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October 2009
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of June 17, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, again I come to You to ask for Your forgiveness.  You know, I really don't know why God just doesn't take my life away from me.  Why in the world He puts up with my anger, distrust, all the negative feelings that overpower me at times.  I'm really not worthy of anything He wants me to do, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, do you really believe anyone is?  No one is worthy, not on their own merits.  God makes them worthy.  You were so concerned about so many things, little one.  Your Jesus has been here waiting and longing for you to give yourself over to Him.  You are fighting the will of God, little one, instead of taking it all one day at a time as I have asked of you.  You continue to look ahead and try to outguess God.  You will be told only that which you need to know, and even that will be only when you need to know it.  Child, you don't need to think for one minute that because you have spoken My words, that you have brought about the statue, the building, and the prayer, that is being said here.  You child, are nothing without Me.  All of My children are nothing without Me.  No one can do anything without My assistance.  Those who are wealthy, healthy, important, it was not given to them because they have earned it.  It was given to them because I have desired it to be so.  Some will use My gifts wisely and some will misuse these gifts of Mine.  It is like a test.  Life is not fair on the earth.  It is not meant to be.  Those who have little, I love for what they do with what they have, just as those who are wealthy will be judged accordingly. 

Little one, you are having a difficult time adjusting to all that is happening around you, but it need not be so.  Think of this respite as a time to become better acquainted with Me, your Jesus.  Teaching has become an extremely stressful job.  The demands are overwhelming at times.  Society as a whole has forfeited the position of a parent and primary caregiver of soul and mind away to anyone who will care for the child.  The parents of today are too busy earning money for things.  They care not for their children.  They expect teachers to teach, police, love, feed, and nurture the little ones.  At the same time, they are saying, "Don't discipline my child.  Don't teach my child values."  What an impossible task for those who love Me and wish to be of help to those little ones placed in their care.  Now, you will be free of this burden, at least in the classroom, but you will not be free of the knowledge that much prayer and sacrifice are needed for the families of today.  The family is no longer a strong center of stability and faith as it once was.  It is broken and destroyed by greed and selfishness.  Now man is reaping the benefits of his many mistakes.  Look at the crime rate.  Watch the news.  Read the newspaper.  Not a day passes without some horrible atrocity happening somewhere.  It is getting closer and closer to home, little one.  Much prayer is needed by all of My children who have been made aware of the need.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know much prayer is needed, but the little I can do cannot be so important that You would take so much time with me.

Jesus:  I love all My children.  I am patient, loving, and kind.  I in turn expect the same of My children for one another.  Be all of these things to each other.  Be patient, loving, and kind.  Follow My example in all you do, little one.  You still don't understand, do you?  The importance of what you are doing for Me still has not fully become a part of you.  In time it will.  You wish to deny the importance of your mission, because you know yourself as you are.  You feel unworthy and wretched.  All this is so, little one, but God can do all things.  Is this not so?  He can take your brokenness and make of it whatever He desires.  He desires to use you for much, little one.  Your continued admittance to your brokenness only makes you more usable.

Ruth Ann:  Why do You even fool with me, Lord?  There are those who would desire to do all that You would have me do, and do it joyfully and without reservation.  There are those who would gladly travel, and pray, and speak on Your behalf, and pray with and ask for healings for all those who need them.  I know this for a fact, Lord.

Jesus:  But you don't know God's plan.  That is the difference.  You don't know the hearts and minds of others.  That too, is a hindrance to the individuals you are thinking of.  The children God chooses to do His work have to be of the heart and mind of Jesus.  They have to be bent, molded, and broken, in some cases, and rebuilt from the bottom up, and from the inside out.  This can only be done with those children who recognize their unworthiness.  Great humility and love for God and for My Mother is needed.  You have both, child.  You have the great love and the humility.

Ruth Ann:  If You say so, Lord.  My anger is gone, and so are all the other feelings I had yesterday.

Jesus:  Yes, it is because you have given Me all those feelings you could no longer deal with.  When you gave these things to Me, did you not feel peace?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.            

Then You gave me an anointing of the Holy Spirit.  I felt cleansed.  Prayer group was extra special too.  Thank You for all the confirmations for the message from Your Mother.  Everything fit together just as though we had all sat down together and planned the readings, sharings, and messages.

Jesus:  See what God can do when His children listen.  You are like a stubborn little child who says, "No I'm not doing that," and yet you love God so much that you can not walk away.  I know your heart.  Do you not realize that this only endears you to Me even more?  Which child would you prefer, little one, one who tells you 'yes' and then walks away and does what he wishes or would you prefer the one who says 'no, I can't' and walks forward and continues to do My will, even though the cost is great? 

Ruth Ann:  I see what You mean Lord, but You are the One that made me.  I am not in control of my heart.  You are right in saying all these things, Lord, but I can't walk away because I know I am needed and there would be much guilt.

Jesus:  Child, this is true, but I am God.  I could choose another if you chose to walk away.  You say you cannot but you have a free will.  Others have been called but few are chosen.  It is because God knows the hearts, minds, and souls of all those He has chosen.  You say you continue on out of guilt,  some yes, but child I know your heart.  Remember, I am God.  I know how much love you have for Me, My Mother, and your fellowman.  You can say as you wish, little one, but I know your heart.  I thank you for this love, little one.  It fans the flame of My heart when others would have the flame smothered, or even worse, ignored.

Ruth Ann:  Again, Lord, You give me too much credit.

Jesus:  None more than you deserve, little one.  Again, I love you, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.  Forgive me for being such a pain.  I am so sorry.

Jesus:  You have forgotten I know your heart.  All is forgiven and forgotten.
Message of September 6, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:   Holy Mother Mary.

Our Lady:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Would You please repeat to me those things which You told me yesterday?  At that time I did not have a pencil and paper with me, so I could not write down what You told me.

Our Lady:  Yes child, I will do so.  You are concerned about the personal messages, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.

Our Lady:  These things have been revealed to you for a reason, child.  It too, is prophesy.  It is so that when these prophecies are fulfilled, there will be written proof and you will be credible in the eyes of all those who have read these prophecies.  This is all part of the plan of God.  He uses those who listen to help the faith of others.  You continue to say you are not worthy child, but if God waited for His children to be holy, then He would have no help.  He is looking for willing vessels to pour out His blessings and graces upon, so they will in turn share this with others.  Many want the blessings and gifts, but they would not be willing to share, or those who would be willing to share are not humble or credible in the eyes of others.  All things must work for the honor and glory of God, child.  You may not consider yourself worthy, but the One Who has chosen you does.  You may not be holy, as you say, but remember, God does the molding of the ones He chooses to do His will.  Is that of help to you?  Does that help you to understand why God has chosen you for this task?  There are many who would love to have this mission and your gifts.  They do not realize you find this to be such a burden. 

Your shyness makes all the things you are doing extremely painful for you.  This in itself is a cross.  You are a private person who loves to spend much time with your family and in prayer.  You find your time is constantly interrupted by the wants, desires, and needs of others.  It will continue to be more difficult for you.  It will not get easier.  Your personality will not change, and neither will the desire to do the will of God.

Ruth Ann:  So what are You saying, Mother?

Our Lady:  I am saying that the mission set before you is going to be one of great sacrifice.  When God has told you He wishes you to be consumed by His love for you and your love for Him, this is exactly what He means.  He wants to be in your thoughts, actions, and desires every minute of the day and night.

Ruth Ann:  Except for the times I am with my family, or doing some chores that are outside of the home, this is so.  Even when I wake during the night, I am led to pray.  Even my dreams are becoming connected with talks and prayer.

Our Lady:  This is as it should be.  God has much work for you to do child, and in order for this work to be done, He needs to have your undivided attention.  He needs you to stay focused on Him, the One Who created you for the enormous task that lies ahead.

Ruth Ann:  This always sounds so ominous.  You know I have a difficult time taking myself so seriously, Mother.  I listen and do all that is asked of me, because I know it is the will of God, but I have a difficult time taking what I am doing so seriously.  I love You, and I love God with my whole heart and soul and fiber of my being, but I can't take what I am doing as so very important.  I realize I'm just an instrument.  I am told that over and over.  I am to share His word and lay hands on people for healings of all kinds, but God does the work.  I am just an instrument.  He has even called me a reluctant one, at that.  He is correct.  I take His work seriously, but I don't take my role very seriously.  I know in my heart, if I didn't do what He is asking, He'd find someone else, so I know I'm unimportant in the sense that God would get His work accomplished by someone else if I chose to walk away.  It's as simple as that.  I am reluctant.  I don't like the idea of my family suffering because of my choice to do the will of the Father in Heaven.  In my choosing to do the will of God, and be used as His instrument, they are having to hear things about their Mother that is very painful for them.  It has already started, Mother.

Our Lady:  Yes child, I know, but I have spoken of this to you in the messages of Medjugorje.  Your family is to be a beacon of light.  They are to be an example of what a true family of God is all about.  You will all pull together as one unit.  You will support one another, and there will be sufficient graces to see you through all the difficult times ahead.  Conversions will come about as a result of your trials and sufferings.  Be not afraid, child.  Your family will be loved and watched over by the One Who created you.  You are not to be concerned.  You are to put all of your needs, desires, and concerns in the hands of the One Who heals all wounds, your God. 

Child,  remember, you are working for God.  The evil one will try many ways to discourage and upset you.  You have been told what you are doing is not, and will never be easy, but remember, the greater the task, the greater the rewards.  Heaven awaits you child, you and your family.  Should this not be a great incentive to each one of you?  All those who do the will of God have the great reward of eternal happiness to look forward to.  Those who would do you harm by saying evil about you, will have to deal with God.  God says, "Woe unto those who would try to harm the least of My chosen ones by word or deed."  The evil one can put thoughts and words in the hearts and minds of those who are of a nature to be jealous of you, little child.  You are naive, and wish to believe the best of all those around you, but there are those who would like to see you fail this task.  They smile and give you support to your face, but behind your back they would speak ill of you. 

I am sorry to say these things to you, little child, but if I did not speak them to you, it would not mean they were not true.  It would only mean they would not be spoken.  I know God's children, child.  That is why I am here.  There is such need for the darkness to be removed from the hearts of My children, and the light to be placed there.  It is through those of you who have said, "Yes" that these conversions will come about.  You do the will of God.  He will take care of you and those who would do you harm.

Ruth Ann:  I would hope God will touch the hearts of those who have wished to do me harm, and bring about a conversion.

Our Lady:  Pray for this, child.

Ruth Ann:  I will, Mother Mary.

Our Lady:  Is there anything else you would have Me speak of?

Ruth Ann:  You know there is.

Our Lady:  Then I will address the real concern.  You are wanting Me to confirm the message I gave you yesterday.  I told you that yes, My Son is going to come to you and ask you to carry His cross, and that others will be able to see Him.  You will go into seclusion for a time, and that you would read something soon that will give you a confirmation of all I have said to you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, I just wanted to know if this message was a true message from Heaven.

Our Lady:  Child, this is a true message from your Mother in Heaven.  I am the Mother of Jesus.  I have done the will of God through-out the centuries, and will always do the will of God.  These revelations are from Heaven, child, and the confirmations will be forthcoming.  You were granted a respite, were you not?  You would be teaching and trying to have time for prayer, family, and all the other things God would have you do, had God not made this respite possible.  You are to do the will of God, and He will do all the rest.  Remember, God has a perfect plan.  You do the will of the Father in Heaven, and He will take care of the rest.  Know that God loves you, and does not wish harm to come to you or your dear ones.  My protective mantle surrounds you, your family, and all those who are of help to you in any way.  This is a grace for those who would be, and are of assistance in seeing God's plan unfold.  Know in your heart the depth of God's love for you.  I am here when you are of need of Me, child. 

Now I will let you go about your day.  God blesses you for your fidelity to His work.  I too, leave you with My blessing.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother Mary.


Message of April 30, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, thank You for listening to our prayers.

Jesus:  Child, I listen to all your prayers.  I make no exception.  All prayers are listened to.

Ruth Ann:  I guess what I really mean is, thank You for answering our prayers.  You know what I am referring to, so I really don't need to elaborate, but we are so grateful to You.  Thank You for Your grace and mercy.  Please continue to bless this person and the situation.

Jesus:  Little one, those Who choose to follow Me and die of self experience the pain of My Death and Resurrection.  The process is painful, but the result is one of great beauty.  Remember, God can do all things.  He can take the most difficult situation and turn it into one of grace.  Good can come from evil, and darkness can be turned into light.  So long as My children call upon and give Me free rein over their life, I can do much.  The most humble and dejected of My children can become My best instruments.  My children must be emptied of self before this process can be done to its fullest.  Once it has been done, the purification, the molding can truly begin.  This is not an easy process, but one that brings with it the love and compassion of all the Heavenlies.  My Mother is especially touched to see someone who is willing to undergo this process.  She will personally see to this person you are concerned about.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  That has given me much peace.

Jesus:  Little one, you must learn to let go once you have prayed for the needs of others.  Continue to pray but know that all is in God's hands.  You have My word, and My word is truth.  Only good things can come from one who has completely turned their life over to God.  Sometimes self can get in the way of what God has planned for the individual, so that has to be emptied.  The process is painful, but the perfection achieved is above all else that is.  Be not afraid.  For those who love God and are called in His plan, all things work out for good.

Ruth Ann:  I believe, Lord.

Jesus:  Those who are willing to accept the will and plan of God, no matter what, have earned great merit in the eyes of God.  The graces and strength will continue to be heaped out in great abundance.  The plan is unfolding.  All things must come together so that all things be fulfilled.  God's plan is perfect.  Have no doubt as to what is to be.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for Your graces, strength, and mercy.

Jesus:  Many see themselves in you, and they know God is working in your life in a mighty way.  That gives them hope.  Continue to be obedient and God will tend to all else.  We love you and thank you for allowing God to use you as He does.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for being loving and patient with me, Lord.


November 2, 1994 Message from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You continue to talk about keeping our peace and trust in God to help with our burdens.

Our Lady:  Child, these seem to be of the most concern to My children at this time.  So many of you get bogged down with daily decisions, irritations, and concerns of all kinds.  Some small, and others not so small.  You must realize that God can do all things.  Put Him first in your life.  Put your life in order and the burdens will automatically feel lightener to you.  Many of your problems cannot be solved by you.  You must turn these hurts and concerns over to Him Who can do something with, and about, these things. 

I am your Mother, here to remind you that God loves you.  He does not wish to see you hurting and feeling abandoned.  He has sent His Mother to you to guide you and pray with you.  He has sent Me here to be of help to you.  But most of all, He has sent Me here to let you know He, and His love for you, do exist.  Count on this love, with all of your heart.  A Father Who loves you wants only good things for His children.  That is why it is so important that you prioritize your lives.  Put God first, and all things will fall into place. 

You cannot know God's plan, but know that it is perfect.  He can use all things to His greater honor and glory, those that are good, and those not so good.  It is not for you to understand.  It is for you to trust.  He is the Potter, you are the clay.  He wishes to mold you into His likeness.  You cannot be molded without pain and suffering.  You await growth, but do not wish to experience pain in this growth.  When you have decided to follow Jesus, you have automatically accepted the pain of His Passion and Death.  This comes in many forms.  You are asked to pick up your cross and follow Him.  If you are a true believer in the ways of God, you know this will not be an easy task. 

God has not promised you an easy life.  He has promised you great rewards for following in the footsteps of His Son.  Be at peace with your cross.  These are signs of God's love for you.  Without these crosses, you could not continue to grow in the love that is eternal.  I love you, and wish to assist you on your way to Calvary, My children.  I walked with My Son, and I wish to do the same for you.  Be comforted in your hours of need.  Accept God's plan.  Great rewards await all who trust and do the will of the Father, just as I and My Son have done before you.  Be at peace.  God is watching over you.


Message of Nov. 10, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  You are too close to all that is happening.  You cannot see the big picture.  It is like standing too close to a painting.  All you can see is an area, or one aspect of the picture.  As time goes on, you will see many of the revelations brought forth to blossom before your eyes.  Know your God has been planning these things before you were even put here on this earth.  He knows all things.  As I have said before, the evil that brings about many of the changes that are happening in your world, and the world of those you love, are not of Me.  But I can use all things for My greater honor and glory. 

When you say 'yes' to My will, little one, there is no limit as to what I would do for, and through, you.  There are so few willing to give up everything for Me.  When I find someone willing to do so, the burdens become extremely heavy.  There are so few willing workers in My vineyards.  When I find someone willing, they must be stretched beyond belief in love, faith, and obedience.  When they have been tested and purified, then they can be molded to suit My purpose for them on this earth.  You are in the process of being molded.  The process is painful, but God expects much from those who love Him.  Trust, little one, you will not be orphaned.  You will be attended to.  All of your needs will be met, as well as those of the ones you love. 

When My children say 'yes' to Me, that 'yes' brings with it the burden of My cross.  With this burden comes the guarantee that I am with them unto the very end of their earthly existence, and continue to be with them throughout the rewards of the eternal life, promised by My Death and Resurrection.  So be at peace, little one.  The pain of your grief will subside, and you will be able to see the purpose for all things revealed to you in the past.  Go in My peace. 

Your day is full.  Do all for My greater honor and glory.  Know I am with you through all that is, and is to come.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Give me the grace and strength to do all You would have me do.

Jesus:  It is done.


Message of Dec. 14, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Mother, we are living in such troubled times, that it is difficult to find peace, and keep it for very long.  I am finding it extremely difficult.

Our Lady:  Little child, you must stay focused on My Son, and turn loose of all those things in the world that keep you from this peace.  Open your heart to the gift of love that awaits you.  You have become attached to your priest, have you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  He has been a source of strength to me, my family, and the prayer here at the farm.

Our Lady:  Now it is time for a change, child.  Man cannot grow without change.  You are continually stretched and emptied, once you have accepted to do the will of God.  The more you do, the more is expected of you.  This is called being molded.  Remember, it is God Who does this molding, child.  You are not in control.  'Your will be done, Lord'.  These words give God the right to do all He can to bring you into the light and love that awaits you. 

It is not easy to follow the will of God, and turn away from the world.  You must learn to accept all the crosses put before you, and know that He is in control, and all things are done for a reason.  Trust, little children, trust that God's plan is perfect.  No matter how many, and how heavy your crosses.  They need not be carried alone.  God is with you.  I too, am here to assist you with graces and blessings in abundance.  I, who am your Mother, wish to assist you in any way you need.  Know I am praying with you, for all those things you voice, and those you hold in your heart. 

Go in My Son's peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.


Message of January 26, 1995, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I'm listening.

Jesus:  Little one, I am here.

Ruth Ann:  After yesterday, I was afraid You too, might not be talking to me, at least not words to write down to share.

Jesus:  Little one, don't feel abandoned.  Your Mother has not left you.  She has not abandoned those who truly love Her.  She has told you She is here at the farm to welcome each one who comes, with open arms, and you are to do the same.  She has also said She is here to give graces and blessings, and this will continue.  She is here to pray with all who come to pray.  It is only the messages to share that have ceased.

Now, My children must take to their hearts the words that have been spoken to them.  She has laid down a blueprint, in simple language, for the salvation of their souls.  It is up to those who are listening, to apply the words that have been shared, to their daily lives.  That is the purpose for which these words were spoken.  You are not to take this removal, the gift of the messages, as something personal.  It was God's gift to give to you, and it was His gift to remove, when He saw fit.  All is part of God's plan, little one.  All things are falling into place as God wills.

Be not afraid, and walk in the peace of Christ this day, and the days to come.  One door has been closed, but many will be opened unto you.  God has much for you to do, little one.  So do not feel that all is over, just because one part of your life has changed.  You must continue to grow and be stretched.  You were told you were to expect much spiritual growth in this period of time, and you were not aware of how this was to be.  Growth is important in the life of My chosen ones.  With growth comes strength to tend to the tasks that God has put before you.  You must be patient, and watch God's plan unfold before you.

You have been experiencing the pain of the loss of your priest.  You are beginning to realize that forgiveness is an important part of moving on to the next plateau that God has in store for you.  You do not have to like what has happened, or how it has come about.  But you do have to find the love, peace, and forgiveness in your heart, for all involved in this difficult time.  Through your forgiveness of others, peace will come to you.  That is how God works.  Embrace the cross, and truly be a child of God. 

You need not be concerned about the days ahead.  God is in charge, little one, and He will tend to all things.  Your Jesus forgave all who harmed Him, and brought about His death.  You, to be Christ-like, must follow in My footsteps.  All My children who wish to follow in My footsteps, must accept the crosses that are placed on their shoulders to carry.  You will not carry these crosses alone.  I will always provide the strength and grace needed to carry these burdens.  As one challenge is accepted and conquered, then God will provide another.  This is growth, little one.  This is how My children grow.  It is in the acceptance of each cross that is given to them.  In order to grow, change must be accepted.  Change is difficult for many of you, but change is necessary in order that you be prepared for greater works.  Be at peace with this change.  Know that God has His Hand upon you, and all that you do.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for these words, Lord.

Jesus:  My peace be with you today, and all the days to come.