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November 2009
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Nov. 24, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Blessed are they who do not see and still believe.  It is beautiful to see the faith and trust of My children who continue to pray for all those in need because I have asked them to do so.  My many messages that continue to call you to trust and have faith, have been taken to heart by all of you here.  I bless you for this, dear children, and will continue to send graces and blessings to all My children who have responded to My call.  Your faith, trust, and love, acts as a catalyst to all those with whom you come in contact.  The love you have for My Son is evident in all that you say and do.  Let it continue to be so, little children, so that those who are in great need of prayer and faith will be strengthened by your example.  My protective mantle surrounds you.  My love and prayers I join with you.  Go in God's peace.


Message of February 6, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I'm in need of encouraging words.  The world seems to be filled with so many contradictions.  I go to church and I hear that we are to go out and evangelize, but yet when I do, there are those who think I'm a 'kook' for doing so.

Jesus:  Little one, those who are 'of the world' find what you are doing strange and out of sorts because it is not keeping with the move to the 'new age'.  In evangelizing about what God is doing and has done in your life, you are drawing those who are listening back to their roots of faith.  God, Who is the source of light and love and peace, wishes His children to live in this light, little one.  He is in need of you, and those such as you, who will stand up and are willing to be martyrs for their faith.  You have declared war on Satan and all his cohorts, little one, so life for you is not going to be easy.  You must know, however, that what you are doing is needed.  You are renewing My children's faith, little one.  You are letting them know that God is, and has been working in your life, and wishes to do the same in their life and the lives of their loved ones.

What you are doing, child, is the same thing the apostles and disciples did in the times that your Jesus walked upon the earth.  Remember the words I have spoken to you many months ago, before all of this truly began, the talks and healing prayers, and so forth.  I said to you, "When I walked on the earth, I performed many miracles.  You My child, will do even greater things."  Know in your heart, you have only touched the tip of the iceberg. You have so much work to do, but you are being prepared gradually, little one.  This is so you will not be overwhelmed.  Your faith is strong, and it is such by the grace of God Who has molded you over time.  You have been tested and found to be just as God knew you would be, steadfast of heart.  You have the stamina to do all God will ask and expect of you. 

Your Mother, and Mine, has drawn you into the folds of Her protective mantle and will continue to guide you and those sent here to this place of prayer.  Here My children will find peace.  My Mother is giving graces and blessings in abundance here.  There is such a need, little one.  My children are hungry to feel at peace.  They are hungry to hear the word of God, and they are hungry to see miracles.  The media has filled their world with horror stories, death, filth, and immorality.  The media continues concentrating on all the evil in the world, and man is finally getting tired of seeing and hearing all this evil.  Man is tired.  He is tired, and he is afraid.  What will tomorrow bring?  The world is full of darkness and it needs a light brought into this darkness.  Let the light of Christ shine through you, little one, and let it touch the minds and hearts of all those with whom you come in contact.

God loves you.  He also knows you have much turmoil in your life.  He knows the things you are doing are not easy for you or your family, but little one, you at least are doing them.  It is as you said to someone this morning, "The world is in such a mess, someone has to do something."  That person's reply surprised you.  He said, "Thank God you have the faith strong enough to stand up and make a difference."  Child, you are making a difference in the lives of My children.  They are amazed you have had the faith to share what your Mother and your Jesus are doing in your life.  They are amazed and grateful that you have not chosen to turn your back and walk away.  Many know that is what they would have done.  Not many wish to stand up and be counted.  Not many wish to be persecuted for trying to do exactly what each of My children should be doing. 

So yes, child, you struggle, and you continue to do all that I would have you do.  You have been saddened because I have removed much from you, the support and encouragement you have needed.  You have said you miss the visions that you once received.  They were removed for a reason, child.  You were left to go on faith alone.  This, too, was a test.  This will be returned to you, little one, at a time when I choose.  You were given a special vision and comfort on the tenth anniversary of your father's death.  This was a special gift to you for all you have done for Me.  God wished you to have comfort that day in order to lessen your sadness, so you were given a special grace.  An angel was sent to you to comfort you.  He also asked you, "Ruth, do you know what it is you are to do?"

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it didn't look like an angel, it looked like an old man, and since it looked like an old man, why couldn't it have looked like my Father?  I really don't understand any of this. Why the question?  I didn't understand him, therefore I didn't answer him.  And why did he call me 'Ruth'?  I go by 'Ruth Ann'.

Jesus:  You are called both, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, but You know what I mean.  I prefer 'Ruth Ann'.

Jesus:  Little one, all of the questions will be answered one at a time when the time is right.  At the present, just be grateful that God sees fit to bless you with these graces from time to time. 

Ruth Ann:  I am.  I am also pleased about another grandchild on the way.  Thank You for allowing our daughter to become pregnant without any difficulty. 

Jesus:  That is another gift from God.  All of your prayers concerning your family will be answered, child, rest assured that God is pleased with you, and you ask for so little, only those things that God Himself would desire you to have.  So giving to you is a simple task, and a pleasure for Me to do.  Continue to pray for all those in need, child.  Minister to My people as I have said to you, and I will see to your every need and desire.  Now, go in My peace and know that I am pleased with all you are doing.  Let My peace fill your heart.  Know that I am God and can do all things for all people.  I bless you and I love you, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.  Thank You.


Message of July 5, 1994,
from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, thank You for the peace that I've felt yesterday and today.  Please let this continue.

Jesus:  Little one, it is up to you to keep your peace.  It is always available to you through the grace of God.  It is you who allow the concerns of the world to come in and disturb your God-given peace.

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord.  And I still thank You for Your help.

Jesus:  Little one, I am here for all of you, all of the time.  Each one of you tries so hard to run your own life, making all your own decisions.  You think you are in control.  Don't you realize, at the blink of an eye, I can end your life, and all things you thought were so important to your life, would no longer be of concern to you.  That is why I continue to say, put Me first, and all things will then fall into place.  Man still hasn't learned to do this.  Mankind still frets over the things and problems of the world as though this is going to bring about his eternal salvation.  If only My children would concern themselves with those things of a spiritual nature as well, or even as much, I would not have to be finding so many ways to get mankind's attention.

It saddens My heart, little one, to see so many of My children wasting their time, getting bigger and better material things in this world, and ignoring the state of their soul.  The more they get, the more they want, thinking these things will bring them peace and happiness.  These things do not bring happiness.  Knowing you are right with your Maker will bring peace and happiness.  Knowing you are doing the will of your Father in Heaven brings you peace.  When you have this peace and share it, those around you begin searching and re-evaluating their lives so they too, can gain this peace.  Peace truly begets peace.  Love begets love, and faith begets miracles.

Ruth Ann:  I thought You were going to say 'faith begets faith'.

Jesus:  You cannot give someone faith.  You can give them hope.  You can share your faith and trust in God and help them in their journey to strengthen their faith, but it is not something tangible that you can give to another.  If that were the case, those of you who have such faith, would have an easy task before you.  As it is, you are called to share the miracles God has worked in your life, and this helps others to find the strength and courage to begin their journey to become stronger in their love and trust in God.  As their faith is strengthened, they begin to recognize the miracles that God has been working, and will continue to work, in their lives. 

So that is what I mean when I say, "Faith begets miracles."  Everything must be turned over to God, so He can work in your life continuously.  Even in the bad times, He is working.  That is when your faith and trust is truly tested.  It is easy to love and trust God when everything runs smoothly in your life.  It is through the difficult times that your faith is tested.  Then you discover, and so do I, just how strong your faith is.  If you are grounded in a strong love for Me, you are able to survive all the hardships that life has a way of bringing your way.  If your faith does not have a strong or firm foundation, then it begins to crumble, and so does the world around you.

Faith is extremely important.  Those who have it are truly blessed.  It is a God-given blessing, that continues to be cultivated throughout your entire life.  Those who put their God first realize this, and continue to thrive when everything around them seems to be falling apart.  Then, faith and peace continue to radiate to those around them.  Those who do not have this faith fall apart when their world falls apart, because they have let the world and the material things of the world be their god.  I continue to say, "Put Me first, and all other things will fall into place." 

That is what I am saying to all of My children again, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one can come to the Father except through Me."  My Mother continues to tell Her children, "Come to Jesus."  She has the wisdom of the ages.  God is allowing Her to work in the lives of His children, again and again.  Just as She brought forth Her Son 2000 years ago, He is allowing Her again to bring Him forth into the world.  Take heed My children, listen to Her, listen to Me.  There is great need of this faith, love, and peace in this world.  Trust in God.  His plan is about to unfold.  Prepare for the Second Coming of your Jesus.

Ruth Ann:  These words appear very strong, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, they are of the utmost importance.  So many of My children continue to search for signs and wonders, looking for a specific date of the Second Coming of Christ the King, when in fact they should realize the time is nearing, and the most important thing they can do is gather in prayer.  Strengthen the faith and trust in God of those around you, by witnessing to the greatness and goodness of His love and mercy in your lives.  In doing so, you will be doing what I would have you do. 

Many of you experience miracles, but do not share.  You hide your light under a bushel.  The light goes out, and is never seen again.  Witness to the greatness and goodness of these miracles in your life.  Know that God is, was, and always will be here, for all of His people.  Those of you chosen to share and go forth among His people, as in the days of old, are like a light that shines forth in this time of darkness.  You are a saving light, to draw others closer and closer to Me.  Continue to be this beacon.  Draw My children back to Me.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for these words.


Message of August 5, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know You are wanting to speak to me, what is it You wish to say?

Jesus:  Child, you are in need of encouraging words.  You have a talk this evening, do you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, and You are right, I am in need.  I was not ready to listen because of my own irritation at having to do this.

Jesus:  Little one, you are not hurting Me when you do these things, you are only hurting yourself.  You are denying yourself the peace to get through the day, so you will have the calmness you need in order to give your talk.  I am only trying to help make all you do, and need to do for Me, a little easier.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have come to the conclusion it is never going to become easy for me.

Jesus:  You are right child, but even in the pain and suffering of this knowledge, you can still experience peace.  There can be peace with pain and suffering of all sorts if one knows they have a divine purpose to fulfill.  Even those of My children who suffer severe pain through disease, poor health, loss of a loved one, or any of the pains of life that befall them, can find peace as long as they accept the suffering for My greater honor and glory.  So you, in pain, suffering, and sharing, gain graces for those who are to hear of the mighty deeds I have done in your life.

For many, you bring hope, little one, for some, you bring salvation of their souls, and for others, you bring peace with the suffering and trials of their own lives.  You do not realize the significance of your suffering, but it is extremely important to Me that you have accepted your cross, so that others too, can be at peace with their cross, which they suffer in their life.  You bring healings of all sorts to My children just in your witnessing and prayer.  For many, it is just a great faith boost.  So many of My children have strayed from the teachings of their childhood.  These teachings brought them a faith and trust in God, that over the years has waned.  Now I am sending out new disciples to enkindle in My children the love and faith that is needed to get through the difficult times ahead.  For some, it is just a rebuilding of that love, for others, it is a new love and trust in Me.  When they hear all you have experienced through your love and trust in Me, it gives them hope and peace, for which there is great need.  Be not afraid.  That which you experience is not without the rewards of eternal life for you and others.

Ruth Ann:  I know that what You are saying is true, Lord, and I will be fine tomorrow.  Not only fine, but I'll be on a high.  Then comes the day after that, and I'm usually at an all-time low.

Jesus:  Little one, I have told you there will be peaks and valleys.  Did I not experience these same feelings?  Did not all those who have followed in My footsteps experience the peaks and valleys?  That is true of all My children.  They experience these feelings in their lives through their jobs, relationships, loss of loved ones, just the daily living brings with it these peaks and valleys.  To accept them, and live them for God, brings graces and blessings.  Anything done for the greater honor and glory of God, brings with it great rewards. 

So continue to persevere, child.  Be that hope and light for My children in darkness.  They are in need of encouragement along their difficult path of life.  They need to hear that I am here with you and them.  I am still working miracles, just as I did two thousand years ago.  Through those of you who have listened and accepted the crosses being sent to you to share, others will be saved.  It is as simple as that, little one. 

Be at peace with this day, and all you are called to do.  Know that many are praying for you to help you on your way to Calvary with this very heavy cross that you carry.  I am with you, and so is My Mother.  Great graces will be given out this day through your sacrifice and pain.  I will touch many hearts through your witnessing and prayer.  Miracles will abound as always, little one.

Now go about your day in peace.  I am with you and so is My abundant love.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I'm glad I listened.  I love You so much, Lord.

Jesus:  I know your heart, child.  I know the struggling with what you do has nothing to do with your lack of love for Me.  The struggle comes from your humanness, little one.  You are afraid of making a fool of yourself.  You are embarrassed for emptying your heart and soul in front of others.  If you are too embarrassed, or make a fool of yourself, what better reason to do it than for Me.

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord, as always.
Message of Sept. 28, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, there is so much I write that I don't really understand.

Jesus:  It is not necessary that you understand.  It is only important that you listen and write what is being said to you.  God has a plan.  As He chooses, all will fall into place.  It is up to those chosen to listen, to be vigilant, and obedient.  You are needed to be of help to all those who are seeking the hope and strength they have lost.  Many are struggling in this time of darkness, and are reaching out for something, or someone, to hold onto.  In some cases, all faith and hope is gone.  It is up to those of you who have experienced the goodness of God's mercy, to share this hope and light in this time of darkness.  You need not understand what is being said to you at this time.  You need only share, and be obedient to the will of God.

My children are losing hope.  The world they know is crumbling around them.  You must help them stay focused on God, and let them know He does care.  If He can work in your life, then He can work in the lives of others.  As a disciple of Jesus, you have a great responsibility in sharing the word of God.  The words My Mother has been sharing with Her children are all words that come from the Word of God.  The words I have spoken to My children in the New Testament, are all being repeated in the words and messages sent to the earth at this time. 

My Mother realizes few read the Bible, so She is speaking in words that are simple and easily understood, to those chosen to listen and share.  The messages are simple and basic.  They are Truth, and bring love and peace.  Turn back to God, turn away from the world.  God loves you.  Pray, dear children, return to the faith you had as a child.  Trust, and follow the Ten Commandments, God's laws for you.  Love God and your neighbor as you love yourself. 

If My children would only listen and turn back to God, much pain and suffering could be avoided.  But as stubborn children who do not wish to listen, they must learn the hard way.  My Mother was sent here in order to help you avoid the disasters that are about to befall you.  She has called Her children to prayer and fasting.  She has asked that they do penance.  Many choose to ignore these messages because they do not believe what is being said, and others do not wish to inconvenience themselves in this way.  Better now than later.  Later the sacrifices will not be through choice.  The sacrifices you will make will become a part of your life, because you have not listened to the words being spoken to you.  You will wish you had listened and done as My Mother has asked of you, when you still had choices to make.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, this all sounds too serious to me.  Where are the encouraging words?

Jesus:  The encouraging words are these little one, listen, and stay focused on what is being said to you by My Mother.  She is trying to get the attention of God's children, while there is still time to bring about the conversion so necessary for so many.  You need only be obedient and share what is being said.  God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will tend to the rest.  My children have need of strength and faith.  They need encouragement in their journey of faith.  Minister to My children.  They are in need.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, you've chosen the lowest of the low.  You should have chosen someone stronger.

Jesus:  It is through your weakness that you will be made strong.  Faith, trust, and a willingness to follow God's will are all that is necessary to be a true servant of God.  You have these qualities.  Need I say more?

Ruth Ann:  No Lord, just give me the strength to do whatever you ask of me.

Jesus:  I do not ask any of My children to do more than they are capable.  The graces and strength will always be there for you.  You need only be obedient.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of October 26, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for the words of comfort in this week's prayer group message.

Our Lady:  Child, so many of My children are heavily burdened.  Many have heavy crosses to bear.  I only wish for them to know that they are not alone.  God is watching over all His children, no matter how difficult the cross.  He will provide the graces, strength, and courage to continue on.  Many times My children lose hope.  This need not be the case.  Have faith, little children.  Trust in God.  Know He does not send you more than He knows you can carry. 

Little one, you have referred to the 'peaks and valleys' in your life.  You have even referred to your life as being like a roller-coaster ride.  These are good comparisons.  It is through faith and trust that the peaks and valleys can become less dramatic, and so can the ride on the roller-coaster.  God is always there for you, and so is His love and mercy.  I too, am here for you.  Let God work in your life, and know He is in control of all things.  Remember, He can use even the bad in your life for your good, and the good of others.  If you keep that in mind, and place your hurts, concerns, and disappointments before Him, He will help you.  Sometimes there must be pain in your life, to bring about growth and change.

Realize that God is concerned with your soul and the souls of all His children.  God loves you.  He wishes good things for you, but He does not want you to become so attached to those things of the earth that it would prevent you from growing in your spiritual life.  He has said those things that would keep you from achieving eternal salvation must be put aside, in some cases removed from your life, in order for you to find the strength and courage to follow His will and not your own. 

Children, be at peace with God's plan for you.  Follow in the footsteps of My Jesus, and you too, will be able to be resurrected in His love and glory.  I love you, and as your Mother, I want only those things for you that will bring you the gift of eternal life.  Pray, dear children, to stand steadfast in your faith, no matter how heavy your cross.  I am praying with you, for all those things you voice and hold in your heart.  God is listening to each one of you, and your needs.  Know that each prayer will be answered.  Be at peace with these burdens you carry.  Know God's love provides strength and courage to those willing to do His will.  My mantle surrounds you, as does My love.  You must pray!


Message of October 27, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, there are so many questions I wish You would answer.  I know better than to ask.  You would only tell me the following, 'those things I would have you know will be revealed to you when it is time'.

Jesus:  You are right, little one.  Those things I would have you know are being revealed to you as there is a need.  Otherwise, you must continue to walk your journey with faith and trust in your God, that He will tend to all your needs.