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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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October 2013
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of June 4, 1993 from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I feel I am to speak with You.

Our Lady:  Child, I am here.  Much is happening that you do not understand.  Do not be afraid, it is all of God.  Now that you are free of your job, much more will continue to happen.  The miracles will continue little child, God will see to that.  The messages will be far-reaching.  Have these words not been spoken to you?  Now you have just met someone from another country.  This person is receptive and wishes to share what is happening here with his people in his home.  All things happen for a reason.  I have said to you in another message, "Stand back and watch the fruits multiply."  When God has a hand in what is happening, there are no limits.  Your works will grow in leaps and bounds.  Your obedience and trust in God and your patience in waiting for what He has in store will be rewarded beyond belief.  The evil one and his cohorts will not be able to divert this special task set before you, this mission of spreading God's word to His people.

Ruth Ann:  You make what I am doing sound so very important.

Our Lady:  Child, it is so.  It is starting small, but it will continue to grow, you can count on this.  This has been told to you, and God speaks only truth to His chosen ones.  You, little one of God, must share more with your priest.  Child, miracles come to those who trust, have faith, and are patient.  Your trust and obedience are being rewarded by God.  All those who trust and give their all to Him will not go unrewarded.  This child, is important.  God will not be outdone in miracles.  You do for Him and the rewards will be a hundredfold.  You are seeing this with your own family.  God will help all things fall into place as time moves along.  God's time is not man's time, but you have already learned this, have you not? 

About the prayer on the farm.  Your priest has said it is important to use prayers approved by the Church.  I am Mother of this Church, and this too, is what I wish.  All must be done according to those edicts of My Pope.  Then there can be no question that all is in line with what God wishes for His people.  I love you, and God loves you, little child.  Continue to be obedient and listen.  God has so much good in store for you through miracles and graces.  Your little mind could not begin to comprehend at this point and time.  Now I know you have much to do.  Your little ones at school await you.  They too, are special.  Each one was placed in your tender, loving care for a reason.  Not only for them and you, but for their families as well.  As time moves along, this too, will be made more clear for you.  It has been a difficult year, as you have said, but in God's way, a most rewarding year.  The enthusiasm the children have for love, life, and fellowman will continue on as they grow in the love of your Jesus.  Their lives have been touched by God because they were placed in your care, it is that simple.  They will never be the same.  Their faith will grow.  You have done well, My good and faithful servant.  Your children will remember you and the examples set by you.  Your sensitivity has touched not only your children, but the parents as well.  You will be missed by all those who know and work with you, but you know you have other, more important work still to do.  You have finished another phase of your life.  Now, you are onto things bigger and even more special in the plan put before you by God.  Know that as your children have been placed in your tender, loving care for this past school year, you are under the tender, loving care of your God, the master planner and Creator of the universe and all that is in it.  Go in the peace of Christ Jesus, little child.  Those in Heaven are with you in each step you take.  Rejoice and be glad that this phase of your life is over.  Now, you are on to work that is even more important.  This is as it should be, God has promised this time for you.  Thank Him through prayer and good works.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  Now I must go.  I do not wish to make my husband late for work.

Our Lady:  This is as it should be.  Peace be unto you.  Thank you for your love and trust in God.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for Your time, Mother.

Our Lady:  I am always here for you.


Message of July 19, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, what do You wish to say to me today?

Jesus:  Little one, you have much on your mind.  Are you sure you wish to take the time to listen?

Ruth Ann:  You're right, Lord, I keep thinking about all the things I need to do today, and I'm not really in a prayerful state of mind.

Jesus:  You will have all day to do those things you need to do, child.  Granted, you will be interrupted many times, but you will get everything done you need to do.  You must put other things aside for a few moments, and listen to what I have to say to you.  If you do not, you will have nothing today to share with My children.

Ruth Ann:  You have made Your point, Lord.  I am truly sorry.  It seems I have been scolded by You and Your Mother in the past few days.

Jesus:  These are gentle reminders, child.  You do not realize the importance of your mission, and therefore do not feel this need to continually be open to My words.  You become concerned with the world around you, and all of your needs.  Do not forget the needs of your brothers and sisters.  They are many.

(There was an interruption in this particular message, and Ruth Ann had to stop and she picked it back up by saying...)

Ruth Ann:  Lord, things are quiet now.  I'm ready to listen again.

Jesus:  Thank you, child.  I realize your days continue to become busier and busier, but it is important to set aside time to record what I am saying.  I know there will be days you will be unable to do so, but when you have the time, you must do so.  This is not for your sake, but for all those who need to listen to what I am saying.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I do wish to thank You for an extremely prayerful third Sunday.  The Holy Spirit was quite strong.

Jesus:  You had had a difficult week, had you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  You know I had.  I was called on to do some very difficult tasks for You, Lord, very difficult and very humbling for me.

Jesus:  You also gave a powerful witness for Me on Sunday before the prayer meeting.  That praise and witness was instrumental in strengthening the power of the Holy Spirit in your midst.  You were rewarded for all you had done for Me, by watching the Holy Spirit at work through you.

Ruth Ann:  Whatever caused it, thank You Lord, because many hearts were touched.  Also, many came through telling me of physical healings received.  Thank You, Lord.  I needed to hear that.  I'm only human, Lord.  I hate to admit it, but I need an occasional 'pick-me-up'.  My faith and trust in You should sustain me, I know that, but in my humanness, I need more.

Jesus:  Little one, I have promised you little miracles along the way as 'pick-me-ups' for you and rewards for all you do.  When you have an occasional dry spell, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening.  Each prayer you pray is answered.  Just because you are not God and do not know His plan, does not mean that nothing is happening.  Some prayers are answered gradually, some right away, but all prayers are answered.  You must continue your trust, and have faith, whether those who experience a healing tell you of this blessing from God or not. 

Some will never admit they have received any kind of healing, not even to Me.  So you are not to feel discouraged if you are not told of healings that are taking place.  Continue to be at peace.  Do the will of God, and let Him do the difficult part.  He will continue to bless and heal all those who come to you in faith, seeking these healings.  You are only My instrument, little one.  I love you very much for your help and your obedience.  I have chosen you for this mission because I know you will continue to go forth, no matter what the task or the cost.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I guess I just want to get on with it.  If there is more to come, as you say, then let's get on with it.

Jesus:  Patience, little one, in God's time, not yours.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  Now go in My peace, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I am at peace.


Message of October 9, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm feeling better, but I am still very tired.

Jesus:  Little one, you are recovering from an illness.  Your strength will return soon.

Ruth Ann:  It's interesting to hear You use this word 'soon', in this case, Lord.  I'm hoping soon means in a couple of days, not Your 'soon'.  If that is the case, it could mean months or years in Your language.

Jesus:  You can assume 'soon' means days, in your language.

Ruth Ann:  There were words spoken to me yesterday, while resting, that I would like for You to elaborate on, Lord.

Jesus:  These are?

Ruth Ann:  You know what I'm speaking of, if they came from You.

Jesus:  Little one, you were told long ago, that you would begin receiving visions before I am to come to you.  Why wouldn't you believe that an angel too, will come to you before My appearance?

Ruth Ann:  Because this all sounds so much like everything I read, and have read since a child, and the angels came.  It all seems so theatrical.  Can't we just get on with it, Lord?  I'm really tired of waiting.  You told me too, that all things had been removed from me so that I would need to proceed in faith.  I've done that, Lord.  How much more testing?

Jesus:  You are irritated and angry.

Ruth Ann:  Frustrated, Lord.  You are placing the desire in my heart to do more for You, and yet there are roadblocks to prevent me from doing so.

Jesus:  All in good time, child.  All those things that have been asked of you by Me and My Mother, will come to pass, as all things fall into place.  Those of My children, aware of My blessings upon you, will desire to be in your presence.  Your place is not to be a place where thousands and thousands come at one time, but indeed, thousands will come.  There will be great numbers who will come, because of the special gift I am to leave with you.  You are having a difficult time believing this, but it is true.  You are not imagining the things I am telling you.  I am your Jesus, Son of the Living God.  I am telling you these things because you too, have been doing the will of God just as I have done, and others before you. 

You do not feel worthy because you are not a nun.  You do not have to be of a religious order to truly serve your God with your total body, mind, and soul.  You have loved your Jesus as a small child, and conversed with Me in your darkest hours.  You always came to Me when you were hurt or unjustly accused.  I was always there for you.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, You always listened, but You never allowed me to hear You.

Jesus:  I have answered all your prayers, child, maybe not in your time or your way, but each prayer petitioned was heard and answered.  That is something My children still do not understand.  My will be done.  God's will is the perfect way.  God's plans are perfect.  Know this in your heart, little one.  I will continue to use you as an instrument.  I will continue to mold and perfect you in all ways.  Be at peace, little one, just as My Mother wishes this place to be a haven of peace and prayer, so too, do I wish for you to radiate this peace.  I wish it to touch the minds, hearts, and souls of those whom you touch.  I wish all those who come into your presence to sense this peace, because it is a sign, little one, that you are of Me.

Now be at peace with all I am saying.  This is truth.  I love you, and need you as a true servant to do the will of God.  Continue to be patient, and know the testing has come to an end.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  For some reason I had sensed that.

Jesus:  That was from Me, child.  I have placed it upon your heart.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of Nov. 6, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I feel You wish to speak to me.  It's rather early, but there must be a reason.

Jesus:  Right now it is quiet, and you are ready for prayer, are you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I am.

Jesus:  Then what better time to spend with Me.  You will not be hurried.  Later you will have other obligations.

You are concerned about an article that is coming out in your local paper.  You have tried to ignore this and say it is no big deal, but I know you, and I know your concerns about the impact this will have upon your children and their families.  Have I not told you, you and your family will be given the strength to deal with what is to come?  The article will enlighten many who are not aware of your gift, or this prayer group.  There will be non-believers, this is always true, but those who believe will be drawn here by God to pray.  Those who are searching for a quiet place to regain their peace, those who are in need of a true conversion, those who are in need of special graces, all those who are called here through the article, will be grateful for it having been in print.

You have dealt with non-believers before, and you will continue to do so.  Your children will deal with those who approach them.  Those who are of Me will be truly interested and wish to find out more, so they, too, can join in prayer.  Those who are of the world will be curious, but not so curious as to join in prayer.  It would mean accepting the words spoken to you as truth.  If those words spoken to you are indeed truth, then they would need to change their lives.  It is best not to believe, then they can go on about their lives in darkness, concerned only for their physical well-being, and ignoring the state of their soul.  Those who My Mother wishes to have touched at this particular time, will be touched through sacrifice and honesty. 

Your openness in allowing God to use you, your life, and your farm, is truly an example of living the word of God.  That is what all are called to do, and many refuse.  You continue to listen and do all God is asking of you.  My Mother has said, "It will all be done for you."  Again, in this instance, more are being called to participate in the beauty of this special place.  The peace that is found here, child, comes from heaven.  It is God's peace that is available here. 

You do not understand the importance of what you are doing.  If you did, the talk would not be such a sacrifice to you.  You continue to walk in faith and trust in your Jesus in all you are called to do.  So do not be concerned about this article.  It will be done well.  Those who believe will be touched, and brought here to share in the grace and prayer, that are the focus of this prayer group.  There will be the non-believers, but again, that is true in all things.  Do not concern yourself with the negative.  Be blessed that you will have been willing to accept this cross, so that others may too, know of this peace, and come to join you in prayer.  That is your purpose, to help draw My children away from darkness into the light. 

That is why My Mother has been allowed to spend so much time here on the earth with Her children, to call Her children out of the darkness into the light.  She has been allowed to speak to special people that have been called to help Her with this mission.  The time will come soon when She will no longer be allowed to do these things.  Her mission will cease.  Just as things have a beginning, so too, things must end.  You have been told of these things before, so this is not new. 

Be not afraid, child.  Listen to the words being spoken to you and continue to share.  Your mission is about to change, but in the process, you must be patient and do all that is being asked of you.  You are making great sacrifices, but know that through these sacrifices, others will benefit.  Through your example, and the example of your family, others too, will grow in faith.  So yes, just as a coin has two sides, so too will the article that will appear in your paper bring about the two sides of man's personality.  Man has a dark side and a light side.  Pray for those who do not believe, and accept those who do believe, and come seeking prayer and peace that they have not found elsewhere in their lives.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I hear what You are saying.  You make it sound so easy.

Jesus:  Nothing you do for the love of God is easy.  Great sacrifices are needed now.  You have chosen to follow your Jesus, and in doing so, have also accepted burdens that come with this cross.  You will not be alone.  Much prayer continues to come your way.  Many seek to give you comfort for the cross that you bear.  God is hearing from many who wish to support you in your efforts.  Their prayers are being heard, and graces and strength continue to be poured forth upon you through this prayer. 

Do not concern yourself with how you are to do these things that are asked of you.  You are only to listen and be obedient.  God will provide the know-how, through the guidance and graces brought forth to help you carry these burdens.  Be at peace, little one, God is watching over all you say and do.  Tend to My sheep.


Message of Nov. 19, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I ask that You be with me today as I give my talk, and pray with others.

Our Lady:  Child, I am always here, and yes, I will be with you as you pray with, and for, those who come to be a part of this day in any way.

Ruth Ann:  The weekend, too, Mother?

Our Lady:  The entire weekend, child.  I have told you before, I am waiting here at all times to dispense graces and blessings to all who come here in faith to pray.  That has not changed.  You need not be concerned about your talk, nor the weekend.  'It will all be done for you', not only refers to the physical aspect of your burden, but the spiritual part as well.  You are only an instrument, child.  The words will come as well as the healings needed, as you pray for God's children. 

Be not afraid, child.  All is in the hands of God.  He is in control.  You need only allow Him to work through, with, and in you, so that His plans can unfold.  Be patient and trust.  All will be done for you.  You must let go of your fears.  Trust, child, even in the most difficult of times, trust.  God can and will tend to all things in His way, and in His time.  Thank you for being obedient, and doing all that is being asked of you.

Ruth Ann:  There is so much I don't understand.

Our Lady:  Yet, you continue on.  There is sadness in your heart, child, but the sadness will one day turn to joy.  Be at peace with all things.  My protective mantle surrounds you.  Minister to God's people.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, and I thank You for these words of comfort.


Message of Nov. 27, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  The evil one will continue to come up against you, and tell you how foolish you are for doing these things for Me, but know in your heart that you are doing the will of God.  Many who do the will of God, are considered foolish in a world that has turned away from Me and My desires.  Continue to stand steadfast in your faith, and trust in your God.  There is much more for you to do.  As a chosen one, I know you will do it well.  There are so few who wish to be of help to Me and My Mother.  Know that all you do will be blessed one hundredfold.  The struggles will continue for you, little one, but the reward for these struggles will be great.  It's like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Only your pot of gold will be Heaven, and all the glory that awaits you there.

Ruth Ann:  We can handle our earthly struggles, Lord, as long as You hang in there with us.

Jesus:  Little one, I am always here for you, and so is My Mother.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, Your Mother said Her messages to share, soon will cease.  Can You tell me why?

Jesus:  Little one, My Mother has said and done all those things needed to get things going here at the farm.  She has done as She was told to do.  She too, does the will of God, and it has been His will that She draw all His children to His Son and His word.  She has continued to draw those who were receptive and humble to Her heart, and direct them to Her Son, so they would listen to what He has to say.  As a good Mother, She has done the will of the Father, and called Her children out of darkness into the light.  She has shared the words spoken by Her Son two thousand years ago, with all those who wish to listen. 

The time is nearing for Her to leave Her children to their own resources.  She has brought light, love, and peace to those who would listen.  Those who have chosen to ignore what She has said, have missed many graces, and helps or blessings, that She was, and still is, allowed to pour out upon Her children.  She has told you She will still be of help to you, as you have need.  It is the messages to share that will cease. You are not to be concerned about this.  I will be here for you, as will My Mother.  You have been told your ministry will change.  You have seen much change over the years you have been ministering to God's people, and you are about to undergo another change.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I thought the change was the Saturday, or the weekly, witnessing.

Jesus:  That too, is a change, but that is not the change I am referring to at this time.

Ruth Ann:  And that is, Lord?

Jesus:  You are to be patient, little one.  You still have much to come.  My Mother has done Her part, and She has said, "It is time for Me to decrease, and time for My Son to increase."  Be at peace with these words, and wait for God's plan to unfold.  Time is of the essence, and so is God's timing.  His plan is perfect, as well as His timing.  Be patient, be obedient, and know God is watching over you and those who minister to you, and this place of prayer.
This is holy ground, child.  You still think of it as your farm, but it is God's farm, and He is preparing it for a great harvest.  Not the harvest you would assume in your humanness, but a great harvest of souls.  This is to be, little one.  Stand firm, and watch God's plan unfold. 

I love you.  Go in peace to serve your God.  We are pleased with your efforts, even though you may not be.  God's love abounds, as does His grace and mercy, for all those who love Him, and struggle on this path to Calvary.  Be at peace.  It is your efforts and desires of your heart that are being measured.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord for these words.


Message of Feb. 18, 1995,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, this is Saturday, and I am in need of encouraging words.

Jesus:  They are here for you, little one.  Why do you fret so?  You have been ministering to My children on a weekly basis, as My Mother has asked of you.  She has sent those to the farm, She has wished to hear what you have to say.  The words you have shared have strengthened the faith of others.  As you share your struggle to do the will of the Father, so too, do many of My children.  They too, are in need of the same encouragement that you seek.  That is the reason for your special gift, little one.  It is not for you, but for those of My children in need of being ministered to.

Many are struggling in this world of darkness, and have difficulty getting through each day.  As you tell of your struggles, and the work God has done in your life, they find a parallel between their life and yours.  The words I give you to help you, help those who are listening.  That is why you have been asked to share.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I really am sorry I have fought so hard against each task You have asked of me. 

Jesus:  Little one, you are no different from most of My children, chosen to do those things of a special nature.  God knows your heart, little one.  He knows all things that have been asked of you, have been difficult for you.  You have been asked to humble yourself many times, before many.  You have been obedient, even though you would not have chosen these tasks for yourself.  It is difficult to have all things removed from you that might have kept you comfortable.  Most of My children prefer to do those things that bring them comfort.   When they are asked to step outside their 'comfort zone', then it becomes a real struggle.  You have had to step outside your comfort zone many times.  Those things you have been asked to do have caused you great pain, because you have had to die of self to do them.  This is how those of My children who wish to grow spiritually, do so. 

You continue to be stretched, little one.  With each task you do that is difficult for you, you experience this growth.  You will be granted a brief respite, little one, and then you again, will experience new growth.  I have said that soon the words from Me are to cease.  You will continue to hear My voice, but you will not share those things I am saying to you.  Your testimony on the farm will cease, but as I have said, you will witness in a new way.  Your cross will become heavier, little one.  The removal of these gifts will not bring with them the quiet time you desire, for you will be asked to do even more. 

You have been faithful in all the little things that have been asked of you.  Now you will do even greater things.  Be not afraid, little one.  God's plan is perfect.  There is still more to come.  You will continue to minister to My children, but it will be done in a new way.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You know I love You, and will do whatever it is You would have me do.

Jesus:  Little one, as I have said before, God knows your heart.  No matter how difficult the task, He knows you will continue on this difficult path.  Faith and trust in your Jesus will sustain you, little one.  One day at a time.  That is all that is asked of you, and that is all that is asked of all My children.  Tend to each day, knowing I am with you through each task.  You need only ask Me to assist you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am asking You to assist me through this entire weekend.

Jesus:  Be at peace, little one.  I am with you this day and all days to come.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.