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November 2007
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of October 13, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Thank you for responding to My call. There is so much need for prayer in this time of darkness. So many of you have been given the grace to know this in your heart. Others continue to hide their head in the sand and ignore all the signs. Thank God for allowing you to be aware. Thank Him for the many graces and blessings He continues to pour out upon all of His children; but most of all, thank Him for His love and mercy. Pray, dear children, for the wisdom to understand the importance of My message. I would not be here if all was right with your world. I am here to call you to prayer. I am here to prepare you for the coming of My Son. Listen to what I am saying. Many wait for My messages wanting to hear something new. Children, the words are the same. Pray! Help Me help others. Know you are not alone. I am here to assist you. Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.

Message of July 24, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, something bothers me.

Our Lady: Yes, child.

Ruth Ann: I speak less and less to You, and more and more to Your Son. I feel guilty for not taking more time with You.

Our Lady: Child, My whole purpose for being allowed to come to you, and others like you, is to draw you closer and closer to My Son. I, like you, am an instrument used by God to do His will and bring all of His children back to the fold. Many who would have been lost forever in the abyss of hell, are now in Heaven because they have responded to My call. Had I not been allowed to come, many would have been lost in this time of darkness. Many still are being lost child, but I continue to call and ask all of My children to listen to the words of My messages. Do not, little children, get caught up in the messengers but concentrate on the messages. That is why God has picked humble children to receive these special words from Heaven. You, the receivers of these messages, realize the importance of the words but do not wish any attention for yourselves. That is as it should be. Without these words, you are nothing, child.

Ruth Ann: Yes Mother, I realize this. That is why it is so embarrassing for me when people ask me to bless them. I am not a priest.

Our Lady: Child, you have been given the gift of healing. It is a special gift. God has placed His hand upon you and has told you that, as you touch His children, He is touching them. Is that not a special gift? Is that a gift you can deny His children who are in such need? Remember child, you can do nothing without God. He is the healer of all wounds, the divine healer, and comes to His children in whatever way they will receive Him. You are an instrument being used by your divine Creator, so child, do not hesitate to pray for those who ask. God will do the rest. He will tend to the healing. God heals in many ways, and He will choose the way in which He wishes to touch His children. You are only to be obedient and do the bidding of the One Who has given you this special gift.

Ruth Ann: Mother, they are putting up the Stations of the Cross here on the farm today.
Our Lady: Yes child, I know. It has been placed upon the heart of one who loves Me and My Son very much, but there was a need here. Did I not tell you, you will not have to do anything, it will all be done for you? It will continue to be so, child. You have listened and have been obedient. You have not walked away as many would have done. Your steadfast love and faith have caused you to persevere when others would have fallen by the wayside.

Ruth Ann: Do you realize how many times I have wished You would have chosen someone else? I'm ashamed to admit it, but it is true. This is a heavy burden I have accepted. My family especially, is having to pay a heavy price. It becomes more and more difficult to get together as a family. We are busy daily praying with people.

Our Lady: Child, why do you think I have asked you to take a leave from your job? As I have said before to you, this is to give you a respite before your time becomes in greater and greater demand. God has much for you to do, but He is giving you time to catch your breath. You will have time with your grand-children, children, and husband.

Your husband too, will not have the pressure he has had this summer. He is a faithful, true, devoted partner. God has chosen and molded your family well. Your children grumble from time to time, as all children will who must share their parents with others, but they love and support you and your work. That is because of your faith, child. You have instilled this in the minds and hearts of your little ones, and as they have grown, the faith has grown. You are amazed at their faith child, but you are responsible for this faith. You have planted the seeds and prayed with them when they were very small.
Your love, faith, and patience throughout all your trials has been apparent to your family, as it has been for others. You know your thoughts, so you do not see the good you have done. You are aware of your sins, that you do not wish to be given these compliments from Heaven, but child, all children are sinners. He could not have chosen someone perfect to help in this mission, because only God is perfect. He has chosen one who is humble, obedient, and loves Him very much. He has chosen one who will persevere to the very end. You do not wish to give yourself credit, because you have said you would like to turn away. Child, My Son's apostles did turn away, and still they were used in such a mighty way. God would still find a way to use you. It is in our weakness that we are made strong, little child. God has not chosen you because you are perfect. He has chosen you because you are willing to listen and do His will. He blesses you for that. He will continue to bless you and your precious family. You have responded to His call, now He will use you to call others to Him. That is how the plan works. Watch it unfold. It is a plan to behold, child, a truly beautiful plan to behold. I am aware of this plan as are the saints and angels in Heaven, so do not hesitate to call on any of the Heavenlies. They are all aware and are praying for you. You have doubts and fears, and these are because the evil one wants you to become discouraged. He would have you dead, if it were possible. God has His warring angels around you and your loved ones. Evil will continue to come against you, but God is stronger than all evil. Prayer is powerful. God has placed it upon the hearts of many to pray for you, child.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for telling me this, because I am in need of much prayer.

Our Lady: Child, God would not place such a burden as has been placed upon you, without providing the proper amount of graces to help with this burden. He has taken care of your monetary needs, and He will provide for your spiritual needs as well. The monetary is the easy part. This is the one that fascinates you most, though, child. It is because it is something that is tangible and can be seen. The spiritual is different only because you are the one who must receive and accept the graces and put them to use.

God cannot force graces upon His children. They must be receptive. You must ask for these graces, and they too, will be provided. Ask for specific graces. Ask for the grace to listen. Ask for the graces to do His will. Ask for the graces to forgive and love your neighbor. He makes all of these things possible. The graces and miracles are available in abundance. All you have to do is ask. This is true of all God's children. When in His Bible, His Holy Word, He says, "Ask, and you shall receive." This is exactly what God means. Then too, you should thank God for these graces and miracles when they are made available to you. God loves to give, but He likes to be recognized for the gifts He has given His children. Too many ask, receive, and then go about their lives until they are in need again. Do not ignore God or what He has done for you.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I realize God has done so much more for all of us than we can ever realize, or even know to ask for. I too, am guilty. There is so much I take for granted. I just always trust that God will take care of everything.

Our Lady: That is faith child, but even that is a gift, and one should thank God for this gift of faith. Many would wish to have this kind of faith, and it is not available to them because they have not asked for this gift.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I need to ask one other question. Will our grand-child be born on the 25th of July?

Our Lady: Child, watch God's plan unfold. You have been told you are to have a grandson. You have been shown this grandson many years before he was brought forth on the earth. What a blessing to you and your family. You were told a year ago that he was to be born within the year, and he would bring much joy to your family. Your daughter was not even with child at the time of this revelation. Now you must sit back and watch God's plan of his birth unfold.

Ruth Ann: In other words, You are telling me to be patient and see what God has in store.

Our Lady: Yes, child. That is what I'm saying to you. Know, too, that the birth will be blessed and it will not be a difficult one, because of much prayer offered to God for this new little one.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother. I love You and thank You for taking the time to talk with me this morning. I'm sorry I have not spent more time with You.

Our Lady: It is best that you spend more time with My Son. I love you and will always be here with you.

Ruth Ann: I wish to thank You for the smell of roses throughout the time we were talking together, Mother. That was very special to me.

Our Lady: It is My pleasure to give this gift to you. Now go in God's peace.
Message of August 4, 1993 from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother Mary, since You just gave me the message for prayer group, do You have anything else You wish to say?

Our Lady: Child, Your Mother continues to call out to Her children. More and more are listening, but the number needs to be greater. I am depending on those such as you who are listening and being obedient. I am depending on those who hear My voice and the voice of My Son, to share what We are saying. As a child of God, I listened and was obedient to the will of My Father. God used Me in a way I would never have dreamed possible. Now it is your turn child, to be used in a mighty way. God's children need special attention, little child. God is in need of love and obedience to His will. How can the children of today do His will if they are not listening? If they are not listening, then there is not much love for Him. It is all a vicious cycle. Everyone is too busy. How can this be? Put God first. He has created you. You would have no life, family, job, time for recreation, if He had not put you here and given life to you. Take time to pray. Take time to listen and do the will of Him Who created you. This is something all of My children forget. God wishes to be recognized. He wishes to be loved and praised. He wishes to be asked instead of told.

Of course He knows your needs. You are all His children. He knows your hearts. He knows everything about you. He knows all that you are doing; the very good, as well as the bad. He loves each one of you dear children, and wishes this love to be returned. Why does man continue to make life so difficult? It is all so simple. Put God first and He will care for all your needs.

Ruth Ann: It does seem simple Mother, but You are right. We have made our lives so difficult by cramming so much into our days and evenings. Everyone has to be doing something all the time. Not many have learned that time has to be taken out of our busy schedules to listen and thank God for His many blessings. I'm guilty too. My days are filled to overflowing with many activities and responsibilities.

Our Lady: Most of My children are guilty of this, but remember, I have said there are many kinds of prayer. Even an occasional 'thank You, Lord,' when you feel something has happened that only He could have done, is a very special prayer. He does so much for each one of you, more than you could ever realize. He takes care of you so many times and you don't even realize it. When you do, please take the time to say, 'thank You.' God loves you so very much, children. All I am asking of you is to acknowledge His love. He deserves so much more than He is getting from His children. It breaks My heart as a Mother to see His children ignore and blatantly deny Him. He has done so much for His children, and they continue on their way as though He does not exist. He does exist. Many will learn too late that God does exist. That is why the time you are being granted to prepare for His coming is so important. Man must pray, fast, and do penance. Man must listen to My call and hear what I am telling him over and over. Those of you who are listening have a grave responsibility to share all you are being told, so that the minds and hearts of those who have not taken these messages seriously, begin to realize the importance of each message. It is called 'evangelizing,' dear children. In a world that is too busy, you come in contact with those just waiting for some sign that God is alive, that He does exist. Sometimes just a word or two from you, about what God has done for you, can change the life of someone who would otherwise not hear the word of God. Man must be reminded continuously of the importance of God in His life, and you can do this for one another by witnessing of His greatness, goodness, and mercy shown to you in your life. That is called 'witnessing.' That is called 'evangelizing.' You need not shout it from the rooftops, just a word here or there is all that is needed. The seeds are planted by you, then it is up to that individual to tend and water the seeds planted. They must see that they grow into healthy, fruitful plants.

See why your talks are so important, little one? Your sharing what God has done in your life has touched the minds and hearts of many. Sometimes the groups are small, sometimes the groups are large. It is not the number present, it is who is being touched. You speak to My children. I will see that those I wish to have hear you and be present will be there. I will see that those who need to be touched, are touched. All I need is for you to be obedient and do the will of God. Listen child and be obedient. God will do the rest.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for the words of encouragement, Mother.

Our Lady: I realize that it is not easy for you. You are one who wishes to have your life private, but this is not possible. I will do all I can to help you with the difficult task put before you. Many blessings are in store for you. Go in God's peace. Know that you are loved.

Message of Sept. 12, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm here to listen. Is there anything You wish to say to me to share with others?

Jesus: Little one, you know that when you are ready to listen, I am here to speak to you. This is so for all My children.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know I can't be the only one listening. Many people who come here to pray, too, are listening to You and Your Mother, but say they can't hear You in their heart or mind.

Jesus: Child, that is because I do not speak to all My children in the same way I speak to you. It is as your priest has said many times. God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes it is through Scripture, the words of others, or a gentle breeze. There are many ways in which I communicate with My children. They need only be aware and alert for the answers to their questions and the desires of their heart.

Man makes it very difficult to hear Me. He has created on his own, many distractions. He has come a long way from the quiet life, close to nature and tilling the earth to survive. He has gone from depend-ing on God to survive, and trusting that He would provide no matter what, to ignoring God totally. Now, man actually believes he is the one who is in control. He is the one who provides for his family. He has forgotten that it is God Who has allowed him to walk, breathe, and earn a living for his family. He alone has made it possible for man to become successful. Does man take the time to thank Him for this success? No child, the majority of My children are like ungrateful, spoiled children. They not only forget to thank Me for what they have, they continue to want more and more. The time they could spend in prayer, in thanksgiving to the Lord God, their Creator, and giver of all gifts, they spend rewarding themselves. My children always find the time to spoil and pamper themselves in some way, but they seldom find time to share their happiness with Me. It's ironic, isn't it? The One Who is capable of allowing them to live or die is given little notice, while man is content and happy.

I'm always spoken to, and sometimes very harshly, when man is upset that things are not going in their lives the way they want them to go. I am always told what I am doing wrong, and how My plan for them and their loved ones is a mistake, but how many times do My children come to Me and just say "Thank You, Lord," when things go the way that they would have them go.

So child, I am waiting on all of My children to truly listen to Me. I am waiting for them to truly listen and respond to the call of My Mother. Pray from the heart! Pray in thanksgiving and love, and also pray that the will of God be done in your life, and in the lives of your loved ones. I am listening. I am speaking to each one of you in a way that you can hear. For many it is through the messages such as you are receiving at this very moment, little one. For others, it is through a happening in their lives that they consider luck. Luck is not part of My plan. There is no such thing as luck. Know, children, as I say it to you, luck is not part of God's plan. Divine Providence does not exist by luck. God's plan is perfect. Man's plans are never so. Sometimes God's plan seems all wrong to man, and sometimes hurtful or harsh, but know, dear children, that all things are done for the good of His children. God's plan for each one is perfect. Be not afraid. Trust in Me, children. Know that no matter what happens in your life, there is a reason. You are not in control. God is the ultimate controller. It is through His love that each of you exist. It is through His love and mercy that all of you live, or are called home. That is why, little one, it is so important for My children to know these things. It is so they can break away from the darkness that has spread over their life.

It is time for My children to listen, and hear the words My Mother is speaking to all God's children. As I have said over and over, God does not wish to lose a single soul, but He is losing many. Man is caught up in darkness. The evil one has been so subtle that man has been ruled by the evil one in so many ways, without man realizing it. The media has become the focus of the lives of so many. It is they who have corrupted the moral fiber of the family. They are responsible for setting the moral standards of the entire world. Sad, isn't it, little one? The more knowledge man has, the more he ignores God and His Command-ments, and looks to the ways of self-gratification. The very One Who is responsible for giving man the knowledge to be able to do good in all men's lives, the more this knowledge has been used to corrupt and destroy the values that this nation was founded upon.

Darkness covers the earth, little one, but there are those of you who will continue to be a lantern, calling all My lost children to My light, which is their salvation. Continue to listen, little one, and share what I am telling you. Man must realize the error of his ways. Time is drawing nearer when the mercy of God will no longer be available to all those to whom He is calling. You are obedient, child. Continue to be so. Let these words go out to all My children. Pray that they listen while there is still time.

God has a plan. He loves His children more than you can ever imagine. As a result of this love, He must find ways in which all will be drawn to Him. That is His real reason for creating man, to know, love, and serve God, and be happy with God in Heaven. You have said these words in your religion classes as children. To you, they were just words. They are not just words, little one. They are truth. God wants all of His children to believe this truth. If he believes this truth, he will listen, and change his way of living. He will have a true con-version of the heart. If he does not, then he will be lost. There will come a time when man will wish he had listened, not only to Me, but to My Mother. Then it will be too late. God is giving every opportunity to come to the foot of the cross and ask for forgiveness. He is giving man many graces through miracles and signs. He has sent the Mother of His Son, Jesus, to minister to His people. He continues to send those, such as you, among His children to share His word and love. But still, some turn a deaf ear to His words. Some are listening, some are not.

You are not to worry, little one. God in His love will care for those who have responded to His call. He will also take care of those who continue to ignore Him. He will find ways to get the attention of all His children. You continue to be obedient, and leave the rest to God.

Go about your day with Me, and remember these words that are truth. Share them with others. God made you to know, love, and serve Him, and be happy with Him in Heaven. God loves you. Go in His peace.

Message of December 3, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: All My children have difficulty with the word 'patience'. You live in a world of instant food, instant pictures in the form of television, instant answers. The world is at your fingertips through telephones, computers, and other forms of communication, and yet, the most important instant commun-ication is your God. No one wishes to take time for this communication with Me, even for a little prayer. Sometimes, just a 'thank You', or 'I love You, Jesus', would be such a blessing to My Heart. I, too, like to be comforted, and it seems more and more that I need such comfort, as the sins of My children become more and more evident. It is through communicating with those of you who will take the time to listen, that I am able to communicate this great need for love and prayer from My children. When My Mother came to you one day in tears, and you asked Her, "Why are You crying?" What was Her answer?

Ruth Ann: She said, "I am crying because there are so many who do not love My Son."

Jesus: It hurts Her deeply that so many ignore Her plea to pray and turn back to Me and away from the things of the world.

Ruth Ann: I remember how heartbreaking that was to hear Her sobbing as though Her heart was breaking. I was not given the grace to see Her, but I heard Her with my physical ears. I felt the need to comfort Her, and hold Her, but knew I couldn't. I will never forget it.

Jesus: Child, you comforted Her with your words and prayers. You continue to comfort Her with your obedience and willingness to do what is asked of you. It is for Her Son you are doing these things. That is a beautiful gift of love and comfort to My Mother and to Me. I know you have a busy day ahead of you. My peace be with you as you go about this day.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord, for Your love and patience.

Message of August 23, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I feel You wish to speak to me.

Jesus: Little one, this is so. I wish to tell you not to become dis-couraged because you do not know where all this is leading. Your faith and trust is all that is of concern to Me. My Mother and I will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann: Lord, it's just that so many have put so much of themselves into this work in time, talent, prayer, and money. No one really knows what is going on here.

Jesus: Child, prayer is going on, and I must say it is beautiful to behold. God's children are coming here to gain peace and to pray. What could be more important? They are listening and heeding the call of My Mother. Again, what can be more beautiful than that? As time goes on, the numbers will continue to grow. You are concerned about your future and the future of this farm. You have seen the fruits grow continuously, and you still do not grasp the importance of what is happening here.

Be not afraid, little one. God is watching over all things. Know He is pleased. Each person called here receives special graces and blessings. Because you can't see and don't know of these blessings, does not mean great things are not happening. Conversions are taking place. Healings, little one, are happening here. Hearts are being touched. Because all of these things are happening through peace, love, and quiet prayer, does not mean they do not exist. Yes, there are visible signs that this place has been blessed by God. There are little miracles and graces granted to many who come, to continue to encourage their prayer, and as special gifts for the prayer and works they have already done. But the signs and wonders are not as important as the prayers that are brought about as a result of their coming to this special place to pray.

Ruth Ann: What of those who cannot come?

Jesus: Little one, all of My children, who love Me and My Mother, are known to Me. I know their hearts. Great graces abound to those who love God and seek to do His will, whatever that may be.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for the special grace that was given to me and to Jim yesterday.

Jesus: Little one, you were both in need. You had just been through a very busy week and weekend. You were drained physically and emotionally through tending to My children. I know what you need and when you need it. I will always be there when there is a need. I have told you, you are to receive little miracles daily, in order for you to carry on in your work.

Ruth Ann: I guess I have been too busy to notice Lord, I am sorry.

Jesus: When you notice, you thank Me. That is enough. You are doing much on behalf of Me and My Mother. We realize the sacrifices that you and your family have made as a result of all that has been asked of you, so do those who come here to pray. Most would not put themselves or their families through this without great monetary rewards. You ask for very little, child, and when you do, it is always for others. How could God not be attentive to each of the tiniest needs within your heart?

Ruth Ann: I am feeling so ashamed as You say this to me. You do so much for me and those around me most of the time. Without me even verbalizing it, my needs are tended to, Lord, before I even ask sometimes.

Jesus: I know your heart, little one, just as I know the hearts and minds of all My children. They too, have prayers answered that go unspoken. Many do not acknowledge, and think they are having good luck. As most of My children say, "That was truly a coincidence." There are no coinci-dences, and there is no good luck. These are blessings and miracles. My children are in need of a lesson in faith and trust in their God. They are in need of knowing they should thank Him Who created them, for these special gifts and blessings they experience in their daily lives.

Ruth Ann: I agree, Lord, for I too, take these things for granted. Thank You for reminding me of all You do.

Jesus: I am here for you and all My children, always. So is My Mother. Listen, and spread the love and blessings through the words and messages being given to you. This is evangelizing. This is what My disciples of old were called to do, and this is what you are called to do in these times.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am listening. Give me the strength.

Jesus: It is yours, little one. Now go about your day in the love and peace of your Jesus.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.