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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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November 2008
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of February 15, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I need Your words.

Jesus:  I am here.  You are concerned about your talk child, but you need not be.  I will be there with you.  There is an important reason that you speak with these children of Mine.  You will know that reason someday.  I ask that you lay hands and pray with each one of them.  I will tend to their needs.  You need only give them My blessing.  I will pour out the graces that each child needs, depending on their need and situation. 

Little one, it is true that you are to be My hands and feet on the earth.  Your testimony will touch the hearts and make them receptive to Me.  It will help them realize that God is alive and well, and performing miracles, just as He did when His Son walked the earth.  Faith will get you all the miracles one needs, little one, faith and trust in God.  I am here waiting to be asked for graces and miracles, but it takes the faith to receive.  My children's faith has gone by the wayside because they are preoccupied with those things of the earth.  I have had to take a back seat in all human lives.  It is sad, but true.  Even you, yourself, with your gift, do not speak to Me as often as I would like.  I wish for your total life to revolve around Me, every breath you take be an acknowledgment of Me.  The time will come.

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I have other things I must do too, family, etc.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, this is true, but you can do those things and still remember that I am your keeper, your helper, your everything.  It is through Me that all the other things have been made possible.  You, like others, forget this.  Without Me, there would be no job, no family.  I am responsible for all things.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I really need encouraging words, and I feel like I am being scolded.

Jesus:  Only reminded, little one.  I will give you the encouragement you need.  Go on with your day in the peace of Jesus Christ.  You will be guided, guarded, and assisted in all ways throughout this talk.  The children will be receptive.  Give them My blessings, I will do the rest.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Jesus.

Jesus:  And I love you, little one.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Jesus.


Message of June 4, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I feel I am to speak with You.

Our Lady:  Child, I am here.  Much is happening that you do not understand.  Do not be afraid, it is all of God.  Now that you are free of your job, much more will continue to happen.  The miracles will continue little child, God will see to that.  The messages will be far-reaching.  Have these words not been spoken to you?  Now you have just met someone from another country.  This person is receptive and wishes to share what is happening here with his people in his home.  All things happen for a reason.  I have said to you in another message, "Stand back and watch the fruits multiply."  When God has a hand in what is happening, there are no limits.  Your works will grow in leaps and bounds.  Your obedience and trust in God and your patience in waiting for what He has in store will be rewarded beyond belief.  The evil one and his cohorts will not be able to divert this special task set before you, this mission of spread-ing God's word to His people.

Ruth Ann:  You make what I am doing sound so very important.

Our Lady:  Child, it is so.  It is starting small, but it will continue to grow, you can count on this.  This has been told to you, and God speaks only truth to His chosen ones.  You, little one of God, must share more with your priest.  Child, miracles come to those who trust, have faith, and are patient.  Your trust and obedience are being rewarded by God.  All those who trust and give their all to Him will not go unrewarded.  This child, is important.  God will not be outdone in miracles.  You do for Him and the rewards will be a hundredfold.  You are seeing this with your own family.  God will help all things fall into place as time moves along.  God's time is not man's time, but you have already learned this, have you not? 

About the prayer on the farm.  Your priest has said it is important to use prayers approved by the Church.  I am Mother of this Church, and this too, is what I wish.  All must be done according to those edicts of My Pope.  Then there can be no question that all is in line with what God wishes for His people.  I love you, and God loves you, little child.  Continue to be obedient and listen.  God has so much good in store for you through miracles and graces.  Your little mind could not begin to comprehend at this point and time.  Now I know you have much to do.  Your little ones at school await you.  They too, are special.  Each one was placed in your tender, loving care for a reason.  Not only for them and you, but for their families as well.  As time moves along, this too, will be made more clear for you.  It has been a difficult year, as you have said, but in God's way, a most rewarding year.  The enthusiasm the children have for love, life, and fellowman will continue on as they grow in the love of your Jesus.  Their lives have been touched by God because they were placed in your care, it is that simple.  They will never be the same.  Their faith will grow.  You have done well, My good and faithful servant.  Your children will remember you and the examples set by you.  Your sensitivity has touched not only your children, but the parents as well.  You will be missed by all those who know and work with you, but you know you have other, more impor-tant work still to do.  You have finished another phase of your life.  Now, you are onto things bigger and even more special in the plan put before you by God.  Know that as your children have been placed in your tender, loving care for this past school year, you are under the tender, loving care of your God, the master planner and Creator of the universe and all that is in it.  Go in the peace of Christ Jesus, little child.  Those in Heaven are with you in each step you take.  Rejoice and be glad that this phase of your life is over.  Now, you are on to work that is even more important.  This is as it should be, God has promised this time for you.  Thank Him through prayer and good works.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Now I must go.  I do not wish to make my husband late for work.

Our Lady:  This is as it should be.  Peace be unto you.  Thank you for your love and trust in God.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for Your time, Mother.

Our Lady:  I am always here for you.


Message of June 22, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  You continue to bless me, and I continue to fight against all that You wish for me to do.  It's because of two things, Lord; I don't want to be a false prophet, and I don't feel worthy of all that You are calling me to do.  Lord, there is so much pain out there, so many people hurting and asking for prayer.   They are poor, and are driving long ways Lord, for prayer.  I don't feel worthy of such trust that I will have a special gift of prayer better than their own prayer.  I am afraid of failing them, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, little one, again I say to you, "You be obedient and do as I ask."  I know this pain also, and their pain is your pain, and it does touch My heart to see you grieve for so many.  It is true child, it is difficult for Me to deny one such as you, your prayers.  You are giving up so much to be of help to Me little one, that I will deny you nothing. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, this is in print, or it will be.  That's a very special and overwhelming statement You are making.

Jesus:  Child, I can make this statement where you are concerned, because I know your heart.  You ask only for those things that I too, wish for My children.  It is necessary in the case of many of My children to be aware that God is answering your prayers in a mighty way.  It is to get the attention of many that this will happen on a bigger and bigger scale.  Do not worry little one, you are up to meeting this.  You have already proven yourself in so many ways.  You continue to give and give of yourself.  This is a blessing to My people.  They know you are special, and this is why they come to you for prayer.  They are seeking My help and the help of My Mother through you.  The prayers will be answered little one, because of this faith and trust in me.  Miracles come through faith, little one.  Your faith is special.  As a result of your sharing this faith with others, their faith is strengthened.  This causes miracles, little one.  Miracles are the result of faith and trust in God.  Now see how it all works?

By your sharing your experiences and love and trust in Me and My Mother, others receive the faith they need to accept the miracles God has for them.  Man will not always get the miracles he seeks, but God will give him the miracles that he needs.  Just remember, little one, you are chosen to be special by God.  It is not of your choosing, you have a free will, yes, and you could walk away at any time, but God knows your heart, and He knows that you will not choose to do so.  You will persevere, as all of His chosen ones down through time, in hopes that anything you do will be of help to Him who created you.  This is pleasing to God, and that is why all the miracles big and small, child, miracles for you and your family and all those whose lives you touch in any way.  This is not the end child, it is only the beginning.

Ruth Ann:  I have so much to be grateful for, Lord.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Jesus:  Child, your Jesus loves you.  Continue to listen and do My will.  This is all I wish from you.

Ruth Ann:  With Your help, I can do whatever You ask of me.  Help me to know that always.

Jesus:  It is done.  You have a busy day ahead of you, child.  Thank you for beginning it with prayer.  Prayer is lifting your mind and heart to God.  This you have done and are doing each time you speak with Me.  This is true prayer, child.  I am only telling you this because when I said, "Thank you for beginning your day with prayer," you questioned Me in your mind.  You did not understand, and thought to yourself, "I have not said any prayers this morning."  Your speaking with Me is true prayer, little one.  You shut the world out, and let Me in.  What a blessing for Me.

Ruth Ann:  Blessing, Lord?

Jesus:  Would you rather I said, 'gift'?  My children bless Me with gifts of praise, prayer, and sacrifices.  These are all blessings to Me, little one.  My children who listen are blessings to those in Heaven who have need of their help in prayer.  You do not fully understand child, but that is not important.  It is important that you listen and do the will of God.  This you are doing.  Now, you may go in God's peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for being here for me, Lord.


Message of June 28, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, where did all the time go?  It is time for another talk.

Jesus:  And you are concerned, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, You know that I am.  I didn't sleep well because I was worrying about it last night.  I try to put it out of my mind, but with little success.

Jesus:  Do you know why that is? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes, I feel that I do, but it still keeps happening over and over.  Each talk is just as difficult as the first.  I actually feel physically ill and experience a lot of anguish.

Jesus:  Little one, I know this is a difficult thing for you.  You have referred to it as a lamb being led to slaughter.  In a sense, it is.  You are dying of self each time you share so much of yourself with others.  You are sharing in what I have done before you.  Those who give so much of themselves to others for My sake are special, and are participating in the salvation of mankind.  Each time you bare your soul for others to see the work of God in your life, others are touched, little one.  Many are brought closer and closer to Me and to My Mother through your great sacrifice of dying of self.  Not many are willing to give up life, career, home, time, and anything else I ask of you.

At the present time you do not know the full extent of what will be expected of you.  Even so, God knows you will be accepting, just as you are now.  Of course, it causes you much grief.  But that is because the evil one works on you continuously.  He will not let you be, because he knows the extent of the blessings given by Me to those who listen to what you have to say.  It is important that you know this, little one, you are only to share what I have done in your life to let My children know that I am alive, and want them to come to Me in prayer and contrition, so I can do great things in their lives.  I wish to give them miracles, but they must ask for them.

Ruth Ann:  I am having a difficult time even concentrating on what You are saying to me, Lord.  I am really distracted.

Jesus:  Offer it up in prayer little one, and it will be made easier for you.

Ruth Ann:  This I will do, Lord.  (At this time Ruth Ann reports that she prayed and offered up her distractions.)

Jesus:  I know you have much to do in order to get ready for your talk, but I want to speak with you about something that is very dear to My heart.  That is the love that My Mother has for all of God's children.  She has been here for you and all those whose lives you touch.  She is extremely important as an intercessor in the plan of salvation of man.  She is the perfect flower created by God to bring forth His only Son.  She is perfect, because She was created so by God.  Little one, She has led you to Me.  She will lead others to Me.  Be sure and share this to all those who come to you for prayer and words of encouragement.  And that is what these talks are all about little one, they are words of encouragement for My children.  So many are not listening in their time of prayer.  They pray, but they are not waiting to hear what I have to say.  I wish to answer them.  I wish also to speak to them through signs and wonders, or as you call them, little miracles.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, so many do not recognize a miracle when they receive it.  They think it is a coincidence or just plain luck.

Jesus:  It is neither, child.  It is as you say.  It is a miracle given to My children to build and encourage their faith so they can go out and share what God is doing in their life.  Too many take My miracles and then do not share.  I thank you for sharing the many miracles I have given to you in your journey of faith, little one.  There will be many more, and they will continue to help you to grow and extend yourself even more to others.  Do you see how God works to help all of His children grow?  It is through those who are willing to give up their life for the sake of others that God can do His work here on the earth. 

You feel overwhelmed by these talks, and even the prayer life you are participating in on the farm.  It is a great sacrifice for you because you are a private person.  You are shy, as some would call it.  I call it humble, little one.  You are perfect for the work I require of you.  It is a great sacrifice.  If it were not, it would have little effect on all those who come to hear you and pray with you.  All those who know you and your family know, I could not have picked another more perfect for this job of sharing My words.  You are not perfect, and so you know all I do through you is from God, just as others know the same.

You are continually impressed by all I am doing, and all My Mother does.  As a result, much more will be given to you.  The miracles on your farm will continue little one, through the faith and love of all who come there.  Signs and wonders will continue to be given to My children.  Know this, little one, faith begets miracles.  The miracles are being poured out at this time as graces from Heaven.  My Mother is instrumental in getting these things accomplished.  She realizes how important it is for the children to be encouraged in many ways.  So the miracles will continue, little one, on this farm that has been blessed by the presence of My Mother.  This is only the beginning of these blessings, little one.  It is not the end.  Know that much more is in store for all those who come for prayer.

Times are difficult and much prayer is needed for the conversion of all God's children.  Continue to be obedient and do all God asks of you.  Many souls are being saved and brought ever closer to My Mother and to Me as a result of your sharing in God's plan.  I love you, and bless you, little one.  Go forth to spread the word of God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Thank You for giving me the strength to get through this again.

Jesus:  Go and speak My words and pray with My children.  I will do the hard part.  I will grant many miracles this night.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I will share what You have said.

Jesus:  Let it be so.


Message of July 18, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children, 

I wish to thank you for gathering in this special place of peace and prayer.  Know that I am blessing each one of you here.  As I walk among you, hold in your hearts all those desires you have for your family, friends, and for the whole world.  There is strength in numbers, dear children.  "When two or more are gathered in My name, I will answer your prayers."  God has made this promise to you.  Expect miracles.  Expect your prayers to be answered.  Allow Me, your Mother, to intercede on your behalf. 

Again, dear children, I am blessing you and all those things you have brought with you.  I thank you for responding to My call.  You have been brought here by special invitation.  I have called you here.  Special graces and blessings are being poured out on all those who have come here in faith to pray.  I am being allowed to manifest Myself in many ways to many people.  These are special times, children.  Thank God for allowing Me to come to these special places and people, to strengthen you, My army, to fight against all the evil one is doing.  He wishes to destroy.  I wish to build and strengthen you.  I wish to bring you closer and closer to My Son. 

As you pray the Sorrowful Mysteries dear children, contemplate on all He has done for you.  This will give you the strength and courage to go forth and witness.  You are loved deeply.  I am praying with you and will remain with you throughout your prayers.  Love and pray for one another.  (Tearfully)  Tell them to love My Son.


Message of August 26, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother Mary, is it really Your voice I am hearing?

Our Lady:  Yes, child, it is.  It is difficult for you to believe that your Mother in Heaven would speak with you.  You continue to question.  This is good, child.  In doing so, you will not be led down the wrong path.  Some do not question, and think everything they hear is of God.  This is not always the case.  You have learned, and continue to learn, to discern what is being said to you.  You have experienced messages from the dark side, pretending to be one of light.  You have recognized the evil one for what he is and for what he can do.  He is a liar and one who disturbs your peace.  He causes confusion, despair, and anger.  He does not want anyone to be at peace with self, God, or your neighbor.  He causes turmoil beyond belief.  My children need to be aware of this.  Words that come from Heaven can only bring peace and joy, so be at peace as you speak with Me little child, and know that I am of Heaven.  You are pleased, are you not, concerning some miracles that were shared with you by a friend, a member of your prayer group?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, I am.  She received so many blessings here on the farm.  I'm just human enough Mother, that I needed to hear what she shared with me.

Our Lady:  Child, that is why I sent her to you.  I know you must hear about the good things that are happening.  These are graces and blessings.  These, when shared with others, fortify and strengthen the faith of My children.  That is why they are being given, child.  Your farm has been blessed by God.  It was given to My Son and I to use, by you and your husband.  This special place will continue to bring many blessings to those who come in faith to pray.  The miracles that happen, the smell of roses, the shower of Heavenly water, rosaries turning gold, the showers of graces, the manifestations in the statues of Me, and many more things that have not been revealed to you, will become a common occurrence.

Child, you have given up much.  Your life has changed, and will continue to change, as a result of the great sacrifices you and your family are making on behalf of your God.  You are following His will.  You are listening and being obedient.  That is what God wants of His children.  There are many hardships that come with your great sacrifice, but the rewards will far outweigh any sacrifice made for My children here on earth.

Ruth Ann:  It is amazing how all the business with the chapel came together, Our Lady, and the Stations of the Cross.

Our Lady:  Child, did I not tell you that it will all be done for you?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, but I still am amazed at how quickly it is all being done; the building, the stations, and now a Marian weekend is being planned here at the farm.  Even a Mass is going to be celebrated.  That will truly be special.

Our Lady:  Yes child, that will be a blessing for all those who attend.  Many graces, blessings, and miracles will be available on that special day set aside to honor the Mother of God.  You may tell all who are planning this, I am very pleased.  This is not going unnoticed by Me or My Son.  God is very pleased with those who love and acknowledge the Mother of His divine Son.  Those who give Her honor, give honor to Him Who created Her. 

Child, you feel unworthy and wish to be treated as a 'regular' person.  This can never be so around those who are aware of what is happening to you.  God knows your heart.  He knows you are basically shy and reserved.  You do not wish to be in the limelight, but this is one of the things that makes you accepted, child.  If you were wanting the attention, then it would not be believable.  You genuinely care for each person who suffers.  You want each person prayed for, healed or touched by God.  You want for God's children, what God wants.

Ruth Ann:  Not necessarily.  Some, I want to see physically healed as well as spiritually, and this does not always happen.

Our Lady:  But when you pray, you always say, "Heal them, Lord, in whatever way they need.  You know their needs better than I."

Ruth Ann:  That's because I've learned Mother, that God does whatever He chooses to do.

Our Lady:  You have learned dear child, that your will is not always the will of God, and that is extremely important.  Your gift of prayer and healing are nothing without God, so you know in your heart, God will have the last word.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, I think maybe that's what I have learned.  It used to be that I prayed for physical healings for those in need of prayer, and then was disappointed when they did not receive a physical healing.  Now, I pray for God's will, and some get physical healings as well as whatever else God feels they need.

Our Lady:  Child, in doing this, you are doing the will of God, 'Not my will, but Thine be done.'  My Son and I, too, did the will of God, and continue to do so.  Be not afraid child, you are doing the will of God.  It is not your will, or the will of man, that has brought you to this special time and place in your journey of faith.  Only God could have planned all that is going on in your life, your farm, and all the lives that come in contact with both. 

These are special times, child, special times with special graces.  Lives will continue to be touched through all that will happen here.  Your priest was sent into your life.  He too, is special.  He is blessed by God.  He has the graces and wisdom necessary to go forth with all that God will ask him to do.  Do not be afraid for him little child, he is very strong in love and faith.  He too, wishes to do the will of My Father in Heaven.  At times, things become difficult for him, but God is always there to love, guide and protect him.  You are concerned that because he is your spiritual director, that he will be chastised by your Archbishop.  Child, I have chosen your Arch-bishop for that reason.  He loves Me, and he too, wishes to do the will of God.  Again I am telling you, do not be afraid.  It will all be done for you. 

God is blessing you and those who are being of help to you.  Nothing and no one will go unnoticed by the God Who created you for this very special mission that He has put before you.  Everything will con-tinue to unfold along the way, as God sees fit.  Many miracles will be sent along the way to strengthen you, your faith, and those around you.  God has said He will not leave you orphaned.  Your entire family in Christ is there to give you strength through prayer.  God is tending to all your needs.

Now, I know you have much to do to prepare for the guests who will be coming this evening.  Know the hand of God is on all you do.  Know too, that I am here to help and guide you along the way.  I love you, little child.  Continue to do the will of God.  The graces will be there as you need them.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus Christ.


Message of June 6, 1994,
from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, there are those who come to me seeking advice.  Please help me guide those who are asking my help.

Jesus:  Little one, the advice you have given is of the utmost importance, that advice being, trust in the Lord, do His will, turn everything over to Him and let Him work in your life.  Once My children admit they can do nothing without My help, I can begin to work in their lives in a greater way than ever before.

Ruth Ann:  I find it very easy to tell others that, but I know how difficult it really is for one to do.  I also know it really shouldn't be difficult.

Jesus:  My children are so used to being in complete control, that they find it extremely difficult to survive when they find they do not have control of a situation.  Instead of saying, 'Lord, I really don't know what to do.  You are going to have to tend to this.  I put it in Your hands', they panic and try even harder to try and to some kind of control or order in their lives.  My children have a difficult time turning all things over to Me, the great and the small.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I find myself doing the same thing.  It is difficult to get up each day, going forth, doing all that You ask, and not knowing exactly where it's all going to end.  I thought at one time I pretty well had my life mapped out, and now I realize I have no idea where my life is going.  I do know I can do nothing without You, so I say to You, "Work all things out for Your greater honor and glory, it's all Yours."

Jesus:  Thank you for your faith and trust, little one.  I will tend to your every need, just as I will tend to all those who come to Me in faith and trust.  Without complete faith and trust, there can be no peace.  My children struggle so, trying too hard to control their lives, and the lives of those around them, and all I ask is for them to submit to My will, and let Me help them with those things that seem to overwhelm them.  Nothing can be too difficult if you have My help or the help of My Mother.  She, too, wishes to be of help to Her children.

Life could be so much more peaceful for the entire world if all My children would learn to turn their struggles over to Me.  I will never allow you to carry too much.  When the burden gets too great, share it with Me.  Many of you carry very heavy crosses, but you need not carry them alone.  Know I am here for you.  God loves you, little children.  Allow Him to help you carry on with peace and harmony in your midst.  Do not let the one of darkness keep you in turmoil.  Do not allow him to influence you toward thoughts and deeds that are of an unkind nature.  Be at peace, children.  Love one another as I have loved you.  Put all in God's hands.  His plan is perfect.  Be patient, love, and trust, and watch God's plan unfold.

You can rest assured that in the end, all things work for the good, even those things done through the work and at the hands of the evil one, will bring about beautiful things for those who continue to love and trust in Me.  Do not lose heart, children, I am with you even to the end of the earth.  I am here forever and always, throughout eternity.  What better friend could any one of My children have, than He Who would send His only Son to the earth to redeem mankind for their sins.

Now He sends the Mother of His Son as co-redemptrix, to bring about an end to the evil, and the salvation of mankind.  Make no mistake, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of your Jesus, will triumph over all evil.  She Herself has said, "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.  Satan will be defeated."  These words were, and are prophetic.  These words are truth.  They will be fulfilled.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.