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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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October 2010
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of June 2, 1993,
from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

I am your Mother.  I am here to help you gain the peace that God wants all of His children to have.  Pray for this peace dear children, it is more precious than any of the material things that man wishes to possess on the earth.  Many of God's gifts go unclaimed because man is so preoccupied accumulating wealth.  He has no time to talk to God, and ask Him for the gift of peace and other gifts, that would help him in his journey of faith.  Love one another, let there be no jealousy among you.  You are to unite in prayer for all the needs of my children who no longer pray.  Each one of you is special.  Each one of you has special gifts.  Share these gifts to help and encourage others.  Dear children, I love you, God loves you.  Go in His peace.


Message of December 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  There is a great need, little one.  My children have found something missing in their lives.  That 'something' is peace.  Many are finding that peace here, and in places such as this.  This place has been chosen to be set aside by Me and My Mother as a source of renewal.  This haven, blessed by God for the use of His people, will continue to be a source of peace, grace, and blessings for all those who come here in faith to pray.  You, child, have been chosen to take a stand for the good God is doing and continues to do in your life.  You have been chosen child, to witness to others so that they, too, can stand firm and stead-fast in their test of faith.  My children need someone who is not ashamed to say, "Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ," and "Yes, He is alive and working miracles today just, as He did two thousand years ago," and "Yes, He will work in your life for you today, just as He has in mine, if you will only let Him in."


Message of February 7, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I'm getting a little nervous about my talk coming up on Thursday.

Jesus:  Take a deep breath, little one, and rest in Me.  Remember, I will bring you the peace you need to see you through each and every task I set before you.  All you need do is come to Me with your concern and your fears.  I will turn them into the joy and peace that you need.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I feel better already.

Jesus:  If only all of My children would bring their concerns to Me, I could relieve them of their burdens and they, too, could have peace.  I am the ultimate controller of My children's lives.  They have a free will, but if they would turn all over to Me, so that My will would be done and not their own, peace could be theirs.  See how simple it is, but how many can truly do this?  Not many.  It takes faith and trust in God, a faith that not many of My children have.

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord.  We all want to be in complete control of our life and no one wants to give You credit for taking care of us.  I'm just as guilty, Lord.

Jesus:  You are learning, child.  You sometimes slip, and need to be reminded, but you have come a long, long way.  As you grow in My Holy Spirit and accept more and more responsibility for caring for My children, you will slip less and less.  You will live My presence, and continually be in prayer, in all you say and do.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm already noticing this.  Even when I wake up during the night I immediately begin praying.  Any time I have free or quiet time, it is spent in prayer.

Jesus:  That is as it should be.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I also want to thank You for the time You've given me with my family this year.  I've spent many wonderful days with my grandchildren and my children. 

Jesus:  There is a reason for this, little one.  You do so much for Me, this is a reward for doing so.  You are obedient, and are following God's will.  How could I not let you have some little 'perks' along the way?  And too, little one, you will become so busy, you will have less and less time with your family.  This will be soon, so I wish for you to enjoy the time being given to you now. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it's difficult for me to take all that You say seriously.  I can't imagine being too busy for my family.  This year has been a great respite for me, Lord.  I am busy, but I am not overwhelmed like I was while I was still teaching.

Jesus:  Little one, it is not My wish that you ever feel overwhelmed, but it is My wish that you do more and more for Me.  In ministering to My people and accepting My will, this will come about.  I don't tell you this to concern you, I tell you this only as a preparation.  When I come to you, child, and ask you to carry My cross, others will become aware that I have been here.  That will bring many to this place of peace and prayer, that were never interested in coming before.  They, too, will wish to see Me and the many miracles that will result in My coming to you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You said I would begin receiving visions again, and this will be before You come to me, so are You coming soon, I mean like in this next year?

Jesus:  Little one, I have said I would come to you after all of your children were settled.  That is to be soon, is it not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Then it is for you to be patient, little one.  God has His own plan and His own time.  You need only be receptive to the will of the Father.  He will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann:  Thy will be done, Lord.  I love You.

Jesus:  I love you, little one.  Continue to listen and share My words.  All other things will fall into place in God's time.  Go about your day in My peace, child.  Know I am with you in all you say and do.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for Your love and comfort, Lord.


Message of February 9, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You seemed frustrated in Your message today to the prayer groups.

Our Lady:  Child, I continue to tell My children to pray and make sacrifices, and they continue to turn their backs on God.  Many think they do not need to pray, and those who pray do not feel they need to do more.  What is wrong with your world?  No one seems to take the messages seriously, and those who do spend so much time speculating on when 'the end' is coming that they miss the point of the message.  The reason for the messages is one of calling for change of the heart.  Pray, dear children, and ask for the peace of God to permeate your hearts.  Seek Jesus in your neighbor.  He is there.  Love one another.  Do not fight your neighbor.  Love your neighbor.  Child, the peace of your world is being destroyed, little by little, and no one seems to really care enough to do anything about it.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, many are praying and many prayer groups have sprung up all over the world, many shrines to You and Your Son are being revisited.  So why do You say, no one seems to really care?

Our Lady:  Child, I am your Mother, sent here to help you prepare for the coming of My Son.  My Jesus is hurting, and I am hurting with Him.  He looks at those of you who continually ignore all that is being said and shown to you, and again feels the agony He felt in the Garden at Gethsemane.  Why do God's child-ren have to be so stubborn and so blind?    Why can't you see that you are destroying not only others in your hatred, but yourselves and your world as well? 

Peace is needed in your world, and it must begin in your hearts.  Seek this peace, this peace is a lasting peace, and no matter what goes on around you, it will continue to remain in your heart.  'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all other things will come unto you'.  Put God first in your lives, little children, and He will tend to your other needs.  Love God with all your hearts, minds, and souls, and your neighbor as yourself, and you will have the peace you seek.  Times are difficult, and this has been brought about through lack of prayer and trust in God. 

Man, in turning his back on God and removing Him from every aspect of his life, has brought about darkness.  The evil one continues to wreak havoc upon the earth, and God's people have been deceived into believing that God is not needed.  Dear children, look around you as God has been removed little by little from your world, more and more hate and destruction comes about.  Man is destroying one another.  Put God back into your world, children, and you will see a change.  Do not allow Satan to continue to have the upper hand.  Pray, dear children, and turn toward God in these hours of need.  He is listening and waiting to hear from you.

Ruth Ann: Mother, many of us are trying to do better.

Our Lady:  I appreciate all each of My children do, but it is not enough.  Put God first in your lives, then, and only then, can you know you are doing what is asked of you.  Pray, dear children, that you understand the urgency of the messages being sent to you from Heaven.  Do not seek signs and wonders.  Seek peace.  Seek to please God through prayers and sacrifices.  Then the graces and blessings will be given to you that God wishes you to have to strengthen your faith and help you keep His peace.

Ruth Ann:  You seem so sad, Mother.

Our Lady:  Only because My children do not take what I am saying seriously enough.  I wish for them to be at peace in their hearts, and peace cannot come unless there is much prayer.  The prayer must come from the heart.  It cannot just be words said.  It must be words said from the heart.  Share what I have said to you.

Ruth Ann:  It is done, Mother.

Our Lady:  I thank you for your continued effort, child.  Go in the peace of Jesus Christ, My Son.


Message of March 17, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus
(In the Holy Land)

Jesus:  This is your last day in the Holy Land.  It is a land of great turmoil, child.  It seeks peace and peace will not come.  The minds and hearts of men prevent this peace from coming.  As a result, many innocent suffer.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, it is obvious to see.  There are soldiers every-where trying to keep peace.

Jesus:  My children have still to learn that peace comes from within.  It is not something that can be gained through violence and blood-shed.  But this is how man continuously works at peace.  Man must live My commandments to gain peace.  Once he has achieved the peace within, the peace in the world will come.  Why are My children so blind?  My Mother continues to warn Her children.  God is warning them and they still do not listen.  Renew your efforts in prayer, little one.  Renew your resolve to do all My Father asks of you for the sake of this peace.  There is so much pain and suffering here and in other places all over the world.  Much prayer is needed for this peace that can only come from God.

Be grateful for this time given to you, little one.  Be glad God has been so good to you and your country.  Go from here with a new commitment and willingness to do the will of God.  It is through those of you willing to give your lives so that others may live, that this peace of the heart will come to many.  You do not fully understand, little one, but as time goes on, more and more will be made clear to you.

You are feeling the need to get on with your day, are you not? 

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, we have a schedule to follow.

Jesus:  Be at peace with this.  I will be speaking with you again before you leave here. Write what I am saying.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of March 19, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You said You wished to speak with me, You also asked that I record this and share it.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, this is true.  There is much I wish to say to My children.  You have been given a spiritual healing while you were in the church at the sepulcher.  This was a total spiritual healing, and you were told this was to give you the courage to go forth and do all God asks of you.  Do you not feel a resolve to do this?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I do.  It's as though I'm resigned to do whatever comes.  Not like before, because I have to and see no way out, but I feel a need to do these things.  I still realize my unworthiness, but I have the knowledge that You are the healer and wish to use me as You see fit to help Your children.  And yes, there is a peace with this I didn't have before.  Please continue to strengthen me, Lord, so I can be of help to all those You send in my path.  It's okay, whatever.

Jesus:  Little one, in the Chapel of the Resurrection you felt the power of the Holy Spirit come down upon you in a mighty way.  This was the moment I lifted this tremendous burden of fear and doubt from you.  This does not mean that you will always be at peace with all you do, and are asked to do.  But it does mean you have been given an understanding you did not have before.  I have placed a desire for you to go forth in love and peace to minister to My people.

Ruth Ann:  I feel it, Lord.  This is the third Sunday weekend.  The weather is nice and I'm sure there will be many people here.  I also have a better understanding of the plight of the people in the Holy Land.  Before, I felt so far removed.  Our guide brought the feeling of the people alive in my heart. 

Jesus:  Pray for peace in the hearts of all those in My land of birth, death, and resurrection.  They wish peace and continue to live in unrest.  I have wept for My children, for I could see all that was to come after My dying on the cross.  I still continue to weep for them, as does My Mother.  I know you feel in your heart it seems hopeless, but through prayer, God can do anything that would seem impossible to man.  You have to work from the inside out, just as a wound must heal in such a way so that it be made truly well again, so too, must My children all over the world experience a healing from deep inside the heart.  Once the healing comes, then a lasting peace will come to the earth. 

My stubborn children must listen and pray.  A surface peace will not heal a deep wound.  The healing will only be temporary, and in a matter of time, the wound again will fester and break open and the process will begin anew.  Much prayer and sacri-fice is needed from those of My children who are listening and willing to make these great sacrifices. 

You My child, have much work to do.  You have gone on a pilgrimage to better understand the problems that exist all over the world.  You did not realize this, but each time your mind and heart has been opened a little further to help you realize the importance of what you need to do for God's people.  Prayer can bring peace, little one, a lasting peace.  The kind of peace that is total and complete.  Healings from the inside out.  This is truly the only kind of peace that is important, God's peace.  As man continues to cause more and more unrest in the world for each other, those who have this inner peace and healing will not be affected in a negative way.  Those of My children who understand the importance of prayer and peace will be able to continue on in a world filled with unrest and turmoil.  Those of My children will be more ready to make sacrifices of all kinds to help this feeling of inner peace come to those who are in need. 

Little one, continue on.  Share My words.  Share My peace.  Pray with and for those who are in need.  Minister to My people. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am only one person, but I'll do the best I can.  Stay with me throughout each day, Your Mother too, and St Joseph.  Today is St Joseph's feast day.  Wish him a happy feast day for me.  I feel he gets so little recognition.

Jesus:  I will extend these wishes to him, and you are right.  He is a powerful intercessor, and very special to God.  He would not have been chosen as protector for Me and My Mother had God not had great love for him.  Your husband should look to him for strength in the times ahead.  Now, you must get on with your day.  You have just returned from the Holy Land and you are not yet rested.  You will receive the strength you need to get through this busy weekend.  Go in My peace to love and serve your God.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of June l, 1994,
from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Again dear children, I call you to peace and love.  How can there be unity in My church unless there is love in your hearts for one another.  Therefore, little children, you must pray for the ability to achieve this peace.  I am your Mother, and I wish to help you, but I cannot help you if you do not listen to what I am saying.  Stay focused on My Son, Prince of Peace, God of Love.  Do not be afraid.  It does not matter if the entire world should crumble around you and fall into darkness.  Pick up your cross and follow in the footsteps of My Son.  He is your example.  Listen to My words.  Be at peace with one another.

Message of June 1,1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, You seem quite concerned about our peace.

Our Lady:  Child, without the peace that comes from within, there can be no peace anywhere.  Peace can only come when you stay focused on My Son.  Love can only come when there is peace.  See how it all fits?  When the peace is disturbed, you can be sure it has come about by the one who is of darkness.  Do not allow him to drag you down.  Complete abandonment to the will of God is of the utmost importance to those who wish to do His will.  This is not easy, but you have not been told that this would be easy.  It is never easy to take up your cross and follow in the footsteps of My Son.  But even though there is much difficulty in doing so, there can be peace attained that can only be of the One Who created you.  That is why I have said to you, "The world can crumble around you and fall into darkness, but the peace of Jesus Christ can still be in you." 

It matters not what others say or think of you.  What matters is what God thinks.  It is difficult for man to realize this, because he lives in the world.  You can live in the world, and not be of the world.  This is what is asked of you during this time when Satan has control of your world.  This is not what man wishes to do.  Man gets caught up in all those things around him which disturb his peace. 

Pray, dear children, that God will touch and break open the hearts of those who need to be aware of their wrongdoing.  You will never convince them of their misguided efforts to harm one another.  They will only disturb your peace.  Prayer is the answer.  Pray for one another.  Know I am praying with you, so that you can achieve all that God wishes of each one of you.  Be at peace with the words I am saying to you.  Seek peace.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, can you achieve peace and still fight against an injustice being done?  What is the answer?

Our Lady:  Child, there are many injustices in your land.  That is why I have been calling so many to prayer.  Of course you must fight against these injustices, but it must be done orderly, and in a peaceful manner.  My Son came into the world to be the perfect example of One Who wished to bring about peace and change in the hearts of those who were not of peace.  It was not an easy task, because those who were full of darkness did not accept either the peace or the change of heart that He brought with Him where ever He went.  But that is not the important part.  He brought the peace.  He exposed them to this peace.  It was their choice to accept it. 

Many chose not to accept it.  This is the case of all who wish to fight against injustice.  You can do what you can to bring about change and justice, but it is up to those who are bringing about these wrong doings to have a change of heart.  Many times this can only come about through the grace of God. 

That is why prayer is of the utmost importance, child.  That is why I call so many to pray together in special places.  There is power in prayer, and the more I can call together, the louder and stronger the voice.  God must be aware there are still those on the earth who love Him and appreciate all He has done for them.  He must be shown this love and appreciation He deserves and desires.  You are thinking, 'But God knows all things, why must He be shown'?  Child, your husband and your children love you, but don't you enjoy from time to time being told and shown this love by special words or gestures?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother, You are right.  I understand what You are saying.

Our Lady:  So, too, does God the Father wish to be thanked and shown this love that is in the hearts of those who wish to do His will.

Ruth Ann:  So what You are saying is, we should fight against injustice, but do so in a peaceful manner?

Our Lady:  Follow the example of My Son, and you cannot go wrong.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for reminding us of the power of prayer, and to thank God for all He does and has done for us.  There are so many things we need to change, and so many people in need of prayer.

Our Lady:  You do your part, leave the rest to God.  Trust, little child.  Trust in the greatness and goodness of your Lord and Savior.  Now go in the peace of My Son, serve Him to the best of your ability.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Please be with me and my family today.  Our granddaughter has medical tests that will be taken today.  We are praying for a healing for her.  Please be with her during this time.

Our Lady:  She will be healed in God's time.


Message of August 24, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

You hear the words that are being spoken to you, but you are not listening with your heart.  You must not only hear My words, but you must apply them to your daily life.  God loves you, and I love you.  He wishes you to keep this peace in a world filled with darkness and unrest.  This peace is difficult to attain.  That is why I am here for you dear children, to see that you stay focused on My Son Who is light, love, and peace.  My Mother's heart aches for each one of you as you struggle to keep this peace.  The evil one wishes to destroy everything I wish for each one of you.  Place all your cares, fears, and concerns before the throne of God.  Pray, dear children, and know I am praying with you.


Message of September 7, 1994  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for the message.

Our Lady:  Child, the message is given in love and warmth of a Mother concerned for Her little children.  These words I repeat over and over, and yet so few are listening.  Many ignore the messages because the words must be taken to heart.  When this is done, a change must come about in one's life.  Not many want to make this change.  So many still seek the comforts of the body, and ignore those things that bring comfort to the soul.  No amount of money or material wealth can bring about true happiness.  True happiness cannot be bought.  Peace of mind and heart come from God, and are available for the asking, but man does not choose to accept this peace, because it means a change in his life.  It would mean that God must be put first, and that all other things would follow.  The material comforts of the body would no longer be of importance. 

Man does not realize, child, that God is giving him many chances to have a change of heart, and choose to live a life of peace.  Peace can only come from God, and staying focused on all things that are of God.  In a world totally given over to materialism, it is difficult to find peace or happiness.  Man continues to want bigger and more, thinking this will bring happiness.  When he gets those things, he finds his life is still lacking, so he seeks to find other ways to fill his emptiness. 

The happiness he seeks cannot be found in the things of this world.  Things of this world can be snatched from you in an instant.  If all your material things were removed from you, at this moment, what would you have?  If you are of God, you would have peace.  If you are still of this world, you would be totally devastated and think your life was over.  You must have a change of heart, little children, and realize that materialism is not the answer to happiness.  The happiness it brings is superficial, and only lasts for a little while.  God's love and peace is for eternity. 

You must make a decision, My children.  You must choose to live for My Son and have eternal happiness.  I am here to help you choose to live for God.  To live for God brings eternal happiness.  This is what I want for you, but I cannot make this decision for you.  You must listen and live My messages.  Then, you will be able to decide for yourself that which is most important.  The gift of eternal happiness with God in Heaven, is waiting for you.  Change your heart.  Be at peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for sharing this with me, Mother.

Our Lady:  Child, your Mother wishes to save all souls, even the hardest of hearts.  All are in need of help.  I am calling out to all God's children.  Some are listening, some are not.  I will continue to call out for as long as I am allowed.
Message of October 19, 1994,  from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Our Lady:  The words I am saying to you are not new.  I continue to tell you to be at peace, and still the hatred and unrest in your world continue.  Peace cannot be achieved where darkness is so much a part of your lives.  You have choices to make.  That is the way of God.  That is the way of a free will.  The choices you are making are not of God.  You still wish to be in the world.  You still wish to be of the world. 

Again, I am telling you, you cannot have two gods.  You must make a choice to serve God, and turn away from all those things that hold you back from achieving your salvation.  Be at peace with one another.  You are bringing about so much pain and suffering through your selfish desires.  You must find peace and forgiveness in your heart, for those who hurt you and do you harm.  It is easy to love those who love you, but the test is being able to love those who have no love for you in their heart.  You are your brother's keeper.  You must love one another, and care for one another.  Pray for those who do you harm.  They are in need of conversion, and so are you, if you cannot find forgiveness in your heart. 

My Son has set the supreme example for you.  If you are to follow in the footsteps of My Son, then you must accept the pain and suffering that He endured.  This is not easy, little children, but God has not promised you 'easy'.  He has promised you the rewards of eternal life. 

I am your Mother, and My love for you is great.  I wish to help you, in any way I can, to achieve the peace that you desire in your heart and in your world.  Give all your hurts, pain, and anger to God.  He can change your heart and renew your spirit.  He desires good things for you and your world.  Please listen to what I am saying to you, and live these words.  These words are only a repeat of what My Son has spoken when He was on the earth.  God's children did not listen then, and they are not listening now.  For those of you who are listening, please pray for My intentions to be realized, and pray for peace.  God's peace is necessary before any other peace can be achieved in your world.  My Mother's mantle continues to surround you.  You must pray.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, is there anything else You wish to add?

Our Lady:  It has all been said, child.  There is great sadness in My heart for those who continue to turn their back on God, and refuse to acknowledge the importance of My being here.  Man is so caught up in the ways of the world, he continues to accumulate wealth and satisfy his evil desires.  Therefore, he has a lack of concern for the soul. 

Man does not live on bread alone.  True, man must earn a living, but there is a difference between earning a living, and being obsessed with material things and the pleasures of a selfish heart.  Man must realize  that God is his salvation, and not the things of the world.  Only God, and the love of God, can bring true happiness.  Worldly things can be removed in the blink of an eye.  God's love and your soul last forever.  Is it any wonder that, as your Mother, I am concerned for you?  Accumulate much wealth, little child, the wealth of love and mercy that can only come from God.  Then you will achieve the peace that My Son and I desire for you.