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October 2008
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of April 16, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I am so tired, but yet I feel this need to communicate with You.

Jesus:  Child, it is as you wish.

Ruth Ann:  No Lord, I wish to do Your will.  Do You wish to speak to me, or is it just because I am tired and in need of Your comfort?

Jesus:  Either way, neither one of us loses, do we?   (Smilingly)

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord, so do You mind if I just listen and gain Your peace?

Jesus:  I wish all My children to listen, child.  You will be rested when we are finished talking, or if you prefer, just listen.  You will gain much from what I have to say.

Ruth Ann:  I always do, Lord.

Jesus:  If all My children would listen as you do, and respond to what I have to say, they too, are being spoken to in so many ways, but are not responding as they should.  Much peace is to be gained by just listening.  A blueprint for their lives is being set before each of My children through My Mother, visionaries, locutionists, priests, and others, willing to do My will, but My children choose not to follow this plan given to them to gain eternal salvation. 

I know you are sad for so many, little one, but do not be sad.  Pray for all those whose lives have not been touched by the beauty of God's love.  Pray that they, too, will learn to take time out of their busy lives and schedules, and listen to My word.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, people are so busy with everyday chores and jobs.  It is as though they don't even realize You exist, let alone give You any credit for all the good that has been brought into their lives.  They don't even realize, Lord, that You are there, even to see them through the pain and suffering in their life.  How long can this world, without God, go on, Lord?  Man has made such a mess of things, and he is so ignorant of that fact.  He keeps wandering on like a small child in darkness.

Jesus:  Child, you have been given wisdom.  You see so much that others do not see.  I also know you feel the pain and the weight of all the burdens of others.  This is for a reason.   My chosen ones must be aware of all the pain and suffering in the world so they will be even more willing to do all that is put before them.  If you did not see a need, then you would not want to help, is that not so?

Ruth Ann:  This is true, Lord.

Jesus:  Well then, you must see the importance of all that is being brought to you for prayer by others.  If it were not for all of My children willing to pray, there would be even more sadness, pain, and suffering in the world.  I know you cannot imagine this, but it is true.  God hears each and every prayer, even though your prayers may not be answered immediately, it does not mean He is not listening.  It only means that things must fall into place so that prayers can be answered.  Sometimes it means another's prayers must be answered first, in order for your prayers to be answered.  Patience is of the utmost importance little one, in time of prayer.  In a world of instant gratification man is finding it very difficult to be patient with God.  You really have no choice you know.  God has a plan for each of His children so patience is not a choice.  Patience is something to be learned and sometimes it takes one many years to learn this virtue.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm not sure I will ever learn it.

Jesus:  You have come a long way.  You do not feel you have patience but you are learning more and more to give your worries and concerns to Me.  You have learned that joy and peace are of Me and until you rid yourself of something that does not bring a calm to your spirit, then you cannot have this peace or joy.  Now if all My children could learn to do this.  Man does not understand so many things; the death of a loved one, pain and suffering of a really good person or child.  All of these bring doubts into the minds of My children, that maybe I don't even exist.  How could God do such a thing?  Children, if only you could see the big picture you would understand.  This is what I want to say, but man must learn to have faith and trust in God.  Man is not in control, little one.  He thinks he is because he has a good job, a nice home, fancy cars, but none of these things are what counts.  How many graces have you accumulated along the way by doing good works, being kind to others, by walking in My footsteps?  These are what count.  When you see God face to face, He isn't going to ask you, "How much money you have earned,"  but "What did you do with the money I allowed you to earn?"  If man could only open his eyes and realize it isn't 'how much' or 'how big' that really counts.  It's what you do with what you have while you are here.  That shouldn't be to difficult to see but many are blind to this fact.  Pray little one, that the eyes of man be opened and he be made aware, that all that he does and is, comes from God.  Without God, man is nothing and can do nothing.

Ruth Ann:  I will pray this prayer Lord, that all men's eyes be opened to recognize that all things come from God.  Is this what You want?

Jesus:  Yes, child.  It is very important and little one, continue to love Me with your whole body, mind and soul.

Ruth Ann:  That is an easy request Lord, but You seem so sad when You said that.

Jesus:  Little one, I hunger for love like a starved child hungers for food.  Love little one, it is sad that I would need to ask for My children to love Me, but I am having to do so in these times.  My Mother suffers so much because She wishes for everyone to love Me and treat Me with respect but this is not to be.  She continues to ask all children that will listen to pray for others to come to Me.  She labors constantly trying to gather all My children under Her protective mantle, so that She can love and guide them on the right path.  She is a tireless worker in My vineyard.  There is much to do.  That is why She is calling on all those who will listen to help Her in prayer.  See why it is so important to listen.  It is so you can pass along what I am saying to others, so they too, can pray and bring others to Me.

Ruth Ann:  I understand, Lord.

Jesus:  Go in My peace, child.  I know you feel rested now.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.


Message of June 26, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  What a week, Lord.  There have been too many things going on.  School has been out since the 8th of June, and I'm still waiting for vacation to start.  I have had no time to just sit and read Your word.  We are busy from sunup to sundown.

Jesus:  You are making time for Me in other ways little one, in ministering to My children, attending Mass and Communion, and making little sacrifices, you are making time for Me.  These are things My children do not realize.  I too, was kept busy in the times of My ministering to God's people, and at times would feel overwhelmed.  At those times I would withdraw for a few days to have quiet time alone with My Father.  This too, is possible for you to do, is it not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  My husband and I have spoken of spending a couple of days at St. Meinrad.  I've never been, and Jim said he felt it would be a nice quiet place to pray, rest, and regroup. 

Jesus:  That would be a good place for you to go.  When you are ready, you should do so.  Little one, you do not seem to be at peace with the decision you have made.  Why?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it seems no matter what decision I make about anything, I'm always afraid of making someone feel bad. 

Jesus:  You are concerned because you have said you would attend your class reunion, and now you feel too busy to do so.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, that is true.

Jesus:  It is not a requirement for you to do, you know.  You can send a note to those in charge explaining your situation.  They will understand.  Is there anything else you need help with today?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, yes, but I know that all things will fall into place now that I have those things off my mind.  Thank You for your help.

Jesus:  Bring your concerns to Me, no matter how small.  I am here to help you, as I am here for all My children.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, thank You for the confirmation on the Sunday message from Your Mother.  I was rather disappointed Sunday when no one came forward with the confirmation at that time.  Then last night, at a friend's house, someone said that her friend had had a vision of Our Lady moving from person to person, touching people in a crowd.  It was a large crowd and she didn't know where it was.  She was given the vision after Mass, in the town where she was visiting, during the same time of the prayer group on the farm.  That's pretty amazing, Lord.  The best part was that You reassured me again.  Thank You.  There are so many little things You do to reaffirm my faith and trust in You, Lord.  I truly do appreciate them.  I know that You are going to attend to all my needs and the needs of my children.  I just need to learn more patience.

Jesus:  Patience is a very difficult thing for all of My children.  It is not only you who have difficulty with this virtue.  All of My children expect answers to their prayers immediately, and I have said before, all things must fall into place, so that all My children's prayers may be answered.

It is important that God's plan not fail.  God's plan is perfect, so it is important that the things man does, does not interfere with what I have in mind for him.  Only I know what is good for My children.  My main concern is for the salvation of each soul.  In order for all these things to come about, it is important that man pray, and listen, then he cannot go wrong.  To do My Father's will, is to be assured that God's plan will be accomplished.  Waiting for God's plan to fall into place, is where so many of My children fall short.  They become impatient and begin to do their own will.  This sometimes causes My plan to take even longer than it would have ordinarily.  Many stumble about blindly, as a child in the dark, instead of sitting quietly waiting to be led to the light by the words of their loving Father.  But that is the way of man since the beginning of time.  Man wishes to be in control, and causes himself so much pain.  All man needs to do is give his problems to Me and I will care for him.  You have seen this over and over, have you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, and I have You talking to me, and I still need to be reminded.

Jesus:  At this time, I am reminding My other children, they must first seek the will of My Father and do it.  Then all things will fall into place.

Ruth Ann:  It sounds so simple, Lord.

Jesus:  It is child.  It takes time, and patience, and faith, and trust in God.  Then I can do My work.  And it is Me who does all the work.  Man seems to think he has become what he is, on his own.  Man can do nothing without the help and grace of the One who created him.

Ruth Ann:  I realize this now too, Lord.  I was also guilty of all the things of which You are accusing Your children.  I remember a time, after our last child was born, and I became very ill.  I went to church after being diagnosed with what the doctors called irregular cells, or precancerous cells, and during the time in church, I prayed to You that my husband could not possibly raise three children, three very small babies, alone, and that if You would make me well, then You could do with me as You wished, if You would just let me raise our children.  Little did I know what I was saying at that time.

Jesus:  Little one, I do remember.  But I would have done what I am doing with your life, no matter what you would have said.  It just helps you to realize that God does listen to prayer.  Had it been better for My plan to have taken you then, I would have done so.  It was not to be child.  It was My will that you were not to be brought home at that particular time.  It was not your will or your pleading, but My will that was done, and it will continue to be so.  I know what is best.  Just be patient, listen, and trust, that what I want for you and all of My children, is the will of My Father.  It will bring you true and lasting happiness, something you can never accomplish here on the earth.

Ruth Ann:  This I believe, Lord.  Now I must go if I am to have things ready by the time people come for the prayer group today.

Jesus:  Go in My peace, child.


Message of December 21, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I feel I must take time to speak with You today.

Jesus:  Do you have something that concerns you?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You know there are lots of things that concern me.  I am thinking too far ahead.  Please help me to take one day of my life at a time.  Also, help me to accept Thy will for me concerning each day.

Jesus:  Remember, it will all be done for you.  You have no control over who comes for prayer and why they come.  You also have no control over who receives graces, blessings, and healings.  That, too, has already been decided.  You are only an instrument, child, to be used in order that My children can receive the healings, graces, and blessings I wish to give them.  Take these words to your heart, little one.  This place is being made ready for even greater things that are to come.  Yours is not to be concerned, but to be patient and pray.  You are to grow in the Holy Spirit and become ready for God's special mission that is yours.  Be not afraid.  All will be revealed to you as there is a need.  You are not to concern yourself with the mechanics or the 'how's' and 'why's' and 'when's'.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm still human, and I do become concerned about those things.  I try really hard not to.
Jesus:  Little one, you have given your life to Me and My Mother.  You have said you wish to do the will of God.  You cannot do both.  When you give of self, you must die of self.  Those things that were important to you before, have no place in a life given to God.  God and His will must be your focus.  All other things will be taken care of.  You are not to concern yourself with things of the future.  God is your future.  Your Lord and Savior is your future.  The gift of eternal life is your future.  The present is to be lived preparing for that future.  Live each day for Me and with Me and know that I am in control.  Love Me, trust Me, little one.  You cannot trust when you are concerned about what is to come.  Faith, little one.  You have the faith to do all that God has asked of you.  He will continue to provide you with all the graces and little 'pick-me-ups' you will need to get through each day.  I have told you before, "You will be given a little miracle each day."  These are to provide you with the graces you need to move closer and closer to Me.

Ruth Ann:  I had forgotten You had said that, Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, I know, little one.  But I continue to do as I have said, whether you recognize and thank Me or not.

Ruth Ann:  Now I really feel bad, because I know this is true.  Some days when I am feeling, "What in the world am I doing?  I am a no one, a nothing.  Someone else should be doing this that is better suited, or would really like to do this kind of thing." 

Lord, I want to thank You for being patient with me and allowing me to receive little notes in the mail just when I need them.  Your timing is perfect.  About the time the doubts start creeping in, You always send something or someone to me that reaffirms what it is You are using me for.  I am here for You, not me, and I forget that.  It's difficult to live in two worlds, Lord. 

Jesus:  You will, more and more, move into My world, and less and less be a part of the earthly world.  At the present time you are being given a respite from both, so you can have time with your family, and pray.  But the time will come when you will have little time for either.  Your life will be a prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Now, what does that mean, Lord?

Jesus:  It means, little one, that you will be consumed with your love for Me.  It will become the very center of every moment of every day.  That is what I wish for all My children, you know, that I be the center and focus of their very being.  It seems only right, since they were created by God, that God be their focus, does it not?

Ruth Ann:  Your Mother keeps saying to stay focused on You, I guess we really don't understand or listen.

Jesus:  Your lives should be Christ-centered.  All you say and do should be centered around, "What would Jesus do in this situation?  What would He say?  How would He handle this?  How would He react?"  There would be so few hurts inflicted upon one another if you would begin to live your lives with Me as your example.  Let every waking moment reflect My light and My love.  My patience, too, should be a prime example for My children.  Patience with one another, and patience with your God and what He has in store for each one of His children.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You've given me many reminders today.  I guess I was in need of these.

Jesus:  Not only you, child, remember, the messages are to be shared.  These are for all My children.  Each of My children will find something for them in the words I am asking you to share with others. 

Thank you for listening and sharing, little one.  There is much more to be asked of you, but know that God is with you in all you say and do.  Allow Him to do the difficult part.  Let Him work through you so He can touch the lives and hearts of all His children.  He is God, and can do all things.  You are only an instrument.  I know you have much to do, little one.  Go in My peace and love.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I truly feel I have both.  Thank You.


Message of March 28, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  My Mother is calling Her children together to fight against the evil one.  The rosary is to be among the greatest of all prayers to pull the evil one down.  Remember, My Mother has said, "My Immaculate Heart will triumph."  Through those of you who have heard Her words, 'pray, pray, pray', and are taking them seriously, the evil one will be destroyed.  The numbers who come to the haven of peace and prayer will continue to grow, little one, because that is the desire of My heart and that of My Mother.  She has chosen this special place for Her children of the rosary to gather.  She has blessed it, as have I. 

Many graces and blessings continue to flow from Her to Her children who come here in faith to pray.  Many graces will be given through you as you pray for those who desire prayer.  Be not afraid, little one, God knows what He is doing.  You need not be concerned.  You need only be obedient.  Pray with My children.  Share My words through the messages and your God will do the hard part.  I will do the healings that are needed. 

Each of My chosen ones has a special ministry.  Each one of you has been called to do something that was asked of you for My children.  But each call has been different.  Continue to listen and be obedient.  As you grow, other things will be expected of you, but not until the time is right.  As you are prepared, each task becomes greater.  But this is so of all things.  As a child begins to walk, he then learns to run and jump and do other things.  So too, do My little ones progress in the same way spiritually.  I do the molding, but it is all in My time. 

Some of My children place their God on a time line.  I am God, I can do all things.  But those things that I do are in My time and My way.  Sometimes I am speaking to My children and guiding them, and they refuse to listen or be guided.  In some cases, they wish to do their will and not Mine.  In cases such as these, it is their problem.  In some cases they must wait and be patient for all things to fall into place before their prayers can be answered.  They should be praying, 'Thy will be done', and asking for the wisdom to know My will so they can do it with love and obedience.  My children must learn to put all in My hands so I can work in their lives for the greater honor and glory of God. 

Patience is something that the children of this world have very little of in this age.  Continue to pray for these little children, but do not feel that you have failed them if their prayers are not answered in the way they wish, or in the time span they give for an answer.  All My children receive whatever they need.  Since I know what is best for My children, they come away healed in the way I have chosen.  Each child is different and each need is different.  You are only an instrument, child.  You are only to be obedient and to offer to pray.  You are My hands and feet, little one.  Tend to My little ones who are in need of much.

Ruth Ann:  I am trying, Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, child.  This is apparent because the numbers are growing.  This is the result of those things done for the greater honor and glory of God.  'You will know them by their fruits'.  These are not just words little one, these are truths.  Your work will continue to grow and change as you grow in Me.

Ruth Ann:  What do You mean by change, Lord?

Jesus:  Your cross will become heavier and heavier as time goes on.  As you grow in Me, you will be strengthened to carry that cross.  You will be given the graces and strength to do all that is ahead, little one.  You are not to be concerned about the future.  You are in God's hands.  He can and will, continue to tend to your needs.

Ruth Ann:  I'm not really concerned about that, Lord.  I just thought You were going to tell me something more specific, so I wanted to be sure I was listening if You had something You wished to tell me.

Jesus:  At the present time, you are being told those things that you need to hear.  You are being told only those things that are relevant to what you must do at this time.  Be attentive and be obedient.  I will tend to the rest. 

Now, you have much to do today.  It will go smoothly for you have put Me first.  I bless you.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for all You do for me and those who come here to pray.

Jesus:  My Mother is pouring out graces in abundance in this special place of prayer.  My children need only to ask.  Make this known. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it is written.  It will be shared.


Message of July 20, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, the message came easy this morning.

Our Lady:  That is because you were ready to listen.  You are at peace, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, I am.  I'm ready for whatever God would have me do.

Our Lady:  You are ready and willing, but you must remember, all will be in God's time.

Ruth Ann:  I am concerned about one thing.  Our dog is not doing well.  She seems to have aged so much in this past year.  I feel You are telling me it's time to lose another of my animals.

Our Lady:  It is not immediate, but it is so, child.

Ruth Ann:  You know I'm going to miss her terribly when she goes, don't You?

Our Lady:  Yes, little one, but I also know you will let her go, because you know it is God's will for you to do so.

Ruth Ann:  Nearly everything has been removed from me.

Our Lady:  Yes, little one, but much has been given in return.  Rewards await you for all the sacrifices you are making here on the earth.  You continually die of self, so that others may live.  You do not realize the importance of these words, but one day you will.  Just know in your heart your Mother speaks truth.

Ruth Ann:  I have no doubt about that.  It's just that sometimes, all this becomes very difficult.  Just like all things that are difficult for me, I'd like to get on with it and put it behind me, so too, I'd like to do with my cross, whatever it may be.

Our Lady:  Child, God does not work that way.  His timing is perfect, His plan is perfect.  You must be patient, and wait for His will to be done.  You cannot hurry what God wishes to do by being impatient.  It is good you are willing and ready to get on with whatever God would have you do, it means you are ready to do His will.  But all things must fall into place before He will come to you and ask you to carry His cross.  Be patient, and continue to persevere in all He is having you do at the present time.  When He is ready for you to do more, He will be the one to let you know.  I am your Mother.  I am here for you at all times.  Continue to do all God asks of you.  Be obedient, and await His greatest gift to you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.

Our Lady:  Now go in the peace of My Son.  Know I am with you throughout this busy day.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Thank You for your message for prayer group.  I also thank You for being here for me.  Help me to deal with all those things that contribute to my dying of self.

Our Lady:  Thank you for being willing to give up so much for God's children.


Message of July 30, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I've just been up the hill to do the Stations of the Cross.  Is there anything You wish to say to me, while I'm sitting here resting?

Jesus:  Child, I feel you are in need of encouragement.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, daily, continuously.  Sometimes I feel really frightened. 

Jesus:  That is understandable, little one.  In your humanness, there is so much you must accept in faith and trust.  So, yes, from a human standpoint, all of this is overwhelming to you at times.

Ruth Ann:  I appreciate this gift, Lord, please don't misunderstand me.  But I feel those who are able to see You, or Your Mother, as You speak with them, are at a real advantage.

Jesus:  You are correct, little one.  Your cross is difficult to carry.  Just remember what has been said to you, "Blessed are they that do not see and still believe."

Ruth Ann:  I know, Lord, and I keep forgetting those words.  In my case, they are really important.

Jesus:  Do not become discouraged, little one.  There will come a time when you will see Me.  You are aware of this, and are being prepared.  You need only be patient, and do those things that are being asked of you, at the present time.  Your life is going to change, and so is your ministry.  You do not understand what I am saying, but be patient, and let God work in your life as He sees fit.  My children have a difficult time with patience, yet patience is extremely important in each of My children's lives.  In following God's will, and not your own, you must wait for all things to fall into place.  Trust and faith are an important part of God's divine plan.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it sounds so easy, and it is really very difficult.

Jesus:  That is because man has a tendency to want what he wants, when he wants it.  That's man's plan.  When man turns his life over to the Master Planner, then he must learn that patience is the key to living each day in peace.  Again, patience is not something My children have an easy time with in this world.  The world is filled with 'instant everything', from food, to all the material possessions and pleasures of the world.  Even with access to so much, My children are still not happy or satisfied.  The more they get, the more they want.

Little one, much prayer is needed by those who see and are aware of what is going on all around you.  There is a war going on, child, a war of good versus evil.  It appears that evil is winning because of the darkness all over the land, but child, prayer can move mountains.  Good will triumph over evil.  Again, little one, be aware that much suffering will come about before the Triumph of My Mother's Immaculate Heart.  She is gathering Her mighty army, and it is She and Her prayer warriors, who, in the end, will help bring about this beautiful victory. 

You, and what you are doing, is a small part of this great plan, child.  You are only a piece of God's giant puzzle.  Be patient, and witness to the love of God in your life, and let God do the rest.  Your prayers, sharing, and love will help bring peace to all those who are attentive to what My Mother and I are saying. 

Now child, I know you have a busy day ahead.  Do you not feel encouraged and at peace?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, I do.

Jesus:  Then continue this day in My peace.  Know that God has His hands upon you and yours.  Be at peace with all you do and say.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord, for always being here for me when I need You.

Jesus:  Thank you, for allowing Me to use you for the good of others.