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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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November 2006
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of April 8, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, You tend to my every need, no matter how small.

Jesus: Little one, it is because of your complete turning of your life and will over to Me. You will continue to see Me work in your life in all ways. When My children trust and have such faith in Me, how can I not produce? I am continually reminding My children of this, and they must learn that this is something I mean. Trust, have faith, and I will see that your faith is rewarded. Not only in little things, but in big things as well.

My children have lost this faith that was so much a part of their life as a child. Society has a way of destroying this childlike faith. Man, in following the ways of the evil one, destroys and tarnishes everything that he touches. God wishes only good things for His children; and His children, because of greed and hunger for power and all that is not holy, continue to ruin his life and the lives of those around him. If only My children would learn to give their lives over to Me and do the will of the Father by not following the ways of the evil one, life could be peaceful. But no, man cannot be satisfied with what he has. He continually wants more and more, no matter what the cost, no matter who is hurt in the process. Man always wants what he cannot have, or what he should not have.

You notice every little thing I do for you, little one. That is because you have given everything to Me, even your sorrow and pain. If all My children were such as you, I could continue to work miracles in their lives just as well, but some are so blinded by their own selfishness and greed, they would not even notice.

Ruth Ann: Lord, there have been times I did not notice. It's just that my life has changed so drastically that I can't help but notice all You do for me. You and Your Mother are continually blessing me.

Jesus: Your faith and trust in Me will be rewarded, little one. Know I am with you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of October 5, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to add anything concerning the messages? Or anything else, for that matter?

Our Lady: Child, I will speak with you, if that is your desire.

Ruth Ann: It is, Mother.

Our Lady: You are concerned for your youngest child. She is due to have her child, and is ill. Know that all will be well. She will be over her illness before her time has come to deliver her little one. Be at peace with this. God is to tend to your children, just as He has said. There will be little bumps, but no hills or mountains along this journey. As long as you are obedient, how can He not tend to your needs? He has said He would tend to all your needs. Is this not a need?

Ruth Ann: Yes Mother, it is a great need. My husband, children, and grandchildren are all I really have.

Our Lady: Child, this is an exaggeration, but you have made your point. However, My Son has said to you, "Who are your brothers, sisters, and Mother? It is those who have heard the word of God and live it." You have many brothers, sisters, and Mothers. Those who come to the farm with the same desire to please and serve God, are your family. Those who pray with you and for you, these are your family. So you have been given a huge family that continues to grow. Be at peace with this, child.

The messages given to you for My children are to encourage them as they live in these difficult times. They are your brothers and sisters, and yes, each one of you is your brother's keeper. This means you cannot turn your back on those who are in need. God's children are in need, both physically, and spirit-ually. I am counting on those of you who truly care, to be of assistance to Me, to help pray for all the needs of My children. There are many who still have not realized the importance of prayer. There are those who are grasping in the darkness, searching for meaning to their very existence, that becomes more and more difficult. There are those searching for a reason to live, and wanting to believe there is something more after death.

You must help Me help them who are without hope. By your prayers and example, and by assisting those who are in need, you can light a fire of hope and trust that did not exist. My children are in grave danger of losing their immortal souls, and it is imperative, as their brothers and sisters, that you help them rekindle this faith lost to many of them. Show them God does care. His love and mercy awaits each one. Be at peace with one another, encourage one another, assist one another. God desires this of each one of you.

Message of October 26, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, thank You for the words of comfort in this week's prayer group message.

Our Lady: Child, so many of My children are heavily burdened. Many have heavy crosses to bear. I only wish for them to know that they are not alone. God is watching over all His children, no matter how difficult the cross. He will provide the graces, strength, and courage to continue on. Many times My children lose hope. This need not be the case. Have faith, little children. Trust in God. Know He does not send you more than He knows you can carry.

Little one, you have referred to the 'peaks and valleys' in your life. You have even referred to your life as being like a roller-coaster ride. These are good comparisons. It is through faith and trust that the peaks and valleys can become less dramatic, and so can the ride on the roller-coaster. God is always there for you, and so is His love and mercy. I too, am here for you. Let God work in your life, and know He is in control of all things. Remember, He can use even the bad in your life for your good, and the good of others. If you keep that in mind, and place your hurts, concerns, and disappointments before Him, He will help you. Sometimes there must be pain in your life, to bring about growth and change.

Realize that God is concerned with your soul and the souls of all His children. God loves you. He wishes good things for you, but He does not want you to become so attached to those things of the earth that it would prevent you from growing in your spiritual life. He has said those things that would keep you from achieving eternal salvation must be put aside, in some cases removed from your life, in order for you to find the strength and courage to follow His will and not your own.

Children, be at peace with God's plan for you. Follow in the footsteps of My Jesus, and you too, will be able to be resurrected in His love and glory. I love you, and as your Mother, I want only those things for you that will bring you the gift of eternal life. Pray, dear children, to stand steadfast in your faith, no matter how heavy your cross. I am praying with you, for all those things you voice and hold in your heart. God is listening to each one of you, and your needs. Know that each prayer will be answered. Be at peace with these burdens you carry. Know God's love provides strength and courage to those willing to do His will. My mantle surrounds you, as does My love. You must pray!

Message of October 27, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, there are so many questions I wish You would answer. I know better than to ask. You would only tell me the following, 'those things I would have you know will be revealed to you when it is time'.

Jesus: You are right, little one. Those things I would have you know are being revealed to you as there is a need. Otherwise, you must continue to walk your journey with faith and trust in your God, that He will tend to all your needs. Each revelation you have been given has come to pass, has it not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Then continue to trust in your Jesus. Continue to listen, and do those things asked of you, and watch the fruits of your labor continue to multiply. Your efforts are producing many good fruits. Be at peace with the gift you have been given to share. Those who come here find a peace they cannot find in other places. Many have received special graces and blessings from Me and My Mother, as a result of coming here in faith to pray. This is all being made possible because of the love of your God. He is allowing all of these blessings and graces. This would not have been possible without your simple 'fiat'.

When you become discouraged or concerned about the future, you may look back and see how far you have come. You have come from a world of darkness to a world of light. In being brought into the light, you have had the desire placed on your heart to help those of My children who also are in need of light. Look at all the good fruits being produced by your listening and sharing of your blessings with others. How can you ever have doubts as to what is to come, or what you are doing? There is no doubt, little one. God's plan will not be stopped. His will, will be done.

The evil one continues to try to destroy those who are of God, and those who try to do the will of God. The strong in faith, and love for Him, survive, and go on to do even greater things. Those who do not have the faith continue to fall by the wayside. Remember the parable about the seed, and that seed taking root? The seeds that are strong, with strong roots planted in the deep soil, survive. The others do not. Faith and trust, child, are the answers. Those who have the faith to stand steadfast in their convictions, and the love of their one true God, survive. Those who do not have this faith, walk away.

Be at peace, child. God will use the pain and suffering, endured through trials, for His greater honor and glory. Take it one day at a time. Those things that are to be, will be. I have My hand upon all that is being done in your life, and on this farm. My Mother has chosen it as a special place to pour forth the graces needed for Her homeless. She has said to you this building was to shelter Her homeless. You did not understand Her words, nor the sadness in Her voice, at the time these words were spoken. Your priest has made these words become clear to you, little one.

The words that are revealed to you, continue to write down, and they will be made clear to you as the need arises. These words are prophecy, little one. Sometimes you do not understand the meaning, but it all becomes clear to you in time, God's time. It is your faith and trust that is important. Continue to walk this journey with Me, and watch all that has been revealed to you unfold. God will tend to all your needs, and the needs of those around you.

Continue to walk in faith, and trust in your Jesus. Sometimes that faith and trust brings pain and sadness. It also brings growth and strength. The results are all that is of concern to your God. The strength and growth in your love for God is the end result of all that has happened. That is the result of those who continue on in their journey of faith. Those who seek the face of God and wish to do His will, will find the strength and courage to walk My walk. That walk is the walk to Calvary. That walk is through pain, persecution, and the feeling of abandonment. I have felt it all. And so too, will My children, who are willing to follow in My footsteps.

Do not lose heart, little one. Those who pick up their cross and follow Me have much to suffer, but in the end the rewards are greater than the human mind and heart can conceive. Be at peace, little one, and know these rewards await all those who do the will of God. Trust Me, little one, and know God is watching over all things great and small.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I am at peace.

Jesus: God loves you and blesses you, and all you are doing on His behalf. He will tend to all things.

Message of Nov. 12, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, please give me the graces to do Your will.

Jesus: It is there for you. I have told you, all you need do is ask.

Ruth Ann: It becomes more and more difficult, Lord. You have left me without visions. Those were truly a blessing and a consolation to me, when You gave me that grace.

Jesus: It is true, you have had much taken from you. Much of what has been removed is to help you grow in your love for Me. It is important that you be able to go forward in faith, prayer, and holy trust in the will of God for you, without this special blessing and knowledge of My presence in your life. Many of the physical and spiritual gifts have been removed, but they will be returned to you. The signs of My presence have been removed, but My love has not been removed. Neither have the graces been removed that have helped you to carry on. Many of the things your God does, are to strengthen you in your love and trust. You are to realize that you are totally dependent upon God, the One Who has created you. You are never to forget that.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I really do know that. I know that I can do nothing without Your help.

Jesus: But you still have a difficult time giving yourself over to total trust. You still have concerns that are of this world. You must reach a point in your life where these things are not of any importance to you. You must come to have complete love and trust that God will tend to all things, whether it be your children, the media, your priest; give everything to Me. I am in complete control, little one. You sometimes forget, and then you begin to fret and worry. I am in control. All things happen for a reason. God loves you, and will tend to all your concerns and needs. Know this in your heart.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I do know this in my heart, but it is humiliating for others to think I am something I am not. It's also humiliating for people to think I'm crazy. I know that no one needs to believe that I am speaking with You and Your Mother to get to Heaven. That part really doesn't bother me, whether people believe all You have done in my life isn't necessary to be believed, to get to Heaven. You have told me, and so has Your Mother, that You would touch the minds and hearts of those You wish to have believe. So I am comfortable knowing that. I am not comfortable with being able to hear the whispers, seeing the stares, and having others relay the fact, that people I know, think I am crazy. Now I understand why You arranged for me to take a leave from school. It's bad enough to deal with these things, not working. Even going to church, going out to eat, or shopping, is getting to be painful for me.

Jesus: This is only the beginning, child. Just remember, those who suffer for My sake, receive many blessings. Remember the words to the song, 'Be Not Afraid'? Imprint them upon your heart. Those words apply to you and your cross, child. Never forget that. That song should always be of comfort to you.

Ruth Ann: It has always been a comfort to me, Lord.

Jesus: Little one, I have been working in your life in a mighty way, long before you ever realized it. Since your birth, you have been being prepared for what you are to do for Me. God's plans are perfect, little one, and He uses all things for His good. Man does not give God much credit for all He is, and has, but it is through My grace and mercy, that all things are given or removed. Man continues to think he is in control, but I am the One Who allows all things. The evil one tempts, bargains, and draws My children into a sinful life, but I am always there to grant mercy when it is needed. Man need only repent of his ways and change, and I am there to pick up the pieces. All it takes is a humble heart, that is truly repentant, to touch Me, and bring about the flood of graces and mercy I wish to give to that soul. The love is always there.

I love all My children, and continue to see to all their needs. In many cases, I grant them time and forgiveness, in order for them to get their lives in order, so they will have a change of heart and gain the gift of life, life in Me. Some choose to use the time wisely, and do just that. Others choose the time granted to them to continue on in their sinful ways. That is their choice. That is called a free will. You can choose evil, or you can choose good. In choosing good, you choose the gift of eternal life. In choosing evil, you receive death. Of course, I give My children every opportunity to choose life over death. I would wish all My children to choose to do the will of God, and not live according to the darkness of the world. That is not to be, in many cases. Choosing to do the will of God is much more difficult than following the ways of the world.

Your Jesus, in His humanity, suffered much in the world. Those who choose to follow in the footsteps, have much to suffer. The way of Jesus is the cross. It is not easy. It takes much pain, persever-ance, and many sacrifices. The graces are available for all those who choose to take up their cross of life, and follow Me. Be not afraid. Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of December 7, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, there are so many things going on, and so much to do at this time of year, I get lost in the world of busyness, and my prayer life suffers.

Our Lady: All that you do, do for the love of My Son. Each sacrifice you make, do it for the love of God. Then your 'busyness' is automatically turned into a prayer. You speak to Him in your heart at all times, and you are receiving Him at Mass and Holy Communion each day. So do not become overwhelmed by the rigors of daily life. Your Jesus is with you at all times.

I realize you are feeling like a tiny child, who has been asked to walk into a strange room that is not well lit. You do not wish to walk into this room alone. It is not necessary that you do so. I am with you. I am your Mother. Take My hand, and I will walk into this unknown with you. I too, had to accept the will of God, not knowing what was to come, so I know the feelings you are experiencing. I have brought you to My Son, but I will not abandon you. I will be here for you as long as you have need of Me. God will not abandon you in your hour of need. You must trust, child. God's plan is about to unfold in front of you, and you will understand that for which you have been groomed, prepared, and molded. You need only accept His will as I did, and as did My Son. God will tend to the rest.

It is true, you have walked a difficult journey of faith, but you must not become discouraged. The journey's end is about to become clear to you. It will be the end of your preparation and molding, but it will be the beginning of the purpose for which you have been placed upon the earth. You are to share in the redemptive love of My Son, Jesus, child. Be not afraid, God will not leave you orphaned. The blessing that He is giving through you, for His children, will bring with it much suffering, but also much joy. The joy will come from knowing that, with each step you take over the road to Calvary, souls will be saved. Not just 'a' soul, but souls, little child. As you share in the redemptive love of your Jesus, you will be responsible for bringing souls into the love of their God for all eternity.

So, as you journey on in this faith and trust of the unknown, know God's plan is perfect, and is about to be revealed to you through His Son, Jesus. As your Mother, I am with you. Take My hand, and complete this journey into the unknown with Me. I will keep you safe, and out of harm's way. Pray and trust in your God. He is giving you the gift of His love. Accept it, and take it to your heart. Embrace the cross, child.

Message of Dec. 29, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am listening.

Jesus: Little one, you seem to be concerned about the future. Don't you know you are in God's hands? Live each day to its fullest extent of your love for Me, and I will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann: Lord, it seems like so many things come at once. My life continues to be a roller coaster ride. Every time something really good happens, then something goes wrong, or something bad happens, to bring me down.

Jesus: Little one, it is because you have not yet learned to put all things in God's hands over which you have no control. Life will continue to be full of ups and downs, until you are able to take all things in stride, knowing full well that I will tend to all your needs and concerns. Trust, little one, you must trust. Do not worry about tomorrow.

Ruth Ann: Lord, how can I not be concerned about tomorrow? You tell me my ministry is going to change, and I will be doing even more for You, yet right now, I am only doing those things that I was doing before.

Jesus: Little one, you do not even realize that your ministry has, and is, changing. You are witnessing at your farm weekly, are you not? This was something My Mother has asked you to do. She has said 'numbers' did not matter. She has said all hearts will be touched in some way. She has seen to those who need to be here. You do not have to do a thing. It will all be done for you. Either by word of mouth, or other hearts touched, the word will reach those who need to hear what you have to say.

Ruth Ann: Lord, after giving the talk so much, and hearing the stories that others share, I'm feeling I don't have that much to share.

Jesus: You are too close to what has, and is, happening in your life to realize all that has, and continues, to happen is a result of your testimony, messages, and praying for others. You are unable to see all the forest for the trees, little one. You are drawing My children back to Me. You are assisting Me and My Mother in the great harvesting of souls. Through your prayer, you are ministering to My children, and they are receiving healings, gifts of the Holy Spirit, child. You continue to feel you are not doing much, but remember, anything you do that is of help to Me in the salvation of souls, is important. You are not important, but the work you do on My behalf, is important. You need only continue to be patient, obedient, and trust. You are the instrument through which I am working, and will continue to work, until all I would have you do is complete.

Each of My children on the earth have been given gifts. Some use them, and some do not. Your gift of faith is a gift that is being used to help others. Faith begets miracles, little one. Those who have the faith to accept and receive these miracles, can touch the lives and hearts of those ready to receive. Hearts are broken open, eyes are having the blinders removed, and ears are being able to hear the words that God chooses them to hear.

As My Mother has said, little one, 'numbers' matter not. It is hearts that are touched, and souls that are being saved, that matter. Through the rippling effect, more and more will be touched. You are touching more lives than you can ever imagine. The messages given to you by Me and My Mother, are in print, and reaching out and touching many. Many can relate to what has been said to you, and can apply these same words to their lives. That is why I have said to you, this gift has not been for you alone. It has been for you to share with others. Questions are being answered for many, and many are finding strength in these words given to you.

As you struggle, so too, are My children struggling with all kinds of hardships. My words, given to you, are for them. They can read these words, and find a light at the end of their dark tunnels. As you grow and find peace, so too, will those of My children reading what you have written, grow and find peace. God's plan is perfect, child, and He can use those willing to be of help to Him in many ways. You touch hearts, and those hearts that have been touched, touch others. See how God works? Through the prayer and sacrifice of His humble servants, His work is being done.

You have been chosen to be His hands and feet, here on the earth. To minister to His people. This is not through your merit, but through God's love and mercy. Continue to listen, be obedient, and share. God's love is with you, as is the strength needed to continue on this journey of faith. Be at peace, and know I am with you as your life undergoes the growth needed to do all that is asked of you. Change will continue in your life. Know that this change will come, and graces and strength needed to do all that is asked of you, will be given to you.

Message of January 4, 1995, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, that was not at all what I would have expected, 'share your gifts'.

Our Lady: Little child, do you not realize that this message is to encourage all those who continually refuse to share the many gifts that God has given them? You, of all people, should realize the importance of this sharing, and you also should realize the difficulty in sharing. Does your sharing get any easier for you?

Ruth Ann: No Mother, it doesn't.

Our Lady: There are many times you would like to forget that God has ever given you this special gift. You have been allowed to exper-ience the special gift of hearing voices from Heaven, and yet, rather than share, you would like to forget this has ever happened to you. You would prefer not to share these words with others. Only they were not given just for you. If that had been the case, they would never have been given. Gifts are given to share, so that others too, may grow in God's love. In sharing your gifts, hearts are touched and brought closer to God. Any time a gift of love is shared with someone, whether it be a kindness of word or deed, good will come from it.

Love one another, children. I know this is difficult for some of you, because many of you have been hurt by others. Allow God to use this hurt to the betterment of mankind. You still do not realize that God can take the bad things that have happened in your life, and use them for His greater honor and glory. You must be patient, and watch this be done. It will be done, little children, in His way, and in His time. God has a way of out-giving and out blessing each of His children. Those who remain faithful, and faith filled, will not be abandoned. God loves you, and through this love, wants to show you just how much He cares for you, and all your needs.

Trust, little children, and know that God is watching over each one of you. He has not, and will not, abandon you. I am your Mother, sent here to draw you back to, and closer to, the gift He has given to you, of His only Son. If he loves you so much as to sacrifice His Son for you, would He abandon you in your hours of need? This would never be. Know that God loves you, and wishes you to be at peace with all that has happened, and will continue to happen in your life.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I am having a difficult time with this right now. My Pastor, spiritual director, and friend, has been removed from our church. How can I be at peace when I feel like my insides have been ripped out? This has been done with so much cruelty, that it is difficult for those who love him.

Our Lady: Child, it has been difficult for him also. Have you not stood by and watched how well he has handled this cross? Have you not learned anything from him in this hurt that he suffers? You speak of your hurt, and your pain. What of his hurt, and his pain? His life has been turned upside down, too, child. And after his studies in the Holy Land, he does not know where God will lead him. And God will lead him, because of his great strength and trust.

Trust, child, trust is what you must remember. It is true, you are experiencing change in your life, and you are not comfortable with change. But how can one grow without it? Be at peace, child, and know that in God's wisdom and mercy, there is a reason and a plan. Learn from the example of your priest. Trust that God will tend to all things. Through pain, suffering, and tears, comes a healing and a strength that had not been there before. Trust, child, and let God tend to all your hurts and needs.

Great blessings are in store for you and your priest. A door is never closed without another being opened. As this door is closed, so too, will another door be opened. God will not be outdone in His gifts for those who love Him. Be at peace little one, and know that God loves you. I am your Mother, and I am praying with you for all your needs. Dry your tears. Great blessings await you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for being here to encourage me, and all those who are hurting over the loss of our priest.