all, any one of you could die tomorrow.  Should you not live each day as if it is your last?  You know neither the day nor the hour of My Second Coming, so does it not make sense that you would prepare your minds, hearts, and souls as if it were to be tomorrow?  Then, children, there would be no reason for fear.  Fear is not of Me.  Neither are distractions or confusion.  Anger is not of Me.  I am peace.  Little one, once you see your peace being disturbed in any way, you can be sure that the evil one is becoming involved.  Bind and rebuke him in the name of Jesus.  Do not allow him to get a foothold. 

You have remarked that the messages given to you by My Mother have become very strong or powerful.  She has tried to get the attention of My children with messages not quite so powerful, and then there are those who seem to think things are not as they appear, and then do not take to heart what is being said.  Now that the messages seem to have an urgency about them, there are those who wish to panic.  That is not the reason for the messages, little one.  The reason for the messages is to call all of God's children to prayer and conversion.  If you will listen and live the messages that are God's word, there should be no fear or lack of peace. 

God is pleased with those gathering for prayer, as is My Mother.  He is pleased you are continuing to share the words being spoken to you, and the blessings given to you.  Little one, as you continue to listen and do all God is asking you do do, graces and blessings will be yours in abundance.  They will be available also for those whose lives you touch.

Share all your concerns with your priest.  That is what he is there for.  He is there to help you discern all those things going on in your life that you are not sure of.  That is the purpose of a spiritual director. 

Now, child, your peace should be restored, is it not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, it is.  It was just for a little while that my peace was disturbed.
Jesus:  That will not change, little one, you will continue to be attacked.  That is part of your cross.  The evil one will continue to attack those who try to do the will of God.  You must continue to be aware of this and not let it get to you.  Pray, little one, and come to Me.  Do not allow your peace to be disturbed.  Focus on your Jesus, the prince of peace.  That should always be your focus.  Do not focus on darkness.  Focus on light, love, and peace of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Now, My love and peace I give to you this day, and I ask that you pass it along to all who will read this message.

Ruth Ann:  It is done, Lord.


Message of August 3, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, in the message today, You said not to be saddened by all that is going on around you.  But it is so difficult to see and hear things that hurt you and others, and not be saddened by it.

Our Lady:  All I am saying to you is, don't focus on this part.  Focus on My Son, and the peace and love He has brought for His children by His death on the cross.  His death and resurrection should remain the central focus.  Things of the earth are but for a fleeting moment.  Salvation is for eternity.  Continue to pray, and stay focused on what is truly important.  I am not saying that you are not to have compassion and love for your neighbor who is struggling.  I am saying just the opposite.  I am calling you to do something about those situations.  Pray for those who hate you and cause you pain.  Pray for those who are less fortunate than you.  Ask for their peace and conversion.  If you can help others monetarily or physically in some way, do so, but do not lose hope. 

I know this is difficult for many of you to understand as you watch the death and destruction all over the world.  How much of what you have seen in other countries has come to your own?  You have been warned of this, dear children.  Many of My messages have told of these disasters that will come to your country, but still man continues to turn a deaf ear.  Those of you who are truly listening, are seeing the results of a lack of prayer, and a lack of faith.  God continues to try to get the attention of His children, but still, they ignore the signs that He is losing patience with His children. 

Those of you who are listening must continue to pray for conversions.  Man is in need of having a change of heart.  He must be called back from a world that focuses on darkness.  Money, lust for power, sex, greed for worldly goods, all have contributed to the downfall of your world.  Man must turn away from all these things and turn back to God.  Material things in themselves are not evil.  It is man's lust for more, bigger, and better, that continuously causes him to lose focus on what is truly important.  All of your material things can be removed in the blink of an eye, and then what do you have?  What profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?  Man must not lose focus of this purpose for the gift of life, or the gift of material things God has given to His children

I am here to call you back.  I am here to guide you on the right path, and away from that which will bring you destruction of your peace, and of your immortal soul.  Be at peace, and know that God has great things in store for those who love Him.  Pray, dear children, for all evil to be destroyed, and darkness to be lifted from your land.  Pray for peace, God's peace, and all other things will become less important to you.  Put God first, and His plan for you and all other things will fall into place.  God's will be done.  I love you.  Go in God's peace.


Message of August 31, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, the words told to me by Your Mother after the weekly message were quite strong.

Jesus:  She realizes too few are listening to what is being said.  She also realizes that God is not pleased with all those who continue to ignore all She is doing in the world to draw them away from darkness and into the light.  As a good Mother wishes to protect her children and keep them safe, She too, is trying to do all in Her power to love and protect you.  She continues to work tirelessly to draw all of Her children under Her protective mantle, and many con-tinue to fight against this protection.  They will have to experience many hardships before they realize She is trying to be of help to them with the salvation of their souls.

Man continues to be so stubborn, child.  He thinks he is in control, and that he has all the time in the world to prepare to meet his Creator.  She, My Mother, is here now for a reason.  She has warned Her children of the coming of God's wrath if they did not repent of their sins, and return to the ways of God, in messages prior to these. 

Man wishes to think he has lots of time to get his act together.  This is not so.  She would not be appearing to so many, and speaking to so many, if this were so.  She is calling Her children to the safety of Her Immaculate Heart.  She is asking for true conversions of Her children.  She wishes every soul to be saved.  Even the hardest of hearts She wishes to see broken open, and the love and mercy of Christ poured into them.  She is pouring forth graces at special places of prayer all over the world.  Those who are listening are benefiting from these graces, which will sustain them through the difficult times that are ahead. 

Those who seek to hide their heads in the sand and ignore all the warnings, bring more and more hardships upon the land.  God must get the attention of His children if they are to be saved.  Apparitions and messages do not seem to be enough.  So greater measures must be taken in order to get the attention of those who have chosen to ignore the signs.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, those of us, who are aware, are trying to do all Your Mother is calling us to do.

Jesus:  Your God is aware of this.  Your prayers and efforts do not go unnoticed, little one, neither do all the efforts, put forth by those who wish to have the messages given to the world by My Mother, gone unnoticed.  But much prayer is needed for a world totally taken over by the evil one.  My Heart is saddened, as is the Heart of My Mother.  So many of My children continue to be lost, stumbling along in darkness, when they could choose to be in the light, and at peace.

Man has chosen to be on the wrong path.  He has chosen to follow the ways of the world and turn his back on God.  Truth and love have been replaced by lies and hatred.  Peace is not to be found anywhere in your world, so you must seek peace in your hearts, Gods peace, in order to survive in a world of disorder and corruption.  Know that this peace that you have found through the love of God, must be sustained through prayer and reception of the Sacraments.  Strive for holiness, little ones, and know I am with you.  Listen to the words of My Mother.  These words are from Heaven, and are being sent to you by a God Who loves you.  Be obedient, and follow the laws set down for you by Moses in the Ten Commandments.  Love God and your neighbor.  All else will follow.

Share what I am saying to you, little one.  Share your gifts with all who will listen. 

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, it is done.

Jesus:  Go in My peace, and know I am with you throughout this day, and the days ahead.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for this blessing.


Message of Sept. 18, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

I am your Mother sent to you to guide you away from the world and back to My Son.  You must listen to the words being spoken to you.  Pray dear children, and ask God to help you understand the importance of what is being told to you by so many of My children asked to share My words.  The time is now for you to listen and take to heart all I am telling you.  What must God do to get the attention of His children?  I have been allowed to come to you and guide you on the right path.  I have come to you to help you save your souls, and those of your loved ones.  Apparitions, visions, and locutions are becoming common among you, and still you do not recognize the sign of the end times. 

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the Book of Revelations.  You are living this part of the bible at the present time, and still you have not understood.  You are blinded by greed and concern for your physical comfort.  What of your immortal soul?  Your body is only a temporary dwelling for your soul.  Your body will die.  Your soul lasts forever.

Live the words being spoken to you.  Know they are of great importance.  Pray, fast, and do pennance.  Return to My Son.  He is your hope and salvation.  In a world on the brink of destruction, you must find peace.  That peace can only come from God.  Pray dear children, that you can attain this peace in your heart so important in these difficult times.

I will not be among you much longer.  The words being spoken to you by many of My children, too, will cease.  You must listen and live My messages now.  God loves you, and I love you.  Know I am here with you and praying for all those things for which you too are praying.  My Motherly mantle surrounds you.  You must pray.


Message of Sept. 18, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You have anything to add?

Our Lady:  Man continues on the path to self-destruction.  Much pain and suffering is in store for My children.  They have been blind and deaf to all that is being done.  This is by choice, that man is destroying himself and the world around him.  God has allowed Your Mother among you for many years, to help and guide you away from the path you have chosen. 

Man continuously chooses evil instead of those things that are good for him.  He seeks pleasures of the flesh, and yet he knows that flesh must die.  Your soul lives on forever, little children.  You must seek to nourish this soul through those things that are of God.  My concern for you and your world is great.  There is much pain in My heart because of the hardness of your hearts. 

Soon I will no longer be allowed to be among you.  My words, being shared with you, will also cease.  What then will happen to My children who do not have the faith to sustain them?  You must listen and live the messages that have been spoken to you.  Know that God is trying to save your immortal souls.  This precious gift He is giving you of My appearances and messages, is to bring you back to Him.  Discard all in your life that is not of God, so that you can be at peace.  God's peace is of the utmost importance in a world filled with no peace. 

Darkness has covered your world.  The only light in this darkness is that of My Son.  Seek One Who is Light, Truth, and Love.  Seek the Prince of Peace and know that this is the most important peace of all.  As times become more and more difficult, know that His love endures forever.  Listen to all that is being said to you, little children.  My protective mantle surrounds you.  You must pray.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, the message You gave me for the farm today was quite strong.

Our Lady:  Child, it too, will fall on deaf ears.  My children do not wish to know the truth.  If they know the truth, then they must change their heart, their lives must change, and all they hold dear must change.  Things of the earth must be set aside for them to have room for those things that are of the utmost importance.


Message of January 5, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, do You wish to speak to me?

Jesus:  Little one, feel blessed, because your Jesus continues to be available to you, and others through you.  As I continue to speak through you, for the benefit of all those who will listen, great graces abound. 

My Mother has said, there will come a time when She will no longer speak with you, and give you messages for you to share, and this is to be, little one.  It is not that She will no longer speak with you, but you will not share what She is sharing with you.  She will be there for you, as you have need of Her.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for that, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, God has a plan, and it is difficult for you to understand all that is happening in your life at this time.  As time goes on, those things you do not understand, will be made clear to you.  Patience is a virtue, little one.  It is also a gift.  Not many of My children have this gift.  Most of My children wish to have answers now.  That is why it is so difficult for you to wait.  But remember, all things come to him who waits. 

Blessings will abound in the new year, little one.  Many will be seeking the face of God, and many will continue to search for the true meaning of their existence.  Many hearts will be touched, and many souls will be saved.  You have been told this many times, but it is worth repeating.  Your ministry is not going to end, but it is going to change.  You have been prepared for this change.  You will continue to be prepared for each and every task that God puts before you.  Remember, many are asked but few are chosen. 

You have said many times that you would have preferred God to have chosen someone else, for you feel unworthy.  It is because you feel unworthy that you are just what is needed to get the work done, that must be done.  None of My children could have related to a proud, arrogant, person who would act 'special', because of this gift.  Most of My children are shy about their faith, and hesitant about sharing the gifts and blessings given to them.  Others of My children can relate to someone who does not wish to be in the limelight, and would choose to be quiet, rather than share what has been given to them.  Many of the same problems you have, are shared by My children who are reading the words I give to you.  You do not realize the good you are doing, just in sharing your struggles and concerns.

So many of My children are seeking the same answers that you seek.  They are hurting through losses similar to what you are experiencing, and they need to hear that God is watching over them, and will always be there for them through all their difficulties.  Many times the feeling of total abandonment by Me, can be alleviated through the encouraging words of another.  There is never a reason for one to feel totally alone.  I am always here for all of My children.  If you ever feel totally abandoned, it is through your lack of faith and trust in Me.  God's word has been given to you, so that you could never feel alone.  The Bible is at your fingertips, as it should be.  If you, My children, would read My words on a daily basis, My children would feel My presence in these words.

My Mother has come to you to share the importance of these words, and has reminded you that these words must be taken seriously.  The times have become extremely difficult for many of My children, but know that God's word will always be here for you.  The Ten Commandments that were given to Moses many years ago, are just as important today, and just as relevant today, as they were then.  They are God's laws, and laws that must be followed to attain eternal salvation.  Many continue to feel that these laws are outdated, but this is not so.  Man has changed, and the world has changed, but God's word will never be changed.  And neither must it be altered to fit the times.  Man must alter His life in order to live the laws of God, and attain the peace that awaits him, through the acceptance of these laws. 
Peace is not attained through the arrogance and pride of those who choose to ignore the Word of God.  Peace is not found through the seeking of pleasures of the flesh in all forms.  Peace is found through the acceptance of God's love.  Man must repent of his sins, and accept this gift of love God has to offer.  You, and others like you, are there to remind My children that God still cares.  He loves all of His children.  He is here to work miracles, give blessings, and aid you in your hours of need.  Trust children, and know that in your burdens and hurts, God is still there for you.  He has sent His only Son to the earth to show you just how much He cares.  He has allowed Him to be a human sacrifice for the sins of mankind.  How much more must He do to show you just how much He cares?

Be at peace, My little children, My Mother continues to bless you through Her appearances, words, and graces, that pour forth in great abundance.  I, too, am speaking to, and will continue to minister, to many.  Why do you suppose this is true?  Because time is precious to the One Who created you.  Time, My children, is running out.  Man must begin to take these words being spoken, more seriously than he has ever done before.  The hand of justice is about to strike, and My children must be prepared with a repentant heart.  This is not said to frighten My children, it is said to bring about the change of the heart that will bring peace, no matter what the circum-stances. 

Those who love Me, and stay focused on Me, will have no need to fear.  I love you, and wish you to repent of your sins, and obtain the peace so necessary in this world of pain and suffering.  My love remains with you.  Seek My peace.