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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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May 2010
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of October 6, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

I come to you with the same message.  I am calling you to pray as never before.  You need only to see and listen to what is going on around you to know how badly those prayers are needed.  My plea continues to fall on deaf ears for many.  Those are the ones who are in the most need of your prayers.  Pray for the conversions of the hearts hardened by the desires and pressures of a world caught up in darkness.  My Motherly heart is breaking because of the pain and suffering of the innocent.  The evil one continues to deceive and destroy with his lies.  Open your eyes to see and your ears to hear.  God is telling you with signs and wonders that the time is now for conversion of the heart.  Listen and pray, dear children.  I am here to help you and tell you just how much God loves you.  I am here to place My protective mantle around you.  I am your Mother.  I wish to intercede before the Throne of God for you and all your needs.  Pray, dear children, God awaits your every prayer.  I bless you, little ones, for the love you have and show for Me and My Son.  Go in His peace.


Message of Dec. 13, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  Know your God will continue to bless you and give you the strength needed to get through all that must be done to prepare My children for My Second Coming.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You have said that several times now, and I really don't know if I should be repeating this in my messages.  Is this something You wish to be shared?

Jesus:  Little one, man has been preparing for My Second Coming since I left the earth to return to My Father from whence I came.  This is not news.  The news is, the time is drawing nearer and nearer.  Still, many of My children ignore the signs, and refuse to acknowledge their hearts need to be changed.  They are in need of true conversion, and still they plod along, ignoring all the signs that point to the fact that we are, indeed, in the End Times.  Those who are aware of the appearances and words spoken to so many by My Mother, are aware of this fact.  Those who choose to look the other way and are still caught up in the ways of the world, need much prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, we continue to pray for the conversion of all those in need.

Jesus:  There is a great need, little one.  Many souls will be lost without the help of those heeding the words to pray for others.

Ruth Ann:  Your Mother has reminded us of this over and over, Lord.  She works very hard to save all souls.

Jesus:  She continues to cry out, little one, but many are not listening.  That is why it is so important for those of you who are listening, to pray for those who most need Her help.

Ruth Ann:  We will continue to do so, Lord.  I am hoping to have more time for prayer, Lord.

Jesus:  This will be so.  After the holidays, things will become quiet for a little while.  It is during that time you will have more time for prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Is there anything You wish to add, Lord?

Jesus:  No, child.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  And I love you, little one.


Message of Dec. 31, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I feel badly because I speak with You so little any more, or at least that's the way it seems.

Our Lady:  Child, I am here for you at all times.  I am here on your farm at all times, just waiting to give special graces to all those who come here in faith to pray.  Do not feel guilty about not writing what I am saying to you.  I want you to spend the time with My Son.  He is the One I wish to draw all My children to, through their prayers and devotion to Me.  I am here to guide My children back to My Son and away from the ways of the world.  Do not apologize for doing exactly what I have been sent here to do for all of My children, bring them to My Son.

So many are living in darkness, child, they are so far away that it seems almost impossible for this task to ever be accomplished.  Some of My children continue to ignore Me and all the signs made available to them through special graces granted by God.  They are the ones that need much prayer, child.  They are the ones that continue to bury their head in the sand and will continue to do so until it is too late.  I will continue to do all I can to bring all of My children back.  I will continue to do all God will allow Me to do in order to draw all those back to Him that are most in need of His mercy and love. 

The time will come, however, when I will no longer be allowed to do so, and then, what will they do?  There is to be much suffering for those who continue to ignore the signs, not only for those, but for the innocent as well.  Man has brought so much evil upon himself by ignoring My Son, and deliberately twisting all that He stands for.  God will not allow this world to go unpunished.  God loves you, this is true, but He also demands respect and love in return.  He would prefer man respect Him out of love, but if man will not, then man will respect Him out of fear.  That time will be the time of justice.  God is a loving God, but He is also a just God.  Man will not go unpunished for his evil ways. 

I have been sent among you to turn all of you back to God before it is too late.  The time is fast approaching when God's hand of justice will strike the earth.  When this time comes, it will be too late for many of My children.  That is why it is so important to listen, pray, and make sacrifices.  Many graces are going to be needed for all of My children in the times that are ahead.  They need to be listening and taking advantage of every grace available to them.  Instead, they ignore. 

Pray, all of you who are listening, that minds and hearts will be touched and conversions be made for all those in need, before it is too late.  I am your Mother, here to love, warn, and guide you; love you, for you are My children; warn you, because of what is to come; and guide you, back to My Son and away from the darkness that covers your world.  Listen and be obedient to the word of God.  Live the messages that have been and are still being given to you by many of My children.  You, child, continue to be obedient to My Son.  That is most pleasing to Me.  Go in the peace of My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother, thank You for Your graces and words.


Message of Feb. 17, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I had an early appointment yesterday and did not get to speak with You.  Will You speak with me now?

Our Lady:  Child, I am here.  Anything and everything I will say to you has been repeated over and over. 

My children have gotten caught up in the messages, and not what the messages are revealing to them.  Many have gotten caught up in the messengers and places where the messages are being delivered.  If only My children would pursue their prayer life as fervently as they pursue all of these places, seeking signs and miracles.  Many are missing the point, child.  The point is, to gather in prayer.  Allow your hearts to be changed so you can set an example for all those who do not understand that they, too, should change their heart.  The signs and wonders are rewards and results of the prayer, child, but the prayers are needed, whether or not there are signs and wonders to behold.  Pray for an understanding of all that is going on around you.  Then, your heart will be changed, and you will find God's peace.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, why do You give these miracles, if You don't want people seeking them?

Our Lady:  Child, the miracles are given to change hearts, for those who are seeking to repent of their sins and change their lives.  It is for those who have spent much time in prayer and are in need of a 'pick-me-up'.  There are many reasons for God allowing these things to happen, child, but the most important is to call all My children to conversion.  Time is running out, child.  I continue to repeat this to My children over and over.  The important thing is, that once you have had a change of heart, you can evangelize and help others to receive a change of heart.  If you are seeking God, you will find Him.  If you are seeking Me, you will find Me.  We are just waiting for Our children to wish to have a conversion.  Children, pray for conversions.  Once man has a true conversion, he will continue to pray and grow closer and closer to My Son and to Me.  In doing so, others too, will be drawn toward this peace that will radiate from you.  By example, you can draw many others to My Son. 

Many continue to seek signs and wonders, just for the sake of doing so.  Do they not realize what these signs and wonders mean?  That is an important question.  In a time of peace and good Christian morality, there is no need for signs and wonders.  The world has no peace, and the morals have fallen into darkness.  Many say, it is time for the pendulum to swing, but that is all that is done about it.  Much talk is taking place, but more than talk is needed, child.  God is needed.  He is needed in your hearts, minds and souls.  He is needed in your homes, and in your country.  He is needed in your world. 

Good is going to triumph over evil, child, but not before man has experienced much more suffering.  This suffering has been brought on by the need to satisfy all man's desires, and ignore the desires of God.  My heart weeps for the innocent, but I am doing all I can to prepare you.  Man must change his heart and pray.  He must repent of his sins, and turn back to My Jesus.  You know not the day or the hour, so prepare, children.  Seek instead of signs and wonders, a change of your heart.  Then, no matter what befalls you or your country, you will have the faith to stand firm and live or die for your Jesus. 

My protective mantle surrounds you and yours, child.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.  Know that what My Son has spoken of to you in a personal message is truth and prophecy, and will come to pass.  My Son and I give you Our blessing.  Continue to love and serve your God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother, and thank You for the smell of roses during this message.

Our Lady:  You do not seek these blessings.  That is why it was given to you.


Message of March 2, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to speak with me today?

Our Lady:  Child, yes I do.  You must realize that I am concerned for My children who are more and more taken in by the evil ways of the world.  I ask for My children to pray for peace and many are not doing so.  Everywhere there is disunity, strife, and suffering.  These things are not caused by God.  These are things man is doing to himself through lack of love for God the Father in Heaven.  Man will not find peace if he does not heed the messages and warnings being sent to him by God through many of His chosen instru-ments.  It is too bad that man continues to turn his back on God; for God wishes all of His children to be saved from the eternal fires of damnation. 

As your Mother, little children, I continue to ask for you to consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart.  It will triumph.  The time is drawing near for this to come about.  But there is to be much suffering before this will come about.  Little children, you must pray.  Turn your lives over to your Mother who loves you, and wishes to protect you.  Join with others in prayer for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.  Only then can peace reign in your hearts and in your land.

Ruth Ann:  It all seems so futile, Mother.  Many ignore, and not only ignore, do not want to hear any of this.

Our Lady:  Child, you cannot force someone to change their heart.  That is why it is important that My children pray for the conversion of others.  Pray that God will touch their hearts in a mighty way, then their eyes will be opened and their ears will be able to hear.  Man has adopted a way of life that has excluded God.  Man has become steeped in the importance of himself.  He goes about his day making important decisions, making lots of money, and ignoring his family, his friends, and most importantly, his soul.  Man has made money, and all it can buy, his god.  He has placed God away from himself by being drawn further and further into the muck and mire of the world.  In some cases, it is going to take drastic measures to awaken God's children and bring them out of the darkness and into the light.  God will do what He must do to get the attention of His children. 

You, My children, are already aware of the need for change in your life.  You have been called out of darkness.  As you pray, remember all those who still are wandering around like lost sheep.  God wishes them to be brought back into the fold.  You are at an advantage, little ones.  You are aware of the times.  Many are not.  Continue to pray and do all that God would have you do as His children.  Spread love and peace by your example in doing His will.  Be obedient children.  Listen to God's word in My messages.  I love you.  God loves you.  Go in His peace to love and do good for your neighbor.


Message of March 16, 1994,  from Our Lady (In Jerusalem)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I am truly touched by this pilgrimage, but I have had little time to listen and write.

Our Lady:  Child, My Son and I have both said to you to go and enjoy the trip to the land of My Son's birth, death and resurrection.  This is always a busy time for you, but you will have much to reflect upon as you return to your home and family.  God has been so good to you, child.  He has given you many gifts since your first gift of 'yes' to His holy will. 

There is much more to come child, and you will be fortified with the graces to help you in these difficult days that are ahead of you.  You need not be concerned.  God loves you and is watching over you with a mighty gift of love.  You are being told of the personal cross that will make it possible for others to come to a true and deeper conversion of the heart.  Be attentive to the words being spoken to you.  Take them into your heart, little child.  You are being prepared for great graces.  Your mission has only begun, child.  As what God wishes for you continues to grow, many other gifts will be given to you.  God does not take from His children without replacing what is taken with greater and better gifts in return. 

You, My child, must be receptive to all that God wishes for you.  The graces are available in abundance.  Your gift of receiving His words is a special gift that is to be shared with others.  It would do no good to only receive without sharing.  God's light must not be hidden under a bushel.  There it would burn out and die.  In sharing what is being said to you, you are fanning the flames of love and causing a great fire to burn in the hearts of those who choose to listen. 

Gifts are given to all of My children.  It is up to them to discover their special gift and use it to the greater honor and glory of God.  He wishes all His children to agree to do His will so He can work great wonders in their lives and hearts, and the lives and hearts of their loved ones.  All wish for their loved ones to be saved.  God wishes this too.  He does not wish to lose even a single soul.  This would be possible if only My children would take to heart all that is being said with great seriousness. 

Prayer can change many things.  Prayer can bring about the conversion of your dear ones, and those who are your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.  You are all to be one, little child.  One in the spirit of love and peace.  But it takes much prayer and love.  Do not be so critical of one another.  Look for My Son Jesus in each and every one you meet.  Then it will be difficult for you to find fault with those around you.  Many of you can see the splinter in your brother and sister's eye, but cannot see the boulder in your own.  You must guard against this.  It is not of God. 

The evil one has a way of finding little irritants to place before you.  These little irritants then grow into big ones.  Do not allow him to use you in this way.  Be kind to those around you.  Seek forgiveness from those whom you have hurt in any way.  That is the way to gain peace in your hearts and in the world.  God has continued to wait for His children to come to an understanding of peace with one another, but this peace has not come.  Man has so much animosity in his heart for his neighbor, that his peace is not being achieved.  Seek peace in your hearts, dear children, so this peace with your neighbor will come. 

God's patience has come to an end.  He is telling you through many signs and words that the time is now for His children to stop this anger and hatred toward one another.  He has sent His only Son to the earth as an example of what He chooses for you to be and do.  Live with your neighbor with love and patience in your heart, then peace can be achieved where there is no peace. 

I will continue to help all of you for as long as I am allowed.  Seek this help from Me.  I am your heavenly Mother full of love and compassion for you.  Bring your heart to Me.  Join with My heart to touch the lives and hearts of all God's children.  Seek peace, little children, seek it in your heart, in your daily lives, and in the world around you.  Be the light to achieve this peace.  Share it with others. 

Now, I know you have another busy day ahead.  I thank you for listening.  Go in My Son's peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for these words, Mother, I love You.

Our Lady:  I love you, child.


Message of June 29, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for that beautiful message.  It is a good reminder to help us realize that we are our brother's keeper.

Our Lady:  Child, it is through those of you who are listening and are continually petitioning God for others, that many are being saved.  You who are praying for loved ones, and those who are your enemies, will be instrumental in saving their souls. 

Over the years I have said, "Pray for conversions."  In doing this, many are being brought out of darkness into the light.  You may not see it happening as quickly as you would like, but it is happening.  When the time is right, each one you are praying for will have the conversion you seek for them.  Your prayers do not go unnoticed.  Each prayer is heard, and each prayer will be answered.  God has a divine plan, His plan is perfect.  Each one of you is a part of this plan.  As all things fall into place, prayers are answered and light is brought into the lives of those living in darkness.  Peace is brought into the lives of those who have been unable to find peace.  See how important prayer is, not only for yourself but for everyone around you.

Pray, dear children, pray.  I'm praying with you, but I cannot do it all.  I must have the help of those who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules and tend to the lost sheep.  God is listening, little ones.  It pleases Him to know that you care enough for your brothers and sisters to want to save their souls.  What love you have for one another when you pray for the conversion of those who do you harm, or those around you!  This is what God means when you are to follow the example of His Son.  He too, prayed for those who hated and persecuted Him, even unto His death on the cross.  When you are told to take up your cross and follow in the footsteps of your Jesus, this is exactly what this means. 

Love those who hate you.  Do good to those who would do you harm.  These are not easy requests, little children, but they are God's way.  Be at peace with what you are called to do in this life, so that you can enjoy an eternity of love, joy, and peace in the hereafter.  Your prayers bring Me much joy and happiness.  Thank you for responding to My call.


Message of August 2, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, is there anything You wish to say to me today?

Jesus:  Only this, child; it is extremely important that the world listen to what My Mother is saying.  She has been chosen to herald in My Second Coming.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, when people hear these words 'second coming', they all start thinking this is tomorrow, or the year 2000.

Jesus:  God's and man's time are not the same, little one.  You must realize that many things are happening, and will continue to happen.  You will not know the day or the hour.  Only My Father in Heaven knows.  Speculating does not change anything.  Prayer does, and can, change much.  When My Mother asks for Her children to pray and change their hearts, She means every word.  Man has not been taking the signs and wonders put before him seriously.  Many more are in need of conversion.  She calls Her children to peace, and asks them to love one another.  They are not listening.  The wars continue, and so do the disasters that continue to plague the entire world.  Man is destroying himself with hatred, lust, and greed.  My Mother is bringing love, peace, and hope.  All man need do is pray, trust, and change his heart. 

Those who are listening have a grave responsibility to help in this process.  Conversion, true conversion, works like a chain reaction.  When your heart is touched and changed, you wish for those around you to experience this peace and love.  You in turn, pray for the conversions of those around you.  Their lives, too, are touched, and they touch others.  It is true that some fall by the wayside, for they do not choose to live and listen for long.  They prefer to return to the life they had before their hearts were touched.  That is their loss.  What is important, is that all God's children have the opportunity to hear God's word and make that choice.  They can then live for God, or live for the world.  Living for the world will bring about destruction of their soul, but again, that is their choice.  Man has a free will.

God wishes all His children saved.  All of His children do not wish to make the sacrifice necessary in order to achieve salvation.  A life of sin is much easier to face here on the earth, because that life is all around you.  It's much more difficult to change your heart to live for God.  Living for God is contrary to all that man has come to believe is important.  My Mother continues to call Her children back to a life of love and peace.  They continue to ignore Her.  She will continue to do so as long as She is allowed by God, and then it will be too late for many. 

Be at peace with what I am saying to you, little one.  It is time for My children to take heed of the messages.  You are only an instrument, and only do as you are asked.  Be obedient, and you will know you have done all that you can do for God's children.  Share, pray, and live the words being shared.  Be that beacon of light in a world of darkness that My Mother has called you to be at this time.  Let the light, love, peace, and hope that is yours, touch the lives of those seeking these blessings and graces for themselves, and their loved ones.  Let God's love work through you to allow many lives, hearts, and minds to be touched.  Grow in His love, and let it overflow to all whose lives you touch.  Love and peace, child.  My children are seeking these qualities that have been given to you, to share with those who come to you for prayer.  They are in need, little one, and their hearts cry out for this peace, so difficult to find in a world filled with turmoil.  That is why it is so important for you to keep your peace at all cost.

Ruth Ann:  You have been my lifeline, and so has Your Mother, in helping me keep my peace.  Even when it leaves me for a little while, it never interferes with what You would have me do for You.  I credit You Both for that.  I know I can do nothing on my own.  All things are done because this is Your wish and will for me.  I'm not smart enough, or good enough, to do or say any of these things You would have me do or say.  Please continue to hang in there with me, Lord.  I cannot do any of these things alone.
Jesus:  Child, that is all it takes, the desire to do God's will above all else.  'Thy will be done'.  Those words changed the entire world, they can do so again.  I need to hear that from all My children.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, those of us who are listening will continue to do all we can.  We need lots of help though.

Jesus:  The help is there, little one.  As God touches minds and hearts, the help is there.  You continue to be an instrument, and God will do the rest.


Message of Nov. 20, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Group

My Dear Children,

I wish to thank you for gathering together in prayer.  'Be it done to Me according to Thy word'.  These words were spoken by Me to God the Father many years ago.  Now it is time for these words to be repeated.  God has allowed Me to come to the earth to minister to His children to draw them away from the world and back to His Son.  He has allowed Me to speak to, and through, many of His chosen ones.  Soon the messages you have been receiving here will cease.  I must decrease and My Son must increase. 

I have come to point the way to My Son.  Those of you who have listened and taken to heart the words being spoken to you, have been of great help to Me with your prayers.  These prayers must continue.  Many of My children are still in need of conversion.  Many of My children feel that because they attend the church of their choice weekly, they are not in need of conversion.  There is more to conversion than going to church.  A true conversion comes when you have decided to follow Jesus, no matter what the price. 

You were created by God for a reason.  Many of you forget this.  You were put on the earth to know, love, and serve God, and to be happy with Him in Heaven for all eternity.  Many of you do not know God.  Many do not love Him as your Supreme, Divine, Creator of all things.  Many of you do not serve Him.  How can that be?  It is reflected in the way you treat one another.  Love God and your neighbor as yourself for the love of God.  It is the greatest of all commandments.  These are not just words, dear children, these are a blueprint for your salvation. 

The words I have spoken to you over and over, are words that have been spoken to you before.  I have not been giving you any new revelations.  God has been good to you.  He loves you and wishes for you to find peace in your heart, lives, and world.  Peace will not come to a world filled with hatred for one another.  Change your hearts.  Find forgiveness in your hearts for all those who do you harm.  Love one another.  Be at peace with one another.  Then, and only then, can a true conversion begin in your heart.  I wish this peace for you.  God wishes this peace for you.  Pray, dear children, for God's mercy to be given out in abundance to all those who choose to ignore Him and blatantly flaunt their sinfulness in His face. 

God is a God of mercy, but He is also a God of justice.  As any good parent should do, He must discipline those who continue to live their lives doing only those things that are bringing them pleasure, and ignoring the feelings of others.  In using your free will, many of you have made choices, not for God, but instead you have chosen to live your lives according to the world.  Your world is full of evil.  It is full of darkness.  You must choose to live your lives following the example of His Son and My Son, Jesus.  This is the supreme example put before you for your good.  God loves you and I love you.  You must pray!


Message of Dec. 18, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, is there anything You wish to add?

Our Lady:  Child, do you realize that a lot that is being said is falling on deaf ears?

Ruth Ann:  Mother, this was true of the words spoken in the time of Your Son's ministry.

Our Lady:  Yes child, you are correct.  But the need is even greater now, than it was before.  That time was the beginning.  This time is the end.  That means, child, that time is running out for My children to receive the true conversion needed to receive the gift of God's love and mercy.  Words can be spoken, but unless these words are taken to heart, they cannot, and will not, bring about the change of heart needed to receive all that God has to give His children.  That is why it is so important for those who are listening, to take to heart the messages being spoken to so many. 

My children are in need of conversion.  They continue to seek those things in this world that bring about temporary happiness.  God asks that you seek happiness that lasts for all eternity.  This can only come from placing yourself in His hands.  He will tend to all things.  Put Him first, and know that in doing so, you could not be in greater care.  Lives must be prioritized.  You must change your hearts in order to receive all that God wishes to give to you.  Place Him first in your life, and all things will fall into place.  God's plan is perfect, and so is His love.  Be at peace, little children, God's love awaits you.