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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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November 2011
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of January 31, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, there is so much on my mind.  Would You please speak and clarify some things?

Jesus:  Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann:  It seems everything is happening so fast, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, you must realize that God has a plan, and when the time is right all things will fall into place.  There is so much that is to happen before the big picture is revealed to you that it is time for these things to take place.  My little one, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I begin to have doubts.  A statue in our backyard, a life-size statue?  At the time it seemed such a blessing.

Jesus:  Little one, it is.  Remember, this is for all who come here.  My Mother has been instrumental in bringing you and all these children who come here for special graces and prayer, and She must be acknowledged.  It is as your talk was titled, 'To Jesus through Mary'.  That, little one, was not of your doing, and neither is the statue, the prayer group, or all of the people whose life you touch.  It is My doing.  It is the doing of My Mother.  She is being allowed to call Her children together as a mother hen would do to all her baby chicks in danger.  She is calling them and putting them under Her wings.  In that situation, however, it is Her protective mantle.  Those who listen are special.  Those who continue to ignore Her will be called until it is too late.  Little one, you are being used by God.  This is truly a blessing.  Yes, in this day and age it is a mixed blessing.  Those who have answered the call will understand the statue, the prayer group, and all that goes with it, but those who continue to let the call fall on deaf ears will feel it is not of Me or My Mother.  Little one, this is part of the cross.  You have said 'yes', little one.  Those who say 'yes' have much to suffer here on earth, but you will continue to be reinforced by many graces and miracles for you and your family, so you will always know this is of Me, your Jesus.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Jesus.

Jesus:  Do you not know that My Mother and I know this is difficult for you and your family?  Little one, We have suffered much for all of Our children.  You are not being asked to do something We have not done so Ourselves.  You have begun the suffering, and you will not be left without the love and graces due this trial.  Continue to trust, little one, it will all be done for you.  All you need do is say 'yes', trust, and believe.  My Mother has told you, it is time.  You did not understand these words.  Now you do, do you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I thought She meant it was time to quit work, since I was in the hospital when I was told this.

Jesus:  This too, is about to happen, little one.  I cannot work through you if you are busy with the things of the world.  I must have access to you when there is a need.  If you continue to be busy with things of the world, you will not have time for Me.  I must use you to call others to My heavenly kingdom, which brings us to the point of what we are discussing.  Your reward will be great in Heaven, but there is much to suffer before the reward.  Graces will be abundant child, so you will be adequately attended to.  I will be here for you, as will My Mother, so be not afraid.  You and your family will be provided for on the earth.

Ruth Ann:  I know that in my heart, Lord.  I guess I just needed to hear You say it all again.  I need the reassurance that can only come from You.

Jesus:  Little one, don't you think I know that?  I am your Jesus. I know your heart.  Now it is time for you to go about your day.  My blessings to you and your children.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You Jesus, for being here for me.

Jesus:  I am always here for you and all My children.


Message of March 19, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus
St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy

Ruth Ann:  Dear Jesus, this is all so ominous.  You have said You would reveal something special to me today in St. Peter's Basilica.  What is it You have to say?

Jesus:  Little one, this is true.  You have been given sufficient graces to receive what it is I am about to tell you.

Ruth Ann:  And what is that, Lord?

Jesus:  Child, you know you are being prepared for a special mission, a mission that is not just ordinary.  God has been preparing you for years, since your birth.  You have been given special crosses to bear throughout your childhood, and little one, these have been tests of your faith.  God needs a faithful servant who will give his life for the souls of others.  Little one, you have been chosen to do this special task.  You have been, and are being given special graces for this special and enormous task.

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, are You sure this is You?  How can I be sure of this message?

Jesus:  Child, it is your Jesus, and you can be sure.  I Am Who Am.  I am Son of the Living God.  I followed the will of My Father unto the cross, and now, little one, you are to do the same.  Be not afraid.  Each step you take will be with the help of your Jesus.  I will not leave you to suffer this burden alone.  Your heavenly Mother and I and all the angels and saints will be at your disposal.  Have you not spoken to some of the other Heavenlies?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, but You know that I feel like I must be insane to be speaking to others besides You and My Mother in Heaven.

Jesus:  The evil one would have you think this, but you are not, and you really do not believe such as that.  You know you are specially blessed, because of all the many miracles that continue to come your way.  Granted, some are small, but daily little miracles to reinforce your faith and trust in Me.

I love you, little one, you are very special to Me.  You are to be responsible for so many souls being brought to Me.  You cannot understand the meaning of this statement, just as you will not understand the giving of your life so that others might live.  It will all be made clear to you, dear child.  All things will be revealed to those who are in need of hearing, as God's plan continues to unfold for you.  I know you are thinking of your children as you hear what I am saying to you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus:  Be not afraid and do not cry, little one.  They too, will be given special miracles and graces to deal with what is before them.  Family is very special to Me, child, I wish to keep all of you close and with great love for one another.  You love your children very much.  It is nothing in comparison to My love for My children, but God knows your concern.  Your entire little family is special and blessed.  You have felt it, now you have heard it from the lips of your Jesus.  You, and your husband, and your children, and your grandchildren, are special.  Just as those chosen to be helpmates to your children are special.  All of you have your faults, but those faults will be slowly, but surely, made smooth as a polished work of art.

Know, dear child, in your heart, that all I am telling you this day is of Me, your Jesus.  Special graces are being poured out on you and your family.  A special peace emanates just from being in your presence, and that is because I am with you wherever you go.  This is there through no fault of yours, little one.  It is all through the will of God.  Many have already spoken to you of this peace.  Child, it is there.  It has been given to you to draw others to Me. 

I know you have already suffered much, little one, but be brave.  There is much more to come.  The end will justify the means, little child of God.  You have heard that spoken before, but as a pagan statement.  I am speaking to you in terms of a spiritual nature.  That which you will suffer for having allowed Me to have your life, that which you have given to Me, is going to bring many riches to you and others. Eternal salvation, child, is at your fingertips.  It is your gift from your Father in Heaven.  It is a reward for all you will do in the days to come.  You feel over-whelmed, I know this to be true, but you are at peace with this revelation, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus:  The rewards are great for you, and all those who come to Me through your help.  This is a great task you have ahead of you, little one, but you are not beyond this task.  It is not beyond you.  It is something that you are going to be able to do, and you will do a beautiful job at it.  This is due to special graces allowed by God to come to you in each of your hours of need.  The task before you is one that requires great faith.  You have that faith.  Be not afraid.  My Mother is here for you, as are all the angels and saints.  I am at your side continuously.

Ruth Ann:  I feel exhausted.

Jesus:  Child, it is not a physical exhaustion.  You feel drained of that which is not of Me.  You have had a cleansing, so the Holy Spirit could work in your heart and soul. 

Now, before you are free to go about the rest of the day, are there any questions you would like answered?

Ruth Ann:  You know there aren't, Lord.  I am here to do Your will, no matter what.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, I know your heart.  I also know you are finding it difficult to wait and let God do it all for you.  Be patient child, God's plan will fall into place.  It is important that each piece of the puzzle be placed at just the right time, so the full and beautiful picture unfolds at just the right time.

I love you so much, little one.  I too, am anxious to see you, not because I cannot see you now, but I wish to see the joy that My coming to you will bring.  Rejoice, little one, great gifts are in store for you.  You are truly blessed among women.  As the plan of My Father unfolds, you will realize just how blessed you are. 

Now, you may go in My peace.  Special blessings and graces are being poured out upon you and your very special family.  When I say 'you', your husband and you are one.  He is included.  He is your helpmate chosen by God, just as Joseph was chosen to be a helpmate to My Mother.  I am telling you this for a reason.  I know your husband in reading this will say, "I don't know where I fit in all this."  Now, he knows for sure his position on the earth.  That does not mean you are weak and he is strong, but on the earth you must have protection from those who would do you harm.  You are child-like and vulnerable. Your husband has been given much wisdom, and is more worldly and aware of the dangers of this world.  You, little one, are very trusting. You could be hurt easily by those who would wish to do so.  Your husband is to help you while you are here on the earth.  It is with My blessing that he do so.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Jesus, for these very special words.  I will treasure them, as will my husband.  I love You deeply.  Help me to live up to Your holy will for me.

Jesus:  As I have said before, little one, the graces are being poured out upon you and your very dear family.  Go in My peace to love and serve Me.  I am with you.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Jesus.


Message of June 28, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, where did all the time go?  It is time for another talk.

Jesus:  And you are concerned, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, You know that I am.  I didn't sleep well because I was worrying about it last night.  I try to put it out of my mind, but with little success.

Jesus:  Do you know why that is? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes, I feel that I do, but it still keeps happening over and over.  Each talk is just as difficult as the first.  I actually feel physically ill and experience a lot of anguish.

Jesus:  Little one, I know this is a difficult thing for you.  You have referred to it as a lamb being led to slaughter.  In a sense, it is.  You are dying of self each time you share so much of yourself with others.  You are sharing in what I have done before you.  Those who give so much of themselves to others for My sake are special, and are participating in the salvation of mankind.  Each time you bare your soul for others to see the work of God in your life, others are touched, little one.  Many are brought closer and closer to Me and to My Mother through your great sacrifice of dying of self.  Not many are willing to give up life, career, home, time, and anything else I ask of you.

At the present time you do not know the full extent of what will be expected of you.  Even so, God knows you will be accepting, just as you are now.  Of course, it causes you much grief.  But that is because the evil one works on you continuously.  He will not let you be, because he knows the extent of the blessings given by Me to those who listen to what you have to say.  It is important that you know this, little one, you are only to share what I have done in your life to let My children know that I am alive, and want them to come to Me in prayer and contrition, so I can do great things in their lives.  I wish to give them miracles, but they must ask for them.

Ruth Ann:  I am having a difficult time even concentrating on what You are saying to me, Lord.  I am really distracted.

Jesus:  Offer it up in prayer little one, and it will be made easier for you.

Ruth Ann:  This I will do, Lord.  (At this time Ruth Ann reports that she prayed and offered up her distractions.)

Jesus:  I know you have much to do in order to get ready for your talk, but I want to speak with you about something that is very dear to My heart.  That is the love that My Mother has for all of God's children.  She has been here for you and all those whose lives you touch.  She is extremely important as an intercessor in the plan of salvation of man.  She is the perfect flower created by God to bring forth His only Son.  She is perfect, because She was created so by God.  Little one, She has led you to Me.  She will lead others to Me.  Be sure and share this to all those who come to you for prayer and words of encouragement.  And that is what these talks are all about little one, they are words of encouragement for My children.  So many are not listening in their time of prayer.  They pray, but they are not waiting to hear what I have to say.  I wish to answer them.  I wish also to speak to them through signs and wonders, or as you call them, little miracles.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, so many do not recognize a miracle when they receive it.  They think it is a coincidence or just plain luck.

Jesus:  It is neither, child.  It is as you say.  It is a miracle given to My children to build and encourage their faith so they can go out and share what God is doing in their life.  Too many take My miracles and then do not share.  I thank you for sharing the many miracles I have given to you in your journey of faith, little one.  There will be many more, and they will continue to help you to grow and extend yourself even more to others.  Do you see how God works to help all of His children grow?  It is through those who are willing to give up their life for the sake of others that God can do His work here on the earth. 

You feel overwhelmed by these talks, and even the prayer life you are participating in on the farm.  It is a great sacrifice for you because you are a private person.  You are shy, as some would call it.  I call it humble, little one.  You are perfect for the work I require of you.  It is a great sacrifice.  If it were not, it would have little effect on all those who come to hear you and pray with you.  All those who know you and your family know, I could not have picked another more perfect for this job of sharing My words.  You are not perfect, and so you know all I do through you is from God, just as others know the same.

You are continually impressed by all I am doing, and all My Mother does.  As a result, much more will be given to you.  The miracles on your farm will continue little one, through the faith and love of all who come there.  Signs and wonders will continue to be given to My children.  Know this, little one, faith begets miracles.  The miracles are being poured out at this time as graces from Heaven.  My Mother is instrumental in getting these things accomplished.  She realizes how important it is for the children to be encouraged in many ways.  So the miracles will continue, little one, on this farm that has been blessed by the presence of My Mother.  This is only the beginning of these blessings, little one.  It is not the end.  Know that much more is in store for all those who come for prayer.

Times are difficult and much prayer is needed for the conversion of all God's children.  Continue to be obedient and do all God asks of you.  Many souls are being saved and brought ever closer to My Mother and to Me as a result of your sharing in God's plan.  I love you, and bless you, little one.  Go forth to spread the word of God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Thank You for giving me the strength to get through this again.

Jesus:  Go and speak My words and pray with My children.  I will do the hard part.  I will grant many miracles this night.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I will share what You have said.

Jesus:  Let it be so.


Message of May 4, 1994, 
from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You and Your Mother have seen me through another talk.  Continue to be with me.  I have another talk coming up this weekend.  Again, on the following weekend there will be another talk.  Please give me the graces to sustain me in these hours of need.

Jesus:  The graces are there for you, little one.  The task that has been put before you is great, but the rewards are even greater.  God has great plans for you, and He will not see those plans abandoned.  The evil one will attempt all measures of torture and torment in order to discourage you, but you continue on, no matter what.  Your 'yes' has meant 'yes', child, no matter how difficult the task that you must undertake.  Just know, little one, that hearts are being touched and conversions are taking place.  Otherwise the evil one would not try so hard to discourage you.

Ruth Ann:  I know that, Lord, but at the time, it is difficult to put all in perspective and keep my calm and God's peace.  Even with so many praying for me, the ordeal becomes overwhelming.  I will continue to be obedient to Your will.  Please continue to be patient with me, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, that is an easy request.  You do not ask to be relieved of these trials and sufferings.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I figure if You want me to be relieved, You will do so.  In the meantime, I offer all the mental anguish for those most in need of Your mercy, and the poor souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them.  How else can I make sacrifices?  I've given You almost everything else.

Jesus:  Little one, the great love you have for My children and for Me touches My heart deeply.  Your life will not become easier, but you continue to carve out time for Me and time for prayer, for those who need prayer.  You are carrying a heavy cross, little one, and it will become even heavier, and still you are not deterred from the will of God.  If only all of My children had this faith and trust that you continue to exemplify.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, please, I'm not perfect.  I struggle, and am continually asking others to pray for me, just as You have told me to do.  Otherwise I can't imagine how I would survive sometimes.  If I struggle with lots of prayer, how in the world would I make it without others praying for me?  That's a scary thought.

Jesus:  You will always have those who are willing to support you in prayer.  Just as I have sent others to support your farm in monetary ways so it can grow and flourish, so too, will I continue to see that there are those who will support you in prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Help us get through the third weekend, Lord.

Jesus:  My love and support are with all those who will be helping with this special weekend dedicated to the Mother of God.  She, too, will see that all goes well.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of October 3, 1994,  from Our Lady

Our Lady:  Child, why are you so sad?

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You know why.  Why are You bothering to ask?

Our Lady:  Child, you are in need of encouraging words.  You are overwhelmed, and you feel God is expecting too much of you.

Ruth Ann:  I am sorry, Mother, that sounds pretty selfish and self-centered, hearing it come from You.

Our Lady:  Child, I understand your feeling of unworthiness.  I also understand your feelings of fear and doubt, your feelings of being overwhelmed are understandable also.  But you must remember, God is in need of those who are willing to give up everything for Him.  He is in need of those willing to make great sacrifices in order that His children be tended to, in the way that is His desire.  You have been tested and have been proven worthy.  You have been strong in your faith and trust in God.  In doing so, you have shown a strength and persever-ance needed to be of help to those who are lacking those qualities. 

This place has been chosen as a place of peace and prayer.  You and your husband have been placed here through a series of events only maneuverable by God Himself.  The forces of evil have tried to drive you from this place, but you have stood firm.  After you had consecrated this land to Me and My Son, all things began to fall into place.  Am I not right?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, that is correct.

Our Lady:  Then all these things and events began to happen.  All things were, and did fall into place.  As your hearts were opened to share this land with others, then God was able to begin to unfold His plan for you, and this haven of peace and prayer.  Do not be overwhelmed.  All things have been tended to by God, and will continue to be watched over and orchestrated by Him.  He will send those people into your lives that are needed, to see that all things fall into place.  The chapel, the retreat center, all of these things will be tended to by those capable of doing all that is required.  You do not have to do anything.  You, your husband, and family, have made a great sacrifice for the good of others.  This will not go unrewarded.

Through your sacrifices and trust in God, others too, are being drawn to make sacrifices in a world where few of My children even know what a sacrifice is.  This is beautiful to behold, child.  It is by the example of those willing to make such great sacrifices, that others hearts are being touched.  You are seeing the good fruits of your labor in those who are willing to share with you, how their lives have been changed through your willingness to give of self in a selfish world.  When I speak of 'you', I mean you, your spouse, and your family.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for including my husband.

Our Lady:  He is not only your caretaker, but he has become a caretaker of this special place.  Tell him I will continue to make all things as easy as possible for him.  It is My desire this place be all that God wishes it to be.  It shall be so.  My Son is going to come to this special place.  You know this in your heart.  It too, is being prepared just as you are being prepared, child.  You are not to worry.  All things will be done for you.  You are to be patient, and do all those things that have been asked of you.  Do not be concerned or overwhelmed by anything that God would have you do.  Sufficient graces are being sent to you to help you with all things.  You wish to know more than God would have you know.  This is only normal and natural, but God wishes you to be able to travel your journey of faith, trusting in Him to tend to all things.

Ruth Ann:  Do You realize how absurd this all appears to me some days?

Our Lady:  In doing for God and His children, you have been helping Me draw souls to My Son.  The special gifts given to you are little in comparison to what you have done, and will do, on behalf of your God and His children.  But know, too, the rewards in the life hereafter will be unimaginable.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, thank You for taking the time to encourage me.  I feel much better.  I have a lot to do this week in order to get ready for our next grandchild.  Please tend to our daughter throughout the birthing process.  As a mother, I am wishing I could do it all for her.  I hate to see her suffer this great pain.

Our Lady:  The reward is to be a beautiful, healthy child, though.  Keep that in your mind and heart.  I will be there with her.  You have been told the child is to find favor with God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Again, I do not understand, but it sounds beautiful.  Thank You, and thank God.  Now I must get on with my day.  Thank You, Mother, for encouraging me.

Our Lady:  Child, I am always here for you.  Be not afraid.  Have faith and trust in God.  Live each day in His love.  Be at peace, little one, as you tend to those in need.  Know I am here with you.  I will not leave you orphaned.  I am your Heavenly Mother.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You again for being here for me, Mother.


Message of Dec. 13, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, are You there?

Our Lady:  Child, of course I am here.

Ruth Ann:  Help me to be more like You.  Right now I am not doing so well.  God wishes me to have the same love and trust as You had, and I'm not doing a very good job at the moment. 

I am struggling with all that is happening concerning the removal of my priest, friend, and spiritual director, for me and the farm.

Our Lady:  Child, you have said 'yes' to God.  He has not promised you 'easy', or 'pain-free'.  I too, have suffered much, before you, through My 'fiat'.  Those who give up their will to do the will of God, do not do it for themselves, but for others.  Think of all the many people who have come to you for prayer, and you have asked for these prayers to be answered.  You have offered to suffer for those people in order that they be freed from their burdens.  It is called 'making sacrifices'.  Dying, so that others might live.  Granted, the dying is not the death of your physical body, it is only symbolic.  The dying of self, and all that ties one to the earth, is even more painful.  You must remain here, while your soul and heart yearn to be with Me and My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, please be with me, and help me through this.

Our Lady:  I am here, little child.  You must trust in God, and know that all things will work for His greater honor and glory.  Be not afraid.  I am with you, as is the love and support of your Rock, My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for sharing this time with me, Mother.  I love You, and wish You to help me be what God wants me to be.

Our Lady:  I will do so.  Trust, child, trust.


Message of Dec. 29, 1993,
from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children, 

God in His love and mercy has granted to you the gift of eternal salvation.  Now, dear children, it is time for you to realize the importance of this gift.  I am here to help you understand My Son, in doing the Father's will, lived and died for you.  His life and death were not easy.  He suffered much.  His was an example of perfect love and obedience to the will of God.  God loves you.  He has sent Me among you in order to let you see and know just how great His love is.  Listen to His words in My messages.  Follow the example of My Son.  Die of self and all those things of the world that keep you from doing the will of God.  Pray with love, and listen dear children, to this God Who loves you.  Be open to the graces being given to you in great abundance.  I am here to intercede for you in any way I can.  Do not hesitate to call on your Mother, who wishes only good things for you.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus, to love and serve God.