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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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November 2005
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Sept. 12, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm here to listen. Is there anything You wish to say to me to share with others?

Jesus: Little one, you know that when you are ready to listen, I am here to speak to you. This is so for all My children.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know I can't be the only one listening. Many people who come here to pray, too, are listening to You and Your Mother, but say they can't hear You in their heart or mind.

Jesus: Child, that is because I do not speak to all My children in the same way I speak to you. It is as your priest has said many times. God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes it is through Scripture, the words of others, or a gentle breeze. There are many ways in which I communicate with My children. They need only be aware and alert for the answers to their questions and the desires of their heart.

Man makes it very difficult to hear Me. He has created on his own, many distractions. He has come a long way from the quiet life, close to nature and tilling the earth to survive. He has gone from depending on God to survive, and trusting that He would provide no matter what, to ignoring God totally. Now, man actually believes he is the one who is in control. He is the one who provides for his family. He has forgotten that it is God Who has allowed him to walk, breathe, and earn a living for his family. He alone has made it possible for man to become successful. Does man take the time to thank Him for this success? No child, the majority of My children are like ungrateful, spoiled children. They not only forget to thank Me for what they have, they continue to want more and more. The time they could spend in prayer, in thanksgiving to the Lord God, their Creator, and giver of all gifts, they spend rewarding them-selves. My children always find the time to spoil and pamper themselves in some way, but they seldom find time to share their happiness with Me. It's ironic, isn't it? The One Who is capable of allowing them to live or die is given little notice, while man is content and happy.

I'm always spoken to, and sometimes very harshly, when man is upset that things are not going in their lives the way they want them to go. I am always told what I am doing wrong, and how My plan for them and their loved ones is a mistake, but how many times do My children come to Me and just say "Thank You, Lord," when things go the way that they would have them go.

So child, I am waiting on all of My children to truly listen to Me. I am waiting for them to truly listen and respond to the call of My Mother. Pray from the heart! Pray in thanksgiving and love, and also pray that the will of God be done in your life, and in the lives of your loved ones. I am listening. I am speaking to each one of you in a way that you can hear. For many it is through the messages such as you are receiving at this very moment, little one. For others, it is through a happening in their lives that they consider luck. Luck is not part of My plan. There is no such thing as luck. Know, children, as I say it to you, luck is not part of God's plan. Divine Providence does not exist by luck. God's plan is perfect. Man's plans are never so. Sometimes God's plan seems all wrong to man, and sometimes hurtful or harsh, but know, dear children, that all things are done for the good of His children. God's plan for each one is perfect. Be not afraid. Trust in Me, children. Know that no matter what happens in your life, there is a reason. You are not in control. God is the ultimate controller. It is through His love that each of you exist. It is through His love and mercy that all of you live, or are called home. That is why, little one, it is so important for My children to know these things. It is so they can break away from the darkness that has spread over their life.

It is time for My children to listen, and hear the words My Mother is speaking to all God's children. As I have said over and over, God does not wish to lose a single soul, but He is losing many. Man is caught up in darkness. The evil one has been so subtle that man has been ruled by the evil one in so many ways, without man realizing it. The media has become the focus of the lives of so many. It is they who have corrupted the moral fiber of the family. They are responsible for setting the moral standards of the entire world. Sad, isn't it, little one? The more know-ledge man has, the more he ignores God and His Commandments, and looks to the ways of self-gratification. The very One Who is responsible for giving man the knowledge to be able to do good in all men's lives, the more this knowledge has been used to corrupt and destroy the values that this nation was founded upon.

Darkness covers the earth, little one, but there are those of you who will continue to be a lantern, calling all My lost children to My light, which is their salvation. Continue to listen, little one, and share what I am telling you. Man must realize the error of his ways. Time is drawing nearer when the mercy of God will no longer be available to all those to whom He is calling. You are obedient, child. Continue to be so. Let these words go out to all My children. Pray that they listen while there is still time.

God has a plan. He loves His children more than you can ever imagine. As a result of this love, He must find ways in which all will be drawn to Him. That is His real reason for creating man, to know, love, and serve God, and be happy with God in Heaven. You have said these words in your religion classes as children. To you, they were just words. They are not just words, little one. They are truth. God wants all of His children to believe this truth. If he believes this truth, he will listen, and change his way of living. He will have a true conver-sion of the heart. If he does not, then he will be lost. There will come a time when man will wish he had listened, not only to Me, but to My Mother. Then it will be too late. God is giving every opportunity to come to the foot of the cross and ask for forgiveness. He is giving man many graces through miracles and signs. He has sent the Mother of His Son, Jesus, to minister to His people. He continues to send those, such as you, among His children to share His word and love. But still, some turn a deaf ear to His words. Some are listening, some are not.

You are not to worry, little one. God in His love will care for those who have responded to His call. He will also take care of those who continue to ignore Him. He will find ways to get the attention of all His children. You continue to be obedient, and leave the rest to God.

Go about your day with Me, and remember these words that are truth. Share them with others. God made you to know, love, and serve Him, and be happy with Him in Heaven. God loves you. Go in His peace.

Message of August 10, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to add anything in addition to the message?

Our Lady: Child, My children need to listen to the messages already being given. Many say they are repetitious, but how do you teach little ones, except by repeating what you wish for them to learn and take to their heart? I repeat over and over, and still many do not listen, and those who are listening do not take the messages to heart and live them. Only a few are taking anything being said, seriously. So many souls are in danger of being lost, and still they do not listen. What must I do to have My children take the messages to heart? I can only offer the gift of Life. I cannot force it upon those who choose not to accept it. Much prayer and sacrifice are needed by My children who are listening.

Ruth Ann: In looking around, Mother, I truly feel this is a lost cause. The world is in such a mess, and most people do not even realize there is a real problem here, or that prayer can change things.

Our Lady: You are right in one sense child, many ignore there is a problem, because if they choose to believe there is a problem, then they must also choose to know there is a solution. All problems must be solved. The solution to this problem is simple, turn back to God. What is so sad, many would say they haven't turned away from Him. They think they are being faithful to God by attending Mass on Sundays. Those same people go out all week and do not give God a second thought, or His commandment to love Him and your neighbor. It takes more than one hour a week spent in a church, to save your soul. Granted, it is better than nothing, but there is much more to be done.

Pray, My children, for hearts to be touched and broken open, so that each of God's children are aware of Him every waking moment, in the sunrise, the flowers, the trees, the rain, the wind, and the animals. All things come from God. Little ones' lives are being destroyed because no one values all God has created. Nature, life, there is no respect for either. Man pollutes and destroys the very earth on which he lives. He destroys the very air he breathes, and life is no longer respected. Children are abused, maimed, and killed all over the world. Why? Because man has put God out of his life as the Giver of these gifts. He instead says, it is man's choice to destroy life in any form or stage of existence. Sad, but true, child, the world has, and continues to turn it's back on the very Author and Creator of all that is seen and unseen to those who live on this earth.

More concern is given over the loss of a historical landmark than over the murder of an innocent victim. I am speaking of the unborn children who continue to be slaughtered, in the name of it being best for that life not to exist. Who has chosen to make that decision? Certainly not the child, and certainly not the Creator of all life. No, it is through greed, selfishness, and all that is unholy, that these decisions are made. Your world has much to answer for, because so many stand back and allow these things to take place, without so much as a whimper of protest from those of you who know this is wrong. There is so much to be done child, and so little time in which to do it.

I am in need of many to pray, and take to heart the messages being given at this time of crisis in your world. It is time for man to sit up and take notice, and do something about all those things he can change. Those things he can't change must be bombarded with prayer and sacrifice. Why do My children not listen? Why do they not realize the serious-ness with which I come to this earth? I would not be here speaking to so many, if what I am saying was not so important. Listen, and take to heart, the words being spoken to you. Recognize that the only hope for your world is through prayer. Listen, and heed the word of God.

Message of August 22, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, You obviously have something to say to me.

Jesus: Only if you wish to listen, little one.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am listening.

Jesus: You are concerned about many things, child, and you need not be concerned about anything. God is watching over you and will tend to all your needs, as well as those who come to you seeking prayer and peace.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I give up. I don't understand any of this, but Thy will be done. All of this is difficult for me, but I will do whatever you wish, no matter how humiliating it is for me.

Lord, the messages are reaching more and more people, I am told. And more and more people are coming to the farm.

Jesus: My Mother knows whom She desires to be here, and who is ready to receive the graces and conversions available through this ministry, little one. That is why She has chosen this method, word of mouth, to see this ministry grow. She did not wish to overwhelm you, so She did not choose to have people to come in mass as curiosity seekers. She wishes only those be present here who are genuinely interested in helping Her achieve all God would have Her do. She is here, present on this farm, anytime there are people here to pray.

This is a special place, blessed by God, to receive graces from My Mother. Graces that will be instrumental in the days ahead. There will come a time, when it will be difficult for some of My children to find a place where they will be able to pray the Rosary, for example. Much is being taken away from those of My children who choose to follow the true teachings of their church. Much has been removed, using the excuse that Vatican II has removed it, or called for its removal. The evil one has been subtle, but He is undermining the faith of My people.

Please, little one, make people aware, who are listening, that it is important to stand firm in their faith. Follow the New Testament. My words are there to help you. They are your salvation. My Mother has been speaking them over and over, in different ways to different people, in order to reawaken those who have been dead in their faith. She continues to look for, and find, those of Her children who are ready to listen and share. She is in need of much help. That is what this place, and others like it, are all about. She is calling all of Her children to pray the Rosary for peace.

It need not matter what faith or religion you are, She needs the help of all of Her children. The evil one continues to murder, maim, and influence the lives of those who have turned their back on God. Even those who think they are good Christians, just because they attend church one day a week, are in need of conversion. They have not given themselves that which is necessary for salvation. They still have many gods other than the one true God. Money, greed, lust for power, and self, rules their lives.

Where has the love of God and neighbor gone? The true Christian values, by which all of My children should be living their lives, have gone by the wayside. God is not willing to stand by any longer and watch this nation continue to turn its back on Him. He is angry and disgusted with His children. My Mother has been sent here to warn, plead, and encourage Her children to pray. Those who have, and are listening, will find solace in this. Those who wish to ignore Her call to peace and prayer will continue to find life more and more difficult.

Those of you who are listening, continue to pray and stay focused on your Jesus and His Cross. Much is to come which will be very difficult. But as long as you have the faith and trust in God that you have nurtured over the years, that My Mother has been speaking to you, you will be able to keep the peace that will be so badly needed in the days ahead. Pray for peace, and all of My children who do not have a clue as to what is going on around them. It is easier for My children to turn a deaf ear and walk away, than it is to listen and make a needed change in their life.

Pray for all of My children who will be lost if they do not have a conversion of the heart, mind, and soul. Be attentive, and share My words, little one. God is with you. My Mother is with you. Strength will continue to be poured out upon you to sustain you through these troubled times. Minister to My people, child. It is imperative that you do so. Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, but why am I receiving such strong messages lately?

Jesus: Little one, this is nothing new. My Mother spoke of these times that were to come in the messages given to you a few years ago. Now the time has come for those things to happen of which you were warned. She had told you they were messages for the world. Many read them and ignore them. Those who did read them and listened, have been waiting for the fruits of your work, in order to take these messages seriously. The problem is, there is no more time. The waiting is over, and precious time, that could have been spent in prayer and spreading those messages, has been wasted. Time is no longer running out. It has run out, and still many of My children are unaware.

That is through no fault of yours, little one. You have done all you were asked to do. Pray, little one, for God's mercy on all those who choose not to listen and be converted.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I will do so.

Message of August 24, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, You seem to be concerned about so many of us keeping our peace.

Our Lady: Child, many of you are struggling to keep your peace, and it need not be such a struggle if you can stay focused on God. In many of the messages earlier, I spoke to you of being able to keep this peace when times would become more difficult. Times are becoming more difficult, and I am seeing My children struggle to stay at peace. The evil one truly enjoys this. If he can distract and disturb those who try so hard to do the will of God, then think how easy it is for him to use those who are not focused. He continues to destroy what peace My children try so hard to obtain and keep.

My heart aches for you, because so many of you are losing your focus. It does not matter if the whole world should crumble around you, stay focused on My Son. You were put on this earth to know, love, and serve God, and be happy with Him in heaven. You need only strive for holiness by picking up your cross and following in the footsteps of My Jesus. This was not easy for Him, and it will not be easy for you. Know I love you and am praying with, and for, each one of you. I am in your midst to keep you focused on My Son, even though life continues to be difficult for you.

Man has caused his world to become so corrupt, and full of unrest and hatred, by allowing the prince of darkness to take over the earth. There is a war being waged at present time. This is not of a physical nature. It is called spiritual warfare. Good is fighting evil, and evil seems to have the upper hand. Be at peace, My little children. Good will eventually triumph over evil. There will be much suffering, which My children must endure, before this great battle, that is being waged, will be won, but do not doubt the strength of prayer. That is why I am calling so many to prayer. Only prayer can stop the evil that is taking over your world, prayer and the power of God.

Do not doubt for one minute that God is not listening to your prayers. He sees your tears and He feels your pain. Be at peace little children, and know that God is in your midst. When the time is right, all evil will be destroyed. Listen to My messages. Stay focused on My Son, and do not let the evil one destroy your peace.

God loves you, and I love you. Be at peace with one another. Pray to keep this peace.

Message of August 31, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, the words told to me by Your Mother after the weekly message were quite strong.

Jesus: She realizes too few are listening to what is being said. She also realizes that God is not pleased with all those who continue to ignore all She is doing in the world to draw them away from darkness and into the light. As a good Mother wishes to protect her children and keep them safe, She too, is trying to do all in Her power to love and protect you. She continues to work tirelessly to draw all of Her children under Her protective mantle, and many con-tinue to fight against this protection. They will have to experience many hardships before they realize She is trying to be of help to them with the salvation of their souls.

Man continues to be so stubborn, child. He thinks he is in control, and that he has all the time in the world to prepare to meet his Creator. She, My Mother, is here now for a reason. She has warned Her children of the coming of God's wrath if they did not repent of their sins, and return to the ways of God, in messages prior to these.

Man wishes to think he has lots of time to get his act together. This is not so. She would not be appearing to so many, and speaking to so many, if this were so. She is calling Her children to the safety of Her Immaculate Heart. She is asking for true conversions of Her children. She wishes every soul to be saved. Even the hardest of hearts She wishes to see broken open, and the love and mercy of Christ poured into them. She is pouring forth graces at special places of prayer all over the world. Those who are listening are benefiting from these graces, which will sustain them through the difficult times that are ahead.

Those who seek to hide their heads in the sand and ignore all the warnings, bring more and more hardships upon the land. God must get the attention of His children if they are to be saved. Apparitions and messages do not seem to be enough. So greater measures must be taken in order to get the attention of those who have chosen to ignore the signs.

Ruth Ann: Lord, those of us, who are aware, are trying to do all Your Mother is calling us to do.

Jesus: Your God is aware of this. Your prayers and efforts do not go unnoticed, little one, neither do all the efforts, put forth by those who wish to have the messages given to the world by My Mother, gone unnoticed. But much prayer is needed for a world totally taken over by the evil one. My Heart is saddened, as is the Heart of My Mother. So many of My children continue to be lost, stumbling along in darkness, when they could choose to be in the light, and at peace.

Man has chosen to be on the wrong path. He has chosen to follow the ways of the world and turn his back on God. Truth and love have been replaced by lies and hatred. Peace is not to be found anywhere in your world, so you must seek peace in your hearts, Gods peace, in order to survive in a world of disorder and corruption. Know that this peace that you have found through the love of God, must be sustained through prayer and reception of the Sacraments. Strive for holiness, little ones, and know I am with you. Listen to the words of My Mother. These words are from Heaven, and are being sent to you by a God Who loves you. Be obedient, and follow the laws set down for you by Moses in the Ten Commandments. Love God and your neighbor. All else will follow.

Share what I am saying to you, little one. Share your gifts with all who will listen.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, it is done.

Jesus: Go in My peace, and know I am with you throughout this day, and the days ahead.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for this blessing.

Message of Sept. 14, 1994 from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, would You please share words with Your children concerning this weeks message?

Our Lady: Child, the messages for the most part are no longer listened to. That is why, eventually, they too, will cease. These messages are much like the messages given to you for the world. How many of those who have read them, have taken them to heart? How many of My children have begun saying the rosary daily, as a result? How many have returned to church and the Sacraments? How many receive the Body of My Jesus as frequently as possible? I could go on and on. How many have chosen to fast one day a week? Not many have taken the messages, given to them from Heaven, very seriously.

A blueprint for salvation has been put before each of My children for their salvation, and they choose to ignore. What happens when you, as a parent, reprimand your children for doing wrong, and the child continues to do the same thing over and over?

Ruth Ann: As a parent, I would have to try something different.

Our Lady: This is what God is doing, child. He is going to remove the messages, and try something more drastic, to get the attention of His children. God has a plan. His plan is perfect. There is to be great suffering come to your country as a result of the complacency of God's children to the evil going on around them. The way in which the messages have been ignored, has caused much pain to Me as your Mother. My children need to be awakened from their sleep. To do so will take drastic measures.

Many of you understand the reason for the messages, and the reason for My being among you. Many do not. These messages are a warning of things that are to come, because My children have not taken My words seriously.

Be patient, be at peace, child. You have done everything I have asked of you. You have listened to My Son and to Me. You have done the will of God. Many will come, seeking the peace and graces they have chosen to ignore, on this holy ground. Child, know God has an even greater plan in store for you. You have been faithful in all God has entrusted to you. Now you will do even greater things for Him. Be at peace with all I am saying. I am your Mother.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I am at peace. I just wish You could be more clear in what You are saying.

Our Lady: Child, you will be told all you need to know, when God so chooses. Bless you child, for continuing to be an instrument of love and peace for your God and His children. Continue on in faith and trust. God has His hands upon you. Be at peace.

Message of October 12, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, You seem very sad.

Our Lady: Child, the condition of the world, and the condition of the souls of My children, these continue to bring sadness to My Heart. My Son awaits His children with open arms. He is ready and willing to take them back at the first sign of repentance, but they choose to ignore all that is being done and shown at this time. People must open their eyes and hearts. They must listen. The signs are all around you. Soon I will no longer be allowed to minister to you in the ways I have been doing. You will be on your own to survive the difficult times that are upon you.

Many of My children continue to hide their heads in the sand. Do you not see the time is now, to turn back to God, and leave the ways of the world behind? What more can I do and say, as your Mother? I have continued to bring you words of love, hope, and encouragement. I have continued to guide you away from self-destruction, and back to My Son. Still you choose to walk into the depths of hell, grasping for peace. How can this be? I love you, and wish to save you. You continue to ignore and seek self-gratification, and all those things that draw you further and further away from the truth.

You have said I sound sad, child. My heart is saddened. Not only am I saddened, but I am disappointed in My children. Please listen. Pray, pray, pray! God is still listening. His mercy is great, and so is His love. The hour of justice is at hand, My little ones, and still you do not understand. Pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to understand all that is being said to you. God loves you, and I love you. We wish your souls to be saved. You must choose. We cannot choose for you.

Ruth Ann: Mother, You sound like things are winding down.

Our Lady: Child, you have been listening and hearing what has been said to you. You have been sharing and doing those things that are asked of you, but know, child, many are not. Many still seek to believe they have much time ahead to prepare for the hand of justice. It is upon them, and they still choose to hide from the facts.

I have told you before, that the time is coming soon when the apparitions and words will cease. Then, what of those who have not taken to heart these words being said to you? What of all those children still seeking signs and wonders, and have not tended to their souls? You must pray with, and for them. They will need your strength, love, and trust in God in the times ahead. You will still need to minister to My children, but even more so than before. We will continue to be here for you, but the messages to share will cease.

Ruth Ann: Mother, how can this be? Why would You withdraw the messages to share? This gives hope and strength to Your children.

Our Lady: All that is being said has not been taken to heart, child. Many listen and read the messages, and then do not pray. They wait for the next message, or go seeking signs all over the world. The signs have been there, the wonders have been there, and the words have been there for My Children. These have been allowed to draw My children to a true conversion. These were to bring about a willingness to turn back to God, and away from sin. There has been a purpose for each gift and grace granted to each one of My children. For many, it was granted so they could share these special experiences with others, to bring about more conversions.

It is the changing of the heart, and the changing of your life, that I have been seeking for you. I have asked you to turn back to My Son. Do not continue to hurt Him by turning your back on Him, and choosing evil over good. You must listen to the words being spoken to you! Live the messages by changing your hearts and lives.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for sharing these words with me, Mother.

Our Lady: Child, My children are not listening.

Ruth Ann: Many are, Mother.

Our Lady: For those who are listening, I thank you for doing so. Please pray, and know I am praying with you.