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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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October 2006
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of May 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: This was a long, tiring week and I felt very sad.

Jesus: I know, child. The spring weather is reminding you of many things. Things that are no longer a part of your life.

Ruth Ann: Yes. I miss my animals and I miss my parents, maybe not in that order, but there is a sadness there. I'm also concerned about so many people who are sad and ill. I feel such a burden. The weight of so much sorrow and pain overwhelms me.

Jesus: Child, that is because you take everything that is said or asked of you so personally. You have not learned that I am to carry the burdens. You are to do the praying. Trust in Me, little one. Pray, but do not take on each person's sorrow and pain. You are a very sensitive person. That is good, for it helps you realize the need for prayer. If you did not have this sensitivity, then you would go about your day and ignore the need for prayer. That is the way of many of My children. They go about their day and ignore that I am God. They ignore that I am in every person they meet, and because of this, they become angry about things that are really not worth being discussed.

Ruth Ann: I know I do that, Lord. I feel this is a reminder for me.

Jesus: Yes, little one, do not let yourself fall into the trap of fussing and fuming over things and incidents that are energy-consuming but produce no good fruits. That is not of Me. Take your concerns and disappointments to prayer, little one. I am here to listen. Others are not. When you share something that is negative, then those you share this with, too, are brought down. Evil begets evil. On the other hand, when you share something positive, that has a lifting effect, does it not?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I see what you mean. This person has been in a bad mood all week and has picked at me for the tiniest things. Not only me, Lord, but others as well. We have been sharing and have been irritated all week.

Jesus: That is what I mean, little one, and has any good come from it? Has it made any of you feel better, having aired all the negative feelings?

Ruth Ann: No Lord, as a matter of fact, it has made my week even worse.

Jesus: That is what I mean when I say, "Evil begets evil." Airing these irritations with others only makes it become bigger. It not only causes you to be down, but it brings the spirits of those around you down. That is not what I want for My chosen ones. My children must be an example for those of My children who are not aware of My goodness. They must see you as a child of God. A child of God would not be critical of those around you. A child of God would look for the good in others and try to uplift those who are around them.

Ruth Ann: You have made Your point, Lord. It is very easy to fall into that trap. I am guilty of all those things.

Jesus: There is a lesson in this, little one, not only for you but all those who will hear and read these words. All My children are guilty of these things. If only the energy they put into their anger and irritation was put into prayer, the world would be a much better place. Man has a tendency to want to be in control of his life. Each person feels this way. No one wants to take orders or follow rules. Everyone wants rules bent and this cannot be the case. What good are rules if they are to be broken by some, and followed by others? That is true of My Com-mandments. There is no bending of My rules. Man does the bending, and that is not to be the case.

Ruth Ann: Now, I am not sure what You are referring to, Lord.

Jesus: It truly does not matter if you understand all that I am saying to you, child. Others will under-stand. Those who need to hear My words will understand.

Ruth Ann: We kind of got off the subject, Lord. I was telling You of my sadness.

Jesus: You also were saying you had a bad week, one full of irritation.

Ruth Ann: That is true, Lord. When we are sad, we tend to look on irritations as being greater than they truly are.

Jesus: Little irritants become big ones, depending on our mood, is it not true?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, it is true. I see what You mean. It would be better if I addressed the sadness in prayer, and then the other things around me would not seem so out of proportion.

Jesus: Yes, little one, that is what I am saying. Love one another. Look for Me in one another, and then the irritants would be only as they are, little irritants, and tiny imper-fections, not something that requires the use of so much energy. Use your energy to pray for those who constantly put you down. This is what I am saying. It will do so much for you and those you pray for. You will feel better and you will see a change in those who irritate you.

Now, about your sadness. This is not something that it is easy to rid yourself of. In a world of darkness, there is much sadness. You will continue to feel sadness for others. That is as it should be. The sadness you feel from time to time about your family and loss of certain special animals, this too, is something you will feel from time to time. But remember, this is all of the past and not much time should be spent on the past. The past cannot be changed, but the future can be changed. The future and today are what you should, and all My children, must concentrate on. The future can be changed by prayer. Today can be changed by prayer. So, little one, do not dwell on those things that make you sad. Know that all things happen for a reason, even the death of the tiniest creature has a purpose.

God has a divine and perfect plan for man and the entire world. Know that even in this time of darkness, that in the end, God is the master planner. He is in control. When He is finished, He will say, "This is enough," and it will be so. Each of you as His children have a special part to play until the end is here. That special part, little one, is called, 'doing God's will.' It takes many graces to be able to do the will of God. Remember this, and pray, fast, do penance to be able to follow the will of God. Receive the Eucharist as often as possible. This will strengthen you, as will the Sacrament of Penance. Confessing one's sins gives you the opportunity to see yourself as you truly are, and this too, is a grace.

Do you feel better, little one?

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I feel at peace again.

Jesus: Do not wait so long next time to speak with Me. I am only a heartbeat away, and so is My peace. Know I love you and wish you to have this peace always. I wish this for all My children.

Ruth Ann: I do know, Lord. It's so easy to lose perspective. I have much to learn.

Jesus: At least you are aware of this. Many of My children are not.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for speaking with me, Lord.

Jesus: I thank you for listening, and now go about your day to love and serve Me.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of Sept. 21, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord.

Jesus: Yes, Child.

Ruth Ann: Do You wish to speak with me?

Jesus: I wish to speak with you at all times. It is you who must find the time to listen.

Ruth Ann: I thought it would be much easier to find the time to listen and write once I was not teaching any longer. But I'm finding I am just as busy, but in other ways.

Jesus: Those who try to do the will of God will always find themselves busy, but you must also set aside time for Me to speak with you, so you can share what I have to say to you, with the rest of My children.

Ruth Ann: I will try harder, Lord. I speak with You and Your Mother frequently during each day.

Jesus: This pleases Me, little one, and I have told you before that it is extremely important to keep your peace. But you also must find time to listen and record what is being said to you.

Ruth Ann: I wish to thank You and Your Mother for the miracles on Sunday. It was beautiful, and most of the people present reported that they saw the miracle. It touched many hearts. It couldn't have come at a better time.

I was praying with a lady who told me she was a skeptic, and was only here because her children had wanted her to come. It was while I prayed with her, and I had just said to her, "Heavenly Father, this lady has come as a skeptic. Let her leave as a believer." It was at that time that someone announced over the PA system about the miracle of the sun. I want to thank You, Lord. I don't know why I felt it was important for her. I fully realize that no one has to believe that this place is special to go to Heaven. I have always been taught that it is not necessary to believe in apparitions, locutions, and visions, in order to go to Heaven.

Jesus: This is true, child, but there is a reason for such as these. These are special graces and blessings sent from the Almighty God of the Most High. It is not necessary to believe, but if there is a special place available for extra help along this road which is so difficult to travel, why not believe? Why not accept these blessings and graces made available to lighten the burdens of all My little ones? This place, blessed by God and being visited by My Mother to minister to Her children, is special. This has been told to you many times before. The graces and blessings being made available through you and this farm are to help God's children. My Mother is calling all to prayer. She is calling all away from darkness. Some listen, some continue to flounder about, seeking peace. There is no peace except from God. Many will find the peace they seek in this world of darkness, here on your farm. Others will seek it out and find it elsewhere. All are searching for God. As they continue to seek, God will find them and draw them into His light. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will come unto you."

Again I am telling you, put Me first, and I will see to all your needs, physical, mental, and spiritual. That is what I have been saying since the beginning of time, and these words will never change. Society continues to distort all that is sacred, but those who seek out the face of God shall see it. My Mother is being sent to Her children, to help those who are seeking the goodness of God's mercy. She is calling all back to Her Son. She wishes to remind them of what I have gone through to bring them the opportunity for salvation. She is asking them to pick up their daily crosses of living, and follow Me.

Accept the burdens that are put before you, and offer them up for the salvation of all those who as yet are not seeking out My face. Pray for all those who are troubled but have not yet realized that I am the source of peace. This world has so much darkness. There is so much sin. My Agony in the Garden was one of knowledge of this sin. My children, why do you not listen? Why do you continue to struggle on your own against the evil one? I have triumphed over darkness. I have triumphed over all that is evil. Children, seek Me, and you shall find peace. These refuges of peace are being made available to My children all over the world. It is up to them to seek them out for the special graces made available through prayer.

My Mother will continue to call and manifest Herself in many ways, until She will no longer be able to do so. God is allowing Her to do these things to call Her children back on the path of light. Man has a free will, and can listen and pray, or he can choose not to listen and turn his back on Her and continue to struggle on his own. These places are made available as special places of prayer, to make this struggle much easier. It is a help and grace, and the pathway to salvation. As you said, you have been taught it is not necessary to believe in places such as these to be saved. But child, think how much easier life can be made by believing! Faith is a beautiful gift, child. Faith can bring about miracles. There are not many of My children who do not need a miracle in their life.

You do the will of God, and My Mother will continue to call Her children. We will supply the graces and miracles. You continue to be the instrument used by God to draw the children under the protective mantle of My Mother. You continue to pray for, and minister to My children, through sharing the many miracles in your life. Share My words, little one, so all will know how much I love them and want them to be able to share in the redemptive power of salvation. Eternal life of bliss and happiness are at stake.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I continue to share and pray.

Jesus: That is as it should be. You continue to do the will of God. There are times when you find this extremely difficult, but child, know that your God is watching over you. He has and will continue to have those pray for you and your mission. Many have come forth to do so, that you will be able to have the strength for all that lies ahead. You continue on, not knowing what God has in store. This is faith. You have that faith and trust in God. You have the support of your husband and children. These are very important to you. But most of all, you have the support of God Himself.

Continue on, child, sharing God's words, your life, your farm, and your peace. The rewards will far outweigh the grief it will cause you along the way. God will make it as light as possible by sending those to minister to you along the way, but My cross is not an easy one. Know that I am with you. My Mother is here to assist and guide you and all Her children along the way. Go in My peace.

Message of Feb. 16, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

The prayers you are praying fill My heart with gratitude. You, My children, are taking My words seriously when you gather together and petition Our Lord for help for all those in need. Conversions are needed desperately for so many of My children and they are not even aware. As long as their lives go smoothly, they do not need the help of anyone. This is the attitude of many. They do not realize that God is the One Who created them and deserves all the credit for the good that happens in their lives. Dear children, pray for an understanding of the messages and all that is happening around you. God loves you and I love you, but your country, and those who make the laws and rules are in much need of prayer. Those who continually turn their backs on God too, must have more prayer. Be aware of what is happening around you, but stay focused on My Son. Go in His peace.

Message of May 20, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm extremely tired. This has been a busy couple of weeks. It's been full of prayer and personal obligations. Please help me to get the rest I need, so I can do all I need to do.

Jesus: Little one, soon you will be given a respite. It will be brief, but you will have time to rest and pray.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, I will look forward to that. Is there anything You wish to say to me?

Jesus: Little one, you are in need of encouragement, and I am here for you. You must realize that many hearts continue to be touched by your love and obedience. I thank you for your willingness to be an instrument through which I can work.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You are God. You don't need anyone or anything. You can do all things. You don't really need me.

Jesus: It is My choice, little one. I have chosen to work through the lowly and downtrodden since the beginning of time. It is through those willing to follow the demands placed upon them by My Father, that have been instrumental in bringing about change. Little one, you will have to admit, change is needed in your world today, much change is needed. It is through My chosen ones that this change will come about. Minds and hearts must be touched. Man must come out of the darkness, into the light. The evil one continues to wreak havoc, but My Mother continues to speak to many, and is bringing about a change in the minds and hearts of those who listen.

She is calling many to prayer. She has said over and over, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. This will be done through the mighty army of those devoted and committed to see this come about. The rosary is a powerful weapon, little one. It will one day strangle and destroy the evil one. Many are looking forward to that day. Do not become weary or discouraged. There is much in your world to cause you to become overwhelmed. Stay focused on your Jesus, and know that good will triumph over evil. In the meantime, much prayer is needed. There is power in prayer, and even greater power when the members who gather together are sincere in helping this change come about.

Now I know your day ahead is another busy one, and you have a powerful evening of prayer ahead of you. Go in My peace. Prepare for the Holy Spirit to work in a mighty way through you and those you will be praying with, and for. Go in My peace, and know that I am God.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of June 26, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have a talk today. Be with me.

Jesus: Child, I am always with you. You are doing the will of the Father, as I would have you do. You find this difficult, but you continue on making these sacrifices for Me. You are obedient and therefore will be granted the graces to do all that is required of you. Do not be afraid, little one. I will not overburden you. Your cross will continue to grow, but so will the graces required to carry your cross.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You know the situation, so You have to be in charge. The group I will be speaking with are not Catholic, and yet I will be saying things that are totally based upon our Catholic faith.

Jesus: Little one, you forget that Mary is the Mother to all of My children, no matter what faith or religion, or lack of religion, dwells in the hearts of men. Mary, My Mother, is co-redeemer. She is being used by God the Father to tend to His little ones on the earth. She is calling out to all children to pray. It does not matter what religion they profess. They are all God's children, and also the children of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, God's Son.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for reminding me of this, Lord. I really do know it, but some people have a difficult time with that belief.

Jesus: It does not matter if they have a difficult time with that truth or not, it is so.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have had several people approach me and ask me if there have been physical healings connected with my laying on of hands, and the praying that I am required to do with people. What about it, Lord? It's as though they don't believe it.

Jesus: Many have received healings of all kinds, little one - physical, spiritual, and mental. Because they have not seen or heard of these healings, it is difficult for them to believe. Blessed are they who do not see, and still believe. Where is their faith, little one? Would they ask that of a physician? No, they would not. You are working for the greatest of Physicians, and you are being questioned of God's ability to heal? That is the sorry state of the faith of My children. You need not be concerned about this. Many are experiencing healings, and they will share this knowledge with others.

As I have told you, you are only an instrument. I am the One Who decides who, when, and what kind of healings are to be manifested through your effort and obedience. Many still do not realize the best and most important healing, in a world filled with so much turmoil and lack of peace, is a spiritual healing. Man continues to fret about his body, and all that will bring pleasure to that of the flesh, and the most important part of his life is his soul. Without peace and a healing of the soul or spirit, the rest matters not. What does it matter if a man gain the whole world, but loses his soul?

Material things, man's health, and life can be removed in the blink of an eye. If man has not gained the love of God and His peace, he has nothing. So, child, do not feel hurt for Me or for yourself when someone asks you that question. They do not realize as yet, the importance of the ultimate goal of living on this earth. The ultimate goal is to know, love, and serve God and be happy with Him in Heaven. So the ultimate goal for men in this pursuit is a spiritual healing. When man is called home, he will be at peace and ready to meet the One Who has placed him here on this earth.

Ruth Ann: I guess I just want physical healings for all of Your children, Lord.

Jesus: As do I, in My time, and in My way.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Now little one, you have things to do to prepare for your talk this afternoon. Go in My peace, knowing full well you are doing My will, and I will be with you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of October 21, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm listening, but it seems I've had little time to listen the last couple of weeks. I was ill, and we also had our new grandson. Today is also another busy day, but still I feel the need to listen and write.

Jesus: It is so, child. I am here for you at all times, but there are times when you cannot write the words being spoken to you. You have continued to communicate with Me, and with My Mother. You have been ministering to My children during this time. With these things in mind, continue to listen and share with the time that is available to you.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. What is it that You wish to share today?

Jesus: That I am always here for all of My children, even when they do not feel I am with them, they are never deserted. Friends and family may turn their back on them, but I will never do so.

Ruth Ann: Lord, sometimes I find it extremely difficult to even pray. When I am so tired that I can barely think straight, that seems to be the last thing I want to do.

Jesus: It is then, little one, you must offer up this tiredness and feeling of being 'empty' to Me, and I will accept it just as I would any form of prayer. That too, is prayer, child. Anything you give to Me, with love in your heart, is prayer. So many of My children, who find themselves unable to sit and pray, read My word, or are unable to attend Mass, feel like they are unable to pray. Prayer can be as simple as offering up your entire busy schedule, and asking Me to be with you throughout the day. It is true that I wish for all of My children to find some time for Me throughout each busy day, but when this is not possible, then offer up the gift of your busy day to Me. I will accept it with all the love and desire that comes with it. Yours has been a busy month, but you have taken the time to listen to Me when you have had the time.

Ruth Ann: Not as much as I should have, Lord, and I feel guilty about that.

Jesus: Little one, I have understood your feelings of being torn between your family, and the need to minister to My children. You have made a great sacrifice in choosing to do the will of God.

Ruth Ann: You are too kind to me, Lord. I don't deserve it. I still can't understand why You bother with me. I continue to get angry when things don't go the way I feel they should go, and I become irritated when I have to choose between time with my family, and doing whatever You would have me do.

Jesus: You become irritated and angry, but you have never deserted Me. How could I do less for you? When you have had to make a choice, you have chosen Me. What greater love for Me could you show than that?

Ruth Ann: So You continue to tolerate my temper tantrums, and forgive me? You totally amaze me, Lord.

Jesus: Little one, what is there to forgive? Of course you become angry. You are a mother. You desire time with your family. You were in hopes after leaving your career behind, you would have lots of time to do those things you enjoy, being a mother and grandmother. Now as you become busier and busier with My work here on the earth, you are finding yourself torn between those things you desire, and those things I desire for you. This will continue to be so, little one. I have said the time will come when you will have little time for your family, and more and more time will be spent ministering to My people. I ask you this question, who is your family, child? All God's children in need, are your family. Those sent to you for prayer are just as important to Me as your family is to you.

Be at peace with what you have been chosen to do, child. There is much more to come. I am always here for you, so do not feel that because you do not feel prayerful, that I am not ministering to you. I will continue to minister to you and your family. Through your tears, joys, and irritation, I am still here for you. Never doubt My presence in your life. My love for you is so great, you cannot even begin to imagine its greatness.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord, for always being here for me.

Jesus: I am here for you, and all My children. Now I know you are anxious about this day. I am with you. Know all you are about to do today is for My greater honor and glory. Be at peace with God's will.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of January 15, 1995, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

I am your Mother here to help you as your intercessor before God. I wish to bring Him prayer in great abundance. Through prayer groups such as this, I am able to do so. Do not doubt the importance of your prayer. God loves you, and I love you, but there must be evidence this love is returned. Pray your prayers from the heart, so God knows you mean each and every word. Know that God is listening, and will tend to every prayer and every need, in His time and in His way. Little children, I am praying with you. Be patient. God's way is not always your way, but as a Father, He knows what is best for your soul. You do not always make the right choices, and some of you pray for things that would cause harm to you, or those around you. Be at peace, little children. Be forgiving, and love one another, as you are loved. My protective mantle surrounds you. You must pray!

Message of January 18, 1995, from Our Lady
(after Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You have anything You wish to add?

Our Lady: Child, the messages that I continue to give to all My children, are not being taken to heart. The peace that you seek is not being found in your world. My children continue to look in all the wrong places for this peace. They are trying to find peace in the pleasures of the world, and it can only come from God. The peace and love from Him is the true peace that all must seek and find, in order to exist in such a troubled world.

Pray, dear children, pray from the heart. Many of you still do not understand what these words mean. It means you must find time to speak with God. Speak to Him from your heart. Tell Him how much you love Him, and how much you appreciate all He has done for you. Read His Word in the New Testament. Let Him speak to you through these words. These words I have been giving to you through so many, are nothing new. Realize, little children, these words were spoken to you two thousand years ago, and were recorded for you to have access to.

Many of you do not read God's Word, so therefore, I have come to share these words with you in a simple way. Love God as you love yourself, and you cannot go wrong. Love your neighbor, and forgive the hurts that he imposes upon you. Be forgiving, as your Jesus would forgive. Trust, little children. Pray for your enemies, so they too, can experience the love and peace that you have experienced.

I am praying with you for those who have wandered from the fold. Pray, little children, and trust that God will tend to all things. My blessing I give to you. Go in My Son's peace.