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May 2011
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of March 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Please speak with me.  I feel so down.

Jesus:  Little one, it is not necessary for you to feel this way.  'Down' is not of Me.

Ruth Ann:  I know, Lord.  Please help me.

Jesus:  I am always here to help all of My children.  You are without My peace.  This is so because you have not taken the time to be with Me in spirit.  You have not taken the time to listen to Me.  You are busy with worldly things.

Ruth Ann:  You are right Lord, but most of them, or all of them, have been things that needed to be done.  I love You Lord, but I find so little time to spend with You, and it is making me very sad.

Jesus:  I know, little one, you lose My peace when other things are put before Me.

Ruth Ann:  There is much sadness in my life right now, the loss of a dear friend and the need to help the family remain, and I have lost two relatives in the past week.  Much of this brings back the death and loss of my parents.  I am sorry Lord, but even though I realize they are with You it still brings back childhood memories, when life was not so complicated.

Jesus:  Not so complicated for whom, though?  Life has always been complicated for My children.  Your parents did not have an easy life.  It is just that they did not complain.  They accepted their crosses because they knew it was God's will.

Ruth Ann:  I am sorry Lord, I do not mean to complain. I truly feel sad.  There is so much pain and suffering in the world, and so many come to me for prayer, for they feel I am closer to You and Your Mother, and You will hear my prayers more clearly, and answer them as though You would grant me a favor that You would not grant them.  That saddens me, Lord.  I know You love all of us the same, and will answer all our prayers.

Jesus:  Little one, you have found favor with God, and it is true that those who find favor with God are granted special graces to pray for others.  These graces are necessary to all God's children, so that their prayers can be heard.  Why do you at times pray to special saints for special favors?  It is because you feel these favors will be taken directly to God with no delay.  It is like having a lawyer plead your case before a judge.  That person has the skill to plead your case. It has been proven so.  In your case, child, it too, has been proven.  Others have seen that you listen and you have heard the word of God and, too, you have found favor with God.  It has been proven through the visions, miracles, and healings you and others have received as a result of your prayer and obedience.  So even though you do not wish to accept this special honor bestowed upon you by God, as such, it is so.  So when someone calls or comes to you for prayer, continue to do as you have done.  Take it to your heart.

You feel others pain and suffering, and it is because you are a very sensitive child.  I would have it no other way.  God sees your tears and feels your pain for others.  He takes it to His heart.  It is precious to Him, little one.  He wishes all His brothers and sisters to love each other as you do.

Child, you feel this to be a terrible burden.  Are not all crosses burdens?  This is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, little one.  Not only will the graces flow from you, for and to others, so that God will grant them special favors, but the crosses and burdens will become heavier and more burdensome, little one.  That is why it is so important to be in constant unity with Me.  With Me, nothing will be too great for you to handle.  I am strength and peace.  I am life.  I am graces.  I am your Jesus.  With My hand in yours, you and I can walk any path, no matter how steep, how narrow, or how rocky.  Together, we can do all things.  Without Me, you can do nothing.

See how important your life with Me is?   See how important your life is to Me?  See how important it is for others to know you and call on you for prayer?

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, You are making me out to be someone of greater importance.

Jesus:  You have been given a special gift.  It is so.  As you pray for others, I am there with you.  So is My Mother.  As you touch others in prayer, I too, touch them.  Is that not a special grace?  So yes child, these truths that have been told to you this day are 'for real.'  You do not wish to feel important, and this is good.  God loves your humility.  That is why He loves you so much.  You continue to be untouched by your importance to Him.

Ruth Ann:  It is because I realize all my faults and how truly worthless as a human being I am.  I feel like a 'low-life', Lord.  I am a 'low-life'.

Jesus:  Little one, without God, all human beings are 'low-life'.  You are growing in leaps and bounds by realizing your unworthiness.  This is what God requires of His chosen ones before they can truly be used.  It is at this point He can begin to work wonders among His people, because you realize that He is the true giver of life, spiritual, physical, emotional, all life.

Little one, even the very learned do not realize truths that you accept as part of your everyday life.  God is the beginning and the end.  Without God, man can do nothing.  Even prayer, without God, is not of help to anyone.  It is prayer from the heart that God listens to, child, so do not hesitate when called on for prayers for others.  Pray, child.  God is listening, and He will answer your prayers.  Sometimes it is not in the way you would wish, so you do not feel that your prayers are any more important than any other person's prayers.  Some prayers are answered in such a way that it brings sadness to you, but maybe in bringing sadness to you, it has brought great joy to God.  Which is more impor-tant, your happiness, or God's?

Ruth Ann:  You know what my answer is, Lord.  I can cry many tears and have much pain in my heart for others, but I truly wish to make You happy.  I want to do Your will, however difficult it may be.  As long as You are with me, and continue to love me, what more can I ask for?  Lord, I love You.

Jesus:  Child, I love you.  Have you regained your peace?

Ruth Ann:  You know I have, Lord.
Jesus:  Now you will have a better day because you have taken the time to be with Me and listen.  Little one, this is important for your growth and what is to come.  Others are aware of what is before you.  You continue to be in awe and unaware.  This is good, little one.  This is something else that makes you special to Me.  Go in My peace, little one, I am with you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of April 16, 1993, for Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I am so tired, but yet I feel this need to communicate with You.

Jesus:  Child, it is as you wish.

Ruth Ann:  No Lord, I wish to do Your will.  Do You wish to speak to me, or is it just because I am tired and in need of Your comfort?

Jesus:  Either way, neither one of us loses, do we?   (Smilingly)

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord, so do You mind if I just listen and gain Your peace?

Jesus:  I wish all My children to listen, child.  You will be rested when we are finished talking, or if you prefer, just listen.  You will gain much from what I have to say.

Ruth Ann:  I always do, Lord.

Jesus:  If all My children would listen as you do, and respond to what I have to say, they too, are being spoken to in so many ways, but are not responding as they should.  Much peace is to be gained by just listening.  A blueprint for their lives is being set before each of My children through My Mother, visionaries, locutionists, priests, and others, willing to do My will, but My children choose not to follow this plan given to them to gain eternal salvation. 

I know you are sad for so many, little one, but do not be sad.  Pray for all those whose lives have not been touched by the beauty of God's love.  Pray that they, too, will learn to take time out of their busy lives and schedules, and listen to My word.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, people are so busy with everyday chores and jobs.  It is as though they don't even realize You exist, let alone give You any credit for all the good that has been brought into their lives.  They don't even realize, Lord, that You are there, even to see them through the pain and suffering in their life.  How long can this world, without God, go on, Lord?  Man has made such a mess of things, and he is so ignorant of that fact.  He keeps wandering on like a small child in darkness.
Jesus:  Child, you have been given wisdom.  You see so much that others do not see.  I also know you feel the pain and the weight of all the burdens of others.  This is for a reason.   My chosen ones must be aware of all the pain and suffering in the world so they will be even more willing to do all that is put before them.  If you did not see a need, then you would not want to help, is that not so?

Ruth Ann:  This is true, Lord.

Jesus:  Well then, you must see the importance of all that is being brought to you for prayer by others.  If it were not for all of My children willing to pray, there would be even more sadness, pain, and suffering in the world.  I know you cannot imagine this, but it is true.  God hears each and every prayer, even though your prayers may not be answered immediately, it does not mean He is not listening.  It only means that things must fall into place so that prayers can be answered.  Sometimes it means another's prayers must be answered first, in order for your prayers to be answered.  Patience is of the utmost importance little one, in time of prayer.  In a world of instant gratification man is finding it very difficult to be patient with God.  You really have no choice you know.  God has a plan for each of His children so patience is not a choice.  Patience is something to be learned and sometimes it takes one many years to learn this virtue.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm not sure I will ever learn it.

Jesus:  You have come a long way.  You do not feel you have patience but you are learning more and more to give your worries and concerns to Me.  You have learned that joy and peace are of Me and until you rid yourself of something that does not bring a calm to your spirit, then you cannot have this peace or joy.  Now if all My children could learn to do this.  Man does not understand so many things; the death of a loved one, pain and suffering of a really good person or child.  All of these bring doubts into the minds of My children, that maybe I don't even exist.  How could God do such a thing?  Children, if only you could see the big picture you would understand.  This is what I want to say, but man must learn to have faith and trust in God.  Man is not in control, little one.  He thinks he is because he has a good job, a nice home, fancy cars, but none of these things are what counts.  How many graces have you accumulated along the way by doing good works, being kind to others, by walking in My footsteps?  These are what count.  When you see God face to face, He isn't going to ask you, "How much money you have earned,"  but "What did you do with the money I allowed you to earn?"  If man could only open his eyes and realize it isn't 'how much' or 'how big' that really counts.  It's what you do with what you have while you are here.  That shouldn't be to difficult to see but many are blind to this fact.  Pray little one, that the eyes of man be opened and he be made aware, that all that he does and is, comes from God.  Without God, man is nothing and can do nothing.

Ruth Ann:  I will pray this prayer Lord, that all men's eyes be opened to recognize that all things come from God.  Is this what You want?

Jesus:  Yes, child.  It is very important and little one, continue to love Me with your whole body, mind and soul.

Ruth Ann:  That is an easy request Lord, but You seem so sad when You said that.

Jesus:  Little one, I hunger for love like a starved child hungers for food.  Love little one, it is sad that I would need to ask for My children to love Me, but I am having to do so in these times.  My Mother suffers so much because She wishes for everyone to love Me and treat Me with respect but this is not to be.  She continues to ask all children that will listen to pray for others to come to Me.  She labors constantly trying to gather all My children under Her protective mantle, so that She can love and guide them on the right path.  She is a tireless worker in My vineyard.  There is much to do.  That is why She is calling on all those who will listen to help Her in prayer.  See why it is so important to listen.  It is so you can pass along what I am saying to others, so they too, can pray and bring others to Me.

Ruth Ann:  I understand, Lord.

Jesus:  Go in My peace, child.  I know you feel rested now.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of May 12, 1993,
from Our Lady to Prayer Group

My Dear Children,

I am again coming to you to encourage you to pray.  Look to My Son for answers He is the way, the truth and the light.  All things come from Him who waits to be asked.  Children, ask and you shall receive, know this in your hearts.  Many of you are growing impatient with God because He is not answering your prayers in the way you wish, or He is not giving you the answers quick enough that you so desire.  Know dear children, every prayer is heard and answered in God's time and in His way.  Do not be discouraged, your prayers and all those of others



Message of July 14, 1993,
from Our Lady to Prayer Group

My Dear Children,

Again I am calling you to prayer.  There is so much work to be done by those who are aware and have realized the importance of my messages.  I thank you for listening and responding to My call for help.

Dear children, I love each one of you very much.  Know that each prayer that you pray is being heard.  I, your Mother, am taking each petition and placing them in the hands of My Son.  You cannot ask for more than this.  If you only knew the care God takes to see that all of your prayers are answered, you would never say, "I don't think God is listening to my prayers."  He listens, dear children.  He listens and answers your prayers in whatever way is best for you.  Go in My Son's peace to love and serve Him.


Message of August 25, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Group

My Dear Children,

God in His infinite wisdom and mercy is watching over you.  He knows all your wants, needs, and desires.  Do not become discouraged if your prayers are not answered immediately.  God hears each and every prayer, and each one is answered.  It will be done so in His time.  It is important that you know this and hold it in your heart.  God's plan is perfect.  He answers all prayers in His way, and in His time.  You cannot comprehend the good-ness of God because you think in human terms.  You want your prayers answered now and in your way.  Know that God has the best interests of His children at heart.  He will tend to your every need.  Pray, dear children, pray.  God will do the rest.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.  My blessing I give to you and your dear ones.
Message of March 24, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am here to listen.

Jesus:  You have just prayed with a young child, and you feel responsible for whether he is healed or not.  Remember, child, you do the praying, I do the healing. I choose what is needed for My children at that particular time.  Not only for the one being prayed for, but for those around the one accepting prayer.  You are not to concern yourself with the why's and wherefore's.  You are to be obedient to the will of God.  You have given much peace to the family, and to the child, for having done this.  Be at peace little one.  Know that I am God and am responsible for all My children.  You are only an instrument.  Some of those you pray for and with will be healed physically.  Others will be given other healings.  It is all according to the will of God.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I guess I'm just not in the mood to listen.  I am so sad.  It brings back too many other sad memories of others who have come seeking physical healings and some have not received them.

Jesus:  You choose to think that the most important healing is physical.  That is where you and I differ.

Ruth Ann:  No, Lord, that's not really so. 

Jesus:  Then why do you become so sad when someone you have sought a physical healing for does not receive it? 

Ruth Ann: Well, maybe I do then, I don't know.  I do know in my heart that the most important thing is the salvation of our souls.  But when the person is young, or a parent with young children, I really have a difficult time with wishing only for a spiritual healing, or just a gift of peace.  Why can't You do both?  That would make all of us happy.

Jesus:  Little one, little one.  You do not understand the ways of God.  All things happen for a reason.  God has a perfect plan.  Your plan is not God's.  Child, you will be praying with many who are seriously ill, and some will live to witness to others and some will not.  But God will give them whatever they need to sustain them through their trials.  You must learn to pray and let go.  Let God do His work through you in whatever way He chooses.  That is doing His will.

Ruth Ann:  I know that, Lord.  But that doesn't help when I have just been with friends and family of one who desires a physical healing desperately.

Jesus:  It is very painful for you, little one, I know.  But this is all part of God's plan for you.  You pray, and let Him do the difficult part.  Remember, 'Thy will be done'.

Ruth Ann:  That really isn't helping, Lord.

Jesus:  Does this help?  You have given that family peace because you have taken the time you did not have to go pray with them.  That was a special gift you gave to them.  The unselfish gift of self.  They were touched by your concern and love for their child and friend.  That should be of some consolation to you.  Now you continue to pray for the family, and let God tend to the rest.  Be at peace with all God has you do, little one.  His ways are not yours.  I love you and I am touched by your love and concern for My children.

Ruth Ann:  You have placed this upon my heart, Lord, this is not of my doing.  You made me, remember? 

Jesus:  You have a free will.

Ruth Ann:  Not really, Lord.  If you wish to be good, there really is no free will.

Jesus:  That is your choice.  You choose to do good and avoid evil.  That is exercising a free will.

Ruth Ann: 
I'm sorry, Lord.  I really don't wish to argue.  I'm just hurting for the family and the child.  Please forgive me.

Jesus:  Child, you have done your part.  I will do the rest.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

(At the conclusion of this message, Ruth Ann went back to reading a spiritual book which she had been reading, and she came to the following part and she said to the Lord again:)

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it's interesting what I just read after our conversation.

(And this is a quote from that book:  'In all our actions to please God we shall find these marks that we may know whether they have been truly for God alone.  First, if when your task has not been successful, you are not disturbed, but remain as tranquil as if you had attained your goal'.) 

Ruth Ann:  You have made Your point Lord, I will continue to pray for the child and the family.


Message of July 19, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, what do You wish to say to me today?

Jesus:  Little one, you have much on your mind.  Are you sure you wish to take the time to listen?

Ruth Ann:  You're right, Lord, I keep thinking about all the things I need to do today, and I'm not really in a prayerful state of mind.

Jesus:  You will have all day to do those things you need to do, child.  Granted, you will be interrupted many times, but you will get everything done you need to do.  You must put other things aside for a few moments, and listen to what I have to say to you.  If you do not, you will have nothing today to share with My children.

Ruth Ann:  You have made Your point, Lord.  I am truly sorry.  It seems I have been scolded by You and Your Mother in the past few days.

Jesus:  These are gentle reminders, child.  You do not realize the importance of your mission, and therefore do not feel this need to continually be open to My words.  You become concerned with the world around you, and all of your needs.  Do not forget the needs of your brothers and sisters.  They are many.

(There was an interruption in this particular message, and Ruth Ann had to stop and she picked it back up by saying...)

Ruth Ann:  Lord, things are quiet now.  I'm ready to listen again.

Jesus:  Thank you, child.  I realize your days continue to become busier and busier, but it is important to set aside time to record what I am saying.  I know there will be days you will be unable to do so, but when you have the time, you must do so.  This is not for your sake, but for all those who need to listen to what I am saying.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I do wish to thank You for an extremely prayerful third Sunday.  The Holy Spirit was quite strong.

Jesus:  You had had a difficult week, had you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  You know I had.  I was called on to do some very difficult tasks for You, Lord, very difficult and very humbling for me.

Jesus:  You also gave a powerful witness for Me on Sunday before the prayer meeting.  That praise and witness was instrumental in strengthening the power of the Holy Spirit in your midst.  You were rewarded for all you had done for Me, by watching the Holy Spirit at work through you.

Ruth Ann:  Whatever caused it, thank You Lord, because many hearts were touched.  Also, many came through telling me of physical healings received.  Thank You, Lord.  I needed to hear that.  I'm only human, Lord.  I hate to admit it, but I need an occasional 'pick-me-up'.  My faith and trust in You should sustain me, I know that, but in my humanness, I need more.

Jesus:  Little one, I have promised you little miracles along the way as 'pick-me-ups' for you and rewards for all you do.  When you have an occasional dry spell, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening.  Each prayer you pray is answered.  Just because you are not God and do not know His plan, does not mean that nothing is happening.  Some prayers are answered gradually, some right away, but all prayers are answered.  You must continue your trust, and have faith, whether those who experience a healing tell you of this blessing from God or not. 

Some will never admit they have received any kind of healing, not even to Me.  So you are not to feel discouraged if you are not told of healings that are taking place.  Continue to be at peace.  Do the will of God, and let Him do the difficult part.  He will continue to bless and heal all those who come to you in faith, seeking these healings.  You are only My instrument, little one.  I love you very much for your help and your obedience.  I have chosen you for this mission because I know you will continue to go forth, no matter what the task or the cost.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I guess I just want to get on with it.  If there is more to come, as you say, then let's get on with it.

Jesus:  Patience, little one, in God's time, not yours.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Now go in My peace, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I am at peace.


Message of Sept. 5, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, thank You for yesterday, and thank You for the beautiful rain this morning.  So much has happened, and is happening, all around us.  We feel truly unworthy.

Jesus:  Little one, this pleases Me.  You are thanking Me, even though I know your heart is heavy.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, but my heavy heart has nothing to do with the greatness and goodness of the many blessings You have given to me.

Jesus:  Someone you have been praying for, for quite sometime, is not receiving the healing you desire.  This is the reason for your heavy heart, is it not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, but this isn't the first time.  If I received the healings I desired for Your children, they'd get it all, not just spiritual healings.  'Thy Will be done, not mine.'  This isn't the first time I have felt hurt and frustration at Your decision for the healing You desire.  My heart continues to ache for those who come for a physical healing and do not receive it.  You know, Lord, who I am referring to without saying the names.

I continue to be obedient and do all You ask, and yet I feel You have let me down, as well as those seeking the healing.  Lord, why did You bring this up?  I wanted to stay positive today, even though my heart aches for some very special people.

Jesus:  Little one, you needed to discuss this with Me so you could be at peace.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I thought I was at peace.  At least as much as I could be with this concern on my mind.

Jesus:  Remember, child, you are only an instrument.  You cannot see the big picture.  Yes, you are obedient.  This pleases Me.  You continue to be obedient, even though your heart aches for My people.  Do not be discouraged, little one.  Healings come to My children in many ways.  I give them what I wish for them to have.  Even though you do not understand, be at peace with My will.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I have no choice.  I accept whatever You do because I am not in control, and You do whatever You feel is best.

Jesus:  Many times what I choose to do doesn't make any sense to you.  Again, little one, you cannot see the big picture.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it's all right, I'll deal with it just as I dealt with others who have not received what they have asked.

Jesus:  You have come a long way, little one.  I can remember a time when you would have said, "I am not praying for any more people.  You aren't going to give them the healings they seek."

Ruth Ann:  Lord, these things were said out of grief and anger.  As I have said before, I felt You were letting those people down.

Jesus:  All My people coming seeking the healing they wish, and they leave with what I choose to give them.  For some it is a physical healing, but only if it will be for My greater honor and glory.  All are touched in some way, little one.  Always remember that.  My Mother continues to draw those children here whom She wishes.  There are special blessings and graces to be had here on this farm.  You are beginning to realize just how important this haven of peace and prayer truly is.  This is a refuge for all the lost souls in need of a place to call home.  It is a place for all those who wish to seek peace in a world filled with turmoil, and no peace.

You did not realize the importance of drawing people here to this special place, but you are beginning to know, My child.  There will be many more confirmations about the importance of this place.  Remember, it was chosen by God as a place for His Mother to draw Her children.  She is calling them here to bring them closer to Her Son.  This will become clearer and clearer to those who are listening, as time goes by.

Blessed are those who do not see and still believe.  Only those being called by My Mother are to come at this time.  The numbers will grow.  The blessings will grow.  The gift of My Holy Spirit abides in this place, as does the presence of My Mother.  Be at peace with all that is happening around you.  Many miracles are in store for My children in this special place.

When the time is right, the numbers will multiply.  God's mercy will abound here.  Conversions will take place beyond belief.  Know that what I am saying to you is truth and light.  God's grace and mercy is to be sought in this place, and received by all those who come to repent of their sins.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Go about your day in peace.