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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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October 2004
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of February 13, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, would you repeat what You told me earlier this morning when I asked You why do I have to do these things, why not someone else to give these talks? I am not even a good person.

Jesus: Yes, little one, I will repeat what I have said. I need you, little one, I need someone such as you to give witness to My other children who have no clue as to what I can do in their lives. You have seen, and heard, and been witness to My many miracles. Unless one has experience firsthand the works of God, it is difficult to give testimony. You have seen and felt the power of God in your life and in the lives of others.

Ruth Ann: But why must I witness to children? They have religion teachers.

Jesus: You too, had a religion teacher, but would you not like to have heard someone tell you that God is a God of love and mercy? Would it not have made your life more simple if someone had said to you, God knows you are a sinner, but He still loves you? Tell Him how much you love Him for all He has done for you, tell Him you are sorry for your sins and you will try to do better. All will be forgotten and washed away. The gift of confession is a special gift to His Catholic children. The priest is Me. He has the power to wash you white as snow, as clean as a newborn baby. What a gift from God!

The Eucharist too, is a special gift and miracle made available to all My children, daily, on this earth. Children, I am alive and walking among you. Do not despair of the darkness on the earth. I have sent you children who are of light, children who will bear witness to the works I am doing in all the lives of My children who have the faith and believe. See what I am doing, little one? I am sending you out, just as I have sent Peter, James, and John, and all the other apostles. You are one of them, little one. You are a chosen one of God. See why you must go? I can send no one else.

Ruth Ann: But Lord, if I would refuse, You would come up with someone else. You are God. I am not that important.

Jesus: Little one, this is true. I am God and can do all things, but you must remember, God has a divine plan. For it to unfold, all things must fall into place. It is time for more of the puzzle to become known to you. That means, little one, that certain other lives must be touched so that more of what is to happen can fall into place, just as placing the right piece of a puzzle in just the right place is vital for the whole picture to be clear. You have heard over and over, from Me, My Mother, and the Holy Spirit, 'It is time.' You did not know what that meant. Now, you will begin to realize as all things begin to move more quickly.

Ruth Ann: Jesus, I feel You over-estimate me. I am a lowly sinner.

Jesus: Little one, all My children are lowly sinners. If you were all holy, there would be no need of Me, your Jesus. There would have been no need of My death on the cross. Remember, I have died for your sins, not others' sins. I have died for your sins. I have known all your weaknesses, and have known you would succumb to the temptations of the evil one. I knew this of all My children. You have been forgiven for all your sins, even those you have not committed this day, but will do so before the day has past. I am the God of yesterday, today, and forever. I Am Who Am. These are words you do not under-stand, little one, but you will.

It is your faith, little one, your faith. It far outshines the brightest star in the universe. Your humility is a beautiful gift placed before the Throne of God, and the more you feel unworthy, the more God wishes to use you. The more you feel the need to hide, the more God wishes to place you before all His children to shout, "See God's children, see what I am doing for the very least among you? If I will do it for her, the very least, then I will do it for you." Do you see what I am doing in your life? Do you see the magnitude of the task before you?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, it humbles me that You would use me in this way.

Jesus: Little one, you will be traveling to places you have never seen before, talking before people you have never dreamed of witnessing to, and praying over the most helpless and needy of all My children. The magnitude of what you will be doing has not yet occurred to you, but it has to many around you. You are an apostle of the new times, and the end of the old. You are to bring good news to My children. Your grandmother had spoken of wanting to witness to God's children, and you were concerned about the fact that it would have embarrassed you. You will reach a point in your life, little one, when you will live to witness to My good works. The more pain and suffering you see in the world, the more you will want to help Me with My work here on earth. You are My body here on the earth. You are My eyes, ears, hands, feet, and most of all, My love and peace. As you touch and bless others in My name, I will be there with you. It will be as though I have touched them because you are being used by Me. You will perform many, many miracles of the flesh. But the most beautiful, little one, will be the healings of the spirit.

I wish to thank you for being obedient and listening even though you do not understand always what is being said to you. Continue to be obedient. This is a special gift, your locutions. It will be a mixed blessing to you and your family, because those on the earth do not understand. I am with you, and so is My Mother, and now you have someone else to help. She has said to you, "We will help each other." She will pray with and for you, and you can tend to her needs here on the earth. You had no idea how prophetic her words were.

Now I know you must be on your way. Go to love and serve your God. Do not force your prayer, but do you not feel like you would like to spend some time reading My word?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, thank You for this hunger. I love You.

Jesus: I love you and give you My best blessing and peace.

Ruth Ann: I feel it Lord, already.

Message of September 1, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Again I am calling you to pray. Do not be consumed with all the evil in the world. Thank God for the grace for allowing you to know that you are living in a time of darkness. In knowing this, you realize the need for prayer. God in His tender mercy has removed the scales from your eyes, so you may walk in the light. Now, through your prayers for others, they too, will be pulled away from darkness. The love your Father has for you cannot be measured in human terms. He continues to do everything in His power to call His children back to the right path. I am here to assist you, dear children. Listen to what I am saying to you through all My messages. Time is running out. Pray, fast, do penance. Rely on the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. The graces to be had through these will be a godsend to you for what lies ahead. Know God loves you and I love you. Pray, dear children, pray. I give you My Motherly blessing. Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus Christ.

Message of October 6, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother Mary.

Our Lady: Yes child, I am here to speak with you.

Ruth Ann: I am sorry I took so long, but I've had so many phone calls. I wanted to speak with You before things got so busy.

Our Lady: Child, we will have time to talk without interruption.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother.

Our Lady: You were pleased to attend the Marian Conference.

Ruth Ann: Yes Mother, I was. It was something that I certainly needed for my spirit, and apparently my body, too. I'm feeling much better, after having been sick and cranky for a couple of weeks.

Our Lady: I am pleased you enjoyed your weekend. You had a concern about the conference.

Ruth Ann: Yes Mother, I did, the lack of confessors. There were thousands of people there for the conference, and only two priests hearing confession. You keep telling us in Your messages, and so does Your Son, how important it is to confess our sins; and yet, confession is not being made available as it should be, or at least this is how I feel.

Our Lady: Yes child, this saddens My heart. It is through the desire and prayers of My children that these things will be corrected. My children must let their priests know how important confession is to the peace of mind. There must be time set aside monthly for My children. I would prefer it more frequently. One must have the Sacrament of Reconciliation so they can receive My Son in Holy Communion free from sin.

My children have gotten so far away from the faith they had as children; this very special time when you knew Jesus was in the Eucharist, you knew the priest took the place of Jesus in the confessional, you knew that the consecration of the Eucharist was the re-enactment of the death of My Son, Jesus. What has happened to all of My children? Where is their faith?

Much prayer is needed, children. Pray for My priests to help them realize that they have one of the greatest gifts that God can bestow on a human being, the gift of the priesthood. They continue to wish to be worldly, and that is not what God wishes for them to be. God wishes for them to minister to His people, just as My Son has asked you to do.

Ruth Ann: Our Lady, if I had had the gift of absolving sins, I would have given up the conference to hear confessions. So many people were being touched by the messages, and then there was no place to go to receive forgiveness.

Our Lady: Child, I know your concern. I too, have the same concern. Why do you think I continually call on all of My children for prayer? There are special graces to be had in both the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Both are necessary, the two go together. There are many graces needed during these times when the evil one is so strong. These graces are available through the Sacraments. My children should attend Mass and Communion as often as possible, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation too, must be received on a regular basis. If they are not available to you, you must ask for them.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother Mary.

Our Lady: Child, there are many things that you are discovering about the condition of the world. Much more will be revealed to you as time goes on. It will help you to realize the importance of what you are doing. It will help you to be aware of how important it is, having a special place to gather, blessed by Me and My Son, a place where all can pray for the needs of the world corrupted by sin. A place of peace and prayer to receive the graces and blessings of miracles that God has to offer in abundance is greatly needed at this time.

Thank you for having responded to My call to house the Medjugorje Prayer Group on your farm. Had you not accepted My call, it, this place of peace and prayer, would not be available for My children. There would be no refuge for My children to come to, to remove themselves from the world and place themselves in the presence of Me and My Son. Here they can find peace and love they could not find in other places. Here they can find a little piece of Heaven. We are grateful you have listened, little child.

Ruth Ann: There is much work to be done here, Our Lady.

Our Lady: But much has been done already. It will all be done, child. All will fall into place. You have listened and shared My messages with those who can do the things that need to be done.

Ruth Ann: We have a weekend of prayer coming up, the third weekend of this month. Please be here, Mother, to pray with us.

Our Lady: Child, it is a weekend given in My honor. How can I not be here? I will be here, as will be many of the angels and saints in Heaven as well. Feel blessed child, because this will be a very special weekend. Those who come will feel My presence. Many will come. Child, I am your Mother, but I am also the Mother of all the children on the earth. I wish to draw all My children to My Son. If it takes miracles to do this, then the miracles shall be done.

Ruth Ann: I thank You, Mother, for the miracles, because I know how much they are needed, and how much each miracle strengthens and renews my faith and trust in God. I must go now.

Our Lady: Go in the peace of Jesus Christ, child. Know that My love is with you at all times. My mantle surrounds you, as do many angels.

Message of Dec. 16, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: When My Mother came to you with the daily messages for the world, she began by saying, "Return to the faith you had as a small child when you trusted in My Son and I completely." There was much meaning in those words hidden from those who did not understand. Those simple words spoken to you by My Mother have a much deeper meaning than just what they say. Those who are learned in the ways of God, and the teachings of the Church, will understand what My Mother is trying to say over and over through your lack of theology. My priests who have read, and will read, your books and messages have understood the true meaning of what My Mother is saying through you, and those such as you.

Continue to be an instrument through which We may speak to those who are listening. Many will return to their beloved Church and to Me. My Mother will begin to receive the love that was denied Her by those who minimize Her position in the plan of Redemption. You have spoken of your love for Me and My Mother and the gift of the Sacraments. Others, through you, will realize that they, too, will find peace through the confessing of their sins. The cleansing of the souls of My children are in great need.

Many are ignoring Confession, and still receiving My Body and Blood with grievous sins on their souls. They do not understand that in doing so, they are even further being disrespectful to Me. Many do not understand or believe that I am truly present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist. They don't realize they must prepare for My coming to them in Holy Communion, just as they would prepare for a special guest coming into their home. They would clean and tidy up their houses to receive their special guest. So, too, My children should tidy up their souls to receive Me, the most special of guests.

I am not just a casual acquaintance that can be treated in 'any old way'. I am the One Who has given you the gift of eternal life. My children have wandered far from the values put before them in the years past. But through those who are listening and being obedient to the Pope, they will be reminded. Many will realize that man, in wanting changes, has gone too far. Many will begin to realize much that was discarded as 'not important' needs to be returned. Those not listening will continue down the wrong path to destruction.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know. I continue to have these things placed upon my heart, the importance of the Eucharist and of Confession.

Jesus: These are extremely important for the graces needed during these times. Man is about to experience even more upheaval, and he must be prepared for what is to come. These two Sacraments are needed desperately by My children, but they must be treated with the respect they deserve. All that you were taught as a young child is true, child. These teachings have not and cannot ever be changed.

Many wanted change, and wanted a church to keep up with the times. 'The times' have nothing to do with the teachings of God and the Church. The truths are just as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago. The truth, God's word, never changes. Man has changed, and therefore wants a license to sin. This cannot be. Pray for the lost sheep, and those that will be led astray by those unwilling to stand firm in their faith.

Ruth Ann: Lord, this is a very strong message.

Jesus: Yes little one, it is, but so are you and those who will receive this message and take it to heart. I have said that much more is to come, little one, and this is true. Listen and receive what I am saying to you.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I love You, and thank You again for the gift of Holy Communion and Confession. They are of great comfort to me, as is my rosary.

Jesus: All are a source of many graces for you and My children, little one. Share what I have spoken to you as well as My love and concern for all of My children.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of Feb. 28, 1994, from Our Lord, Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, is there anything in particular You would like to speak with me about today?

Jesus: Little one, I would like to speak about the importance of the Eucharist.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I think most people realize the importance of the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord and Savior, and how important it really is.

Jesus: Some do not. It is for them that I speak.

Ruth Ann: Then, Lord, I am listening.

Jesus: Many still do not believe that I am there, in the Tabernacle of their churches, and a certain amount of respect and quiet should be shown to Me. Many walk by Me and totally ignore Me. Some turn their backs on Me, and speak with friends, and do not even notice I am there. I wish to thank those who do acknowledge Me and show Me respect by quiet prayer or a quick visit to just say, "Hello, Jesus, I love you." I especially am pleased at those of My children who come to spend time with Me, whether it be to just quietly be with me, or tell Me about their difficult day. I need to be acknowledged by My children. Many things have changed in My churches, but I want My children to know, I am still there for them. I am still there for them in the reception of Holy Communion at daily Mass. Nothing has changed in that respect. It is My people who have changed. The importance of the reception of the Sacraments and the sacramentals, all of these are still a part of your faith as Catholic Christians. These things that are a part of your faith are a part of Me, and a part of you. Do not lose them.

My Mother asked for the rosary to become a part of your daily lives. That, too, was taken away for a time. Now, through My most Holy Mother, it is returning. Through this prayer, and people like you who are listening and sharing these words, Satan will be defeated. Many do not realize the importance of My Mother in the fight and the renewal of My people. She has been allowed by God to come and minister to His children and give out blessings and graces in abundance. She is calling Her children back to God. Many continue to turn a deaf ear to Her and all She is saying, but She will continue to do all She can to bring back the lost sheep, until God says, 'that is enough'.

That is why it is so important for those of you who are listening, to listen carefully, and share what is being said to you. Spreading the word of God is of the utmost importance. All other things will fall into place, once the lives and hearts have been touched by God.

You, little one, have been told many times about the importance of receiving Me in the Eucharist as often as possible. There is a strengthening in the spiritual life of those who make a practice of attending daily Mass. There is a strengthening of those who make a practice of confessing their sins on a regular basis. I do not get the respect I deserve, in many cases. Many receive Me in the Eucharist with grave sins on their souls. The importance of confessing of sins has been downplayed. That is part of the tearing down of My Church. Those who make a practice of receiving the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession, try harder to be the person they should be. My people must return to the Sacraments, and their lives will change. That is a promise I am making, and have made down through the ages. Receive My Body, receive My Blood. Confess your sins. Obey My commandments. Listen to My words, and the words of My Mother, in the messages being given to Her children. She is a good Mother. She wants only what is best for you. She calls to you with this purpose in mind, "Come back to My Son." What better way to do so than through the reception of the Sacraments? What better way to be closer to Me, than to have Me be a part of you, in the Eucharist?

I am with you always, but what better way to be strengthened than to receive My Flesh and Blood, and be a part of the greatest miracle ever performed on the face of the earth, the miracle of the changing of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, at the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass? My children should be in awe of this great miracle, and wish to be present for this great miracle as often as possible. But many are distracted to the point of ignoring what is going on at the Mass. Some come just long enough to receive Me and leave irritated if My servant, the priest, takes too long to speak of My great love and mercy.

It is sad, little one, that My children have strayed so far, but with help from those who really care and love Me with all of their hearts, I will find a way back into some of My children's hearts. As I have said before, My Mother, through Her unceasing effort, continues to draw My children back through these places of peace and prayer being set up all over the world, where Her children can gather for prayer. It matters not, your faith. You are one body, gathering in faith to pray. Remember, that faith begets miracles, and there is strength in numbers who come together in prayer to share My word, and let My children know the importance of gathering for prayer. Most of all the reception of the Sacraments by My children is most important. The faith you had as a child will be your salvation. Return to this faith, little one.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord, and I will share this message.

Jesus: I love you, little one. I know this will be done. I bless you for this.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Jesus: Now, go about your day in peace.

Message of March 22, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, I wish to thank You for a wonderful day of prayer. There were many graces given to Your children yesterday through Your Mother.

Jesus: Yes, little one, and the graces will continue to be poured forth in abundance to all those who choose to accept these graces.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm assuming there were physical, mental, and spiritual healings that took place here yesterday. I don't always hear of these, but I do hear of all the little miracles that take place.

Jesus: These little miracles are to boost the faith of those who receive them. These are blessings sent from Heaven for those having the faith to expect miracles. Some of My children are in need of these little gifts of grace, some are not. Some share with others, so they too, can share in these special gifts from Heaven. But as your priest has said many times, these are not to be the focus of your prayer life. Take them as a special gift and thank God and My Mother for these special gifts. These are meant to draw you ever closer to Me and My Mother. In doing so, you will be strengthened in faith by these gifts of love.

Much prayer is needed in your world corrupted by sin and filled with the stench of the evil one. My Mother continues to call out to all of you to be vigilant and to prepare for what is to come. God's patience has run its course. The events set in motion are in preparation for My Second Coming. The miracles, apparitions, and locutions are all being allowed by God in order to call His children away from darkness. Those who are listening will be blessed in great abundance. Their souls will be made ready and they will fear not for their Lord God will be with them in their hearts, minds, bodies and souls. That is the importance attached to the messages being given to so many of My children. Prepare your hearts and souls, little children, for you know not the day or the hour. 'Pray from the heart' has been said to you over and over. Repent of your sins. Many of these same words were said by John the Baptist to prepare for My First Coming. And now My Mother is trying to prepare My children for My Second Coming.

Ruth Ann: Lord, the world is in a mess, and I know the only way to clean it up is through the One Who created the world. Man has really messed it up.

Jesus: The evil one has taken over your world, little one. He has taken over the minds and hearts of those in high places. He has taken over every aspect of human existence. Prayer and God's mercy are all that can save your world. My Mother's pleas continue, and will continue, until God will no longer allow Her to be of assistance to His children. Time is of the utmost importance. Conversions are needed now. Pray that all God's children recognize the importance of all that is going on around them.

Ruth Ann: Lord, in sharing these messages, they will be made aware.

Jesus: Being made aware is one thing, prayer is another. The opening of the eyes and ears to what is to come, is to draw My children to prayer and repentance. Then My children can be at peace. Give all to Me. I have died on the cross to carry your burdens for you. I have forgiven you your sins. But you must repent. My children are needing a cleansing of the soul.

Confessions are not being heard. My children need to confess their sins. They need to seek out a priest to receive absolution for these sins. The Sacrament of the Eucharist is not being treated with respect. Many are receiving with serious sins on their souls. Much is happening in your world that is displeasing to God. God has had enough, and man will pay the price for all the evil he has brought upon himself by putting God out of his life and letting the evil one into his life.

I am not telling you these things to frighten you. Only to help you realize the importance of your ministry here on the earth. You are right in saying, "God has given me a special anointing to go forth with a new resolve to do His will." This was given to you in the Holy Land for a reason. First of all, to come back and share. Second, because you are being made ready for an even greater cross to carry. You have exchanged one burden for another. You are moving up the road to Calvary, little one. You are being prepared gradually for those things that will be asked of you. This is to come soon, little one.

Ruth Ann: I feel this in my heart, Lord, but I'm not afraid, Lord. I'm really ready for whatever.

Jesus: Yes, little one, I know this to be true. You have come home with joy in your heart at being chosen to do something special for God, no matter what the cost.

Ruth Ann: Lord, it is because of You that I feel this way. It is because of You that my whole outlook has changed. The fear has been wiped away. The doubts are gone. Thank You also, for sending people into our lives who will pray for us.

Jesus: All have felt your struggle, little one. They have realized your burden. Just as you pray daily for all those who come here to the farm to pray, and you pray for those who ask for prayer, they too, pray for you.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I would like also to thank You for the trip to the Holy Land. It was a beautiful trip. I truly felt that we were both blessed while we were there. Thank You.

Jesus: Little one, you both were blessed. I am pleased you have been able to see all the places that were desires and dreams of your child-hood. All have been fulfilled by the grace of God.

Ruth Ann: I know that, Lord.

Jesus: This is in preparation for the days ahead, child.

Ruth Ann: It's okay, Lord, whatever that means. Preparation for the days ahead, that is.

Jesus: I know your heart, little one.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord.

Jesus: I love you. Go about your day in My peace.