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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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October 2005
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of November 3, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord.

Jesus: Yes, little one. All is well. Do not be concerned about to-morrow. Sufficient are the problems of today. Trust, little one, trust. God is with you.

Ruth Ann: I know this, Lord. I have my good days and bad, but I know You will always be here for me. I have been offering up my sadness over losing my little friend, my dog, for the poor souls in purgatory. That seems to help, Lord.

Jesus: I thank you for the gift of your sorrow as a sacrifice, child. Does it not lighten your burden?

Ruth Ann: Yes it does, Lord. I need to learn to turn things over to You sooner, Lord. Instead, I find myself having a 'pity party', which I know is just what the evil one likes for me to do. It is so easy to play into his hands.

Jesus: Child, that is because you live in a world of darkness. The evil one is everywhere, and is continually discouraging, attacking, causing doubts, and dragging you down in whatever way he can. Put your feet firmly on the path of goodness and light, and know that no matter what is being sent your way, that God is there to help and comfort you and your family in all that you say and do.

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by all that is going on in your life. You must always remember to offer up all of your sorrows for the conversions of those souls in need. What a beautiful sacrifice that is. Be at peace, child. God is in control. No matter what difficulties arise, you will be given sufficient graces to deal with all that lies ahead of you. Go in My peace, little one, love and trust in Me. All is well.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of Nov. 17, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother Mary.

Our Lady: Yes, child.

Ruth Ann: Since You were giving me the message for prayer group, would You mind speaking with me for a few minutes?

Our Lady: Child, I am here for you as long as you have a need.

Ruth Ann: It seems I don't speak to You as much as I'd like.

Our Lady: As long as you speak with My Son, that is all that is important. Remember, that is why I am here, to call all of the children back to Him. How can I criticize one who is doing what I have asked for, over and over? Child, I am pleased you are spending more and more time with My Son.

Ruth Ann: It's just that I know You are providing so many graces to so many people who come here to the farm in faith to pray, that I don't want You to think You are not appreciated. You are loved more than I can ever tell You.

Our Lady: Child, it is because of the graces of God that I am here to provide these graces for you. I could not do these things for My children, if it were not allowed by the One Who has created you. Tell My children they must remember to thank God for allowing Me to come and minister to His children in so many ways.

Ruth Ann: Mother, those who read this will know. Most already are aware that it is through the love of God and His mercy that You have been allowed to minister to us. Especially to those of us in the United States. Most of us never expected the miracles here. That was something far away, and not given to those in the United States.

Our Lady: Child, it is because of the grave situation in the world that I have been sent to you. Our Lord continues to reach out to His children in hopes of drawing as many back to Him as possible. I have offered to be the Mother of His children, when I had said 'yes' to His will many, many years ago, as a small child. Now I have come to ask many of those chosen to say 'yes' to do His will. All of those who answer My call for prayer and sacrifice are doing much to save many. There is so much to be done. The harvest is great and the laborers are few. Be aware of this when you read My messages. Take them to your heart, and do all that is asked of you.

Live My messages for they are the words of Sacred Scripture. They are the words of God. They are the words spoken by My Son while He was here among God's children on the earth. The sorrow He felt in His heart over the loss of many of His children, He continues to feel. His Agony in the Garden of Gethsemene was not just for one day. It was for the entire world, and for the life of the world, past, present, and future. The pain over the sinfulness of His children was extremely difficult for My Son to endure. But He did it for you and all the other children that were to be born and sin, over and over. Children it is important that you realize this, so that you will think twice before sinning. Not only does it cause a stain upon your soul, but it pains My Son deeply. Dear children, listen and live the messages. Pray and make sacrifices. Prayer can, and will, make a difference. Share this with My children.

Ruth Ann: It will be done.

Our Lady: Go in His peace, child, to love and serve Him.

Message of April 20, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, will You speak with me?

Our Lady: Child, I am here for you.

Ruth Ann: My peace was truly disturbed yesterday, and the more I tried to stay calm, the more I was attacked and disturbed.

Our Lady: Child, do not hesitate to ask for prayer when it becomes too difficult for you to pray.

Ruth Ann: I don't want to burden others, Mother.

Our Lady: It is good to humble yourself before those who have had the desire to pray for you placed upon their hearts.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, I will try to remember that. At the time my peace is being destroyed, asking for prayer is the farthest thing from my mind.

Mother, You do know there are those who are saying unkind things to those who come here to pray. There are things being yelled out by those who have no clue as to what's going on here?

Our Lady: Child, that is where you are wrong. It is because they do know what is going on that they say hateful things to My little ones. The evil one is angry, and he uses those who allow him to control their feelings of irritation, disgust, and even hatred. This is directed toward those who take time to worship God, or gather in great numbers to give honor to the Mother of Jesus.

Child, the letters you receive filled with anger and hatred, the words that will be thrown at you, are all part of the persecution. It will continue. As your ministry grows, you will be attacked. As time goes on, you will realize that those things are unimportant, and are only distrac-tions to draw you away from the focus of your ministry. God has said, "Minister to My people." He did not add that it would be an easy task. It will not, and can never be easy. You have been chosen to tend to the needs of God's little ones who are searching for their way back to the light, love, and peace in a world filled with darkness, hatred, and turmoil. Anger and envy are commonplace in your world today. It is seldom one can find peace anywhere.

In this special place, there is peace. I am here, My Son is here. God has left His mark upon you and this land. Know that where there is good, there will also be those who wish to destroy this good. The evil one uses those around him willing to be maneuvered and manipulated to do his bidding. Be not afraid. Know, My little child, where there is persecution, that good things are happening. 'You will know them by their fruits'. Remember those words. You are producing good fruits through doing the will of God. This is not, and will never be, an easy task. When you take up the cross and follow My Son, you must expect the pain and suffering that goes with it.

Ruth Ann: I'm concerned for my family, and especially my little grandchildren.

Our Lady: All do and will understand the importance of your mission. They know that someone must take a stand for the values that were once the central focus for all in this country. God will supply them with graces necessary to be sustained. Stay focused, little child. Continue to listen and be obedient to the word of God. You have just finished a weekend of prayer and witnessing. The attacks are very strong because the evil one is angry. Many souls have been touched, child. Of that you can be sure. Otherwise, you would be left alone. There would be no attacks. The devil does not bother with those he already has. He attacks those who go against all that he stands for. He continually lashes out in anger at those who try to do the will of God.

He has a great disgust and hatred for you, child, but do not focus on this. Focus on the love of My Son. Focus on the goodness of God and all that He is allowing to happen through you and the sacrifices of your family. God loves you. I love you. We are pleased with all that you are doing. Do not be disturbed by the negative things around you that happen to disturb your peace. Concentrate on the good things that are happening to those who come here to pray. Concentrate on the graces, blessings, and miracles being poured out upon those God allows you to touch, not just in a physical way, but spiritually, through the messages and your giving of self to His children.

Now, child, go in the peace of My Son, Jesus. I have placed My protective mantle around you and those you love. I thank you for having said 'yes'.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for Your encouraging words, Mother.

Our Lady: Child, others too, will find peace in these words.

Message of May 4, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, You and Your Mother have seen me through another talk. Continue to be with me. I have another talk coming up this weekend. Again, on the following weekend there will be another talk. Please give me the graces to sustain me in these hours of need.

Jesus: The graces are there for you, little one. The task that has been put before you is great, but the rewards are even greater. God has great plans for you, and He will not see those plans abandoned. The evil one will attempt all measures of torture and torment in order to discourage you, but you continue on, no matter what. Your 'yes' has meant 'yes', child, no matter how difficult the task that you must undertake. Just know, little one, that hearts are being touched and conversions are taking place. Otherwise the evil one would not try so hard to discourage you.

Ruth Ann: I know that, Lord, but at the time, it is difficult to put all in perspective and keep my calm and God's peace. Even with so many praying for me, the ordeal becomes overwhelming. I will continue to be obedient to Your will. Please continue to be patient with me, Lord.

Jesus: Little one, that is an easy request. You do not ask to be relieved of these trials and sufferings.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I figure if You want me to be relieved, You will do so. In the meantime, I offer all the mental anguish for those most in need of Your mercy, and the poor souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them. How else can I make sacrifices? I've given You almost everything else.

Jesus: Little one, the great love you have for My children and for Me touches My heart deeply. Your life will not become easier, but you continue to carve out time for Me and time for prayer, for those who need prayer. You are carrying a heavy cross, little one, and it will become even heavier, and still you are not deterred from the will of God. If only all of My children had this faith and trust that you continue to exemplify.

Ruth Ann: Lord, please, I'm not perfect. I struggle, and am continually asking others to pray for me, just as You have told me to do. Otherwise I can't imagine how I would survive sometimes. If I struggle with lots of prayer, how in the world would I make it without others praying for me? That's a scary thought.

Jesus: You will always have those who are willing to support you in prayer. Just as I have sent others to support your farm in monetary ways so it can grow and flourish, so too, will I continue to see that there are those who will support you in prayer.

Ruth Ann: Help us get through the third weekend, Lord.

Jesus: My love and support are with all those who will be helping with this special weekend dedicated to the Mother of God. She, too, will see that all goes well.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of June 22, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, it was very difficult to concentrate on Your words this morning.

Our Lady: Child, you are not at peace with your day nor your week. You are concerned about your talks this weekend and are not concen-trating on the peace you are called to have. Why do you fret so? Do you not know that I am here for you, and so is My Son? Do not be concerned about those things over which you have no control. Let God do the work He is calling you to do. You are only an instrument to be used to do His will. Give all your concerns to Him and be at peace with your day and your week. Do not struggle against the good. Allow God to work in your life the way He wishes. Know His plan for you is perfect. You would not be able to accomplish anything without His help, so accept this fact and go forth.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I know all these things You are saying, they all make sense, but it does not stop the struggle that continues on in my heart. Please be with me today, and through my talk tomorrow night. My life seems to be one continual struggle, Mother. I'm sorry I'm such a reluctant servant. I feel so ashamed that I can't stay at peace with what I'm called to do.

Our Lady: Yours would not be a cross if what you were called to do was easy for you. Your climb to Calvary is difficult, just as all those who follow in the footsteps of My Son. You must follow the example set before you by Him. He struggled and suffered on His way to His crucifixion. You, too, when you take up your cross and follow in His footsteps must suffer. You suffer humiliation, fear, anger, and dread. Do you not think that My Son has not experienced any of these feelings? He was accepting of God's will for Him, and struggled on to His death. You must accept the will of God for You, and know that in doing so, He will provide the graces necessary for you to do His will, and do it well.

Ruth Ann: Mother, if I did not share these things in writing, no one would know it is such a struggle for me. Should I stop sharing these things?

Our Lady: Child, it is important that My children know of your struggles. The fact is, they, too, struggle in their daily lives, and in reading of your struggle, it is a help to them. All of My children struggle in some way. Struggling is not wrong. It is the end result that is of concern to God. You are blessed a hundredfold when you struggle so, and still continue on seeking to do God's will, no matter how difficult the task.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for these encouraging words, Mother.

Our Lady: Child, I am here for all of My children. I wish to see each one of you reach the reward that awaits you. If man would seek to do God's will and not his own, the struggle would not be so difficult. There would be peace throughout each trial. The pain would still be there, but there would be a peace along with it that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Be at peace, child, with all that lies ahead. Especially be at peace this day.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, I am. Thank You.

Message of June 24, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, thank You for getting me through another talk. However, I don't feel particularly good about it. There were things that I feel I should have said and clarified that somehow I did not say.

Jesus: You minister to My people. I will tend to the rest. You have been obedient. That is all I ask of you. Do all I am telling you to do, and I will tend to all things. You said those things I would have you say. Hearts have been touched. You will not know the results of these healings till much later. It is not necessary that you feel good about your witnessing and sharing of God's work in your life. It is not important that you experience any good feelings about your sharing or your prayers with others. What is important is that you be obedient and continue on your walk with Me to Calvary.

Ruth Ann: So now You are telling me that the good feelings I used to have after my talks are being removed? Lord, You keep taking away those things that help me get through these difficult tasks that You have me do.

Jesus: Pick up your cross and follow Me, child. You are being prepared for something more. None of what you are asked to do is easy for you. You are a private person. You are not someone who wishes to be on display for any reason, not even for Me. Therefore, it is a great sacrifice for you to do those things that My Mother and I are calling you to do. We are in need of those who will make great sacrifices on behalf of all those in this world who make little or no sacrifice. Continue on in faith and trust, little one. I, your Jesus, will tend to the rest. Be not afraid.

You and your husband receive many graces you are not aware of, each time you do something on behalf of My children. Those things you do for the very least of My children, you are doing for Me. It matters not your feelings. Know God is in charge. He is touching hearts. He is pouring forth His Holy Spirit. He is giving the healings. You are only an instrument to be used to pass these graces and blessings on to others. Be at peace, little one. God is using you for His greater honor and glory. He is not using you to give you good feelings. Your reward is not here. Yours is to come in the hereafter, little one. You have much to do for God's children while you are left here on this earth. Be prepared for great suffering and a much heavier cross as time goes on. Also know, there can be joy in suffering.

Ruth Ann: Lord, this seems contradictory. You have just told me that I need not feel good after ministering to Your people, and now You are saying there can be joy in Your cross.

Jesus: It is not contradictory, child. You have said you did not feel good after your talk, like you normally do. I'm only saying to you that it is not necessary to feel good after you have done something for Me. I am working whether you feel good about what you have done or not. The two have nothing to do with one another. Finding joy in suffering is something altogether different than what we have just spoken. Many of My children suffer and pray for healings and relief from this suffering. Those who turn to Me in their sufferings, and do so for My greater honor and glory, receive many blessings in their sufferings. This brings joy to their hearts to know they are being allowed to participate in the saving of souls that refuse to allow Me to work in their lives in any way.

So, yes, little one, there can be joy in suffering. Those who do so for Me and others benefit by gaining graces for themselves and others that would otherwise not be possible. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, I do. Thank You for making this more clear to me.

Jesus: Now, little one, you still have much to do. You have a busy day today, and a busy weekend. Do these things with joy and peace in your heart. Accept the cross that has been sent to you to carry. There is much more to be done. You are being groomed gradually for all those things God would have you do. Be at peace, little one. God is in control. You are only an instrument.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of July 20, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, don't You feel it is unfair to remove all my animals from me? Doesn't it bother You at all to know that it causes me much pain?

Jesus: Child, remember when the rich man asked what he must do to follow Me? My answer to him was, to sell all he had, and come follow Me. He was a very wealthy man, with much money and many possessions. It does not necessarily mean money or wealth. It can be anything that prevents man from totally giving of self to Me. Sometimes it can be a job, an obsession with sports, or an obsession with a hobby. In your case, you love your animals very much.

Ruth Ann: But Lord, I have put all these things in proper perspective. I hardly spend any time with any of my animals any more, because You have told me before, I was not to love them more than your children. I don't, Lord.

Jesus: You have come a long way, child.

Ruth Ann: You have nearly ripped my heart out, Lord.

Jesus: I will not underestimate all you have given up, child, but remember to keep all in proper perspective. All the sacrifices you make are for the greater honor and glory of God. As you empty yourself for Him, He Who loves you much, can fill you up.

Ruth Ann: I'm not so sure I understand, Lord, but then that really isn't important, as You tell me over and over. I need not understand. I need only do Your will. I try, Lord.

Jesus: That is all I wish, child. It would not be a sacrifice if it were done without pain, and you will continue to be at peace with all that is asked of you, as you do My will, and not your own. Now go forth in My peace.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Message of Sept. 23, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, do You have something to say to Your children? There are so many suffering through sickness, loss of loved ones, need of jobs, and the feeling of being alone through all of these trials.

Jesus: Little one, they need not feel alone. Man does not understand why he suffers and others do not. That is because he does not see the big plan. If the suffering of one person brings about the conversion of another, it is well worth that suffering. So many of My children have lost faith and trust in God.

Remember in your youth when you were told, 'Offer up your suffering for the poor souls in purgatory, or someone in need of conversions'? These things are seldom done, and they are just as valid now as they were then. God loves the purity of 'victim souls' willing to accept their suffering gladly for the good of other souls. If man could be grateful for the bad that has happened in life, as well as the good, he could gain a better understanding of the workings of God. God is in control. The evil one is not stronger than God. Sometimes 'bad' is allowed to happen in your life, in order to draw you closer to God. Sometimes it is a 'wake up' call to help you realize just how good God has been, and is. Sometimes He sends concerns as a 'reality check'. It definitely is just that. It is to let them know that God is always in control of your life, and best of all, He is the Giver of life.

Man must never take anything he has for granted, not the material things he accumulates, nor his good health. God can remove either, or both, at the blink of an eye. That is why it is so important for man to have his life in proper perspective, God first. Faith is such a blessing to those who have it. It is something that cannot be given to someone else, but it is something to be shared. Those who have no faith live in constant fear and dread when something extremely difficult happens to them, or those around them. With faith and trust in God, you know all things happen for good. God can take the worst of circumstances, and use it to the good of souls. It is difficult for those without faith to see this, but it is so.

No matter how painful the loss, God can use it for the good of others. Many times, it is to win souls for Him. It is difficult for My children to see this, but many situations work out for this very purpose. How many times have you yourself said, if it hadn't been for your 'reality check', you would have gone on your merry way, seeking material things and being a lukewarm Christian? It took you losing your health, and My intervention, to bring you to where you are today. As a result, many other lives and hearts have been touched. Had you been left to your own resources, you would not have survived. But through My plan, and allowing the hardships in your life to continue to manifest themselves in many ways, you were forced to make a choice. You chose to give all to Me.

Ruth Ann: 'Forced' is a strong word, Lord. We have a free will. You have told me that many times.

Jesus: You do have a free will, child, and you had a choice to make. You could have continued on ignoring Me and the importance of My being, or you could have made the choice to turn everything over to Me. You made the correct choice. But would you have ever come to the realization that I am in total control, if I had not continued to allow all these hardships in your life to continue?

Ruth Ann: You are right, Lord, I would have continued doing all those things that were getting me nowhere spiritually, if You had not intervened in my life.

Jesus: That is why it is so important for you to share these facts. Many do not realize the importance of God and the turning over of their very lives to Me. I can only work in the lives of those who are ready to receive all I have to give. Sometimes it takes much pain and suffering to make My children realize that all is not right in their life. I must come first.

My Mother continues to call Her children away from things of the world, distractions that can lead to the loss of their souls. Listen to what She has to say. She is your Mother, and knows what is best for you. Continue to share what I am telling you, little one. These words are important to My little ones struggling in the darkness. Help Me, help them, strengthen their faith. Help Me, help them, realize that all is not lost, no matter what is going on in their life. God is there, ready to pick up the pieces and make you whole again. Love Me as I have loved you, little ones! Have faith and trust in Me. No matter how great your pain, I am here to help you on the road to the salvation of your soul. Be at peace.

Message of October 16, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

I thank you for gathering together to pray. Know I am here praying with you and wish for all those things you hold dear to your heart to be realized. I ask that you pray, too, for My intentions. Satan continues to wreak havoc upon the earth and wishes to destroy all those things of which I am working so hard. Much prayer and sacrifices are needed, little children.

I love you and God loves you, but you must realize that with love comes responsibility. That responsibility, little children, is what I am feeling for you and your soul. I have come to show you the way to save your soul, and yet many of you insist on following your will, and not the will of God. You cannot have two gods and save your soul. Be at peace with one another and hear the words I am saying to you. Your souls are My greatest concern. Listen and live the words being spoken to you. They are words that have been spoken by My Son when He was here on the earth, and now they are being repeated by Me, your Mother.

My Mother's mantle surrounds you. You must pray and be attentive to all that is being made known to you. I am here for you to assist you in your prayers and your journey back to My Son. I cannot stress enough the seriousness of what I am saying to all of you. The time is now that you should choose God and His mercy, and turn away from all those things that hold you back from doing His will.