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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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November 2004
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of April 7, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God is watching as man continues to do all that is against the laws of nature and the laws of God. How much longer must He be abused by the very ones He has done so much for? Those of you who love Him feel His pain. Those of you who love Him know too, that My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The evil one who is bringing about all this death and destruction on the earth will be defeated. Pray dear children, pray for God's mercy to be poured out on all those in need. Those in high places need much prayer so God can work and bring about change in their hearts. Thank you for assisting Me in these hours of need. Go in God's peace.

Message of September 1, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Dear Mother, thank You for the messages for the prayer group.

Our Lady: Child, it is for all prayer groups.

Ruth Ann: Mother, there is so much evil and destruction going on.

Our Lady: Yes, child. This is a difficult time for My children. That is why Jesus has sent His Mother to the earth. I am being allowed by God to assist His children. I am here to call you out of the darkness, and back to light. The light of the world has grown dim. It is covered with the corrosion of sin. Man must take the blindness from his eyes. The more and more he seeks happiness through material things and self-gratification of all kinds, the further he pushes his way into the darkness. If man could only see that by shedding the need for the excess baggage he has placed upon himself, he could see that things are weighing him down. Things are pulling him away from the true meaning of life; which is love, peace, and light. Man does not need all these things to make him happy. These are all giving him a false sense of security. There is no security on this earth except the will of God. Be consumed with doing His will, and the peace will come, the security and light will come. God continues to call to all His children through many of His children. He is using many who will listen and share His words and miracles with others. He has allowed Me to come to the earth over and over to many: in apparitions, locutions, visions, and manifestations of many miracles. All of these things come from God. Thank Him for allowing Me to guide you in this time of darkness.

Ruth Ann: Mother, we have just been interrupted. I am sorry.

Our Lady: It is all right, child. Pray, and your peace will return to you. I will speak with you at another time.

Message of Nov. 27, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord.

Jesus: Yes, little one. I am here waiting.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for a good day with our children and grandchildren. We have so much to be thankful for, Lord. Help me never to take any of what we have for granted. Sometimes when I watch the news I think, how can one country be blessed with so much, and other countries with so little?

Jesus: Your country has been blessed, child, with more than most. Your country was so blessed because it shared what it was given to help others. There was concern for your brothers and sisters of other nations. Now, there is more concern for materialism and what you want, than the needs of others even, to the point of killing the unborn if the child interferes with what is going on in that person's life. What has happened to My children? Why do they have such disregard for life? It has not happened overnight, it has been a gradual process. Man has been deceived by the evil one through the media. When you are bombarded, over and over, with things that corrupt and break down the very fiber of your country on a daily basis, how can one stand alone and fight back? It is very difficult. That is why My Mother has been sent here to you. She has been visible to many in other countries for many years.

Yours is a very young country, but you have very quickly destroyed much of the good that your nation was founded upon. To think, one reason why many came to this country was to establish a place to worship and love their God without persecutions. What a beautiful reason to want to found and build a country! Man has quickly forgotten the desires and purpose for which he came. It quickly became a place to become rich. It's interesting how money, riches, greed, quickly entered the picture. Where do you suppose that came from? It is not from Me, little one. I have taught My children to live simply, by My example.

God could have chosen anyone to have, and raise, His Child. He chose someone who had very little. He chose good, humble people in very poor surroundings, with much love to tend and raise His Child. By an example, He has shown you the importance of materialism and where it fits in the big picture as far as He is concerned. God does not place a very high priority on 'things'. Money and wealth are made available to some, but it is to see what they will do with it. It is given, not to hoard and accumulate more, but to share with others what has been given.

Make no mistake about it, every-thing you have, and are, comes from God. You have done nothing on your own. God allows certain things to happen in your lives, and you either learn and grow from these experiences, or you do not. Hope-fully, even the bad that happens in your life will be used for good. But this depends upon you and your faith and trust in God, your Creator. It depends upon how deep the roots of your faith have been able to take hold and grow. Is your faith a deep, lasting faith that can withstand the storms of life without the roots being pulled out from the soil and washed away by the flood of moral decay?

I'm afraid that is what has happened in your country. 'Things' have become more important than life, not only the life of each other, and your own life, but those who have no voice to speak out, the lives of the unborn have been totally dis-regarded. Man forgets Who has given you life. God gives life, and only He has the right to remove you from the earth, whenever He is ready. It is not your choice to make, for you, or for anyone else. Only God can make that decision. Again, money, inconvenience, disregard for the rights of others comes into play. Why? Because, little one, values have been destroyed in your country. Good, wholesome, healthy values have been stepped on and thrown into the sewer.

God is watching what man is doing, and continues to do, with what He has given him. As a good Father, He will not stand by and watch much longer. Already man is experiencing His indignation at a nation who is deliberately turning away from God.

Little one, much prayer and sacrifice is needed for your country. My Mother is here to call to Her children while there is still time to do so. She is here to draw Her children away from the ways and evils of the world, and back to prayer. Focus on the light and peace of Her Son. She keeps telling Her children, "Come back to Him, before it is to late. God loves you. God loves you, but hates your sins." I have died for you, to save you from your sins and the corruption of the world. Heed the words of My Mother while there is still time.

Ruth Ann: Lord, the entire world is a mess.

Jesus: It is not the world, child, it is the people in the world who have turned their backs on God, who have created this deplorable situation. Listen to the voice of One crying out in this desert without peace, love, and joy. Listen and heed, children, My Mother is calling to you, calling you away from the ways of the world and back to the grace of eternal salvation. Listen, and heed Her messages. Take them to your heart before it is too late. God loves you. One Who loves must also discipline. Listen to what is being said to you children by so many, in so many ways. Listen and pray. God's peace be with you.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. Thank You.

Message of December 14, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am here waiting for Your words.

Jesus: Yes, little one. There is much for Me to say. I am pleased you are willing to listen. If only all of My children were so anxious to hear what I have to say.

Ruth Ann: Lord, it is not all positive where I am concerned. You know how difficult it is for me. I do want to grow, and I do want to be of help to You and Your Mother. I am only one person, Lord. I can't do much, but do give me the grace to do whatever God wants of me, and help me to do it well.

Jesus: Little one, you are being given sufficient graces to do whatever is asked of you. You must remember that any doubts or fears you have from time to time, are attacks from the evil one. He is angry because of your desire to please Me. He is angry because you continue to say 'yes' to those things that you have been asked to do for your God. Be confident, little one. Nothing will be asked of you that you will not be given special graces for. You will be provided for. Many are praying for you, little one. Many realize the great task ahead of you, and realize that it will require much support, and they are ready to pray with, and for, you and your family. Be not afraid, little one. Your God will not leave you alone. He will provide for you so that you will be able to be sustained through all that is to come.

Ruth Ann: Lord, that always sounds like such an overwhelming responsibility.

Jesus: You are being prepared, child. You have grown gradually, as has your mission. This has not been placed upon you overnight. You have had years to prepare for this. God does not work with those who are not willing. He has had these things planned from the beginning. If all could only see the big picture. You would never be sad about anything that happened in your life. You would always be anxious to get on with each day, so you could hurry into the arms of the One Who awaits you with great rewards.

Man has become so preoccupied with his physical person. Your physical life is so short. This little 'testing ground' has become your whole life. Man continues to preoccupy himself with all the physical, and then, if he has time, he may remember to talk to his Creator, and thank Him, for some of what has happened in his life. Little one, it is your spiritual life that is your purpose for existing. Your soul is all that is truly important, here and in the hereafter. Man frets and fumes about problems here on the earth. He lives his life around his physical desires and needs, and ignores his very reason for being given life. There is only one reason for being given life, little one. That is so you can make your way back to the One Who has created you and given you this life.

Ruth Ann: Jesus, when You spoke these words to me, I was given the picture in my mind of a tiny kangaroo being born, and the very difficult time it has making its way to it's mother's pouch for nourish-ment.

Jesus: The example is perfect for My children. Their pathway to the nourishment of eternal life is just as difficult. Some will survive and receive their eternal nourishment, others will not survive. Their faith will not be strong enough for them to hold on to what God gives them along the way as tests, so they can reach their destination of life eternal. Man has his priorities out of order, child, and it becomes more and more apparent in the world covered with moral decay. When My children fear for their lives and find them-selves afraid to go out alone, day or night, there is something drastically wrong, and in many cases it is coming to that in your world. It is because man has placed God last in his list of priorities, and in some cases He has been crossed off all together.

The family has become non-functioning. Mothers do not take responsibility for their children, and place them away from themselves, for others to care for throughout the day. In many cases it is not because it is necessary. It is because the mother wishes her 'freedom', or wishes to have things that she otherwise could not afford. Fathers, in many cases, do not spend time with their families, and when they do, they seek out the television and other means of distractions.

The family unit has been destroyed by the evil one. His tactics were very subtle, so much so that some still do not realize what has been the cause of so much crime, confusion, and turmoil in your land. The family used to be important. It was a place of peace, comfort, and love. It was a place of security, and a place to learn about the One Who created you. It was a place centered around prayer and love of God.

Much prayer and sacrifice is needed from those such as you in order that others learn just how far man has wandered from the truth. The path of life is difficult, make no mistake about it, but it has been made easier by My suffering and death. I have carried the weight of your sins, and all that you must go through to reach your eternal reward. Salvation is yours. That right was earned by Me.

Now, you must take up your cross and follow Me. The path is not easy, but as I have said before, the rewards are great. Embrace your cross, children. I am there with you all the way to Calvary. I am there with you as you reach out your hand and say, "Thank You for Your help along the way, Lord. I finally made it." I am always here for you, ready to help you along the long, difficult path. I am here to pull you to Myself and hold you up when life gets too difficult for you. I am here to give you rest and peace along the way, but greatest of all, I am here to greet you when you reach out to Me to receive your final reward. I am here to say, "Well done, My good and faithful servant."

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for these beautiful words of encourage-ment. If only we could keep them with us twenty-four hours a day and not let life, daily living, that is, get in our way. It is difficult to stay focused, Lord. It is difficult when you have to care for your physical needs, to keep focused on the spiritual.

Jesus: Keep your eyes on Me. I am the way, the truth, and the light.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Now, child, I know you have to prepare for your day. You have your mail you must tend to, and other things, so I will let you get on with your day. I love you, little one. My peace I leave with you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. I will try to stay focused on You.

Jesus: One day, it will be part of you. It will not take any effort on your part to do so. The two will become one.

Ruth Ann: I don't really under-stand, Lord, but if You say so, I believe.

Message of February 3, 1994, from Our Lord, Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I keep hearing people talk about horrible things to come, predictions that are for the immediate future, I mean in a few short months. Why have I not been told these things that others seem to know?

Jesus: Little one, be at peace. You have been told those things God would have you know. He has much for you to do, little one, be not afraid.

Ruth Ann: Lord, it's not that I am afraid, at least not for me.

Jesus: Child, if more of My children would focus on the main thrust of the messages, they would realize that, yes, the world is in a mess, and yes, it's going to take much prayer and the grace of God to clean up this mess. Little one, the world is in need of a purification before your Jesus can return to the earth. My coming is eminent, little one. All has been set in motion, but there is much to be done before this can come about. There must be a cleansing. My children are in need of drastic measures to bring them back on the right path and away from the ways of the world. Many are being brought back through those such as you, willing to set your life aside in order to save others.

Ruth Ann: But Lord, my life is Yours. I have no right to usurp Your authority over my life. You gave me life, and are free to take it as You wish. You are also free to do with it as You see fit.

Jesus: Little one, that is because you have turned your will over to Mine. You have said, "Thy will be done."

Ruth Ann: Lord, the motives are selfish. You keep saying over and over You want us to do Your will and not ours. Who am I to say 'no' to You? If it is to gain me eternal salvation, and You have said it will, then I am not about to say 'no'. There are times when I think, 'What have I done? There is no turning back'. But that is only temporary. If I can help You save only one soul, then that is one that will pray for me after that soul reaches heaven. My motives are probably not completely pure, Lord. I want to gain heaven.

Jesus: Little one, you make me smile. You think you are being 'tough' and you have a heart of gold. I know you, little one. Because you have sinned, you have a difficult time seeing past your sins. You have been forgiven for your sins, and yes, you will sin again and again, because you are not perfect and will never be so until you are with Me, but you have come a long way. Many who know you, and realize what you have given up, have seen the change in you. Not many would have made such a commitment on faith alone, child. You and your husband have given up your jobs, your home, your farm, your lives, for Me. What faith, little one! You are doing these things because you have been asked to do them by Me and by My Mother. You have trusted that We will care for you, and you have no doubts that We will. What faith! How you fill My heart with joy, little one.

Ruth Ann: It, my faith that is, has come from You, Lord. You placed me where I was to grow up and You have molded me. I take no credit.

Lord, someone asked me about earning heaven. I know I am changing the subject, but could You elaborate on that?

Jesus: Little one, of course My children earn heaven. Why do you think there are the Ten Command-ments? The right to heaven has been earned by My death on the cross, but you, too, must participate in gaining your eternal reward. It is not just handed to you because you have been baptized a Christian, or because you go to church. There is much more to it than that. Faith without works does not give you all you would hope for. You have been told to love your neighbors, but that does not mean just in your heart. You must take it a step farther. You must care for the needs of your neighbor and not wish to do them harm. You are told to love God, but loving is not enough. You must show your love for Me by being willing to do what is required of you. So yes, child, the right to heaven has been earned by My death on the cross, but you must pick up your cross, whatever it may be, and follow Me. In this way you earn, or gain heaven.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for expanding on that particular point.

Jesus: Little one, live each day at a time. Do not look to the future. As I have said, God has much for you to do. Listen and be obedient to what He would have you do. Your ministry will continue to grow and reach out to many. Through your faith and sacrifices, many souls will be healed and brought back to God. Continue on this journey of faith, little one, knowing full well I am with you until the end.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of March 26, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, for some reason I feel You wish to speak with me today.

Our Lady: Child, yes I do. You do realize that much prayer is needed at this time.

Ruth Ann: Yes Mother, but that is always true. You continually tell us that.

Our Lady: I am wondering where all of My children are, who in the beginning took My messages so seriously. I am wondering where all those who were touched by My many messages and appearances all over the world have gone. There is great sadness in My heart for you, My children, for those things I have told you in the messages of 1990. The daily ones have not been taken to heart. Many continue to hear the words but do not take them to their hearts.

I have told you before, you were only a footstep away from war and depravation. Now I am telling you that all those things are being set into motion that were revealed to you earlier. Where is your concern for life? Where is your concern for religious freedom? Where is God in your country? The love for God and religious values are no longer a part of your way of life. You, My children, continue to pull further and further away from God. Man thinks that by hiding his head in the sand, he will not experience those things that he has been warned against. How can man be so blind?

God is angry! He is tired of watching His children kill and maim one another. He is tired of the murdering of the unborn. Your country always chose to protect life and the God-given rights of others. Now you choose to destroy life and protect rights that are of the evil one. This is displeasing to the One Who created life and has blessed your country with a great abundance of all good things. My little children, when will you awaken from your sleep and know that the hand of God can no longer be held back? Man is destroying himself through his own selfish desires.

Wake up, little children! Know God will not allow this to continue. Man will have to pay the price for his lust, greed, and self-love. Pray, dear children. Pray for all those who continue to mock God and turn away from the laws of God and nature. Take what I am saying to your hearts. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten all those around you to the seriousness of My messages. God loves you, but He will not watch His land and people continue to turn away from Him and worship false gods. He will not stand by and watch His innocent little ones continue to be murdered in their mother's wombs. The stench of the evil one is all around you, little children, and you pretend not to notice.

Give your hearts to Me. Let Me help you. Let Me bring you out of darkness and to My Son who is light and goodness. As your hearts are changed, you will awaken from this darkness. You will step into the light and peace which can only come from God. My Son awaits you and so do I. Please, dear children, pray!

Message of April 6, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, Your message this morning was quite strong.

Our Lady: Child, how else am I to get the attention of My children? I have given them many messages and yet they continue to seek more. If they would only live the simple messages of love and peace they have been given from the start, no other messages would be necessary. Prayer is the answer to all the problems and turmoil of your world. Why do My children not see that? My Son has lived and died for you. He has set the supreme example of sacrifice and love for all of His children to follow. Many ignore what has been done for them. Through My Son's passion and death on the cross, man's sins have been forgiven. All man need do is repent of his sins and come to the foot of the cross.

I continue to call out to all of My children through those who will listen. I ask them to please pray, fast, and do penance. I ask them to return to their churches and receive the sacraments. Through signs and wonders, in special places chosen by God, I continue to give blessings and graces to those who gather to pray. You, My child, have been asked to lay hands on those who wish to have prayer. This you do, out of obedience to the will of God. Many hearts have been touched by this. Through your talks and sharing of these words said to you by Me and My Son, many more have been touched.

There is still so much to do. Many are being called to pray and some are listening, while some do not. It will be their loss, child. I can only do so much. I can plead, warn, and give graces and signs, but I cannot save those who are not willing to be saved. That is where your prayers come in. You must pray for the conversions of those who do not seek a true conversion. Ask God to touch and break open even the hardest of hearts, so all of His children can experience His peace through a deeper love and peace for Him Who is the Creator of all things.

Pray for these conversions. Time is running out, and still so many of My children have not experienced a true conversion. Man must mend his ways. He cannot continue to harm, hurt, maim, and take lives of the innocent. This country is no longer an example of good moral and Christian values as it once was. It has turned to the one of darkness. It has sold its soul to the one who is in charge of moral decay. Through all of the warnings down through the years, My children have turned a deaf ear. Man has continued to think that these warnings are for others. In times past, this might have been so, but man does not have to be a genius to know that this country has become a pit of disgust! The disregard for human life in itself is enough to cause the anger of God to wish to destroy this nation, and that is not all that has brought on the darkness that covers your land. Pornography destroys the innocence of My children. Through this, and abuse of all kinds, the morals have become less than that of animals. At least animals stay with their own kind and reproduce according to the laws of nature.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I have never heard You speak this way.

Our Lady: Child, the world continues on its merry way destroying all the good that God has put forth. How long, as a parent, would you stand by and watch your own children do these things to each other, and those around them, before you as a parent would step in and do something drastic to stop them from harming themselves and others?

Ruth Ann: I understand, Mother.

Our Lady: Do you? Do you really understand what I am saying? Will anyone really understand the importance of this message? They will look to other messages for times or some specific sign when God is going to strike with a heavy hand all those who deliberately turn their back on Him. My children have become lax. They no longer find My messages enough to draw them to devout and daily prayer. Their prayers are like everything else in their lives, superficial.

Ruth Ann: Mother, that is not true of all Your children. There are many prayerful people.

Our Lady: I need many who will take My messages seriously. I need many who will willingly turn their lives over to God so that His anger with the human race can be appeased. I have been allowed to minister to His children in a mighty way, and have been able to draw others such as you to Him, so that you, too, can minister to His people. The time is short, child, and the laborers are few. Pray, dear child, that more and more will be converted and brought closer and closer to My Son before it is too late. Many disasters await your country. My heart aches for the innocent. Pray, dear children, pray that God's mercy will not be denied to those who ask. Man has literally destroyed himself and all that is sacred by turning to the ways of the world and away from God. Pray for conversions!

Ruth Ann: Mother, are You sure this message is from You? I have never heard You speak with such concern before.

Our Lady: Child, I am the Mother of Jesus, the Daughter of the Father, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. I have done the will of the Father and continue to bow down to Him Who has created the universe. You must also do His will and draw others to prayer and away from the world.

Ruth Ann: I can only do this with Your help and the help of God.

Our Lady: The help you will need to bring about many conversions is to come soon. Your cross will become extremely heavy, My little child, but God will see that you have many 'Simon's' to help you along your path to Calvary. Listen, be obedient, and pray. Go in My Son's peace. My love is with you.

Message of October 12, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Do you not realize the importance of the words being spoken to you? God loves you, but He is also concerned about the world and the condition of the souls of all His children. Many still do not listen or take to heart the words that God is telling to all of His children at this time. My Mother's heart aches for all those who choose to ignore all that is being said, because it was My hope that these words would draw many back to My Son. Too many still choose darkness over light. Those of you who are listening and taking to heart what I am saying, please continue to pray for all My intentions. Satan wishes to destroy this world and all those who live in it. Pray for peace, God's peace. Know I am joining with you in prayer.